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Intervention – Whitney Edition BBOTT

Alex – “Please take the help, Whitney. Please!”

Well, it’s eviction day in the Big Brother house, and that means it’s time for some drama!  Maybe. Probably not.


If you missed the last few days, here is a summary. Alex and Scott tried to cut a deal which was turned around and made to look like they were selling Whitney out. To be fair, they probably were, and would probably vote Whitney out over Scott. Whitney is not stupid, and when she heard about this, she began hanging out with the LNJ more (Justin especially). Yesterday, when the veto ceremony hit, Danielle broke her word to Scott (which was that she would pull down America’s Nom regardless of who it is) and pulled down Whitney to replace her with Morgan. From the eyes of the smashers, this made little to no sense because in their mind Morgan = Whitney as far as votes. This made them realize that Whitney likely flipped on them, and they cut her out of the circle of trust.

Well, today they are going to try to rope her back in, so let’s see how that goes…


  • 11:20am – The intervention begins in the yoga room
    • Scott is telling Whitney that the LNJ’s strategy was to take out the people with remaining care packages (first I heard of that)
    • Scott rambles on and on about how America kept him to get rid of Neeley and now it’s time to go. He keeps saying how the LNJ twists things to make people look like horrible people (that is true)
    • Whitney explains how she only picked Justin to play veto because he’s a good competitor
  • 11:40am – Scott is going on and on about how great the girls are and how he’s accepting that he is leaving.
    • He is saying he’s going to cancel out Shane’s votes with his own
    • scott-talking
  • 12:15pm – The intervention was pretty much a bust and just turned into Scott gushing over how wonderful the girls were.  Now everyone is just eating and relaxing.
  • 3:50pm – Note – I am basically taking the day off until the eviction. I want to watch Game 7 – Go Cubs!  (But I won’t be sad if they lose but I also think Francona is awesome)

Check back for updates


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  1. AIO_7

    Scott is giving his good bye, I’m a scapegoat, America loved me until it didn’t, and my purpose in life is complete by keeping you girls safe, to the Fab. Four in the Yoga room.

  2. Avatar

    Jesus Christ u barley know these people its been 1 month of him being used and shit on constantly, please stop with the gushing. Scott deserves to go home cause hes a fucking loser who wont even fight for his BB life, what a great fan. One of Alexs two built in shields are gone, wonder how production will try to intervene to protect her now.

  3. Renee

    What is he referring to “canceling Shane’s votes”? Does he mean Shane’s fans voting in favor of the LNJ? So, he’s going to reach out to his fans now on social media?

  4. caRyn

    What will Alex do once Scott is gone and can’t speak for her anymore? Alex mostly speaks for Morgan and Scott mostly speaks for Alex.

  5. Avatar

    They all hate the fact that the presumed slow one of the BS’s has actually turned out to be the smartest and quickest at flipping the game on them ! Good for you Whitney ! And Scott all the credit I was giving you for standing up to people and not being a wienie is now gone . You are being pathetic sitting there playing the poor poor victim. I mean come on really, you want someone else to win and your happy with that ? Lost all respect.

  6. AIO_7

    Dani. given the announcement to pack up and leave the HOH room.

  7. Helen

    Alex is irritating…..she acts like she is the one OTB!!!
    Gonna have to start playing your own game there girlie or go home!!!

  8. Helen

    Honestly though…they all irritate me…..lol. Some more than others!!!

  9. AIO_7

    Those girls and that Halloween candy, they are like children. They can’t seem to stop eating it. It’s starting to show on Alex.

  10. Mell

    I don’t think anything was turned around by LNC to make it look like Scott and Alex did something. Scott & Alex did throw Whitney utb. I don’t blame them. She was low man on the totem pole, Alex was trying to save Morgan and they were trying to steer it where they wanted it to go. There’s a difference in “twisting” information as opposed to using the information. Alex is closer to Whitney (in Whitneys mind) than anyone in BS and she has done the least to keep Whitney on their side. Everyone has a pity party when things don’t go their way. That’s fine except that’s all she’s done. Instead of making an attempt at damage control yesterday, Alex spent the evening talking about how stupid the other side of the house was and how they’re horrible human beings. Based on interviews the first week, I made the comment that Alex would need to give me a reason to dislike her and Whitney would need to give me a reason to like her. ( as players not as people) For me, that’s exactly what’s been happening little by little and week by week.

  11. AIO_7

    Scott is in the HN room talking to himself and the camera. Says how poorly he thinks that he has played the game. Ironically, and presumably unbeknownst to him, there are RIP tombstones showing on either side of him.

  12. Helen

    No shade intended but does Shelby ever stop eating? I swear every time I turn on feeds she is shoving food or candy in her face!!! STOP!!!!!!

  13. Avatar

    I’m starting to like Whitney and I believe she is a threat to Amber, mentally and physically. Whitney has come close to winning comps, her attempt doesn’t go unnoticed. I know many love and support the BS’s. But I can’t with their (the trio) pretentious self righteous holier than thou attitudes they display daily. Especially Alex and shelby, I personally can’t stand those two. Alex pissed because she didn’t get her way and blaming the other side and refuses to even be cordial with them. She really thinks she better then in every aspect. Shelby has a lot to say for an individual who hasn’t won shit in house at this point. She’s useless and should be taken out next. The way they pretended to be interested in Justin upbringing story in Nola is just disrespectful.

  14. Mell

    I read a rumor tonight is the face morph comp. I don’t know if it’s true. I made a joke about that awhile back and the sisters picture not changing much if they morphed them together.

  15. Avatar

    I’m kind of sad Steve, I mean Scott is leaving. Maybe because the non creepy side of him kinda of reminds me of BB17 Steve. I think he really came to play big brother, though the Alex fetish kind of throws me I like him.

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