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Live Eviction And Hopefully HoH Results

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Good evening, everyone!  It is that time again. Time for someone to walk out the door, and the house can sit around while they anxiously await whether or not that person has the return ticket back in. I am going to put this rumor out there for you: Da’Vonne may actually have the ticket. Why?  Because in one of the posters it says “Ocho Rios Your Dream Destination”. The other 3 had Paris, Tokyo, and Nairobi on their posters. While Ocho Rios is indeed a valid place in Jamaica, it seems a bit out of place… but then again, so does Nairobi.  Anyway, what I’m getting at is this.. Ocho = 8. Da’Vonne  has the #8 ticket.  Could that sign have been a hint?  We’ll find out tonight.

Personally, I hope so. I think it would make for some great TV if not only Bridgette gets to remain in the house, but Da’Vonne gets blindsided, then brought right back in to raise some hell. All week, some of her closest ‘allies’ in the house have been stringing her along, pretending she is safe, and even ‘campaigning’ for her. If Da’Vonne gets to come right back in, she is not going to be happy about how she was lied directly to her face. She may not end up winning HoH (because she pretty much sucks at comps), but she is certainly going to approach this next week with a more aggressive gameplay.  Again – this is all depending on if the poster is actually a clue and not a coincidence.

Before I begin, time for my shameless vacation plug. In about a week and a half, I’ll be hanging out with Mickey Mouse, but he’s probably going to be reaching into my back pocket to rob me blind. If you want to tip to help ease the cost of that thieving mouse, you can send donations here. If you don’t, I really don’t mind, I love my readers regardless.


Ok, here are the updates:

  • 8:45pm – 15 minutes to go. Crossing my fingers that my server runs smooth tonight.
  • 9:00pm – Here we go. No mention of a double eviction yet, not that I thought there would be
    • The voiceover says the evicted person will be the first member of jury. I guess Julie will announce it to the house later
    • ButFirst – Highlights over the last few days
    • If there is anything positive about Da’ getting evicted, Paul and Paulie will no longer say ‘Momma Day’ over and over.
    • Right now they’re showing the awkward conversation Da’ had with the group.  I covered that in depth here
  • 9:15pm – After commercial break, we visit Paul’s home.  Meh
    • So, Paul’s family isn’t hurting for money. I think they live in a mini White House
    • Paul’s mother is a cute little lady. She should be in the house
  • 9:25pm – Commercial break.
    • We’re back. Eviction speeches….
    • Julie tells them they made jury
    • Bridgette gives Frank a shoutout during her speech. She’s totally going to be single when she gets out
    • Da’Vonne says she was told she was a pawn, and hopes that’s still the case
    • Votes:
    • Paulie – Da’Vonne
    • Zaki – Bridgette
    • Nicole – Da’Vonne
    • Michelle – Bridgette
    • Victor – Da’Vonne
    • Corey – Da’Vonne
    • James – Da’Vonne (evicted)
    • Natalie – Da’Vonne
  • 9:35pm – Da’Vonne evicted from the house. She smiles, hugs Z, hugs Victor, and is gone. Oops, gives a small kiss to James. She probably thought he was one of the votes
    • Da’Vonne said she knew she was going home
    • She told Victor they’re going to take him out in the double
  • Commercial break before envelope
    • Here we go!  Reveal time……
    • drumroll
    • And it’s a one-way ticket.  Da’Vonne is officially the first member of the jury
    • Julie asks who she feels the most betrayed by… She says she only trusted Z, Michelle, and James.  Julie points out how only 2 voted, but she won’t say who because she’s in jury
    • Did focusing on getting Frank out make her lose the big picture. She says yea, probably
    • James basically admits he voted out Da’ in his goodbye message
    • Paul keeps his lie going.  Da’ cries, but for Zakiyah
  • 9:45pm – Commercial break, then HoH competition.
    • Looks like it may be endurance competition. If they don’t show it on the feeds, I may pop a blood vessel
  • 9:50pm – HoH competition….
    • Players stand on a small disc attached to ropes. They will be lifted and spun. They will be hit with signs.  The first 3 to fall off will be havenots.
    • This competition usually doesn’t last a very long time because of the dizzy factor, but it will run past the scheduled ending. So, I will be creating a new thread to cover it, assuming the feeds go live.



Closing this now so I can run and get some tacos before I’m hopefully blogging all night.  Goooo long competition


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