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Should Brett Make A Big Move This Week? Plus Wednesday Feed Updates

Good afternoon, everyone!


In what is the last full day inside the Big Brother house for either Rockstar or Kaycee, today we will be monitoring to see exactly which one that will be. While it appears to be Rockstar going home, stranger things have happened.

I have been doing a lot of thinking this week and wondering if Brett should really go along with the secret alliance plan with Rockstar.  I know it’s crazy, but this is the part of the game where people need to seriously start considering the person they’d like to sit in the final 2 with and I think Brett may really want to consider RS as that person. Right now he is currently sitting in a fantastic position where both sides almost completely trust him (the hive does have questions on him but that can be resolved this week).

If Sam and JC both choose to evict RS this week, this will be the perfect time for Brett to vote to keep her. It will cause a tie which Haleigh will break in favor of RS. Brett can very easily blame it on Sam or JC and nobody is really going to question that. Brett can once again sit in the back and watch Haleigh and Tyler go at each other while remaining safe because neither side really has an interest in kicking him out. In that battle, either Haleigh or Tyler will be gone which will leave the house down to Angela, Brett, RS, Sam, JC, Scottie, and Tyler or Haleigh. Brett can keep up appearances that he’s still with L6 should they win the HoH can work with them on getting out another target (Scottie).


This can go back and forth for a few weeks until the only players left are Sam, RS, and Brett.  Brett can easily beat both of them to win the final HoH and decide who to take to the final 2 with. Obviously that would be a tough decision as both have friends in the jury house and he’d have to evaluate their seasons to that point, but he would most likely have the votes of L6 and would just need a handful more jury votes to win it all.

Update on post – What I meant to say above was that if Sam or JC choose to keep RS.  My mistake!
Second update – My brain wasn’t working right. What I was thinking is not what I wrote. What I meant is that if one of Sam or JC vote to keep RS, Brett can also vote which will allow him to blame them. If both vote for RS, it will be much harder to hide his vote. If neither vote for RS, it will be irrelevant as she’ll only have 2 votes.  Messy situation

I know this is a crazy idea, but it’s an idea that probably should happen if Brett wants to win this game. Thoughts?


  • 10:40 am – RS and Sam are in the bedroom chatting as the rest of the house is waking up
    • Nothing really important. Justy RS being friendly and keeping tabs on Sam
  • 11:45 am – RS has been clinging to Sam until Sam got called to the DR.  RS joked that Sam sent them mental messages to save her but I think she knows how clingy she’s been
    • Now it’s Haleigh’s turn
  • 1:20 pm – Rockstar is in the kitchen talking to Sam still. Poor Sam
    • Meanwhile, Scottie is chatting with Kaycee in the Jenga room. That’s weird.  Not a combo you see often. Angela must be in the DR
    • Scottie is telling KC about how things he told to Swaggy early on went right back to the people he talked about
    • KC asked if he confronted him. Scottie said ‘no, I voted him out’
    • The talk finishes and they walk around to see most still sleeping. Jeez
  • 2:00 pm – BB must have heard me because they got on the house until they’re all up
  • 2:35 pm – Just showing the kitchen right now. L6 plus Sam and Hay are around
    • This is such a boring week that I don’t even think the PoV episode will be that exciting tonight.
    • Although it will be funny to see RS blow the competition by giving Tyler an answer
  • 3:40 pm – The HoH room is open again now that they have a new sink!
  • 4:00 pm – Rock tells Haleigh about Brett’s pitch to work together
    • I retract everything I said above. RS is too unreliable to partner up.  I would suck at this game.  It’s much better for Brett to remain loyal and slug it out with his alliance at the end than it is to rely on these clowns
    • And for the record, Brett was actually only humoring her and wasn’t serious about the alliance (to clear that up).  I elaborated on it beacuse my mind is annoying
  • 4:30 pm – Poor Sam can’t be left alone. She may vote RS out just for that lol. She loves her alone time and Rock doesn’t give her ANY
  • 5:40 pm – RS is up in the HoH room with Haleigh. She must be giving Sam a few minutes to breathe.  Meanwhile, Angela is with Kaycee
    • Ty joins the pair and the three talk about Sam and how the vote is going to work tomorrow.

I’m going to be wrapping up this thread and starting one for the night. Mostly to retract my Brett statement and talk about the CBS episode (if there is anything to talk about)


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  1. ElaineB

    In answer to the question Should Brett make a move? Yes. Will he make a move? Probably not.

  2. Avatar

    dont bring up that idea, we all want RS out this week

  3. Avatar

    Also, it wouldn’t force a tie… Fessy (in theory, his vote is canceled) so her two votes is 2, with 4 still on her to evict… 7 people are voting, the quick maths isn’t working for you today LOL <3

  4. Avatar

    how I think it will happen
    Brett votes to evict RS
    Scottie will evict RS(Brett will get in his ear)
    Sam will evict RS(idk why)
    JC will evict RS
    Angela will evict RS
    Tyler will evict RS

    I think it will be 6-0

  5. JD

    The thought of Brett and RS may sound good in theory but RS will say anything for the vote and turn around and trash talk the next. She has never given a reason to trust her.

  6. Sassy

    I have thought about Brett pulling the switch and flipping this week. I don’t think he will yet, because the other side is still to much of a mess. They can’t be trusted and don’t trust each other. He has a better chance of getting further with the L6/5/4. I think the l6/5/4, will either take Angela or Brett to final 2 because they aren’t liked as well by the other side. Brett is now, but won’t be once they figure out he played them.

  7. danmtruth

    The numbers don’t add up for a Bret flip or the stability of the HIVE is not comforting
    BlockStar and Hay talking to Sam About how stupid TY is For not taking there deal Also that TY is week and led around first by Kaitlyn and now by Angela
    BlockStar to go work on Jc because he will vote like the house will vote So once he knows EVERYONE (except for Angela & TY ) he will vote to keep RS These people love to fool themselves

    • Avatar

      does JC know Brett will vote out RS

      • Helen

        Idk. But Brett talking to Angela last night was hilarious…he wants to hide a pot and spoon so that when RS is evicted he can run over and open the door for her and bang the pot on her way out…It was funny!
        I also got the impression that Brett and Angela are probably a lot closer than a lot of us are picking up on

      • AIO_7

        I saw a spark between them weeks ago.

      • Sassy

        I’ve always thought they were close. In the beginning I think he liked her, but Rachel was in the way. Rachel made it known to Angela she was after Brett and would do anything to get him (it was worse than MF with Haho). Angela wasn’t going to upset the flow of the game over controversy. I think she still thinks Brett is hands off, and moved onto Ty.

  8. Avatar

    Brett’s credentials as a cyber security engineer seem to be overstated. He seems like nothing but a low level guy who has something to do with anti-virus software.

  9. Avatar

    I think RS is turning Sam off, they try to talk game, Sam tries to leave but RS “follows her like a puppy”

  10. Avatar

    Too soon for Brett to flip. It would be wise for Brett and Kaycee to break up the Angela/Tyler duo when the season is down to the final 5 or 6 house guests.

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  12. Helen

    I think Sam in her odd way pretty much told RS last night she was going…It went over RS head and Sam quickly changed the subject…

    Sam and Rockstar BY couch.Sam smoking and Rockstar with tea says I hope I can pull of staying here.Sam would like to trade places with Rockstar and go to Bayleigh in the little house……

  13. danmtruth

    RS doing her catty talk about Angela (what else is new – water is wet ) to Sam Saying that she (RS) knows girls prettier than Angela who are not stuck up like her Sam was she was always nice to me RS was quick to say that was because you were in power No Sam said even before that she was my friend Well I (RS) tried to be nice to her (when) but she never gave me a chance Poor pitiful RS no one like her and she is such a ray of sunshine The more she try to trash Angela the more she is pushing Sam away Rs starting on Angela parents being rich Sam just says STOP RS I cant help it she is just a bitch Sam I just don’t see it
    RS ; I don’t want to walk around like an angry old spiteful women
    Sam; your not old

  14. danmtruth

    Last year we had Mark as Wrecked – Ralph because he looked like him This year we LITERALLY have Wrecked-Ralph in Fess How many times have they told him to stay off the furniture

  15. danmtruth

    RS campaigning saying on a bed in the pink room with Hali & Fess Hali has the covers pulled over her head but you can see her eyes open RS says all I want to do is hangout with my friends but there sleeping Laughs and sits their shrugs to the camera then leaves What is WRONG with her Ask Scottie to play chess he says later Qui up Three Dog Night – One is the loneliest number

    • danmtruth

      Smart talk on how to flip Scottie
      Bret is not sure why Sam keeps coming to him and asking about how she should vote Smart that he is talking and getting other opinions That is the strength of L6

  16. Helen

    Sam told JC last night if she won HOH this week she has already decided who will go OTB and will do the same as last time…tell everyone she has made her decision and no 1:1’s…

    I have a fairly good idea who they are..
    Brett…she has a crush on him and she doesn’t want to like him..he makes her uncomfortable being around him and thinks his being nice to her is really he’s being mean…I think she wants that temptation far away from her
    Hayleigh..for the same reasons as the first time only Hayleigh has doubled down on her flirtatious ways..also she has started calling Hayleigh “princess”. (Same as RS does about Angela)

    • Sassy

      I think it might be Haho and Angela. Although she’s not fond of JC either.

      • Colby

        I think she would like to put up Haho, but not sure she would. They made a deal this week that if she didn’t put Sam up this week, Sam wouldn’t put her up next week. And Sam’s word is very important to her.
        I don’t know about Angela because she wouldn’t want to upset Tyler and KC.
        Maybe Brett because this morning she asked RS if Brett and Haho were a thing.
        And she may be upset with Scottie because she has definitely noticed how much time he is spending with Haho, and hasn’t really spent any time with her this week.
        You just never know about Sam………

      • Colby

        Of course, when she told Haho that it was the night she was so upset and out of it, so maybe she won’t remember telling her that.

  17. Avatar

    Helen, you feel more comfortable about the vote

    • Helen

      Yes. So far…I mean anything can happen but after listening to a few conversations last night I feel a little better…
      Pretty sure of JC too…he has told people he’s not telling his vote because of hacker and he don’t want his vote cancelled because he wants to do a “shout out” when he casts his vote…pretty sure that shout out is to the LGBTQ community…I don’t see him voting out KC…

      • Mel

        Helen, the vote counting I did this morning in my recap was mostly for you, Colby and Ann. I saw you guys were doing some hand-wringing last night. LOL

      • Helen

        Lol. Ty Mel….I do this to myself every stinking week! By Thursday I’m a mess!!
        It’s funny because until this week I really didn’t care so much,lthough Bayleigh was the one I wanted to go,I also don’t like RS..her negativity is depressing! I can see how she takes Sam to that dark place every time they talk..
        This week because KayCee is OTB I am more invested…KayCee has been one of my favorites from the start…would hate for her to go before RS…

      • Ann

        Mel, Thanks, you did ease my mind quite a bit. I was ready to pull a Sam. You know, I feel sorry for her & I hope she gets the help she needs, bless her silly little heart.
        Mel, if Rock stays I will be sick.

  18. Colby

    RS and Scottie playing chess even though they can’t find all the pieces.
    MF probably hid pieces to keep Scottie and HaHo from playing.

  19. Seattle Kari

    If I was in the final two I would want it a fair fight not an easy win.

    Rockstar is absolutely disgusting. Picking at her toes, putting down other people all the time, making judgments, full on jealousy of the other women and their looks. She needs to go. she makes me sick to my stomach..

  20. danmtruth

    Sam is happy Production has given her a herb garden to maintain

  21. AIO_7

    Looks like Martha has a new reason to live …


  22. Mel

    My two cents on Brett flipping- I think it’s too soon. With the amount of time Brett has spent with Hay, I’m not convinced Tyler would believe Brett over JC. None of them wants to go toe-to-toe with Sam if a vote gets blamed on her. They feel like she won’t tell her vote but if she does tell you… it’s the truth. If Brett wasn’t successful in hiding the vote, he’d have Scottie who’s a big target and mayy be gone soon so he can’t be a shield, Fessy already wants him out and he hasnt proven himself in comps yet. I think his best bet is to go along with this week and if Scottie or Fessy wins HOH, not discourage them if they want to go after Tyler. I don’t think Brett knows the game well enough to realize it’s a move he should make. He’s very into L6. With the amount of Foutte/Hive ppl that may be in the jury, I think two L6 people may be better to go to the end together. They’ll have to vote for one of them.

  23. Avatar

    I hope he flips lol I’m actually loving Brett lately. Wouldn’t even be mad if he won.

  24. Avatar

    I am sick of hearing RD say she needs the money & how entitled everyone else is, she had a boob job & a vacation to Europe, how poor is she?

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  26. Avatar

    Supposed to be rs

  27. Avatar

    I don’t really either

  28. Helen

    RS back to stalking Sam…she is creepy af …

    Approximately 1:14 PM BB time. Sam in KT. Rockstar comes in and says, “Just me and you up Sam”. Sam says “Can we just enjoy each others presence in silence?

    Sam is over it!!!!!

  29. Avatar

    Now RS is pestering JC, leave people the hell alone RS

  30. Houseguest Doug

    The though of Brett keeping RS make me ill. We need the Circus Clown to go to Jury.

    Brett would be foolish to go to final 2 with RS. You forget the Jury is mostly members of the HIVE which is all the friends of RS. Haliegh will be pissed at Brett, Faysal hates Brett, Bayleigh is no Fan of Brett. That is 4 votes alone for RS. God knows what JC and Sam will do. Only sure vote is Tyler, KC and Angela.

  31. Houseguest Doug

    I hate you cannot edit or correct a posting. Especially when I make a spelling or grammar mistake or have not completed a thought.

  32. Houseguest Doug

    If Tyler or Brett wish to win the show they need to take another member of L6/5/4 with them to final 2. Angela or KC would be the best choice. Since the HIVE are not a fan of Ms. Angela and whoever is in the Jury house from L6/5/4 will be split. Of course we have no F’N clue what Sam or JC will do.

  33. Avatar

    Brett will evict RS 100%, stop worrying about it, remember Scottie is a Hay minion, he has to tread lightly…
    RS should be evicted this week

  34. LynnD

    I finally have time for feeds and all I get are FISH!

  35. Patrick

    That moment tomorrow night when Tyler and Sam are the only two left in the endurance comp and Sam gets mad at Tyler for playing the game.

  36. WhereisPablo

    BBAD is like Groundhog Day this week. JC being stupid. Scottie being a weasel. Haho being a tyrant. Fessy being a dolt. Crayola being gross. Sam being whiney. Brett being funny. Cameras never on Tyler, Angela or Kaycee. This has been a very long week.

  37. Colby

    Really? Haho popping MF’s pimples on all 4 feeds?

  38. Avatar

    votes to evict RS
    Tyler(That’s enough)

  39. leafhopper

    Kinda off topic….Every time I hear words come out of RS it makes me think of a book called “How full is your bucket”. It is about people who either say things that are positive and make you feel good (bucket fillers) or say things that are negative and make you feel bad (bucket dippers). It’s about identifying these people and being attracted to them or avoiding them. Sometimes if your bucket is empty you need to find a bucket filler. Someone who can lift you back up. All RS is doing is going around dipping from everyone’s bucket. Especially poor Sams.

  40. dfdsgs

    What the hell d Fessy, Haleigh, and Fessy think they are if not a trio?

    • dfdsgs

      Rockstar has to be the worse keep me speech I have ever heard since she completely believes the bullshit spewing out of her mouth.

      • dfdsgs

        It would be amazing if Kaycee got to go first and start her speech with I know what RS is going to say to keep her and I would say every point she is making to vote me out would apply to her as well. If you want to keep someone who is honest and not a hypocrite, then please vote to save me.

      • Helen

        Lol. She asked,of all people,Brett to help her….so he did

      • Mel

        I listened to a podcast this morning and someone said if KC goes first, she should say RS’s speech and beat her to it. RS would do and up and not know what to say.

      • danmtruth

        If Kc goes first She can say how much she has enjoyed getting to know so many of the house guest How she has become closer to some Like RS has become close to Hayli and Fess This will short cut RS to the punch about F2 deals as she points out how RS and Hali are close also

    • Helen

      They don’t think anyone really knows…at least that’s what they were saying a couple of nights ago

      • danmtruth

        they are the only ones talking game They are the only ones that are working as a team(?) They know everyone else are lone wolfs working alone (?) No one knows Hali & Fess are a showmance (?) These people wonder why every Thursday is a shock

  41. dfdsgs

    Rockstar: Fessy, why do you think Kaycee feels so comfortable?
    Fessy: No point in stressing when you know that you are going to go.

    Everyone else but HIVE: Well if you didn’t sequester yourself in the pink or the HOH room all day then you would know she talks to people and has friends in the house.

  42. Helen

    Hayleigh wants The votes secured going into eviction (JC in particular) and Sam
    I guess RS is going to browbeat JC today for a solid answer

  43. Helen

    I should just stay away from feeds today…I felt really good this morning about votes but then I start listening to “hive” convos and start becoming as delusional as they are and start getting nervous again….

    • mm22

      The good thing come Thursday night
      is not knowing for sure who’s leaving!
      The bad thing come Thursday night
      is not knowing for sure who’s leaving!

    • Sassy

      It’s set this week. The Hive are the only ones that will be surprised. I think JC will tell them before the vote. He’s not going there blindside MF, since he knows he can’t get away with it this week.

  44. dfdsgs

    Can someone please explain to me exactly how Rockstar has adapted and worked with other people in the house since that is a big reason to keep her and not Kaycee. From what I have seen it is more surprising that she knows everyone’s names considering how one side of the house she has been.

    • danmtruth

      her adapting and working with different people has run the gamete from Swagge – til he was evicted -Bay till she was evicted – to Hay till RS is evicted So see she has worked with all kinds of people Just no body who has a clue

  45. Mel

    I believe hoh is endurance tomorrow

  46. Helen

    Tomorrow’s HOH will be Slip n Slide.

    Brought to you unofficially by Crisco.


  47. Tinkerbell

    If this foul mouth purple hair skank doesn’t leave this week, I’m going to lose my last fraction of sanity. She is always on one of the cameras. Be gone trashy bitch!! I honestly think she has only shampooed her nasty hair one time, that I’ve seen anyhow. That was in the first few weeks. As far as showers, those can be counted on one hand as well This afternoon she stood in the kitchen, purple braids stuck to her gross head, scratching her lice all over the counter. Now in the HOH, hair down, scratching, scratching, scratching. She is as disgusting on the inside, as her appearance on the outside. What must this skanky ho smell like?!


    • danmtruth

      Tinkerbell I don’t care for her either It seems the only time she showers is when she can use the HOH shower What gross me out is her constant picking at her toenails and feet Then going other mouth or head I will say very rarely do you see her washing her hands Out of the bathroom most times Not when she is picking at he feet Just gross than never cleans where she was sitting

      • Tinkerbell

        When she was doing her little chef gig, she was even more disgusting. She would be sitting somewhere knawing on her feet, then head directly to the kitchen to bake. Never washed her hands – ever, licking fingers on both hands, as she continued to use her fingers to push batter into muffin pans, etc. Maybe I have intentionally blocked things from my mind…… but other than Raven, I can’t recall being so completely grossed out. Also, because RS cries continuously, she always uses her hands to wipe her snotty nose in an upward motion. She is disgusting on every level. I was going to treat myself to an ice cream sundae, but after talking about Her, my sweet tooth is gone.

  48. Avatar

    JC says they need to tell Brett to take credit for Scottie’s vote to throw Scottie UTB -TaterTot08

  49. Colby

    Sam laying on the green part of the couch saying to RS ‘You are both staying, I’m going home’. RS told her she can’t do that, it’s against the rules. Sam said don’t be so sure, I arranged it. I REALLY hope she was kidding!

  50. Tinkerbell

    Fessy had a funny conversation with Scotti late night, or early morning hours. I wish I could find it to post. It really did make me lol. Maybe I was just tired, but it did make me laugh. It started out with Fessy asking Scotti if he had never really kissed anyone. In part of the conversation, Fessy got out a glass and was going to teach Scotti how to kiss….by kissing the glass. It was an entertaining talk in these boring live feed hours.

  51. danmtruth

    Jc talking to RS says what are you going to say Just laughable Jc stringing her along

  52. Avatar

    JC never tells Rockstar who he is voting for nice poker face JC

  53. Tinkerbell

    Nothing would make me happier, and the feeds more worthwhile for everyone, than if the ENTIRE house would be punished for……singing, sleeping in, humming, whistling, inappropriate actions, and breaking have-not rules. This season has been extreme. If they’re all punished every single time, I believe it would cease. It’s so damn annoying to hear “Bob” constantly, and to see the fish with that flippin’ nails on chalkboard music. Also, please don’t let them whisper. Yes, I’m crabby. Hahahaha

  54. danmtruth

    Now RS pitching a F2 deal with Bret to call themselves the SURVIVORS he just goes yeh yeh try not to laugh to much Now RS in the room with Hali all giddy and excited What a shock come Thur

  55. dfdsgs

    Anyone else notices that when it comes to putting Tyler up he is the head of the snake but when he doesn’t do what they want is wrapped around that spoiled princess Angela’s finger. How can they not even be consistent with their thinking?

  56. Helen

    Man…Sam sure didn’t give me any confidence for her keeping KayCee in that conversation they had!! I think she gave less assurance to KayCee than she has to RS

    • Mr. Beardo

      Maybe KC should tell Sam she’s the Hacker and she will cancel her vote if she wants? I’m pretty sure if Brett tells Scottie right before the vote that he’s voting out RS and Scottie really needs to be on the right side of the vote this week then Scottie will get squirrelly and vote out RS. MF’s vote won’t matter and neither will JC’s if he’s feeling hinky.

    • Avatar

      we gotta… trust in sam

    • ladycobra

      Glad to see I am not the only one concerned about KC and Sam’s talk. I did not hear anything come from Sam that should be reassuring to KC. I think Sam will vote for RS to stay, If she is telling RS the truth about leaving then why wait, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you Sam. I can’t believe Sam was my number 1 once upon a time.

  57. HappyHippo

    Wow RS said a crap load of cuss words and kc said one! STFU RS! Cannot wait to hopefully say goodbye to her tomorrow!

    • Tinkerbell

      She’s nothung but a flippin’ freak. Dirty nasty, inside, and out. She continues to rag on Angela…..as she sits on the HOH bed scarfing down every bit of food in sight. Then it will be time to clean her toenails – with her mouth. She needs to STFU. She has a choice about her cleanliness, how she dresses, her ratty hair, foul mouth, and unacceptable behavior. To me, she has not one single redeeming quality. She makes my skin crawl. I don’t like Hay or Bay, but RS is on crack if she thinks either of those “privileged “ chicks are going give her the time of day when this is all over.

      • Avatar

        RS has had an evil nasty mouth against Other HG almost from the get go. She talks big game about being a boss ass women but boss ass women do not talk trash about other women’s looks. That makes a person look petty and jealous as fuck. I did like RS at the beginning then she started trashing other women’s looks etc and it turned me off.

      • caRyn

        Rockstar, not Sam – Helen.

    • goldie

      Yeah, and she told KC to watch her mouth!

    • danmtruth

      That was a fun episode to watch on so many fronts The fight between RS and KC It showed what a hypocrite RS is The OTEV glad I knew the outcome or I would have been dying The veto meeting is great

  58. HappyHippo

    Wow and then she gets the last one wrong!

  59. HappyHippo

    Privileged princess… can I get the biggest eye roll ever

  60. Helen

    I really really miss housepets talking to live feeders letting us know where their heads are at..strategies etc….

  61. LO1004

    Loved Tyler’s veto speech, a big suck it to the Hive. RS is so jealous of Angela she’s embarrassing herself and I’m so excited to see her go tomorrow.

  62. Avatar

    Sam saying she made arrangements to be the one going, do you think this is possible after her seeing the doctor?

  63. Tinkerbell

    This is the video I mentioned a little earlier in the thread. Fessy asking Scotti if he has ever kissed anyone. Fessy actually cracks me up in this clip. Man oh man, Scotti is flippin’ weird. Strange duck! Enjoy.


  64. Avatar

    Is Sam going to keep RS? Ugh???

  65. Avatar

    Is it normal to have your BB bag packed like Sam does??

  66. dfdsgs

    So this is my first time with the feeds but is it normal for just a couple of houseguest to cook for everyone? It seems that Brett, Angela, Kaycee, and Sam have done the majority of the cooking this season.

    • caRyn

      It is normal for only a few to cook. One season there was a chef hg and he cooked up the food quickly, after receiving it in the BB house that week from production, which left the BB house without food later in that week. Hg were not happy.

  67. danmtruth

    This is setting up to be a great show Thursday Pots and Pans maybe ( I doubt it ) Will this be the most shocked that the HIVE will be with the vote Maybe we can do a ranking of the blindsides from this year

  68. jimbo

    If the final 3 really is Sam, RS, and Brett…what a loser for CBS. I can’t imagine a more unattractive/interesting final 3.

  69. ladycobra

    If CBS thinks that delaying Sam’s exit until tomorrow night and keeping RS and KC is going to make for good tv, they are wrong. If she leaves then CBS needs to still allow the eviction to take place and figure out some other way to keep to the schedule. I honestly think if they cancel the eviction, I am done for the season. I would rather them do away with the double eviction than see this eviction cancelled. If Sam has decided to leave, I don’t think she deserves any stage time with Julie or a right to go to “the little house”. Just show her the back door.

  70. leafhopper

    New feed y’all.

  71. LynnD

    Just watched Wedbesdays episide. ROCKSTAR MUST GO! I seriously cannot take her anymore. I have too many gripes about her to even list them. URGH

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