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Saturday Night Fever; Post Veto Feeds



Good evening, everyone. It’s Saturday night, and what’s better than staying in and watching the feeds!  I just realized I forgot to update the header, so if you’re wondering about the veto results, here they are …

Nicole won the Power of Veto

It was a hold/fold counting competition, with an obvious Christmas theme. Between the care package and the theme of the veto, the guy CBS is trying to shove down our throats will be getting a lot of airtime this week (Corey). They really want us to like him, and I guess it’s working because he did get the package over Paul or Victor. I honestly thought people would forget he was even in the house while they were voting.


If you missed it earlier, Nicole and Corey had a fun discussion on the meaning of his power this week.  By fun I mean frustrating and I wanted to stab my ears out. I swear those two are perfect for each other.

Enough rambling, here are some updates:

  • 5:40pm – Michelle is in the kitchen talking to James and Nat. She is going to talk to Nicole again because she doesn’t feel completely safe (nor should she)
    • Michelle noticed the boremance was laughing and joking with the bromance
    • James, the expert on Big Brother, claims he knows what will happen and tells Michelle if the noms remain the same, she is safe
  • 5:45pm – Nicole comes downstairs for a few minutes, and James encourages Michelle to pull her aside to talk. Michelle says it’s awkward.  Between that and her refusal to “butt kiss”, her stubbornness is going to kill her game.  Not like a talk will help, but James is right, she should at least have a brief conversation with Nicole.
    • James goes in the bathroom to congratulate Nicole. Let’s see if he does Michelle’s work for her
    • Yup, he starts asking her what her plans are for the veto.  Michelle should send him a Christmas card.
    • Nicole tells him that she’s probably not going to use it. She made noms for a reason.
    • Ohh, I’m far behind. Time to catch up…
  • 6:30pm – I jumped ahead 45 minutes and it looks like the only thing that changed was Michelle’s outfit.
    • The three of them are in the kitchen talking about random things, including how Paul and Victor are upstairs while upstairs the bromance are chatting with Corey about hot tub and playing pool later
    • Downstairs they’re talking about ranks of celebs. They say Franke Grande would be a b-list or c-list.  No way. d-list at best.
  • 7:15pm – Nicole, Paul, Corey and Victor are up in the HoH talking
    • They were talking about how while Paul was downstairs, Michelle kept egging him on, but I didn’t really see it much
  • 7:30pm – These conversations are so boring.
  • 7:50pm – Nicole mentions how some of the schools in her town have like 1-2 people per grade
    • The three guys crack a bunch of jokes about it. Like 10 year reunion, there is just 1 other person.  Or a big bus picking only 2 kids up
    • One page yearbook lol
    • Paul mentions some guy riding into town to sell snake oil, and says it wasn’t a backhanded joke to Nicole.  They then go on to say they’re going to pose with snakes and send the pics to Nicole at the end of the season
  • 8:45pm – I’ve been sitting here listening to these conversations, but I need to stretch. Time to catch up on DVR
  • 10:45pm – Took a little break. I’m back and it looks like the backyard is open, so the bromance is out in the hottub chatting while the Nat/James/Michelle trio are chatting in the London room
    • natalie-talking
    • Michelle mentions something about talking to Paul. I’m guessing he tried to clear the air like he said it was going to do sometime in the past 2 hours
    • James says he thinks Paul knows he’s going home and that’s why he patched things up with Michelle
    • Michelle said James doesn’t have to talk on her behalf, and Natalie jumps in “Oh he has to”… woah.
  • 11:05pm – James went outside for a bit to do laundry then comes back in to the girls…
    • Not a whole lot of talk. They mentioned how James kept Natalie safe, or at least off the block
    • James mentioned how he thinks it was surfer Dave who just gave up and asked to be voted out when he was on the block. He wanted to get back to surfing.

12:00am – I have a feeling the blogs this week will be shorter than they’ve been all season.  With just two small groups split up having casual conversation all week, they are going to run out of conversation. They’re already pretty much out of game talk until at least Monday when the noms remain the same and reality kicks in for Michelle that she really could be leaving.  Her little group may try to scheme, but they’re going to have to come up with something better than what they did with Paulie.

It’s not impossible, especially considering the trump card they’re holding – the strength of the groups. Nicole and Corey are smart enough (even though they may not act it) to know that taking Paul and Victor to the final 4 is the harder path to follow. Whether or not Michelle and James will be able to make them see that is the question.  That is unless Michelle is too proud to actually ‘kiss ass’ (ie game talk) with Nicole rather than her normal strategy of just making the other person appear worse.  Paul already make the preemptive strike in that area by telling Nicole that Michelle is going to try to bait him into an argument all week. This means even if he does snap back at her, he can just say “see, she kept pushing and pushing”.

This week may be slow and boring, but interesting to watch to see how it plays out. Kind of like Fear the Walking Dead every week.


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  1. Avatar

    I must have missed it, who does Nicole want gone?

  2. danmtruth

    This constant I dont kiss butt stance of Michelle is strange Because she also wont stop talking crap about people to everyone about everyone When she is with James Nat she bad mouths Paul & Vic With Paul and Vic bad talk Nichole & Corey and so it goes
    If we are to believe whats been said the vote should be Corey Vick vote out Meech James & Nat Paul with Nichole casting Meech out Or if Nichole doesn’t want that responsibility She can take Paul down and put Nat up Forcing James hand to vote out Meech With clear lines drawn

    • Helen

      That would take balls though to take Paul down and put up nat. She does not seem to understand that come Thursday she will show what she’s all about. But to me she and Corey could be getting ready to blindside Paul.

      • Shivani33

        Poor Nicole could accept a bribe from Corey to take Paul down and renom Natalie. Why? 1) Nicole is noble and wants 5k to help her brother pay for his future new tractor. 2) Corey thinks Paul is a bro. 3) Corey no likey Natalie because she is mean to poor James.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think those lines in the sand could get any deeper without collapsing. LOL

  3. Avatar

    I know Nicole and Michelle both want each other out, but I don’t understand Nicole. I mean, Vic and Paul would have been great to align with earlier in the game, but now? There aren’t many more people to get out. When and/or if Nicole, Corey, Vic and Paul get to final four, do Nic and Corey really think Vic and Paul will be easy to beat? I would think Nat and James may be just a little easier to beat. I guess in Nicole’s current situation, there are pros and cons to keeping either person. She better think really hard about it.

    • Avatar

      Thinking really hard will be too taxing for Nicole. Other than playing “rumble under the sheets” with Corey, I don’t believe Nicole wants to break a sweat making game decisions.

    • Helen

      Personally I think it’s great to get final four but what counts is that Vic and Paul will probably take Nic to final 3 and she proved in the HOH comp she can beat them both in endurance when she really needs to.

    • Avatar

      That’s the thing AmberB. It would be very foolish to take Paul and Vic to the final when it’s obviously been shown that neither Nicole or Corey could beat them. Her noms made no sense to me this week unless she plans on backdooring Paul. If she doesn’t it will come down to one of the dumbest noms ever.

  4. Painter1

    If Nic keeps noms the same and James Nat/ Vic Corey vote into a tie Nic will have to show her cards or will she take down Paul and decide to put up Nat and show them anyways. Just a thought.

  5. Jannie

    Just read on Jokers that James said that he knew it was a good idea to throw the Veto to Nicole.
    This dumba** throws EVERYTHING!! And tells EVERYONE!
    I hate him more and more everyday.
    He deserves nothing.

    • Avatar

      He will think that until Nat or Michelle goes home and then he just won’t understand that precious Nicole lied to him and didn’t do what he thought she was going to do. We will have to see if Nichole actually is going to blindside Paul or get rid of a very weak player.

    • JayP

      James is the guy at the bar that everyone knows is a bull shitter but let him entertain them anyway. He throws every comp. he didn’t win, has played with the greats (I’m still waiting for a list), and makes big moves by doing what the house wants.

    • Avatar

      Everyone has thrown comps this year and said it. This game is not about winning every comp you can anymore. It’s about stradegy too. Everyone that says James deserves nothing are the ones sitting back on their couches and thinking they know best how to play the game. I don’t hate any player. I dislike some but not hate. That’s a very strong word. It’s the opposite of love. So it should only be used in dire circumstances. It’s ridiculous to hate someone over a game on CBS that most of you proclaim to hate but you still watch. Why?

  6. Jannie

    From Jokers…
    “7:42 PM Jatalie/Mich saying how happy they are that they are safe this week. Natalie is happy Nicole kept her word. James says they have no blood.
    Clueless!! James so damn worried about “blood.”
    Oh, and Gnat also complaining about how fat she is getting…for the millionth time.

    • Shivani33

      Nicole could remove Paul from the block and put up Natalie for the kindhearted reason that she wants to save Paul because he’s been so supportive, ha-ha. But she doesn’t mean to be unkind, blah blah. Then Nicole could accept Corey’s bribe, which would be to save Michelle because he thinks she’s okay as a person, and replace her with James, who Corey admires but thinks is too dangerous because he is so GREAT and has played with the greats, ya know. It just is not Nicole’s fault when James is evicted. She needed to give that bribe money to her family, you see.

    • Avatar

      I knew that as soon as Natalie got the care package making her have-not free, there would be endless discussions of how fat she is getting. She hasn’t let me down.

    • Ingodog

      I wish they would be banned from using the word “Blood” or the even more annoying “I don’t want to get blood on my hands”

  7. Avatar

    Hi Steve, love the site- thanks for keeping us up to date! I have a question that I thought maybe you or someone else on here might be able to answer- when you’re watching the live feeds, how can you tell what time it is (once you’ve been watching for a little while already)? You’ve mentioned doing a time check but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that when I’m watching the feeds.

    • stevebeans

      Hi Solly,

      Below the live video, there is a running time stamp that you can see. I usually crop it out, but it’s usually right below where the screenshot would be. You can also click on the calendar icon (next to the 1 with the circle) which allows you to flash back to any specific time.

      Hope this helps

  8. Avatar

    I hope Nat pulls Paul off the block and puts up Nat. I seriously doubt that she has the courage to do such a bold move. If she did it would assure that Michelle goes home and isn’t that her biggest target?? They really don’t like each other.
    About this Corey thing that people keep commenting on about the thoughts of him being in the closet. I guess I missed his comments and I’m usually very observant as I’m a gay man. I don’t have the feeds so I only see the shows on TV and read this blog. Maybe he’s bi?? As a coach I’m sure that IF he is gay or even bi it would make some parents uncomfortable. SOME people think gays are ALL child molesters which is DEFINITELY NOT true. ANYWAY……why do some of you think he’s gay?? I just don’t see it. Btw, IF he is we all aren’t as dumb as he appears to be because he is really NOT seeming as if he has a brain. Maybe he should be called the scarecrow of this season. lol
    AND BTW, just so you guys know……nor all gay men act like Frankie or josea. I’m not knocking them it’s just that a whole lot of people think all gay men act like those two. WE DON’T.

    • kneeless

      Hi, Frank of, good to see you here!

      • Avatar

        Thank you kneeless. I’ve kinda missed being here. This season is SO disappointing. Just have kept not had much to say and haven’t felt well at all.

    • Jenny M

      you mean all gay men AREN’T prancing fame whores with inflated egos??? who knew? 😉

      • danmtruth

        Jenny M I hope the two thumb downs were people who just dont understand sarcasm . Not people who do think all gay men are prancing fame whores

      • Avatar

        I am definitely NOT that kind of gay man. I love the sarcasm. I am sure all of you know some gay men who are definitely NOT like Frankie and Jozea. I mean there’s nothing wrong with them BUT it would be nice if maybe BB would bring on a gay man who isn’t like those two.

      • Jenny M

        Agreed, Franko! I don’t understand why they can’t cast a regular guy who just happens to be gay. Casting flamboyant personalities just perpetuates the stereotype.

      • caRyn

        Maybe Corey is a regular guy that happens to be gay or bi. BTW, who cares?! That has nothing to do with Corey’s BB game or lack there of. What century are we in that we are zoomed in on this?!

    • Dobi

      Franco, in the very first episode of this season Corey said something about the guys in the house. Can’t remember exactly what it was, but I do remember thinking he was gay beacause of it. And there have been several things during the summer that we see that just lead you to think he is. Not that it matters, just curious why he wouldn’t be himself. Not everyone has a problem at all with gay people. To each his own, as they say. To me, the openly gay men that I’ve known, or know about, have been some of the most honest individuals ever. And that is more important to me than someone’s sexual preference. I watch Naked and Afraid and my FAVORITE person is Jake! He is totally cool and hilariously funny! Just hope he isn’t taken out because of getting sick!

  9. Helen

    OMG!! These people drive me Nucking Futs!!! Nicole is worried that she is blindsiding James. Does not know how to tell him her target is Michelle…..Well dang. Why don’t you just pull Paul down. Put up Nat and tell James. My target is Michelle. I want her gone and this way I’m assured she’s gone? Maybe playing the game with just a touch of integrity may just score you some respect or am I the only one who feels this way?

    • Avatar

      Both Nicole and James have trouble committing to statements that are definitive. James is a master at doing the 1-2 shuffle, including the backstep and sidestep, anytime he is in a conversation. Then he will nod in agreement as if he actually participated in the discussion. Nicole plays it safe because she doesn’t want her name to be brought up in any conversation. Am so disappointed that other players have gone out before these two.

  10. Avatar

    **not all gay men act like Frankie and Jozea

    • Jenny M

      Thank god for that! I’m now picturing every gay man I know sashaying around throwing glitter and calling themselves the Messiah and calling everyone else bitches while desperately trying to become famous for being related to someone who actually has a talent even if she is a horrible person.

      • Avatar

        Well,we don’t and I certainly did my share of Frankie bashing when he was on cuz he was an embarrassment with the way he acted. I’ve followed him on instagram since the show and the way he acted on the show is REALLY the way he is.

      • Avatar

        And yes his sister really DOES have talent BUT as the world has seen apparently she isn’t a very nice person. She’s done some REALLLLLLY stupid things in the past two years. I’ve tried watching her on TV but it’s rare that I can stomach it. I DID see an interview with Jimmy Fallon where she was doing imitations of other singers and she was impressive with her talent but I still had in my mind her licking doughnuts and her comments about hating America. They are both spoiled brats.

  11. Shivani33

    If Nicole and Corey think that they have a better chance at beating James and Natalie than Victor and Paul, Nicole could swallow her venom, save Michelle and nominate Victor to replace her, guaranteeing that either Victor or Paul are gone. Obviously, Nicole could accept a bribe from Corey to do this and get paid for it. Luckily, Corey is uncertain how bribes work, and Nicole doesn’t much like offending people except by humping on tv, so they probably won’t do any of this.

  12. Avatar

    This game is making me just want to slam my head into a brick wall because of all the idiocy…

  13. Jenny M

    Natalie’s fake eyelashes are coming off AGAIN and it’s bugging the hell out of me but doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. She’s a very pretty girl and all that garbage on her face just takes away from her natural beauty.

    On another note, anybody catch on BBAD Friday night when someone was trying to figure out what cartoon chick she looked like? Pretty sure they were thinking of Chicken Little with the big head and giant glasses. I doubt she would find that comparison flattering. LOL

  14. Shivani33

    Well, James has been just sticking around with Natalie mostly all night, usually joined by Michelle. His conversation is so unconcerned and rather boastful. No efforts to find out what’s going on with the game and he doesn’t check in with Nicole. He acts convinced that Paul is going. How the 3 of them can hang out on beds and not even mention that everyone else is ignoring them beats me; nobody even visits. He said that the way to maintain an alliance ( like he and Natalie have with Nicorey) is to keep quiet, act like it isn’t happening. Either he’s crazy like a fox or totally oblivious.

  15. Helen

    Maybe Nicole and Michelle have a “secret” alliance?

  16. danmtruth

    Why do people isolate them serfs like that . Isn’t part of the game knowledge is power ? Whwn your down to so few people keep an eye on everyone as much as possible.
    Does anyone else think Nichole & Corey are playing each other. Joining Paul & Vic the two strongest players In hopes of making it to F3 Thinking they can convince either Paul or Vic to take them to the final .As they dont have enough votes in the jury house to win
    As each person is eliminated the HG is now thinking jury vote This maybe why Paul has tried to make nice with Michelle. Also look at the mental masturbation they do on the evicted person . It’s always this hurt, Your a great person, It was great getting to know you, Your just to big a threat, You would have won if you stayed in , I had no choice yada yada Never as in Nichole’s case this week Michelle I hated you I never truzted you And when you tried to blow up my game I had to get your crying ass out ,,,, no we will never hear that

  17. Mel

    This has nothing to do with game but did anyone else hear Nicole telling Corey and Vic not to eat the seaweed because it has no nutrition value? I know a nurse doesn’t necessarily know everything about nutrition but this was only 1 of many stupid comments she’s made regarding health, nutrition and common knowledge medical issues.
    Seaweed may be one if the most nutrition packed have not foods they’ve been given yet! I’m not saying I would be excited to have it either but taste had noting to do with her reasoning.
    I admit I am biased so maybe I’m looking for things to pick on her for at this point. Lol

    • Jenny M

      She is definitely ignorant about a lot of things. Not necessarily stupid, just not very educated. When she got her HOH basket she said the brownies were from “Ger-ARD-a-lee which is a really good brand”. Took me a second to figure out she meant Ghirardelli.
      To be fair she did tell Natalie something about how since both of their mothers speak foreign languages they tend to pronounce a lot of words wrong. Like “mongol” (or “moggle” as I heard it) instead of mogul. No idea what her mom’s background is, though.

    • Helen

      No your correct Mell. I am a Registered Nurse,have been for 30 years,and to be quite honest I wouldn’t want to be stuck on a shift with her. To begin with her obvious disregard of the filth she has seemed to be oblivious to this summer. Most nurses I know become almost OCD about clean,especially bathrooms!!! Hope whatever hospital that employs her steps up their infection control program!!

      • danmtruth

        Helen i’m not a nurse or play one on TV Yet even I know that seaweed
        has more malnutrition value than the plastic process food she normally eats
        Might be a generational thing but yes clean the placē up It seems Vic Paul and of all people Nat Are the only people who try to keep things clean
        We have all said it in the past Get some older more mature people in the house. We see Survivor is . They dont have a problem getting people in there 30’s 40’s to be on the show That takes just as much of a time commitment

      • Avatar

        Production needs to do better. There have to be fans of the show that would make great contestants. It is insulting to bring in recruits, who know very little to nothing of the game. I think most BB followers want to see good game play.

  18. Shivani33

    Two people talked last night about not going after the next HOH. Corey flat-out told Nicole that he doesn’t want it. James talked with Natalie and Meech and said maybe he’d take the bribe and step down from winning it. James might have to change his mind if Nicole follows through with evicting Michelle. Especially if he finds out that others want Natalie to go next.

    • Helen

      You think maybe that’s why the jock strap was in Corey’s CP? Trying to hint at maybe putting it on and playing the game? He would be smart to offer James the 5 k bribe before Monday to throw the next HOH. Then Nicole can take Paul down and put up Nat and James is bound by contract to NOT take HOH!!

  19. Helen

    Yes damntruth it might be at least partially a generational thing,lord knows my idea of clean is worlds apart from my 24 year old,but from the camera shots I have seen from that bathroom alone,that was beyond not clean! It was creepy gross! Vic has been the only one I’ve seen actually grab a pair of gloves and get in and scrub anything…..My dad had a saying “you can put lipstick on a pig but underneath it’s still a pig”.
    More mature people mixed with the younger ones like survivor would be great! That’s what I love about survivor. Yau Chan was what 64 and was quite the character as was Rudy who was I think 75…….

  20. Avatar

    I don’t know is anyone else has said this is just skipped the comments, but I think it is better for Nicole to get out Michelle. If she evicts Paul Victor more then likely will be upset and go after her and Cory. Not to mention Michelle wants her gone and called her out on a live show. I also know Natalie wants her or Cory to leave but Nicole doesn’t know that for sure only has Paul and Victor’s story. She can go to James after the eviction say that she kept him and Nat safe for the week, get Michelle out cause she was gunning for her and make a deal for them to go after Paul and Victor. Then go to Paul and Victor claiming she kept them safe by using her tie breaker to get out Michelle and say they should go after Nat and James. Ride the middle for one more week in case Corey doesn’t win HOH, and if he does show your cards and pick a side. If I were her I’d target Paul and Victor cause they can win comps between the both of them and James a day Nat would be easier to beat in the end. Even though I don’t want her to win at “allllllllllll” I think she is playing this week pretty smart.

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