Alright, a lot went down this afternoon in the Big Brother house, so I’m going to try to write is as best as I can..

Kaitlyn ended up going through with Tyler’s plan of backdooring Swaggy. To everyone’s surprise, he handled it really well and just went to think on it for awhile before making his move. During this period, Kaitlyn played victim really well and got a nice long massage from Brett while she had everyone else kissing her ass. Rockstar decided to head on up to the HoH to take the first shots and sat there listening to Kaitlyn ramble while taking moments to trash Tyler and the other side of the house when she could.

Kaitlyn gave RS the go-ahead to tell Swaggy to come upstairs and that’s what he did. The only problem here is that he wanted Tyler to be there as well.


Swaggy, Tyler, and Kaitlyn spoke for a long time. Maybe 90 minutes or so. A lot of the time was spent with him telling Kaitlyn that he understands what she did, why she did it, and that he’s not mad. He promised if he remained in the house, he wouldn’t go after her and they could be part of the alliance again. Swaggy played the sympathy card really well and Kaitlyn ate it right up. In fact, right after Swaggy left, she immediately told Tyler that they have to keep him. Tyler told her that the shots were already fired and there is no putting the bullet back in the gun (my words, not his). While Swaggy may indeed keep his word, there is no guarantee his alliance will so they have to keep going with the plan – and he’s right. Rockstar is still angry and still wants to get Tyler out asap.

I covered a lot in my day thread, but let’s continue here

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  • 5:30 pm – Swaggy was re-telling the story to Ashleigh and Rockstar.
    • He tells them just to be cool and go along with anything if it comes up
    • Angie and Haleigh head upstairs to talk to Kaitlyn but Fez is in there so they hang out.
    • Rockstar hangs back looking very moody and doing a terrible job hiding it
  • 5:45 pm – The conversation between Kaitlyn and Fez
    • Kaitlyn is pulling the childhood card again. Come on, bro
    • Fez says that this may be the biggest move in Big Brother history. Ahh to be a newbie
    • Kaitlyn is convinced that she’s getting the power next week because this is going to make her trend
  • 6:15 pm – Stepped away from PC because of eye strain. I’m back. Still with Fez/Kait
    • They talked for a bit until Rockstar was finally let in
  • 6:30 pm – Kaitlyn is telling Faysal about how Tyler got in her head about evicting Steve
    • She is revealing that she was the final vote on Steve and a power wasn’t in play
    • Tells Faysal that Sam has the power
    • Faysal tells her she’s probably the best BB player in history now lol
    • Faysal tells Kaitlyn that he owns an app. She is very impressed by this
    • They talk for a but then break their conversation around 6:50
  • 7:40 pm – Taylor and Kait hook up to compare notes
    • They go in the HoH room and Haleigh joins
    • Kaitlyn re-tells the conversation back to them

RS cleared up a few things with Kaitlyn but it wasn’t anything we didn’t already know

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