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I will say one thing about the season, you really can expect the unexpected. Obviously that term is overused in this game, but even if you ignore the twists by production, the direction of the game has shifted quite a bit on a weekly basis. For the longest time, Paulie had Derrick-like control over the house, but in just the span of a day or so, Michelle and Bridgette blew up his game and spun the season around on it’s head. Every time you think you see the ‘new direction’, something else shifts. Now, I’ve already spoken ad nauseam about the downfall of Paulie’s game and why they were able to blow that up. However, with that move, it looked clear that Nicole and Corey were doomed. The final 5 was set to be James/Nat/Paul/Vic/Michelle, until it wasn’t any longer.

Nat and Michelle decided to flip on Paul and tried to get him out. It obviously failed when he veto, but when Victor walked out the door, it looked like that duo (Vic/Paul) was screwed no matter what.  Nicole and James had an unofficial final 4 with the boremances, so once it was Nicole and James remaining on the wall, you expected the duo to be the main target and we’ll cruise to the end with the boremance patrol commanding the game.

Now, it sounds like Nicole wants to go in a different direction with the season, and it may not involve the other half of the boremance patrol. She definitely wants to get to the final 2 with Corey, that’s a no-brainer, but at this point it sounds like she doesn’t care who is in the final 4, as long as it is people who could help her advance to the final 2.  She wants to try to play the new animosity between Paul and James off each other and let them battle it out while staying on the sidelines.  So, as of now, it sounds like she is punting the week off to someone else by just pegging off the final solo player (Michelle). Once that happens, it will be 3 two person teams all going head to head, except one of those teams (hers) will only have one person competing that first week.


Is it a good move? Will she make it at all or chicken out? We’ll find out today!


  • 12:00pm – Nicole is doubting herself for winning the comp because it’s super stressful.
    • She is confused because Natalie would have voted out Corey if she could, despite being in an ‘alliance’
  • 12:40pm – Wow, Corey won the care package.  Corey.
    • Corey
    • Wow
    • corey-carepackage
    • Corey reads the card to the group.  Summary…  He may offer one houseguest $5k for an action that will benefit his game. Once that offer is agreed on and handed over, the person must perform that action. If no deal is made, nobody gets money.
    • This expires before the end of the next HOH competition.
    • Nicole even states the obvious that he can bribe her $5k to not put him on the block (a way to exploit it since it’s fairly useless in his hands right now)
    • Nicole and Corey are trying to figure out what America is telling them what to do with this.  Newsflash: Nothing.  Corey won because CBS edited him to look like a friendly ole country boy who loves Christmas and his dog.
  • 1:00pm – Michelle comes up to the HoH room to say it’s fine if she goes on the block. She is not going to kiss butt, or throw Paul under the bus, etc, etc
    • She just wants to make it known she’s fine with whatever, no hard feelings, so won’t say anything
    • After a few minutes, Michelle leaves and Nicole says for certain she is going on the block
  • 1:10pm – Paul and Victor come up to talk to Nicole and Corey
    • Paul is saying it’s pretty obvious that Corey should bribe Nicole just so he can give her the money. They are coming up with reasons what he could bribe her
    • Nicole tells them that their best interest is in mind, and she is thinking of going after Michelle.  Both of them agree it’s fine and smart
    • They are working Paul to be the pawn. Saying they’ll even throw the veto to Victor if needed so he can pull Paul off and she’ll have no choice but to nominate Nat or James
    • Paul says he is fine with it. I doubt he really is, but he doesn’t really have much of an option because if he fought it, he’d look sketchy
  • 1:40pm – Paul and Victor are still talking.  They are talking about a name for their alliance. Paul rolls his eyes because he thinks they’re corny (they are)
    • paul-talking
    • Their alliance is official, just need a name
    • Sounds like they’re coming up with “The Final Four”. That creativeness of that alliance name sums up this season.
  • 2:45pm – Still no noms, but sounds like it will be Michelle and Paul.  I’m going to step away for dinner. Be back in a bit
  • 5:30pm – Back from break. Feeds down for nominations
    • Watched Fear the Walking Dead. I still don’t know about that show. I want to like it, and I don’t need nonstop action to keep me entertained, but it’s tough. This episode was actually fairly good, however. Probably because they focused one of the rare interesting people on the show.  Also watched Naked and Afraid XL. Anyone watch that?  Be careful sharing your fruit with bats and monkeys I guess.
  • 5:45pm – Feeds back. Let’s find out who was nominated…
    • Michelle and Paul as expected
  • 6:00pm – Natalie is cooking Jello and manages to start a quick fire… making Jello…
  • 6:30pm – House still chatting about the jello… oh Natalie.
    • Meanwhile, Corey is saying how he wants to get rid of her to Nicole, but Nicole says that’s emotional play
  • 7:00pm – Sorry for the lack of updates since feeds returned. I got a phone call, so I didn’t get to cover the jello incident much.
    • Anyway, Nicole and Corey are in the position for the week, and for the sake of the next HoH, I really hope they replace the sheets on Thursday
    • nicole-corey2
    • The pair are discussing the future of the game and how to move forward
    • They are talking about the final 4 with ‘the final 4’ (that won’t get confusing) and how it’s going to come down to veto, and it will be very hard to beat them
    • Nicole is talking about how right now she’s essentially punting the week to play defense next week. She is getting out the extra and wants to see if next week bromance will actually go after the other boremance, or stab them in the back.
    • She does realize if they do go after each other and not strike at them, the big boremance (Nic/Corey) will eventually have to pick a side between the remaining factions.  She is asking Corey who he’d rather face off against because they have final 4 deals with both, and he is having a hard time understanding what she is talking about.
    • After putting it in simple terms – “Who would you rather compete against at the end” he finally gets it and said definitely Nat/James
    • Scratch that.. Corey is still confused.
    • Corey is confused because she made the mistake of saying right now it seems Corey is more loyal to the bromance, so she wants to see who he really would want to compete against.
    • Corey – “I’m just saying this week we have to get Meech out no matter what”
    • Nicole – (with a ton of patience) “I’m just asking who you’d put up next week if you won HoH”
      Nicole may finally be realizing how dumb her partner is
      Nicole may finally be realizing how dumb her partner is
    • Corey repeats the question because it’s apparently confusing to him.. and then finally sinks in a little “Ohh, between James/Nat or Paul/Vic, we’d have to pick a side” (lightbulb!!)
    • (radio silence) … “umm, I don’t know. I haven’t thought about it”.   He did have a plan last night though, it was to put up one from each side, like Vic/Nat so stay loyal to James and Paul.
    • He would then probably try to send Natalie home to pull in James (smart, get out the weakest player in the house to pull in the second weakest as an ally)
    • Nicole points out that if James wins veto and pulls Natalie off, Victor or Paul is going home.  (So he’d want to pick a side and pick Paul/Vics, yet potentially send one of them home)
    • Nicole tells him they have to pick a side. They don’t need to pick one yet, but in that situation, they should pick a side.
    • Her instincts are that she can trust Paul/Vic more, but she’ll have a tougher time beating them in comps.  (I disagree, as shady as James/Nat may be, they have more incentive to eliminate stronger players as well)
    • Now they’re at the ‘I just like Paul and Vic’, they’d be happier to lose to them than someone like Natalie
  • 7:15pm – Game talk over, too much for Corey’s brain. Cuddle time for them.
  • 7:40pm – Natalie and James are having a chat about game. Let’s see if it’s interesting
    • Oh, and people were wondering about the wording change on the care package. They were indeed changed.  This is what the care package said regarding when it ended…
    • For them to add the extra time period, which is not a small addition, is pretty funky. I mean I get that the rules can change at any time, and it is better for the show if the care package actually had an impact.  By extending it to the end of the next HoH competition, it decreases the chance of Corey simply giving it to Nicole to do an obvious move.
    • Back to the boremance.  Natalie is talking about Michelle and how she feels she’s safe. In fact, she apparently even told Michelle if it’s one of those competitions again with prizes/punishments, she (Michelle) may want to consider taking the money because she has two votes locked in (the boremance). James calls it a bold move, but she can’t go around cussing everyone out and pissing people off. Especially Nicole.
    • James – “Aint nobody in here foolin’ nobody”. This is in regarding Paul and Victor being buddy/buddy again. James also makes the statement without realizing Nicole already plans on voting out Michelle in a tiebreaker
  • 8:15pm – Listening to James and Nat talk is so f’n painful. They slip in 10 seconds of game talk between 5 minutes of googly crap.  How does the phrase go?  “I just … can’t”
  • 8:55pm – Houseguests talking about going to sleep already. Corey and Nicole are upstairs drinking wine alone, and two cameras are showing an empty bathroom.  Rocking Friday night!
    • Victor leaves the bathroom and runs into Michelle. Asks her for some wine.  She says yes, but he has to promise not to give any to Paul.  Ohh catty.
    • Michelle runs to tell Natalie how Victor asked for the wine then went upstairs to drink it with Nicole and Corey.
    • Now she feels like a target (she is)
    • I kind of feel bad for the blindside, although I’m sure she’ll realize she’s the target well before Thursday.  Michelle has grown on me since the Paulie thing
    • Michelle and Natalie are ironically talking about the reason why Michelle is the target this week.  It’s because she’s good at mental comps.
  • 10:15pm – Paul, Victor and Corey are upstairs ‘broing it up’. Most others are sleeping, so I may do the same.

Veto tomorrow. Michelle has to win it, otherwise nothing changes. Not very exciting, but I think it’s going to be one of those weeks.  It will be interesting to see what happens if Michelle actually does win it.  So, off to bed for me.


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  1. Renee

    I believe Nicole will end up putting up Michelle and Paul, as a pawn. She wants Michelle out but doesn’t want anyone to know she has decided to work with Paul. I also think that Corey is working with James behind Nicole’s back after seeing the interaction between him, James and Paulie last night. He’s stuck with the Bromance theme. He wants to have a duel role in the series a Showmance and Bromance. In reality, he’s a floater (IMO).

    • Helen

      That would be a stupid move on Nicole’s part if what she wants is to evict Michelle. James and nat will vote put Paul leaving Corey and Vic to vote out Michelle forcing her to show her cards with the tiebreaker.

      • AIO_7

        I’d straight put up Lames and Leech and keep Gnat waiting in the wings.

      • Avatar

        That’s true but everyone knows she wants Michelle out anyway. So I don’t think it would be a big deal if she had to break that tie and vote Michelle out.

      • Mel

        Agree Gerardo. Natalie won’t be thrilled but Nicole just has to point out that she was too scared of Michelle and she had to protect herself and remind them that she kept them safe. It’s not like James and Nat can say “We don’t like that because we wanted to keep a 3rd person even tho you guys don’t have one.”

    • NKogNeeTow

      On the Feeds, she says she wants to put up Creech, with Jellyfish as a pawn.

    • Avatar

      A good move would be for corey to bribe james for a vote.

    • Avatar

      Man is he stupid or what (Corey)? They should be trying to backdoor one of the bromance. Because they are going to come after all of them. If someone doesn’t make a bold move this week at them,then they should all leave their bags packed for the jury house. How can you be so blind as to think the one easy vote in the house is the one you want out? But then maybe everyone is tired of watching Meech eat! Yuck!

  2. Quwana

    Ok I admit I voted for Borey to get the CP….yupp I did….lol it really isn’t much of a care or a package so I felt since he isn’t really playing the game he would be a great pick for this lame package…lol and HE WON IT!!!!! lol James maybe in trouble and should have never jumped down and let Nicole have that win….I am pretty sure he would of loved to get pics and care package from home…but then again he didn’t cause he let her win…so for him being stupid she should put up Paul and James if Paul wins veto put up Michelle and watch James go bye bye lol

    • Avatar

      I voted for Corey for two reasons, I didn’t want Paul to get it, and victor didn’t need any help in this game, but I was hoping they would throw in some condoms for him and Nicole as the gag gifts they like to include!

  3. AIO_7

    Due to the expiration of the 5G and SNacole being HOH, at this point I don’t see any benefit to Borey.
    As far as the votes, only thing that I can figure is that Paul & Vic. split the votes and that let Borey slip through.

    • Jenny M

      that makes sense – probably the same reason Michelle got the last one.
      either that or people are morons. 🙂

      • Avatar

        I’m not a moron. I didn’t want Vic to have it or Paul. Can’t stand either one of them. Plus if they were in trouble this week I wasn’t going to help them by giving them the ACP.

    • Avatar

      Okay who is upset that they actually changed this care package during the voting process yesterday? I am when I voted at 2am it still said that the 5K was in play till the end of the next HOH comp. not till the evictions which ends first? I wonder what went through their minds, that maybe that would be the only use for the bribing strategy? Anyway it was always the most useless advantage in the game with these people, and besides to make it effective you would have had to have more people to temp. This season they seem to be stuck on ideas on how to push this game forward.

  4. danmtruth

    Now everyone is just trying to out think each other With this group thats dangerous. You have 7 people Do tje math 3 couples and one single
    Yet wait does James and Corey still have a guy alliance dining ember burning between them Sorry Nichole the btoship tops the showmance for Corey

  5. Avatar

    I can understand Natalie, & James getting the Care Package, because they were very much liked, and James has his fans…What I find Puzzling, are the Care Packages to Nicole, Meech, & Corey?! Paul like him or not is Super Entertaining, and Victor is Deserving of the Care Page?! Vic & Paul are 2 HG that also have Many Fans, so this. Corey receiving the CP does not make any sense whatsoever to me…Imvho

    All Corey has done this Season is lay up in the Bed with Nicole, and road out the Season on Paulie, & Nicole…With an occasional Mmm, & Uh huh…Smdh.

    • Mel

      Nicole got hers because even tho Bridgette was ahead of her in polls, she was evicted. Meech’s popularity shot up the week she got hers because that the week she told Paulie off on the live show. Corey has probably been ahead in polls because of Nicole fans. I’m not one of them but she does seem to have alot. Prople who only watch the show see her as Americas sweetheart just like the last time she played. I wish they could see all the whining, stupid convos about Corey and late night “cuddling.”

      • Avatar

        Plain and simple Math and sexism. The guys at the beginning of all this were being obnoxious and they really needed no help, James got his because of his fans like you said and his attachment to Natalie. Natalie’s was mainly because of the unfair team crap at the beginning of the game where she ended up on the slop line more than not.And Nicole and Corey are liked even if they are a bit boring,and thats mail because they pend most of the time in bed.Paul is not like all that much. He is superficial sexist brat, and is only moderately nice to anyone when he is getting his way. Victor is playing hard and if he doesn’t get back doored this week, he will probably win the whole game.

    • Avatar

      I have a theory that since Paul and Victor have already “received” help with their games is why the others got voted for the care packages. Victor won another shot at the game twice. Clearly your boy knows what he is doing. An even though the round trip ticket was never played, Paul did have that chance if he was voted out. Michelle being Co-HOH could have been a lot better had someone other than Natalie or James been HOH. They all want to work with whoever is in power. As annoying as Michelle can be, she did make it interesting when Paulie was on the block. Natalie is 100% right that if Victor or Paul are in the final 2 they would win. Victor definitely deserves it more than anybody. I just don’t understand why Nicole would keep two people who are triple threats in the game, she knows neither Corey or herself can beat them. If I was Nicole, I would have put up Victor and Mich, with the possibility to backdoor Paul. I do understand that she has personal reasons for Michelle, but I just think if she wanted to get further she would have wanted to target Paul or Victor.

    • Painter1

      So true I voted for Paul just on entertainment, Corey and Nic just lay in bed and are SOOOOOO boring. He is clueless as to what’s going on. The two showmances left in the house will be zzzzzzzzzzfest.

  6. Avatar

    Yay!! Unpopular opinion… I love Corey. I think he’s hilarious to watch on live feeds. I’m happy he got the package!

    • Avatar

      Well, I’m not unhappy about Corey getting the package because I dislike him (I actually don’t dislike him at all). I’m unhappy with him getting the package because he doesn’t need it and will likely not do anything interesting with it. Even he seems perplexed as to why he would get it with Nicole being HOH.

    • Avatar

      You’ve seen him actually do something?!?

      • Avatar

        Anytime I watch live feeds he’s out and about, or talking game which no matter how repeatitive I think is interesting. I think that he has his moments of being very genuinely funny and the show has played him to be a dumb boring guy.

  7. NKogNeeTow

    Creech (Cry Baby Meech) is playing with a jock strap. I wouldn’t be surprised if she didn’t put it on her head an pull her ponytails through the leg openings.

  8. Avatar

    I voted for. Corey to get the package too. I didn’t want Paul to get it for sure with his behavior lately. Didn’t want Vic to have it either, plus we knew he was going to be voted out and even though we thought he’d come right back in we weren’t 100% positive. It’s a worthless package this way. I was sorry to see that Pauli has learned nothing about how to talk to women. I was hoping he’d at least keep his mouth shut, but no.

    • Jannie

      Except that now he is going to give the 5k to Nicole to keep him off of the block. That’s what is being discussed on Jokers. They figure there is no other deal to make so he wants to give her the money…no strings attached. Sounds like maybe he paying for more servicing up in the HOH room??
      So thanks everyone who voted for Corey, you just handed Nicole 5k for doing nothing.- on top of the trip she won a few weeks ago in the veto.

      • Mel

        I also don’t like Nicole having the satisfaction of thinking “America” loves them. Not game related but it bugs me. Lol

      • Avatar

        Well Jannie you called it on point last night for the HOH! Well done!

      • Jannie

        Yup, never get to comfortable and never throw a comp.
        Lamsey so scared of blood on his hands that he screwed his own game.
        A BB guru he is not…

      • Jannie

        And in the rare instance where you do have to throw a comp, for God’s sake don’t make it obvious and keep your mouth shut about it.

      • Avatar

        It has to be used in compliance of the rules, i.e. Voting, veto, the block. He can’t just give it to her. So your welcome!

  9. Avatar

    I’m surprised Corey got the package. I guess bbad is accurate with their poll.

  10. Avatar

    Boo hiss on. Corey getting package. Oh well he can give it to Nicole. What a waste ..

  11. Shivani33

    Certainly the current mindset about putting up Michelle and using Paul as a pawn could backfire on Paul. Nicole and Corey have said that they’d throw PoV to Victor, who’d remove Paul. Then Nicole would nominate (supposedly) Natalie or James. There are a lot of ifs in this equation. Especially if Nicorey are still concealing an allegiance to James. Essentially, Paul doesn’t have the choice here about taking a gamble.

    • Avatar

      Well if Nicole really wants Michelle out, the only way that would backfire is if Michelle comes off the block. Of course, if Nat or James win, they might consider pulling Michelle down (and then maybe Corey could actually try putting the $5K America so foolishly gave him to use by trying to bribe them to not use the Veto on Michelle).

      But other than that, if Michelle is still on the block next Thursday, Nicole will definitely be able to evict her if that’s what she wants to do. If she’s up against Paul, all she needs are Corey’s and Vic’s votes to evict Michelle, then she can break the tie. If she’s up against Lames, she’ll have at least Nat’s and Corey’s votes to evict Michelle, and even if Paul and Vic vote to evict Lames, Nicole again would break the tie. I think Nicole is in a really good position this week to get whoever she wants out. I bet Lames at some point will be kicking himself when he realizes that could’ve been him in that position.

      • caRyn

        Why would James or Natalie use the veto on Michelle?

      • Avatar

        I have no clue, I was just throwing out the only possible scenarios that could lead to Nicole’s nominations backfiring on her. But I agree, most of them are unlikely.

      • caRyn

        Oh. Lol. If either Natalie or James use the veto (if they are not OTB) they will cross Nicole and that wouldn’t be a good move.

      • Mel

        Some may use it to keep a group of 3 but don’t think James will unless they get wierd vibes from Nicole this week. Natalie might because she has a final 3 with Michelle. She would have to use it without James’ blessing tho. There is the 3rd reason…Fear…Michelle may threaten to kill them in their sleep. (This is Michelle after all)

      • caRyn

        If James and Natalie are not OTB and they won veto they won’t use it on Michelle. Otherwise, that will piss Nicole off and she will put their showmance OTB and they (Natalie or James) may get evicted before Michelle. Plus, proving they have Michelle’s back will put more of a target on them (James & Natalie) and not Michelle. They would just vote out Victor or Paul and leave the noms the same.

      • Avatar

        Yeah I agree @caryn, I don’t think Lames or Nat would be foolish enough to piss off Nicole so unnecessarily (they seem to be all about keeping their hands clean anyway). As I said in another post, Nicole is in a very good position this week to get out whoever she really feels is the biggest threat to her game. She should make this choice wisely.

      • NKogNeeTow

        If Jellyfish or Gnat won the POV, they wouldn’t use it on Creech because the other one might go up and they’re not about to take that chance. Gnat needs Jelly in the game to “protect” her. He needs her in the game because there is no other woman trapped in the house that he can stalk.

      • caRyn

        I gotcha, Gerardo, two comments ago. We are on the same page.

      • Mel

        Caryn, I don’t think they would either. You ask “why they would.” I was just throwing out possible reasons. Lol

  12. Avatar

    smh there was NO strategic reason to give Corey ACP . I cannot imagine BB fans voting for Corey for anything !! omg. He does nothing all summer and is boring as heck. The only thing I can think of is…is this like the Rachel effect? Does Nicole have an army of fans voting for her boyfriend? Does Nicole’s army of fans interested in eating rocky road ice cream right out of the carton while watching hours on end of Nicole and Corey making out. Maybe CBS should just do that all summer and not even have all these other people that are trying to strategize and win comps and all that kind of bb stuff. end of rant.

    • Mel

      I do think Nicoles fans had alot to do with it. You may also have any fans of derrick & cody since paulie is gone. Those 3 have alot more followers than other people in the house since they all played before.

      • Avatar

        Which is why all the new players strategy at the start of the season to kick out all the vets was right on.
        I believe there are FOUR power couples in the house right now; nicorey, jatalie, Paul/Vic and the couple no one in the house sees–Nicole and James !

  13. Alda

    So we have another alliance “The Final Four”.Paul,Victor,and Nicorey.I wonder if anyone told Corey yet??Oh Yeah,that was him standing there gazing! Let’s see how this alliance plays out.

  14. Mel

    I wonder if Natalie will stop acting like James is a bb guru once these noms happen. He was also the one convincing her a juror wasn’t coming back. Nicole and Corey just stole the position James and Natalie were in last week. Both sides wanted to work with them and they had Michelle. Now both sides want to work with Nicole and Corey and since Michelle doesn’t, they can just kick her out. I can’t stand Nicole but she may pull off what James and Natalie couldn’t. She could get rid of who she wants without making James and Natalie thinks she’s turned on them and leaving herself open to go with the side that wins hoh next week.
    If Nicole or Corey win this game, I my need therapy but it serves James right for thinking he didn’t need to win. He is the worst I have ever seen to let important stuff slip (not even realizing he has) and then think nothing will change as far as plans or trust.

  15. Avatar

    Cory got the package because the Paul/Vic fans split their votes. Sorta like happens in presidential primaries.

  16. caRyn

    I think all votes on shows (Idol, SYTYCD, etc.) are fake. Just want the viewers participation to keep us watching. If you thought it was a worthless package why vote and cancel out a vote for someone who believes in this voting and wanted their hg to win?!

  17. Avatar

    Corey might as well just give Nicole the $5K, there’s nothing else he could logically do with it this week. With the way the votes are, Nicole is pretty much completely in the driver’s seat this week, and she can get out whoever she wants as long as that person doesn’t win the Veto. There’s no scenario I can foresee in which Nicole wouldn’t be able to get at least 2 votes for the person she wants out, bringing the vote back to her the tie-breaker. Well done America, yet another “twist” turned dud.

    The only thing that could possibly be done with the $5K is if somebody who isn’t on the block wins the Veto and Corey wants to bribe them into not using it to save one of the nominees: for instance, if Nat wins he could try to bribe her into not saving Lames. But that, of course, will never happen because Natalie would obviously save Lames if he were on the block. This bribe twist was stupid in the first place, and it was even stupider for America to give it to somebody who has absolutely no use for it.

    • Avatar

      So why would she have to use a veto to save him? Paul and Michelle are on the block, and Meech supposedly is the target. This care package was worded differently when we voted. It said you could use it up to the finish of the next HOH comp. Now you cannot. I always thought this was a sketchy care package as there are only going to be a few ways to use it at all, and there is little to bring any impact to the game. So BB screwed this one up by making it so worthless.

      • Avatar

        Well at the time I wrote that post, Nicole hadn’t made her nominations yet and some people were speculating that she might nominate Michelle and James (instead of Paul). Now that she’s made her nominations, things are different.

        I actually think you have that backwards though. When we voted, the website said the bribe was only valid up until the next eviction (which is still posted on the CBS website), but when Corey read the note in his package today it said that it is now valid all the way through the next HOH comp. So it seems Corey will now have more time to use it than we originally thought. I’m still not sure how much of a difference it will make because I don’t see Corey being in danger this week or next week, but it’s all still pretty sketchy indeed.

  18. Avatar

    I can’t believe Corey won the care package!!

  19. Avatar

    I think Paul is the most obnoxious person I have ever seen and for people who are so educated and well-bred (lol) bother he. And Vic have filthy mouths. I am appalled they cannot complete a sentence without using f##k. Nicole is a snake and as whiny as any of the other girls in the house. James is my favorite person in the house because he has a heart. Letting Nicole win hoh was a dumb move.

  20. Avatar

    How anyone can support a player who is disrespectful or brings other contestants to tears is beyond me. This is why I was happy to see Paulie go, and hope Paul and Victor follow him. Hopefully it is not a reflection of their personalities outside this game. Notwithstanding the conspiracy theories, I believe America agrees. I’m happy Nicole won HOH, but I would not like to see her or James win the game, they have both had their chance in their respective seasons. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed for Corey or Natalie.

    • Jannie

      So you need to include Michelle on that list also, because she has been a bitch to everyone in the house at one time during this season. She was so mean to Bridgette on a regular basis it was uncomfortable to watch. And it wasn’t anything personal, she just had a crush on Frank and was jealous.
      She can dish it out big time and then runs and cries cuz she can’t take it when it aimed at her.

    • Avatar

      Well, how someone can support players who have done nothing all summer and barely even understand the game is beyond me. So I guess we’re even.

      • Avatar

        Because they are the only ones left. But I guess who you support gives insight into the person you are. Cheers.

      • Avatar

        Yes dear, I’m the kind of person who understands that this is just a reality show that we watch for fun and entertainment. I am also the type of person that understands that this particular game requires contestants to behave in ways that may not be considered “nice” and may not be consistent with who they are in their “normal” lives. I am also the kind of person who can separate reality from what I see on TV. Cheers to you..

      • Jannie

        Rainbows and unicorns to all!

    • Mel

      Who has Vic made cry? Who has Paul made cry other than Michelle? Michelle always cries shortly after being mean to many people. It starts about the moment she remembers we are watching and the tears are for herself. It’s obvious she likes being a bitch. The only thing she doesn’t care for are having any repercussions for it.

      • Avatar

        Does it really make a difference? Should her behavior be used to justify someone else’s? Or should he (Vic) claim some level of accountability? As for Paul, would you appreciate being called a cu*t? probably not!

      • Mel

        It must make a difference to you because you didnt include Michelle in your list of who you want to leave for being disrespectful and making people cry. I was only pointing out she has easily been the rudest and most disrespectful one. Sometimes, one persons behavior explains, rather than justifies anothers behavior. What should Vic claim accountability for? No, I would not appreciate being called a c**t and my comment never stated I thought it was a nice thing to say. I asked when Vic made someone cry and who, other than Michelle, had Paul made cry?

      • Avatar

        If you read a previous comment I posted on this topic, you will see that I agreed with a comment made about Michelle similar to yours. I didn’t include Michelle, because I simply forgot about her. The reason I focus on Paul’s comment and Victor’s speech is because I believe every woman deserves to be treated with respect from the men in their lives, and while they are playing this game, those would be the male contestants in the house. It’s how I was raised. To answer your question, besides the comment Paul made, I didn’t know he made anyone cry. And it was Victor’s nomination speech that caused Michelle to cry. I hope that explains things a little better.

      • Avatar

        Well lets start with Z for one, yes it was Paulie that originally made her cry but in the background was the beasty boys powering each other up, uncomfortable to watch I might add, and this was not happy entertainment. Paul fuelled Paulie and vice versa. So he is as vile as Paulie in my books. He can’t use a sentence without the use of a “colorful modifier” and he is generally sexist with the women in the house. He does not like them at all. he pretends, and then says nasty things about them on a regular basis. He is not a nice person. I can not imagine who would line up for a meet and greet to see him.

  21. Avatar

    I must have missed something, so here goes. Why was Victor guaranteed to come back in the house?

  22. Mel

    Does anyone think James is going to figure out Nicoles reasoning for nom’s is stupid? (As far as the 2 couples being a group)
    Nicole has told James that Michelle needs to go up instead ov Victor because Vic could win and take himself off. She says she doesn’t want her nom’s to change and wants Paul gone. You would think James could figure out that if Nicole is so sure Vic will win, then he could take Paul down. Only 2 people left to go up???? I know this is James I’m talking about here but my 4 year old granddaughter could catch on to this one!

    • Avatar

      Yeah she might as well just tell Lames that she wants Michelle out and be done with it. If Michelle comes down, Paul goes. He may try to talk her out of it, but oh well, it’s her HOH. The way she’s handling this now will make Lames distrust her, which could come back to haunt her later.

      • Shivani33

        James and Nicole both have legitimate reasons not to trust each other, yes? Although that can be stated about most BB players and is inherent in the game’s structure, it isn’t beyond imagining that both James and Nicole could end up in the jury house directly because of being part of couples who tried to outmaneuver each other as couples. In a way, Victor and Paul have more room to navigate. This is Nicole’s week. Last week was more run by James, who needs to stop repeating the tactical weakness of giving away his power. He might not get power again, except for casting a jury vote, because he let Nicole nag, beg and whine him out of being HoH. I’d be pleased if both become somewhat responsible for each other’s demise.

      • Mel

        I would be very pleased with that too.

  23. Jannie

    Lames has his head in the clouds planning a non existent future with him and Gnat that he doesn’t know what’s going on around him. He thinks he is the BB guru, but what he did to Gidget (promise her safety to drop out of an HOH comp and then put her up) will hopefully happen to him, also.
    Yeah, most four year olds are probably smarter right now than old Lames. 😉

  24. Avatar

    Well hopefully we won’t have to listen to crunch and munch anymore.

    • CLangley

      All these ads and pop ups are getting worse and worse. Keeps freezing my phone on this site when trying to scroll or I try to scroll and end up accidentally clicking some dumb ad bc the page doesn’t want to scroll. I get back to the page then bam, a pop up takes me to another page. Anyone else having this much trouble?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Yep CL. I hate that little pop up that creeps up from the bottom of the screen too.

      • Jenny M

        my laptop gets a pop-up asking if I am sure I want to leave this page every time I refresh the page. And there’s a pop-up at the bottom saying “you might also like…” and it’s just a random word. It moves when I go to close it so if I miss the X it takes me to some other page. wtf? this has just started the last couple of days and yes, it’s SUPER ANNOYING! (or as Nicole would say, SOOPER ANNOYINNNNNNNG)

      • Jenny M

        it’s “infolinks” and the damn thing pops up again if I post a comment. Internet Explorer gives me the “are you sure you want to leave this page” message. Chrome doesn’t. Both give me the infolinks thing, though.

      • stevebeans

        You guys should shoot me a msg via the contact form if you’re having these issues. User experience is always important, and I want to sure we always have some of the best out there.

        I will probably scrap the one that scrolls up because that is indeed annoying

    • Avatar

      Mindy Boo that’s hilarious!!!!!!

  25. Avatar

    There needs to be a BB villains season. Lets see we can have Amanda, Frankie, Gina Marie….. and so on.

  26. Helen

    Weird. So on jokers Corey says his bribe goes through the next HOH competition. The care package states it can only be used this week up until the eviction. Which one is it? Cause what Corey read it completes at the conclusion of the next HOH competition…..which is different than what they put on the care package vote for America to vote on.

    • Avatar

      Oh is that right? If that’s the case, then it could be interesting and useful for him. For instance, maybe if the next HOH comp is another endurance comp, he could use the bribe to convince someone to drop?

      • Helen

        Corey reads BB Bribe: This is the final America’s Care Package of the summer. America’s been voting for which House Guest they want to award the final power. Congratulations Corey, America has chosen to give you the power of the BB Bribe. With this power you may offer one House Guest five thousand dollars in exchange for an action that will benefit your game. Once the bribe has been transferred, it is a binding contract between the briber and the bribee. Any House Guest that accepts the bribe must perform the action that they have promised. The bribe can be made publicly or in secret. You will not be required to announce your bribe. If no bribe is made, nobody keeps the money. The BB Bribe expires at the conclusion of the next Head of Household competition. Congratulations again on winning the potentially game changing power.

      • Mel

        For once James could get something for being too scared to win!

      • Avatar

        I think he has to make the bribe before the next eviction …he will not know what the HOH comp is …not sure . from CBS ACP page “..the bribe can only be given to 1 hg for one action WITHIN the week leading up to the next eviction. “

  27. Avatar

    Must say it would be nice if Nicole actually gets out a strong player like James. But I’m sure she will play it safe and go for an easy target like Meech. Such a weak move for a so called vet. Wish they would have given CP to Vick or Paul. But maybe Corey can bribe Nicole to put some plugs in for the said “App”.

    • caRyn

      Michelle is a threat to Nicole’s game. Michelle is gunning for Nicole and has told other hg this – it is no secret to any hg. Michelle didn’t fire first with her Co-HOH so now Nicole may put Michelle OTB. This move could be what is best for Nicole’s game and one less voting number against Nicole. It may not benefit anyone else – at this time – but it would benefit Nicole. Plus, who is really going to get pissed off at Nicole for getting Michelle evicted? It won’t hinder Nicole’s game for Michelle to go and at the same time it will hinder James and Natalie’s game. They will have one less person in their group.

  28. JayP

    Can we get bbad just from the jury house from now on? Now that was entertaining. Especially if Crychelle goes Thursday.

  29. Avatar

    But James isn’t coming after Nicole, Michelle is. And Michelle isn’t a weak player, she could definitely win an HOH comp (especially if it’s mental) and she’s already proven adept at psychological warfare. I think it would be a mistake for Nicole to go after James (even though I would love to see James evicted this week, just because he threw the HOH comp to her), because that would leave Michelle (and a newly made enemy in Natalie) there to potentially go after her.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Gerardo, the only thing about Creech being adept at psychological warfare is that she also falls prey to it. She’s fine when she’s on the giving end but when you use it on her she folds like a house of cards. The other night Paul decided to use her own strategy on her. He said he was going to get in her head so she wouldn’t be any good at a mental comp. He knows that if he said anything negative to her, she gets thrown completely off and can’t concentrate on anything other than what America thinks about her.

  30. Mel

    Is CBS so cocky that they don’t even try to hide their BS anymore? I dont give a crap about this last care package but I do care about changing the rules!
    The way this package changed isn’t simple wording. We voted on something that word for word said it will end “within the week leading up to the next eviction.”
    Now that Corey has it, like some already said, it has been changed to “it will expire at the conclusion of the next HOH competition.”
    Unless there is a new twist where they have another hoh comp before someone is evicted, this is just bulls**t!

    • Shivani33

      Maybe Corey can use his bribe as a game advantage by giving Nicole 5 grand to stop having sex with him, if you catch my drift.

    • Avatar

      Ok I thought maybe I was going crazy, because I surely did NOT remember the stipulation that the winner would have access to the bribe money all the way through the next HOH competition when I voted.

      • Mel

        Nope, not crazy. What we voted on is still on the cbs site worded the same as it was. It was changed today after Corey left the DR. I went back and looked because I thought maybe I remembered wrong. It was very specific.

      • Avatar

        Wow you’re absolutely correct Mell. I just went to the CBS website and the exact wording “within the week leading up to the next eviction” is still there. I even took a screenshot just in case they decide to change it later.

        P.S. I’m surprised at the audacity of CBS to not even bother changing the wording on the website before giving it to Corey with the newly revised wording.

  31. caRyn

    The hg are human pawns. The definition of production is: The action of making or manufacturing from components or raw materials. This is the BB Production season.

    • Mel

      You’re right about that! I also understand the houseguests sign a contract stating that cbs/production/whoever have a right to change the terms/rules/game etc. whenever they want. Hiwever, voters did not sign this same contract so I feel a little screwed with myself!
      Theyve always done crap (Janelle/Erika hoh button not working, Jeffs hoh takeover, Vanessa bribing going for weeks before being stopped, and many more) but as least it wasn’t it writing! There’s enough DR assists in any season to call it a basketball game.

      • caRyn

        Mell…I have never had the live feeds. This is the first BB season I have gone online and read updates and comments. I feel bamboozled by production now that I have this Internet BB knowledge. Before this season I did have on rose colored glasses so I can’t point my finger at any viewer that isn’t informed. If they are informed, that is a different story.
        As much as it is joked about the hg using the word literal, I have always said I am a pretty literal person. Probably shows in my comments. 🙂

      • Mel

        I hear you Caryn. You’re right. People who just watch the show arn’t to blame for anything. No one should have to watch feeds in order to enjoy a tv show but that’s why I hate voting for anything. If tv viewers choose, it’s biased. If cbs chooses but says voters do, it’s cheating. Like I said, I’m used to rule bending. That comes out every year when you pay attention to stuff but changing something that is (still) in writing on the cbs site is like saying we are all too dumb too notice. That’s why this one ticked me off even more than usual.

  32. Alda

    Nicole won’t put James up.If Meech comes down she’ll put up Natalie.

  33. Avatar

    Does everybody forget Coreys the moron that told everybody that him and his friends set a live goat on fire…WTF is wrong with people,,not to mention the fact that hes been almost not existant all season but…thats none of my business i guess

    • Avatar

      Damn, I forgot about the goat thing. I voted for Corey because I heard on BBAD that he didn’t want ACP. That’s all I needed to vote for him. Plus the only other choice was Victor or Paul. And I found Paul’s telling everyone he needed it too annoying for words.

    • Jenny M

      well, to be fair, they TRIED to set a goat on fire. So the fact that they were too drunk to do it means.. nothing, Corey is a jerk, horrible human, total piece of sh*t… etc…. but the general public doesn’t know anything about that story.

  34. Avatar

    I cannot believe that Corey won ! Everyone I know gave their votes to Paul and some
    to Victor!!!! Shame on CBS……. show is RIGGED!!!!!

  35. Avatar

    Your right Stevebeans, never share your fruit with bats and monkey, those poor guys were dropping like flies!

  36. Shivani33

    Congratulations to Natalie for managing to set a pot of Jello on fire.

    • Colby

      Have they changed the directions for making Jello? It’s been a while since I made any, but there was no cooking involved. Boiling water – yes. Did she set a pan of water on fire? 🙂

      • caRyn

        You just made me laugh so hard!

      • Avatar

        …I did not see this …BUT did she pour the jello into the boiling water pot on the stove? …and maybe missed and the open flame igniighted the powder …Is it a gas stove? … …..
        …anyways what an idiot …is she trying to walk back her faking ditzineess comment last week , trying to look stupid again?

      • Mel

        Yes, I think she spilled a little of the jello and that’s what flamed. It was for a second and was out . She’s talking like they almost had to evacuate!

      • Shivani33

        She said that she’s never cooking again. It could be that she’s never “cooked” Jello or much else in her life. She poured a TON of Jello mix into a pan of boiling water never meant to accommodate it. It was a small burst of flame and went right out, but Natalie made a soap opera episode out of it, including crying, saying that it could have scalded her eyeballs, ignited Paul’s beard, burned the place down and killed them all. She was mad at James for being unconcerned.

      • JayP

        Well at least we won’t have to hear about FTs for a little while.

  37. Helen

    Nicole just asked Corey who he wants to honor their final 4 deal with Nat/James or Paul/Vic? Corey said. Nat/James! Are Paul and Victor getting played AGAIN? I surely hope Vic wins veto otherwise if Paul gets pulled down my guess is Vic is gonna go to jury!!!

    • Avatar

      Vic winning veto would be perfect …take paul down put up nat …that would cover Nicoreys butt …I hope Vic/Paul are not getting played ..but it is a long time until eviction… and IF enough people point out Vics wins he will be gone ….coming back twice is very special …and winning worthy….

  38. Mel

    Now we’re going to have to hear about this fire that wasn’t even a fire every day like FT’s. Natalie is more annoying every day to me. She’s talking to James about the Paul/Vic backstabbing again. Has she forgotten who did that first? Trying to evict one guy and actually evicting the other guy may tend to get someone to not want to roll with you anymore.

    • JayP

      Hate to say it but for me Nic is the most tolerable female left in the house. I wouldn’t wish watching Crychelle eat on my worst enemy. I had high hopes for her when she flipped the house on Paulie.

  39. danmtruth

    Hate to throw a wet blanket on things What if all this talk about going after James is just Production talking to Nichole and Corey to move a story along Add to that I bet Nichole just goes after Meech
    Can i suggest a game / comp ? These house guest are very worried about how they are thought of by America So lets show them in the form of a money challenge One at a time go into the backyard Have a plane setup Divided into 4 sections First class, Business class, Economy class, and finale baggage class Than look at polls split the original 16 house guest by rank If the put themselves in the correct section the get money
    As I see it the guest ranking now would be Vic, Bridget, Paul, than Frank in first class Business class Tiff, Nat, Davone,and Glenn Economy is James Bronta,Meech, Nichole Last 4 Corey, Zz, Joza, Paulie
    Knowing where they rate would shake them up No one will know where the others rated but they will know

  40. danmtruth

    @jayp have you seen or listen to these people They would implode

  41. Shivani33

    Natalie has tried to lock this evil Jello away in DR. She seems to want to go to the jury house to lose 15 lbs. of blubber which she says that she’s gained in the house. How prophetic! Meanwhile, Nicole to Corey: Michelle is mad! Corey to Nicole: Who cares?

  42. Shivani33

    James just said that he would keep Michelle over Victor ( if there’s a renom). Has he forgotten that he doesn’t have the deciding vote ? He and Natalie have both been acting spaced-out and nervous like something is happening, but they don’t know what it is.

  43. Avatar

    I think Vic’s biggest weakness in this game is that he does not know how to SHUT UP about these damn comps! He’s telling Nicole and Corey that he and Paul would’ve been the last two standing if the endurance comp involved them hanging instead of crouching and holding on in the position they were in for the wall comp. Dude don’t you get it?! That’s the only reason people are after you! Stop reminding them how formidable of a competitor you are!!!

    If I were Vic I’d be trying to use the fact that I didn’t win the wall comp as evidence that I’m not that great at endurance comps. Even if that’s not true, you need to assure them that you’re not as big of a threat as everyone is making you out to be. He has to know that this is all Nat/James/Meech are going to be drilling into Nicole’s head all week long.

  44. Avatar

    Last night Paul made a comment about drinking wine from a glass and Vic said its because they have class!! really, this is coming from Vic and Paul who curse non stop, make vile comments about “boning girls” and last night discussed what they can do with the cork screw that Vic was playing with. They all need to go. I can’t believe that w Paul and Vic they would act any different in the real world .

  45. caRyn

    This Thursday may be a DE and if so, Corey will not have longer – as in days – to decide. If it is a DE, Corey isn’t quick to make decisions so this ACP could work against him.

  46. kneeless

    I am so over this season. Like at the beginning of the season, I still can’t find anyone I like. This has been the biggest bunch of flip flop person EVER! While I expect that, to a certain degree, I BBC this year is awful. Paul, and Vic by association, changes with each HOH. James has been ‘bouncing checks all season.’ Michelle is a mean girl & then cries about being mean. Nicole has been the most consistent by being up Corey’s ass & being in bed so much she probably has bed sores. Nat, well she has her BB guru so that says it all. And Corey, poor Corey he’said still trying to figure out what show he’said on. And, don’t get me started on all the words/phrases I don’t care if I, literally, never heard again! It’s kind of a ‘sketch, type thing’ & I will never use the word boned again. Finale night can’t come fast enough! And yet like a happy little BB addict, I will continue to watch!

  47. Helen

    Please oh please let Victor win POV!! I am just worried that he and Paul are about ready to get s**t on AGAIN. Corey asked Nicole earlier if she wanted the vote to be 3to 1 or a tiebreaker. Nicole said tiebreaker makes her nervous. The only way vote would be 3 to 1 is if Paul is actually the target. I am amazed that didn’t sink in..If Paul wins veto and pulls himself down Nicole will back donor Victor.

  48. Helen

    Sorry was supposed to read back door Victor

  49. Avatar

    This site is so behind “ON Line Big Brother” Have nots picked Corey and Vic , seaweed and squid, yuk.. POV players Nicole , Paul picked Corey, Michelle, James and Vic

    • stevebeans

      If you don’t like the speed at which I do my updates, feel free to stay at “ON Line Big Brother”. I normally don’t comment on stuff like this, but looking at your last few posts, your only comments were to tell me how bad this site is. If you’re here just to tell me how much we suck, leave.

    • kneeless

      Everyone is entitled to an opinion but there’s no reason to bash a site. If you’re not a fan of this site, fine, just stay at the site you prefer. Many of us prefer this site & appreciate everything stevebeans, melindabeans & the rest of the crew do. This is a blog, not the evening news, I don’t think BBJ is in a competition. Thanks, stevebeans & all!

  50. Avatar

    I love the part last night that played talks about his Adderall. I bet he’d give 5K to get his Adderall back. Paul tells of how he can hook him up. Love that they’re doing a drug deal on live TV

  51. Avatar

    What a waste care package given to Corey!

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