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How Long Until They Spill The Beans; Tuesday Night Feeds



Good evening, everyone! As I mentioned yesterday, I am going on vacation in two weeks, so I am preparing people to cover the feeds while I am away. Typically I can blog a bit from vacation, but we’ll be in Disney, so I have a feeling I won’t have a whole lot of time. At best, I’ll be able to maybe do a nightly recap, but it will likely end up me rambling about my trip. “Omg, I like totally ran into Kylo Ren today, and he took me on as an apprentice, so I’m leaving Earth for a few weeks while I train. Be back for BB19, byeeeeee” (Why I changed my voice to ‘valley girl’, I don’t know). Also, if you want to, I will be whoring myself for tips the next few weeks. Why?  Those $8 drinks add up down there (I don’t really know the cost of drinks, but you know what I mean). So, if you want to tip me, click here.  I will be very much appreciative, and if not, I still love that you guys read my babble.

Anyway, I want to thank Haley for covering the afternoon shift. I should be trying someone else out tomorrow, as I also need to find a replacement for Amy who is leaving us right around the same time I am going away. Double whammy. If you’re interested in writing, please contact me and I’ll see if we can set you up with a test run.

Ok, so I am still not really over the shock of Big Brother 19 yet. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Read my earlier post. I had a feeling this was a valid rumor simply because the source was pretty legit. The dude at Reality Blurred does indeed have some contacts inside the biz, so I was 80% sure this was real when I heard it was from him. (side note, when I started blogging, I covered all reality TV. I was jealous as hell of Andy at RB because he is a far better writer on his worst days than I am on my good days. #confessiontuesday?)


Alright, to the feeds we go!

  • 2:54pm – This is hilarious. Let me set it up for you first.  The About 10 minutes prior to this, James, Nicole, Corey and Paul were talking about how the votes are going to go. Da’Vonne is still going home, but James wanted to make sure she had some pity votes go her way, blah  blah blah.  Well, Da’ popped her head in briefly then left, and that made them realize she’ll probably be back. They briefly discussed what to talk about should she return, and James/Nicole agree just say they were talking about the double eviction. Easy peasy, right? Not with this band of misfits.
    • Da’Vonne instantly stumps them with her first question… “So what did you guys come up with (regarding double eviction they think is happening)”
    • They sit there in silence looking around because they weren’t prepared for actual questions about the conversation they were pretending to have. This is gold.
      Save us, Paul!
      Save us, Paul!
    • They look at Paul to rescue them, and he is like “peace out, good luck fools” by saying he is out of it because he’s HoH so it doesn’t matter
    • Da’ then asks the rest of the group “So what did you all come up with?”
    • James says “Uhhh, well B and V” (Bridgette and Victor)   *bb points if you instantly spot the mistake*
    • Someone says “hmmm?”  James repeats “B and V… but that’s if they uh don’t win, but”
    • Da’Vonne points it out “Well B can’t win if I’m still here, which I hope is the plan”… oooops
    • Paul plays dumb… “Who is B??” … James “what?” …. Corey “Who’s B?”  (seriously sounds like a court room at this point)
    • Nicole “I know, I was trying to figure that out, too”
    • Da’Vonne “Bridgette, right?”
      The look of people who realize their plan is blown up
      The look of people who realize their plan is blown up
    • James “For the double?  What? I thought we was taking her out this week”  hahahaha
    • Da’Vonne “Yea, but you said if they can’t play. She can’t play if she’s going home”
    • James “Yea, that’s what I’m saying. She’s going home first”
    • Everyone jumps in “Ohh, and then… ohhhhhh. We got what you’re saying” (they really don’t. James f’d up big time)
    • Da’Vonne plays along with the conversation that is now excluding “B”, but as the people are talking, here is the look of Da’
      Oh shit, I'm really going home this week
      Oh shit, I’m really going home this week
    • They talk for a bit about pawns, double eviction. Let’s see if Da’ calls them out on this.
    • Camera zooms on Da’Vonne because they realize she knows.  She sits in silence as the four talk about the potential competitions this week.
    • They start talking about evictions and how people will enter the jury house and the feeds cut to kitchen
  • 3:00pm – Natalie walks by and James has apparently sniffed her out and left the safari room to follow her around. They’re now in the bathroom boring everyone who is watching.
    • After a few minutes, Victor is now in the safari room minus Nicole and James.  Da’Vonne is still sitting in silence realizing she caught her friends flat out lying to her face
    • day-annoyed
    • Few minutes later, Da’ Leaves and camera follows her to the bedroom.
    • She self talks (or cam talks) “I’m so glad I walked in on that conversation. They be tryin it”
    • “They be tryin the fuck out of it. Them punk asses”
  • 3:30pm – I’m so far behind, time to catch up.  Paul talking to Natalie in the HoH room.
    • He is asking where she would vote. She has no idea
    • Paul “which one feels more right to keep”  Nat “Bridgette”  Paul “then keep Bridgette”
  • 3:45pm – Jumped ahead again. Da’Vonne joined them in the HoH room
    • Ok, had to run out and get a coffee so I can get some nighttime energy
    • They are talking to Natalie about her positive personality and how she needs to toughen up a little.
  • 4:00pm – Natalie leaves and Da’Vonne tries to pick Paul’s brain
    • Da’ says she still wants to take a swing at blondie
    • Paul is going on and on about integrity as he is lying to Da’Vonne
    • So, they end up talking about movies and crap. Nothing interesting. Lame!
  • 6:30pm – Trying to fix mobile look. On the feeds, Paulie is talking to Z. James is talking to Da’ about random stuff
  • 7:15pm – Da’Vonne is reading to Natalie and James, while the other showmance Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen
  • 7:30pm – Z walks through the kitchen and Nicole asks if she is OK.  She says ‘not really’, so Nicole is going to find out what (dumb) drama is going on
    • Yup, Z is crying about Paulie. I feel bad because Paulie is pretty much a douchebag, but she’s dealing with that
    • She is upset because she thinks he’s making her look stupid, which he pretty much is (sad to say)
    • nicole-z
    • Nicole keeps talking up Paulie and how good he is, how he has no intention of hurting her, blah  blah.  Not sure if Nicole is lying, or clueless
  • 8:00pm – Nicole is going to get Paulie. I’m sure this will be fun watching them fight all night
    • Scratch that, Pualie is busy, so they’re holding off
  • 8:25pm – Paulie made his way upstairs and is talking to Nicole
    • Hard to hear them because Victor is so damn loud in the kitchen
    • Paulie told Nicole that Z said she doesn’t really like Nicole because she’s withholding information.  Welcome to high school, everyone
    • The reason Z was crying is because Paulie I guess caught her in a lie and interrogated her about it. Made her feel dumb
    • Meanwhile, Z is inside the tunnel watching the cam or listening (not sure if she can hear it)
    • zaki-hiding
    • I guess Z was supposed to be waiting for Paulie in the Paris room, but she waited in the tunnel.
  • 8:50pm – The pair are finally in the Paris room.
    • They are having an incredibly stupid argument over Paulie possibly thinking Z in a dumb lie, maybe a lie, maybe a mistake. Really stupid
    • This is absolutely painful to watch Paulie talk to Z. He is so frustrating to listen to.
    • Ok, I’m going to say it. Paulie is a dick. He is berating her over and over because he caught her in a lie. That ‘lie’ was that she was talking to someone in the HN room and didn’t tell him James was in the room in a cart. I don’t think she really knew or thought much about it, but he has been hammering the point home to her for the last 20+ minutes. He is speaking down to her in a condescending tone, and has an answer for everything she says.  I joke about how bad these showmances are, but nobody should be treated this way.
    • z-crying
  • 9:30pm – Paulie is retelling the story to Paul. Seems proud of himself
  • 9:45pm – Now Paulie is retelling to Victor. I can’t listen to it again. Time to listen to Z retell to Nicole
  • 10:45pm – Drama has died down for the most part and people are playing hide-n-seek. With that, I’m done for the night

Overnight in the morning!


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  1. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    They’re completely blindsiding her out! It’s cowardly, why? Because Paulie feels threatened by her?!! These HG’s have no spine, they may as well as pass Paulie his check now! Da, from day one has said she is playing for herself. I would too if it is 500K and she has tried to be loyal and reveal info, yet Paulie still wants her out. I so hope she has the round trip ticket and can shake that house the f”k up! And James is full aware how messed up this is. Girl can’t even campaign because no one will be real with her.

    • Avatar

      Yeah I feel bad for her,but if you look at what she has done to put in that spot in just a few weeks well she kinda done it to herself I mean you do know she told James about getting rid of the showmances which was stupid to say to James,I mean come on and talking about final deals like final 5 and final 7 and not to mention she(don’t take it the wrong way)can’t win nothing I saw her last season of big brother still didn’t win anything I feel sorry for her but the way she has played she is going home,but to bring some good news if it happens like Bridgette winning HOH this week she can put up Nicole who is a back stabber and she will kinda deserve it when she goes home but it s going to suck that Bridget has to kiss Paulie’s ring in loyalty ugh but I hope after that their will be a big move coming from Bridget after Nicole (only if she is not put up that week)she wins HOH again after all they are going to use Natalie and Bridget has pawns which is a way to blindside Paulie god I hope that happens Bridget don’t fail me now

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        I agree. Da has made some not smart moves. But I think her revealing the showmances to James were in reference to Paulie/Z and Corey/Nicole being too powerful. James ran as quickly as he could to Paulie. Now James is realizing Da may have been right, he wants a chance to make some moves but I don’t think he’ll be able to touch Paulie.

      • Jannie

        Day always had a very rude “ha ha” in your face goodbye message for departing HG’s. Her one for Tiffany was especially rude. Sure it’s fun to watch her stir it up, but do I feel bad for her personally? Heck no.
        They all suck at this point.

    • Avatar

      That punkass Paulie knows he would have a fight on his hands if he didn’t blindside Da. He knows he sure as hell couldn’t get away with the same bull-shit he’s pulling on Z with Da. He knows that Da is much more strong willed than Z & Da will fight back. That’s why he wants to blindside & backdoor her.

  2. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    I hope that airs on CBS. So awkward.

  3. Ingodog
    Ingodog (119 comments)

    James is not a very smart man!

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      He’s playing stupidly in my opinion. He had a chance and he’s watching Paulie get stronger and more powerful in the house. James is not playing like a vet.

    • Mello_One

      @ Ingodog
      James is too wrapped up in Nat Nat, he did the same thing during his Season, but with Meg! James “Could” be a real Shot Caller in the game, but he’d rather lay up the whole Summer with his Showmance all day long.

      By the way…Who is betting that Nat Nat drops James like a Hot Potato when they leave the BB House???

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        I believe it! She will friend zone him as soon as they’re out of the house.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I said it on James’ last season, and I’ll say it again now….I wonder if women talk to James in real life. He acts like they don’t. Like the only way he can even get a woman is when he has them trapped in a house and can’t get away. The boy acts love starved.

        Well, let’s see what’s going on at “The Jellyfish Aquarium” today:

        I haven’t had a chance to get online all day to read the updates and comments until now. I almost hate to waste my time on BBAD tonight (I’m on the East Coast and it doesn’t go off until 3 am here). So far, I’ve been watching some stupid azz fight between Zzz and The Godfather. Him acting like he’s the Lord of the Manor and she’s acting like some damsel in distress from a 1930’s movie (Quick! Someone untie her from the railroad track!). And what was with her dumb azz hiding in the red tunnel? Then they go to “Paris”, where she cries crocodile tears and can’t understand why he’s treating her that way…while he just blankly stares at her as he questions her (Gestapo style), with almost a smirk on his face. They come to no conclusion, so she runs to, of all people, SnakeEyes (as someone has named Nicole). Meanwhile The Godfather goes to every guy in the house and proudly re-tells the story of their conversation (there might be 6 girls in the house but Paulie’s the biggest bitch of them all). Wonder where Zzz is sleeping tonight???

        Natalie now wants to keep Da, but James tells her to just vote with the house because they don’t have enough people on their side and he doesn’t want to piss the others off (such a punk move).

        The Godfather holds court in the HOH room with the HOH, Bambi and Slick Vic. Of course they talk about the girls…how much they love Nicole…how they will put Gidget up every week as a pawn and if she doesn’t win anything or complains, they just send her home….how Sunburn and Nat need to go…how bad Paulie wants Zzz gone (guess that answers the question “How Deep Is Your Love” (shout out to the Bee Gees)….and Da is going home so she’s not even important enough to discuss (still hopes she has that special ticket though).

        SnakeEyes(Nic) corners Nat and ask her if she called her two-faced (which she IS). Nat tells her no and ask who told her that. Nat says if she didn’t say it, then never mind. When Nat leave, Nic turns to the camera and says ‘Squashed that”. She’s becoming a plucky little duck since mastering the art of lying.

        Da had a brief convo with Zzz and told her she tried to tell her in the beginning, to save that (her and Paulie) for September. What do you want to bet that before the night is out, Zzz will try to find some way to try to get close to Paulie again….*smh*


      • Avatar

        Nkogneetow. Is there anyone in the house that is not two faced? So funny when someone calls bb player that when they are all two faced. You have to play that way to stay in the game!! The ones who do it best usually stay longer. Pick some strong allies, try and stay low and out of the drama and friendly to all and mostly listen instead of talking, be careful what you say about others except to your closest allies and don’t trust anyone. Try and keep your name out of people’s mind and mouth and don’t be controversial. Don’t cause waves!! Try not to confront anyone. Now who is house do you think is doing this??

  4. Alda
    Alda (1851 comments)

    Why are they all so afraid to cross Paulie?Not one of them have the ##@#^@# to tell Da the truth,not one!!!Sad group of cowards!

  5. Shivani33

    “Who is B.?” You know, Borey, Baul, Baulie, Bictor, maybe even Batalie, Bicole or Bakiyah. It could even be Bichelle or Bames.

  6. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    Da needs to figure out a way to third Bridget under the best. Convince Molly that he’s purchase next Target that she learned for the Frank mistake and won’t repeat it.

  7. Colby

    Back in the days of ‘old Big Brother’ that we all continuously wish for, before the recruits, wanna-be actors and models, etc., when there were ‘real’ people playing the game, there were sides of the house and nobody was told they were going home unless it was just blatantly obvious. The reactions of the players was part of the excitement of the game.
    This telling people they are going home seemed to come along with ‘voting with the house’.
    So, no! I don’t feel bad for her or anyone else not being given a heads up when they are going out. I wish it would happen more often.

    • Avatar

      Colby I think there was a rule you couldn’t tell them they were going home. It was still in effect only few seasons ago but ppl were doing it anyway so I guess they changed it or are just ignoring it. There is much more drams when they get a hint cause they often try fighting more and throwing others game under the bus but I’m with you- they shouldn’t tell. No surprises anymore

      • Colby

        I think you are right about it being a rule. But I seem to remember that both people on the block would ‘fight’ to stay because quite often neither usually felt safe.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      I agree Colby. Those are two of my pet peeves. The stupid house votes and feeling obligated to tell someone he/she is leaving. Back in the day (lol), since folks didn’t know, the noms often campaigned. And with the others voting strategically to help their games, the voting was often very close, a surprise, and even ties that were broken by the HOH. This predictability is in part why the viewers get bored. Oh and James with his “sympathy vote”. Eeeesh!

    • Avatar

      Have you watch d from beginning?? We have and the game has changed so much. Remember chicken George? And seems America voted also? I can’t even remember most of it. Was that the year Eddie from nyc with one leg won? Or did he win next year. Cbs had chat rooms everyone went to and chatted about the game and they would play short live feed spots on computer. Before paying for live feeds which I have never done. All the guests were regular people of all ages? Remember the real country boy from Texas?? And his sister with all tattoos was on and they didn’t know they were brother and sister? And I don’t think cbs interfered as much at all with the game. I think it was much better then

  8. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    I keep trying to come up with a scenario for day to save herself and come up into handed.

    • Mello_One

      @ Cynthia
      The only thing that will save Day is if she has the Envelope that is a Round Trip!

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      Don’t think it would help if she came back unless James gets on board with her and starts to make those “big moves”. (Although first we will have to define for James what that is.) Oh and Michelle said she didn’t want Day to go, so drag her into the game (off her floatie). LOL

      • Jenny M
        Jenny M (1321 comments)

        what if she got the round trip ticket AND was voted to get the next care package? that would be fun to watch!

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2441 comments)

        Well she has an 8% chance for the ticket and if America likes the way she plays, it really could help her out.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sounds like James, Nat, Sunburn and Zzz want to keep Da. If they could get Vic on board and tell him they would keep him safe, she might have a chance. But we know that won’t happen.

        I might have underestimated Sunburn. She seems to have the boys AND Nic figured out. Only problem with that is that she says whatever she feels to anyone who will listen (these people have learned NOTHING from watching and listening to each other).

        Zzz has proclaimed she’s through with The Godfather…that ought to last about as long as it takes him to smile at her or rub her back.

        Bunyon is in covert mode again….going into rooms to see what’s going on, so he can report back to the REAL head of household.

  9. pkcable
    pkcable (128 comments)

    Just a comment for Steve about the trip, just go have fun forget about the site for 2 weeks, we’ll be ok! And as for prices, EVERYTHING in Disney cost money, bring plenty! I sent my donation. 😉

  10. Avatar
    Angel (11 comments)

    I’m sure the first episode was edited for tv. But clearly this entire cast was picked up with the short yellow bus and dropped off at CBS.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      I work with physically and emotionally challenged children, and though I don’t appreciate the “short yellow bus” comment, I understand the meaning of that when used by the general public. In the future, please be careful with references similar to that, because they can be hurtful to a lot of children and families who deserve our respect.

      • Avatar
        Angel (11 comments)

        Elain I will not filter my post to make you feel comfortable. Obviously you’re a member of the “Post Police” if you didn’t get the reference to the “bbhouse” then maybe it applies to you too. Get over yourself , my comments are about the damn game! Could careless about and your f”n occupation. We are got damn avatars!!!!
        _love wings

      • Avatar

        Amen Elaine!!

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  12. danmtruth

    Here on the outside it sounds noble to say that someone should tell DA . But if your in the house the last thing you want is drama like that.
    As for James and big moves . Yes voting with the house is not a big move. Going back on his word with Frank and Bridget was not a big move They were all what the house wanted. This week like it or not another strong player is going in Da . This leaves one big target in Paulie. With everyone knowing who they need to in his words clip When Da goes home that’s two weeks in a row major power players are out. All you BB supper fans tell me when was the last time that happen this early ?
    I still have hope for Paul Victor Bridget pulling an alliance to get the Godfather out . He likes to act like he was trained by the master Derrick But i think either he forgot or his ego got in the way .Never put this big of a target on yourself

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      This game was played that way in earlier seasons. And if there was drama, okay. The HGs had to work to stay in the game and not just lay on their butts next to the pool. The earlier seasons were also before so much social media. So there was game play, socializing for strategy, friendships (not the Paul kind), flirt-mances, but not as much concern for how America viewed them, the star career (lol) they will have after BB, or “I will be happy to make it to jury.” There are so many BB fans of the G-A-M-E, that I wish more of them would be cast.

      • Elaine
        Elaine (2441 comments)

        And I feel disappointed that HGs, like Zzzz, take the place of a person who understands the game and would really like to play BB. Casting really needs new direction.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Oddly enough, as flotatious as Sunburn is, I’d like to see her win HOH and go after The Godfather and SnakeEyes (Nic). I think she’s detatched(sp) enough to not care.

  13. Shivani33

    It didn’t take long. Paulie and Zakiyah back in fight or flight mode. She doesn’t like not being told what’s going on in strategy talks. He thinks that she is a clingy liar. She wants her Mama. Zakiyah went to moan about Paulie to Da’Vonne. Da’Vonne told her, “you’re good, but I’m going home Thursday.” Da’Vonne also said that she’s going to pull a Rachel Reilly and take things into her own hands since she’s on her own. With everybody stonewalling her, good luck getting anyone to pay her any mind. Right now, even if she tries to wake people up about Paulie’s dictatorship and how they’ll be voted out too, I think the others will pretend to listen and evict her anyhow.

    Current house gossip and speculation is about putting up Nicole and Z. next, with some throwing Michelle’s name into the mix. So Paulie’s plan to get rid of the girls is still being worked. Nicole keeps reporting all the “bad behavior” of the other women straight to the guys, seemingly clueless that she’s also on their list to go. Michelle and Z. both see right through Nicole’s tattletale tricks, and Z. really wants her gone. But Paul is p*ssed at Michelle, and Corey says he hates Z. because she’s mean. Funny how no one says anything about nominating any real contender to win the half a million.

  14. Elaine
    Elaine (2441 comments)

    The double evict will rattle some cages (fingers crossed) since decisions have to be made quickly. That should be coming up soon I hope.

  15. danmtruth

    No promos about Double Eviction yet but yes it should be soon.
    In the old format there were more comps . They had comps for food Comps for prize Yes the new HG seem more interested on post horse celebrity than game playing. Yet who is realty making a life as a former player? Not many You go get a few appearance gigs but even that is just a select few Look at past people who were popular Where is Zach? What about Haydon, Amanda , Colby, Even Evil Dick So what fame are they thinking is awaiting them

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      My point exactly. In earlier seasons, this was the GAME. You played it to get to the final prize. There was not promise of a post-BB life that revolved around anything other than you go back home. You leave home, your job, your family, get a stipend to stay in house in order to win! The fame aspect has been manufactured by social media and the short-sightedness of casting directors. If it is a game, then that is the way it should remain. Sharpen up your manipulation, lying, strategizing in order to win and feel free to audition for BB. All others need not apply.

  16. Avatar

    Omg are any of y’all watching this convo with Paulie and Z in Paris? It’s so ridiculous. Like I really want to record this to show to my daughter in the future and tell her if she ever lets a man talk to her this way or treat her this way, I will beat her a** myself! He is talking so mean to her for seriously, NOTHING. She is crying and is as confused as I am. It’s hard to even watch it. This girl needs to use all the info she has and round up a bunch of the others and take over the house! Yeah like that’s gonna happen. Weak girls like her are the ones who give all women a bad rap! Believe me, won’t no man ever treat me that way!

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1321 comments)

      I am watching it too (BBAD) and Paulie is being a full-on asshole. He called her a liar and no matter what she says he is just being totally cold to her and saying he can’t trust her. Even if this is his “strategy” to get out of the showmance, he’s a horrible human for doing this. I don’t like how she has acted and I hate that she has been so clingy, but she does NOT deserve this crap. Paulie, you’re a jerk.

    • Mello_One

      @ Amber8
      I am Just hoping that she doesn’t go crawling back to him…That would turn my Stomach! After he chewed Zakiyah out, he went & Bragged and Laughed about it to James and Paul!

      When are the Girls Cast on BB ever gonna figure it out, & stick together??? Never, when you got HG like Nicole…Ugh!

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I don’t feel sorry for any of them (Da included). Everything they’ve done, they’ve brought it on themselves for all the stupid decisions they’ve made. I just keep hoping that their next moves will be better….so far, they haven’t.

      We’ll sit back and watch and see if Zzz goes crawling back. I’m hoping she won’t but betting she will. Who knows, maybe him treating her that way is just the kick in the butt she needs to FINALLY start playing the game (not betting on it, but one can always hope).

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2441 comments)

      Zzzzz signed up for this and was never forced to attach herself to Paulie. Though he is accountable for his actions, Z is accountable for hers! This damsel in distress is lost on me in a G-A-M-E! Though I certainly want men to treat women with respect, I expect the same from women. The first step to that is to treat yourself, as a woman, with respect. Am tired of viewers dogging on the men, when women choose to do that to themselves. If there is to be strong women in this game, it starts within each one of them.

  17. ingodog
    ingodog (119 comments)

    The best season ever was when Jenelle, Kisar, and can’t remember the names now. But the house was really divided and one time people had to get between other guests to break up the fight. Also, the year June and Allison won nobody was happy.

  18. Jenny M
    Jenny M (1321 comments)

    I fucking hate Paulie after tonight. What he is doing to Z is flat out abuse. I wish we could vote his jerk ass out of the house.

    • Colby

      Unless his father treats his mother that way, I bet they are not so proud of their ‘lil darlin’ tonight!

    • Shivani33

      Signed, sealed and delivered. This is abuse. I keep thinking if this is what he’s like on tv, imagine what he’s like when no one’s watching.

    • Avatar

      Jenny, that’s whatI thought, he is straight up abusing her. I know some things are part of the game, but that was abuse. He should be ashamed. Wait til he sees that he has been flip flopping thru the boys for his “Cody”, but he has had it all along in Z. She would have his back no matter what.

  19. ChiKelz

    I’m not a fan of Z by any means, but watching Paulie and her fight is disgusting. He ought to be ashamed of himself. My stomach hurts watching him laugh about it with the guys. Paulie is a real class act!

    • Mello_One

      @ ChiKelz
      Exactly….This Dude has Completely Humiliated Zakiyah! I just hope & pray that Zika does NOT go crawling back to him, after he has read her the Riot Act! I only read about all this Drama going down on Jokers, but how sad for her, to be revealed on the Feeds like this…Pathetic!

      • NKogNeeTow

        If you thought reading about it was bad, I was watching it on BBAD. But to be honest, they both pissed me off. Him for acting like that and her for sitting there crying like a fool, when she should have been reading his ass the riot act right back.

      • Mello_One

        @ NKogNeeTow
        Uh huh…Side Eye Roll! Zaki definitely needs to grow a back bone, poor thing..All this Drama, for what?! But one thing tho, I’d like to see Paulie, & Nicole Go Out the Door!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mello: Sorry, I can’t refer to her as ‘poor thing’. He set himself up as King of the House and she was parading around like she was the Queen (by association). Wherever in the house he went, she was right on his heels like a shadow. She was also very smug and secure because she was with “him”. Now that she thinks he’s mad at her (which he really isn’t, he just outright doesn’t care), she goes all weepy and acting like a love sick, heart broken puppy. She hasn’t known him for 2 full months, yet she’s acting like they had some great love affair. Well to put it in the words of Elaine “Suck it up Buttercup!). Maybe now that she sees his true colors (which I doubt) and she realizes that he’s not protecting her, but himself….maybe, just maybe she’ll stop acting like she’s on a free vacation and start playing the game she claims to love so much.


      • Elaine
        Elaine (2441 comments)

        Thanks for the shout out NK, and I unloaded most of my feelings on an earlier reply. At this point, Zzzz should self-evict, because the point of the game is lost on her. If she is interested in romance, the Bachelor/Bachelorette is casting.

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      I’m appalled how he can treat her like that. Game or personal level, he knows this woman has shared feelings for him and to be honest I believe they’ve been even closer. Z is coming off very emotion and i think she feels hurt personally and on a game level. Paulie is showing so empathy for her and to go laugh at her expense with the other HG’s is sickening.

  20. ChiKelz

    Z is an IDIOT! Paulie has basically SILENCED her! I’d tell him to go get bent!

    • Avatar
      Cyn (782 comments)

      She allowed herself to be consumed by this man in competition for 500K! He also played with her emotions a bit. I’m not sure what her next move is but she shld leave this dude alone, seriously. Focus on the end game, get him out the house!

      • ChiKelz

        Hey Cyn! I was going to friend you, but I need to read the instructions again if I can find them. I vanished on you for a few days because I was so disgusted with the “back door Day” operation. I happened to flip to POP while a commercial was on Jimmy Kimmel and I saw Z crying. Paulie needs to go! I can’t watch him! He makes my stomach hurt!

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Chi: To Friend her, her name has to be in orange and underlined (registered), then you click “add a friend” (I think that’s what it say). But you can’t do it until she registers and her name is orange.

      • Avatar

        What do you mean you don’t know what Z’s next move is, hell, she hasn’t made a 1st move yet, how can there be a next move. Z is going to do whatever Paulie tells her dumbass to do.

      • Avatar

        I thought the same thing, Ann! She hasn’t made one move yet, how she gonna make another one lol!

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s what I’m talking about!

    • Avatar

      That shit that Paulie is pulling on Z would make me hate his freaking guts. That would make me wanna get even with his ass. He’s gonna pull that shit on the wrong person & wake up with hot grits & syrup in his damn face.

      • Avatar

        I think it’s getting to her even more because something happened “under the covers” the other night. She told Nicole she did something she shouldn’t have done or was ashamed of doing. Something like that

  21. JD

    Paulie’s ego as house master has taken over. He knows he’s controlling the house and after Day there won’t be anyone smart enough or strong enough to get him out. I am back to just sign the check over to and let’s get a new cast with the last weeks. Nothing I hate more than someone with an unwarranted ego win. It’s not because he was a great player it’s because he’s in a house full of weak willed nonambitious cast. I too miss Old School BB

  22. Mello_One

    12:26 AM…
    Zakiyah goes up to the HOH starts talking to Paul, Paulie picks her up out of the Chair & Bear Hugs her. Zakiyah hugs Paulie back, & kisses his Shoulder, & tells him she doesn’t want to Fight anymore?! 🙁

    I hope Zakiyah is Playing Paulie, but most likely she is NOT!

    • JD

      Godfather yelling and berating Z and then showing her affection is typical emotional abuse. He wasn’t fighting with her he was showing his true self and lack of feelings. I am just can’t believe her. Z definitely ended up being cast on the wrong show. If she’s like this on BB imagine what the Bachelor would have done to her.

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Just read on Jokers….The Godfather and Zzz kissed and hugged and made up in the HOH room. Well, that didn’t take long…. So much for self esteem. And to think, Mello was trying to get me to feel sorry for her. The girl is a first rate, stone cold fool. Can’t wait until she goes home and her family and friends tell her what she looked like on national TV.

    See, I promised myself I wasn’t going to say anything bad tonight…only good things….

    But, these people, THESE PEOPLE!!!!


  24. Avatar
    Nonnie (1 comments)

    We were at Disney 2 weeks ago. We took a cooler in with drinks and sandwiches. Just check the size restrictions. Get the rolling cooler if you can. It works great. We didn’t spend a dime for food or drinks.

  25. Avatar
    Cynthia (91 comments)

    And to think for a whole minute there was a5 girl alliance. Sigh.

  26. Avatar

    I was going to bite my tongue & keep my mouth shut because I have nothing nice to say but you know me…
    Z is a grade A fool. How do you somebody that you don’t even know treat you like that? That asshole made a total & complete fool of her on national tv & then laughs with his friends about it. Maybe I should say she let that asshole make a total & complete fool of her on national tv. Paulie is a self absorbed, self entitled sack of shit & Z a weak, spineless idiot. I am disgusted. It didn’t take a hot minute before she was right back up his ass.
    After the game is over Paulie is gonna drop her ass like a bad habit.
    Does her mother know she lets men walk all over her like that?
    Like I said, I have NO sympathy for her. Who in the hell puts all of they’re trust, heart & soul in a complete stranger? If she needs male attention that bad, she should’ve latched onto James because they both seem to be attention seeking from the opposite sex.

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  28. Avatar
    Blake (8 comments)

    Ann it’s clearly not her fault that Pauile is a sexiest dick! His entire plot is buildt on getting the women out. And he doesn’t care which order and who he has to piss on to get there. Z is clueless about this game and him. But she needs to stop all that damn crying and except the fact her pretty ass will be in jury. Paulie is class A douch bag desperate for male attention!! Maybe he will get Paul to yell out the f-word before the game is done.

    • Avatar

      Blake, it’s not her fault that Paulie is a dick but it is her fault for letting him treat her that way. She said how he treats her makes her feel uncomfortable, she doesn’t like how it feels but she let him spin it right back around on her & made her think she was wrong. Z is being made a fool of because she’s letting him.

      • Avatar
        Blake (8 comments)

        Ann she is on this show that she’s knows nothing about. The only mistake Z made was being too damn trusting. Him being a shitbag of a person has nothing to do with her. This week he has completely flipped the script and she is still trying to figure it out. When she does his bitch ass is going to feel her raft! I would never treat a queen like that!

      • Avatar

        Blake, maybe she did come to the game not knowing anything about it but the fact still remains, she should not be sitting back letting that shitbag mistreat her & talk down to her making her feel like crap. She should have sense enough to know to get her ass out or away from that situation. She knows he’s not treating her right, she just for some reason or another does not know that she don’t have to put up with it.

      • Avatar
        Julia (487 comments)

        I watched some of Z and Paulie yesterday afternoon and logged off because I got so damn angry at the way she was crying and taking that crap from him. It’s past time for her to embarrass his bitch-ass in front of the whole house so that there will be no mistaking anything that I said to him and he won’t be able to spin it. I feel sorry for her because she is really trying figure out what she did wrong, which is nothing. As for the Corey, Victor and Paul, they know what he is doing and they are supporting him. That is not game play. These “men” need to get their asses handed to them.

  29. Avatar

    Paulie is a manipulative, cold hearted bastard & I pray that someone comes back & gets his ass. If I was Z I would want him to see me coming for his ass from the front & watch while I send his ass packing. She’s too weak for that though, he has her right where he wants her.

  30. kneeless

    Was watching last nights BBAD. I didn’t like Paul’s before last night & now have not an ounce of tolerance for him. He is a dick, ‘type thing!’

  31. kneeless

    Since I don’t really like any of these HGs, I think I will begin whittling them down by getting rid of the foul mouths first. The one who drops the fewest F bombs, gets my vote. Seems like as reasonable way to pick a player!!

  32. Avatar

    So Z, Mich, and Nat want to day to stay. I think Day’s best bet is to tell Nicole how the boys+brig planned to vote her out next. Promise her safety to vote with the girls +James.
    It will divide the house, but it’s better than being a sitting duck, just waiting for your turn to be picked off.
    But I doubt Day will think of that.
    We need better manipulative house guests.

    • Avatar

      Even if Da thought of that idea, Nicole wouldn’t believe her & run straight to Paulie snitching.

      • Avatar
        Julia (487 comments)

        Nicole deserves everything that is coming to her in the DE.

      • Avatar

        If Da gets lucky enough to have that roundtrip ticket & came back in that door, Nicole would have doodoo tracks in her panties. I want so bad to see Nicole running scared from Da.
        The Godfather would have to try to send his boys out again to try to get Da whacked.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cynthia, even if she did it wouldn’t matter. Nicole is an honorary member of “The Boys Club”. You can tell her first loyalty is to them because she reports EVERYTHING back to them. She’s the biggest RAT in the house (even bigger than Bunyon). That’s why the boys “love her to death”, as they put it. She’s their inside to what’s going on with the girls in the house. To bad the women can’t stick together as well as the men. They will start to pick each other off after they get rid of the girls. Nicole gives women a bad name. Hell, Nicole gives RATS a bad name.

  33. Avatar
    Julia (487 comments)

    The best way to let Paulie and Paul know that they don’t control the house is to vote Bridgette out instead of Da with a 5-4 vote. Z, James, Nat, Michelle and Victor can change this game. james and Victor need to grow a pair real quick because Paulie is comiing for both of them. Z needs to use her head when it comes to Paulie (who is no Corey). I wish would just tell him to kiss off and stand up for herself. Stop playing his game and play your own.

  34. Avatar

    Agree totally!!!

  35. Avatar

    Now that Da knows she’s the real target & not Bridgette, now she can fight.

    • NKogNeeTow

      But fight who and with what? Half of the house wants to keep her but is scared to go against The Godfather and his Lieutenants. Unless something extraordinary happens between today and tomorrow night or she has the golden ticket, she’s homeward bound.

  36. JD

    What’s really going to suck is if somehow these spineless kool-aid drinking zombies get Paulie out and he’s the one that ends up with the round trip ticket. Just the thought makes me sick and infuriated. He already believes (and is untouchable) He was bred for this game. He gets that ticket I don’t know how he can fit anymore ego into his tiny brain. All ego no braun.

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