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Paulie Tells Me I Should Do An Afternoon Feed Update



That’s right, everyone. Paulie has so much power in the Big Brother house that he has moved beyond telling them what to do. He is now letting us bloggers know what to do, and how to spend our days. Fortunately, he is letting me go to the movies later this evening, but he told me I have to start a live thread before that to make up for my missing time.

(I hate that I have to write this, but that is clearly sarcasm)

To seriously put in perspective just how much control Paulie has right now, think of this. During one of his HoH runs, he nominated Bronte and Paul, which didn’t allow for Victor to play in the veto competition. Paulie won the veto, removed one of his own nominees, and replaced them with Victor, who was then eliminated in a 9-1 vote. Victor fought his way back into the house, and was told prior to entering to trust Frank because of the direction of the house. Just a week or so later, Victor wins HoH, and with the guidance of Paulie, he nominates two people who had nothing to do with his eviction.


Victor’s HoH pretty much sums up the season of Big Brother 18 perfectly. Paulie in command of a bunch of people who have their heads up their own asses.

If you’re wondering, Amy is busy today, so there will be no overnight report. Scrolling back, it doesn’t look like a whole lot happened anyway. The big drama of the day happened after nominations when Michelle had her major meltdown after being nominated. She eventually said she has cried about 6 times over the past few days, and that sounds about right. She is losing her mind in there, and needs her own care package. One full of Xanax

Here are the updates:

  • 8:55am – House is up early today. Feeds just went down for what I assume is the PoV player pick
    • I am still not sure how they’re going to do the veto competition today. The back yard was open all night, so either it’s an insanely easy setup, or it will be later tonight (or both?).  Even easy setups take a few hours to complete, which makes it that much more strange they’re picking players this early.
    • Ok, wasn’t veto drawing. It was have-not food reveal. I can’t tell what it is yet, I’ll let you know
  • 10:40am – James is chatting with Natalie while the rest of the house sleeps
    • Veto players were picked: Victor, Z, Michelle, James, Nicole, and King Paulie are playing
  • 11:25am – Feeds cut to Jeff loops. Could it be veto already?
  • 12:00pm – Feeds still down.  Now is a good time for my very shameless vacation fund plug. Want to donate?
    • (I’m heading to Disney in a week  *yikes*. I’m only posting this because some have sent me messages on how to tip)
  • 12:30pm – Feeds are still down, but I’m heading to the movies now.
    • My prediction is that it was a quick, easy competition where all they did was like count stuff and do hold/fold or something like that.
    • I bet Michelle will win via prize. Meaning she’ll finish 3rd or something, and take the veto, but Paulie or Victor will win like $5k or a trip and keep that rather than taking the veto. I bet Nicole is in another germitard type of thing, or maybe Z.   Be back in a few hours to see if I’m correct
  • 5:30pm – Oh wow. I am back, and feeds are still down. I can’t wait to hear what this comp was all about
    • As far as the movie (Bad Moms), it’s decent. Had some funny moments, but the part I enjoyed the most was when the power went out near the end of the movie and they gave us free tickets for another movie. Looks like I’ll be going to see Suicide Squad soon!
  • 6:45pm – Feeds still down
  • 7:08pm – The feeds are finally back. I should have freakin guessed it was this competition.  The house is all torn up, and players are cleaning up now (except Natalie, who is eating chips).  Looking to see who won
    • pov-back
  • 7:45pm – I guess James did something during the competition that pissed Victor off, something about a prank.  Victor came in and saw James’ stuff all neat, so he pulled it all apart
    • James comes up to make sure things are alright between them
    • Victor says he hopes noms stay the same and they can get Z out. James says Paulie may have another idea, so they’ll talk about it later
    • James tells Victor that Paulie feels he can control Z more, and Michelle is more unpredictable, so she may have to go
    • Havenot food is cornbeef and hash. James and Corey are thrilled and say this is the best week to be HN
  • 8:00pm – Paulie is debating on keeping noms the same. Would be funny if he did that considering Z picked him as ‘houseguests choice’.  “Sure I’ll play for you, enjoy the block”
  • 8:17pm – The guys meet up in the HN Room…
    • Paulie tells Corey and James how he doesn’t want to use the veto, and needs their help to keep Z from going crazy
    • It sounds like he wants Michelle out, so it’s always smart to look like a complete asshole for no reason
    • Talk breaks up, they say they’ll resume later in the HoH room
  • 8:50pm – Paul and Paulie are together. Paul is telling him how everyone is pissed at James for whatever he did during the competition
    • Paulie is debating on telling Z he isn’t going to use it just to see her reaction.  It’s not really a tough decision. He has to use it. If he doesn’t, he’s going to look like an asshole to the house, and the viewers. You don’t win veto and leave your ‘showmance’ on the block, no matter how much she may annoy you in private.
    • Paulie mentions how they also have to split Corey and Nicole soon. They tell each other way too much
    • (took a break, but I paused it. Time to resume listening to PP)
    • They are tossing around ideas on who to send home in the future. Bridgette is a name being tossed around now
  • 10:00pm – Natalie is outside chatting with Big Cry while Victor is hanging out alone in the HoH room
    • nat-michelle
  • 11:30pm – Corey and Nicole are in the kitchen talking and Bridgette is playing pool by herself. This is probably a good time to close the thread since the house is dead

Overnight in the morning


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  1. Amberchelly

    You are so lucky he’s letting you go to the movies! Suicide Squad by chance?

  2. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    I miss the days where there was a food competition and they would have to work to get different food for the week.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2564 comments)

      I remember those SR. There was overall more work in the earlier seasons. More chances to shift alliances and possibly power. I realize that shows evolve over seasons, but production seems more lazy and now there are lazy contestants. The only way any of this may change would be loss of viewership. Unfortunately it seems most are content to watch the hum-drum contestants during the lazy days of summer.

  3. Jannie

    We all knew Derrick had a firm grip on the house in BB16, but Derrick was likeable.
    Paulie is a narcissistic a**hole, so not as much fun to watch.
    Did I mention that I hate them all?

  4. Avatar
    Kelli (5 comments)

    I honestly stopped watching for the first time since I started watching BB about 8 years ago. I just don’t care at all about this season. I check updates now occasionally through this site, but that’s about it!

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      I hear ya. I had that moment during the season of the racists, and when the Miami cougar and her pothead boyfriend were running things. I didn’t like them. This year is tough to watch, but at least they’re not a group of bad people like that year was.

    • ChiKelz

      @Kelli…It must be a “Kelli” thing! (Yes I am Kelli with an “i” also) I stopped watching last week when Da was put up. I refuse to watch showmances lay around and allow Paulie dictate to them what to do. I’m over it. No strategy or motivation. I check on here every few days for a laugh, but otherwise I’m done. I haven’t watch in a week already!

      • Mello_One

        @ ChiKelz,
        I wholeheartedly agree with you! When is BB going to stop casting weak Females on the show, and people who know how to play the Game?! Year after year it’s the same old same old, Females that are too weak to be shot callers!

        But when the Males of the Show find out about a Girl Alliance they are demonized, and thrown out of the BB House. And even if a Female shows any kind of Aggressiveness, (DAY) they are put on the Block, but Males are Not, for doing the same Damn thing!!! But when there is an All Male Alliance the girls play along with it, until they are ALL Evicted, aka Nicole.

        I’m also Sick & Tired of the Showmances, and the Couple Alliances, aka Natalie/ James/Nicole/Corey/Paulie/Zakiyah. Back in the day on Big Brother, those were the 1st people that were put on the Block, and kicked out of the house!! But Allison Grodner, along with the Casting Director now Pushes the Showmances when Rachel, Brendan, Jeff, & Jordan became a hit…But it RUINS the Game!

        Personally for me, when Day left the house, the Interest Level of the Game dropped 98.8% for me…I just watch now because I want Paulie, & Nicole out.

    • Avatar
      Danielle Johnson (2 comments)

      Same here. I stopped watching and I only check back in for updates here and there. I have watched since 2000. Every summer I say this is the worst season. It just keeps going downhill instead of getting better.

      • Mello_One

        @ Danielle Johnson
        I here ya girl, I have watched BB since Season One, so it is TWICE as Bad for us who remember the Classic Big Brother Shows from back in the day! Seasons One through Season Nine of Big Brother were the Classic Episodes of the show. From there on it was Down Hill, I want BB to return to its pure form, to people who know how the game is played

        From Season Ten to this current Season they have Cast weak Girls, People who never heard of BB, and were Recruited, Cast for possible Showmances, there is Always a Dominant Boy, (Dan, & Derrick) & Boy Alliance…Girl Alliances are ALWAYS shot down, & done in by the Girls! Also almost every year the show has cast the same people, i.e., the Model, the Gay Person, the Jock, the Nerd, the Cowboy…Ugh?!

  5. Shivani33

    Paulie playing in the Veto comp? I’m surprised that he didn’t tell production that this just isn’t how it’s done!

  6. Avatar

    Take out Z, Michelle is a wet noodle can be toss away any time

  7. Colby

    Well that should be an interesting veto comp, with Paulie, Nicole, and James all trying to throw it so they don’t have to use it as they promised. Maybe they should just play ‘hot potato’. lol

  8. AIO_7

    For this week I’m open to letting Paulie’s “will be done”. If I never have to lay eyes on Z. again I’ll be happy.

    BTW, I read somewhere else that about 2 days ago that Z. was dry humping Paulie with her butt cheeks exposed even in front of other house guests. Did any one see this? I didn’t, and sorry if it’s been brought up before.

    • Colby

      It was Wednesday night after the half way party. Steve posted a picture of her butt hanging out.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2785 comments)

      I didn’t see her butt exposed, but I definitely saw her “riding” Paulie. It was really weird. I also know that Day told her at some point that evening that she needed to put some clothes on because she was looking slutty in front of America, so it’s entirely possible that her butt was hanging out while she was doing her rodeo act on Paulie.

  9. Avatar

    Tip bartenders good, they will fix you up with strong drinks. Avoid the Lincoln exhibit. Goes on forever. We’ll miss you here. These are the MOST boring bunch in years. Actually looking forward until the end. Have fun.

  10. katheryn
    katheryn (94 comments)

    Bb please some excitement please

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  12. Shivani33

    Paul and Paulie were on opposite sides last night and debated without reaching any agreement. Paul and Victor wanted Zakiyah out, but Paulie and James were wanting it to be Michelle. Even though Paulie has talked often about Zakiyah needing to go, he has said that Michelle is more trouble, spreading rumors and freaking out. So it’s possible that Paulie will actually try to win the ongoing Veto comp and remove Z. from the block. He said earlier that if he won, he wouldn’t use the PoV. But I don’t think that he wants Michelle to have the chance to save herself or to be saved by anyone else. And he doesn’t want Victor to win, that’s for sure.

  13. Avatar
    Katie (3 comments)

    As much as I adore the BB franchise, I may not watch future seasons. I miss the seasons with *actual* contestants of all ages with life experience, not these modelesque young eye candy with no real skills or abilities. CBS: WE WANT NEW CASTING! Give us more Glens! Bring back the Chicken Georges! Throw in an occasional Janelle and Rachel (even though they were annoying) but PLEASE cast real people. The way this show is going, it may as well be picked up by Nickelodeon instead of CBS. And I wish they would quit with ALLLLL the twists. One or two is fine, but the twists have been interfering with what little game strategy that could be played here. If the surprises lessened, the floaters wouldn’t be coasting by every week. For all the love, I’m so tired of watching the children on this show…for the time invested in this 3-day-a-week show, the pay off is extremely low.

  14. Kneeless
    Kneeless (1782 comments)

    It is no secret that I’m not a fan of Paul’s or any of this cast. I don’t have an issue with either Z or Michelle leaving BUT, if the girls don’t pull it together they will get picked off, one by one. Nicole thinks she’s in a good situation being with the boys but those boys will cut her off long before they go after another guy. I’m not sure any of the remaining girls really think they can win nor really try to win. Nice said she just wanted to finish better than on her first season. I have said it many times, over many years, give us some regular people of various ages. Maybe even an ancient person, like myself, I’m 54! Definitely need some strong women, fewer Michelle’s!

  15. Avatar
    Michaela (8 comments)

    The anticipation is killing me. Lol. I wonder what’s taking so long? I thought this was gonna be a simple comp!

    • Avatar

      Me too! What in the world would take 7 hours?!?!? It’s killing meeee! What are yalls predictions on the comp?

      • Avatar
        Michaela (8 comments)

        I wish I had a prediction. But as of right now, I don’t know what to think. Especially since the back yard wasn’t closed for very long prior to the comp.

      • Colby

        I’m thinking it may be some sort of indoor comp and the backyard was closed for a short time to move in a porta-potty and some provisions for them. If so, they would have to be locked out while the comp was set up and then played.
        I remember two past indoor ones.
        One was where they had to search the house for hidden cards. I don’t remember the details, but I think they went one at a time. I do remember the house was trashed and that James won it.
        The other one was where the house was filled with balloons (one had the veto in it) and they had to pop them to find it. Again, the house was trashed, but I don’t think it took hours and hours to do.
        Does anyone remember the details of either of these?

      • Avatar

        Were almost at 8 hours y’all!! Omgeeeee! I do remember the card one that James won. It was pretty long. They all had to go in one at a time and hide their card, then they all went back in one at a time, and I think they had like 5 mins or something to find a card. Idk what could take 8 hours tho! I was kinda thinking zing bot too, but isn’t it just a little early for him? Idk, I do know the waiting is killing me!! Eeeeekkkkkk! I wanna know what’s going on!!!,

    • Amberchelly

      I wonder if it’s Zingbot and they cut the feeds for him to come out and do his string of insults while they continued prepping for the comp. Then again after to insult the losers. It would at least for the HOH theme with troll bashing. I could be totally off though who knows?! 🙂

  16. Amberchelly

    Oh yeah Colby -the lights out comps where they are searching in the dark. Or the picture puzzle zip line.

  17. Mello_One

    Heads Up…Paulie Won the Veto! He should NOT even played in the Veto Comp!!! This Show has become very Predictable now, & Boring, Just Write Paulie the Damn Check already?!

  18. Avatar

    Ok so Paulie won! Is there anything he can’t or won’t win?!? Ok so if being in a showmance, being in a block of 4 people/votes of 2 showmances, being codys brother and coached by Derrick, and controlling the house doesn’t make him a threat or at least make his name come up as someone to worry about, wonder if winning almost every. Single. Comp. and throwing the ones he didn’t win, will be enough to be seen as dangerous now? If these people can not see the danger that surrounds Paulie and if they don’t think about getting him out, they have to go down in history as the dumbest cast EVER. EVERRRRRRRR. I’m tellin y’all, they better take their shot asap or go ahead and deposit his check. RIDICULOUS and just UNBELIEVABLE.

  19. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    This has worked out perfectly for “The Godfather”.He will use the POV to save Z.Meech will be voted out.Then,double eviction and Z will be gone.So,he’ll be a hero and trustworthy to Z and Meech,who he also wanted gone will be because of someone else’s hand.So,Paulie gets both of the girls out that he wanted out and has no blood on his hands again!!

  20. ingodog
    ingodog (123 comments)

    Does anyone else wish that next year they cast all NEW people. I for one don’t want to see former house guests, so and so brother or sister, or girlfriend. Please put people who are average Joes or janes, who could really use the money. Not over privileged kids.

    • Avatar
      Shawn Watson (38 comments)

      I don’t mind past houseguest but for God Sake pick the ones that actually played hard. That’s why I didn’t mind Day and Frank as returnees. They weren’t the most successful in their original seasons but you can’t say they didn’t play hard both times around.

      James and Nicole were a waste of a spot in both seasons. I’m just guessing both were picked because BB thinks America likes them. Sorry but I thought Nicole was a tramp the first time around and she looks even worse this time around. I’ll bet her patents are real proud of her giving hand jobs on the live feeds.

      With that said, I do wish they’d pick more average joes and heck even throw in 3 or 4 ugly people to keep the house more balanced.

      • Avatar

        That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. But James was the most favorite player in his season and Nicole one of the favorite in hers. You don’t have to like her but you don’t have to malign her reputation when you know nothing about her. You have no idea what’s going on that you can’t see. You can imagine or suppose all you want but you have not seen her do what you accused her of doing. Have you not heard Corey talking about having black balls from not doing anything? And what is it about her that looks like a tramp? Most of the time she doesn’t have make up on. She seldom fixes her hair and her clothing is not revealing at all. Why don’t you apply for bb? You could be one of the uglies since you appear to judge people by how you think they look. You are attacking people personally instead of how they play the game.

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        @shawn Exactly Nicole is doing what she did her season, NOTHING. Besides, up under another man and throwing people the UTB. She’s a joke!

      • Avatar
        Angel (35 comments)

        Trudy HUSH…I know you’re the queen of the saggy titty committee aka puppy/post patrol, but damn! Shawn and Cyn exactly right, Nicole is a Slut!! And puts herself out there for the world to see. Getting sexually fondled and making-out on tv with someone guy she met qualifies her as such. And to be fair Cory is a slut too! Bringing Nicole back was total waste, can’t wait for the Fruit Loop Dingus to be clipped again…Trudy do yourself a have a favor and find something more gratifying do other than harassing people who post on this site! You’re too old for that!

      • Avatar

        i was brought up not to call people names and attack them personally esp people I dont even know. But you can call me anything you like and it doesn’t bother me because you don’t know anything about me. You have not seen Nicole get sexually fondled. You can imagine anything you like but nothing like that has been shown at all. You can’t even compare it to z lying on top of Paulie humping all over him with her butt hanging out of her clothes and going around telling everyone she doesn’t have panties right before getting in the bed with Paulie. Plus telling Nicole she did something stupid with Paulie she shouldn’t have done. You can imagine anything you want that might be going on under the covers but unless you actually see it or someone says they did something then you are just making things up and that’s called malicious gossip. If you don’t agree with my posts just don’t read them and pass them by.

      • Avatar
        Shawn Watson (38 comments)

        @Trudy, I actually did attack Nicole and James for not playing the game though. I never once attacked anyone for their looks. You seem to have taken the ugly comment personally.

      • Avatar
        Angel (35 comments)

        @Trudy Z and Paulie are sluts too. You’re absolutely correct on that. But Nicole is also a slut and both she and James are playing a terrible game as returning vets.

  21. Shivani33

    I see Victor is mad at James. Even though he doesn’t want Paulie to use the veto, if he does, Victor is sputtering about putting up James. The house was trashed, James messed up the kitchen. Bad James!

    • Jenny M
      Jenny M (1340 comments)

      James did the same thing last year in this comp – he was throwing cereal around the kitchen just to make a mess. I’d be pissed at him too!

  22. Shivani33

    Paul trying to smooth things out between Victor and James. Bridgette only caring about finding Frank’s old shirt.

  23. Colby

    The have not food is hashbrowns and corned beef hash, to go along with the hashtag HOH comp.

  24. Elaine
    Elaine (2564 comments)

    I am on my last nerve with this season and the remaining HGs. Soooo, I am reliving Season 16…..what a great season, especially compared with this! No vets that are deja’ vu to their previous BB experience (yea) and some super fun and strategic moments. By the way, Donny’s beard wins, compared with Paul’s! Loved Donny.

  25. Avatar

    Im about sick of this group of idiots too. Victor’s dumbass should’ve taken the info Da gave him on her way out, kept it to himself & ran with it. He should’ve put The Godfather & one of his soldiers up. This fool is just wasting his HOH & giving it to The Godfather again. They are all sitting ducks just waiting to be taken out by The Godfather.
    Zakiyah is The Godfather’s Victoria & bed wh*re. That girl is going need all kinds of therapy by the time he’s done with her. She has made herself look like such a slut on national tv, she practically made a porn flick. She had better hope her actions don’t affect her job when she goes home because there are going to be parents who won’t want her teaching their children. What must her friends & family think of her? She is not the type of girl that I would want my son bringing home to meet me & I would be mortified if one of my sons treated a woman the way Paulie is treating her. Ass someone said earlier, Z was dickmatized. Even when she goes to the jury house & Da fills her in on all that Paulie has done, Z is going to remain loyal to him & give him her jury vote because she is STUPID AS HELL.
    America (my dumbass included) wasted that care package giving it to James because he’s not going to make any good use of it. I liked James but he’s pissing me off with his so called game play (doing what the house wants, checking with Paul & Paulie before he does anything as if he has no mind of his own).
    Paulie is low down & dirty & his game play is low. It’s wrong on so many levels to treat someone the way he’s treated Z. The thing about it is could cause psychological damage to that girl although it seems she probably already needed some kind of therapy before Paulie dickmatized her.
    Meech like Z is a waste of space. That girl & that ugly ass cry of hers. I wish someone would just tell her to stop that fake shit & suck it up or shut up.

  26. Avatar

    Can someone fill me in on what went on between James & Victor?

    • Ingodog
      Ingodog (123 comments)

      I think it’s about the mess James made in the kitchen. Throwing food around and such.

      • Shivani33

        James said something to Victor during the veto comp that made Victor mad, altough it was probably meant to be funny. Victor got more angry when the group went back in the house after the comp. Every person’s personal things were dumped and scattered, but James’s bag was neat and untouched. So Victor dumped James’s bag out to match the mess that James had made of everyone else’s stuff. Also, James created a crazy kitchen mess. Victor is kind of a neat freak, so that set him off, too. Both guys got over it after a little while. But they continue to grumble about one another behind each other’s backs. Frenemies.

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  28. Avatar
    Mike (1 comments)

    This season turned around when Da’ turned on Frank. If Da’ would not have turned, this season would be completely different, but instead we have another boring season because no one is going to go after Paulie. James is doing this season what he did last season and that’s to do everyone else’s dirty work because he’s to much of wussy to think for himself.

  29. Avatar
    cas (14 comments)

    I actually am a fan of Nicole, However her game play this season has gone downhill just like her original season when she got distracted by a showmance. She needs to clear her eyes and see what is going on around her before she is the next one gone! Corey isn’t helping her with the guys and just letting her get thrown under the bus and the girls don’t like her because her showmance. She is literally screwed these next few evictions, if she doesn’t start winning things and putting all the pieces of where she lies in the house together.

    • Avatar

      I agree. She’s my favorite but there is really not much else she could have done. At least she has aligned herself with the power this time. At this point she should be one of last girls standing and then just needs to win hoh and get big person up. Also going with girls would only hurt her and I think frank ruined bridge and Nicole trusting one another. Bridge aligned herself with guys also therefore taking her much further than she should have gone remember they wanted her out after frank and she’s still standing with several more targets before her

  30. Avatar

    It was funny when Paulie said that this season have so many strong minded players, are you kidding me???

  31. Shivani33

    Nicole reports what the girls say straight back to the guys. Every female in the house knows it, because Nicole isn’t very subtle about being a double agent. This is how come the girls don’t trust her or really think of her as a friend in the game. Nicole is doing her best to be allied with the guys’ power grip on the decision making. Bridgette also thinks that she’s in pretty good standing with the guys, but she doesn’t bother with the double agent stuff. Both of these women want to be the last female standing within the ranks of a male-dominant game. The two of them should be allies, but they’re not. Nicole is too busy obsessing over her big meathead to have a real game connection with Bridgette. #Winning.

    • Avatar

      What normal half intelligent girl would want to align herself with mich, z or nat? Bridge and Nicole aware men have the power so going with them as they believe they will go further. They know guys will cut them but better later than now and the longer you stay the better chance you have of strange things happening you are right that Nicole does not do very good job of being sneaky. It’s just not in her personality. But she’s not pretending to be in alliance with the girls or really quizzing them they have just said lots of things in front of her and she repeats to her alliance just as everyone else in house does. And Nicole is nice to everyone in house. She is not a mean girl like mich and z. It’s against her nature

      • NKogNeeTow

        Trudy, Trudy, Trudy…Nicole IS nice to everyone in the house….To their face. But once they turn their backs to her, she’s a Rat. And yes she is a mean girl in the house. Possibly one of the meanest. She just hides it better.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Both Nicole and Gidget are valuable to the boys. But for the wrong reasons. The only thing that makes them valuable is they bring info to the boys on the other girls, thus giving them the upper hand in deciding which one is the most dangerous at the moment and should go next. Once they have eliminated all the female threats, then Gidg and Nic are toast. They can forget the Final Anything.

      • Avatar

        But that strategy has gotten them this far and they will go further with it. I don’t expect Nicole to be anywhere near the finals but I do think she will be one of last girls standing. And Nicole isn’t saying nasty mean things about the girls behind their back, she’s just telling what they tell her. How is that different than James, victor, Paul, bridge, mich, day Corey. Etc. if I was in n the house I would first align myself with strongest people if I could. People expecting too much of Nicole as she is not a strong player. She wasn’t her season and although trying harder to play differently this season she’s still not a strong player although I don’t think she has put much effort in comps this year yet. Let’s face it- players this year pretty bad-we either pick a favorite or be like many and not like them all. I enjoy game more if I pick someone to cheer for. Last year after James went out all I cared about was Vanessa not win. Nicole’s season my favs were Nicole and Donny. So I seldom pick a winner. I do think you are wrong about her being mean.

      • Avatar
        cyn (782 comments)

        Nicole is the type to play innocent and befriend you while secretly backstabbing you. When she talks game with Corey, she’s in her true form besides that she’s a fake and phony individual. To be honest, Natalie is the only person that may be somewhere sincere.

  32. Avatar

    That was supposed to go under shivan post!!

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