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Will Paulie’s Plan Play Out Today? Saturday Feed Updates



Paul may be the HoH this week, but one thing is clear, it’s Paulie’s decisions that are playing out. To his credit, he has done a masterful job channeling his brother’s old ally (Derrick) this week. Paul started his reign of HoH pretty set on evicting Bridgette, but just two days later, the plan to backdoor Da’Vonne is well underway all courtesy of Paulie telling Paul what to think. The only difference between Paulie and Derrick is Paulie had to “Paulie” the week. Derrick would have never put himself on the block as a pawn, but Paulie’s arrogance had to leave his mark on the week, so he risked his season just to see the plan pull through. Honestly, he probably has very little to worry about because this house is full of terrible players, but I guarantee in a house full of All-Stars, Paulie goes home 10 out of 10 times.

Another note of the week, the trend to talk shit about people leading up to their eventual eviction continues, and this week Natalie gets to fill the void Frank left. Don’t worry, people are still trashing Bridgette, but that has mostly died down (for now) in exchange for Natalie.  Apparently she has a nickname among the boys, which is FT (“Fake Tits” as Paulie explained), and Victor is still furious she called him out during her eviction speech as someone who treats women poorly. Ironically, Victor’s way to handle that is going to be to nominate Nicole and Natalie and tell them off during his nomination speech (if he wins HoH next). Yes, good way to show you don’t treat women poorly by treating them poorly. Natalie is also not just disliked by the boys, but apparently the girls as well. Why? Good question, but I think it may have something to do with Z’s jealousy. I think I forgot to mention during that post is that Z initially became pissy when Natalie offered to paint Paulie’s nails or something stupid like that.

Seriously, this is the type of stuff I have to work with this season.


Anyway, I am going to be stepping out for a bit as I try to do on Saturday afternoons, but I will update feeds until then…

  • 9:18am – Feeds went down a few times today already. Early start for the house.
    • The first time, havenot food was revealed, and they were given marshmallows and trail mix.
    • The second time, PoV players were picked. Let’s see who they are…
    • Sounds like Paulie chose Victor as one
    • Corey and Natalie are the other two
    • James is wondering why Paulie chose Victor rather than him. Natalie says it’s because James may not have used it
    • James (of all people) is telling Natalie if she wins PoV, to make a deal to use it (hahaha)
  • 9:50am – Nicole is in the bedroom with Corey when Paulie joins
    • Paulie tells Nicole something about Day talking about her. I couldn’t hear much because they were super whispering
    • Paulie mentions how he is frustrated about not being able to play the way he wants to play because of Z
    • He is going on and on about how frustrated he is with Z and her drama. I guess they fought again last night because Z said all pro athletes cheat and Paulie took offense to that for the generalization
  • 10:50am – The house is waiting for the veto comp. They think it’s going to be a luxury style comp, and I agree. I just have that feeling.
    • Going to head out for a little bit. Will report when I get home
  • 4:45pm – I am home finally. Veto competition is complete
    • Paulie won the power of veto.  Operation backdoor Da’Vonne is still under way
    • Victor and Corey seem to be the only two awake right now. Must have been a tiring PoV
  • 7:15pm – (back from a nap) Backyard is open, most are hanging around outside
    • All the guys are in the hottub together.  (not that there is anything wrong with that)
    • natalie-laughing
    • Natalie is talking about some kid she used to chase around while she was a kid
    • They have Da’Vonne read a verse from the bible, and all the guys baptize each other
    • guysdunking
    • Note – If you are on Facebook often, and want to help run out page to increase the fun and activity, please use the contact form and let me know.
  • 7:45pm – Z is talking to Nicole, and she said she hopes she didn’t offend Natalie with the care package comment. She apparently said ‘damn, I wouldn’t want that one’ (about the nevernot pass)
    • Z is talking about Bridgette getting one, but she said she’ll be gone this week, so it won’t matter (this should be fun if they keep it hidden from a few people)
    • Most of the girls (minus Bridge) are outside talking. I guess they were given some wine, and the topic of conversation is the bottle of wine Bridgette was hording
    • They joke how they want to tell her she’s going home this week, so she may as well drink up
  • 8:30pm – Paul is going to lock himself in the phone booth downstairs and chug the beers he was given.
    • paul-chugging
  • 8:45pm – Oh boy. Michelle is saying how she thinks Paul is getting cute, but she’s intimidated because he’s dated Disney Channel actors
    • Please, not another showmance
    • Nicole comes in. Michelle asks if Corey and her kissed. Nicole says not a full blown kiss.  They’ve done a lot more than a peck on the cheek
    • Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey are talking about future plans. They want to get Michelle out fairly soon because she can be dangerous
    • Paulie has been talking up Cody’s game. Saying how in the end, it’s not about popularity, it’s about best strategic player.  While true, he is also saying people were just bitter at Cody for being buddies with them then cutting them loose.
  • 9:40pm – Natalie and James are in the bedroom talking (zzzz), and Michelle is jogging around the yard.  Where is Paul the drunk?
    • Michelle is talking about her jealousy over Bridgette and Frank.  Ugh
  • 10:20pm – Someone drank too much
    • nicole-tumble
  • 11:30pm – Not a lot going on in the house. People sitting around the hottub chatting.  It feels weird seeing them outside all day. Feels like a Sunday.  With that, off to bed

Pretty sure there will be an overnight in the morning


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  1. Elaine

    Man I could be a HN this week with trail mix and marshmallows. Back in the day when America voted there were choices like liver and licorice…ick!

    • Avatar

      Now I want some marshmallows! ?

    • Shivani33

      It’s so funny about the marshmallows. My little grandsons had just picked horseradish and marshmallows for the have-nots. They would’ve given them white rice , too. We all would be quite happy to eat trail mix and marshmallows for a week, as long as the trail mix had chocolate chips in it. My mom is going to be 99 soon and suggested a purple diet for the have-nots, featuring beets, eggplant and boysenberries. She wants them to spend a week running to the bathroom.

    • Avatar

      That’s about all I do eat!! Candy & junk food, great thing I work in dentistry. I remember when America got to vote, slip really WAS yucky stuff, now I’m getting trail mix & marshmallows to make trail mix “bars” yum!

  2. JD

    If Da goes home it’s Paulie’s game to lose. She’s the only one willing to try to get him out but doesn’t win or have the support and votes. No one is playing for themselves. Victor might but Paulie has a tight grip on the house of mindless zombie floaters.

    • Elaine

      It is to a lot of their advantage to get out Day, so that should be the plan if Paulie comes off. Paul, Paulie have talked with Bridge and she might be a number for them, and not a danger at this point. Day is gunning for them, so if possible they should send her packing soon.

      • Avatar

        That’s the problem though, unless Paulie wins the POV, he should never come off. I don’t care who you’re aligned with, you get the chance to take out the biggest player in the game, you take it 100% of the time.

        Rasputin could even use that to make a concrete case on why he should win this season, however he’s too busy going after “real” targets like Bridgette and Natalie. If it weren’t for Paulie pushing to get Da’Vonne out, I don’t even think Rasputin would have thought of it.

        I can only hope that in her final speech to the house Da’Vonne will point out to the house just how Paulie is controlling everything. Unfortunately the idiots in the house will immediately react with “what is she talking about? We just saved Paulie, he owes us. Plus we like like him…”

    • Avatar

      @ JD
      YES! Paulie is gonna Pick them All off one by one, and they will go willingly…Because just as in Derrick’s Seanson, which Dummy Nicole was a Part of they are too stupid to fight back!!!

      But check this out…I believe Day has the Envelope to return her back into the House! Envelope #EIGHT, and if Day should return back into the House she is gonna Blow Everyone’s game Up especially Paulie’s, Nicole’s, Corey’s, & Paul’s. She also need to call out Zaki too for being a weakling for a Dude she hardly knows!

  3. Elaine

    It is interesting that James, Mr. “You can bounce checks in the BB house” wants Nat Nat to make deals, that others can use to go back on their words, just as James did. He is so annoying this season.

  4. Avatar

    Okay. So why would Paulie pick the one person he evicted a few weeks earlier to play veto knowing he’s on the block? Secondly DA is looking a little more dangerous than Paulie. I mean she has the girls and it doesn’t seem like Vic or James have a problem with her as this very moment. It seems like they want other targets?

    • Elaine

      Vic doesn’t want to be a target so he aligned with Paul and Paulie. I think he and Bridge are willing to move to a numbers-high side of the house because both have been/are targets. Plus that is the strategy side of the house. The other side is with someone like Michelle, who wants Bridge to go out because of catty girl crap.

  5. Avatar

    If anyone but Paulie wins the POV, why on earth would they use it? These people are so stupid! Their rationale should be that even though they’re aligned with Paulie, he’s the king of the alliance and getting rid of him would be beneficial to winning $500k.

    Instead their rationale will be, we like Paulie, we want to get rid of people who we don’t like, no matter how little of a chance those people have of winning.

    Why don’t they just give him the HOH room permanently and put up the big novelty check on the wall in the kitchen so that he can just bring it out with him? I had hope for Victor, but if his plan is to put up two women and yell at them just to show how he’s not angry towards women, he has zero hope.

    What a lame cast they have this year. This is almost as bad as when they had the racists, the overbearing cougar from Miami, and her loser pothead…I mean pizza delivery boyfriend. Almost

    • Avatar

      I’m thinking Da will get get james Nat to flip. I’m pretty sure James already knows they have to take the shot and will tell Nat to follow. Then they will just need Michelle or Nicole, I think both would. Even in this house I say Paulie is 100% gone if he doesn’t win POV.

      • Colby

        I don’t think Nichole would flip. She know Da is gunning for her and Da has been her only real target since she figured out she couldn’t trust her early on.

      • Elaine

        James can be convinced only if he knows the numbers are there. Nic I think would be happy for Day to go. If Bridge is still on the block, Michelle wants her out. Zzz and Paulie are on the outs (boo hoo) so she might be a vote to get him out. At this point I don’t see Paulie being 100% gone if he doesn’t win veto.

      • Avatar

        Nicole won’t flip for day. She’s wanted her out a long time. Knows she plays everyone against everyone.

      • Avatar

        @ [email protected]
        All of the girls would vote Victor out. Because Victor is a EATING MACHINE, & is eating them out of house and home…LOL!

    • Avatar

      I absolutely agree about the lame cast members. I wish they could be you are common to see what we really think of them. If they knew how poorly we thought they were doing and might step their game up

  6. Avatar

    Steve, did you (or any of the readers) hear Julie say that jury was beginning? I did not. Which makes me think they will do a seven person jury beginning in two weeks from Thursday. Which would also fall in line with Aug. 18th being the last valid day of the round trip ticket. Thoughts?

  7. Shivani33

    I saw no indication of any plotting to vote out Paulie last night. Apparently Paulie’s new alliance with Bridgette includes using her in his voting block to get out Day, then Nicole – whittle down the rest of the girls, including Z. He had a confrontation with Z. again. This time, Paulie told her that she contributes nothing and failed to volunteer herself to go up on the block as a pawn. He also told various guys that he’s really ready to axe her. He was more angry than usual about this, and Z. must be livid to notice his long conversations with Bridgette, the ever receptive disciple of power players. Bridgette is resurrected, plus Paulie knows that she is better at comps than other women and has no real female alliance, since the women have never allowed her into the hen parties. I’m looking forward to the results of the veto comp and likely renomination. Even though this doesn’t look like any “expect the unexpected” moment, as much as I’d love one of those.

    • Avatar

      Yes! I wish he would cut Z pre Jury. I bet that would be better for his own game too. Not having her lurking around every corner, not to listen to game talk… But to freak the heck out for him talking to another girl. Dora is much more useful to him.

      • Avatar

        Yes, yes, my thoughts exactly. I thought this was the start of jury. I never heard Julie say it, I just thought it was since the battle back was done. I really really really hope they get Z out before jury. Like u said Amberchelly, that ditzy dumbell would be lurking around every corner. I can just see her waiting for Paulie front & center when he walks out of the BB house when the game is over. He’s going to be needing a restraining order against the “Bunny boiler.”

    • AIO_7

      ….”since the women have never allowed her into the hen parties.”

      That’s not quite true; in the beginning she was tight with Bronte, Natalie, and a probable half girl, Josea.

      • Shivani33

        That’s true, and I’m exaggerating about Bridgette, mainly because of her self-isolation with Frank. And they better leave my Natalie aloooone!!!! too! I like James okay, but I hope that Natalie outlasts him. No real reason other than finding her lovable as a human being.

      • NKogNeeTow

        “a probable half girl, Josea.”….ROFL

  8. Alda

    Why doesn’t Paulie’s name even get brought up ever?I would take Derrick over Paulie any day.Derrick wasn’t as arrogant and didn’y have his mouth moving 24/7.The way he lays on the bed and everyone is gathered all around him like servants makes me ill.Please wake up and send him packing soon.This new hatred for Nat makes no sense either.What a bunch of evil people.

    • AIO_7

      “This new hatred for Nat makes no sense either.What a bunch of evil people.”

      They better leave my Natalie alone.

    • Jenny M

      I can’t stand listening to Paulie talking game. He’s so freaking arrogant! Nobody knew Derrick was running the house, which was why he won. Paulie has declared himself the king and everyone just accepts it. I would love to see his butt go out the door Thursday!

      • Avatar

        @ Jenny M
        Ikr…Just wait until Zaki goes home and watches what her so called Showmance, Paulie has to say about her?! Zaki is going to be forever HUMILIATED! Can’t Zaki tell when a Guy just isn’t that into you???

  9. Avatar

    Do these people even know how to play BB? You take out the most dangerous, influential target, which is Paulie right now. Da’Vonne has already lost her following.
    A lot of fast forwarding through BBAD today. Ten seconds of that vulgar, self-centered moron Paul is more than I can stand.

  10. Avatar

    I LOVE every single one of yalls comments! Every one is right on point! I am just beside myself and in disbelief that these people are really “playing” the game like this. It’s like they forgot why they are there and are just there to hang out and talk about everyone. The vets and “super fans” have absolutely no excuse! They should know better! This season is just unbelievable. I bet if CBS hadn’t cut out the booing after Christine, almost everyone would have been booed. I know I’ve noticed everyone who’s been evicted just got weak clapping. No screams, yells or whoooohooos! I’d say maybe Frank got the loudest applause and it wasn’t much. I hope James wakes up and sees the opportunity right in front of him this week and then fills everyone in. It’s not gonna happen much anymore if it even does. Knowing this house tho every single one would sprint to Paulie and tell him then James would be the enemy! Ughhhhh!

  11. Avatar

    If Bridgette wins the POV this week could actually turn out to be very interesting. What happens if Day and Paulie are on the block. I’ll assume Day has James, Nat and Meecch on her side and Paulie has Z, Corey Nichole and Vic. Although Paulie has the numbers still, and I think the Bridgette/Meech drama might swing her (Bridge) over to Paulie, I don’t think it’s obvious who stays in that scenario because they are both big players and I’m hoping the house is not as stupid as they’ve thus far displayed. Like Steve mentioned, someone is getting huge BB points by the end of the week.

  12. Avatar

    Paulie won the veto guys. I think Da is about to be in deep doodoo now!!!

  13. danmtruth

    Da still has hope when she is put up She needs to rekindle Meech Springer hate of Bridget . Convince James & Nat to make a big move . Also that the ” house ” wants Paulie out Next remind Vic it was Paulie who backdoor him At last is her beauty shop partner Zzz who she needs to convince that Paulie is using her which he is She needs the 5 votes Because if it’s a 4-4 tie i see paul staying with his beard broham
    In any case Bridget must have flash back of her friend Bronte going . Now her fate will be in Paulie keeping his minions in line
    Than again all this can go out the window if Paul does not put Da up on the block.

  14. Avatar

    I read on Jokers that Corey told Nicole he has ADD & is on Adderall but he couldn’t bring it because BB told him that it would be considered an advantage so he’s been off his meds for BB. Now we know why his eyeballs are always bobbing & weaving. He’s going to be needing more than Adderall when he gets out of the BB House because Nicole is going to drive him bat shit crazy with her whining.

    • Avatar

      He has a medical disorder and it’s no laughing matter. Completely explains his symptoms everyone has been making fun of him about!! They really should have let him have his Meds because they don’t give him an advantage but indeed make him equal to him. Not having his Meds gives him a disadvantage in playing all parts of the game!!without the Meds he’s not able to focus in comps or social situations or in game strategy. There is nothing stupid or slow about him. He should be on his Meds!! You give adder all to person who does not need it will give them unfair advantage but take it away from add and they can’t cope like a normal person. Corey at big disadvantage in this game!! Unfair!!

      • Avatar

        You know, it’s true, he shouldn’t be made fun of but it wasn’t meant to be mean. I for one understand because I get made fun of saying I look like im shaking like a fish out of water when I have a seizure. Corey should be on his meds but it was his decision to go on the show & not take his meds. He told Nicole he couldn’t focus well but he’s fine without his meds. His choice.

      • Avatar

        I agree, Trudy! It’s unfair to him.

      • Elaine

        Corey seems to be doing okay. It was his choice to go on the show and follow whatever rules there were regarding medication.

      • Colby

        There didn’t used to be a rule about taking Adderall because I remember past houseguest’s talking about it. Actually Amanda comes to mind. Maybe that is why they changed the rule.

    • Jenny M

      doesn’t explain why he thinks trying to set a live goat on fire is funny. I still hate the guy.

  15. Avatar

    Y’all, I’m tellin y’all, Natalie is smarter than anyone gives her credit for! She has realized many things before anyone else. She just now said Paulie is going to win this game! James says oh he’s for sure final 5 or 6! Natalie already knows but I don’t think she’s strategic enuf to know how to make everyone see it! Unless someone does something quick, she will be right! If they don’t get rid of that 4 person voting block, they will all be talking about it in the jury house instead of sitting in the final 2 seats.

    • Avatar

      They all know Paulie in top dog spot but at this point being with him keeps them safe at least so far. Can’t really go against him now as others would go against the plan and they would go out!!

    • Avatar

      Yes I read that too! Natalie is totally onto Paulie’s game. If they can rally up the votes and keep Da for the numbers, they can get rid of Paulie. I hope Nat or James can pull a HOH and BD Paulie.

      • Elaine

        I am all for the others playing the game and making moves against Paulie. I will even give them props lol. I just get tired of them saying they make big moves when they don’t or when they haven’t made any moves at all. Go for it!

    • Avatar

      @ Amber B
      True, Nat Nat, & Day Absolutely see what is going! Only problem with that is that they BOTH can’t win Comps!

      • Avatar

        It would love to see Day pull all of them in a room a something like: “Ok guys do y’all wanna look like a bunch of weak, spineless, gullible dummies or do y’all want to be a part of an epic, crazy, memorable season and have a real shot at winning?!? We have to stick together, keep our mouths shut and our plans to ourselves and get these strong players out who are controlling the house and moving us around like puppets!! Stop being weak, little girls and act like grown women! We can do this!”

        Hahahahaha yeah right! It would be great tho!

      • Avatar

        Hey AmberB, who do you think would be the first one out of that room & straight to Paulie to tell him what Da said? Those dummies would fall over each other trying to get to the Godfather to rat Da out.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann: That damn house has more rats than the alley behind a Chinese restaurant.*smh*

      • Jenny M

        dammit NKNT, now i want Chinese food!

      • AIO_7

        “dammit NKNT, now i want Chinese food!”

        Problem is, there might be rat in the food; or maybe just a blend with the neighborhood cat.

  16. Avatar

    I think James and Nat are finally onto Paulie! They realize each week he’s in total power. Also Michelle isn’t really on board with bd’ing Da. I think if Da campaigns, she may have a chance to save herself.

    • Avatar

      @ Cyn
      Agreed, in fact Nat Nat just said to James that Paulie is gonna win this game, because he is in Total Control!

      If James was smart he would start a MUTINY with some of the other HG to stop him! Btw, I absolutely “hated” Season 16 of BB, those HG just let Derrick win that season…Dude NEVER sat on the Block, and Cody, Smdh allowed him to win the $500.000, stupid!

      • Avatar

        In fact, that’s when I began watching BB. I could not believe they let him walk out 500K so easily. Paulie think he’s Derrick 2.0 but he is not. He’s cold, deceitful and egotistical. This dude is constantly kicking Z back in and recently mentioned, “Da and Z being schemers” of the house. I kinda took that personal! I liked Paulie initially but he’s a complete joke and I pray he doesn’t win this!

    • Avatar

      James knows that Day wants to split up showmances, he won’t risk her splitting up him and Natalie (probably the strongest couple). I think he’d send her packing and convince himself that Paulie can be taken care of later.

    • Avatar

      I think Nat & James are onto Paulie too but the $500,000 question is will they try to do something about it or sit back & smile while Paulie prances on to the end & right on out the door with that fat check?

  17. JD

    Oh cheese n rice! There was a chance of something good happening and the Godfather wins. I know he’s playing a game well Derrick’so version of it but I really wanted to see Paulie out and see if the others would finally get out of their trance and start using their own brain to play the game. We’ve all said it many times we need more mature cast and more people wanting to fight for 500k. I am so tired of what the house wants, I am here just to get to jury, oh he’s so cute we’re going to have 10 beautiful children together and I will be Mrs. wait what’s his middle and last name? PLEASE BRING BACK OLD SCHOOL BIG BROTHER WHEN PEOPLE HAD GUTS, BRAINS AND COMPETITIVE SPIRIT TO WIN A CHANCE IN A LIFETIME OF 500K. Sorry for yelling. Ahem please bring back old school BB.

  18. Alda

    Is it time to write Paulie that big,fat check?If so,do it now and get ready for the next season,please.Don’t draw it out till Sept.His head won’t fit through the door in another seven weeks!!!

    • JD

      I agree 100%. Just give him the check call it a season and let us all go back to our lives and enjoy the rest of summer. Lol

    • Elaine

      Paulie still has a long way to go. Right now, he seems to be in control. If all of the floaters start playing the game, there can be a shift. It requires that some of them pick a side, which they seem incapable of doing. Don’t write him that check yet. JD, go ahead and enjoy the rest of the summer anyway.

  19. JD

    One more thing. Other than putting himself on the block which was all his ego and feeling untouchable Derrick and Cody coached him well. It’s not an original game plan or his own brain working it out but he was coached well. Could this be considered Derrick playing as a vet outside the hous with Paulie being his stand in?? Lol

  20. Avatar

    Y’all won’t ever hear me say Paulie is equivalent to Derrick! Derrick is my all time fav player! There will never be another! I do think Paulie is playing a good game tho.

  21. Avatar

    Da’Vonne is not a Stupid Woman, she may not be able to win at Comps, but she has Great insights as to what is happening before her in the Game…

    Day knows that she is gonna be the Replacement NOM, even though no one has said anything to her…In the BB house when you are Locked Up with each other 24/7 you can tell by how the other HG react towards you…That U are being Back Doored! Trust me Day knows, but I also think she has the the Envelope to return her back into the house. #Envelope 8

    • NKogNeeTow

      I really hope she does have it, even if just to throw a monkey wrench in The Godfather’s game. Would be funny if she blew up his game in her nom speech, and made the rest of them see what his deal really is. Then get voted out, then comes right back in, with the rest of the house realizing Paulie’s scamming. She should call out Nic too. That would be priceless.

      Paulie and Nic have been going around the house lying to each and every one of them about what people are saying. If only these numbnuts would compare notes while they are all in the room together, I think the dynamic of the whole house would change. But, that’s just wishful thinking.

      PS: Anybody else notice how all of a sudden MaryAnn’s mouth is getting just as trashy as Sunburn’s?

      • AIO_7

        PS: Anybody else notice how all of a sudden MaryAnn’s mouth is getting just as
        trashy as Sunburn’s?

        I haven’t, but then again I don’t watch BBAD as religiously as some, nor do I have a catty built in bias against Mary Ann.

  22. Avatar

    At least if they go after Da’Vonne this week, that’s back to back weeks where big players have been sent home. However that really only leaves 1 strong player left and he’s in control. BUT, from what I see on here it seems like perhaps James is starting to get into game mode, if he is, maybe there’s still some hope? Who knows, maybe a few of them will decide that $500K is better than getting people you hate out?

  23. Avatar

    The only player in this game is a Victor. He played so hard in the battle of the block he reminds me of Rachel. I’m so sick of Natalie and James laying around like they deserve the prize call Corey and Nicole. I wish they would be stricter with the rules. And if they’re not participating I need to be on slop and Have Nots

  24. Avatar

    I remember the season they use that active fit bands. I wish they would use those again and have a consequence for not being actively participating

  25. Avatar

    Oh What It Did update I just seen that Paulie won pov. Just got interesting now day on the Block. Make this game worth watching again

  26. danmtruth

    Can we get a saucer of milk for Zzz & Meech All they do is talk crap about other girls in the show Zzz goes blind rage when Paulie shows any interest in another women.

  27. danmtruth

    Dlavone is feeling threaten She now has her bible out She runs around cussing Frank in the DR Backstabs people All part of the game no problem But when things start to turn on her out comes the bible Just to remind people they can trust her That’s a lie

  28. Avatar

    NKogNeeTow, are you watching BBAD? Can you hear me screaming at the television? I can’t stand Z. She is weak, obviobviously attention seeking, petty, jealous, man hungry, childish & silly. I can’t wait for that brainless twit to get out of the house & see the show for herself & see what Paulie really thinks of her. I cannot stand that girl. Her voice & that little girll walki s not cute.

    • Avatar

      I said it before, and I’ll say it again: Z is really starting to show her true colors. She just went on like a 10 minute bashing tirade against James, Nat, Victor, and a few other people in the house.. She even had the nerve to say that “we” are allowing some people to just slide through the game… Really girl? What competitions have you even come close to winning? What strategies have you come up with? I would much rather see Z get evicted than Day, at least Day is there to play the game (although her strategy hasn’t been good at all). Z is gorgeous but that’s the only thing she contributes to the game.

      • Avatar

        That useless idiot had a hell of a lot of nerves for even fixing her mouth to call somebody a floater. I don’t want her to go to jury but Paulie is going to drag her ass to jury because she’s a vote for him. He can do & say whatever he wants to that spineless whimp & she’ll just roll with it & stay loyal to him. She sure as hell ain’t giving NOBODY, man nor woman a chance to get near Paulie tonight.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m here with you Annie!

      I have come to the conclusion that her lame azz need the attention and approval of a man. She is truly pathetic. Did you hear her tell The Godfather that Paul, James and Nat are sliding floaters? This coming from God’s original flotation device. Hmmpt!

      She also told him she wants Slick gone really bad because he’s shallow, thinks he’s cute and above everyone else….Sounds like a self diagnosis to me.

      James and Nat are talking about vampires in the house. Maybe that’s what this house reminds me of…The Twilight series…..Vampires vs. Werewolves.

      • Avatar

        Spot on my friend, spot on…
        Did I mention “I CAN’T STAND Z”

      • Avatar

        I can’t wait to see her reaction when Paulie turns on her. She’s acting like they’re about to walk down the aisle together, meanwhile he just talked to Paul about possibly getting rid of Zakiyah NEXT WEEK. She has really played herself this summer in the BB house.

    • Avatar

      @ Ann
      Its really Sad…All Paulie has to do is just show Zaki a Shred of affection, and she takes the Ball, & Runs with it! I’m a Woman, but I hate to see any Woman act the way Zaki about a Dude you JUST MET! She is so Superficial, & while she is a Pretty Girl, she reminds me of that old Cliche…” What Glitters Isn’t Always Gold.”

    • Avatar

      Yesss I peeped that odd walk she does from time to time. She is very immature for her age and lusting over a man so hard, she rather see him with the 500K! Silly broad!

      • Avatar

        This is the dumbest chick in the house, Pauline doesn’t give a hoot about her, all game play for her vote. Put her out before jury.

  29. Avatar

    There is much hell to be raised tonight!!!

  30. Avatar

    Paulie, tell Z to her ass up off of you & let you breath your own damn air. She’s wrapped around him like a friikin anaconda.

  31. jimbo

    Cody was one of the all-time reality show dupes, keeping Derrick when it meant a SURE loss. And he did lose. Had he kept his other choice, he’d have 500 k.

  32. Avatar

    Can Nicole talk without whining?

  33. Avatar

    Good for her whining ass. She flipped right out of the hammock.

  34. NKogNeeTow

    I think I kind of like drunk Bunyon. Maybe because him being drunk kind of scares them. JamesNat played a joke on him and took his HOH key. He kept asking them which one had it. When they wouldn’t tell, he reminded them that Noms are Monday….Nat gave James up Q-U-I-C-K!…and James gave up the key even quicker.

    Then his drunk azz went into the pool and told everyone he was HOH and wanted them to swim with him. They all promised to as soon as they finished their workouts. Nat even ran to the HOH room and told The Godfather that Bunyon wanted him to come and swim. He said he was tired and wanted to go to bed but that he’s come down (guess he had better keep him appeased if he wants him to put up Da).

    Like I said, sheep who don’t know who the hell to follow.

  35. NKogNeeTow

    I was hoping they would all get drunk and spill their guts…lol

  36. NKogNeeTow

    If she knows what’s good for her, hiding from this group.

    • Avatar

      Da is washing the hell out of those dishes. She’s probably trying to think of a game plan while she’s by herself. Remember whenever Dan Geesling was by himself, he would come up with one hell of a strategy after another to save himself. I love Dan.
      Z is not letting Paulie out of her sight. That clingy ittle turd is making a fool herself trailing behind a man she just met like a puppy.

  37. NKogNeeTow

    I was just thinking the same thing. FINALLY! Someone who actually WASHES the dishes instead of just swirling soap around then dumping it out.

    And what the heck is Zzz doing with those marshmallows?

    Notice how the convo seems a little strained between her and Da? That should be a signal to Da right there. Normally Zzz is talking up a storm to her. But once someone either betrays you or about to, they can’t find much to say.

  38. NKogNeeTow

    You know, even though no one has said it out loud, I do believe the house knows The Godfather is running the house. I noticed that once he left the pool, the conversation seemed to flow much easier. Everyone was more relaxed. They called Frank a bully, but I’m beginning to think Paulie is the real bully here.

    Listening to Zzz talk to Nat by the pool….Zzz:”Feel like my sweet tooth done came back since I been here”. (Keep in mind, she is a Pre-School Teacher). Thank the good Jesus I have no children in her class.

    Nat: “I think we made it to Jury”….(again, lower expectations).

    Alright Annie Fannie, it’s 3am here and BBAD just went bye-bye, and so am I…lol.

    Nighty-Night 🙂

  39. Shivani33

    Everyone must be fine with Da’Vonne being nominated, since nobody has said, “how are you feeling? Who do you think is going up Monday?” Every single person knows it’s what’s planned. Da’Vonne doesn’t act worried either, but how can she not know? She must be noticing that the usual conversations aren’t happening between her and anyone.

  40. Jenny M

    Nobody has mentioned the awkward conversation in the in the HOH room where they were taking about implants and Natalie tried to play coy and pretend she doesn’t have fake boobs? Everybody was fighting to keep from busting out laughing at her. I felt kind of bad for her but COME ON, I knew they were fake the moment I saw her.

    • Avatar

      It’s obvious they’re implants but they dont look bad at all.

    • Avatar

      I think Z also has implants (which I just noticed last night) but no one seems to say anything about hers. I don’t know why everyone feels the need to pick on Natalie about her implants.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Gerardo: Maybe because she was clearly lying about them. They didn’t really pick on her. They were asking her questions about plastic surgery and implants and she was telling them about everybody she knows who has implants. Told on everybody but herself. It was funny.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I didn’t feel sorry for her. She was lying and everybody knew it. It was just sad that she didn’t realize that they knew. Made her look kind of pathetic. If you did it, just admit if. They already call her FT behind her back..lol.

  41. Avatar

    Did Bridgette ever come out to play tonight???

  42. Avatar

    I can’t believe I haven’t read any conversations regarding the replacement nominee. Does a whole house know it’s Da? And who does Da think it is?

    • Avatar

      I watched BBAD last night and I was surprised that there weren’t really any conversations about the replacement nominee at all. Not even Day was talking to anyone about it. Z bashed several people to Paulie (not Paul, the actual HOH) last night, but that was about it. They must all feel pretty confident that they know what Paul is going to do.

    • Avatar

      Everybody but Da knows it’s Da going on the block. She’s even gullible enough to believe that Paulie might not use the veto.

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