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Nicole And Donny Get Some Revenge – Nomination Episode Recap


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On Thursday night, Big Brother was left with an unexpected cliffhanger, leaving many wondering just who won head of household.  During trivia style competitions, there is like a 99.7% chance they complete it live (I made that stat up). To be quite honest, I’m not sure why this didn’t end on Thursday night as well. After 12 rounds, Julie Chen cut to a commercial break and then left viewers hanging. I thought they were going to go on more rounds before a tie-breaker question, but apparently that’s all that happened when she went back to the house.  More to the point, that competition lasting 12 rounds is definitely a testament how smart some of these players are.  Some may not be very good players, but they’re certainly smart.

The tiebreaker question was counting the amount of seconds a certain veto competition took, and most people were over by a few hundred (or many more in Zach’s case).  Donny was the lowest, Nicole was second lowest and Hayden was 1 number off from Nicole. There could only be two heads of household, so Hayden missed his shot. I think Nicole makes a better HoH anyway because she is not very scared to make moves, despite her passive attitude on the show.

This was the first time nobody from the power group of the house was HoH, so some (like Frankie) were scrambling more than usual. Both Donny and Nicole eliminated Hayden right away, so they had to nominate 4 out of 8 people. That’s probably more of the reason Frankie was scrambling, and he likely will until they switch the format back to the traditional 1 head of household (I expect that to come within a week or two).

Caleb attempted to make a deal with Donny who was having no part of it. Still showing bitterness from the first week of nominations, Donny made it clear that Caleb will likely go up. Caleb made it worse on himself when he suggested Victoria not be his partner if he were to go up. I briefly wondered if that was reverse psychology, but then I remember who was saying it, so I squashed that idea.

Donny was happy to give Caleb exactly what he didn’t want at the nomination ceremony – A partnership with Victoria. Nicole on the other hand had her own payback to deal out with Zach. Last week during the nomination ceremony, Zach gave a pretty weird speech and ended up calling Nicole a ‘fruitloop dingus’. He has also been running around all week pretending to be the bad guy of the house, but Nicole is seeing right through that and called him out during her speech. She basically said he’s trying too hard to be Evil Dick and it’s failing.

The HoH’s tried to make things even putting a strong player up with a weak player so both had an equal chance of remaining HoH (would you expect any different from a Donny/Nicole HoH?). As previously mentioned, Caleb was on the block with Victoria, and Zach was placed up with Jocasta. Nobody was asked to throw it, and both Caleb and Zach were given two chances to save themselves this week (battle of block/veto). Again, would you expect any different from those two HoH’s?

The battle of the block competition was a punishment style format, where even if you win, you still lose (in the words of Victoria). Both teams had to arrange dominoes across a floor with a bunch of set punishment pieces they needed to connect to. They had to go through at least 3 of the punishments before they could test their domino arrangement. At this point I’m going to pretend I saw the end, but I didn’t due to CBS cutting off my DVR, but I do know what happened…

Caleb and Victoria won the competition but were given three punishments.  Adam and Eve (dress like Adam and Eve and be bound together for 48 hours), 2 week slop, and a shaved head (for one of the players). Midway through the competition you could tell who won because Caleb was talking into the diary room with a hat on. His head was clearly shaved under the hat, so that kind of gave it away.

There was talk of backdooring Frankie depending on the power of veto, so stay tuned to this blog to find out how that goes, or visit OK Magazine to see more of my recaps.

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  1. Comments (120)

    During the BOB competition, I was surprised that Victoria was the main one doing the bossing around. I thought that for sure Caleb would be yelling all sorts of things, but she was the one bossing him around. I can understand why some of you may not like Victoria personally, but she’s really trying her best to play the game (she’s trying really hard right now to talk game with Cody and Derrick on the live feeds), even if it may be mediocre by other people’s standards.

    • Comments (426)

      While I don’t believe she deserves any credit for past wins I will give credit where credit is due. She actually did step up in the comp showed tonight. Maybe she is realizing that her make up and hair extentions will not get her to the end of this game.

    • Comments (1288)

      I agree with Colby, she definitely gets to count this win – she more than pulled her weight. Unfortunately her best chance at success was to be the total incompetent everyone wanted as a F2 partner and she has made Jocasta take over that position.

    • Comments (469)

      I was very suprised – not only did she pull more than her share – she was the Beast Mode Princess – she carried Caleb.

      • Comments (692)

        Oh my goodness, buffalobill is not going to like you calling his Jewish Princess Beast Mode Princess even if it is a compliment! that is exactly what she seeing 2 transform into in that competition! She was very focused and in charge. she is not my favorite person on the show but I have to give her credit for this move.

  2. Comments (22)

    Is it just me or does everyone else laugh when they hear the words Frankie and backdoor in the same sentence

  3. Comments (4)

    Zach is such a cry baby! Anyone who is nominated is not going to be happy and will want to go after who nominated them. Does he really think that would stop Nicole from nominating him? Him going after her is not a threat it is a given….stop crying Zach-a-BYE-baby! I hope noms stay the same and you crap your pants on your way out the door!

  4. Comments (1288)

    The two HoH format and BoB has to be over. Adding that to the DE episode would run the risk of not getting the second person evicted and the second HoH started. If the first HoH is a carnival game rather than a quiz they should get to start practicing soon.

    • Comments (692)

      I had asked that question on an earlier blog. The double HoH must be ending after this week. I can not see how CBS can fit in a complete weeks worth of the game in 1 hour if there are still two HoHs. maybe CBS is going to make it a two hour show this week, who knows.I’m just ready for that part of the game to be over with.

      • Comments (426)

        Yes, this week has to go to one HOH. There is no way they could do all the HOH, BOB, Veto’s, and evictions in an hour. And if you check the scheduled programming schedules, it will be only an hour.

      • Comments (76)

        SURE U WILL HATE Me.BuT I just can’t ‘wait till this season is over, Of all the seasons I have watched over the years ,BB16 is no question the worst (BB15 was also)The cast is made up of boring spineless paranoid wimps who whine about everything witch is basically nothing ..then the simple minded who can’t think for themselves and others that are so narcastic that boarders on major personality defects, not always in touch with reality . I can’t leave out the self absord who are following Derrick like he is their Ghuru, he tells them how to play the game , its just that it’his game wow are these women so insecure of who they are.That they let the guys manipulate them so easily I understand it takes a lot work & time to get pretty & thinking hurts their heads, If I was a women they would disgust me ,To bad no one brought a tea set
        I still have hope , somehow ,Hayden & Donny , could flip the house I stopped watching , getting my info from the Blogs .I can’t ‘waste my time watching bags of bones doing nothing .

      • Comments (49)

        Really, don’t hate you….just seeing this season from the other side. It is a little stagnant but I think that is because we have the whole loaded with some really, really good players and timimg is more important than game play. I do dismiss Caleb, Jocasta, and Victoria as players, but almost all the others are very solid. Finally this week we have a possible strike at Zach…from his side. The timimg wasn’t right before now.

        Derrick knows how good Donny is; Donny knows how good Derrick is. Nicole is a great player and has a great grasp on the game. Hayden, too. Christine and Frankie are playing Andy’s game to a T, which was a winner. I’m still on the fence about Cody’s game…but he may be able to ride awhile.

        Honestly, we had a great start…..then we have settled into the somewhat boring, predictable phase….now we just need that clock to go off and set things forward…..and we are getting very, very close.

      • Comments (332)

        Its no worse than any other season, they have set personalities to cast and BB does that each season. It just depends on what they bring to the table other than their personality. These all seem to be physically fit and smart. And like always, the girls and guys pair off. The only thing missing is the SEX and I am so glad no one is making a fool of themselves that way this year.

      • Comments (469)

        and maybe the first season – smoke free??

  5. Comments (692)

    What was with Zach and Frankie in the bed together last night on the show? Zach said he needed intercourse after the competition with Frankie? Cody was watching and listening. it sounds as if they have been really fooling around undercover, so to speak.

    • Comments (692)

      Btw, before I get bombarded, if they are enjoying each other, then good for them!!!

    • Comments (332)

      The guys have a “special shower” so to speak but none fooling around. The only person that gets cuddly with all is Cody and it is odd. Like some with girls, some with guys and now with Christine. Those two are doing some hair twirling thing. I am not sure who is straight or guy but Donny and Nicole. They seem to be unisex almost. Except Victoria and she has announced she is a virgin and having no sex.

  6. Comments (469)

    I am holding out hope that Nicole and Hayden can pull off the switcheroo – using Christine as the bait.

  7. Comments (875)

    Christine is a BB Super Fan, but if that is so doesn’t she remember what the Brigade did to Britney Haynes?! The Brigade used Britney, until the end, then evicted her. And that dear friends is exactly what is going to happen to Christine!

  8. Comments (875)

    It really bugs me that Nicole is sooo afraid to get a little blood on her hands!!! She should listen to what Donny asked her to do, tell Christine to use the Veto, because Nicole will put Donny on the block, then pull a switcheroo, and put Frankie up.

    That’s really why I don’t like when Big Brother has young cast members on the show, they do not deliver.

    • Comments (9)

      I would love to see one season with people between the ages of 30 and 40. Should be mature stage but not over the hill yet.

    • Comments (832)

      I’ve said it for years that BB needs more age diversity. That doesn’t mean a token 40 yr old. They should have equal numbers from 20 yr olds on up. I know CBS is more concerned with have good looking kids to boost ratings. I think there are a number of us 50+ who would like to see some “older” folks.

  9. Comments (332)

    I am surprised the veto has been used so much and it is being used to change the game. But the person using it catches no flak only HOH. Usually they stand up there and say “it is not in my best interest to use the veto” than why did you play to win it. You are supposed to use it!

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