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Kathy Griffin Enters The House To Fix The Zingbot – PoV Recap


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Most weeks, editing does a really good job squeezing the best parts of the week into the 60 minute episodes that air three times a week. However, everyone once in awhile there is just so much going on, they can’t cover it all in one episode. That is what happened during the power of veto episode on CBS tonight.  There just wasn’t enough time to cover the awesomeness that was the Big Brother house this past weekend.

Even when you factor in Sunday’s night episode which covered a large portion of the great weekend, there still wasn’t enough time to cover what happened between Friday night and Monday afternoon.  The Team America mission was spectacular and the trio easily earned the money this week. I am typically a tough critic on their missions, but they pulled it off and it was pure entertainment Sunday night on the live feeds. Their mission was to hide an item from each houseguest and stage a neighborhood watch for at least 24 hours.

As you noticed on the show, the house quickly started pointing their fingers at Zach as the saboteur, and surprisingly had some really good arguments to support the claim. The blip mentioned by Frankie about Zach putting up an ally is one, but Caleb actually went down a list of shady things Zach has done this season which almost had me wondering if he was getting something on the side for his craziness.  Zach has been a great character, and obviously isn’t earning any extra for his behavior which makes it that much more fun to watch.

Take the Amanda Zuckerman thing that was mentioned tonight. One of the early Team America missions was to spread a rumor that someone was related to a former houseguest. The trio came up with Zach being related to Amanda (since they’re both from Florida) and instead of Zach denying it, he just went along with it.  He did the same thing on Sunday night while being accused as the saboteur which sadly was not shown by CBS.  After an  hour or two of finger pointing, things settled down and Caleb/Zach went outside.  Zach went to the pool table and stole the cue ball, ran to the bathroom and threw it in the trash. Why?  Because it’s Zach. I guess he figured if he were getting blamed for it, he may as well have some fun.

While his antics may make for fun TV, they have not been going over very well in the house, and stealing the cue ball essentially solidified Zach as the saboteur who likely pocketed $20k+ this season from his actions. Reality is, he has received no more or less than Caleb, Victoria, Christine and the other non Team America members, but they all have it in their heads he has it made now. That is part of the reason nobody had any issues with Frankie nominating him over Victoria as the replacement nominee… well, that and them having Zach planned as the replacement nominee well before the pool cue incident, but that just helped secure the rest of the house.

Another topic they did not cover was the reaction by the house over the Christine zing.  Look, that was hilarious. I’m sure her husband doesn’t think so, Christine didn’t think so, but I thought so.  Christine has been all over Cody all summer long, and that was a way production can tell her to cut it out before she gets carried away – for her own good. Either way, she cried quite a bit, Cody denied having anything to do with her that way, and the pair went on to hug.. because that’s how you handle the situation…


The power of veto competition was a standard zingbot style competition. They’re typically mechanical of nature and require some dexterity and/or intelligence. This was the perfect competition for Donny to win, but it didn’t matter anyway because he was safe despite Christine throwing the battle of the block.  He still did try to win for Zach, who wasn’t picked to play, but he came in 3rd place to both Frankie and Beast Model Electrician.  Frankie finished first, won the power of veto, and did what everyone expected him to do.. screw Zach. Although, with the way the two acted for most of the season, we were expecting a different kind of screw, and that one likely would have been less painful than being the replacement nominee.

Zach is on the block and either he or Cody will be going to walk out of the house and then walk right back in tomorrow night to compete in a chance to re-enter the game. It should make for a fun live show, so be sure to check it out!

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  1. Comments (682)

    From the way the HGs acted the zing to Cody about Christine’s husband was timid compared to what was said to Christine. I never heard the complete zing to Christine and I do watch the live feeds. Did anybody hear what it was?

    • Comments (1437)

      It was tame.
      Kathy zinged her by saying something about her not living up to the old adage about smart girls wearing glasses.

      • Comments (682)

        No. According to the feeds they were each zinged like 3 times. Christine got a zing about her and Cody.

      • Comments (1437)

        Oooooh…it would be interesting to hear the others! If anyone finds them, let us all know.

      • Comments (426)

        I will need to watch again, and would very much like to see all of it (not edited for the show), but all I saw on the show was one zing each except some of Kathy’s updates / comments during the comp about Victoria. I guess Cody’s zing was pretty much a double-zing at Christine.

    • Comments (1)

      Jannie is correct about Christine’s Zing: “Christine, there’s a belief that glasses make people look smarter. Thanks for disproving that. Zing!” Cody’s was: “Cody, you’re such a nice guy. You haven’t made any enemies this summer, except for maybe Christine’s husband! Zing!”

      • Comments (682)

        On the feeds they said there was a zing saying something about Christine’s ugly tattoos, Zach was zinged for being unemployed and Victoria got one about her making a new friend that she follows around all day, her reflection. Everyone thought they were going to say Derrick.

    • Comments (1288)

      As best as I can put together from the snippets on the feeds it was something along the lines of “Christine, I see you are a very popular girl with all the guys … well except for Tim” or something of that sort.

  2. Comments (644)

    I wish Donny could reveal the truth about Team America, but I know he won’t because he would lose the money he has won. If the others knew, Frankie and Derrick would be the first two out after the announcement.

  3. Comments (1092)

    A very important part of tonight’s show was Derrick busting Donny when he was talking to the camera.

    Now Derrick knows for sure that Donny does not trust him.

    • Comments (682)

      Donny should have shaved the beard. Everyone acts differently around Donny and I don’t see why. Team America and his beard ruined his game. They all act like the principle just walked into the classroom and they sit on their hands.

  4. Comments (1437)

    I finally figured out who Frankie reminds me of…
    Chris Kattan’s SNL character, MANGO. He was such a spazz diva who was so full of himself – he even looks a little like him 🙂

  5. Comments (682)

    Another thing they didn’t put on (and I wouldn’t expect them to) is when someone yelled out so they could hear them while they were in the backyard. They yelled something about Caleb, Zach and Frankie. I didn’t catch what they said about Caleb but I heard “we love you Zach, Frankie you’re a f#@kface”. Did anyone else hear it on the feeds with better speakers?

  6. Comments (426)

    I think that Derrick finding out that Donnie is spot on to his game plan has panicked him a bit. He usually handles things much more calmly with the other houseguests when they come with him about things involving them, offering advice and then stepping out of the situation. But tonight he is really venting and talking a lot of sh**. I think it is funny.

  7. Comments (182)

    Let’s hope Donny wins HOH and puts in end to the ‘Frankie Fairly Show’

  8. Comments (2)

    I hate Frankie why did he do that to zach. Just hand the prize to Derrick and end this season right now with some bulllshizz

    • Comments (1092)

      I am not a fan of his, but as far as gameplay goes, I respect Frankie’s move last night.

      He said that he felt that Zach was threatening to his game, so he had to go. Maybe it is something like being worried about guilt by association. Frankie was closest to Zach. If the hgs are mad at Zach, then they would be mad at his friend too.

      Based on that, and the fact that Frankie is playing to win, then it was a good move.

      It also tells me that he is even smarter than I have thought. I wouldn’t be surprised if Derrick is on his radar once it gets to the final five.

      • Comments (220)

        You make a good point.

        But almost every eviction has been a product of a seed that DERRICK has carefully planted.

        Zach was not going up until Derrick kept at it and pushing it on Frankie (with some finesse, of course). So Derrick gets more credit in my eyes…moreso than Frankie. And now Frankie gets blood on his hands and stabs his CLOSEST ally in the back. Meanwhile Derrick still has Cody, Victoria and Frankie backing him. Even Caleb to some degree is one of Derrick’s minions.

      • Comments (1092)

        All true.

        But let’s say it comes down to Derrick and Frankie in the final two. Who would you vote for, if you can imagine yourself as a hg, not a viewer ?

        If I was to have to vote, it would be the one who played an overall better game. They have both manipulated, but Frankie has shown that he is willing to get blood on his hands. Derrick hasn’t.

        Frankie has won a few hoh’s as well as vetos. Derrick hasn’t done as much competitively.

        Derrick seems like a floater compared to Frankie, even though Derrick is calling most of the shots.

        As a hg, blind to what the viewers see, I would have to vote for Frankie if they were the final two.

  9. Comments (21)

    I can honestly say that Frankie has ruined Big Brother for myself and probably a lot of other viewers, not to mention the ratings have dropped this season and he is responsible. Frankie Grande is a disgusting piece of filth. He paints a negative image of homosexuals and that isn’t right. Why must the token gay guy that producers insist on casting be such a narcissistic, self obsessed, dishonest piece of trash? Why not cast someone who does not feel the need to go overboard with their sexuality and paint the image that gay people act that way? I respect homosexual people as they have a lot of strength and humility to be out and proud of who they are despite that sometimes others aren’t so accepting. Fools like Frankie are the reason there is so much negativity and judgment towards gay people and that isn’t fair. People don’t hate gay people just because Frankie is an idiot who should not have been cast. Big Brother, pleaseeeeeeee use more diversity when casting next season. You continuously cast people who give such a negative image for the societal group or culture they represent and it just isn’t right.
    Back to Frankie, he is as dishonest and as disgusting as he comes. If I was in that house, I wouldn’t vote for Frankie to win if you offered me 10 million to vote him to win. He does not deserve it. He is riding his sisters coat tails hoping that will give him an advantage but despite those of you who claim Ariana Grande is so popular, Try asking people over 20 who she is. Ariana who? My point exactly. Frankie is a nobody with a bad attitude and it was productions mistake for casting him in the first place. He adds nothing to the show whatsoever except every time I see his face or hear his voice, I throw up in my mouth a little.
    As for Christine, the word I would use to describe her would probably get censored or deleted, so I will just say this. Christine’s husband, any man that woul condone his wife behaving in that way with another guy, even for some money, is not really a man at all. If you’re ok with your wife fooling around with other guys for money, you might as well just post her picture on backpage and hire her out. If you’re ok with your wife behaving like a ….., then you shouldn’t be married. Christine, why don’t you save us all the headache, pack your bags and walk out the door now and go post your picture on an adult website. You aren’t going to win anyway so at least that way you’ll get a little bit of money for your troubles. If you weren’t stuck in that house together with the only other female being Victoria ( no introduction needed for her), Cody wouldn’t even give you a second look or remember your name. No wonder why you married your husband, he’s ok with you throwing yourself at other men for money. I just think you’d be better off online, more customers, paying customers, then again, if they get a closer look you might have to pay them. You can always put a paper bag on your head and call it a day too.
    Moral of the story is, with filth and trash in the house like Frankie and Christine, the season was doomed from the start. Big Brother needs more Donny’s in the house. At least he has character and integrity. That’s a heck of lot more than I can say for anyone else left in that house. I pray Donny wins, I’m not counting on it but for what it’s worth, Edmonton, AB wants you to win Donny!!! Go Donny Go!!!

    • Comments (79)

      I know right? They always have to cast the loud, obnoxious gay guys. If my only knowledge of gay people came from watching Big Brother, I’d probably be a homophobe based on how horrible their casting is. I haven’t liked a single one of the “token gay guys” EVER on this show. The most bearable one was probably Steven from BB10 but he was out early.

      • Comments (25)

        Too too much airtime for Frankie, sick of watching all his open mouth gestures and jumping up and down clapping. He is definitely not a good representative of the gay community. I have noticed that he “flames” up when the camera is on him and other times he can be pretty calm. He definitely rides his sister Arianna coattails. Down deep inside I suspect he’s not a very nice person, not a friend, but a good phony.

    • Comments (332)

      I got upset by his comment that 2nd would only buy two houses in Africa so he better get 1st. Well sorry, hope you just get salary payment and end up in jury.

      • Comments (722)

        The “houses in Africa” thing is a crock.
        His family (grandma, mother,sister) have enough money and Hollyweird connections that they could have their own charity without Frankie having to go on BB.

    • Comments (3)

      you have summed up Frankie and Christine better than anyone I ever heard before. good job!

    • Comments (383)

      Exactly. Why is there always the token flaming gay man? My best guy friend is gay. He’s a guy. Who happens to be gay. One of my best girl friends is gay. She’s my friend. Who happens to be gay. Frankie is a prancing posing queen. Yes, I get that some gay men are flamboyant. And some gay women are “manly”. But the vast majority of gays are just people. BB is not being diverse when they cast stereotypes.

  10. Comments (1437)

    I’m starting to rethink wanting Zach to get back into the game. He just seems so defeated and nice to those who are stabbing him in the back. He may not have the fire in his belly to go after them…and he is easily manipulated by Frankie and Derrick.
    Nicole may be the best choice. She’s got them figured out and maybe, maybe could swing Christine to her and Donny’s side.

    • Comments (426)

      Maybe, but I think Nichole would be after Christine first since she was responsible for evicting her, so I don’t think she would or should trust her.

      • Comments (1092)


        Especially the knife in the back comment when she was backdoored by Christine.

        She would be gunning for revenge.

        But, maybe a week in jury gives you time to reflect the whole game, and maybe whoever comes back will want to go after the leaders first.

    • Comments (426)

      I agree about Zach. He probably has just realized there is no hope this week.
      If he did come back (or any of them) I don’t think they would be able to get the numbers. So I think Donny is doomed too, unless he is able to win POV. And then he will still be the next target.
      Until the others have to start turning on each other and have no one else to blame, and things start happening just like Donny told them it would, they won’t see it.
      I hope I am wrong.

    • Comments (69)

      Jannie – I too was getting upset somewhat that Zach showed defeat and was getting along with the others – but I have a prediction – well maybe a wishful thought – here it goes – later in the night Zach was called to the DR – he came back all chipper – here it comes now – production told him that just before the eviction – he would be pulled off the block -and someone else would be put up because of the rule violation – and then further on with my story – Hayden comes back into the game – Frankie when told he had to put up someone else – screwed up and instead of Victoria – he accidentally thought of Derrick – so Derrick against Cody – Christine, Donny and Zach vote to get rid of Derrick – and Victoria and Caleb against Cody – Derrick leaves – Hayden comes back and teams up with Zach and Donny and up goes Frankie and Caleb – Caleb leaves – then Hayden leaves – then Cody leaves – only left Frankie, Christine, Zach and Victoria – by some luck of the draw Victoria accidentally wins HOH – it just drops into her lap – nothing she did of course – and puts up Christine and Zach – Zach wins POV – and Frankie goes up and is voted out – so the final three Zach, Christine and Victoria – thats my story and I am sticking to it.

  11. Comments (13)

    Has anyone noticed that Frankie gets time on the show a lot more than other people, and the people who he talks to also do?

    In the beginning when him and Victoria talked, that was one of the only times Victoria has ever had more than just the occasional one liners that appear in some shows, besides when she competes in comps or during the Adam&Eve thing.

    I understand that they are trying to use Frankie’s connection to Ariana as an eye catcher to the show., but there’s probably much more to it that we don’t know that production’s doing.

    How the hell does he get to play in his first BOTB that theoretically is easier to do as individual than with a partner, as BOTBs were design to be.
    How the hell was he “voted” to be in TA? I realise that all the Arianatards and his small amount of tards on YouTube probably influenced that voted somehow, but if he was part of a twist of the game that allows the person to have time on the show every week and interaction with America, that benefits BB production because his face will attract Arianatards, as putting him on the show was designed to do, thus more viewers for BB.

    • Comments (66)

      I agree that Frankie does get a lot of screen time, but I think it’s more because he’s SO obnoxious and over the top that he makes it impossible to ignore him. Anytime he’s in a room full of other people, he will talk over them, yell in agreement, get up and start moving all the over place so your eyes are focused on him, etc. A few weeks ago, on the Thursday live episode, while Julie was speaking with the house guests, they showed Frankie at one point, and his reactions were bigger than the other hgs, and he even seemed to be trying to talk with Julie, finish her sentences, etc. as annoying as he is, he knows how to play to the camera and be engaging compared to some of the other hgs who seem to just love staring off into space with a slack jaw. He’s the only one who has any experience close to the BB experience, with his videos. He clogs his daily life, doing I’m sure pretty mundane things, but has learned how to engage the audience on the other side of the camera. As annoying as he is, he’s definitely smart in that respect.

    • Comments (372)

      Frankie gets more coverage because he is the loudest and steals the light from others…I saw Don thank Cody last night for cooking dinner ..others said ya thanks …Frankie got loud and over the top thanking cody 3ish… or more times. he needs to be the center of everything.

    • Comments (6)

      Sounds like last year with the producers friend on the show. I forget what her name was.

  12. Comments (266)

    Tonight’s episode made it seem like the TA mission was what sealed Zachs fate. I think that had a lot to do with it but Derrick was in Frankie’s ear the whole time before that even happened.

    • Comments (1288)

      It was Caleb that was in Frankie’s ear, Derrick just went with the flow.

      • Comments (220)

        Derrick was more behind it. He plants the seed and lets the others do the actual heavy lifting. Derrick is extremely cunning.

      • Comments (1092)

        Caleb was in Derrick’s ear before the nominationsfor botb. Maybe it was what Derrick wanted to hear, but it was Caleb that made the comment, and Derrick and Cody agreed.

  13. Comments (3)

    The house needs to be flipped on Derrick and Frankie and the only person who can do that is Donny. He needs to tell the house about team America. In the beginning they were told it was there choice whether or not to tell the other house guests. Telling the truth about team America would certainly save zach, send Cody derricks closest ally to jury and have everyone gunning for Derrick and Frankie. Donny can easily take the target off him. He already knows they don’t care about team America.

  14. Comments (79)

    Can somebody please tell me why everybody on these forums wants Derrick to lose so badly? I get that he’s running the show and it gets pretty boring but I can’t understand why anyone would hate him on a personal level. He seems like a good guy to me.

    • Comments (3)

      I don’t hate him, I actually want him to win. But their making it too easy for him I want to see some excitement. I actually think Donny is playing a horrible game and he’s in the best position to shake things up but he won’t.

      • Comments (372)

        I like Derrick a lot …but he was a trained undercover cop …like Tony who won the last survivor …he got in a big alliance quick ..he might win …but I like the underdog who could …with a bit of luck and skill make him earn it …Would love them 2 at the end

      • Comments (1288)

        Because he has the safety of being the BotB winner, Donny has done everything possible to shake things up, they are just too well stacked against him.

        He has had the same conversation with Zach then Caleb then Cody then Christine and then Frankie. He adjusted the conversation for who he was talking to but the gist was “Derrick is running your alliance and you are not near the top, we should shake things up”. All that achieved was that everyone of them but Zach (who was nervous about going up and then was up) running back to the alliance and reporting the conversation somewhat accurately but with some minor embellishments.

        Derrick has laid an almost perfect groundwork for his run to the finals. It is ridiculous when anyone compare him to Amanda. She was loud, brash, bullying and belligerent. Derrick is none of those things. He spends most of the time playing echo. He either parrots back to a person what they have said, enforcing he is on their side, or carefully says what he thinks they want to hear. None of them suspect Derrick and most think they are going to the end with him.

        If Hayden or Nicole come back that will be a godsend for Derrick. They will most likely target Frankie and Christine with Cody or Caleb likely renoms. Zach if he comes back may listen to Donny and finally get Derrick on the block. I am not so sure Donny would though.

        If it gets back to Donny that every single word he said to Caleb, Cody and Christine got back to Derrick he might just have to find a way to make a deal with Derrick. I could see Donny nominating Cody and Caleb as people who nominated him. Now they are also the people he has pegged as Derrick and Frankie’s lieutenants. He could then see about shopping for a deal to go with one or the other.

        If any of the alliance gets the HoH then Donny will be back up with the returnee if possible and if not, it will be Victoria. Donny, with his efforts this week, may have made himself a larger target than the returnee this time around. It most likely will be win POV or go this time around.

        I did notice that at the close of last nights show they said that we would see the competition and someone return, nothing about the next HoH. It sounded like they may not even start the HoH by the end of the show.

    • Comments (426)

      My personal opinion on that is when anyone that can easily be that manipulative, deceiving, self centered, and use people for their own personal gain, it has to be part of their character. In game or in life. If he does make it to the end of the game (and probably will) he does deserve to win. But that doesn’t mean that people have to like him personally.

      • Comments (426)

        And he shouldn’t just skate through it. He needs to squirm a little.

      • Comments (372)

        Derrick needs to sit on the block …he is the only person who hasn’t yet
        let’s see him under pressure ..make him sweat…see how he handles it

      • Comments (379)

        No if you want to make Derrick sweat Donny needs to win HOH ans POV and leave derrick sitting on the block beside Victoria.

      • Comments (220)

        I would evict everyone out except Victoria if I were Donny. I’d go after all of the boys and Christine.

    • Comments (220)

      I respect his game. Its super solid. I get frustrated watching week after week how a group of people follow his plans. There’s never a line drawn in the sand. There’s no push back.

  15. Comments (412)

    I thought they said, “We hate you beast mode cowboy; We love you Zach; Frankie you’re disgusting.”

  16. Comments (1799)

    Not sure if Nichole would be good as a return player Yes she would target Christine Yetshe seems to drink the Derrick kool-aide
    The mango / Frankie was dead on ! The GLTG groups can’t be happy how they are being portrayed Than again they still have the gigaflops Cody

  17. Comments (469)

    On tonights show just before we were taken into the house a number of quick snippets flashed on the screen – one showed Derrick facing Frankie (Frankies back to the camera)- Derrick is pointing at Frankie with a very angry face and saying – “are you trying to f**k me over” – that is the first time I have seen that – it may have been a take from a live feed – anybody have any info on that encounter???

  18. Comments (469)

    It looks very much like the blowout that we have been waiting for is in the works – the two wanna be kings (in Frankies place queen) are finally facing off —- on the previous update there was talk about Derrick saying he’d like to walk up to Donny and smack the M&M’s out of his hand – with just these two examples we are now see the real Derrick that so far he has successfully disguised – when he fully emerges you will forget about Caleb – Zach – and Christine- it will be UGLY.

    • Comments (682)

      I like Derrick but he is getting a little snippy. He was mad at Donny for trying to get people to turn on Derrick. Funny he got mad at Donny all the while Derrick has been trying to get Donny evicted. The pressure is building and I hope the returning HG wins HOH tonight.

      • Comments (1443)

        It’s like Derrick says how dare Donny say anything about me he has to go when it’s exactly the same thing he’s been saying about Donny. Derrick has not had that happen to him in this game as he’s been the pied piperwith everyone following blindly except Donnie. He can’t handle it if Donny somehow ends up not going on block next Derrick will flip out. Unfortunateky I’m afraid chances of that are very low

  19. Comments (332)

    I am just confused about Derrick being married and taking advantage of Victoria. She needs to go and he keeps her there like a partner.

    • Comments (1092)

      He isn’t sleeping with her. He figures she is a sheep, and so he keeps her at his side . She will do whatever he says. She has his back.

      That isn’t betraying his wife. It is great game.

      • Comments (36)

        Yes, and Derrick doesn’t have his hands all over Victoria and vice-versa like Cody and Christine.

      • Comments (1092)


        It must be tough for a spouse to see their better half in the house, knowing that there is a lot of bonding going on.

        Bu, I think in Derrick’s case it is like he is on a mission. There might be some close friendships made with some women along the way, but nothing inappropriate. Just getting on their good sides to help win the game.

        How often do you see physical contact Between Derrick and the female guests ? Almost never except eviction nights.

      • Comments (722)

        Derrick keeps it clean. I suppose thats part of his real life, too.. being aware of prying eyes, being a public official hes always in the spotlight ..

        Lets face it, Victoria is offering herself to be “taken advantage of” in the game, and Derrick would be a fool to not use her undying loyalty to his benefit.

      • Comments (1092)


        She has absolutely no game.

        How can a fan of the show go inside the house and act like a floater from day one ?

        And if that is the plan, to float all the way to the end, it might earn you $50k, but where is your self respect ? And if that is the plan, you cannot possibly be upset if you get cut loose with four players left.

        I like what someone wrote the other day that there should be bonus money for winning hoh and vetos. It will at least motivate some players to play.

  20. Comments (332)

    And why was Caleb taken off, Zach is in the alliance and a friend, very wrong move by Frankie.

    • Comments (59)

      I think Frankie is putting Zach up solely because of “the love” for Zach yelled over the BB house walls by people on the outside. I think he feels that if people like Zach more than him, he needs to get him out and is a threat to his end game – based on popularity.

      • Comments (722)

        Green eyed jealousy. Thats what it boils down to.. and its not just “we like Zach”, its “we DONT like Frankie”.

        There is nothing sadder than a Z lister thinking they are truly relevant..

        Frankie, you poor delusional loser. Always the bridesmaid..

      • Comments (692)

        Oooo, Willie Jones Jr, why oh why did you have to call Frankie a bridesmaid??? I now have an image of him as the most hideous bridesmaid in my mind. Lol
        You made me smile again, my friend.

    • Comments (220)

      Have the HGs speculated about anyone possibly returning to the house?

  21. Comments (843)

    Derrick and Frankie are allowed to plot, scheme, and manipulate but Donny isn’t? So disgusted by them all.

    • Comments (682)

      Donny get criticized for not talking game and criticized for talking game. It appears his attempts have failed so far but if nothing else he has planted the seed and has a whole week (unless there is a surprise DE) to see if anything grows.

      • Comments (722)

        Well Joey wasnt either. Caleb set the tone this season by letting the HGs know no one would be forming alliances without his permission basically..

        Wish things would have gone differently this season.. and last.. and season 14….

  22. Comments (843)

    I’m from the south and we have a name for people like Christine. White trash! Frankie is just trash.

    • Comments (722)

      I guess the cast would be boring if they only hired clean, decent ppl… i wouldnt mind however..

      I hate the typecasting.. the model, the jock, the gay, the black, the hipster, the college student, the mother, the southerner, the blue collar worker…

      I suppose if they didnt hire some airhead model every season, the airhead model association of America would be up in arms about not being represented..

      • Comments (59)

        Casting is the problem. If i remember correctly, Amber and Brittany didn’t even really apply – they were picked out by producers who saw them in bars – so basically just because of how they looked, not because of how well the producers thought they would or could play the game. They really need to go to these fan sites and blogs and invite people here to apply, no photo, no way to go off their looks. That would be much more interesting to watch.

      • Comments (59)

        sorry for double posting and replying to my own post but I just had an idea. What if we could find some backers to do a much more fan-based version of this game online. Not to be broadcast on TV, just over the internet. The prize couldn’t be half a million obviously but I think fans producing the show would come up with a much more exciting game and would run it the way it should be done.

      • Comments (1092)

        The looks are necessary for ratings. But it isn’t that hard to find attractive women who also have brains and some street smarts.

        That is where casting goes wrong. They cast the various groups like Willie says above, but they dont cast ghem all with equal strength or smarts. It seems like they manipulate some cast members to automatically be sitting ducks.

      • Comments (722)

        Last season’s Kaitlyn had never even heard of BB! Really? Casting in bars? Like I said before, *sses filling seats ..
        Seems like a total waste when some real fans would die to play the game..

        I may be in the minority, but looks dont factor in whether I watch a show or not.. could have a house full of Steve Buscemi (sp?) .. as long as its interesting, unpredictable , good writing, plot twists, double crosses and surprises..

        Guess i am a picky viewer after all!

      • Comments (1092)

        Do you watch Once Upon A Time ?

        It has all of that. O stumbled on it by accident the series premiere a couple years ago, and I am hooked.

      • Comments (33)

        Ooh, I love Once Upon A Time! I’m (im)patiently waiting for season 3 to come out on Netflix. Just one more month and I can finally be caught up! lol

      • Comments (1092)

        Definitely a great show.

        The writing is so good. What I love about it, is things aren’t obvious. We watch an episode, and for the next couple of days we are throwing what ifs at each other.

        What if Emma does this, or what if Regina does that…

        By the way, when we watched the 3rd season finale, the plot twisting cliffhanger is so good, that my girlfriend and I both gasped out loud. One of the best written shows on tv by far.

      • Comments (248)

        I feel very stupid I had never noticed that before. You are so right. No wonder it has become so boring and predictable they really need to change the way they pick the house guests.

  23. Comments (332)

    Ok so cody is a couple with christine and derrick with victoria. Lets get those out. Break up the obvious couples. Someone shake this mess up and toss out a few. Cant these people even breathe to think?

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