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Live Eviction Thread! Shannon Vs Mark


Good everyone, everyone! This is my first official live eviction thread of the season as Mel has been handling the blog through the last two (thank you again!).

This is a two hour episode, and I have no clue if they’re going to do a double or not, but I kind of hope they do because the end of the episode tonight, they’re going to leave us with an endurance challenge.  If they have a double, that means Ari will be able to compete so James won’t just cruise to an HoH victory. I’m not rooting for anyone specifically, but I just know if Ari is not in the endurance challenge, it’s going to be absolutely painful to watch. James, Ari, and Metta are basically the only people in the house who have a legitimate shot at any real endurance challenge, so if there is just one eviction tonight, that means Ari won’t be playing.

Note – There are a few challenges that BB likes to call ‘endurance’ which could be open to everyone. The chicken coop one comes to mind and the one where a bunch of balls drop from the sky and they roll a ball down some course. It is the one Kryssie won during BBOTT and Paul won last season. A competition like that isn’t exactly ‘endurance’, but it will go beyond the end of the episode so they call it endurance.


Here are some updates for tonight….

  • No show tonight. Going to watch the Olympics!
    • (*Kidding!*)
  • #butfirst… highlights
  • Omarosa says there is someone in the WH who is sleeping around with everyone. Any guesses?
  • Brandi says she has heard contestants on Celebrity Apprentice have slept with Trump before
  • Clips clips clips.  Metta with Orwell making Josh jealous
  • Clips of Omarosa stirring the pot. This show needs more Omarosa
    • Brandi sees right through Omarosa’s lies which is actually pretty impressive
  • Up next, clips from home. They are really drawing this episode out
  • Veto competition
    • Dark room, but we knew that.
  • This is a long episode
  • We’re back to reveal that James won the PoV..
    • I don’t even know what to think about this format.
  • Times –
    • Ross – 9:46
    • Ari – 12:02
    • Omarosa – 19:29
    • Brandi – 21:29
    • Shannon – 8:41
    • James – 6:24
  • Ok, are we finally at eviction time??  I’m sure this will be stretched over a commercial break
  • Mark statement – Shoutouts to his family. To his housegates, it’s an honor. Ton of fun. Then says if he’s evicted, nobody will do dishes
  • Shannon statement – Thanks to CBS blah blah, promotes her animal awareness which was actually refreshing
  • Votes
    • Ross – Shannon
    • Marissa – Shannon
    • Omarosa – Shannon
    • James – Shannon
    • Brandi – Mark
    • Metta – Shannon
  • Ok, just about time to start the HoH competition. I’ll be starting a new thread for that



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  1. hogwild

    I wouldn’t believe Omarosa if she said fire was hot and ice was cold.

  2. Painter1

    Omarosa just can’t keep her mouth shut. A professional liar who just had to sit back and relax. Not even on the radar but now….

  3. hogwild

    For Christ sakes enough with the clips already.

  4. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I was just about to turn Big Brother on and then I saw Steve post that this was going to be a 2 hour episode. I was like NOPE! Stop playing with me CBS, I’ll tune in closer to eviction time.

  5. Cindy

    Oh my goodness!! I just have to say i do not like these two hour episodes and only one eviction. There’s only like 9 more days let’s get on with the double evictions. I love double eviction nights and i can’t wait to see these D list “celebs” have to play out a whole week in one night.

  6. BBBonbon62

    I’m having major deja vu. Hoping, praying each night that Omarosa will self evict or disappear into the night just like I did when I watched her on Celebrity Apprentice All-Stars in 2013. Lol

  7. Mel

    *Shannon got a generous edit. They showed her as a fighter and a victim but that’s not really how it went down.
    * I don’t like how they show James willing to break the deal with the HOH group but don’t a show Brandi’s idea to break the deal with him too.
    *Family videos don’t get to me but Ariadna’s did.
    *Brandi’s video made me so sad that she couldn’t have her kids on there. Love Andy Choen but that’s bullshit. I get why her ex wouldn’t allow them on RH but for something like this, come on!
    *Glad Mya told Metta to stop hitting the panic button.
    *WTF is Julie wearing? Bad color, bad cut, bad length and bad fabric! The only way that’s okay is if it’s from her prom in the 70s and she just wanted to rock it to prove it still fits. That would actually be kind of badass, oterwise, tragic.
    *Omarosa talking about WH scandal while wearing a pink onesie. That’s the shit you’ll only see on BB. It would actually be cool gossip if she wasn’t way too obvious that she’s talking to the cameras.
    *Omarosa wants us to beleive she’s throwing comps. Haha

  8. Mel

    They had Shannon do two different takes during the veto meeting for her part of the speech. The first one from what I heard was really Bitchy and the second one, she toned it down a little. I was surprised that they didn’t use either one because she didn’t say anything.

  9. Alda

    Yes,SLOP!!! Thank you Big Brother! I would love the three to be Omarosa,Marissa and Ross!

  10. hogwild

    Wow even watering down the wall hang for them can’t say I’m surprised though.

  11. Mel

    Don’t like Shannon’s BB attitude, love a jumpsuit.
    Don’t like James’ ego about himself, love his attitude towards BB.

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