Scott is breaking up the Danielle / Shane showmance because he’s single, lonely, and jealous.

Yup, you heard it here first.  Wait, scratch that. If you watch the feeds, you heard it here second. The first time was when Kryssie suggested such an absurd theory when she found out the couple was likely to be nominated today.  You can’t make this shit up. Let’s all ignore the fact that members of showmances have ended up in the final 3 almost each of the past few seasons, and two of them winning (Nicole, Rachel). Let’s ignore how one of the only thing closer than 2 united votes with a showmance would be a pair of siblings (Alex + Morgan still hiding it!). Yes, Scott is taking his possibly one opportunity as Head of Household in a show he has loved for years and is going to make his decision based on his relationship status.


Stupid. Petty. Bitter.  No, not Scott, but Kryssie. Scott isn’t actually splitting them up because he’s single, he’s doing it because he’s smart and that is one of the better game moves other than taking Jason out (although taking Jason out guarantees America goes against him weekly – dumb system). To suggest or even hint that Scott is doing it because of his relationship status is so petty that it is embarrassing to watch. This is coming from someone who has dealt with the social hassles of being overweight. The person who has used that very issue as a way to unite both she and Neeley (who also had the same issue). The person who sits in a group of people who whine about how ‘mean’ the plastics are, yet constantly mention things like Scott’s gap tooth, or his virginity in negative ways.

That gets me so heated if you couldn’t tell. Complete ‘mean girl’ stuff, yet plays the victim because there are a group of better players (and nicer people) who resemble the ‘plastics’ from the movie Mean Girls (even down to the girl with big lips who appeared dumb – Whitney – but actually isn’t. Maybe the girl from the movie is, but Whitney isn’t).

My rant for the day is over, time for some updates…

  • 11:45am – With the backyard open and Shelby finally out of her caddy outfit, the girls are by the pool while the LNC are in the smoking circle
    • There is just over an hour to go before final noms and about 2 hours before voting begins that fortunately won’t impact the outcome of the week
    • Whitney and Shelby tell Alex that Shane wants to talk to Morgan after the veto because he knows he’ll be up with Danielle.  They are wondering what he wants to say
    • Alex gives him credit for trying to fight, but wonders why he’s approaching Morgan. They think Shane feels Morgan has a possibility of flipping
    • Then Whitney tells Alex how Kryssie approached her and was referring to Whitney as a floater “You can only be a floater for so long”
    • alex-whitney3
    • Alex says she has no clue what a floater is apparently.  Whitney says nobody is a floater, but Alex says maybe Justin (he is a floater).  They’re both right, this is possibly the most divided I’ve seen a house in awhile. Justin is the closest thing to a floater, but everyone else clearly has their line drawn in the sand
  • 11:54am – The girls are talking about the alliance name the guys had ‘The Four Horsemen’ and trying to figure out where it came from.
    • Whitney says it was probably something historical (yea, like the bible)
    • Shelby jokes it would make sense if the story was about 4 guys who died consectivately week after week, or 4 guys who ended up turning on each other
  • 12:45pm – Everyone is laying around doing nothing and a random message comes over “There is absolutely no jumping in the pool”.  They wonder what was going on, and then finally they got a “Thank You” over the speakers.  Jason says that BB is messing with them. I love when production does that
  • 1:00pm – Veto time!
    • Neeley’s speech focuses on the division in the house. It is gross and unneccassary, and if she remains, she will bridge the gap (yes, the same person who was ranting and raving yesterday morning)
    • Random draw, Alex goes first.  She chooses not to use the power of veto (they really should have done one more round to determine who went first)
    • Justin’s turn: He uses the PoV on Kryssie.
    • Scott chooses Shane as the replacement.  He didn’t give the speech he planned on.
    • Now, awkward silence
    • danielle-worried kryssie-pov
  • 1:10pm – Meeting breaks up
    • Kryssie asks Danielle if they need a London room chat to figure out what to do
    • Danielle sitting on the couch shocked
  • 2:00pm – The LNC has gone outside to resume doing nothing, and the Plastics have resumed doing nothing on their end. I am curious to know what Shane is going to try to do in the next 24h
  • 4:00pm – The house is summoned to the living room.  Scott comes out holding a plastic pumpkin and tells them about an upcoming halloween party
    • In order to attend the party, they must dress up, and there are 11 costume options inside the pumpkin
    • scott-pumpkin
    • Here are the costumes:
      • Creepy Doll – Kryssie
      • Zombie – Shelby
      • Witch – Morgan
      • Zombie Fireman – Justin
      • Vampire – Shane
      • Devil – Whitney
      • Zombie Nurse – Neeley
      • Deadly Doctor – Jason
      • Mummy – Alex
      • Werewolf – Scott
      • Vampiress – Danielle
  • Before I forget, voting is open for America’s Vote 
  • 4:30pm – Just like that, everyone is back to doing nothing.
  • 9:00pm – And I’m back. Let’s check in on the house…
    • It’s live DR time, so most of the house is sitting around talking in different locations (shocker) while the DRs go on. I’m going to replay a bit to see if anything comes up
    • Jason and Justin are talking about how they are pretty sure Shane is going home tomorrow
  • 10:00pm – Been just listening to the feeds, and nothing exciting, just casual conversation.  House still split
  • 10:45pm – The plastics are just about heading to bed, and I think that’s a good idea because I’m tired.