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Is It Thursday Yet; Feed Updates 8/30



Good afternoon, everyone! Quick note, the site issues people were having yesterday should be resolved. Be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter, and if you ever experience these issues, reach out to me and let me know asap.  I would never have realized if people didn’t reach out to me like they did yesterday, simply because it was working fine from my computer. The site is never supposed to be down, so if it is longer than say 15 minutes, let me know so I can look into it.

If you were unable to access the site, don’t worry. You didn’t miss a whole lot. The biggest story of the week is that Michelle thinks she’s safe, James keeps telling her she’s safe, and Nicole is wondering why everything is so damn quiet. Her plan is going so well, that she is starting to question whether or not something bigger is going on behind the scenes.  She is worried that Victor is going to just vote out Paul, side with Nat/James/Michelle and quickly wipe out Nicole and Corey. I know from the outside that seems crazy, but she obviously doesn’t have the luxury of seeing DR sessions or watching Paul/Victor chat with each other in private.

Keep in mind, I don’t know if Nicole’s strategy is the ‘right’ strategy for her game. That can easily be debated, simply because the strength of leaving Paul and Victor together in the house every week decreases the odds of anyone else winning. That said, Michelle has privately told Natalie that she wants to get Nicole out sooner rather than later, and that is exactly the justification Nicole had for making this move at the beginning. That earns Nicole some major BB points as she was able to sniff out a problem and got rid of it before it bit her in the ass. It’s not super surprising that Michelle had it out for Nicole considering she called her a snake on national TV, but one could easily debate a Paul/Victor combo is still a bigger threat.  I personally disagree, at least for this week. If it’s a mental HoH comp, Michelle has an upper hand on pretty much everyone except maybe Paul.


What do you guys think? Knowing what we know, was it a good move for Nicole to go after Michelle?


  • 11:30am – Quiet house.  Natalie has been working out and now she’s getting ready to tan. Everyone else is sleeping.
  • 12:30pm – Nicole has the HoH cam, and Natalie is diggin for treasure
    • natalie-james
  • 1:30pm – Corey, Nicole, and Victor are outside chatting.
    • They are talking about Michelle and her sunburns.  I guess she was out for 3 hours yesterday with no sunscreen, and they have noticed like a weird mark on her back
    • Victor says “She needs sunscreen, she’s no me”, and Nicole agrees. Now, I’m not a doctor, but isn’t sunscreen important for everyone for the UV protection?
    • Now the group is inside and Victor is talking about how he hates cold pickles. Nicole talks about how she leaves them out despite the jar saying ‘refridgerate after opening’.  I think at this point, I’d probably walk out of a doctor’s office if she came in as my nurse.
  • 2:15pm – Nicole once again talks about Corey. She is fascinated by his back this time
    • Victor jokingly jumps in and goes off on her for constantly talking about Corey.
    • He says there is nothing she can tell him that he doesn’t already know about him, and the stuff she may know, he doesn’t want to
    • He’s like “Am I going to cuddle with him? Bone? No.  Do you hear me say Cooooorrreeeyyyyyy every 10 minutes?”  (glad someone noticed how often she says that)
    • The moment Nicole realized she's spent the majority of 2 seasons obsessing over 2 guys
      The moment Nicole realized she’s spent the majority of 2 seasons obsessing over 2 guys
    • Nicole says she’s going to try to stop saying his name like that today
    • Victor pretends to get serious “Have you seen his fingernails, Nicole?  He has the best fingernails”
  • 4:30pm – Fell asleep listening to the feeds. I am pretty sure I had a dream about being in the house.  Anyway, still nothing happening. Michelle has finally woken up, and Natalie is still sunbathing.
  • 6:00pm – Other than running for a coffee soon, I’m back (just had dinner).
    • Paul and Victor are playing pool, while James and Natalie are practicing their days.
    • For those who don’t understand what that means when people say practicing days, toward the end of every season, there is a ‘before/after’ HoH competition.  Julie will ask random questions like “Did James win HoH before or after Victor returned to the game the first time’.  Plus, they have a different competition (I think veto) where they need to know specific days of what things happened.
    • Also, does anyone watch ‘My Crazy Ex’? They say those stories are based on truth, but some are so outlandish that I think the only part of the story based on truth was that there were humans involved.
  • 6:30pm – Victor tells Paul he just wants it to be Thursday already. I hear you, brotha
    • Paul says based on his conversation with Michelle yesterday, she has no idea what’s going on (she doesn’t. Her, James, and Natalie are clueless right now)
    • paul-victor2
    • Victor says he would have less respect in James if he voted out Michelle simply on a loyalty standpoint.
    • They talk about how Natalie mentions how she gives everyone a sympathy vote because she feels bad for them. They say it’s bullshit, she is just trying to be nice because of jury.
    • Other than the obvious jury ploy (which I agree with), let’s see if Natalie is even telling the truth….
    • Her votes:
      • Week 1 – Paulie. Not much of a sympathy vote as much as the fact she was allied with Jozea
      • Week 2 – Victor.  It’s hard to blame her here because she wasn’t a fan of his at the time, but no sympathy vote. Paul gave Victor one.
      • Week 3 – Tiffany. She was blindsided and thought Tiff was going home (Bronte did)
      • Week 4 – Nominated
      • Week 5 – Frank. Unanimous vote.  No sympathy vote here
      • Week 6 – Da’Vonne. Da’ was evicted, so no sympathy vote
      • Week 7 – Zakiyah. Zakiyah was eliminated, no sympathy vote
      • Week 7 part 2 – Michelle. This was indeed a sympathy vote, but it’s not a surprising one. Nobody blamed her for not voting Bridgette out
      • Week 8 – Paulie – Unanimous. No sympathy
      • Week 9 – Co-HoH
      • Week 10 – She plans on voting out Paul, though there is not really any room for a sympathy vote here
    • There you have it. I bring this up because I have heard Natalie mention quite a few times about how she likes to give sympathy votes.   In order to give a ‘sympathy vote’, the person you have to be voting with the losing side of the house.  That puts her in week 1, 3, and 7.  Week 1 was not a sympathy vote, and week 3 was a blindside to her. This means she willingly gave a person she knew was going home a sympathy vote in just 1 eviction.
    • Victor talks about how he needs female company and the ‘Cooorrrreeyyyy’ and ‘Jamesyyyy’ is driving him crazy
  • 7:30pm – Nicole and Corey are up and join Victor and Paul.
    • They go inside to eat.  Nicole hugs Corey and Victor mocks it in front of them with Paul
  • 8:15pm – Paul is cooking some burgers in the kitchen, Corey and Victor are playing pool. I think Michelle has mentally checked out because I haven’t seen much of her the past few days
  • 8:30pm – Paul is outside retelling Nicole a bit of his conversation with Michelle.
    • He is telling her that Nat and James supposedly haven’t talked to Michelle about the situation this week (they have).
    • paul-talking2
    • Nicole points out how those three talk all the time, she is calling bull on it.
    • She also points out how James and Nat really haven’t talked to her about the situation much at all. Paul speculates that they’re both basically staying out of it intentionally, mainly because they don’t want to get involved.
  • 8:55pm – I’m a little behind, but it’s because I’m working on another story that I’ll probably publish tomorrow. Meanwhile, the ‘Final Four’ are talking about the game to this point.
    • Victor is chatting about Paulie’s lame plea to stay in the house.  How he said he didn’t have a hand in it, but he used the veto and nominated Victor.
    • Paul says ‘It was your HoH and Veto’….  (about Paulie).  They joke how he wouldn’t campaign against Corey until the veto wasn’t used.
    • Corey points out how Paulie told him he’d use the veto on Corey, then took it from him during the POV
    • They point out how Paulie said he needs the money for his family, but then said how he’ll self-evict and leave jury (which would forfeit the $16k or so they’ll make from stipend this summer)
    • Paul said Paulie admitted a lot of his crying was fake, like for his ex-gf.
    • Victor then mocks Michelle at eviction. “Screw you, F you, Nicole you’re a snake… Bridgette you’re evicted .. *begins crying*”
  • 9:05pm – They’re done talking about that, and back to studying a before/after comp
    • Ok, gonna step away for an eye break. It may end up a sleep break.

Check back for updates


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  1. Kari B
    Kari B (779 comments)

    I just want to give a special thanks to Steve, and everyone who works so hard to keep our feeds going here and our updates..

    Due to lack of money, inability to pay our cable bill, we no longer have TV. Not exactly sure when I’m going to be able to get it turned back on again so it’s nice that I can come in here and see what’s going on!! ( and to be honest with your humor Steve it makes it much more interesting than actually watching the show, ha ha!!)

  2. NKogNeeTow

    I don’t know where the rest of the Regs are but I know where I’ve been for the last 3 or 4 days. I’ve been trying to watch the feeds and keep up with the comments, but honestly, they’re just not that interesting. I can’t seem to get my head back into it. These people (the HG) are just plain DULL. Not that I want to ever see Pot Ball again. I’d rather stick a gun in my mouth and aim the barrel upwards than to ever go through that again.

    We Commenters have been reduced to constant repetitive comments (they need mature players, they need fan players, they need yada yada yada). Frankly, it’s not our fault, just what we have to work with.

    Last night I sat in the kitchen and tried watching BBAD. The first 15 minutes was Slick Vic and Bambi talking about who’s farts stunk the most….I drifted off to sleep. Woke up and Gnat was sitting in the kitchen doing an impression of Sea Biscuit, taking gigantic bites out of a huge carrot smeared with hummus, while Nurse RATchet played with some ground turkey in a pan, while talking about her period….I drifted back to sleep. Woke up to Creech (Cry Baby Meech) announcing that she was going to the hot tub, then sitting out there looking like the forgotten man, while everyone sat in the kitchen and well…forgot about her. That pretty much did it for me. I cut the computer and the TV off and took my ass to bed. What happened to the days when late nights were spent stratagizing (sp) instead of paranoia sessions? This year we have men, who despite their paranoia, spend time beating on their chest like they are the greatest BB players that ever lived. Paranoid women who are vain and shallow and worry more about how they look than how to win. Unless something happens fast, I’m losing interest fast…and that has NEVER happened before.

    I just tried peeping at the Live Feed, and I now get Gnat doing her impression of Creech….going for a sunburn, while everyone else seems to be asleep. I just….can’t. I’m going to now cut this computer off for a bit and go join the REAL world for a couple of hours. I’ll check back later to see if there is life in the BB House.


    • Kari B
      Kari B (779 comments)

      Yup!! That’s exactly why I said above that Steve’s post, and his humor, are much more entertaining than watching the show this season.

    • Avatar

      I pretty much gave up on that group of people & flat out quit watching BBAD. I normally would watch the shows 2 or 3 times but now after watching it once that’s enough for me. BB has pretty much lost me for the rest of the season. If I see it, I see it, if I don’t I don’t. I sure as hell won’t be paying to watch season 19 so if I can’t catch it later on youtube later, oh well.

      Little Miss Gnat was pissed off at Lames when his stupid ass gave that HOH to Tickole. If evil eyes could kill, Lames ass would’ve been dead meat because Gnat was seeing red. I wonder if she’s going to dump his ass before they leave the jury house or after the show.

      • AIO_7

        Ann, the thing is that if The Munchkin Triumvirate had stuck with Vic/Paul, then they wouldn’t have SNacole around to worry about.

      • Avatar

        All I want is for someone to put SNacole’s ass on the block & vote her out ASAP. After thatvfool Lames gave her that HOH, that pretty much did it for me & I quit watching. I’m goito try to get caught up but refuse to listen to Nicole’s whiny voice or look at Bambi’s stupid ass rolling his eyeballs around. I just can’t do it.

      • pkcable
        pkcable (128 comments)

        I still DVR BBAD but I can hardly get thru 10 minutes of it before I shut it off and delete it from the DVR!!!! lol I do watch the live shows and read this blog, that’s enough for me. I don’t even have a favorite to win. I GUESS maybe Vic because he came back twice, but I’m really not a big fan of any of them!

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (584 comments)

      So agree with you between the whining(every thing Nic says) and the I’m fat this show has no path. We need Paul to loose it and call out EVERYONE and shake up the house.

      • Avatar

        Something drastic needs to be done to shake up the house.

        I can’t get over Lames giving that HOH to Ratcole. He knows that he has bounced checks left & right in the BB House & I think that should have been his first thought. I don’t care how much Ratcole whined about wanting a letter from her mom. She knew when she came on the show that there was a possibility that she wouldn’t be able to hear from family the entire summer unless she won that privilege. I wouldn’t have felt sorry for her at all.
        Lames very well could’ve been thinking about his end game & wanted to be able to play for the next HOH because it’s so close to the end of the game. Nah,,, I take that back because he wanted to win that wall comp. He wasn’t thinking about the game being close to the end because he kept saying this was his comp & it would’ve been his 4th wall comp win. He just felt sorry for Ratcole. He sure lucked out this time because Ratcole could’ve done exactly what he did & bounced a BB check & threw him & Gnat’s asses on the block.

      • Avatar
        Britt (1 comments)

        He definitely didn’t give Nicole that comp!! He wanted to be able to say he’s the wall champ! Which is exactly why he would’ve never just “gave” it to her!! He was getting weak and decided to make a deal.. plain and simple! I’m no Nicole fan but she had that W in the bag fair and square! She’d just got in to a comfortable position and surely wasn’t shaking like James was!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Personally, I feel that Lames is largely responsible for the complete lack of any excitement this week. He keeps insisting to Nat and Michelle that there is no need for them to go and talk game with Nicole, and that they need to just “lay low” this week and trust Nicole/Corey. If I didn’t know better, I’d think he was secretly working with Paul to get Michelle out, because he’s definitely sabotaging any chance she has of staying in the house. But of course, we all know that isn’t the case. The reality is that Lames is truly that clueless and that bad at this game. I hope Nat is super #pissed at him when Michelle gets evicted this week.

      • danmtruth

        @wglfernandez This might be true if James could think of anything other than his next prank or Nat. I think you give him too much credit He is just blind to what is going on around him. If he was aware he would have voted out Corey

    • g8trgrl4life
      g8trgrl4life (1008 comments)

      You complete me.

    • Avatar
      cubbyblue2 (4 comments)

      NKogNeeTow, I love Steve Beans and love this blog. I find your descriptive view of what would cause you to “put a gun in your mouth, then point it upward” completely offensive. As the grandmother of one who committed suicide….to minimize it in such a nauseatingly graphic way, while describing how a freaking reality show made you feel…..made me sick! I’m sure I will get a whole bunch of thumbs down…..but a tv show that can push you that close to the edge makes me think that an intervention or at the very least some sensitivity training should be in your future. How about you would rather have a root canal?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cubby, I don’t even feel like the fight at the moment, so I’ll just take the intervention and root canal.

        Oh, and I gave you a thumbs up.

      • Avatar
        cubbyblue2 (4 comments)

        Thanks, NKogNeeTow! I gave you a thumbs up too. Didn’t mean to shame you. Guess I am just feeling a bit sensitive tonight. I have appreciated your comments all season. Sometimes, even after more than 2 years the grief just rears it’s ugly head. Love Big Brother…..and you are a class act. Thanks!

      • Avatar

        I am so sorry for your loss…God Bless!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Cubby: Nope, you didn’t shame me, you just pointed out the obvious. I have a bad habit of saying things without thinking sometimes. What I said, I said as a joke. I was trying to make a point about how I felt about Pot Ball and this game at the moment. I didn’t take into consideration how insensitive that statement sounded and I didn’t even stop to think that someone may have experienced something like that. And I, better than anyone else should know better because as I’ve called others out on insensitive remarks. If I believe in something, there isn’t to much anyone can say or do to change my mind. But when I’m wrong, I’m wrong and hopefully woman enough to admit it. Thanks for your understanding and thanks for setting me straight 🙂

      • Avatar
        nachomamma (179 comments)

        Thank you cubby for speaking up and NKg for understanding , when someone close to you does it you always question why ..what did I miss… ….my kid said granpa checked out he was done …..but it still haunts me ….what did I miss?????????

    • Mello_One

      Ikr…I hate when the House Guest numbers dwindle down, and the show becomes Boring As HECK!!! If it is like this with 7 people in the house imagine what it going to be like whn there are only 3 people in the house.

      I wish that Big Brother would split time between the Jury House, & the BB House when the numbers get low in the House. As of now I watch the regular televised shows that come on Sunday, Wednesday, & Thursdays, but rarely watch BBAD, its just too boring. And of course I

  3. Avatar
    Karen (198 comments)

    Just caught up on last night BBAD, fast forwarded through most of it. Meech and Nat are the only ones talking game and it’s just Blah blah. Can’t listen to Nat talk about he weight anymore. Cory tick me of by letting the water run while he was brushing his teeth, don’t these fools know we’re having a sever drought in California. These people are so boring!

    • AIO_7

      I noticed the water running too. Drought or not, it’s wasteful. I hope Borey loses.

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        the Superbowl had an ad showing someone letting the water run while they brushed their teeth, and it showed people filling buckets with that water saying this is more clean water than they will see in a week… it was really effective! I honestly think about it every time I have the water running and now I turn it off instead of letting it run. I’m surprised they still have the pool and hot tub… and the water cannons in that comp… seems like a waste to me!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      That’s true, Nat and Michelle were strategizing quite a bit last night. But unfortunately for them it was all about strategy for next week, when Michelle will likely be in the jury house. Lames has totally convinced them that he is some BB Sensei and knows everything about this game (which place did he come in again last year?). So, now every time one of them even mentions anything about this week, he assures them that Paul is going home so they need to all just say nothing until after Thursday. I almost feel bad for Michelle because I can tell her instincts are telling her that she’s not safe, but for some reason she keeps trusting that 7th place Lames (ironically) knows exactly how to get her past 7th place.

  4. Avatar
    Trixie (3 comments)

    Hi, I’m new! First, thanks, Steve for your blogs. I’ve enjoyed them and the comments your readers leave as well! I heard that Corey agreed to one text exchange with Nicole per day when the show ends. Also, he told James that he does not want to leave the show with a relationship and he does not plan on keeping one with Nicole when the show ends. You know Nicole is expecting more. She is going to be more disappointed in that than in losing the 500k. Of course, if she wins, perhaps Corey will have a change of heart.

  5. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    If Nicole does win I am sure Corey will pull a survivor Boston Rob real quick. I couldn’t post any comments yesterday or see any for that matter. Happy to see it’s running again. No one in my household likes the game so it’s nice to talk to others that do. I’m the odd one out in my own household 🙁

  6. kneeless

    I can’tell take much more of hearing Corrrreey & him replying “seriously Nicole.” And then she says everything is “super” this or that. And then then Nat & James, UGH! Vic is beginning to show tendencies of being the guy we didn’t like after the beginning of the season. That leaves us with Paul & I’ve had a love/hate relationship with him all season.Please put us out of our misery! These HGs are so immature & so boring. Not sure I can stand another season if this is the best CBS can do with casting.

  7. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    Re: Michelle’s skin… she has a big odd-shaped mole on her chest that was visible during a DR session on Sunday’s show. I hope she does not already have skin cancer and I really hope someone can get her to understand that she’s not meant to be tan and she should just appreciate her skin the way it is. Yikes.

    Natalie on last night’s BBAD was wearing really creepy makeup! Orange face with weird gray on her cheeks – I think she was trying to contour her face to hide how “fat” she is, but she looked like a zombie oompa loompa! I wish she could see how pretty she is with no makeup or just a little bit. The more she adds the worse she looks.

    • Avatar
      Karen (198 comments)

      I saw that, it was scary looking. I’m gonna miss this site was the BB ends, it’s soooo much more entertaining than the show. Is there one like this for Survivor?

    • Avatar
      Ella (78 comments)

      Michelle is supposedly a nutritionist. Usually that curriculum has you focus on the whole body. With Michelle and her repeated sunburns, the crap she has been eating, and her low energy, thus sleeping constantly, I am not convinced she could pass nutrition 101. Hope she has a future career move.

    • Alda
      Alda (1851 comments)

      I thought something was wrong with my color or tint on my tv.But,then everyone else looked normal.I don’t know what Nat was using on her face but it was scary looking.

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I didn’t even notice Michelle’s mole before but that’s pretty scary. I think they’re all crazy to be out burning themselves constantly with no sunscreen. I’m darker than all of the current HGs (and all of the evicted HGs except Da’Vonne), but even I wear sunscreen religiously. Having darker skin does provide SOME additional protection from UV rays, but despite what Victor may think it does not make you immune from skin cancer.

  8. Avatar
    mindyboo101 (379 comments)

    Steve are you doing a blog for the fall season?

  9. Avatar
    Bethany (2 comments)

    I love this blog & check a few times a day. I also post your web address on my FB for my friends to check. We had bad storms here & BB got interrupted a few times last week. Thanks Steve!

  10. Shivani33

    Paul and Victor were imagining how they’d prefer to handle things after reaching final 4 with Nicole and Corey. Victor said that he’d be fine with either one being F3 with them. Paul said, in essence, that Corey would be easier to beat. Neither has any plans about reaching the end-game with James or Natalie. They will be the next ones out, if things go as Paul, Victor, Corey and even ( ostensibly) Nicole are hoping. The intention is to send James out next. Victor in particular would find it pleasurable to be a big part in helping James out the door as vengeance for having evicted him.

    Of course, Jamesey could wreck their speculations and so could Natalie. Also, Nicole will be right up that strangely unerotic butt of Jamesey’s too, if the power shifts. She’ll swing right over the vines like a little monkey in a messy blonde wig and spoonfeed him the Triumph of the Vets. And why not?

    Meanwhile, Corey has been working his bromance angle with Victor rather less subtly, whenever he gets the chance to ditch Nicole and chat him up. Also, he calls Nicole “dude” and “brah” in spite of her lack of that crucial appendage. But seldom is heard a dicouraging word in Nicole’s Lifetime Doris Day movie starring herself. When he blundered onto the BB set, she mistook him for Rock Hudson. How ironic. Corey could be the real snake of the Season who hugs her casually as she’s evicted. He really does like that brotherly love. One of the things that I love the most about BB 18 is that you really never know what (or who) is coming.

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  12. Michele Ryan
    Michele Ryan (235 comments)

    I really want Mich to stay in the house at this point. She is a Big BB Fan, and seeing as how Paul/Vic will probably take the show at the end of it would be a little disappointing for us watching. Of course for the winner it’d be great. I don’t want Paul to win, because his family has $$$. Where as others in the show could really use it.

  13. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    @stevebeans Did Natalie know that Bridgette was the one getting voted out during the DE? I always thought that because everything happened so quickly, that she wasn’t even aware that the plan was to get Bridgette out (I thought only the “Executives” plus Nicole had discussed it during the break). You’re right that she probably would’ve never voted to evict Bridgette even if she did know about the plan. But nonetheless, if Natalie was under the impression that the rest of the house was also voting Michelle out, then I would hesitate to even call that instance a “sympathy vote”.

  14. Avatar
    Ella (78 comments)

    Paul and Vic are the only ones who deserve to win (on gameplay). The rest are a waste. If any of them get to the F2 it will be a disappointment. I admire good game play, but Nicole, James, Corey, Natalie…..really? At least I don’t need to make the decision….I feel sorry for the jury members that do.

  15. Shivani33

    Late at night, Corey and Victor were studying and memorizing things for an anticipated comp as they sat in the kitchen. They didn’t stop quizzing each other when Michelle passed through – same thing when Natalie stomped by them. Both reported this to James, who let a miracle happen and got out of bed to investigate – and stood around the kitchen assembling and snarfing a sandwich. He couldn’t refrain from injecting himself, as the Big Brother expert, into Corey and Victor’s data checking.

    James, Natalie and Michelle were very disgruntled to find these two guys studying together. In their fantasy world, Victor is still supposed to be their deeply embedded silent partner. This despite the all too obvious fact that James and “his girls” have more or less retreated. James appeared to be getting a clue. James even looked offended. Natalie stopped being effervescent and started whining. Michelle, who slept all day and then commenced eating her way through the night, was so mad that she screamed. No doubt about it, it’s Wednesday. Things are becoming sticky and stinky.

    • JayP

      Janatelle are ridiculously stupid when it comes to Vic. James threw the HOH that led to eVICtion 1 with crynatelles votes. They set in motion eVICtion 2 with james being the deciding vote. Yet they think Vic should still work with them? And Nicorey are supposed to take a 3 piece to the final five, one member of which is openly gunning for them? These 3 live in a fantasy BB world.

  16. Mello_One

    I would really love to see Victor, & Paul do the Amazing Race. They both would have an advantage, because Paul Travels to Europe a lot.

    • Avatar
      Susan (213 comments)

      Not me. They are two know it alls and can’t admit when they might be wrong. Every time I start to root for them, that controlling, cocky, know it all side comes out and reminds me why I don’t like them.

  17. danmtruth

    Interesting to see Vic and Corey studying days together First as Nichole did not want them helping Paul and Vic Second is this just a way for Corey to spend more quality time with Vic

  18. pkcable
    pkcable (128 comments)

    In an amazing BB twist they bring in Donald Trump and he “fires” the current remaining guests and they get a new crew? lol

  19. danmtruth

    Maybe Nurse RATcolia will try to talk her fake boytoy into using the bribe so she does not need to cast the tie breaking vote ,,,, no they dont think that far ahead Does Nichole even understand she will need to face Michelle and be the ONE to vote her out The blood on her hands ! ! I can her her whiiiinnning now

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