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Saturday Afternoon Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


I want to thank everyone for being patient with this site over the last 24 or so hours. There was a bug that took a while to find that prevented the pages from being updated unless you were logged in. Well, not really a bug, but if you know about websites, there was an option buried somewhere that cached pages for those not logged in and for some reason it wasn’t clearing that cache.

Technical stuff aside, it’s fixed and if you see that again, please let me know asap so I can get on top of that.  I just wish I could have had some sleep.

Today is the veto comp and the only two not playing are Brett and Tyler. Surprising to see Tyler not play, especially when the numbers are this small, but that’s just the way the game works. Conspiracy theorists love pretending that production rigs the game in favor of certain people every year – and Tyler is the guy people target this year as the favorite. However, with all the information I know about the show, there is no rigging for a certain person. I’m positive that the Diary Room tries to influence decisions by hinting around at certain things because they want the best ratings possible for the show, but I’ve seen no evidence of actual rigging competitions for players.  There are so many examples of times when production could and should have rigged a competition only to have it not go their way. Think they want good drama to leave early (like Cody from BB19)?

Losing track. Today is a not very important veto competition because the house really doesn’t care who leaves between Haleigh or Fessy. Regardless of what happens today, one or both will be sitting on the block come Monday afternoon and they don’t currently have the votes to stay over anyone. Now, if there was a chance they could stay, you could root for one to win veto and hope someone like Sam is nominated and evicted, but I just don’t see that happening.  Furthermore, it matters even less because I think Haleigh or Fessy can compete with Scottie in the Battle Back so it’s basically a coin flip on who will return.

It would be kind of cool to see Scottie come back and have a strong pair with Haleigh without Fessy’s dumb suggestions in her ear, so that’s about all I’m rooting for at this point.


  • 10:15 am – Veto players picked.
    • KC, JC, and Sam will play with the noms/HoH
    • Kaycee heads up to the HoH room and they immediately start trashing Fessy
    • During the veto selection, he told Haleigh not to pick Brett to play for her so she didn’t and picked Sam
    • They are calling him selfish because they think Fessy was worried about beating Brett but to me, it instantly sounds like jealousy
    • Kaycee is shocked because Sam and Haleigh don’t even like each other but she was forced to pick her
    • Angela talks about the comps and says she hopes it’s not a puzzle because Haleigh is good at comps.. then says ‘wait, I hope it’s a puzzle because Haleigh is good at puzzles’. She then wonders if they should throw the comp to Haleigh
    • The girls are pretty pissed at Fessy over this
  • 10:30 am– JC comes up to the HoH room and they all start trashing that decision to pick Sam
  • 11:45 am – Haleigh and Brett are talking. She is mad at herself for picking Sam. She should be mad at Fessy
    • She said she’d shave her head to stay in the game
  • 12:00 pm – JC keeps telling Haleigh that it was stupid to pick Sam. Nothing like rubbing it in
    • Haleigh says she picked her because she thinks she can beat her
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds are down (and have been down for about an hour or two) for PoV.  I’m running out and will update when I get home!
  • 4:45 pm – I’m back, feeds are still down!
  • 6:15 pm – Feeds still down. I’m guessing comic book comp
  • 8:26 pm – Yup, feeds still down!
  • 9:00 pm – BBAD is on
    • Feeds are up on that and it appears the comp is still going on because we just see Brett and Tyler in the HoH room waiting for comp to end. Wow
    • Brett is working a f2 with Tyler but Tyler is probably just humoring him. He knows he can’t beat Brett in the finals (well, I’m sure he thinks he can’t)
  • 10:15 pm – BBAD is over, feeds still down
    • On the fun side, there was a little drama on twitter
    • Rachel blocked Swaggy because she is selling level 6 shirts and he called her out on that
  • 10:35 pm – Feeds back!
    • Kaycee won PoV!
    • She barely beat Fessy in a ball catching comp or something along those lines (still need more info)
    • Pretty interesting Fessy lost by one point. The pro football WR beat the college TE
    • Haleigh is chatting with Fessy about it now
    • They are not going to use the veto and Fessy is going home
    • It will likely be Fessy or Scottie returning to the game Thursday night
  • Back to drama with Swaggy real quick…
    • I have to take his side here. While I have no issue with Rachel selling her own merch, selling a shirt with the alliance she barely had a part in is shit – unless she’s splitting profits
  • Back to the house
    • Fessy is alone in the room. He knows he’s in trouble. Especially considering Haleigh is in the kitchen laughing with the house.

Alright friends, it’s been a long day and as much as I’d love to cover post-veto, I’m beat. Mell will post about it in the AM


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BB24 Michael Bruner
BB24 Michael Bruner
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