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Power Of Paulie Meeting Today – Veto, I mean Veto



I mentioned it briefly in my thread yesterday, but let me talk a little more on Victor’s nomination speech. What in the hell was that mess? The fact that his speech was supposed to be a poem was the most innocent part of it, and even that was a pretty big failure. Let me talk about the irony of his situation right now.  Since returning to the house, he has not stopped talking about how he felt humiliated by Natalie for saying how poorly he treats women during her goodbye message. So, what does he do when he wins HoH?  Nominates Natalie and respectfully tells her he is still upset at her comments during eviction?  No. He mentions how he’s bitter that he only received 1 vote to stay, then nominates two random women in the house with some of the most bizarre reasoning I’ve heard to date.

Not only did he give them a dumb reason… Z because she doesn’t show Victor enough attention **WTF**, and Michelle because she picked the wrong day to be mad??  Then, he tosses beads at them like they’re girls at a mardi gras parade looking to flash him. You want to prove you’re not a dickhead to women?  That was pretty much the complete opposite of how to handle it. But, good job, Mr CEO. The only thing you left out was to call them ‘toots’ and smack them each on the ass after the meeting.  What a mess this house is.

Blog note – I have been stalling to look up the actual date/time of my flight because I’m nervous. Yes, I flew last year, but that may as well have been a lifetime ago. Anyway, the best I can do is make a morning post and then I’m off for a week. Amy is also done mornings at the end of this weekend, which means I’ll have a new overnight person moving forward, and a replacement for me for a week. While the replacements are set for the most part, if anyone wants to write, let me know. The daytime blogging is a long, long day, so I’d like to possibly have a few people switching off to prevent any burnout. If you’re interested in help covering next week, please contact me here. I will absolutely need someone to cover the live show and possible post-show feeds on Thursday night, so I need backup options in the event a writer is busy that night.


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Ok, updates:

  • 10:30am – Most of the girls are up and getting ready in the bathroom. Natalie is talking about her boob job and how she likes them but sometimes misses the way they were.
    • Also, back to the Michelle and Z thing. I trash on Michelle a lot because she is one of the ‘mean girls’ in the house, but even she didn’t deserve to be shit on the way Victor did during the nomination speech. Especially considering she has been pretty friendly with him since his return. She’s actually been less mean in general since her crush/jealousy walked out the door (Frank).
    • I still cringe every time she calls herself a ‘superfan’, however.. but I do that whenever anyone calls themself that.
  • 11:35am – Feeds back. Everyone is acting a bit weird. I guess Nicole got shut down for saying something
    • Veto not used.  Paulie is such a romantic.
    • Breaking News: Michelle is NOT crying!
    • “Thank you for screwing me over. Here is a hug to show I’m not upset at all for you being an asshole to me!”
    • Meanwhile, Paul is outside talking to Michelle playing dumb, yet again. “I didn’t know, I really didn’t know”… at some point people will realize Paul DID know because every one of his allies have made moves, yet he doesn’t know anything going on? Please
    • “Superfan” tells Paul that he is safe, Victor is safe and even Bridgette is safe if she wins double evic. She wants to make a big move but won’t say who she’ll nominate (Paulie). They talk for a bit and she tells him even more. Her plan is to appeal to Victor’s competitive side by mentioning how Paulie has won 50% of the HoH competitions he has played in. Victor is priding himself on his comp count.  But, she tells Paul not to tell Paulie. I’m sure he won’t *wink*
  • 12:00pm – Paul already meets up with Paulie….
    • Paul instantly starts telling Paulie what Michelle told her (haha).  First thing he tells him is how Michelle has a big target to put up
    • Paulie assumes it’s Vic and him, but Paul says ‘no, I think it’s James’.  Paulie still thinks it means him (it probably does)
    • The two sit and discuss who to send home, they’re going to bounce back and forth for awhile.
  • 3:00pm – Ran out to hit the driving range beca use the house is slow. Breaking news: It’s still slow.
    • A few cooking in the kitchen, while Nicole is in the bathroom
    • Outside, Natalie is talking to James, and I get the feeling she’s slowly working him into the friendzone as she knows the season is drawing to a close
    • natalie
      Meg 2.0
    • So, James is basically repeating last season
    • It is painful listening to them talk now. She is talking about how she wants to get an apt of her own, and he jokes how she needs to leave some closet space for him. She shoots it right down
  • 3:30pm – Nicole comes out and Natalie is telling her how she thinks she gained 15lbs since entering the house.
    • Nicole says there is no way she gained 15lbs on her little body in a month
    • Corey and Victor come out and start talking to Nicole. They’re trying to figure out who to evict this week, and it really sounds like a coin flip. None of them care, but they do say Z is a complete non-threat, and even if she won, Paulie would control her (they’re right. It’s stupid not to get out Michelle right now. She may not be as smart as Steve or Ian, but she is still intelligent and will start winning more as the trivia comps come out)
    • King Paulie comes out to give the word…..
    • Paulie says it’s pretty obvious who he wants gone after someone today (Michelle) brought out statistics during the veto meeting to show how dangerous he is.  They all start laughing.  Hahahaha.. oh Paulie, it is hilarious how you run the house!
    • So this is what we have here. The ‘superfan’ recognized Paulie as the strongest player in the house and decided to publicly call him out during the veto meeting while she is on the block. Then, instead of the rest of the house using Michelle’s martyrdom to go after that big threat, they all kiss his ass and tell him they’re going to vote out Michelle for those comments.   This is Big Brother 18, folks
  • 3:50pm – Paulie mentions how their ‘all-guy’ alliance started off as a joke by someone who called it “The Advancement”, but has actually turned into a real thing (just with a different name). What will be funny is when they find out that Michelle is the person who created that fake alliance.
  • 5:00pm – Went to get some coffee.. Feed check
    • Paulie is outside talking to Bridgette and Natalie, while Paul and Victor are chatting in the HoH room
    • Victor tells Paul that it looks like Michelle is going home. Victor is saying how King Paulie is still pissed about being called out
    • Paul says it’s bullshit because he bit the bullet last week and got Da’ out
    • Victor agrees because he was cool with Michelle, and she wasn’t coming after him.  But, gotta do what Paulie wants.
    • Victor is shocked how they think Michelle is the better player. Both of them think Z is.  (No, Michelle is, by far.  Z is under protection of Paulie which makes her dangerous, but Michelle is by FAR the better player)
    • Vic is scared because all of these pairs are making it far in the game. Paul is likely thinking inside his head “yea, they have pairs, but I am with PP!! So I am not worried”  Enjoy second place, Paul
    • Paul leaves to ‘go talk to someone’
  • 5:12pm – Paul pulls Paulie into the safari room…
    • They have a brief discussion about Paulie’s decision to pick Michelle, but after a bit of talking, they’re going to ‘get the board together’ so they can finalize who goes home. Oh, so exciting!
    • Talk broke up, Paul went outside to join Z, Nat, and Bridgette talking. The other cam in the HN room watching people sleep
  • 6:00pm – Whispers are done for now, it’s just playtime in the house.
    • bridg-paul-james
  • 7:20pm – Not much going on right now. Paul is outside just chatting casually with Z.  Others inside hanging around table
    • They talk about Natalie’s fake boobs.
  • 8:15pm – Nicole is chatting with Corey and wondering if she should tell Z that Paul wants her out (she overheard him talking)
  • 8:42pm – Nicole is telling Z about the Paul thing, and says that they need to put him up next to Victor during a double eviction
    • nicole-z
  • 10:30pm – Amy has been sick, so I am not sure she’ll be doing an overnight tomorrow. I’ll try to blog as long as my eyes stay open
    • Paulie joins Nicole on the hammock. She tells him she spoke with Z
    • Paulie’s reaction when Nicole lets him know that his alliance member Paul wants Z out
    • Those few seconds after she told him, I’m pretty sure Christian Bale from American Psycho would be scared of the look he gave her
    • After some back and forth talking, Paulie tells Nicole about how Michelle is going after him, etc, etc.
    • He also said she’s sure she has 2 votes
    • The talk breaks up when more come out, so now they’re playing pool, etc
  • 11:30pm – Nicole tells Corey how Bridgette may be trying to stir up the house by saying Michelle made a good point during the PoV meeting

Overnight in the morning if Amy is feeling well. Send her good vibes


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  1. Avatar
    Karen (198 comments)

    Just watching last night’s BBAD, is this Big Brother or the Love Boat? Did these people get on the show to win 500k or to hook up? I hate Paulie but he’s the only one playing the game. I’m so embarrassed by these stupid girls, my generation work hard for women’s empowerment and they’re just giving it up to the guys. I’m trying to hang in the season but they’re working on my last nerve. Most of my family has already tuned out. Did you hear that Big Brother?!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Karen, I’m the only one I know that still watches this show. My family thinks I’m crazy for wasting time on it (this is the only game show I watch, that’s why I don’t mind spending 3 months on it once a year) and even the friend who turned me onto the show 7 years ago, has stopped watching it. Hence, I only have my BB family here to discuss it with.

      Every year we say how it’s the worst season ever. Maybe because every year it seems to get worse and worse. Maybe one day CBS will start reading some of the Blogs and get the hint…(fingers crossed).

      • Avatar
        Shawn Watson (38 comments)

        Every season I say this is the last season for me. Then I say I’ll watch the first episode just to see what the house guests are like. I guess I’m just intrigued by the stupidity of some of these people that they cast. It’s like watching Jason or Michael Myers kill the stupid teenagers.

      • Mello_One

        @ NKogNeeTow
        BRAVO, & I totally agree with you!

      • Avatar
        Suzan McCullough (1 comments)

        If you watch the feeds on line your welcome to our Big Brother Group chat room. We are also frustrated with how this is all playing out this year. If they dont wake up this week and take the opportunity to get rid of Paulie’s play mate Z and then dump him on this double they might as well give the game to him – Just as Derricks season handed it to him also. I am a die hard feeder but if someone does not make a big move to stop this madness soon I will also stop watching and pray a better next season.

  2. Katheryn
    Katheryn (94 comments)

    so did Paulie take someone off the block and Victor put up Natalie?

    VMSLAZ (48 comments)

    Paulie and Z are NOT in a showmance, she is a thot and paulie is letting thots do what they do… hes stuck there for 100 days and this girl is practically throwing it in his face, Z has no respect for herself and Paulie is just not taking on the role of fake bf in a house where a competition is underway for 500k. Im starting to get really annoyed with the women being so damn weak and everyone in the house and even on here complaining about how they are treated. I thought we are all equals? No one said these woman are treating the men horrible when they all ganged up on Victor week 2. Paulie is treating Z like he is treating everyone else, that may not be nice but this isn’t a nice game… I loved Evil Dick, I hated Season 15s Andy. People who are upset with how Paulie treats women and not with how he treats men are bigoted hyporcites that need something to complain about. Either be equals or be lesser than, you cant have it both ways.

    • Shivani33

      It is more and more difficult to think of Z. as being a pre-school teacher, as her cast bio states. This is just a NO on so many levels.

      • Avatar

        I said it before & I’ll say it again. Her actions in the BB house are going to cause her some trouble with her job after the show because there’s going to be parents who won’t want her teaching their children after watching her. She can’t teach morals & self respect if she doesn’t have any herself.

    • Avatar

      True but think Bridgette is the only girl winning something important like HOH and don’t count the Veto to sad meech that was a handout not a win and I really want Frank to come back he was by far the only guy I like in the house in this season of BB and I love Bridgett she has done nothing bad or hasn’t done any whinning about I need to win a comp(like Nat Whinning Nat)she is the only one and it sucks for Z and let me say this she is sooooo stupid to still stay with this asshole omg come onnnnn like I can’t take it.it’s like laughbale that she still thinks she will be safe and not go and if I had to choose who has the best showmance I would pick frank and Bridgette cause every other showmance it’s just yawh and stupid like I want to hear from you guysand girls do you think Frank and Bridgette are a better team and showmance than Nat and James and Nicole and Corey and Lol Zzzz and Paulie(please god I don’t see any other showmance better than my favorite)

    • AIO_7

      Maybe Paulie likes Z’s dry humping.

    • Avatar
      Angel (35 comments)

      It’s funny how ppl call Z a thot, yet you freaky voyers sign up to watch! And I’m sure you enjoyed watching her get the late night action you so desperately ache for.

      • Avatar

        Bull-shit, I don’t watch porn. I don’t care to watch BBAD & I canceled the feeds a while back.

      • Avatar
        Angel (35 comments)

        @Ann good for you… But if you’re not a live feeder then all your comments are based on second hand information. The intimate footage is not shown on tv so you’re watching it somewhere. Which is perfectly okay. #notjudging

      • Avatar

        @Angel, like I’ve said many times, I get my info from Junkies, Jokers or the show. If you look on youtube there’s pictures of BB live feeds that I have scrolled pass. I choose not to watch that clueless, thirsty ass, desperate woman make a fool of herself any further. When I hear her voice I turn the channel.

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Slaz, I said a few thread ago that Zzz has used and also tried to play games on Paulie too. Only problem was that she got out played. And she also fell a little deeper in lust than he did. My Grandmother use to say that a man should be just a little bit more in love with you, than you with him, because they fall out of love faster. They might have had a small shot at a real relationship after the house, but she messed up when she started to smother. Like I said before, once a man says “I can’t breathe”, that’s the kiss of death for a woman. Paulie reached that point about a week or 2 ago. Not that I’m a Paulie lover, was at first but far from it now. But they both tried to out slick each other, he was just better at it. I also mentioned that although men play their games on women, we have our games too. Zzz tried hers (the tears, the guilt, the smothering) and they didn’t work. And she STILL hasn’t learned her lesson. For me, at this point, she gets what she gets.

  5. AIO_7

    I was thinking that James should use his 2 vote annulment on himself and Mary Ann; keeping their hands clean this week …. though it could put a huge target on their backs.

  6. Quwana

    That speech was unnecessary and those beads being tossed was the icing on the cake (but only for a real player) can’t wrap my head around these guest…Paulie came for the money and they might as well just leave now and let him have it…Z is pathetic ughhhhh…Michelle is gonna look back at these eps and probably bury her head in some sand Super Fan??????? Really??? Girl Bye…a super fan would dry those tears and come up with a “secret” plan to do some damage in the house not run and tell one of the twins that you want to make big moves…how non super fan you are lol omg so tired of this show well not the show the cast members smh

  7. Avatar
    Angel (35 comments)

    Paulie has no loyalty and I predict he will soon turn on his best pal Paul. He is still attracted to Z a little even though he would rather not be, he’s going to keep her around just a little while longer.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I’m hoping that Paul wises up and turns on The Godfather first. He knows a lot about Paulie…even more than Zzz does. If he had any sense, he would use that info to get rid of him while he has the chance. Every week, the chances of getting Paulie out of there gets slimmer and slimmer. If he gets rid of Zzz Thursday, I hope they surprise him and send his sorry azz packing right after her.

  8. Shivani33

    Michelle, for all her emotionalism, has done some quiet and valid campaigning for herself during the time since she stopped crying over being nominated. She’s been pointing out Paulie’s game alliances and dominance to people who already know it but don’t want to be caught talking about it. James and several others have been moving closer to not doing Paulie’s will about who gets evicted. For once, so far, no one has clued Paulie in about the growing resistance to the Paulie Show. With Victor acting like an irreconcilable jackass, it’s looking like no one can find a workable arrangement with him as an ally. I think that Paul set him up with that HoH nomination speech to show him off as the fool that he is and that Victor doesn’t know it.

  9. JD

    Amanda was a strong woman. (Bully) She was not liked and tables were turned. Amanda had her pizza boy give up his game for her. What they need to cast are MATURE PEOPLE male and female. People who are interested in winning the 500k and not interested in a showmance. They cast these young stereotypes and their only ambition is to make jury and extend their 15 minutes of fame to make a bogus career. Rachel found her man and Jeff and Jordan finally got married. Great for them but it ruined BB for us because now most cast members, including CBS are looking for showmances and fame. Maybe is just me. Maybe I am just too old and out of the demographic ratings. Each year does get worse as we all said. The cast is young, lustful, entitled, privileged and unambitious. Times have changed since BB started. Maybe it’s always been the same I just grew up and matured.

  10. Shivani33

    Paulie is talking with Paul about putting Bridgette and Natalie up during the second half of the DE, with the intent to backdoor Nicole or James. He says that Nicole is more of a problem due to her Corey thing but that James would be a good alternative.

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  12. Avatar

    It was only a matter of time before the Godfather started having his soldiers whacked.

  13. Avatar

    These desperadoes Nic and Z seeking ‘boyfriend’ attention is getting too syrupy. They give the appearance that these woman can’t compete without a man to lean on, they are ‘Clinger/Floaters’, who will be dump in due time, since both are out of their league to begin with.

  14. Shivani33

    Michelle told Paul some of her thought and intentions about Paulie. Paul went and told Paulie what Michelle said. Whoops! Kamikaze move there for Michelle.

  15. danmtruth

    It’s groundhog BB things just never change . Paulie and Paul will play everyone out If Paulie is smart he just lets Paul chose who needs to get clip this week No need to spend much time thinking about it Zzzz still tells Paulie everything she hears. Meech confides in Paul Does anyone think Meech would go after Paulie I think not
    Paulie and Paul are in a good spot Who ever wins the HoH on the DE night they can point out a bigger target for each person Keeping themselves off the block again

  16. Avatar

    I’m starting to think that Paulie is keeping z around to be his Victoria. None of them like her so he might not be able to continue keeping her that long. But she’s stupid and not a threat to win anything plus will do ANYTHING Paulie wants And she’s shown that she will do anything.

  17. Shivani33

    There’s a good interview with Derrick, 8/8/16 INQUISITR. – ” Big Brother 18 Rumors: Big Brother 16 Winner Derrick Levasseur Coached Nicole Franzel, James Huling and Paulie Califiore to Win the Game?” Derrick answers the rumors, says who he thinks is playing the best game and the worst and talks a bit about Paulie and Z. One thing that I like about Derrick is that he’s a straight shooter.

    • JD

      What did Derrick say?

      • Colby

        If you copy and paste he title on google you can read it.
        He said that he only talked to Paulie on the phone for about an hour. Thinks he is playing the best game in the house, but advised him no showmance. Said that was all one-sided, but didn’t actually say which side. (Obviously he didn’t really need to.) But said that his gameplay could cost him the Big Brother game. He said he told him to only win when it was necessary to protect his life in the game or no one will want to take him to the end for fear they won’t be able to beat him. He denies knowing that James was going to be in the Big Brother house when he talked to Paulie.

        Said he talked to James for about 30 mins and it was not an “in-depth” conversation. Said he didn’t tell him Paulie would be there. He said James is in a great position in the house but doesn’t think he’s playing a good game. He said James is just being himself and not thinking about any strategy right now and that James is lovable and funny guy and he’s betting on the fact that the BB18 house will want to have him around.

        He said that he never discussed any strategy with Nicole about Big Brother before she went into the house. He said he wished her well if Big Brother asked her to come back.

      • Colby

        Oh yeah, and said Michelle was playing the worst game.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Thanks for the teaser Shi. Now, do you mind telling us what he said….lol

      • Shivani33

        A couple of other things Derrick said: Paulie took some, but not most of Derrick’s advice. And the best game is being played by Paul, who has gone from weeks of nearly being evicted to being in a position of trust and power.

  18. Colby

    Per Joker’s:
    ‘Paulie heads to the hot tub to go pee. (yes he peed in the hot tub)Paulie pees in the hot tub. 856PM Cam 3 ‘
    Then about 30mins later:
    ‘Paul\ie in hot tub, chit-chatting to Vict outside. ‘

  19. Avatar
    Jiman Kim (12 comments)

    I read in Joker that Nat has a bf? Wow

    • Avatar
      cyn (782 comments)

      I know! She also referenced Paulie being her future husband?? Idk what is up with Natalie.

    • nkogneetow
      nkogneetow (8351 comments)

      She said his name is Josh. Speaking of which, I think Steve mentioned it in either today or yesterday’s blog, she seems to be slowly nudging James towards the friend zone. They didn’t spend any time together tonight on BBAD. He spent most of the night with “the boys”. When he finally went to bed, he went into the HN room and looked at the bumper car then reluctantly crawled in. He looked kind of pitiful.

      What Cyn was referring to was when she was talking to Gidget in the BY and Paulie flashed his butt at them, she whispered to Gidg that “He is my future husband”….Oh well, sorry James. Moving right along……

      Nic the Rat spent some time talking to Zzz tonight and planted the seed that Paul wants her out. Then ran to The Godfather and told him about the convo. Then later she was on the hammock with Bambi and telling him about her conversations with Zzz and Paulie. As usual, she played out scenarios and sounded worried. Know how not to worry about things getting back that you said? KEEP YOUR DAMN MOUTH SHUT! And typical Bambi, his eyes bug out and he just says “I wouldn’t worry about it”.

      Zzz sits in the kitchen with Gidget and Nic, telling them about her experiences in college. She says she’s working on her Masters now, yet she keeps using the phrase “but I couldn’t take it no more”. Just that phrase alone makes me wonder if she even has an Associates Degree. And yet she repeats it, over and over and over again. Wonder if Nic and Gidg have the same thought in the back of their heads that I have in mine, every time they hear her say it.

      And why does everyone in the house say “like” after every other word? “I was like”; “they were like”; “it was like”….I’m like SHADDUP!

      I think I realize something about Slick tonight too. I honestly believe the boy is lonely, maybe doesn’t have that many friends. I say this because he seems kind of anxious to please and be liked. I mean, Paulie was the one who pretty much kicked his ass out of the house and he comes back in and tries his best to fit in with the boys…at any cost. I think that’s why he tries to impress them with his knowledge (which not only has he not, but most of the time when he’s talking, they barely pay any attention to him and dismiss most of what he says). I think that’s why whenever someone says anything, he tries to laugh a little louder and a little harder…to make them think he thinks they’re funny (which they aren’t). Just an off the cuff assessment from watching him tonight.

      After looking at all of them, I can only come up with 3 things to say about the entire house:
      1. None of them smoke (big change since most of the time they have 1 or 2 smokers in the house.
      2. They all have good oral hygiene.
      3. They should rename that house Whispering Pines, because that’s all they do (I get tired of turning the volume up all night, trying to hear).

      Other than that, I got nothing.


      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        As always great individual assessment on these hg’s. But I’m still confused by Nat’s comment. Is she secretly crushing on Paulie now? First it was Corey but he gave her no play and then James which we all know it is only for game purposes. Wouldn’t that be foul if she ended up dating Paulie after the show? Poor Zakiyah would be mortified and humiliated because she expects more than friendship after the show ends.

      • Avatar

        nkogneetow. Young people say “like” all the time like years ago they said “you know” or “you know what I mean”. They say it so often in every conversation that they do not even know they are saying it. Also in two conversations some time ago they talked about going out to smoke and once about how they wouldn’t be smoking for awhile. I think it was in first or second week. I can’t even remember who was talking about it but I think it was Paul and frank. Maybe frank was just bumming a cigarette. I really can’t remember but. I think it was on bbad. We don’t get it this year but when we were at beach for a week over July 4 I watched it every night. I don’t think I ever saw them smoking but it was just that conversation I heard twice.

  20. Shivani33

    Explanation for difference between Derrick saying, as @Colby said about Paulie playing the best game and what I mentioned about Derrick saying that Paul is playing the best game is that Derrick literally said both. That was a tad frustrating. He also said that Nicole is a really nice girl and her family are good people, that she’d put the money to good use, ya know – good, good and good. He said Paulie would use the money to help his family if he wins. I think Derrick’s main point was that he didn’t coach anyone. The nearest he came to that was his conversation with Paulie, which contained some advice, much of which Paulie hasn’t followed.

  21. JD

    You can always tell when a troll has logged on. Every single comment has a thumbs down. They live for that thumbs down. That troll has so much hate. Why bother coming here if they hate it so much? Oh wait any attention is good attention.

    • NKogNeeTow

      JD, every year we get one or two who just thumbs down everything just for the hell of it. Just do like I do, don’t let it bother you. It doesn’t affect my world nor change my opinion so thumb away! There are comments that I thumb down sometimes, but then the next comment by the same person, I might agree with, so I’ll give them a thumbs up. I’m adult enough to take each comment on an individual basis and move on. That’s what grown ups do. I’ve been personally attacked on some of the threads here, I post my response, then move on to the next comment or the next thread, and not carry over the animosity to the next post by the person….because that’s what grown ups do. I don’t know any of the people here personally, so again, it doesn’t affect my world nor change my opinion. I just take their comments individually. There will be a lot of things said here by all of us, which someone else might not agree with. I just hate it and think it’s sad when someone takes things personally and starts name calling or making personal attacks. But that’s just me. Once I’ve said what I have to say, it’s over with me. I don’t hold a grudge and I’m not mad about it. Hopefully they will to and if not, then so be it. Don’t let the thumbs down annoy you. You’ll get plenty of them. I do and don’t give a damn.

      • JD

        @nkogneetow I know you’re correct. I don’t take offense with the thumbs down. If we all agreed on everything what fun would that be?! Haha I normally don’t pay attention and I normally ignore the trolls because they want attention and by acknowledging them I give them what they want. I fell into the trap. Thanks for getting me back out.

  22. Avatar

    If Paul the bearded wonder would wise up & start thinking about cutting The Godfather loose & feeding him to the fishes, Paul could have a real shot at winning. He also needs to send Slick Vic on out the door too. Paul is not as dumb as he pretends to be.

    • danmtruth

      @ann i totally agree Paul should clip Paulie in the DE What a classical blind side that would be
      I just read on jokers that Zzz said Paulie could slap or choke her because she can take it WTF ! Do you not remember your on a show were every thing you say and do are recorded! Just when you think this girl cant degrade herself any worse .She digs a new low You can not justify this as game play

    • NKogNeeTow

      I don’t think he is either Ann. And I think he’s starting to see through The Godfather too. And besides Slick Vic, he needs to put on his pointy toe boots and punt Nic The Rat out the door too.

  23. ShoeLover

    yeah, the ONE time I wish he would have listened and processed what Michelle told him and use it to his advantage. BUT NOOOOO he runs straight to Paulie and tells him everything. Wake up and take off the PP goggles or ya boi is gonna lose.

  24. Avatar
    Jiman Kim (12 comments)

    Guess if James figures things out he will throw Nat utb.

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