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More Girls To The Chopping Block; Friday Feed Updates



Sorry for the late start this afternoon. I went to get a haircut, and 2 hours of traffic later, I’m finally home.

If you are just tuning in, a quick recap from last night: James, Corey and Bridgette fell first, so they are havenots for the week. Natalie and Victor remained on the longest, and Natalie begged for him to drop for about 15 minutes before she couldn’t hang in any longer. She finally dropped, and Paulie got another puppet HoH for the week. Within minutes, the targets were already set. Michelle and Z will likely be nominated, but the big decision will come on who will actually go home. They have flipped between the two, but there is still a lot of week to go, and a PoV competition.  Yes, you read that right. Paulie was pushing for Z to go on the block, and even go home for most of the night.  Why?  It’s Paulie. He doesn’t follow any set rules.

Ok, here are the feed updates:

  • 2:10pm – Appears most of the house is sleeping.  Nicole is talking to Corey in the Safari room.
    • I have been comparing Nicole to Britney Haynes all season long, and it’s funny because Nicole just actually mentioned her.  She pointed out how Britney didn’t win many competitions, but was able to go far in the game before the guys cut her.  I guess that was to prove that floaters make it far, but I wonder if Nicole will pick up on the fact she is going to be strung along by Paulie, Paul and Corey until she’s eventually cut loose as well.
    • She says it’s frustrating because guys have an advantage in competitions as they’re stronger (don’t tell that to Rachel or Janelle).  She admits she’ll never beat Paulie or Victor in certain comps. And no, she won’t, but there are many comps where she will. It seems like 60-70% of HoH competitions (if not more) are fairly gender neutral.  The veto competitions are generally more physical, but not the HoH.
    • The real problem is not the competitions, it’s the fact that the girls they cast for the show are terrible. There are plenty of strong women out there to cast, but they’re also less likely to drool over the guys, which decreases chances of showmances (something BB loves).
    • Then, even when a rare moment comes when an alliance actually looks pretty damn solid, like Michelle, Day, Z, Nicole and Tiffany, people break off into showmances or some shit, start talking about each other behind their backs and it crumbles.  Nicole may want to blame females and competitions, but I blame the specific females they cast.
    • If Nicole wants proof, just look at Survivor: One World (season 24). Those women were strong, smart, and had their eye on the prize. The weak ones were eliminated early, but the final 7 consisted of 6 girls and 1 guy, who was like 100 years old and just strung along for the votes. You put THOSE girls in the Big Brother house, and I guarantee Paul, Paulie and Corey wouldn’t be running the show.
  • 2:20pm – Done with my rant. Care package time…

    • James wins the care package, which will go to waste because Paulie will decide which votes to eliminate.  Seriously people, stop wasting votes on James for stuff
    • Apparently Big Brother gave James some parachute underwear. I’m sure those will end up on someone’s head before the end of the season
    • james-undies
    • 100% chance Natalie or James wins America’s Favorite Player. This year’s vote should be called ‘the least obnoxious player in the house’
  • 2:30pm – Victor is practicing his nom speeches…
    • He is going to say ‘Michelle, two days ago was the wrong day to piss someone off, and you hit that button. And you threw the orca on the ground. Uncalled for.  Z, I feel that you don’t like me, so I’m going take a shot at you before you take a shot at me”
  • 2:45pm – Nicole is outside worrying because James got the care package. She thinks America wants Nicole out. She wonders if Victor is going to put her up.
    • James joins and they’re speculating why America picked James. They think CBS was smart and actually did the voting after HoH and noms were announced. Care packages should come on Tuesday or Wednesay with voting starting on Thursday. Da’ receiving this package would have been a game changer. Now it’s useless.
  • 4:10pm – PP and Victor are upstairs talking about what is going on today
    Blah, blah.. we're awesome.. blah, blah .. we're the best
    Blah, blah.. we’re awesome.. blah, blah .. we’re the best
    • They are bragging about how they’ve pretended they don’t know what is going to happen today
    • Paulie is talking about how he wouldn’t mind being free from Z
    • She asked him why he told her to fall from the competition, but he said he didn’t. He told her that by her nodding to him, and him nodding back, he thought she meant ‘you got this’.  They laugh
    • Paulie says Michelle may put them on the block because she’s a ‘super fan’ and they’re not. He says they’re still better than she is
    • Paulie retells what Corey heard Natalie talk about. She apparently said she’ll never nominate a girl as she wants a girl to win
  • 4:30pm – The guys are still talking…
    • Paulie said last night Z asked why they haven’t kissed. He said he may have to get her out soon because he doesn’t want to go kissing on cam
    • He retells how Nicole told Z “You feel alone yet you’re with the strongest person in the house?”… this causes the guys to say they gotta pull the plug on Z
    • Paul leaves, Paulie reassures Victor he’s down for whatever. He wants to have an alliance that goes down in history as one of the best ever
    • Paulie is worried he’s going to laugh during the noms
  • 4:40pm – Paulie leaves and joins Paul, Michelle and Nicole in the Safari room.  They are having “the friendship show”
    • Michelle is going through the dos and donts of dating her.
    • One of them is style.. the guy needs skinny jeans. Hrmmm
    • Witty humor… not butt and fart humor.  Plus the guy needs to be a fan of Big Brother
    • This goes on for a bit and screw that, time to switch feeds
  • 4:50pm – Switching to Bridgette and Natalie outside talking about Nicole
    • Bridgette is scared of Nicole’s game.  They talk a little about that and how Nicole only wants to talk to people when she’s potentially in danger
    • Bridgette tells Natalie that one of the first names Da’ threw out there to go on the block as a pawn was Z (her closest friend). They say it’s messed up.
    • Natalie mentions how even stuff she says to James comes back
    • Bridgette tells her how when Michelle caught wind of the plan possibly switch, they (her and Z) volunteered to go on the block to ensure Bridgette goes out
  • 5:00pm – Nicole joins them and the game talk breaks up
    • Feeds cut to Jeff loops. Noms happening.
  • 6:00pm – Feeds still down for noms
  • 6:05pm – Feeds back. I guess Victor gave a funny speech (or so they say) and now they’re all kissing his ass
    • victor-paul
    • I guess he threw beads. If it is like his rehearsal, he was going to throw beads at each person.
    • Meanwhile, Big Cry is doing her thing after being nominated…
    • michelle
    • Michelle is still going off on the votes from yesterday. She is mad at Natalie for not telling her Da’ was going home.
    • Paul and Paulie join the girls trying to comfort Michelle.  She is losing her mind.
    • I guess Victor called Michelle mean. They’re pointing out how Zach called Nicole a ‘fruit loop dingus’
    • Watching Michelle freak out reminds of what Frank told Bridgette in private. He laughed at how people think they’re all going to be best friends when the show ends.  He said the reality is only a few will keep in touch, and it is looking that way. People are always happy until they’re evicted, and then they get bitter.
  • 7:00pm – Michelle was called to DR so they can get a good crying session of her
    • She is back out and furious at Victor. Venting to Z about him, and saying things like ‘if she goes home without winning HoH she’ll stop watching BB’.  They mentioned her being a ‘superfan’ about 10x in the past hour. She’s not a ‘superfan’, she’s a fan. Like most of the people reading this blog. I’m so sick of the term ‘superfan’. It’s like casting is so awful that all you just need to be a fan of the show to be considered a ‘superfan’.  If you’re not a model, actor, etc, and have watched multiple seasons, you’re a ‘superfan!!’.
    • Personally, I think the biggest ‘superfans’ in the past few seasons have been Ian and Steve. Then there are fans, then there are people who have heard of the show, then recruits who know nothing of it.
    • What’s worse than people being called ‘superfan’ is when they refer to it about themselves, and Michelle does that often.  Michelle was like 7 when Eddie was winning season 1. When Chicken George was becoming the most beloved BB player in history. When they mixed lawyers with blue collar workers with pageant winners and even a stripper. I watched nearly every episode of that season (I’m old), and blog for the show, yet I’d feel weird calling myself a ‘superfan’.  Sorry, rant done.
  • 7:15pm – Michelle is feeling better and she’s walking around thinking tomorrow is a luxury comp PoV because the backyard is still open tonight. That means a small setup which is usually a very simple comp. If it is a luxury comp, she actually has a good chance at winning, but little does she know that Z is the target.
    • Nicole talking to Z “I just go with what the guys say.. ”  We know, Nicole. That’s why you’re not going to win.
    • Now Nicole and Z are gushing over their showmances.  Puke
    • They call over Corey and Z asks if he wins, will he pull her off lol. He says yes
  • 7:30pm – Michelle joins the girls
    • Z tells Michelle that her fanbase is going to tear him apart (what fanbase?)
    • zaki
    • Michelle asks if anyone has cried at nominations.  Wouldn’t a superfan know this?  (sorry, I’ll stop ragging on her about it. It’s just so stupid)
  • 8:00pm – James is in bed with Natalie talking about HoH
    • He tells her if she wins HoH, she’s going to have to do what the house wants.  This is pathetic. I need a break from this crap. Are they all playing for Paulie to win it all?  Be back in a bit
  • 11:00pm – I’m back from break. Z is doing her hair in the bathroom while Michelle talks to her. Paul has his ‘Pattie’ thing going on in the kitchen, so I’m not going to bother watching that.
    • The back yard is still open which is extremely odd. It has to be either a night veto or a very quick setup tomorrow
  • 12:00am – Paulie is talking to James and talking strategy. The conversation is basically Paulie telling James what’s going to happen in the house.
    • He wants to get Michelle out soon. Michelle made a comment earlier about how ‘I didn’t backdoor Victor’ which shows she’s willing to throw others under the bus.

Heading to bed.  No overnight in the morning, so I’ll try to start a thread early


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  1. Shivani33

    Nicole was trying to get Corey to share her fire about getting Natalie out to jury. She told Corey that Natalie has a crush on him, and he rolled his eyes and said that Natalie has a crush on James. Corey is not the least interested in fighting Nicole’s trite little battles for her, since he knows that she’s on the Boys’ Club eviction list, too. I wonder what he thinks his own chances are, since he has so little strategic discussion with anyone. He did say that he wants to be in the final five. Isn’t that special!?! So it sounds as though Corey is happy to lose.

  2. Avatar

    Hi Stevebeans, your assessment of the women in this house is spot on. The Survivor women would have gotten rid of Paulie and Frank early. They would have banded together because they come into the game with their eye on the prize not looking for a cuddle buddy. It also appears that Survivor casts different age groups with different life situations. Married, single, older, younger. That would break up some of this coupling that ruins everyone’s game

    • stevebeans

      Yea, it drives me crazy to hear Nicole play the ‘weak girl’ card. Natalie whining about never winning and wanting Victor to drop. It’s an embarrassment to women because CBS just casts very weak players. They cast 1-2 actual strong females a season.

    • Avatar

      I loved the Survivor One World reference. You’re right, those gals would be running the show this season on BB. Funny thing is, they were fairly young, as a group; roughly same age range as these immature bozos or just a hair older. The winner, Kim Spradlin, was about 28-29 when she won, but she was eons past these little girls in terms of maturity, depth, physical strength, overall character. And she wasn’t a catty little mean middle school girl. Sigh….. no more shallow, whiny bimbos, please!!

    • Avatar

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

  3. Shivani33

    James will probably keep laying low and eliminate his and Natalie’s votes for this eviction.

  4. Avatar

    I heard on a article on big brother today and it says Women are losing the battle of the sexes…actually women that BB put in there are losing the battle of the sexes I always what to see both women and men win comps together like equally but so far the only girl to win a comp(that actually matters but I don’t count sad meech winning a comp like the veto cause it was giving to her like a handout)was Bridgette winning HOH and I don’t see any other girls winning any comps in this BB I don’t believe in Nicole’s words cause not every comp is bias to any gender so that’s stupid to say that but if you want to blame someone on this issue blame BB for it not that guys are killing it I mean they are killing it in comps but it’s the women that BB chose I swear to god I bet the next comp will have a another guy winning it cause the other girls expect Bridgette(cause she is better at winning them)are just stupid and have no good strategy when they win it cause if some how by chance she wins a comp she will be a puppet to Paulie and it will be a Paulie HOH win than a Nicole win cause what is Nicole going to do with that HOH in Double Eviction she don’t what to do with it and she will ask Paulie or Paulie will say “here is some advice and here I what you to do this”. And Nat can’t get a win either she can’t just like Z and sad meech they don’t got nothing and it is sad so Z is going out or sad meech will go out but Z is the Target and she will get out the house this week for sure and than Double Eviction it will be(my prediction)Victor and Nat or Nat and Sad meech cause sad meech is sooooo annoying like high school girl and so emotional and Nat just does nothing other than trying to Guilt trip victor into winning a comp for once I don’t understand how she is a strong player at all I don’t get

    • Avatar

      The key word you said is girls. Women will usually focus on the goal and get the job done. As soon as the girls appear to work together, the guys stir the “jealous”, “she’s not talking to me”, “she doesn’t like me ” cards and like a kid chasing bubbles, their attention is diverted from the game. Regarding the age issue, I think some older women are on a career path and may not be able to lose such a chunk of time from work. They usually have been through more situations where they give and take to get objectives done. They also are not so malleable.

      • Shivani33

        It would work better with a shorter game. Then more people who are older and more established might be able to swing it. I agree with you, and many people who watch have commented that more mature players would improve the entire experience. BB 18 is especially juvenile, in some ways pathetically so. Also, with so much of what looks like Zakiyah doing an audition for soft porn, lots of us have to be very careful about the young viewers in our houses. It just isn’t the appropriate kind of exposure, and there are lots of kids who love Survivor and Big Brother.

    • Avatar

      Paulie is now the least liked on jokers …just above Josea….he might win cause jerks have that luck ……

    • Avatar

      Uh…have you ever heard of the punctuation marks called “periods” and “commas?”

  5. Avatar

    I am so over it! I’m probably gonna tune out now that Day is gone. With her there was a little hope for excitement and a backbone. I can’t believe everyone is following The jerk Paulie and I just don’t get Z at all. These women have no self respect in this game and are rubbing me the wrong way and I just can’t watch any more. Yeah..I blame BB for how they cast the females. There are plenty of strong women in this big world so really BB..dumb guys and girls!!

  6. g8trgrl4life

    I’m a bit confused. Since this is DE week can James choose when to use his care package? And what exactly does he get to do? Throw out 2 people’s votes?

    • Avatar

      I think he can use it whenever he wants. And from what I understand he tells two people they can’t vote. Example: Paul and Paulie you can’t vote today. Powerful tool. Two on block and hoh can’t vote so with only 9 ppl in house right now that leaves 6 who can vote and he can take out two of those votes. It would not help right now cause they r pretty much voting unanimously. And he will need few ppl with him to vote how he wants. He may save it til he or nat in trouble. Might want to use in one of double evictions. They won’t mean anything unless they can get powerful person on the block!!

      • Avatar

        Dang. I just read on cbs he has to use it in next weeks eviction. S
        Don’t know if that means first eviction or both evictions. I’m thinking they don’t find out it’s double eviction until the first person goes out. Been watching since bb1 and still forget these things. Anybody?? If they don’t tell them it’s double until first eviction that would mean he would have to use for first eviction only cause they couldn’t tell them it’s de early! HELP SOMEONE!!

      • g8trgrl4life


    • Shivani33

      Each Care Package is valid only for one week, and James can only use it just prior to the eviction vote, when everyone is assembled to cast their votes on Thursday. He does not have the option to use it on the second eviction in the case of a DE. If things go as predicted with the nominations, ( and Victor doesn’t pull a surprise out of his jester hat) Zakiyah and Michelle will be on the block. If that’s still the case when it’s time to vote, I think James will simply nullify his and Natalie’s votes to avoid offending anyone. I guess we’ll know tomorrow if Victor sticks to the plan to nominate Zakiyah and Michelle. Next week after DE there’s a hot Care Package with wearing a costume required, but it gives immunity from eviction for the week.

      • Avatar

        Looks like the power James has this week will not mean anything. Mich and z on block and who cares which of them goes first. Even if one comes off I can’t see Vic putting anyone big up. Just reading jokers and cute sweet Natalie talking trash!! She’s not such a sweet thing after all. It’s funny cause everything she’s saying about Nicole sounds just like she’s describing herself!!

  7. Avatar

    The dos and don’ts of dating Michelle: Don’t date Michelle. Do find someone else.

  8. Shivani33

    Michelle and Z. nominated. Michelle crying.

  9. Avatar

    James has been utterly disappointing this season. I want to root for him, because he’s somewhat likeable, but his game play is atrocious.He’s basically been a pylon in the show, he has done nothing and will do nothing to win. What’s pathetic for me is how content he is to do what the house wants and doesn’t want ‘blood on this hands’ (I’m starting to hate that saying). Oh and even worse, he’s supposed to be a veteran, and AFP.

  10. Avatar

    James is such a little bitch this year. You’ll have to do what the house wants. No she doesn’t. Unlike James she actually has a backbone and can make her own decisions, and she probably would. James would probably put himself on the block if he could and he was told that’s what the house wants.

    • Elaine

      I am sooo tired of James! I like convos with Nat when she is not with him. Telling Nat what to do…why the heck would she listen to him??!! His big moves (yawn), bounced checks (for sure), vote with the house (eeeesh), is so irritating. I give props to Nat…she has moved from playing cheerleader at summer camp (complete with high kicks), to participating in the game.

  11. Avatar

    james may have had a shot if he had aligned himself with bridgette and frank. between the 3 of them they could have dominated the comps. But, alas, James always makes false promises to win hoh, bounces checks, does the houses dirtywork, becomes their bitch and then is voted out. You would think that he would have learned last season. Better yet, you would think that others would know better than to trust him. He is the HOH, but he always gets bullied into going back on his word. Not a good look. And karma always gets him. If I had been Paul, last week when Da’Vonne came to HOH asking why she was a pawn, I would have straight up asked her “If Nicole was up there would you flip try to flip the vote?” because she is all salty about Paul putting her up, but she knew Bridgette was his target, yet she was plotting to keep her. Everyone in that house needs to stop expecting everybody else to protect them. The only one willing to protect their alliance members was Frank, yet they booted him. The only reason he started running his mouth as because they got shady.

  12. Shivani33

    Though disappointed with Victor’s nominations, having wanted him to go after stronger opponents, there’s still a smidge of hope that he’s looking for a chance to do that later. But it’s getting harder not to think that his or somebody else’s “later” will just come too late. I don’t root for Paulie to win at all, just don’t like the guy.

    • NKogNeeTow

      There was a slight glimmer of hope for Sunburn and Zzz when they were talking earlier tonight. Meech said that Paulie is running the house and Nic is in their pocket. Zzz said that she wouldn’t be surprised if Paulie was the one who told Vic to put her up. Problem with all of that is, they figured it out to late. They had a nice long convo about Paulie, Nic and the boys. They decided to go up and talk to Vic. Meech went first, then Zzz came in. When they left, as soon as they got downstairs, Meech went into the BR, while Zzz went straight to the pool table and told Paulie EVERYTHING Meech said to Vic. Not an hour later, she was in the BR with Meech telling her that she doesn’t trust anyone in the house but it might be to her advantage to pick Paulie to play for her because if the throws it, she will know that he’s working with the boys and if he wins and doesn’t pull her down she’ll know he’s working with the boys. How can she commiserate with Meech one minute then report her to The Godfather the next. Yep, it’s time for her to GO!

      • Avatar

        I’d laugh if she’s evicted and has the RTT, only to be re-evicted 20 minutes later. Would that be enough confirmation that Paulie doesn’t like her?

  13. Avatar

    @stevebeans i can’t watch this season any longer:-( it’s pathetic Vic will not do the right thing and back door Paulie!!! ugh and i guess if Z continues to be naive it’s her time to go home! #awfulseason

  14. JD

    Is it just me or are the thumbs hitchhiking somewhere else? They are missing again.

  15. JD

    Way to go James. You have no game and you tell the girl you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with to give away the $500k. Sorry James you are no prize this year. I hope Natalie has the balls that James clearly doesn’t have and make a move.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    What happened to Gidget’s baking? Haven’t seen her in the kitchen for a couple of days.

  17. Avatar

    1. As predicted Victor is a wuss. Once again playing Paulie’s game.
    2. Michelle will go home unless she can win POV and take herself off the block.
    3. I don’t see Z winning the POV but if she does she better take herself off the block.
    4. If Paulie wins it, he won’t change the nominations.
    5. My prediction for DE, Nicole or Michelle wins HOH and either Natalie or Z goes home.
    6. Nicole and Bridgette think the Boys have their backs.
    7. There will be no women left in the house by final 5 unless one of them has the r/t card. And I think that Fruit Loop Dingus Nicole has the card.

  18. Avatar

    Nicole refers to Paulie as the strongest player in the house. Instead of playing the game and getting said player out, she complains about the rules and compititions. Then turns to her showmance, a showmance that doesn’t include any intellectual thoughts or conversation. I guess having a spat with Corey every other day gives her something to do.

  19. Alda

    I love BB.But,this season is so hard to watch.How do these HG’s not see that Paulie is running this house?If they see it,why are they allowing it?Not just the girls but the guys too.There are two people in the final two?Do these guys all feel they are going to the final two?With Paulie?Why Paulie?Can’t any of them talk to each other and figure out they want the money,so we better get rid of Paulie??I honestly have never seen a bunch of dumbbells like this group in all of BB history,and I’ve never missed a season.

  20. Avatar

    I watched Big Brother from season 1 episode 1 and i dont consider myself a super fan i forget players etc, but i love the show. Best show to come along since survivor i dont like how different BB USA is from BB Canada but i still watch. Paulie is running the show just like Derrick if the players cant see that and get him out asap they have no chance to win. Showmance’s just paint a huge target on ur back if u want someone to work with grab one person meet in private dont let the house know and you’ll go far . Big groups never work because people get jealous or want to control things then the group breaks up or someone outs the who thing. Just do what i do sit back watch these people and enjoy the show cuz after all is said and done its just a show.

  21. Avatar

    I know a lot of strong women, who can be strong without the guys knowing it. What the hell? I’m so frustrated with these baby girls batting their eyes at the guys and letting them run the house. Makes me sick. Whoever is choosing the guest for the house need to work on choosing stronger women!

    • JD

      They have had stronger women. A mandatory was one she was hated. A mandatory reversed roles and had her pizza boy give up his game for her. What they need to cast are MATURE PEOPLE male or female who are NOT INTERESTED in a showmance. People who are interested in winning 500k. The people they cast only worry about making it to jury and kick start some bogus extended 15 minutes of fame.

      • JD

        Seriously! Dang spell. *Amanda I proofread twice something with my phone must happen when I post. Edit button! Edit button!

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