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It’s Voting Day – And Veto Day BBOTT

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First, very important day in the country. I’m not going to suggest who to vote for, as people have hopefully made up their minds by now. I will say that voting is very important even if you’re not in a swing state. Clinton/Trump are not the only people on the ballot. Many states have questions that can instantly change laws, and there are Senate seats up for grabs everywhere. Don’t stay home and protest because you don’t like either person at the top of the ticket.  Your vote probably won’t make the different between who wins the big one (unless you live in like NH, Ohio, etc), but it could help make a difference in smaller elections in your state.

Alright, there is still BB to talk about.  I’m going to talk a minute about Jason’s odd strategy to kick the girls while they are down.  First, the girls overheard Whitney tell Justin that they should celebrate (Whitney was not aware the girls were just hanging out on the sky bridge), so Morgan went downstairs and asked “What are we celebrating” to which Whitney replied “Oh we’re celebrating Justin not being on slop and able to cook us chicken”. The girls instantly realized Whitney flipped because Justin hasn’t been on slop for days.

Fast forward a few hours, and Jason decides to mess with the girls by dropping a hint that he’s going to backdoor Justin this week.  The 3 remaining smashers get their hopes up all night that Justin will be going home, and are going to be in for a surprise today when Morgan is the replacement nom. Now, why would he do this? Your guess is as good as mine.  In a regular season, this would be one of the dumbest moves in BB history because it would almost certainly cost Jason 3 jury votes. It’s a petty, dickish move that did nothing but kick them while down. This season is a bit different where America will vote, and while that probably won’t have the same impact on the finale voters, it’s still a very questionable move.

While the smashers power is pretty low in the house right now, the reality is that America’s Nom is going away soon, there is a double eviction coming up, and even after that, Jason has no care package to save him. With Whitney flipping, and Danielle & Justin still in the house, Jason had easily 2-3 layers of protection before he was a target from them.  He had to worry about his own alliance before worrying about the remaining smashers, so he was set up to cruise to the finale pretty easily. The only thing this move did was make him look like a dick to the girls and piss them off in a week of a double eviction.

Jason will likely survive it simply because the girls’ numbers are so low and America has so much power, but the cons of this move outweigh the pros by far. He had a chance to work both sides of the house all the way to the end, but decided to piss on one side for absolutely no reason. It was a terrible move even if it doesn’t actually end up hurting him in the long run due to the structure of the season.

Updates –

  • 11:00am – The house is on indoor lockdown.
    • They are wondering why the lockdown is happening already, but assume it’s election related. They are all waiting for the veto ceremony
    • Note – I will likely not be updating tonight starting around 8pm est because I will be watching election coverage
  • 11:45am – Lockdown over, so it must not have been about the election
  • 12:50pm – PoV time
    • Going to post a lot of pictures because I think the reactions should be interesting…

      Jason reading card

      Jason reading card

    • Jason says there are 2 things he can’t forget – The roaring cheers from the storage room on Wed night (and his alliance cheering after PoV?)
    • And the unreliable loyalty they have shown Scott, Monte and now Whitney
    • Alex is realizing this probably isn't going her way

      Alex is realizing this probably isn’t going her way

    • “I would love to nominate a strategic player who is well rounded, but America did that for me”
    • “So unfortunately I’m left to nominate one of her best followers, Morgan”
    • quad-pov2
    • Morgan calls out Jason about his fake strategy that his alliance already knew
    • morgan-callsout
    • Justin gives a Scott-like clap and calls them suckers as he leaves the house – kind of a dick move
    • pov-meeting3
    • Morgan asks Whitney about the ‘celebratory dinner’ last night
    • Whitney says it was because she didn’t want Justin getting backdoored
    • whitney-talking3
    • Shelby wants to ask what the point of it was
  • 1:12pm – Time for the blowup
    • argument
    • Jason confirms Alex is going home
    • Morgan tells Justin he’s laughing now, but he’s literally one of the biggest targets here and he’s going home soon regardless
    • argument2
  • 1:19pm – And now the post-fight kicks in.  BS’ers crying, LNJ congratulating themselves on kicking the other side when down
    • morgan-crying
  • 1:45pm – Shelby reveals her true profession to Alex
    • shelby-reveal
    • Alex tells her that she has a secret as well but she can’t tell anyone.  (She is probably waiting to confirm it with Morgan)
    • Shelby went to ASU, double majored in Psychology and Justice Studies then went to Pepperdine for Law
    • Morgan comes out of the DR and Alex runs to her to tell her that she wants to let Shelby know.  Morgan is fine with it.  They go up to the HoH room
    • This is Shelby’s reaction when finding out, then inspecting them to see if she can notice similiarities
    • shelby-reaction
    • shelby-faces
    • The vote is up for America’s Vote 
  • 2:15pm – I’m sure there will be a little drama later, but I am going to be glued to the TV for election coverage.
  • 10:00pm – Just checking in. The three BSers are still in the HoH and everyone else being happy in the kitchen.

Check back for updates


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