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Live Endurance Competition Updates


Color me shocked. The wall.

Granted, they’re sitting which is possibly the first time I’ve seen that, so that should buy some people a few extra minutes, but I am not expecting a very long one here if the tilt is steep

I’ll start the updates as soon as the live feeds come back up


Still on the wall:

  • Metta 1st down. SLOP
  • Marissa 4th down
  • Mark  3rd down. SLOP
  • James 6th down
  • Brandi 5th down
  • Omarosa HOH
  • Ross 2nd down. SLOP


  • Nobody has fallen off yet!  Holy shit
  • Marissa getting ready to fall already
  • 7:20 pm – They’re all still up. So far there is not much of a lean on the wall. This is like the senior citizen version of an endurance competition. Sad.
  • 7:28 pm – Metta down. He was definitely too big for that comp.
  • 7:36 pm – Ross down
    • Meanwhile, Ari is comparing notes with Metta and Ross over who got the Shannon vote. She’s not too happy right now.  Metta told her that Brandi did it and told him to take the blame
  • 8:00 pm – Mark down
    • Now that slop is over, I expect more to fall
  • 8:03 pm – Mari down
  • 8:24 pm – Brandi down
    • James makes a deal with Oma to stay in the game if he drops.  She says the word of god
  • Omarosa wins!

Probably the best possible scenario at a house shakeup. Let’s see some drama!


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  1. hogwild

    Wow I figured half of them would fall 30 seconds after the live broadcast was over.

  2. hogwild

    Very sad also very predictable.

  3. Alda

    Cut me a break.They are being treated like celebrities.Sorry,that’s what they’re called aren’t they?

  4. Alda

    Come on Omarosa,fall already!

  5. Uh oh, Ari’s pissed about Brandi throwing that vote at Mark and she’s spilling tea all over the place! Yessssss!!!

  6. Alda

    Wh do you all want to win HOH?

  7. Alda

    Who do you all want to win HOH?

  8. Alda

    James would nominate Omarosa after her lying about him.

  9. Alda

    I guess Omarosa’s asthma isn’t affecting her tonight in this comp.

  10. hogwild

    Dam Omarosa HOH this could be wild week.

  11. Brandi may have made a game-ending mistake casting that vote and then telling Metta about it. Metta cannot hold water, and that tidbit spread like wildfire around the Z-listers. Ari is legitimately pissed and Marissa’s annoying ass is using it to her full advantage (probably because she knows she’s in danger and wants to shift the target towards Brandi). Not sure if Omarosa will target Brandi this week, but now she’s on everyone’s radar for the first time this season. First big mistake on Brandi’s part and could be a very costly one.

  12. Sassy

    I know Mel hasn’t commented yet, but I’m going to beat her to the punch tonight. Julie’s dress was atrocious!! Her tailor did an awful job on the fit, and the material was not flattering.

  13. Alda

    Who do you think Omarosa would nominate? I’m thinking Marissa and Ross.

  14. Alda

    Goodnight all.Have a great weekend.

  15. Now we get to see some real drama

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