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Monday Night Feeds – Rockstar’s Revenge

Alright, a lot went down this afternoon in the Big Brother house, so I’m going to try to write is as best as I can..


Kaitlyn ended up going through with Tyler’s plan of backdooring Swaggy. To everyone’s surprise, he handled it really well and just went to think on it for awhile before making his move. During this period, Kaitlyn played victim really well and got a nice long massage from Brett while she had everyone else kissing her ass. Rockstar decided to head on up to the HoH to take the first shots and sat there listening to Kaitlyn ramble while taking moments to trash Tyler and the other side of the house when she could.

Kaitlyn gave RS the go-ahead to tell Swaggy to come upstairs and that’s what he did. The only problem here is that he wanted Tyler to be there as well.

Swaggy, Tyler, and Kaitlyn spoke for a long time. Maybe 90 minutes or so. A lot of the time was spent with him telling Kaitlyn that he understands what she did, why she did it, and that he’s not mad. He promised if he remained in the house, he wouldn’t go after her and they could be part of the alliance again. Swaggy played the sympathy card really well and Kaitlyn ate it right up. In fact, right after Swaggy left, she immediately told Tyler that they have to keep him. Tyler told her that the shots were already fired and there is no putting the bullet back in the gun (my words, not his). While Swaggy may indeed keep his word, there is no guarantee his alliance will so they have to keep going with the plan – and he’s right. Rockstar is still angry and still wants to get Tyler out asap.


I covered a lot in my day thread, but let’s continue here

Oh, before I begin, a lot of people have been asking how to donate.  Here is the link!  Thanks!!


  • 5:30 pm – Swaggy was re-telling the story to Ashleigh and Rockstar.
    • He tells them just to be cool and go along with anything if it comes up
    • Angie and Haleigh head upstairs to talk to Kaitlyn but Fez is in there so they hang out.
    • Rockstar hangs back looking very moody and doing a terrible job hiding it
  • 5:45 pm – The conversation between Kaitlyn and Fez
    • Kaitlyn is pulling the childhood card again. Come on, bro
    • Fez says that this may be the biggest move in Big Brother history. Ahh to be a newbie
    • Kaitlyn is convinced that she’s getting the power next week because this is going to make her trend
  • 6:15 pm – Stepped away from PC because of eye strain. I’m back. Still with Fez/Kait
    • They talked for a bit until Rockstar was finally let in
  • 6:30 pm – Kaitlyn is telling Faysal about how Tyler got in her head about evicting Steve
    • She is revealing that she was the final vote on Steve and a power wasn’t in play
    • Tells Faysal that Sam has the power
    • Faysal tells her she’s probably the best BB player in history now lol
    • Faysal tells Kaitlyn that he owns an app. She is very impressed by this
    • They talk for a but then break their conversation around 6:50
  • 7:40 pm – Taylor and Kait hook up to compare notes
    • They go in the HoH room and Haleigh joins
    • Kaitlyn re-tells the conversation back to them

RS cleared up a few things with Kaitlyn but it wasn’t anything we didn’t already know

Check back for updates


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  1. Alda

    Is it wrong that I felt bad for Swaggy? i really believe he needs a second chance in this house.i want Winston gone this week.

  2. HappyHippo

    Kaitlyn has whined more than swaggy today! I’m over her baby begging for attention voice. Can she take swaggys place otb??

  3. danmtruth

    Rainbow Bright after Chris said be cool don’t attach Tylor & Katlyn First thing out of RB damm straight I’m going after them
    Faysel tells every one what a comp beast he is Than can’t understand why people want him out Even tho all he and Swaggy talk about was getting rid of strong players on the other side Than Faysel said if its a endurance comp he is winning for sure Sorry to say history says no Big muscle guy don’t last Add in the bad shoulder and back Sorry can’t bet on you Mine choice is Kaycee Jc Angela Even tho Angie also said endurance comp is her thing

    • HappyHippo

      Yea I don’t think Fessy will do good on the endurance, like you said the big muscle guys never last as long as they think can. JC might have a decent chance with his small stature

  4. g8trgirl

    Thanks for fixing everything, Steve.
    What happened to our ability to message others? I would like to reach out to NcogNTo and see if she’s ok. She’s been missing since day 3 or 4.

  5. Shivani33

    Swag chose to become too isolated, and in a showmance at that. Although Winston is known to be a basket case, I think that Tyler prefers to have Kaitlyn do the dirtier work of removing Swag rather than Winston, who has no followers in the house and is more perceived as a weak link than as a threat. Next, it wouldn’t surprise me if Tyler finds a way to oust Angie RS.

  6. hogwild

    Sorry don’t feel bad for Braggy he started painting that target on his back day one after winning a couple of challenges and keeping half the house safe he started saying he was running the house and telling everyone what they had to do with 98 days left in the game. That is bad strategery that will get you on the block Bayleigh even warned him he needed to tone it down or he was going to make himself a target but he didn’t listen he might be able to swing the votes in his favor but if he doesn’t realize this is a marathorn not a sprint he will be right back up there.

  7. Mel
    Mel (4580 comments)

    I don’t feel bad for Swaggy but I wouldn’t mind seeing him stay. The things that make you popular with tv viewers can make you a threat in the house. I think he thought he could come in with a ton of confidence, be a major player, get his Bros together and have a shomance for ratings and popularity while not having the house target him. Doesn’t work that way. He had potential for me coming in so maybe that’s what I’m not wanting to get rid of yet more than Swaggy himself.
    Even tho he criticized Jess and Cody, he’s played a very similar game to Cody. I know they have very different personalities but the confidence, cockiness and not being afraid to be confrontational is the same. If Paul hadn’t been in the house, I could see Cody keeping Mark and Matt they way Swaggy has Fessy and Scottie.

  8. danmtruth

    I have said that before How Swaggy and Bay are almost on the same script as Jess & Cody With the way that they had an early alliance than isolated themselves Unlike Jess & Cody they did not have a vet come in to screw up there game
    Why do these people insist on laying out the order they want to evict people Winston & Bret spend hours going over it Take a page out of how Vanessa did it Every week wait to see who you can get in a fight with and get out No matter what side they were on

  9. hogwild

    If Braggy gets voted it it will be interesting to see how long it takes the rest of the house to figure out Tyler is the top dog.

  10. Bobbi514

    I agree with most of the comments and also that agree that everyone does have their own opinion even if we can agree to disagree ~ being the new kid on the block I can see all the ones that have been here forever again won’t apologize that I just found this site, which by the way I like the comments, all the feedback ~ am never going to be a fan of Chris no matter what sob story he tells ~ many others have put out fake sob stories for the sake of the game ~ as for who is becoming irritating to me again cannot call her by that nickname is Angie as I see her nothing more as a pot stirrer and instigator that she seems that she will stab anyone in the back all the while smiling in their face ~ so that’s my little 2 cents so far

  11. danmtruth

    Bobbi514 glad you found this site Yes its fun to hear others point of view Even better when people feel secure enough to express ideas counter than most I find most people respect the opinions and discuss both sides in a fun way Most people understand its just a game and we don’t get any of the money

  12. danmtruth

    but if you keep sending positive vibes to Katlyn She will make sure you will receive total consciousness

  13. Yael Sara

    Is Swaggy practicing his lines in his head that he is planning in saying to Kaitlin?! What the heck is he doing right now?

  14. Mel

    Is there anyone’s game Kaytlin didn’t give away today? If these people were smarter, they would have picked up on all kinds of things!

    Sassy, on an earlier thread you mentioned something about Kaitlyn not being called out for her swimsuit promo. It may be because you can buy that $400 swimsuit online for $60 and get and additional 10% off if you use the code SPLASH.(she’s full of shit)

  15. Ann

    I didn’t care for Tyler at first but now I’ve got to give him his props so far. Tyler is doing the damn thing right now.

    • Mel

      Ya, he’s far ahead of the competition so far although I think Hayleigh is playing a solid game too. Tyler just did so much that I don’t know how he can keep it up for the rest of the game.

  16. Shivani33

    Gentlemen’s Club Review: Scores (Baltimore MD) Pole Competition 2013

    I justnfound thisnand watchednAngie in anvideo, hosting an entire pole contest at Scores. Enjoy!

  17. Ann

    Where is NK? I’m getting kind of worried about her.

  18. danmtruth

    Strange not to have her or Geraldo two great posters

  19. danmtruth

    Rachel and Angela were talking about Winston How the first two days he was a good old southern gentleman Than he started the bro thing with Bret and turned into a douche He said how he has lived alone for a few years and it shows Just don’t understand how he can connect with people to be a salesman

    • Alda

      We have a guy in our family that has the same job as Winston.People gravitate to him.He does very well in his sales.I wouldn’t buy a bottle of aspirin from Winston,let alone high tech medical supplies.

  20. danmtruth

    Taylor and Faysel having a heart to heart Faysel is saying how he spent all this time with Katlyn and she did not tell him Yet she did every thing BUT say it Before the rollercoaster commit she ask him if she did something he did not agree with would he still trust her They went back and forth but Faysel never pick up the bread crumbs

  21. Colby

    Braggy and Bay are double teaming Kaitlyn. Somebody needs to go interrupt that.

  22. Ann

    Please someone tell me Chakra queen is not changing her mind about getting rid Braggy?

  23. Seattle Kari

    Coming in late tonight. So they told Kaitlin she might be the best player in BB history? Seriously that? That is f*cking funny!

  24. kneeless

    Can we have an app that sends Rockstar a bra?!

  25. Shivani33

    Tyler has spent the last two nights dodging Kaitlyn’s affections. She’s been jumping through hoops to wear him down and make him act like her lover. Hang ten, surfer dude. Maintain that equilibrium.

    It reminded me of 3 questions Tyler answered in his cast interview for the Hollywood Reporter. Here they are.

    1) Are you looking for a showmance? Tyler: No because I want to win. If it will help me win then I don’t know.

    2) How do you handle confrontation? Tyler: I’ll stare at them until they stop. I’ll fight back and channel it to use for later.

    3) If you could have your own catch phrase this season, what would it be? Tyler: I’m always on your side. That’s going to be my line.

  26. Helen

    I like Sam but I must say too much of her syrupy sweetness is irritating….
    Can she ever have just one moment of payback is a b*tch moment? Please

    • HappyHippo

      Well waking up here on the east coast at 5:30 and a few people are still up. Entered into a convo of Sam telling Kaitlyn how Tyler is running the game, not sure if she was agreeing. Ugh.
      Then bay talking to Fessy.
      Swaggy inside cleaning, wow he’s really trying to seem not like an ahole
      Starting to feel uneasy about swaggy actually leaving and not liking how it could affect my fav…Tyler.
      Looking forward to the overnight update to see the feels of the house.

      • Helen

        I doubt Chris is going anywhere this week…production loves those showmances. It’s a shame..
        I have liked Sam from the beginning but she is starting to get on my nerves….

      • HappyHippo

        Yea she’s laying on the inoccent thing pretty thick

  27. Sassy

    I kinda of hope Hay gets the next HoH. Chakra would have a serious meltdown, when the guys fawn over her. All the guys she likes, like Hay…

  28. danmtruth

    kneless line of the week ” what app to get rockstar a bra ” priceless thanks
    Seems vote might come down to Sam and Jc With Scottie also being on the fence So Tylor better keep working Hard to believe the Bro’s try to convince Scottie that THEY voted to keep Steve So two other people on Swaggy side had to flip on him There is a long way till Thursday Glad to see some people are still working the game Haylie working hard and smart Rockstar working hard and spiteful already talking about back door Tylor and Katlyn to Haylie with her agreeing First step WIN a HOH ladies

    • HappyHippo

      And with the last hoh being luck I would imagine this next one will be an actual competition. I see a handful of people trying their damndest to win. Which is the way it should be! I’m not a fan of throwing comps
      Earlier bay said I’m going to be stretching all week to get ready lol

  29. danmtruth

    funny how many people think endurance comps are there best thing Faysel, Rockstar, the Bro’s Yet history say’s none of them looks like the type It might also be a combo type comp Balance like a spinning log that you need to hold yourself up with

  30. danmtruth

    Last night the Bro’s were on the hammock with Scottie They mention about Rockstar working at scores The feeds quickly switch so you could not hear more Just wonder how that came up in a conversation with rockstar and who else knows
    Cant wait to see the full court press put on Sam, Jc, and Scottie to vote to keep Swaggy
    Along with the bra for Rockstar how about a foot scrubber for her also

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