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Live Eviction And Hopefully HoH Results



Good evening, everyone!  It is that time again. Time for someone to walk out the door, and the house can sit around while they anxiously await whether or not that person has the return ticket back in. I am going to put this rumor out there for you: Da’Vonne may actually have the ticket. Why?  Because in one of the posters it says “Ocho Rios Your Dream Destination”. The other 3 had Paris, Tokyo, and Nairobi on their posters. While Ocho Rios is indeed a valid place in Jamaica, it seems a bit out of place… but then again, so does Nairobi.  Anyway, what I’m getting at is this.. Ocho = 8. Da’Vonne  has the #8 ticket.  Could that sign have been a hint?  We’ll find out tonight.

Personally, I hope so. I think it would make for some great TV if not only Bridgette gets to remain in the house, but Da’Vonne gets blindsided, then brought right back in to raise some hell. All week, some of her closest ‘allies’ in the house have been stringing her along, pretending she is safe, and even ‘campaigning’ for her. If Da’Vonne gets to come right back in, she is not going to be happy about how she was lied directly to her face. She may not end up winning HoH (because she pretty much sucks at comps), but she is certainly going to approach this next week with a more aggressive gameplay.  Again – this is all depending on if the poster is actually a clue and not a coincidence.

Before I begin, time for my shameless vacation plug. In about a week and a half, I’ll be hanging out with Mickey Mouse, but he’s probably going to be reaching into my back pocket to rob me blind. If you want to tip to help ease the cost of that thieving mouse, you can send donations here. If you don’t, I really don’t mind, I love my readers regardless.


Ok, here are the updates:

  • 8:45pm – 15 minutes to go. Crossing my fingers that my server runs smooth tonight.
  • 9:00pm – Here we go. No mention of a double eviction yet, not that I thought there would be
    • The voiceover says the evicted person will be the first member of jury. I guess Julie will announce it to the house later
    • ButFirst – Highlights over the last few days
    • If there is anything positive about Da’ getting evicted, Paul and Paulie will no longer say ‘Momma Day’ over and over.
    • Right now they’re showing the awkward conversation Da’ had with the group.  I covered that in depth here
  • 9:15pm – After commercial break, we visit Paul’s home.  Meh
    • So, Paul’s family isn’t hurting for money. I think they live in a mini White House
    • Paul’s mother is a cute little lady. She should be in the house
  • 9:25pm – Commercial break.
    • We’re back. Eviction speeches….
    • Julie tells them they made jury
    • Bridgette gives Frank a shoutout during her speech. She’s totally going to be single when she gets out
    • Da’Vonne says she was told she was a pawn, and hopes that’s still the case
    • Votes:
    • Paulie – Da’Vonne
    • Zaki – Bridgette
    • Nicole – Da’Vonne
    • Michelle – Bridgette
    • Victor – Da’Vonne
    • Corey – Da’Vonne
    • James – Da’Vonne (evicted)
    • Natalie – Da’Vonne
  • 9:35pm – Da’Vonne evicted from the house. She smiles, hugs Z, hugs Victor, and is gone. Oops, gives a small kiss to James. She probably thought he was one of the votes
    • Da’Vonne said she knew she was going home
    • She told Victor they’re going to take him out in the double
  • Commercial break before envelope
    • Here we go!  Reveal time……
    • drumroll
    • And it’s a one-way ticket.  Da’Vonne is officially the first member of the jury
    • Julie asks who she feels the most betrayed by… She says she only trusted Z, Michelle, and James.  Julie points out how only 2 voted, but she won’t say who because she’s in jury
    • Did focusing on getting Frank out make her lose the big picture. She says yea, probably
    • James basically admits he voted out Da’ in his goodbye message
    • Paul keeps his lie going.  Da’ cries, but for Zakiyah
  • 9:45pm – Commercial break, then HoH competition.
    • Looks like it may be endurance competition. If they don’t show it on the feeds, I may pop a blood vessel
  • 9:50pm – HoH competition….
    • Players stand on a small disc attached to ropes. They will be lifted and spun. They will be hit with signs.  The first 3 to fall off will be havenots.
    • This competition usually doesn’t last a very long time because of the dizzy factor, but it will run past the scheduled ending. So, I will be creating a new thread to cover it, assuming the feeds go live.


Closing this now so I can run and get some tacos before I’m hopefully blogging all night.  Goooo long competition


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  1. Kari B.
    Kari B. (821 comments)

    Omgosh thy is a smart cookie about the #8 card. .We shall see!! And it’s difficult as this is for me to admit, lol, you have a valid point on Da’ coming back in. She does bring action where it’s been such a slow summer..

    Hi from Seattle all!!

  2. danmtruth

    Why is Michelle crying every other hour
    will we get a Nichole soild pants if Da comes back

  3. Avatar

    I want to see Day come back, just to see some of these guys squirm. Hopefully someone surprising can win HOH and stir up the house. I don’t see that happening though. This is Paulie’s game and they’re all just playing it. The person who wises up and gets Paulie out has my vote. If not, I guess Paulie for the win???

  4. Avatar
    andrew (6 comments)

    whoever runs this site does a good job cant believe its run by a fan

    • stevebeans

      Thanks! Why can’t you believe it’s run by a fan?

      • Avatar
        andrew (6 comments)

        because its done so well all the articles all the updates the grammar and the style its set up in its made very professional looking i would think at least 4 or 5 people helping each other out of be a news type agency running it but is it only you? thats impressive keep up the good work also the updates are timely and get to the point lol excuse my lack of grammar and punctuation to lazy to try

      • stevebeans

        Thanks 🙂 Yup, right now it’s just me doing the posts alone, and Amy covering the morning posts. She is awesome enough to handle her own posts without me proofreading her stuff. I appreciate the compliment. It’s a lot of work at times.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Andrew, he’s the best!

  5. JD

    Steve is so good at blogging he won a trip to a live BB show last year. We are all so proud and huge fans of his. I don’t even have to watch BB because his updates are spot on and full of information. Be careful Steve you’re my Paul Sheldon to my Annie Wilkes. I am your biggest fan! 😉

    • stevebeans

      Thanks, I really appreciate that 🙂 Until the Misery reference. No, I will not blog for you personally, especially if you break my ankles! lol

      • JD

        Lmbo. That was the movie version. If you read the book it’s much worse. Seriously though love your blogs and love that although you have an opinion you still stay neutral to all sides and state facts. Great job my friend.

  6. Avatar
    yasmeen (2 comments)

    game day! nervous not sure why

  7. Mello_One

    Dang! Da’Vonne didn’t have the RT Envelope…. Now back to Snooze Fest BB 18, Featuring the Showmances, & people who don’t play the game! 🙁

    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      I know. I feel the same way, @mello one.

      Da’Vonne and Frank were my favorite players. Maybe they were not the favorite personalities but as far as gameplay, I wish the vets and PP would have formed an alliance. The vets should have stayed loyal to one another until the end.

      Paul has gone from a weekly pawn to a power player. I respect that.
      Paulie, as a person, I don’t care for but he is running the entire house.

      I am hoping some of the other players wise up, so we can see strategy and gameplay.

  8. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments) voting closes noon tomorrow central
    ….I will decide after HOH ….It is a great prize

  9. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    Well it was a good theory about the Ocho-8, but alas Day is off to contemplate how she is now the first one in jury and the one out after Frank. Karma!

    • Avatar
      BBLove (220 comments)

      Looking back, Day and Frank should have secretly buried the hatchett and go after some others. That would have been fun to watch.

      On another note, this new care package coming up is a really good one that can shake things up.

    • Avatar
      Dragon (4 comments)

      I do not think it is Karma for this game if so, every time someone evict someone they would be out the door next. The best evicted is usually the winner. Plus she let Frank know that he was the target and so, did Paulie. It’s just a game. Karma is real life. I talk crap when I play uno and tease a lot of people do in games. Some have more sportsmanship about it.

  10. JD

    I am telling ya Paulie is going to end up with the round trip. Ugh I just can’t. Line up people you’re all at the door as a house. Enjoy that money Paulie hope your head doesn’t explode from that massive ego.

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  12. Avatar
    BBLove (220 comments)

    I appreciate all of your efforts, stevebeans. I love this site.

  13. Avatar
    Julia (487 comments)

    I wish that Da’vonne was still in the house. She may have pissed some people on this board, but she is the only one with the guts to go after the big target, namely Paulie. I’m glad she told Victor to watch his back. Now let’s see if James, Michelle or Z can get HOH and shake this game up. I know this is a fantasy but I would love to Z to win HOH and keep that pig Paulie out of the HOH for the full week.

  14. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    James and Nat could have tied up the votes! I hope he goes next… He’s there to find love only. lol

    • Avatar
      BrettW (267 comments)

      Would have been a futile move by James and Nat. Paul would have broken the tie and sent Da’ home anyway. We can pretty much guess that Z and Michelle are going to be the targets for next week now.

  15. Avatar
    Julia (487 comments)

    Well Da’vonne is the first in jury. I know many on this board are glad to see her go, but I’m not. She is the only one with the guts to go after Paulie. I’m glad she snitched to Victor. He is putting his trust in the wrong people. Now let’s see if James,

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2449 comments)

      I started to want Day to stay as more and more of these HGs showed anemic play. I am not a fan of hers, but I was willing to have her be a round-tripper if she would take some of that saucy attitude she shows in DR and put it into her game play. Oh well…..

  16. danmtruth

    @stevebeans well run site we fans thank you and your minions
    Paul goodbye speech was pure politicking for a vote
    Can we see Zzz winning HoH and putting Paulie on the block what a story that would be

  17. Retired
    Retired (100 comments)

    Glad she is gone!!!!

  18. Avatar

    Right Da’, you knew you were being evicted, just about everybody says that, so they can minimized embarrassment

  19. ingodog
    ingodog (119 comments)

    Paul’s family certainly has money, then again I guess most of them must be well off, or they couldn’t take all that time of work.

  20. Painter1
    Painter1 (599 comments)

    Day is gone but from what i saw she may have figured out what was going on in the house but she really had no backers. Who could win ANYTHING on that side not even Day won anything in two seasons.(I think) She should have been up in the HOH telling the powers whats up working them instead of avoiding everyone. She was throwing names utb when she herd she was a pawn exactly why she was the target in the first place. Talking about putting her alliance up to the wrong people got her packing.

  21. Avatar

    Vanessa won this comp last year and James has a shot at winning it. But we all know what James will do if he HOH. James has got to be the most useless HG this season. Between the slip of who s going in double eviction to the stupid look on his face when he got caught.

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