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It’s Voting Day – And Veto Day BBOTT



First, very important day in the country. I’m not going to suggest who to vote for, as people have hopefully made up their minds by now. I will say that voting is very important even if you’re not in a swing state. Clinton/Trump are not the only people on the ballot. Many states have questions that can instantly change laws, and there are Senate seats up for grabs everywhere. Don’t stay home and protest because you don’t like either person at the top of the ticket.  Your vote probably won’t make the different between who wins the big one (unless you live in like NH, Ohio, etc), but it could help make a difference in smaller elections in your state.

Alright, there is still BB to talk about.  I’m going to talk a minute about Jason’s odd strategy to kick the girls while they are down.  First, the girls overheard Whitney tell Justin that they should celebrate (Whitney was not aware the girls were just hanging out on the sky bridge), so Morgan went downstairs and asked “What are we celebrating” to which Whitney replied “Oh we’re celebrating Justin not being on slop and able to cook us chicken”. The girls instantly realized Whitney flipped because Justin hasn’t been on slop for days.

Fast forward a few hours, and Jason decides to mess with the girls by dropping a hint that he’s going to backdoor Justin this week.  The 3 remaining smashers get their hopes up all night that Justin will be going home, and are going to be in for a surprise today when Morgan is the replacement nom. Now, why would he do this? Your guess is as good as mine.  In a regular season, this would be one of the dumbest moves in BB history because it would almost certainly cost Jason 3 jury votes. It’s a petty, dickish move that did nothing but kick them while down. This season is a bit different where America will vote, and while that probably won’t have the same impact on the finale voters, it’s still a very questionable move.


While the smashers power is pretty low in the house right now, the reality is that America’s Nom is going away soon, there is a double eviction coming up, and even after that, Jason has no care package to save him. With Whitney flipping, and Danielle & Justin still in the house, Jason had easily 2-3 layers of protection before he was a target from them.  He had to worry about his own alliance before worrying about the remaining smashers, so he was set up to cruise to the finale pretty easily. The only thing this move did was make him look like a dick to the girls and piss them off in a week of a double eviction.

Jason will likely survive it simply because the girls’ numbers are so low and America has so much power, but the cons of this move outweigh the pros by far. He had a chance to work both sides of the house all the way to the end, but decided to piss on one side for absolutely no reason. It was a terrible move even if it doesn’t actually end up hurting him in the long run due to the structure of the season.

Updates –

  • 11:00am – The house is on indoor lockdown.
    • They are wondering why the lockdown is happening already, but assume it’s election related. They are all waiting for the veto ceremony
    • Note – I will likely not be updating tonight starting around 8pm est because I will be watching election coverage
  • 11:45am – Lockdown over, so it must not have been about the election
  • 12:50pm – PoV time
    • Going to post a lot of pictures because I think the reactions should be interesting…
      Jason reading card
      Jason reading card
    • Jason says there are 2 things he can’t forget – The roaring cheers from the storage room on Wed night (and his alliance cheering after PoV?)
    • And the unreliable loyalty they have shown Scott, Monte and now Whitney
    • Alex is realizing this probably isn't going her way
      Alex is realizing this probably isn’t going her way
    • “I would love to nominate a strategic player who is well rounded, but America did that for me”
    • “So unfortunately I’m left to nominate one of her best followers, Morgan”
    • quad-pov2
    • Morgan calls out Jason about his fake strategy that his alliance already knew
    • morgan-callsout
    • Justin gives a Scott-like clap and calls them suckers as he leaves the house – kind of a dick move
    • pov-meeting3
    • Morgan asks Whitney about the ‘celebratory dinner’ last night
    • Whitney says it was because she didn’t want Justin getting backdoored
    • whitney-talking3
    • Shelby wants to ask what the point of it was
  • 1:12pm – Time for the blowup
    • argument
    • Jason confirms Alex is going home
    • Morgan tells Justin he’s laughing now, but he’s literally one of the biggest targets here and he’s going home soon regardless
    • argument2
  • 1:19pm – And now the post-fight kicks in.  BS’ers crying, LNJ congratulating themselves on kicking the other side when down
    • morgan-crying
  • 1:45pm – Shelby reveals her true profession to Alex
    • shelby-reveal
    • Alex tells her that she has a secret as well but she can’t tell anyone.  (She is probably waiting to confirm it with Morgan)
    • Shelby went to ASU, double majored in Psychology and Justice Studies then went to Pepperdine for Law
    • Morgan comes out of the DR and Alex runs to her to tell her that she wants to let Shelby know.  Morgan is fine with it.  They go up to the HoH room
    • This is Shelby’s reaction when finding out, then inspecting them to see if she can notice similiarities
    • shelby-reaction
    • shelby-faces
    • The vote is up for America’s Vote 
  • 2:15pm – I’m sure there will be a little drama later, but I am going to be glued to the TV for election coverage.
  • 10:00pm – Just checking in. The three BSers are still in the HoH and everyone else being happy in the kitchen.

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Just a thank you to STEVEBEANS and everyone who contributes to this site. …always interesting…

    • Avatar

      I am legitimately confused. Why are people giving Jason credit to messing with the minds? He literally said he just did it because he was bored.(Dani actually said this) That’s ridiculous. Also considering this wouldn’t have happened it Jason didn’t have America helping him constantly, he isn’t a good game player imo. And it sux people are actually giving more support to him than someone who deserves to win the game(i.e. BallSmashers) I just REALLY hate the America thing this season. Ruined whatever game this is. HOW CAN ONE OF SHELBY’S ALLIES BE GOING HOME ON HER HOH? HOW CAN PEOPLE SUPPORT JASON WHEN THEY HAVE SEEN HOW HE ACTS ALONG WITH THE REST OF HIS GROUP(Both sides have had their fair share in mean moments but Misfits do it a lot more.) I honestly don’t have any respect for a BB fan who can support people who aren’t even playing the game. UGH.(Sorry to anyone offended by this, I just need to let out some steam. I like everyone on this site.)

      • Avatar

        Please no one like or dislike my comment that is just me letting out steam

      • Avatar

        No one side has done anything more. Plastics are not saints and America was fed up with Alex, myself included. Neeley went home on Krissie HOH due to America. So both sides have equally benefited to our influence. Plastic fans are really taking Alex leaving as if the BB world is ending. It’s not, I promise. There will more game left to play and anyone can win it.

      • Avatar

        I could not agree with you more, Aiden!

      • Avatar

        I think your wrong. Justin is a jerk.(Havenot situation, calling them suckers) Jason and Dani call them stupid constantly(especially Shelby) and only refer them as hoes and the b word(I am willing to say ho but not the b word?) and Kryssie has farted on their pillows and wiped boogers on their pillows. Plastics are also kind of mean to the other side but never to that extent. Also, America I honestly don’t think has been feed up with Alex they just love Jason more(for some reason.) Alex has been a fan favorite in every site, even this one. And the room TEAM Alex is one of the most popular public chatrooms on CBS. Regarding the Kryssie thing. On Alex’s HOH Monte went home ruining it, Shelby’s HOH is about to get ruined. America is playing the game for them. There wasn’t any hope that anyone but Jason will win this game. I was a bit of a fool thinking a game with a returnee who was a fan favorite would win a game against newbies in a popularity contest. Alex leaving is sort of like this season is ending. Very few people actual deserve to win this season. Alex was one of the people who did and perhaps the only. So, now I will have to watch a horribly mean side who has done literally nothing to get there win this game. And its sad. That’s why people are acting like BBOTT is ending because the actual BB aspect of the BB in BBOTT(despite being very little) is gone.

      • Mell

        Aiden, we all need to do that from time to time with this game. You should get your turn too.

      • Avatar

        @Aiden, seriously it doesn’t matter at this point. Both sides have stated some unpleasant things about each other. I have the feeds and I know what I have heard. So I’m not going to debate who said what. Alex may have been a favorite amongst the plastics fanbase but the plastics does not represent AMERICA as a whole. America voted her 3rd nom (nothing to do with Jason) and it looks like we are also voting her for eviction, myself happily included.

  2. Avatar

    I agree with steve! Total duck move by asshat Jason, sorry but to me he is more trashy than the bs girls. In think I am about done with this season, I can’t even handle listening to lnj so will probably let my all access run out.

  3. Avatar

    Why does everyone think those mean girls deserve to be there. They are no better than the other people in the house,they have whined and plot against the others since the begin. Please please please save us America. That’s all I have heard for weeks. I watch the feeds every night for hours. America has saved them. It’s time they get what they deserve vote one out,

    • Avatar

      In this case I think it’s how Jason is going about this. He could’ve straight up told them he’s nominating Morgan or ignored their question rather than giving them false hope.

      • Avatar

        What Di said. You think that was justified?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Di, they say all is fair in love and war. Just guessing, but maybe Jason did the psychological thing on them to throw off the game of which ever two were left. The BS were a bit over confident. Maybe he wanted to shake them up and make them unsure of themselves and nervous about the rest of the game. I don’t know. Just speculating, but with $250k on the line, you do what you gotta do sometimes.

      • Avatar

        Jason said he was just doing it to have fun. Not psychological warfare.

      • Avatar

        They have done the same thing. They lied to the other side promising them stuff and then did the opposite. It is being done to them and they don’t like it. What goes around comes around, is the old saying.

  4. Mell

    Alex says she really likes this game when s*it like this happens and people don’t see it coming. We’re about to find out.

  5. Avatar

    If the other side wanted to work with him to further their game, why wait to their backs are against the wall. Jason isn’t stupid, smashers have not tried to talk game with anyone outside of their circle and that is their downfall. Who would trust them now that their #’s are low.

    • Avatar

      I sure hope things get reshuffled rather than Morgan and Shelby getting picked off asap.

    • Avatar

      Thats not true. Early on Alex tried to work with Jason. The only time Jason was “open” to it was every time they were in control of the HOH. He made deals that if he was safe he wouldn’t target her. He never wanted to work with them but Alex did want to work with him and Dani. How often did you see the other side go inside to talk with them? They had to come outside to sit with them. Then you still heard the LNJ say they wont tLk to us. They don’t talk game to us. Do you try to talk game to them? I don’t like this much involvement by US. Don’t put a favorite in the house and expect america to not hand him the money. Cornbread wouldn’t of went home, Monte wouldn’t of went home. It would of been a different game. Its not BB anymore. Its lets america f with the game for their amusement. I hope this format changes. I also worry misfit fans have done some underhanded voting. CBS cant really tell if one person is making one vote. I know people wont like that remark, but its my gut calling it.

  6. Avatar

    Last night after Jason and Danielle offered a deal as soon as they left the girls were plotting how they were going to get Jason out . Now they are boohooing, really it’s a game get over yourselves girls

  7. Shivani33

    Morgan hasn’t had a Care package, and Alex has. Is that being considered, or is it not seen as a big deal anymore? Lol, will Alex mention it?

  8. Avatar

    I’m done with any voting. THere is no way I can contribute to any one of the LNJ being the winner. Yes, it is a game, but they are just too vile. On the bright side, everyone one of the BS have professional careers and the others will continue to be dead beats in real life.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cindy, just because the BS have professional careers and the other side doesn’t, doesn’t make them dead beats. Being a pre-school teacher, restaurant owner, stock clerk, waitress and whatever it is that Whitney does (can’t remember her job), doesn’t make them bums. They are employed…working class people. Having a college degree doesn’t make one person better than another. It just means you have a higher education. I respect anyone who has a legal paying job.

      • Avatar

        FYI: Danielle is a day care worker and Justin rents a space in a farmers market in NO. I have been there.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @CindyAnne: Doesn’t matter. They still have jobs and they are still working class people.

      • Mell

        Which means they have jobs…like NK said.

      • Avatar

        Justin has a restaurant and not just a space in the French Quarters. You can rent a space in the French Quarters for a restaurant. Just because he has a restaurant doesn’t mean he didn’t go to college or doesn’t have a college degree. Just because Danielle is a pre-school teacher doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a college degree. You have no idea about who these people are and calling them names and making accusations about them is bullying and bigotry.

    • Avatar

      Same Kryssie. I am surprised some people support them. Well, I agree with half your comment. Misfits are very mean and don’t deserve to win because they are getting the game handed to them by ?America? on a silver platter. Whatever. I am just going to pretend Alex, Morgan, and Shelby won BBOTT even though at this point that’s not much of an accomplishment.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Who deserves to win depends on who you like and who you don’t, if you’re looking at it from a personal standpoint. But I don’t think being nice or mean has anything to do with it 🙂

  9. Avatar

    I will be cancelling my feeds. This is no longer a game I want to watch. I do not want to watch the LNJ lay around all day and sleep, fart, burp, and trash talk. Jason needs to home as soon as possible. I really wish CBS would just cancel this program and start over with people that will follow the rules and show a little class. If these are the kind of people they are going to cast they will loose a lot of viewers. I’m one of them.

    • Helen

      We don’t have to watch anymore…pretty predictable steamroll to the end…..Alex will go first eviction…..Shelby and Morgan will be put up during second…everyone will vote Morgan the care package and she will save herself and Shelby will go home….

      • Avatar

        You were almost right, Helen. I predict everyone will vote Morgan but then she will magically not get the CP. Just like Krissy was not a have not the week she was leading and was not Americas Nom when she was leading.

      • Avatar

        Just like Alex cheated and won HOH.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Aww come on guys, don’t leave! I despise the Nerd Herd too, but all is not lost just yet. Who knows what will happen with DE, Morgan could win it. Also, let’s just say that (worst case scenario) Morgan and Shelby get picked off next, won’t it be fun to watch the Nerd Herd finally turn on each other?! It will be like watching one of those feeding or territory wars on Animal Planet or National Geographic! There’s still a lot of game left to play, and this season has been pretty crazy, so I hope we will all just hang in there for a few more weeks. Plus, I will not rest until I see Krustie walk out that front door!!!

      • Avatar

        No it wont. They don’t deserve to be their. America put them their for some reason

      • Mell

        I’m with Gerardo. How does everyone already know that Morgan doesn’t win the next hoh? If the final 3 are all people I can’t stand, I won’t be happy about that but I still wouldn’t be able to say that it hadn’t been crazy all the way. You can go buy cotton candy or puke when you get off a roller coaster but either way, you were on the ride.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Right G! A few weeks ago, when the LNC went from the fun group to bitter old ladies, I was about to cancel the Feeds. Now I’m glad I didn’t. Besides, after all the time I put into (or wasted) on OTT, I’ve come to far not to see it to the end.

  10. LindsayB

    I’ve had to miss out on pretty much everything due to work travel. Thank you for all the updates. I’m sitting in the drive thru line at In n Out trying to get caught up on here. I absolutely hate how this is going but it is BB so that’s part of it. I don’t like the gloating. From either side. I get that Justin’s clap was inspired by Scott, but that doesn’t make it right. Total dick move.

  11. Mell

    I thought the arguement in the backyard remained pretty civil and both sides made good points. I understand why in life what Jason did last night feels like he did something unnecessary. He messed with their heads and it worked. They’re fueled by rage right now and that can work for or against the ones who stay. It’s a gamble.
    I obviously don’t agree with the slimy and disgusting things that have happened this season that have nothing to do with gameplay. I can’t imagine anyone who would be okay with that sort of thing. I’m fine with everything else even kicking someone when they’re down. That’s what BS planned to do. Last night they were already discussing how to make it happen and seem to be taking pleasure in the planning of it.
    I honestly feel like it’s been so many seasons since we’ve seen good , cut throat, take no prisoners Big Brother that we get offended and don’t even recognize it anymore. That’s what I watched at the veto ceremony. The blindside happened first so this didn’t happen but the BS planned to call Whitney out in front of everyone at the end of the ceremony. There was no direct or guaranteed benefit to that either but they were planning on doing it and were very excited about it.
    This is what a blindside is. Maybe we have James to thank for the fact that we barely recognize it when we see it. I’d be a liar and a hypocridiot if I didn’t admit I liked the blindside, the argument and I hope there’s another one. Although I’m not a Morgan fan, I’ll also love it if anger makes her more competitive, she goes out there and kicks the competition’s ass, seeks her sweet revenge and leaves the other side trembling and terrified. I hope she does.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I totally agree Mell. I too, enjoyed Jason’s psychological gameplay. The BS were planning something similar, albeit not as intricate. They reveled in the thought of kicking out Justin and blindsiding Jason and Whitney. They just got beaten to the punch. C’est live! And the people pissed because the LNC did this, forget that The BS made plans daily, on getting rid of the other side. They pretty much thought that they were superior. I think it pissed them off more that they were outsmarted by a ‘lower class of people’. I hate it when people play against classes of people, but that’s the way the world goes and it is what it is. I also don’t mind that The LNC kicked the BS when they were down. If the BS had had the upper hand, they would have done the exact same thing.

  12. Avatar

    It’s a game and I think most people would have never thought to get in to someone else’s head the way Jason did. If I remember correctly, Morgan promised Krissie she would not vote out Neely but she did. So they can dish it out but they can’t take it. If you’re playing a game, in my opinion, you have to be able to take it as much as you dish it out. It’s too bad people on the outside are so emotional over this game. It’s not real life it’s just a game.

  13. Avatar

    New to comments but I have a question more than a comment. How is the Veto and CP going to work? Is the Veto for the second eviction Wednesday night or for the nominations put up by the second HOH comp winner? The details at CBS says they will not compete for Veto and the next CP vote isn’t until the 17th.

    • Mell

      There will be no veto comp during the double. The car pkg takes the place of it.
      We will have 1st eviction, 1 hour to vote, care pkg revealed, veto ceremony, 2nd hoh comp.
      If this is incorrect, someone please correct me.

      • Avatar

        I thought the weekly episode is at 8pm ET tonight. Voting for the CP is at 6pm- 7pm ET. That would mean we vote before the episode and before we even know who wins HOH. I know for sure the CP voting, i don’t know if 8pm for the episode followed by eviction and HOH is correct. Why are we so confused?

  14. caRyn

    Alex is a gamer and just upset now but I hope when she goes back to watch her season she will have a different outlook on it. Once she sees that Whitney was not working with Justin and Kryssie since the beginning (like Alex claims) and once she sees that the game moves were made on both sides of the house – and most of the sly moves were made by Ball Smashers first – she will appreciate the game play. She never did speak to Scott about making her a target with his loyalty to her and she never did make it known to the entire house that she and Scott were not in an alliance until after the Veto Meeting today.

  15. Avatar

    Well I guess it’s time for me to stop watching after my this outcome is going to suck after all America going to carry Jason to the top and they will talk about him like some great player when America has save him all season long. I’m done watching this because having a returner in a season of fans voting was unfair anyways i do believe that if Danielle makes it to the end no matter how anoying she’s been I will vote for her because apart from Alex she is the one who is playing the best game and been on the block half of the game so for her to still be here is amazing. And everyone wanted her out now is is safe because Morgan and Shelby are the targets and if they win jason and Justin are the targets so we can expect to see Danielle in the finals

  16. Avatar

    A/M/S being their jungemental brats they normally are! Calling Danielle whores like they know her personal life. I can’t stand them and look forward to them getting weeded out. Thanks Jason and Danielle for the fantastic gameplay this week.

    • Avatar

      My goodness Cyn you are a trooper. Even with all of the opposing views on this site you have held strong to your thoughts on the LNJ. I see many so called fans are now being whiny and crying because the numbers were not on their side to weed out the LNJ liked they’d hoped. But tough tit, I’m so pleased with the outcome Dani and Jason awesome HOH/VETO and Whitney is so bad ass, I really like her too.

      • Avatar

        Whitney is adorable. The LNJ represents diversity and they have shown they want to win too. Plastics are self entitled pretentious brats. The plastics were in the the HOH complaining about Jason and him playing unfairly. I find it rather comical they were that gullible and naive to believe LNJ. I mean they were going on and on about how he LNJ doesn’t deserve to win. In the end, I’m rooting for Dani, Jason or Whitney to win anyway so I don’t care who goes after Alex. But it will be a pleasure to watch her leave tomm!!!

    • NKogNeeTow

      They definitely made it interesting. I was surprised because I didn’t think they could pull it off. The way The BS had been playing, I really thought they were smarter than that. But they fell for it so kudos to Jason and Dani (never thought I ‘d hear myself say those words).

      • Avatar

        Yes, Dani and Jason were def the mastermind behind this epic week. Plastic considers themselves more superior than the LNJ but look who strategically played them mentally at this game thus far.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Like I said in the previous post, although I can’t stand the Nerd Herd, the Plastics were simply outplayed this week (and last week too). It was almost sad to watch. I understand the Plastics’ frustration, but this is a game and the Nerd Herd totally played them this week. Jason and Danielle have definitely earned my respect as game players (although I still don’t care for either of them personally). I’m kinda hoping they both go far now because I’m looking forward to a clash of the titans when those two turn on each other!

  17. Avatar

    Where are all the updates on all the shit the plastics are talking? You definetly catch everything Lnj says about the the “BS”. The blind side just shows America how caddy these girls are

    • Avatar

      I could not agree more.

    • Avatar

      No one is forcing you to come to this site.

      • Avatar

        I go to other sites too, i’ve just noticed how biased this has become buddy. BTW where is the post where Shelby calls Whitney a slut??

      • Mell

        Dg, I would have written about that in a comment but I’ve been out voting. I hadn’t had time. Shelby absolutely said that about Whiyney today and Shelby is my favorite.

      • Avatar

        The never post or comment on the bad things the plastics say about LNJ. They are only saying bad things about Whitney now because she finally had enough of their shit and moved on to the other side. They are still jealous of Dani and Shane and he left weeks ago. I watch the feeds and listen to all the bad things that are said in the house. Big Brother Network gives you all information in an unbiased way which is how it should be. Also give a scenario of if this happens and if that happens. The person that is doing this site should do the same and not take sides. It is a shame the things that these people say on this site.

      • nkogneetow

        Kristy, the person who owns this Blog (Steve) has an opinion just like everyone else. He still reports on what goes on in the house and what’s going on in the game. All of the opinions expressed on this Board, are that of the Commentor and are not censored unless they are attacking other Commentors, are racial, political or religious (there are other sites out here for that). If you do not like the things said here, you are free to move on to another site, but I do hope you stay. I also hope you continue to post your opinions like everyone else. All are welcome here and welcome to the Board 🙂

  18. Avatar
    Dont Hate Congratulate

    It was a smart game move because it kept them preoccupied for an entire night and left them crushed which is what u want your opponents to feel. I think people are mad that with the power America had this season you yourself in a way feel like you’ve lost. Does everyone hear the sweet BS girls talking shit about Whitney and eveyone else 530pm est? The hypocrisy is astounding… Shelby upset she was called a prostitute and then in same breath calls Krissy a hoe. Not so different lol This is why people dont like the BS, it was so obvious they were overly fake. I dont agree with everything LNJ has done but atleast they own it. I can rebuttle every bad thing done on one side to the other and the only thing that bothers me are the fans who act as if only one side acts horribly. Congratulations Jason, thanks for the good tv!

  19. caRyn

    Laughing. I hear the Ball Smashers would have done the same thing. They did. They just didn’t like it when it was served to them in return. Game play – both sides are equally sly. As Scott said – Welcome to Big Brother.

  20. caRyn

    If Shelby wasn’t working with Alex and Morgan or if Alex/Shelby/Morgan did make it to F3 this sister twist would have probably pissed Shelby off. To make it to F3 as sisters might have gained some votes for Alex/Morgan.

  21. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I (sort of) like Justin and normally I wouldn’t have an issue with him doing that clap thing (even though admittedly it was a dick move). However, the one thing that confused me was…Justin, what exactly have you done this season? I actually laughed when he did that because it was as if Justin was the one who had accomplished something. Justin, just stick to singing and making pizza my friend. Believe me, when the Nerd Herd starts cannibalizing itself you are going to be at the top of the menu.

    • NKogNeeTow

      G, what tickled me was when the BS came outside and confronted the LNC. After the argument, the girls went inside and Justin made some remark saying “we”. Jason turned to him and said “shut up bitch, you didn’t say anything”…lol

    • Mell

      I thought so too and I like Justin. I didn’t mind the clasp too much since he did that because Scott did it when Neeley left. ( it didn’t make sense since Scott isn’t there but at least I understood it) It bothered me a little when he called them suckers. I could tell even Jason thought it was a little OTT if you saw his expression. I got over it when I had an image of Janelle in season 6 flash in my head saying “give me that key, bi*ch” when she won an hoh. “Suckers” was mild.

  22. Shivani33

    Justin had more communication with B.S. than most of his side, particularly earlier in the game. He faced some nasty, insulting stuff, too.There was the big drama about taking a shower. There was that jab about how maybe he stole his clothes. I can kinda dig his slow clap of retribution and letting his “sucker” zinger fly. In that quick, shiny moment, B.S. was the fire hydrant, and Justin was the big dawg. Later on in the game, you could say that he infiltrated the BS armor and helped lift Whitney up and out to outlast being at the bottom of the B.S. pecking order. Though he’s a different sort of player and doesn’t know the game well or generate much strategy, I still think that Justin has brought a lot of himself to BBOTT… high on the menu, as Gerardo put it, enough to be regarded as a threat because of his big personality.

    Justin has said several times that Danielle didn’t choose him, so he’s not going to choose her…meaning as his ride-or-die, not even in the game. I think that he felt this way about B.S. too, in lots of ways. I’m not saying that Justin’s feelings were hurt, but a man knows where he stands. Stand tall, Justin!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Justin is very entertaining, so in that regard you’re right that he has brought a lot of himself to BBOTT. However, from a game perspective I’m still waiting to see something, anything emerge from him. Quite frankly, other than Krustie Kreature (we all know how I feel about her), Justin is the person who I would be most pissed about winning at this point.

      Overall, Justin has been very disengaged from the game, throwing comps left and right, and contributing very little, if anything, strategically. He damn near even flubbed the tasks his alliance gave him to do (i.e. when he almost ruined the Nerd Herd’s plan to get Whitney on the block this weekend). I think that clap annoyed me a bit because I don’t feel he has done anything to earn the right to gloat about anything. If Danielle or Jason had clapped, I could’ve accepted it because they’ve been killing it. But not from Justin, whose gameplay is virtually non-existent.

      I was very hard on Lames this summer for playing a pitiful game and I can’t be any less hard on Justin, no matter how funny he is. I want to see him step it up! And I do think the Nerd Herd realizes that Justin is probably America’s favorite member of their alliance and thus very hard to beat in the finals, so unless he steps it up soon I think they’ll clip him sooner rather than later.

      • NKogNeeTow

        He’s my favorite in the house G, and I keep hoping he’ll kick it in gear too. Even though he says he wants to win, he seems oblivious most of the time. If he doesn’t do something soon, he might only get as far as the next eviction behind the DE….unless someone puts him up at DE.

      • Avatar

        Agree, Gerardo! I told someone earlier that it would be a shame if Krissy or Justin win. They have done absolutely nothing. Do they even know what Big Brother is? I can’t tell if they’re playing BB or Who can be the best friend!

      • Mell

        Fair is fair and I loved Justin for entertainment and throwing everything can work to a point. There’s the right time for winning and it’s approaching fast. If he turns it up, he could still get my vote. I don’t have a problem with playing such a great social game that you dont have to make the cuts yourself. That’s a very risky game though. I thought his reason for not wanting to win the next one was crazy but after I heard his talk with Whitney, I understood it more. He’s backed himself in a corner and knows it. He doesn’t want to have to prove to LNC that he will cut Whitney. He told her that he had protected her about as far as he could and she needed to win. He want to keep Whitney but wants LNC to think they didnt have a choice. Protecting someone is fine but he’s crazy if he doesn’t secure his own safety.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Trust me, I would love to root for Justin as I find him much more likable than most of the other Nerd Herders. If he steps it up, I’ll be happy to throw my support behind him. I’m all for the “laying low” strategy, but we’re going to be down to 6 HGs after Wednesday. When exactly is he planning to turn it up? He just seems completely lost in the BB house to me. He needs to get it together ASAP!

    • Avatar

      Justin went in the house saying he was going to himself and get along with everyone. He did do that. The Plastics were talking to him in the kitchen saying they wanted to come to his restaurant and hang out with him in the French Quarters and party with him. They were talking about getting a job at his restaurant and being a hostess. Justin did what he was supposed to do. He knew that Whitney was at the bottom of their group and he pulled her to the other side and that was good game play. He found out that they wanted him out so he in turn pulled over one of their own to his side to gain the numbers. His side deserved that clap because they pulled off an incredible blindside.

  23. Avatar

    Anyone else having trouble getting to CBS to vote? Maybe it’s the election coverage that’s causing the problem.

  24. Avatar

    Shelby said she wanted Whitney to choke on a corn cob and called her a slut.. ..my oh my I guess she can’t handle when someone plays better than her. And she complains how others talk. She’s no better.

  25. GL

    I’m so tired of the filthy of the LNJ. But I guess America likes that type of behavior. Krustie and Jason is so disgusting I can see why the loser lives at home in his mothers house. He is living off his BB prior life.

  26. GL

    Jason’s only game has been America saving him. IMO

  27. Bbbonbon62

    We adopted a little feral furbaby a week ago who has socialized quite nicely. Well tonight as I am watching the feeds on my TV the new kitty has just realized something new. She jumped on the entertainment center and is swatting at Shelby’s hand as she plays with her split ends. This is so entertaining.

  28. caRyn

    No way would I vote to give Morgan the Care Package after listening to her DR session.

  29. caRyn

    I wish Shelby would have stayed a LNJ.

  30. Mell

    I’m not understanding why people think Jason is there because we handed everything to him. Take have nots out of it because they’ve been mixed and leave Cornbread out of it because he left before the two sides were really formed. That leaves 14 game advantages we’ve voted for. (Care pkgs, noms, eviction votes) 7 have gone to benefit LNC and 7 have gone to benefit BS. We’ve also left him vulnerable (albeit with good odds) going into a double eviction and with 2 care pkgs left to give. How are we handing him this game. He started working with an extremely loyal group of people. We can’t force them to get rid of him.
    Hoh 1- We saved him to give him a chance to play and didn’t like Monte. It wasn’t all about Jason.
    Hoh 2-Alex didn’t target him
    Hoh 3-Scott didn’t target him.
    Hoh 4-His alliance won.
    Hoh 5-His alliance won.
    Hoh 6-We used up his care pkg and Shelby really wanted to target Justin. Jason was her back up plan.

  31. GL

    @Mell….. read your last statement. America has protected Jason, every time the heat started turning towards Jason America sent him a care package. He was a target and Krustie was asked to use it on her ride or die. Then as America watched the feeds they protected him again with the care package.
    For me I did not vote to give him this co-hoh. I wanted to see him try and protect his group with out turning on them. He would have sold every LNJ down the river if America had not protected him. IMO
    Between America ruining the BB game and CBS playing with the votes it has tilted towards Jason winning the whole thing while laying on the couch smoking IMO

    • Avatar

      Alex was handed a safety servant when she was in danger. Like I have mentioned, both sides equally benefited from America’s help. It was this week to determine who would be ahead depending on the POV win. Jason won it fairly, with 4 plastics against him and Danielle.

  32. Avatar

    This marks the end of the girls allanice the ball smasher and that means the LNJ should now have no choice but to turn on each other. So like last season I pridict this last leg of the game will be played in pairs of two. I have Morgan and Shelby, witney and Justin, Kryssie and Jason, and Danielle without a real pair giving her one of the best chances of making it to the end with a final 3. Also with all the pair there is Jason who can use Justin and witney and Kryssie for a solid final four before he cut them both because he dose not want a final four he can just say that so if they win they don’t target him. With the pair game Jason might be able to push himself to a final three. So I have Danielle and Jason in the end that’s my guess as of right now the way everything is going I’m almost positive that will happen. I’m also guess if Danielle makes it to the end she should win over everyone not sure if she will because people don’t like her because I personally don’t like her but after all it’s just a game and I vote on game play not like a bitter jury so I would hope people vote for game and not because of personality or what nasty thing they say. Now for me what I wish would happen is now that Alex left Morgan doesn’t have to hold back and worry about people finding out her secret or play for two that she will turn up and make it to the end with a great game play and even a cutthroat mentally because I would like to vote for her.

  33. Avatar

    I give up on America. First giving the LNJ power, now giving Trump power. Damn

  34. Avatar

    This blog is super biased, I mean my Lord why even try to hide it.

    Those girls have literally LIED every week to the LNJ, broken every deal and separated themselves. Those are simply facts, so now when it’s done to the girls it’s a problem. If that’s not privilege I don’t know what is.

    They are not held to same moral standard. When Scott was saying horrible things and horrible actions he would take, America kept him around to see; thus he felt like he was being rewarded cause we didn’t vote him out that week. And this blog site summarize Scott as “weird” “he couldn’t hold it in” regarding his timing for clapping in Neely’s FACE.

    But now the tables have turned and it’s not “just a game” anymore the LNJ are “kicking the girl’s while their down”??? Really, this is amazing. This type of bias and selective blindness or just out right WE DONT CARE ANYMORE, FUCK YALL mentally is how TRUMP is the President Elect.

  35. Mell

    Personally, I like getting on here as one means of escaping politics for a while.

  36. Avatar

    I love reading the bitter comments lol People will come up with anything before they admit defeat…. they’ll even threaten to stop watching lol good stop watching your a horrible fan anyway

  37. Mell

    Rachel is hosting a comp tonight.
    Weekly episode first (2 hours early)
    HOH comp
    1 hour to vote for care pkg
    Care pkg announced
    Safety ceremony

  38. caRyn

    I haven’t read the comments, so if this is a repeat message my apologies.

    The voting hour for Double Eviction Veto Care Package is today from 7:00-8:00 pm (PT)
    Double eviction show starts early at 5pm (PT)

  39. Shivani33

    Alex said this morning: Go into it with the mindset that every option sucks and see where fate takes you.

    By jiminy, she’s gone from just being a party pooper into being a full-blown nihilist! Hey, it’s never too soon or too late to party. Hear that New Orleans funeral jazz coming up the street!?! Could it be trying to give Alex one last parting gift, a sense of humor?

  40. Helen

    Anyone know why Krustie has suddenly impersonating the unibomber? Trying to figure out if she just does not want to brush her hair or if the plant that grows out of the side of her head died and she’s trying to cover it up? Whichever it is it is quite unattractive ……..

  41. Helen


  42. Avatar

    Due to tonight’s special string of action-packed events, all remaining Houseguests are eligible to receive this coveted Care Package, even if they received one in past weeks.

    The chatter pointed me to the news section on CBS. This is what i found. They want Shelby to get it.

  43. Avatar

    Due to tonight’s special string of action-packed events, all remaining Houseguests are eligible to receive this coveted Care Package, even if they received one in past weeks.

    In addition, voting for America’s Care Package will open after the HOH is crowned on Nov. 9; then, the Care Package winner will be revealed before the safety ceremony. During this special episode, will be no America’s Nominee or America’s Eviction vote.

  44. Avatar

    Hey, everyone. Someone mentioned they were allowed to vote twice today so I tried. It allowed me 40 votes today. I don’t know if they reset the votes or what. You may want to vote again.

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