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It’s Veto Tuesday In The BBOTT House



Scott is breaking up the Danielle / Shane showmance because he’s single, lonely, and jealous.

Yup, you heard it here first.  Wait, scratch that. If you watch the feeds, you heard it here second. The first time was when Kryssie suggested such an absurd theory when she found out the couple was likely to be nominated today.  You can’t make this shit up. Let’s all ignore the fact that members of showmances have ended up in the final 3 almost each of the past few seasons, and two of them winning (Nicole, Rachel). Let’s ignore how one of the only thing closer than 2 united votes with a showmance would be a pair of siblings (Alex + Morgan still hiding it!). Yes, Scott is taking his possibly one opportunity as Head of Household in a show he has loved for years and is going to make his decision based on his relationship status.

Stupid. Petty. Bitter.  No, not Scott, but Kryssie. Scott isn’t actually splitting them up because he’s single, he’s doing it because he’s smart and that is one of the better game moves other than taking Jason out (although taking Jason out guarantees America goes against him weekly – dumb system). To suggest or even hint that Scott is doing it because of his relationship status is so petty that it is embarrassing to watch. This is coming from someone who has dealt with the social hassles of being overweight. The person who has used that very issue as a way to unite both she and Neeley (who also had the same issue). The person who sits in a group of people who whine about how ‘mean’ the plastics are, yet constantly mention things like Scott’s gap tooth, or his virginity in negative ways.


That gets me so heated if you couldn’t tell. Complete ‘mean girl’ stuff, yet plays the victim because there are a group of better players (and nicer people) who resemble the ‘plastics’ from the movie Mean Girls (even down to the girl with big lips who appeared dumb – Whitney – but actually isn’t. Maybe the girl from the movie is, but Whitney isn’t).

My rant for the day is over, time for some updates…

  • 11:45am – With the backyard open and Shelby finally out of her caddy outfit, the girls are by the pool while the LNC are in the smoking circle
    • There is just over an hour to go before final noms and about 2 hours before voting begins that fortunately won’t impact the outcome of the week
    • Whitney and Shelby tell Alex that Shane wants to talk to Morgan after the veto because he knows he’ll be up with Danielle.  They are wondering what he wants to say
    • Alex gives him credit for trying to fight, but wonders why he’s approaching Morgan. They think Shane feels Morgan has a possibility of flipping
    • Then Whitney tells Alex how Kryssie approached her and was referring to Whitney as a floater “You can only be a floater for so long”
    • alex-whitney3
    • Alex says she has no clue what a floater is apparently.  Whitney says nobody is a floater, but Alex says maybe Justin (he is a floater).  They’re both right, this is possibly the most divided I’ve seen a house in awhile. Justin is the closest thing to a floater, but everyone else clearly has their line drawn in the sand
  • 11:54am – The girls are talking about the alliance name the guys had ‘The Four Horsemen’ and trying to figure out where it came from.
    • Whitney says it was probably something historical (yea, like the bible)
    • Shelby jokes it would make sense if the story was about 4 guys who died consectivately week after week, or 4 guys who ended up turning on each other
  • 12:45pm – Everyone is laying around doing nothing and a random message comes over “There is absolutely no jumping in the pool”.  They wonder what was going on, and then finally they got a “Thank You” over the speakers.  Jason says that BB is messing with them. I love when production does that
  • 1:00pm – Veto time!
    • Neeley’s speech focuses on the division in the house. It is gross and unneccassary, and if she remains, she will bridge the gap (yes, the same person who was ranting and raving yesterday morning)
    • Random draw, Alex goes first.  She chooses not to use the power of veto (they really should have done one more round to determine who went first)
    • Justin’s turn: He uses the PoV on Kryssie.
    • Scott chooses Shane as the replacement.  He didn’t give the speech he planned on.
    • Now, awkward silence
    • danielle-worried kryssie-pov
  • 1:10pm – Meeting breaks up
    • Kryssie asks Danielle if they need a London room chat to figure out what to do
    • Danielle sitting on the couch shocked
  • 2:00pm – The LNC has gone outside to resume doing nothing, and the Plastics have resumed doing nothing on their end. I am curious to know what Shane is going to try to do in the next 24h
  • 4:00pm – The house is summoned to the living room.  Scott comes out holding a plastic pumpkin and tells them about an upcoming halloween party
    • In order to attend the party, they must dress up, and there are 11 costume options inside the pumpkin
    • scott-pumpkin
    • Here are the costumes:
      • Creepy Doll – Kryssie
      • Zombie – Shelby
      • Witch – Morgan
      • Zombie Fireman – Justin
      • Vampire – Shane
      • Devil – Whitney
      • Zombie Nurse – Neeley
      • Deadly Doctor – Jason
      • Mummy – Alex
      • Werewolf – Scott
      • Vampiress – Danielle
  • Before I forget, voting is open for America’s Vote 
  • 4:30pm – Just like that, everyone is back to doing nothing.
  • 9:00pm – And I’m back. Let’s check in on the house…
    • It’s live DR time, so most of the house is sitting around talking in different locations (shocker) while the DRs go on. I’m going to replay a bit to see if anything comes up
    • Jason and Justin are talking about how they are pretty sure Shane is going home tomorrow
  • 10:00pm – Been just listening to the feeds, and nothing exciting, just casual conversation.  House still split
  • 10:45pm – The plastics are just about heading to bed, and I think that’s a good idea because I’m tired.




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  1. caRyn

    Scott and Alex are talking now about getting Danielle out because they do not want mistrust with Jason.

  2. Avatar

    Totally agree with everything you said, SteveBeans! I thought the same thing when Krispie said that. It’s the best strategic move and have nothing to do with his personal life! The LNC should take notes.

  3. Avatar
    Angiemel (192 comments)

    Maybe Shane wants Morgan to convince them to vote him out over Danielle like how Shelli had her boy toy do.

  4. Renee

    I’m thrilled that Scott has the nerve to split up a couple this early in the process. He knows it puts a bigger target on him, but is smart enough to know viewers don’t like watching couples in the house.

  5. Renee

    How is it possible that only Jason suspects that Alex and Morgan are sisters? When I look at the pictures that Stevebeans put in this feed, I cannot tell which one is which when they both have hats and sunglasses on. I would hope if I was in that situation, I would be clever enough to be interrogating each of them separating and asking personal questions about the home life, stories about their childhood, etc and try to get one of them to slip up. But, it is interesting that on the 2 exit interviews, neither Cornbread nor Monte knew for sure who the siblings were when asked.

  6. Avatar
    Tricia (1 comments)

    It is so nice to read that there is someone who actually sees what is really happening with these houseguests. So much jealousy and pettiness over the “plastics” as people call them. But Scott, Alex and the girls are playing the game. I sure hope Scott is feeding Jason a line of bull when Scott talks about him and Alex aligning with Jason & Justin. Anyway, thanks stevebeans for telling it like it is.

  7. Avatar

    I have been so proud of Scott. His HOH has been his own, and he hasn’t wavered in his thinking. He listens to Alex’s input and considers everything. My biggest thrill has been the way Scott has refused to cower down to the other side. He walks right up to them with no bones about it and is not letting anyone intimidate him. I thought he would be much meeker in his approach, but to my delight he really has “big boy pants on”. At first I thought Scott was making an emotional target in Shane. I thought he was mad about the 4 person thing they had at the beginning but after hearing his reasoning for it I understood.

  8. caRyn

    Shane knows he is going OTB and asked Morgan if they can talk after the Veto. I want to see that convo.

  9. caRyn

    Scott and Jason’s convo about working together was at 1:36 am (PT). Justin joined in on the convo at 1:48 am (PT).

  10. Avatar

    I don’t think anyone has any idea there are sisters in the house. These people like to talk and gossip too much. If someone thought that, they would have already said something. Hasn’t been a word said in the DR either. No one knows. I love how Scott stays up late outside smoking like he’s part of their group lol. He is so funny! They want him to go hide and he won’t. Love it!

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  12. Avatar

    Hahahaha let the scrambling commence. Grossmance looks to be seeing it’s demise! lol

  13. caRyn

    1:13 pm (PT) Scott and Shane are talking and Scott told Shane Nelley isn’t leaving this week. Shane said he respects it. Shane said the first two weeks were hard and hopefully Scott doesn’t feel like he betrayed him. Scott said no that he understood that Shane had to do what he had to do.

  14. caRyn

    2 pm: America’s Evict Opens
    7 pm: Weekday Replay
    7:30 pm: Live DR

  15. Helen
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Danielle looks like she may snap today!!

  16. caRyn

    1:37 pm (PT) Danielle talking to Neeley and Jason saying she doesn’t trust Justin. Danielle feels out of the group Justin trust her the least also. Danielle said if she goes they need to watch Justin.

  17. Avatar
    Wildsonic (128 comments)

    Usually the guys run the house and than you see them go outside and play pool like pauly and the guys last season. This season the girls are evicting every guy and now we see Alex and Shelby playing pool.

  18. caRyn

    Shane said that if he gets evicted Danielle will wait for him and vice versa. He said it has been a long, long time since he has felt for a girl the way he feels about Danielle. She is ALL yours buddy.

    • Avatar
      Cindy Hixson (23 comments)

      I thought he was starting to see how self-centered and Whitney she is! Smarten up, Shane!!!

      • caRyn

        Shane said he is going to tell Danielle 10 minutes before how he feels. I don’t know if it is 10 minutes before eviction. No idea.

      • Avatar

        @Ryn, What is Shane going to tell Danielle? How he feels about what?

      • caRyn

        I think how he feels about her and what he wants outside of the BB house. He didn’t specify when he was talking with Neeley. I don’t know why Shane is waiting 10 minutes before ???? I hope it isn’t 10 minutes before he is evicted.

      • caRyn

        It is at 3:14 pm (PT) if you want to take a look.

    • Renee

      Shane wants to hang on to her long enough to get an exotic trip from her child support checks. He’s already been “around the world” with her in the BB House so now it’s time for the beach trip too.

  19. Avatar
    Linda (43 comments)

    God please about Krissy. I can’t stand how her fatt butt sits on the couch burping and farting. What a gross person she is. She claims to be dieting but stress eating and opening a new gym. Why did you ever take her off the block? But getting rid of Danielle the most conceited person ever is a great move

  20. Helen
    Helen (5156 comments)

    What a boring day in the big brother house!!!

  21. caRyn

    10:35 am (PT) Production said – Danielle you have got to be kidding me. It was the 4th time asking hg to wake.

    • Helen
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Same thing yesterday sleeping in the London room!! She should get a penalty vote IMO

      • Helen
        Helen (5156 comments)

        Hoping she gets one otherwise we are stuck with her for the next two weeks I’m afraid!! Hoping one of the girls finds out that Scott is throwing them UTB after this week and votes against him!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Helen, don’t wish for that too much. Alex was napping yesterday too! Unless they both get them for this week since it wouldn’t matter for Alex. Lol

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Best lines of the day:

        Justin- “I ran away from a police horse once and that b1tch caught me quick. I got in an alley straightaway and I hear clack clack.”

        Jason-“I’m having sexual relations with the camera.”
        Morgan-“Give them a show.”
        Jason-” No they still like Justin more.”

        Jason-“They don’t have anybody here with like assault charges and sh1t.”
        Shelby-“Yea, probably no assault charges.”
        Whitney-“Or rape.”

        Krissi to Shane- “My only issue with Danielle is she is still too young. She doesn’t take disappointment well.”

        Whitney wonders how DE evicted HG’s get their stuff. Alex thinks they are let back in to pack. (She may have to stop calling herself a superfan)

      • Helen
        Helen (5156 comments)

        I think they should both get them Mell!! Maybe a penalty vote for Danielle and an extra 12 hours of slop for Alex since a vote wouldn’t matter. But Danielle was 2 days in a row with multiple call outs.

      • Avatar

        Everyone else gets up when they’re called out. Danielle doesn’t not. She thinks she’s special. It’s BS.

      • Avatar

        When the princess won’t get her ass up like everybody else production needs to come in & take her covers, turn on loud music by her bed shake the shit out of the bed. I’ll bet she gets her ass up then. She needs a penalty vote. Tell her America said so because we don’t like her ass.

  22. Avatar

    Krustie’s lard ass did not have the nerve to say Danielle does not take disappointment well after her BIG-ASS runs to DR crying like a raving f**king lunatic to tattle every time we turn around. Wasn’t she cussing like a soldier calling the plastics & Scott every name in the book except a child of God? “Pot meet the kettle”…

  23. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    I gave all my votes to Shane. If by some miracle Shane gets America’s vote (and it would take a miracle) it won’t matter. If plastics want Shane out, then he’s leaving. This will be the first vote that won’t matter what we do. If the Plastics switch and want Danielle out, they will get her out too. If they do vote Shane out and Danielle stays, someone with LNJ could lie about how they voted if America votes for Shane. (They will assume we voted Danielle)

    • Avatar

      All of my votes went to Shane ! I hope everyone does, just so there is doubt who did what and the LNJ are clueless as to how. Finally an HOH actually controls what’s going to happen, the ball is in Scott’s corner. And who knows his target could switch to Danielle if she goes bat shit crazy in the next 24 hrs.

      • Helen
        Helen (5156 comments)

        Scott plans on telling Jason so I’m sure LNJ will switch up their vote to keep Danielle clueless danielle will end up with 1 vote!! (If America votes her). He is throwing away his whole alliance to keep he and Alex safe with Jason/Justin.

  24. Avatar
    Bazinga (13 comments)

    ****3 showmance members have won. Jordan

  25. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Morgan thinks that since they have plenty of time, BB will give them costumes that won’t make them break out and arn’t rented.

    Yes Morgan, I’m sure they will have them custom made and hand stitched even though they give you guys beer that expired in July, out of date lunch meat and only Suave shampoo!

  26. caRyn

    5:41 pm (PT) Alex spoke with Justin and confirmed working with her and Scott. Justin said yes and told her to talk to Jason.

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  28. caRyn

    Scott is wise to do something to secure his safety by trying to work with Alex, Jason and Justin. LNJ will eventually get HOH and Scott doesn’t want to be a target.

    • Helen
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Well hopefully his butt will get put on the block this week. I don’t like his game. First week he sold out his alliance…then he did the same to the other side. He’s a snake and I don’t like him!! Scott you can go on slop and the block as far as I’m concerned!

      • caRyn

        And Scott wants Shane to get evicted for floating.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Helen, you’re so funny! You crack me up. I love ya but I don’t think Scott sold out the first week. Once Shane switched his vote to CB, Scott had to basically choose between Shane and Monte. He said he trusted Shane more at the time. He was even honest with Monte about that. I do agree that he acted like he was team jamboree and that was total crap.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Ryn, I think it’s smart too. Both sides need protection from the other side. If Justin will not spill anymore beans, this could work. (Morgan’s got to go tho) Usually, when people try this, they make final 2’s with all of the people in the group. It bites them. The fact that Justin and Scott are open about Alex and Jason being their #1 may help them trust each other more….at least until it’s time for one of the pairs to make a move. I don’t hate this at all.

      • caRyn

        Jason mentioned in his Live DR that he is for the 4 of them working together. Justin didn’t mention it. I think Justin plays in the moment. What is best for his game in the moment. I don’t think Justin will say anything to anyone about the four of them working together but he is a true wild card.

    • Helen
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Scott is going to be a target…Jason does not control everyone in LNC although he may think he does!

      • caRyn

        12:04 am (PT) Danielle told Kryssie and Neeley that if she leaves Shane is to put his allegiance in the two of them only because a number of times Danielle has heard Jason say that when it gets down to F5 he is going to pair off with Justin.

  29. Avatar

    So now Alex can go run & tell Morgan so she can tell the rest of the plastics. Is Scott really serious?
    Who’s to say Jason won’t go back to the LNC & tell them the plan or is he serious too?
    Justin had better watch his back because I’ve got a feeling Jason wouldn’t have a problem sticking a knife in his
    back sooner rather than later since Justin is starting to talk a little too much. Justin won’t do anything without running it by Jason first,,,, be careful Justin.

    • caRyn

      Justin told Scott straight up that you want to talk game you need to go through Jason first. Justin said that to Scott in front of Jason.

    • Avatar

      I lost respect for Justin. Neeley or Danielle shouldn’t have stuck their necks out defending him against Monty. They really only voted Monty out because Justin was upset. Neeley, Danielle and Shane all would have been safe keeping Monte. I was a huge fan of Justin’s until this, but no more. I will be voting for him to be a Have Not. Also, Neeley could have taken the deal when Alex was becoming HOH, but Justin yelled win it because he wanted to be safe. I don’t like turncoats, he showed them no Thanks for defending him. I hate to say it, but the usual has happened- 2 more Black Women fell on the Sword for some Thankless black man. Wake up Black Women of America! Look out for your Damn selves- It’s time to ghost black men!!!!

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Justin doesn’t know what to say around who but I don’t know what made you “lose respect” for him. When were they defending him? Neeley heard things about Monte and asked him about it. She said she understood why Monte could feel like Justin says inappropriate things about women. She continued to befriend Monte but she wasn’t going to choose Monte over Krissi and Danielle. How is that about Justin? Danielle had been having her own power struggle with Monte over which one of them was going to be Shane’s girlfriend. It had nothing to do with Justin. If anything, Danielle used Justin as a weapon against Monte in her own war. They voted Monte out because the majority of their group wanted him out. Monte did put Jason, Danielle and Krissi on the block. (Krissi is Neeley’s #1) That’s where the dislike of Monte started. Justin yelled win it to encourage her to hang in there for their entire group and to give her encouragement. Are we watching the same feeds?

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Gia, I don’t agree with you but that thumbs down wasn’t mine. I commented instead.

      • Avatar
        Princeton (12 comments)

        @Gia the heck you smoking? Your comment is ingnorant . @stevebeans smh why let ppl post stupidity

      • Avatar
        Kristy (51 comments)

        Um correction Alex cheated and that is how she became HOH. Neely would have been HOH if Alex wouldn’t have cheated. Monte is a racist and said things about Justin and Danielle and that is why they didn’t like him.

    • Helen
      Helen (5156 comments)

      Jason did run right back and tell LNC…

      • Avatar

        Omg @Helen, what did Jason tell the LNC? That’s exactly why I said Justin needs to stop telling Jason every single thing.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I’m not sure Ann. Justin is who told Jamboree Bout SCOTT plan and the Jason confirmed because he had no choice. Maybe it’s about something else.

      • Avatar

        @Mell, Justin’s loose lips are going to cause him to be evicted a lot sooner than later.

      • Avatar

        I agree. If Justin doesn’t learn how to keep things to himself, he will be gone. Every time I think he’s learning the game a little better, he does something he shouldn’t smh. I really want to pull for Justin because I really like him, he is just clueless to the game and has no idea how to play.

  30. caRyn

    6:04 pm (PT) Bee on me. Jason stripped down and ran when he saw a bee on his leg. So funny.

  31. caRyn

    Minutes before the Recap Jason tells Kryssie The Plastics are voting Danielle. Justin slips and tells Kryssie that Shane is going home. Jason corrected Justin and said Danielle. When Shane is evicted I wouldn’t doubt if Kryssie had a red flag going up about this convo.

  32. Don
    Don (110 comments)

    Boy talk about two face did I just here Kryssie say she is playing an up front and honest game.

  33. Avatar

    Team Justin! I love this guy ya dig. His dr is hilarious everything in gravy!

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Team Justin Raider34!! He’s going to have to learn to stop talking about some things tho! He’s killing me! He has potential imo. He did realize he could go up as a replacement and better save himself with the veto. We don’t like Krissi but he’s more loyal to her the Danielle and Shane so it was a good move. The side alliance with Jason, Alex and Scott is too. That’s how most people get to the end. They cover the bases on both sides. It’s smart if they don’t get caught. If he and Jason liked Shelby a little, it would be perfect! (well the last part was for my happiness, not their games)

      • Helen
        Helen (5156 comments)

        I have to admit I was hating on Scott earlier because I felt he was throwing Shelby UTB but his live diary room made me feel a little better about him. I still don’t really trust him though!

      • caRyn

        I don’t trust Scott. I think Alex can though. Justin didn’t know he saved himself winning the Veto until Jason told him after he won. Then Justin told other hg after the convo with Jason that he had to win and play his game and be safe from the block. I laughed every time he said it. It was basically his excuse for winning Veto to other hg.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Helen, I kind of like Scott but unless I was Alex or Shelby, I would keep one eye and ear on him at all times! He could be a great help to Justin and Jason or be their downfall just as easily.

      • Avatar

        Did you see Danielle get pissed when Justin won the VETO & she said “why didn’t he just fucking throw it to me” ? Well princess, WE DON’T LIKE YOUR ASS JUST LIKE JUSTIN DON’T LIKE YOUR ASS…

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Ryn, I missed that! I was giving Justin props because I thought he did that on his own. Lol
        I really am blinded by my fondness for him! He’s got a great personality but his strategy needs some serious work.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        Exactly Ann, if he had done that and Alex got the other one, Danielle would have came down, Alex used hers and Shane would still be going home! Dumbass cry baby!

    • Avatar

      Friendship…Team Justin…

  34. Avatar

    Ugh Whyyyyyy is Scott so set on getting Shane out. Jason is sitting there telling him the truth and Scott is more worried about lazy butt Shane

    • caRyn

      Tunnel vision. Cornbread and Monte both had tunnel vision also. That stubborness is their own enemy.

    • Mell
      Mell (4667 comments)

      Angie, I think they’re just making him more set on it too. Havent they ever hesrd of a little reverse pshycology? Shelby was right when she said if they want Danielle out that bad over Shane, then we need to get rid of Shane. They realize they should do the opposite of what Jamboree wants. (I wish Danielle was leaving tho)

      • Helen
        Helen (5156 comments)

        The thought of another at least two weeks of Danielle is actually both depressing and nauseating!! At this point I really wish that one of the girls would flip on Scott just to get her out the door!!!

    • Renee

      I wish he would go after Danielle too. Danielle said her target after this is Scott. Shane’s target is Justin.

  35. Avatar

    Morgan looks like a mature woman in her 40’s. I never look at her like the younger sister. The sisters are very competitive with each other, and you heard Alex say she will turn on her. She-Man (Alex) is definitely out for herself. I say that because she’s not very feminine and kind of cold and strategic like a dude.

  36. caRyn

    9:01 pm (PT) Nelley hit it on the nail about Alex in Neeley’s Live DR.

  37. Mell
    Mell (4667 comments)

    Is it just me or are Krissi’s special occasion flowers getting bigger? The can’t have good shampoo or beer that isn’t expired but they are providing miracle grow?

    I think it’s production cheating and helping that side of the house because Mr.Jenkins didn’t get that when he was in the house!!

    • Avatar

      I noticed that big ass poinsettia sticking out of the side of her head too. I wish somebody would take Kryspie’s garden of flowers & Aunt Grandma Neeley’s big ass shades & whatever in the hell it is that she wraps around her head & hide them like they did the candy & coke. Boy o boy, BB would have to stop the show because Neeley would pop off & Kryspie would cry & self evict.

      • Avatar
        Princeton (12 comments)

        Lol…. They both need to get onboard to workout and groom before finale. I like the misfits but they way to comfortable being lazy and looking a mess on tv.

  38. caRyn

    9:23 pm (PT) Morgan said in her DR Alex got the brains in the family and Morgan got the dazzling personality. I am not seeing any personality from Morgan. She is as boring as Corey (BB18).

  39. caRyn

    Last night of the showmance. Soooo stocked.

  40. caRyn

    8:52 pm (PT) Shane said to Kryssie if there is one eviction vote that sticks out (doesn’t make sense) you need to know it is Justin.

  41. caRyn

    7:36 pm (PT) Jason talks with Alex to confirm that it is legit – what Scott said about working together with Justin and Neeley. Jason tells Alex like he told Scott that the 5th person (Neeley) is loyal to Kryssie. Jason said they will have to play that one by ear but for sure the four of them can work together. Alex feels more comfortable with the four anyway. Alex said Neeley doesn’t like her. Alex confirmed and agreed they were on the same page.

  42. Shivani33

    I’m a little disappointed that Krustie didn’t get a Statue of Liberty Halloween costume, accompanied by a hideous rubber face mask. Instead of a torch, she could carry a fart cushion. I would dress Whitney as the Invisible Woman and Justin in a flamboyant pimp suit. Danielle could have a Scarlet Letter stockade costume. Shane would look fine in diapers, hair ribbons and armed with a big pacifier. Too bad it’s Budget BB. Jason would make a splendid cigarette girl. I’d like to see Morgan done up like a whorehouse madame wearing a boa.

  43. caRyn

    9:30 pm (PT) Shelby cries. They are not at the 1/3 mark yet and she is so bored.

  44. caRyn

    7:50 pm (PT) Jason and Justin talking about Danielle’s voting strategy and how it matches up with Scott’s.

  45. Shivani33

    Strategy talk went off into a discussion about anal sex, with Justin letting the Plastics know that’s Shane’s really into it. Shelby said, “we should call him Shanal.” Then Justin made a remark or two about his own huge you-know. Next came the topic of his unique method of taking a crap. First with Monte, now with Justin, Morgan is getting more than she planned to handle. Someone told her Justin could be serious about going to bed with her tonight, and she looked like she was coming down with a bad case of shock & awe.

  46. caRyn

    10:21 pm (PT) Justin said to The Plastics and Scott that Danielle said she wasn’t going to have sex because she is saving herself for marriage. Danielle said she has been celibate for a year and a half.

  47. Helen
    Helen (5156 comments)

    Can’t hardly wait for tonight!! Our boy Paul is going to be back in the house!!!!

  48. Renee

    I’m loving the live diary rooms. However, the big drawback for me living on the East Coast, I’m watching past midnight to be able to see them and then need to be up at 5 a.m. for work. I have loved this season so far. It’s funny to see them in live diary like that room makes them have blinders on thinking we haven’t seen almost everything they have done and said. Most of them don’t act like themselves, especially Shelby. Shelby is trying to be like Johnny Mac yelling in the DR. She knows fans were amused by him and is trying his strategy to make the DR’s entertaining. I wish she would just be herself and talk her own strategy.

  49. Helen
    Helen (5156 comments)

    After hearing Jason’s early morning conversation with America this morning it makes me wonder…..Jason could probably pretty easily flip Shelby back to him….Shelby and Jason were pretty close at the beginning of this game until Scott ratted out the jamboree and let Shelby take the fall…..alls he has to do is pull Shelby aside and let her know about scotts “deal” and that Scott offered her up to go OTB to keep he and Alex safe!! Guess it all depends on how bad he wants Danielle gone. Also what better alliance….everyone thinks he and Shelby hate each other.

    • Avatar

      So Scott offered Shelby up to be his sacrificial lamb & she doesn’t know it yet?

      • caRyn

        Scott said to Alex at 11:03 pm (PT) last night that he is going to do what he can to save Alex and Shelby. Team A.S.S. Before this convo with Alex when Scott was talking with Jason it was mentioned that some of LNJ still want Shelby out. Scott made it sound as if anyone from The Plastics that was a target was fine with him except Alex.

      • Helen
        Helen (5156 comments)

        Yes. He flat told Jason up in the HOH room…..that’s why I was so angry with Scott yesterday afternoon!! He gave a different story in his DR last night but he told Jason …we can put Shelby OTB!!

      • Renee

        Wow, you would think he would offer up Whitney before Shelby. Whitney is the equivalent of Victoria. What has Whitney done this season? The LNC will target Shelby no matter what. Unless he is trying reverse psychology making Jason think he is wanting Shelby out so they go after a non-threat Whitney. Scott knew the LNC wanted to keep Shane but still is targeting him.

      • Mell
        Mell (4667 comments)

        I think Scott just doesn’t want them to know he’s close with Shelby. That way he can have the group of 4 with Justin and Jason and 3 with Alex and Shelby. He’s playing it cooler that J&J did about wanting Danielle out. Scott can see who wins hoh and then try to steer them away from Shelby if he has to. No reason to show his cards if it isn’t necessary.

  50. Avatar

    In Kirstie Krispies last couple DRs she’s been going on about how Jason is her boy and her ride or die and she’s in it to the end with him. I can see thru her like glass, she’s so fake. The only reason she is saying that is because she thinks that’s what we want to hear. She’s using Jason so we will keep her safe. I’m so ready for her to leave. She’s def one of my have nots this week.

  51. caRyn

    11:59 pm (PT) Last night Jason went up to HOH room to warn Scott that Shane knows he is leaving and Shane might give a crazy speech. Scott was thankful for the heads up.

    • Renee

      That should be a clue to Scott that either Jason or Justin is running the info back to them then. I work in a very large complex with over 300 staff. When someone thinks a person is gossiping about them, they flush them out. Tell several different people one very random weird thing (and only that person, each person gets a different random weird story) and see what story gets back to you.

      • caRyn

        Scott knows it is Justin but Scott said Justin just doesn’t know the game yet. Scott gives Justin a pass. Justin is my favorite male hg but if I were in a group of 4 with him, or any group, I would tell the other hg to tell Justin as little as possible. Eliminate risk.

  52. caRyn

    I am not sure Alex, Scott, Justin and Jason working together will last. Scott wants to keep The Plastics safe yet agreed with Jason that one week one side of the house would get evicted and the week after that the opposite side would be evicted. Scott isn’t doing what the house wants this week to vote out Danielle. Scott just wants to be safe if LNJ is in power but he doesn’t really have Jason and Justin’s back. Scott is a Monte right now. And if Scott needs to he will blow up Jason and Justin and rat out them working together.

  53. caRyn

    I think it was Jason that mentioned that the OTT hg make $600 a week. Scott mentioned once that they get a check at the end.

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