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Saturday Afternoon Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


I want to thank everyone for being patient with this site over the last 24 or so hours. There was a bug that took a while to find that prevented the pages from being updated unless you were logged in. Well, not really a bug, but if you know about websites, there was an option buried somewhere that cached pages for those not logged in and for some reason it wasn’t clearing that cache.

Technical stuff aside, it’s fixed and if you see that again, please let me know asap so I can get on top of that.  I just wish I could have had some sleep.

Today is the veto comp and the only two not playing are Brett and Tyler. Surprising to see Tyler not play, especially when the numbers are this small, but that’s just the way the game works. Conspiracy theorists love pretending that production rigs the game in favor of certain people every year – and Tyler is the guy people target this year as the favorite. However, with all the information I know about the show, there is no rigging for a certain person. I’m positive that the Diary Room tries to influence decisions by hinting around at certain things because they want the best ratings possible for the show, but I’ve seen no evidence of actual rigging competitions for players.  There are so many examples of times when production could and should have rigged a competition only to have it not go their way. Think they want good drama to leave early (like Cody from BB19)?


Losing track. Today is a not very important veto competition because the house really doesn’t care who leaves between Haleigh or Fessy. Regardless of what happens today, one or both will be sitting on the block come Monday afternoon and they don’t currently have the votes to stay over anyone. Now, if there was a chance they could stay, you could root for one to win veto and hope someone like Sam is nominated and evicted, but I just don’t see that happening.  Furthermore, it matters even less because I think Haleigh or Fessy can compete with Scottie in the Battle Back so it’s basically a coin flip on who will return.

It would be kind of cool to see Scottie come back and have a strong pair with Haleigh without Fessy’s dumb suggestions in her ear, so that’s about all I’m rooting for at this point.


  • 10:15 am – Veto players picked.
    • KC, JC, and Sam will play with the noms/HoH
    • Kaycee heads up to the HoH room and they immediately start trashing Fessy
    • During the veto selection, he told Haleigh not to pick Brett to play for her so she didn’t and picked Sam
    • They are calling him selfish because they think Fessy was worried about beating Brett but to me, it instantly sounds like jealousy
    • Kaycee is shocked because Sam and Haleigh don’t even like each other but she was forced to pick her
    • Angela talks about the comps and says she hopes it’s not a puzzle because Haleigh is good at comps.. then says ‘wait, I hope it’s a puzzle because Haleigh is good at puzzles’. She then wonders if they should throw the comp to Haleigh
    • The girls are pretty pissed at Fessy over this
  • 10:30 am– JC comes up to the HoH room and they all start trashing that decision to pick Sam
  • 11:45 am – Haleigh and Brett are talking. She is mad at herself for picking Sam. She should be mad at Fessy
    • She said she’d shave her head to stay in the game
  • 12:00 pm – JC keeps telling Haleigh that it was stupid to pick Sam. Nothing like rubbing it in
    • Haleigh says she picked her because she thinks she can beat her
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds are down (and have been down for about an hour or two) for PoV.  I’m running out and will update when I get home!
  • 4:45 pm – I’m back, feeds are still down!
  • 6:15 pm – Feeds still down. I’m guessing comic book comp
  • 8:26 pm – Yup, feeds still down!
  • 9:00 pm – BBAD is on
    • Feeds are up on that and it appears the comp is still going on because we just see Brett and Tyler in the HoH room waiting for comp to end. Wow
    • Brett is working a f2 with Tyler but Tyler is probably just humoring him. He knows he can’t beat Brett in the finals (well, I’m sure he thinks he can’t)
  • 10:15 pm – BBAD is over, feeds still down
    • On the fun side, there was a little drama on twitter
    • Rachel blocked Swaggy because she is selling level 6 shirts and he called her out on that
  • 10:35 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kaycee won PoV!
    • She barely beat Fessy in a ball catching comp or something along those lines (still need more info)
    • Pretty interesting Fessy lost by one point. The pro football WR beat the college TE
    • Haleigh is chatting with Fessy about it now
    • They are not going to use the veto and Fessy is going home
    • It will likely be Fessy or Scottie returning to the game Thursday night
  • Back to drama with Swaggy real quick…
    • I have to take his side here. While I have no issue with Rachel selling her own merch, selling a shirt with the alliance she barely had a part in is shit – unless she’s splitting profits
  • Back to the house
    • Fessy is alone in the room. He knows he’s in trouble. Especially considering Haleigh is in the kitchen laughing with the house.

Alright friends, it’s been a long day and as much as I’d love to cover post-veto, I’m beat. Mell will post about it in the AM


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  1. AIO_7

    The Fab. 4; eating yummy burgers (except Tyler) and planning on drinking wine after the veto comp..


  2. AIO_7

    “There was a bug that took a while to find that prevented the pages from being updated unless you were logged in.”

    Steve, the comment counter is still missing, and the log in/out option that is usually in the upper right hand corner seems to be missing too.

  3. Avatar

    You’re on the block……
    in a game you’re playing to try to play with the goal of winning $500,000
    The person you’re on the block next to – who you just met two months ago tells you who not to pick and……..
    You listen to him.
    The night after you list off all of the stupid decisions he has made the entire game?
    After spending the past week complaining about, and nagging at him?

    Stupid is as stupid does,

    Her family, her friends, must be proud…….

    Nothing like thinking for yourself, eh?

  4. AIO_7

    Heidi Ho thinks she is feeling better because Angelica “reassured” her that she isn’t the target.


  5. Colby

    MF strutting around like a rooster in a hen house.
    He thinks he’s got this.
    I soooo hope he loses.

  6. danmtruth

    HaHo is happy that she gets another week to try and ruin someones chance of winning

    KC is voicing her opinion much more Is also the one who Leeds the studying of the days

  7. GoodGame

    If it gets put on the block like dummy, plays veto like a dummy, votes like a dummy, then it’s a DUMMY…
    Just trying to make fun of this alliance’s stupidity!
    It is the blueprint for future houseguests on what NOT to do.

  8. danmtruth

    TY & Angela jumped up like two teenagers caught making out by there parents when KC & Bret walked into the HOH room

  9. Colby

    Haho now regretting picking Sam.
    She wonders why nobody talked to her about it before the veto pick.
    Maybe because you and MF hibernated in the pink room by yourselves all day and night? When do you think they were supposed to talk to you?

  10. caRyn

    Scottie’s speech to the hg to stay in the BB house before the voting and his talk with Julie – both times he gave the impression that he was sincere. He said he was immature. When I heard that he took items from the BB house I thought maybe he did that before he came to terms with how he was feeling and behaving. When Helen (I think it was Helen) said Scottie tried to slam the door when leaving the BB house it was as if he knew he was being petty and immature but didn’t want to change. No growth.

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  12. danmtruth

    Is HaHo reading the rule book? It is laminated so nice Studying as if it is the spelling comp

  13. AIO_7

    If Fester goes permanently, I wonder if Heidi will be saying this to Brett …


  14. Helen

    A part of me wants Sam to win this veto…and leave noms the same…

  15. HappyHippo

    Any idea on the comp? Maybe the comics or not yet?

  16. WhereisPablo

    I just read this on Joker’s:
    ” Brett says he got stuck talking to Sam on the stairs for an 1.5 hrs. Tyler says Sam told him her ‘hunnies’ in RL are going to be mad because she is talking to Brett so much.”

    ????? I wonder what her hunnies think of her perching on a spiral staircase chatting up her coffee cup?

    • Shivani33

      Sometimes when I see Sam doing her thing, it is like watching a scene in a horror movie. It’s Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, as Sam keeps conspicuously isolating herself in plain sight. Plus Blanche DuBois if Blanche had gained too much poundage to be a realistic Blanche. Sam even reminds me of the Alice’s Restaurant/ Mel’s Diner waitress, Flo. It’s the hairdo. And so much more.

      Adding to the circus effect are JC, Fester and Brett. Brett has a body like a silverback gorilla who needs weightwatchers. His studying of dates includes some errors, which he repeats often to the others. The only one I’ve seen who has caught and corrected any of his errors is Angela. Perhaps Brett is implanting memory minefields deliberately to mislead the other players.

  17. GoodGame

    If it sits like a cup, round like a cup, listens to all Sam’s chatting, then it is a CUP.

  18. Alda

    JC has got to start winning something.

  19. Seattle Kari

    I have a totally different viewpoint on the whole Hailey choosing Sam over Brett.

    Haley should have used her own damn brain and told FUSSY to just STFU and chosen Brett because *she* wanted him to play.

    She’s an adult she could have made her choices. There’s no blaming somebody else for her own idiocy.

    • LynnD

      I get what you’re saying. However when you are standing there under pressure a lot of times whatever you may be thinking or what you had already made up your mind to do May waiver and having somebody in your ear pressuring you I’m sure does not help the situation. She explained it earlier saying that she was going to pick Brett but fussy was right there telling her you better pick Sam and she understands that she totally choked and picked Sam.

      Throughout the last few weeks also she has questioned fesi about his demeanor. Asking him if he was abusive she has asked him that on more than one occasion I think he’s showing those kind of behaviors and she is noticing it also.

    • Sassy

      She knew she was in a lose/lose situation. No one wants to pull her off the block and no one would care if she was the one going home. She thought she was the target, which even if she isn’t, if MF comes off block, she then become the target. She knows Brett is working with the L6/5/4 group, so why would she believe he would be a good pick for her. She didn’t know until today, MF is the real target this week. Angela’s speech was about her and sounds like it made it clear that she was/is the target. I am not a Haha fan (I call her Haha because I think she’s a joke…), but I understand there was NO good pick for her this week.

    • caRyn

      Agree, Kari B and LynnD. Did Faysal ever tell Haleigh that Sam wanted her to be OTB? It doesn’t seem so if she picked Sam to play in the Veto.

      • ladycobra

        I don’t remember if she was told but she is aware that Sam and herself have a love hate relationship. They love to hate each other.

    • ladycobra

      Amen, I hate it when people won’t take responsibility for their own actions. I use to tell my son “no one made you do it, you made that choice all by yourself.

    • Colby

      That is absolutely true.
      But it doesn’t make him any less of a selfish ass for taking advantage of it. Especially when he supposedly cares so much about her.

      • JD

        He might not want any man to get props for saving his girl. Fes seems like the kind of guy that will be controlling because of his jealousy. After watching his game I can see outside he will control and isolate Hay. Yikes! 😮

  20. Sassy

    RealVegas is still pouting…

    Just as a FYI, I came on this AM to drop the following info before I saw the rude demands:

    1) If Bay’s power app is revived
    2) Veto comp style
    3) Updated Angela DR sesh on Tyler
    4) Battle Back Competition Style

    May share some once I lift my info blackout. Maybe.

  21. Alda

    Just watched the video of yesterday’s OFF THE BLOCK.My boy Paul was a guest.Wahoo!

  22. danmtruth

    Feeds down for comp hopefully with or without updates from realvegas

    • Ann

      What’s going on with the realvegas thing now? I wasn’t on yesterday so I don’t know what I missed.

      • HappyHippo

        They are being a baby and begging for attention and I’m talking about realvegas not Sam

      • Helen

        They are having a pissy fit because people were “rude” and “demanding” info…

      • Ann

        Sooo then they can keep their shit to themselves because it’s not like we won’t watch the damn show & find out what’s going to happen anyway.

      • Mel

        Ann, that’s close to what I said that got me “in trouble” with their fan club. Lol
        I was like big damn deal, we’ll wait a few hours to know what the comp is, how will we survive? There may have been some crying emojis involved and then a butt and then some lips too if I’m fully disclosing…

      • Ann

        LMAO, you go Mel……if I could flip the middle finger at them, I’d flip both middle fingers at them.

      • LynnD

        Good for you Mel. They’re pulling a Sam and I’m glad you said something and I’m glad others are two to let them know not everybody is going to sit here and feed into their BS. now they can go take their cup of coffee and sit under the stairs

      • LynnD

        sorry was doing the talk to text and did not proofread first but I think you know what I meant LOL

  23. Sassy

    RealVegas being funny while they continue the blackout of info…

    BREAKING: Paul won the Battle Back competition and will return to #BB20 house next Thursday.

    Veto comp DELAYED: Fessie got lost in the house. ‍♂️

  24. GoodGame

    Paul coming back??? ; p Hahahaha Maybe he could win against Fessy or Haleigh this year because they are as dumb as Jenga puzzel blocks!

  25. danmtruth

    one of those two things could be true

  26. Mel

    Looks like the house puppets are arguing with each other. Rachel blocked Swaggy on Twitter. Lol

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  28. GoodGame

    Swaggy should have been blocked, by a condom on Week 3.

  29. Colby

    I guess whoever said the comp wouldn’t take long was wrong.

  30. Sassy

    I’m going to laugh if we find out it was a 30 min comp and production forgot to turn back in the feeds.

  31. LynnD

    Ok 2 things I want to say while we watch bs ruruns AGAIN……
    1. as many seasons as they have seriously can you find different episodes to play? If I have to watch the same episode with Rachel coming back into the house because of Pandora’s Box again I will seriously pull my own hair out.
    2. I cannot believe the fight between Swaggy and Rachel on Twitter is over stupid ass t-shirts. And I really can’t stand I even have to utter these words but “I am kind of on swaggie’s side of this” Rachel you have no business making level 6 t shirts you were barely a member and they had no problem cutting you loose now Level 4 on the other hand that would be the bomb diggity t-shirt. You will have NO hand in it and then we can tell swaggy STFU!

  32. Helen

    For some reason they can’t seem to do any veto comp this year that does not take feeds down for at least 5 hours….not even looking for them returning till close to 7pm pst….

  33. Avatar

    After I saw this conversation?

    If Fessy doesn’t win the Veto,

    I don’t think Hayleigh is this week’s target


  34. LynnD

    I’m starting to think that realvegas is actually the person who handles the feeds. Feeds shut down way to long, long periods of reruns. The same reruns constantly. When the feeds are up how often are 2 cameras (sometimes all 4) in the same room. SMH. I have swept and moped my whole house (the tile rooms) cleaned 1 bathroom and there still down. Time to fold the last load of laundry.

  35. Mr. Beardo

    RIP John McCain
    A True American Hero..

  36. Sassy

    Maybe they all timed out and had to do the comp again…

  37. hogwild

    I think it would be kind of funny if Sam won POV and took Hay down to make it up to her for basically calling her a whore when she was HOH.

  38. danmtruth

    Helen TY said him and Bret were going to be locked in the HOH together

  39. Alda

    Over 6 hours now.Let’s Go!

  40. danmtruth

    Alda this is crazy Maybe Sam made a break for it and tried to escape and now they are trying to track her down

  41. Helen

    Beginning to think the feed operator has a personal grudge against live feeders…

  42. Sassy

    Elena is jumping on the entitled bandwagon…. Give it a break people!

    “Y’all fans are fucking on one… Some of y’all (NOT all) can be very entitled and invasive. @realvegas4sure is a GIFTTTT to the BB fandom that keeps on giving. Be grateful for the inside info and the spoilers that I promise you do not deserve! Don’t ruin Vegas for the rest of us!”

    • Ann

      Hey Elena, STFU………Let’s Go Bitch.

    • LindsayB

      Elena’s skanky ass can jump off a damn cliff. I am so over the Vegas bullshit drama. Talk about an attention seeking jack ass, no wonder Elena is up Vegas’s ass. Seriously tho, this Vegas idiot acts like they are some kind of BB god that we should all bow down to and what makes it even worse is how many people are on their knees right now just begging the almighty one to come back and grace us with some tidbit of info. Fucking ridiculous.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I know this might be a long shot, but I believe that Vegas is actually BB Production feeding us tidbits to whet our appetites to make us watch. I swear I don’t believe it’s some insider sneaking us info. BB knows what they’re doing. I don’t even pay any attention to Vegas. I see sh!t when I see it.

      • caRyn

        Could care less about this “Vegas” updates. Could be James (previous BB hg) for all we know. Never cared.

  43. ladycobra

    JC probably won’t stop singing so they are having to do retakes. After watching him last night, the man-child has no respect for rules. He totally ignored the “stop singing” demands and ignored the call to
    DR for his disregard of the “stop singing” demand.

  44. Colby

    Maybe it’s the room escape one where they have to connect water pipes and stuff, and then they have to completely dry it out between each player.
    Whatever it is, this is ridiculous.

  45. Sunny - fka Newbie 2017

    I used to be able to see the realvegas tweets but now they’re “protected” and she has to approve you as a follower. Ummm – I don’t have or want a twitter account. I guess I will read the updates from her on here instead. Oh well!!

  46. Sassy

    I caught part of a convo today about hosting comps. Do they wear ear pieces? Is that how they know what to say? Someone was saying how it’s hard to hear what they are saying and pay attention to the comps. Just wondering if anyone knew.

  47. Avatar

    For the love of God… this comp is insanely too long!!!

    • Sassy

      I won’t say it’s to long, just wish they would let us watch it… once again feeds will come back around time for BBAD, so why am I paying for feeds? Rhetorical question, of coarse. I plan to cancel by the end of next week, so I’m not paying an extra month.

      • Avatar

        Exactly right Sassy!

      • Helen

        Would be nice if we got some kind of heads up from cbs letting paying subscribers know when feeds are going to be down for extended periods of time !!
        4 and 5 hours is bad enough when your paying for a service but 8 hours is pushing it imo…

      • Helen

        Me too Sassy…my subscription ends at the end of the month…have no plans on renewing and after today I think it’s a good decision

  48. Avatar

    Perhaps they are giving the house guests a break and shutting the cameras off for a bit. Letting them sing and blasting music.

    Or maybe they simply do not want people to know who won the veto until BBAD comes on. They kind of screwed POP on Thursday Night by not having the HOH room ready until just a few minutes remained on the show. Pop always gives the HOH winner a gift and they were not able to have that moment.

    Allowing them to broadcast the show that reveals the veto winner could be a fair trade.

  49. Colby

    You think they are just going to keep them down until BBAD comes on in retaliation for all the backlash they have been getting? They’ll show us…..
    If they are playing those games with paying customers everyone needs to cancel and boycott the feeds and see how long it takes them to get their shit together.

  50. LynnD

    Did they forget they have the feeds off?

    • Helen

      I think someone that operates feeds is being a dick…

      • Colby

        Just before feeds went down Haho said they were supposed to go to the HOH and take snacks but she wasn’t hungry and said ‘Oh well, it’s just for an hour.’
        So maybe they did something else and just never turned them back on and the veto actually started later.
        But I agree, they are probably just being dick’s because of the backlash they have gotten lately.

  51. Shivani33

    Midnight BBtime would be a good occasion for a catered feast and some booze. And maybe Tyler will get to fill his HoH room rsvp.

  52. Mel

    Bayleigh and Swaggys baby has began walking, talking and close to starting preschool since the feeds have been off.

  53. hogwild

    I remember a challenge on survivor that went on for almost 12 hours I hope BB isn’t going for that record.

  54. Seattle Kari

    I know I’m being paranoid but since it’s been so long I can’t help it be concerned that something might have happened? I hope everyone’s okay..

  55. dfdsgs

    Well feed are down still and now BBAD is starting

  56. Sassy

    Hilarious!! BBAD is on, but not feeds…

  57. Ann

    While we wait on these assholes to turn the feeds on so you guys can let those of us who don’t have it know what’s happening, I’m going to tell you about what happened to me yesterday on this damn knee scooter.
    Well , I had a Dr’s appt & I have to get around on my knee scooter because my left foot is broken. I get to the Dr’s office & crash dead smack into the check-in desk because I couldn’t stop in time with my good foot instead of using my brakes. Next when I get called back, I almost run over some people & then accidentally had a lady trapped behind a door while I was trying to turn around which took a minute because the scooter is not easy to make turns. Then I back into the water dispenser almost knocking it over but a nurse caught it. When it was time to leave, I was waiting on my daughter to pull the car up front. Instead of me waiting for her to come in & open the door & help me to the car, some people were leaving & I rolled on out the door & before I knew it my scooter had a mind of its own & took off flying down hill & flew across the parking lot with me screaming at the top of my lungs & my foot dragging trying to stop. As I was coming to a stop, the damn thing started to roll backwards & a lady caught me (Thank God). I didn’t realize people were behind me trying to catch me. I got off that freaking thing & walked to the damn car.The whole while my daughter was in the car wondering what in the hell I was doing as I flew past he on the scooter. Anyway, needless to say I think I lost 10 yrs off my life because of my runaway scooter.

  58. Alda

    Well,BBAD is on and Brett and Tyler are in the HOH room.

  59. dfdsgs

    Also sounds like being locked in the HOH room with just Brett might have been great for both of their games. Gave them a ton of time to strategise for L6 and looks like got Tyler an F2 with Brett who was one of the few people left he didn’t have one with.

    • ladycobra

      In the 8 hrs they have been locked up together, I hope they were able to compare some notes on JC and what he has been saying to Brett.

      • Ann

        If I was JC I’d be worrying about what Ty & Brett are talking about while they’ve been locked up together for so long. He has to know they’re talking game & he’s not there to be in the middle of it. I hope they don’t tell him anything.

      • Sassy

        He was asking Brett to get him alone and say these things. He wants to split up Ty and Angela.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Cobra, that’s just what they did, compare note about JC. JC’s little goose might just be cooked.

  60. danmtruth

    WHY oh why are they whispering ?? Mostly Bret like the old days with Winston

  61. Cat Lady

    They can’t still be filming at 9:30pm Saturday can they? I didn’t see Brett and Tyler..why can’t they show them on the live feed?

  62. LGJ

    Ugh, I can’t stay up an later. Tomorrow is our middle baby’s 10th bday, and I know she’ll be up at the crack of dawn. Happy Big Brothering!

  63. Sassy

    I think the only person Ty can Beat in a final 2 is Angela because if the jury is bitter, I think they are disliked equally.

  64. Helen

    Well…I’m off to bed…After 9 hours I don’t think feeds are coming back anytime soon…maybe after midnight

  65. GoodGame

    Questions??? What Veto Comp takes this long?
    Can I watch the Fish Tank instead of Brett and Tyler chat about this stuff on BBAD?
    Is Rachel Reilly the Vegas Leak person in real life??? She is a big fan and always involved in each season.

  66. Colby

    I don’t get BBAD because POP is part of a package that I am not willing to pay for.
    So, is it just showing Tyler and Brett sitting in the HOH talking?
    Anything else?

  67. danmtruth

    my dinner with Bret

    On a personal note I feel less of a man As realvegas has just blocked me for saying These aren’t state secrets If get the story 2 minutes or 2 hours after it happens does not effect myeline Oh well another person standing in line to piss on my grave I guess

  68. Helen

    Tyler says the POV comp has something to do with nurses (not superheroes). He doesn’t specify if there are nurses costumes or a nursing comp setup he saw as the host. –

    Ok…now I’m off to bed…have no clue what kind of comp this would be that takes over 9 hours….

  69. danmtruth

    POP is saying the comp is over getting ready to go back

    • NKogNeeTow

      They just switched from BBAD to a rerun of Schitt’s Creek. Said BBAD would be back shortly. Schitt’s Creek is a 1/2 hour show. Guess if they’re not finished in 30 minutes we’ll see another episode.

      • Sassy

        It’s better than the reruns on live feeds. I don’t mind reruns but they keep playing the same ones over and over again… I like to see the old comp and how things have transformed but I can’t watch the same episode more than once in a day.

  70. Shivani33

    Probably since Tyler hosts this, he has been sent for to go film the results.

  71. Sassy

    Twitter says KC won.

  72. danmtruth

    KC WON VETO some kind of ball catch Fess loss by 1

  73. LynnD

    Feeds are back! Hallelujah!!!! Sounds like KC won.

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  75. NKogNeeTow

    BBAD BACK! MF does NOT look happy!

  76. NKogNeeTow

    JC is extremely excited. Hope he’s still as happy when he finds out that Brett and Tyler are on to him.

    Tyler just said “KC won a comp. Who does that leave”?

  77. danmtruth

    Fess wants to die It was a comp he felt was built for him Than he lost He is beating himself up Hay comforted him for 5 min than left to join everyone laughing and having a good time

  78. Seattle Kari

    I wonder why It took so damn long? hopefully we’ll find out soon.

  79. NKogNeeTow

    Sam rearranging bedroom chairs and straightening up the room. Oh Sammy, my little Sammy…

  80. Ann

    It’s on now but I can’t tell who won the VETO.

  81. NKogNeeTow

    Fessy laying in the bed with his eyes closed.

    Haleigh snorting down a bowl of food AS USUAL.

  82. NKogNeeTow

    Hay is sucking up to KC …BIG TIME! Complete with hugs and bullshit.

    Hay says she can’t believe MF kicked her out of bed.

  83. mona77450

    If nominations stay the same and Hayleigh is evicted, would Scottie deliberately throw the battle back so that she goes back in the house? I would hope not but he does weird stuff.

  84. danmtruth

    Fess ask Hay if she talk to Angela She said yes but never said that he was the real target Goodbye Fess I think Hay will tell him no hug-ee no kiss-ee because you lost that veto

  85. NKogNeeTow

    Hay, KC and Brett in bedroom talking. Hay is chatting up a storm. Seems a little TO happy to me. I”m actually hoping they send her ass home and save MF till next week. I like him a little more than I like her. He’s just stupid and can’t help himself. She’s sneaky and will suck up to anyone she can.

    Now she’s talking about Fessy. So much for romance.

  86. Colby

    Haho and Angela have both mentioned being sequestered individually for 5 hours, so they were not filming the comp for the whole 9 hours.

  87. NKogNeeTow

    Hay is being super friendly, even to Sam. And she’s talking fast, usually a sure sign someone is lying.

  88. danmtruth

    Happy for KC first for the win Than for beating Fess good for her

    • Sassy

      I’m glad her football skills out performed his, that HAS to be spirit crushing for him, LOL.

      • mm22

        Hummmmm fessy on the block n the veto comp was to catch something!
        I was wondering what kinda veto comp would make better odds
        for a former football player! Production you didn’t plan this did
        you? No I didn’t think so

  89. Avatar

    Sounds like it was a comp where they had to catch things… so set up perfectly for KC and Fessy the football players to battle it out. And you know Fessy is seething that he lost a comp like that and that he lost to a girl hahaha I love it. Couldn’t be a more ideal humiliation for the big arrogant lug.

    • danmtruth

      he came to KC and said how mad he was that he drop so many Felt his score could easily had ben 45 But was only 31 Than KC had 32 what a burn

      • Ann

        Sooo, is that why he’s not playing pro ball because he dropped so many balls? Shoulda Woulda Coulda Fessy….STFU, you lost to a girl you loser.

      • Avatar

        If if’s and’s and but’s were candy and nuts–we’d all have a Merry Christmas Fessy! The point is you didn’t catch them so you failed and lost.

  90. danmtruth

    Hay even talk to Sam about cleaning the bathroom WOW that girl is brown nosing big time

  91. Ann

    What the hell is up with that raggedy ass cap Sam is wearing? Did Hay start gnawing on it after she chewed all of her nails off?

  92. LynnD

    Sam is definately on her meds. Being loud and bossy. tells Ha to go clean the bathroom or to start cleaning the bathroom. Said she would be there in a short bit she wants to do that for the next hour till she can eat. I would tell her to go fuck herself.

    • danmtruth

      no you miss it Hay ask if she need help Hay in major brown nose form

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hay offered to clean the bathroom and Sam told her she could go ahead and start if she wants to. Hay was just being her deceitful self as usual. She still hates Sam but wants her vote. If she stays and wins next week she will throw Sam and Angela up on that block quicker than hurry up.

      • LynnD

        Well Ha was laying on the bed. Sam had her get off it bc Sam was bringing the sheets from the have not room and making her bed. I actually think Ha was offering to help make the bed and Sam told her to go clean the bathroom.

  93. danmtruth

    for Hay her new theme song


    forget the politics just the words

  94. NKogNeeTow

    UUUGGGHHHH! My shit keeps freezing and it’s pissing me off!

    Hay was in the kitchen eating AGAIN and throwing Fessy under the bus to Angela and Tyler. They told her don’t worry, she’ll be fine. I HOPE they are just pulling her leg and get rid of that damned cursed Siren.

  95. NKogNeeTow

    I hope they lock Hay out of HOH tonight or she’s going to be a living hemrroid to everyone in the room. She can’t get up there to suck up fast enough. Hell, lock her ass in the storage room with Sam.

  96. danmtruth

    NK, Sassy Ann have a good night I’m off to bed Van sleep in peace knowing KC won even better Fess loss

  97. NKogNeeTow

    KC and Angela want to sneak upstairs to talk (away from the succubus Hay no doubt).

    JC in the bathroom with Hay and ask if she and MF are in a showmance. She says NO, why would you even ask that.

    He says just asking.

    She goes quiet.

  98. NKogNeeTow

    JC tells Hay that if she is in a showmance it’s okay. She starts putting things in her locker and slamming the door. She tells him again that they are not. He says if she is it’s okay, they can work something out.

    He then starts to talk about not winning any comps. She tells him he’s okay and that it’s good he hasn’t won anything. (Of course you know she’s thinking that if she gets to end with him, she can use that against him to the jury…lol).

  99. NKogNeeTow

    Score! Angela, Tyler, Angela, Brett and KC made it to the HOH and are opening the wine. They are watching on the monitor to see if JC is coming. Angela says that if he comes up they have to hide the wine.

    They just dashed my hopes. They said that Fessy’s going home this week 🙁

    They see Hay coming and Angela runs and hides the wine. When she comes in, they pull out cheesecake…lol

  100. NKogNeeTow

    Told you Hay would be up their asses like a hemmrroid. She’s parked her ass on the bed and is watching the monitor with Angela, Tyler, Brett and KC and they are laughing at JC.

    They are laughing because they said he is walking around and kicking things because he’s hungry.

    • Sassy

      When she came in, she said, “I knew I smelled it”. They asked what and she replied “wine!”

      Tell that skank you are sharing the exact amount with her that she shared with you, NONE!!!!

  101. Ann

    I can’t stand that little twerp.

  102. NKogNeeTow

    The Suck-Up is now telling Angela and KC that she had so much faith in them (during the comp) *eye roll*

    Tyler and Brett leave the room.

    Angela paints her nails and indulges in minor chit chat with KC and Hay.

    Hay tells them this week is going to be hard. *I hate this girl*

    Angela tells her to hang in there and not worry, they have her back.

    KC tells her to stay cool, calm and collected.

    Hay says she’s not going to talk to anybody about game this week and that MF is going to start campaigning tomorrow. *I hate this girl*

    Tyler comes back in. Brett is still in the kitchen cooking.

    Hay is reading the cheesekake box to see how long it will take to thaw. *I hate this girl*

    JC is walking around the kitchen mad because he can’t find the banana that Tyler hid from him. The HOH crew are laughing at him on the monitor.

    Hay says they are going to eat burritos then get in the hot tub. *Have I told you that I hate this girl*

  103. Ann

    Damn that was fast, it’s over already. Well, goodnight!!!

  104. NKogNeeTow

    Hay finally leave the HOH and Angela, Tyler and KC make a toast and take a drink before going downstairs to eat. They hope that no one can smell the wine on them or in the room. Angela sprays the room with perfume.

    KC jumps on the HOH bed. She just found the banana Tyler hid from JC.

    Everyone’s in the kitchen getting ready to eat.

    Fessy’s crying in the shower…Not really but he is showering.

  105. NKogNeeTow

    Not much happening at the moment. Angela, Tyler, JC, KC, Brett, the Succubus are eating.

    Sam is roaming around the house somewhere.

    MF lying in bed reading his Qu’ran (sp).

    L6/5/4 secretly thinking how to get upstairs to the HOH so they can study and drink wine, without the Succubus clinging to their heels.

    Sam secretly thinking how to rewire the electrical system.

    Fess secretly thinking how to hang KC by her ponytail for embarrassing him by beating him.

  106. NKogNeeTow

    Angela announces that since she’s finished dinner, she’s going upstairs to take a nap.

    Brett, Tyler and KC manage to sneak away and upstairs.

    The 4 of them toast and drink wine and laugh at MF going home this week and how Scottie will be glad to see MF walk through the door.

    They are celebrating big time.

    They speculate whether this week will be a DE or not.

    Meanwhile, JC goes into the bedroom to talk to MF. MF tells him this means they will send Hay out next week. He tells JC that he’s ready to go and doesn’t even want to be here this week because it’s going to be a long week.

    JC tells him to not to be sad because there is a chance there is a battleback and he might still be here. He tells him that things happen how they’re suppose to and he did really good and not to worry.

    Fess says he’s not going to campaign because they’re already going to send him home.

    MF is going over “what ifs”. He says that if RS hadn’t shown Tyler the answer during OTEV, Tyler would have gone home because he wouldn’t have won and Hay was going to put him up.

    MF says he just wanted to win the Veto one more them then he wouldn’t mind if he went home next week.

    MF ask JC if he won HOH next week who would he put up. JC won’t commit. Just says he’d try to break up “the alliance”.

    MF ask him where does he think Brett fits in in all of this. JC just says he doesn’t think Brett is part of it, they just like him a lot.

    They then start to talk about the comp. MF says he just can’t believe he lost and it sucks. He says he just doesn’t want to be on the block next to Hay.

    JC tells him not to cry about it because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen and he could wind up the winner. That made Fess laugh.

    Fess said he’s not mad at the game, he’s mad at the comp. He says he wasn’t even mad when he saw his picture on the wall.

    Fess tells him that the only thing that would suck would be to make it to F7 and not have won anything. He then laughs (he’s talking about JC).

    JC is giving him a pretty good pep talk and is at least making Fess laugh.

  107. NKogNeeTow

    In the HOH:

    KC is telling Angela that they might be the best alliance in history.

    Angela says what’s funny is Fess going home the week after his HOH. She says that she would love to see the faces of people in the JH when Fess walks in. She says that everyone in the JH hates her and it’s not looking good but she doesn’t even care as long as 1 of the 4 of them win.

    KC says she is confident that it’s going to be 1 of the 4 will win.

    Angela says it just goes to show what loyalty does.

    They discuss how much they all trust each other and how well they all worked through the game.

    Doorbell rings. In slithers the Succubus. *I hate this girl*

    She announces she’s going to bed. They tell her that she should relax and they will hang out tomorrow in the yard.

    She says she just hopes she doesn’t have a mental breakdown. *I hate this girl*

    She leaves and KC ask Angela if she thinks the Succubus meant she will have a breakdown because of Fess.

    Angela says doesn’t matter, she’s going home next week and she brought it on herself.

    Angela then asks KC if she thinks Tyler has an App.

    KC says she doesn’t think so because he would have told them. *tee hee hee*

    Brett and Tyler comes in and they all start talking about who in their families might be watching right now.

  108. NKogNeeTow


    Brett tells them that his Mom was horrified when she found out he was going to be on the show. He said his Aunt scared his Mom by telling her that all they do on the show is lie and have sex. He said he had to promise his Mom that he won’t show his weiner on TV.


    Fess is telling JC and the Succubus that if he hadn’t sent Scottie home things would be different. He laments over everyone who’s left the house. He’s pissed because he says that everyone they’ve worked with has lied to them.

    He says that if Bay hadn’t told Rachel about her App, things would have been different.

    He is blaming everything on everybody.

    He says again he just wants to go home.

    JC is telling him again to stop worrying because he doesn’t know what’s going to happen.

    Fess keeps retelling how he lost the comp.

    The Succubus tells him that it doesn’t matter.

    JC tells them something that makes them both laugh (didn’t hear what it was, sorry).

    The Succubus says her head hurts (probably all that backed up evil in her). *I hate this girl*

    JC says they will all probably be called to the DR tonight.

    Sucky says she doesn’t want to go.

  109. NKogNeeTow


    JC says he’s going to shower then go up there and see what the f*ck they’re talking about up there.

    He ask the Succubus if she went up there.

    She says yes, they fed her cheesecake then got quiet so she left.

    She asks if Tyler slept up there with Angela.

    JC says yes and that he told Tyler that if puts him up, he’s going to start so much shit and tell them that he knows they are in a showmance together. They all laugh. *At the rate he’s going, he might wind up out the door before Hay*

    She tells them that all 4 (Brett, Tyler, Angela and KC) are working together and Sam is left out.

    Fess tells them what he’s going to say in his speech.

    Sucky tells him not to say certain things because then they will start to start thinking about jury votes and she doesn’t want them doing that.

    JC leaves and Sucky tells MF that he asked her if they were in a showmance. She said he said he doesn’t care but if they are, don’t tell anyone.

    Fess looks at her and smiles and says “We made it this far. I had fun. I just want to continue the fun”

    She just lays there and looks at him and he looks like he’s about to cry.

    She tells him that she doesn’t want to be in this game without him but she’ll see him soon. *I’m laughing on the inside. Is that wrong?*

  110. NKogNeeTow


    My LittleYardstick has made his way upstairs. *Guess he lost his way to the shower*

    He’s talking to Brett, Angela, Tyler and KC about the comp. He tells them how he’s going to win a Veto.

    Tyler tells him if JC wins, he’ll shave JC’s back hair. JC says “With your tongue”?…lol

    JC sits next to Brett and Tyler says “Oh you’re back to your original bitch now huh”.

    Tyler and JC keep throwing zingers at each other while everyone else laughs.

    JC says Vetos were made to f*ck him over.


    MF is laughing about when he walks into the JH.

    The Succubus tells him that he owes Scottie and apology.

    He goes over AGAIN, what would have happened if people on his team would have stayed.

    She’s getting annoyed with him because he’s wearing her headband backwards. *Somebody nuke that bedroom NOW!*

    She now wants to braid his hair tomorrow. *I swear they’re trying to make me go to bed*

  111. NKogNeeTow


    JC tells them that this whole week has been nothing but “ballshit”…lol

    They’re not really talking about anything. Just bantering about the competitions.

    L6/5/4 is just waiting for The Yardstick to leave so they can resume real talk.

    Nothing going on in the bedroom either. MF and The Succubus just talking about general stuff.

  112. NKogNeeTow


    JC says he thinks he’ll take a shower up there since he’s never done it before and he hasn’t won anything.

    Angela says “Awww”.

    Brett tells him to go back to his main squeeze (Tyler). JC tells him to shut up.

    JC starts to talk about some Russian woman and gets a warning from Production. He finishes his sentence.

    Not much going on. JC making them laugh. I wish he would leave so they can talk. He’s a Talkblocker.


    MF and The Succubus having minor pillow talk. Nothing serious or special.

  113. NKogNeeTow

    While we’re waiting for something interesting to happen, just general chit-chat.

    Just realized I lost my counter. Don’t know where I am now. Was almost to 5500 or something like that.

    Since we’ve also lost our Friends List and the ability to send and receive messages if anyone wants or needs to get in touch with me about anything, send me an email to:

    [email protected]
    In the subject line put: BBJ (then your BBJ screen name)
    That way I’ll know who you are and will respond. I delete all emails from people I don’t recognize. I don’t always check it every day because it’s not my main email address but it’s the one I signed on here with. I promise I will respond 🙂

  114. Helen

    Tell me again why it is more important to evict MF over Ratleigh this week?

  115. NKogNeeTow

    Back to the show…


    Still general chit-chat between the showmance that’s not a showmance.


    The Yardstick still hasn’t made it to the shower yet.

    They wonder where Sam is. JC says in the kitchen cleaning.

    Tyler and JC say they are going to take a shower.

    Angela tells them they can all shower up there.

    Tyler says no, JC would like it to much.

    JC says he has showered with Angela before. He tells Brett he should shower with Tyler. They all laugh.

    They start to talk about how long they’ve been in the house and how long they have to go.


    The Succubus looks like she’s gone to sleep.

    MF looks like he’s trying but is kind of restless.

    The lights are on. She asks that they turn off the lights.

    He lays there staring at the camera on and off. She tells him to close his eyes and stop staring.

    Lights are turned off and she thanks them (Production).

    He gets up and goes to get water.

    Sam is just standing there, leaning against the counter, looking up at the upper landing.

    MF leaves and goes back to bed. Sam wipes off the counters.

    JC comes out and calls her over the railing. He asks her what’s wrong with her, why the low energy.

    She asks him where the f*ck has he been for the last 1 1/2 hours. She says she’s made the beds, mopped the floors, what the hell is he talking about. She then calls him a son of a bitch.

    They laugh. She tells him that if he thinks she has low energy, to jump off the balcony and she’ll catch him.

    He says he’ll throw balls in her face. She said she made the balls so go ahead.

    He keeps telling her he just doesn’t like to see her with low energy, it makes him worry about her.

    She asks if he’s serious or playing.

    She tells him that what would be fun is if she, Tyler, Brett, and Fessy held a sheet out and he jumped off the balcony into it.

    He says no, he doesn’t trust any of those motherf*ckers.

    He comes downstairs and they start to talk about him going back to school for nursing. She tells him he should do it. He says no, he already has a B.S.

    He says besides, he would have to go back to school for 12 years then he’d probably have a heart attack.

    She says then he’ll have a medical license and he can fix himself. They laugh.

    He starts teaching her words and phrases in Spanish.

  116. NKogNeeTow


    Brett is telling them that Fessy has to go because he has JC and that’s 2 votes. Hay doesn’t have JC so that’s only 1 vote.

    Angela tells Brett that she asked Hay why she picked Sam because she wasn’t going home.

    Angela says she isn’t sold on the whole battle back thing.

    Brett says she shouldn’t be because they don’t know and it’s no sense worrying about it.

    He tells her that he’s proud of her and she’s doing well.

    She tells him that they (L6) are the best advisors.

    He says you can’t win the game by yourself and he’s just glad he’s had them to work with.

    She tells him that as long as 1 of the 4 win, she’s happy.


    JC and Sam are talking about the pictures of everyone on the wall. They talk about each person on the board. Nothing negative, just talking about how the pictures look.


    Only Brett and Angela there.

    She says she can’t wait to work out tomorrow.

    He tells her he’s going to bed. They talk about KC winning the Veto.

    Angela wonders what Fessy’s pitch is going to be to KC about using the Veto.

    Brett speculates what Fess might say.

    She tells Brett about the pitch that Fessy and Hay gave to her and Tyler and how it didn’t benefit her.

    She asks Brett if she should tell Fess tomorrow to “Take your vacation”.

    He says yes.

    She says the person who’s going to hate her the most is Swaggy because she got Bay out.

    Brett says he doesn’t care. He starts talking about RS and sayng how she hates him and Angela.

    She tells him that he might be the most hated in the JH.

    He says Fessy has hated him since day 1 because he’s jealous of Hay.

    Angela says she has nightmares about going to the JH with the ones who’s there.

    Brett says if he goes he will only hang out with Scottie.

    Angela asks if he thinks they each get their own bedroom in the JH.

    Brett tells her that when Bay was on her way out the door, Sam told her she was the only one who voted for her to stay so now Bay knows that none of her crew voted to keep her.

    Brett says he’s at the point that he’s just doing it for the fans. He says because there isn’t a scenario where he’s going to win. He says he’s a zombie walking through zombieland covered in blood right now.

    Angela says she’s over the JH thing and she’d just rather stay in the BB house till it’s time to go.

    Brett says goodnight and leaves.

    Angela gets into bed and takes off her mic. Don’t know where Tyler is, he was suppose to sleep up there tonight.

  117. NKogNeeTow


    Tyler cleaning off the kitchen island.

    Sam laying on the table bench.

    She tells him she was supposed to make puppy chow and a lemon cake tonight but she doesn’t think she has it in her. She said she wants to take a shower.

    He slides upstairs and gives Angela a hug. She asks him if he took a shower. He says yes.

    He tells her he had a good talk with Brett today.

    He tells her how JC has been trying to get closer to Brett.

    He says Brett asked him if he’s in a showmance and if so, just save it until after the show. *He’s saying this while lying in bed holding her…lol*

    She says that she doesn’t know how to act around him (Tyler). She says that she sometimes thinks, should I sit next to him or talk to him.

    Tyler says he’s just as awkward in real life. *She’s laying on his chest and he’s rubbing her back *

    They talk about trying to keep the rumors down about them.

    He tells her she was so drunk today and she’s a lightweight.

    He says he feels like they’re at a high school dance and he couldn’t handle it.

    They see JC and Brett in the kitchen and laugh about them.

    They talk about Sam and what she might do. He says it wouldn’t be the worst thing if she voted Hay out.

    She says Sam seems like she’s in a mood tonight and why did she quit smoking. She says nothing about her makes sense.

    They say they’re going to tell Sam tomorrow that she’s not going on the block and that Fess and Hay pitched Angela putting her on the block.

    She says that Swaggy is going to hate her so much for getting Hay and Fess out. Then says “you’re welcome”. *Why is she even worried about this, Swaggy doesn’t have a vote in anything anymore*

    They start to talks about something but get a warning from Production.

    He tells her he’d much rather cuddle with her than Brett. She says “and JC”? He says f*ckin JC.

    He says JC tries to cuddle with him but he won’t let him.

    They lay there cuddling and he tells her he feels that she and he are similar.

    She says it’s strange sitting at that little table now. Like he’s just a few inches from her.

    He says going back to his bed tonight will be weird.

    She says she can’t believe Brett asked him that (their showmance). She said it’s awkward.

    He says Brett didn’t actually ask him. He said JC had mentioned it and he just wanted to tell him to save it for after the show.

    He says people only started to talk about it once they started using the Vetos on each other.

    He said JC started that when he saw them cuddling. She said JC would walk past her bed to see if Tyler was in there with her.

    He said it just gets lonely in this house and it there is nothing wrong with them cuddling together. He says people should stop with the labels and JC should too.

    He asks her if she wants to go to bed. She says no.

    He asks her if she wants him to stay right there. She says yes.

    They lay there in silence. *I feel like I’m writing a romance novel*

    He closes his eyes and strokes her hair. She makes some kind of noise, he opens his eyes and whispers something to her but you can’t hear it.

    He asks her if she wants to go on a date when the show is over. She says yes.

    They decide to go to Hawaii and they both learn how to surf.

    He says a dream of his is to get drunk and go up a volcano, sleep on the beach, jump off a waterfall, and stay at a hostel. *I saw that movie. You DO NOT want to stay at a hostel*

    He asks her where else she wants to go. She says Capri, Italy, and Fiji.

    He says she likes all tropical places. She says yes. He says him too.

    She said she wanted to go to Greece.. .until Scottie.

    He says he’d also like to go to South Africa.

    They talk about Bay traveling with her padgent group. They also talk about Bay’s Instagram followers.

    He starts to tell her his life story. *Won’t tell her about that App though…lol*

    They look on the monitor and see JC coming up and he says here he comes.

    She says “F*cking JC”

    They quickly separate and he puts on the headphones and moves to the other side of the bed.

    The doorbell rings and in comes JC and Brett.

    The Lovebirds are pissed but don’t show it.

    JC and Brett make themselves comfortable on the sofa *And it’s JC and Brett for the BLOCK…yelled in my best football announcer voice*

    JC tells them about his convo with Sam earlier.

    Brett says he’s noticed that Sam won’t eat food if anyone else cooks it. He says he feels like she gets mad because she feels like it’s her thing.

    JC says Sam kept snapping on him. Brett says she snapped on him too. They are kind of bashing her.

    Tyler says he wants that last McGriddle. He gets up and says goodnight. Brett ask him if he’s going to bed. Tyler says probably (his voice sounds a little irritated).

    As soon as he leaves, Brett, JC and Angela start talking about Sam not eating anyone else’s food again.

    Brett says that unless she cooks it she won’t eat it because he thinks she doesn’t want anyone else to get credit for cooking anything. He says he doesn’t know if she’s doing it for strategy or if she’s just stressed.

    They think that maybe this wasn’t the best time for her to stop smoking.

    JC said that the only reason she’s still there is that the rest of them are smart and targeting other people.

    Brett says that she has to do 100% of the cooking herself or she gets mad.

    JC said he was so mad at her when she snapped at him when he said something about low energy, he wanted to smack her but he’s not going to argue with her on national TV because he already knows he’s smarter than she is.

    JC ask them if they think Sam has some sort of secret.

    Brett jokes if JC thinks she’s a millionaire. JC says no. JC asks if they think that she’s Christmas’ sister.

    The 3 of them complain about how hot it is up there.

    Angela tells JC to tell them all his secrets. He says he has none. They don’t believe him and try to get it out of him.

    He laughs at them. She tells him he has such a bad poker face. He asks her what’s a poker face. She explains.

    Angela tells JC that she’ll tell him her secrets if he tells her his.

    He says he wasn’t going to tell them he about his degrees. He has one in Political Science and one in Mathematics (?). He says he really thinks it’s stupid for people to keep secrets.

    He tells them how he was spying the f*ck out of the other side. He says it’s not always important if you don’t win anything, it’s all about who you’re loyal to. He says their side haven’t won that much but look at where the other side is, half of them are out of the house.

    He ask Brett what are some of his secrets.

    Brett says he wasn’t going to tell them that he ruled in college. JC doesn’t understand and Angela explains it to him. Brett says it was a good joke that went over his head.

    JC tells Angela how at first, he couldn’t make her laugh. She says that wasn’t true. She said she laughed at stuff. JC said she didn’t start to laugh more until Rachel left.

    Angela said because Rachel annoyed the shit out of her and she wasn’t going to compete for attention. She said once Rachel left she felt more comfortable.

    Brett said he didn’t find anything Rachel did funny. Angela says it was because she was so repetitive wth it and use to say the same thing over and over.

    Brett says he told Rachel that he didn’t find her funny.

    Angela told him that Rachel had the biggest crush on him. JC and Angela told him that Rachel wanted to f*ck him.

    Brett said he never paid her any attention because she was pissing him off and what he really wanted to tell her was STFU. *Could Brett be Gerardo? Hey, wait a minute…maybe that’s why he’s not here with us*

    BTW, Brett is now on the bed with Angela, while poor Tyler is downstairs with a serious case of Blueballs. *Now don’t quote me on this, I’m only speculating, but those 2 little c*ckblockers have thrown a monkey wrench in Tyler’s plans for the night*

  118. NKogNeeTow

    Me thinks the fair Lady Angela would like to go to sleep to DREAM of her knight in shining armor Tyler. But NOOO, Laurel and Hardy have firmly planted themselves in the room. They don’t even seem remotely sleepy. *Meanwhile I’m looking at daylight through the blinds*

    Brett says JC told him he’s the best looking guy in the house.

    JC says the twist is he’s straight. He then laughs and says “No, I’m gay”.

    KC comes into the room (she’s been in the DR for hours). Brett tells her to come in and sit down. *LOL*

    They start to talk about Hay and Swaggy having sex in the house (the bed and the shower).

    They are now making fun of Kaitlyn. JC is telling them about Kait telling him she saw his spirit guides just before she went home.

    They start talking and laughing about Brett telling Scottie he’s better eat that bacon before he leaves. He said when he realized he said it, he changed it to “You’d better eat that bacon before you leave this kitchen”.

    Brett says the best one of all was when Sam slipped up and called RS BlockStar. KC and Angela hadn’t heard that before and they howl with laughter.

    Brett said that when RS was put on the block and he said those things about her, he actually thought she was going to swing on him and he didn’t know what to do about it because he couldn’t hit her.

    JC was just called to the DR. *It’s 7:10 here so it’s 4:10 there, Production has NO shame*

    JC leaves for the DR.

    Brett asks KC how hard the comp was.

    KC says she’s going to bed. Hugs Angela and Brett.

    KC and Brett leave and Angela goes to bed.

    Sam has showered and is in the kitchen drinking then announces to herself that she’s going to bed.

    Sam is now in the bed and says goodnight to Big Brother.

    And with that my lovelies, I shall do the same. It’s 7:20 a.m. here and I should be turning into a pumpkin in another few hours unless I get at least a nap. I’ve given you the blow-by-blows and our little Mel with 1 L will be here later to give you an intelligent analysis *much unlike the bs that I leave you with…lol*

    See you Guys later tonight and have a GREAT day! 🙂

  119. Sassy

    Thanks NK, I love your recaps. Most of the interesting convos happen after I go to bed. The biggest thing I got from your posts, you are all in for Hay as the winner…

  120. FW aka CY

    I really appreciate all of you who have feeds and diligently update here with facts, insights, opinions and humor. I have a lot of sleepless nights and am very grateful for the diversions. I appreciate everyone, of course – but to a slightly lesser degree. 😉

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