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Monday Feed Updates – Christmas Injures Foot


What a strange thing to watch. This morning the feeds came on to see Christmas on the ground with Jason over her asking if she was okay.  She replies “No, I broke my fucking foot” or something like that and Jason ran inside to get help from DR.  Not the weird part.  The weird part came when the camera focused on her, then another camera zoomed in on her foot. Felt very voyeuristic to watch someone suffering in pain instead of rushing to help her.

Now I understand how the show works. They obviously can’t rush out anytime someone gets an injury, and the camera people shouldn’t stop what they’re doing and help (they’re camera people, not trained medical professionals). Plus they’re all behind the glass and not exactly like walking around her staring. So while it makes sense they had nothing else to do but film it, it’s still weird. Moments like this are a reminder that we’re watching real people in real time where anything can happen.

If you’re wondering, here are some screenshots of her foot so people at home can make an amateur diagnosis….


The top image is clearly discolored around the ankle but I don’t know if that’s normal for her or not.  Anyway, feeds are finally back up so time for some blogging. I’ll keep you updated if I hear anything about Christmas….

  • 9:38 am – Matt is in the kitchen talking to Jessica about game while Cody is outside eating like nothing happened. I guess we won’t find out if she’s okay any time soon.
  • 9:48 am – Cody says he saw a bone poking out the bottom of her foot.  He and Matt carried her to the DR
    • Matt went outside and two nurses were out there with her.
    • Jason says they were dancing and she was on his back. He slipped on the grass they fell.
  • 9:56 am – Jason is feeling really bad about it now
    • Apparently the song ‘save a horse, ride a cowboy’ came on. Christmas ran to ride Jason and then this happened.  Yikes
  • 10:15 am – Elena is in the pantry with her secret boyfriend Matt talking
    • Elena caught Jason and Mark talking shortly after they went to bed. She felt it was weird.
    • Not a whole lot was said in the conversation other than Jason apparently talking to Cody before the veto ceremony
    • They leave the room and Kevin runs into Matt to get more info on Christmas.
    • Matt says they took her to urgent care and they’ll make a decision from there.
  • 11:00 am – Paul and Mark go into the bedroom to talk
    • Mark is re-telling the conversation he had last night with Jason
    • Paul says Jason (I think) went up to him and said he wants to get people from the other side out.
    • Mark says he is loyal to Paul
  • On the other feed, Jess sneaks off to the pantry with Elena.
    • Jess says that if Christmas stays this week, she’s going after Cody
    • Jess is worried people are still coming after her because of Cody.
    • Elena is trying to figure out if Cody actually understands how pissed their alliance is at him. Jess says that she told him if he does that again, she’ll put him on the block herself.
  • 11:15 am – Jess is saying she kind of wants to get Christmas out now because of their talk last night.
    • Apparently Christmas made some sort of threat to Jess, or at least Jess took it as a threat and now is changing her tune.
  • 11:30 am – Mark comes in the room and breaks up the conversation. Jess leaves and he begins talking to Elena
    • He asks her if she told Jess what Cody and Jason talked about. Elena tells him she did.  He sits there for awhile trying not to get angry
    • She tells Mark that Jess wants a mutual agreement where everyone makes it to jury. Mark tells her there is now way that is happening then gives her this weird look….
  • 12:50 pm – A lot of game going on.  Elena is outside talking to Paul about Christmas, while Raven is comforting Jess in the apple room
    • I guess Jess had a fight with Cody
    • Jess makes her way outside and tells Mark and Dom that she went up to the HoH room and overheard Cody yelling to production to tell people to stop coming up
    • But now Cody is outside on the bike, so everything regarding Christmas is still up in the air
    • 3:30 pm – Took a nap and my cat is keeping me in bed for the time being. Had to give a Christmas update though. She is back in the house! She tore a few ligaments and will go back in a few days for an mri

Posted a longer update / recap on the day here


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  1. AIO_7

    UH, OH! Hopefully it’s just a sprain.

  2. Mel

    One of the guys said they saw it sticking out the bottom of her foot so that sounds bad.

    At one point Matt told her that one of the nurses said she didn’t want to be on camera and that Christmas said “What the f*cks she working here for then?!”

    Jessica told Cody that she didn’t think he would have to put up a 6th nom & she thought they would declare this week officially over!

  3. Avatar

    So far I think the people in this season are just clueless. The only ones I can somewhat stand are Paul, Jason and sometimes the old guy. If Jillian wasnt so whiney and I could hear her weight loss surgery story I might be able to get behind her as one wls patient to another but just not feeling her. I am beginning to question if I really am interested in watching a bunch of clueless horny mean kids for another summer. Maybe I am getting too old or maybe after my weight loss surgery a few months ago I have better priorities IDK.

    • danmtruth

      not sure if running down to Mexico with the family to do a family weight loss surgery is such a good idea Needing it myself I also know that life style changes and follow up are important Not just a fun vacation activity

    • feltso gudinya

      i am curious if anyone posting would behave this way on live feeds knowing parents, family, friends and neighbors were watching. how far and wide the search for contestants must be to find people with such blatant recklessness and lack of morals and shame………..

      • Mel

        No way and I’d strangle my kids if they did.

      • Lynn

        I can’t say how many times I’ve thought, “my, how proud his/her mother must be”. I would think the show could cast more than one out of 16 who doesn’t say “f&$?” In every sentence. (I’ve even her D say something very close to the same thing). I mean it is overkill.

  4. AIO_7

    Why, oh why, couldn’t the Rhinestone Cowboy have been horsing around with Jessica Grande?

    • danmtruth

      he’s to old and has no power The fact he is married has nothing to do with stooping her The fact she can’t gain anything is what is important

    • Ann

      If Christmas goes home, we’ll have to listen to Jillian whine about how it’s not fair that she’s going to be on the block against someone else that she probably can’t beat. I’ve had my fill of Jillian.
      Elena really needs to check into getting that refund for the botched lip injections or whatever in the hell she had done to her mouth that makes her look like a generic porn star.
      I hope G I Joe gets evicted before Jessica Wabbit so she can try to get with one of the other guys & they tell her to get to steppin. Show her she can get turned down.
      Slosh is straight up lying, he knows damn well he’s not straight. There’s nothing wrong with being gay. Maybe he doesn’t know how he’ll be accepted. Anyway, no matter what, I still don’t like the guy.
      Raven is getting on my nerves too. I’ve heard just about all I want to hear from her. Isn’t she some kind of ghost buster or something? I think I’d just give up & get the hell out of the haunted place if she showed up at my door to get rid of a ghost. She does not have both oars in the water.
      So far, Kevin, Jason & Paul are my picks & Mark too I guess. As we all know, things change on the dime in the BB House.

  5. LindsayB

    This is awful. Can she stay with a broken foot? There’s plenty of comps that she could still compete in.

  6. AIO_7

    Paul and Rhinestone are in the supply room talking about getting rid of Grody and Jessica Grande. Rhinestone said that Jessica has been on his hit list from day one.

  7. Mel

    My newest predictions:
    1. If Christmas makes it back into the house, everything flips. Suddenly Paul’s ready to kick her out and Cody wants her to stay since she probably won’t be doing all that “damage” they were discussing last night.
    2. If she doesn’t come back: Cameron shows up for the battle back comp alone saying “Where the hell is everyone?” The episode will have alternating shots of Cameron making he-man, pumping himself up noises and crickets. Since he’s the only one there, he wins by default.
    3. Instead of getting a fall/winter version of BB like we did with OTT, CBS creates a made-for-tv holiday special called “How the Whistle-Nut Cancelled Christmas.”
    4. Possible twist to make the weeks come out right for show dates: The hg are told that if any hg uses the terms/words “blood on your hands, friendship, beast, just make it to jury or d*ck,” then Paul gets to come back in the house every time he’s evicted.

  8. Mel

    Christmas must think it’s bad because she was asking if she could come back next year. Matt or Mark was saying it I think.

  9. AIO_7

    “Apparently Christmas made some sort of threat to Jess, or at least Jess took it as a threat and now is changing her tune.”

    From what I heard Jessica Grande say in that convo. with Hot Lips is that Christmas told Jessica Grande, the night before, that she (Jessica) now had a target on her back.

  10. danmtruth

    Well a course your a target Your GIGrodys main squeeze That’s what happens when your in a showmance on BB

  11. Avatar

    Wow…This season of Big Brother is taking strange twist with HG either leaving, or getting Injured…Shout out to Christmas, I hope she will recover fast, & maybe will make a return on next Season of BB….

    In the meanwhile BB really needs to replace Christmas, with Cameron, or a runner up who was being considered for being a HG this Season.

  12. Ann

    Sooo, has it been confirmed yet, is Christmas out of the game?

  13. Shivani33

    So sorry that Christmas got hurt. I hope that she’s getting good treatment and tender loving care. What a tough thing to happen. She and Alex have seemed to be the more interesting women playing this Season – courageous and willing to take risks. I send Christmas love and concern.

  14. Mel

    Everyone’s planning for both situations with Christmas. Jessica said to Elena she wanted Christmas out after their convo last night but she said that 10 minutes after Christmas was otb. (Also to Elena) She said she wouldn’t vote her out if she was on crutches and couldn’t compete. (That’s big of her)
    Jillian is worried people will keep Xmas now out of pity and get rid of her. She keeps mentioning that you’re never allowed to leave the house. (Not true) Maybe she’s looking for a Xmas disqualification for leaving so they can skip a vote this week.
    After destroying xmas, Jason is proving hard to convince (from Paul) not to trust Cody. Jason doesn’t want Paul trying to run him and thinks Cody has proven himself by not putting him otb yesterday. It’s too bad Jason didn’t hear the conversation that Cody just had with Matt. Cody was saying that if he had to put up a replacement for xmas that he could put up Jason.
    Kevin said that people want to see xmas with her clothes off and not a cast on. It was much funnier when he said it than when I’m repeating it.

  15. Mel

    Cody called to DR. Maybe there’s an announcement

  16. Mel

    This group is funny.
    Jillian-I dreamed BB dropped a package in the by
    Jillian-No, a present for me

    Cody-Maybe Carmen will come back
    Kevin-Does BB wash the sheets on Thursdays?

  17. Shivani33

    Rumor are that Cody will nominate Jason to replace Christmas. Anyone else hearing this?

  18. LindsayB

    It seems a bit dramatic for whoever to say there was bone sticking out of the bottom of her foot. Looking at the picture, you would think there would be some blood if there was a protruding bone. She also probably wouldn’t have her flip flop still on either.

  19. Avatar

    Didn’t route hurt her foot one season and had crutches?

  20. Mel

    I don’t know what it means but when Cody came from DR, he was angry, was hateful to Jessica and didn’t want to talk to anyone. It may mean he has to nom someone else.

  21. Mel

    I said it the other day that I was getting a Kryssie vibe from Jillian. She’s looking at the rule book now!! I’m not joking about this one.

    • Shivani33

      Ha ha ha! She’s SO presidential. Her spoken concerns are all about how this situation with Christmas should make poor Jillian herself safe. Even other mean types in the house have been disgusted by Jillian’s self-centered talk and her lack of interest in the wellbeing of Christmas. It’s a real headspinner, like a game within a game within a game. Jillian is doing the opposite of looking good.

  22. Mel

    Helen, could you please just look at the pics of her foot and tell us what’s wrong so I don’t have to wait anymore!

  23. Avatar

    I hope they make Cody renom if xmas has to leave….he would have to put up Jason,ram or Kevin…or one of his own…..

  24. Avatar

    Is this some kinda record that the First HOH has been able to put up so many people and clean house. Cody looks to be solidifying power and we know week 3 the target is Paul. I would LOL if production gave several of the people outside of cody alliance safety as well, now that would be funny….

  25. Avatar

    It’s hard to say Mell because I can’t compare with other foot….it looks like not broken to me……but there is a slight swelling on the top of her foot ….there are soooo many tiny bones in the foot…..Just from pic I would say sprain

  26. LindsayB

    Mark and Elena making out. Gag. She pouts like a child and he’s so into it. Switch to Jessica and grody now. Yuck. I’ve got to turn this off. These people are gross.

  27. Avatar

    Well Brody just told Jessica if Christmas is out he has to renom and it will be Jason.

  28. AIO_7


  29. Avatar

    There are so many comps on BB that would not affect Christmas and her ability to play…..she has great upper body strength…….long as it isn’t a foot race she should be fine.

    • Avatar

      i agree there are comps that she could manage with an injured leg/foot/ankle but depends on which comp comes up first and should production change the order of the comps and work around her injury…i dont think so…already shown enough favoritism with Paul and the magic friendship bands and now the safety medallion…

      • AIO_7

        Christmas should be fine as long as Grody or Jessica Grande don’t win HOH.

      • Avatar

        I think production already decides comps as the season goes along, to favour the strength of player they want to stay. The are always manipulating what they can, behind the scenes. Ps Jessica Grande and Grody have to go!!

  30. Shivani33

    Cody gave away a lot of plans while Christmas was getting medical attention. Maybe this will come back to bite him. It looks like Paul told Jessica off, too. I’m happy that Christmas is still able to be in the house. She’s said that she had to fight addiction before, so those pain meds might be kind of a double-edged sword. She has strength, and I wish the best for her.

  31. ElaineB

    Glad Christmas is back! She is a tough lady, and I am sure will keep campaigning to stay in the house. Not sure where votes are aligning, since everyone seems so paranoid about the voting this week. Anyway, glad Cody doesn’t have to nominate again….although he seems fine with doing it. This has seemed like a long HOH week…lol.

  32. danmtruth

    did i miss something about a safety deposit box in the HOH room ?? Jeskanka has mention it a few times
    This vote cannot come soon enough With this group it will be hard to tell So many people are trying to out think each other
    Paul wants to make sure the HG remember it was AMERICA that voted for him to get the safety
    Dom putting a sheet up so Xmass can change If she hasn’t notice modesty is not a big concern or priority for many in this house But bless her heart

    • Mel

      There’s a buck of deposit boxes one a wall in there. Xmas and Jillian found a key and got one of them open but it was empty. It may come into play later or just be decoration like the suitcases last summer.

  33. danmtruth

    NEWS FLASH JOSH has said he needs to get in the game and start playing WTF?????

  34. Mimi Ryan

    Ok, I finally saw last nights episode. Cody, what a piece of work. Can’t wait to see him on the bottom of the house. Megan, well, she was reactionary, and didn’t get the info correct. Paul didn’t help much by running his mouth either. Megan just didn’t have the necessary skills do this game, clearly. Yeah, Cody & Josh were idiots going after her the way they did, poor players in my eyes.

  35. Mimi Ryan

    Glad Christmas is back. When Cody was saying, “he saw a bone sticking out of her foot.” He’s either being a drama queen and in need of attention or just creating more drama. If a bone was sticking out, there would be blood everywhere and Christmas would have been screaming more. I’ve had a broken foot and it’s beyond painful.

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