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Slow Monday Recap

Good morning all you BB Junkies! I hope your week started off better than it did for the Hive alliance. Yesterday was the day for them to start working on those votes after the veto ceremony when Tyler took Angela off the block. The Hive needed to divide and conquer and focus on why Rockstar should stay over Kaycee. Is that what happened? Nope. They did the same thing they did when Tyler won the veto and they were waiting to see what he’d do with it. They isolated themselves in the hoh room and trash talked the other side of the house. I’m exaggerating a little because Haleigh did flirt with Brett to secure his vote. Rockstar had a few talks to tell everyone that Angela (who isn’t otb against her) was a spoiled, privileged, princess, b*tch but for the most part, they hung out together and talked about how badly the other side of the house is playing.


The people in Hive simply don’t have the patience, willpower or strategic brains to do what Level 6 has been doing. They’ve had a divide and conquer mentality all season. The first part of the season, Tyler worked the other side, Brett flirted with Haleigh and Kaycee built a bond with Bayleigh. Of course, we all know what Tyler accomplished with Kaitlyn and all these things were planned and discussed. Tyler built something with Scottie and has had JC thinking they’re a duo the entire time. Tyler and Kaycee also have a special bond and a trio with Sam. Tyler did such a good job convincing the hoh (Bayleigh) that Scottie was his best friend,  Scottie started believing it. When it became obvious that Tyler and Angela were working together, (well it should’ve been obvious) Brett and Tyler simply traded places. Brett became the guy who was alone in the game. Brett spent time alone just like Kaycee is doing now. They’ve all taken on roles to play and they’ve played them.  Angela has done the least to make friends and infiltrate the other side but she’s won an hoh that Kaycee and Brett haven’t and taken out a player with a power app. She also had to do some acting that week to accomplish it so Bayleigh wouldn’t use her app.

This group gets up every day and goes to work. Yes, Angela stays horizontal A LOT but she does her part and they all seem to understand they need to ‘work hard for the money.’ (I haven’t given you a song to get stuck in your head lately so there ya go, you’re welcome) I really don’t enjoy picking sides but this year, how can I avoid it? I’ve said over and over that I love ALL this cast and I still do. They all give me something even if just some laughs and entertainment. Some people have criticized the season and said it’s like watching Paul control the house last year. I don’t know what they’re watching because it isn’t anything like that. He was one guy who was handed a huge advantage at the start and was a returning player. Tyler’s earned everything he’s had except the power app and it hasn’t been used yet so it hasn’t benefited him.  He also isn’t the only one putting in work. I don’t see the season as a ‘steamroll season’ just because one side is getting wiped out. One side isn’t winning everything.  If you lump Sam in with L6 and Scottie with Hive, Hive has won 4 of the 7 hoh’s. Sams power app benefited (or could have) a Hive/Foutte member and the other 2 haven’t been used. The hacker wins were split between sides so the twists and comps have been even. They’re just being outplayed and for people who think it’s boring to watch, I’d suggest you watch seasons 16 and 19 on repeat to get your tv enjoyment. Double vetos and Pandoras boxes haven’t been dropped in to help players who are making bad decisions…yet. Instead, what we’re watching is more like old school BB and in old school BB, bad players go home.

I was trying to remember the last season we saw an alliance work this well together and I’m not sure who to compare them to. Maybe the brigade in BB12? The house is divided like it was in BB6 but they didn’t infiltrate the other side in that season, they just openly hated each other. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll probably enjoy it if Fessy manages to win the next hoh because he’ll be the only person playing for his side (maybe Scottie but not sure about that) so if he beats the odds, good for him. I’ll also enjoy it if L6 finishes wiping out the Hive too because they’re a mess and just bad players.


At this point, I think L6 could wear matching team uniforms and Hive would still wonder who (from their own side) flipped. They’d still think no one talks game except themselves.  Some of the talk from last night shows it so let’s recap some of the conversations from yesterday:

  • RS comforted KC after the veto ceremony by telling her KC wasn’t the one meant to go home-basically telling KC that she was leaving. RS told her Angela was a spoiled, privileged princess used to getting her way.
  • KC shares RS’s comments and Angela says that she is used to getting her way and this week, she wants RS to go. Lol
  • Ty gets confirmation from Sam she’ll vote out RS. She worries she’s being replaced with Angela and he assures her it’s not true. He says they had to separate a little once Bay started accusing them of having a F2.
  • Brett told L6 that Hay told him Ty was her real target and Angela 2nd in case she tries to say they weren’t later.
  • Hay was pissed after ceremony and in the hoh room mimicking Angela (maybe from her speech) saying “Hilton head, Hilton head, stupid c**t.” I think Angela may have said something about taking her off the block like ‘do it for Hilton head.’ Hay begins counting votes and thinks it’s 5 to 1 for RS to stay.
  • Ty tells Scottie he’s keeping KC and Scottie says he is too. (I have no idea what Scottie will do this week)
  • RS pitches to Scottie by first accusing him of being the hacker and asking he not cancel a vote for her to stay. She’ll do this with several people thru the day.
  • RS pitches Brett and they talk about maybe making their joke F2 alliance a real thing. Brett smiles really big to the camera when the talk is over.  She tells him she’d go after Tyler and Angela, mostly Angela if she stays.
  • I’m not going to say the same things over and over so just know that RS’s pitch to everyone all day, includes some version of: Angela’s a b*tch, Angela’s a spoiled princess, Angela is a floater, Angela hasn’t done anything in the game, (guess she forgot about taking out Bay) RS is the REAL Angela, Angela plays a flirt game she doesn’t approve of or respect. (Isn’t Hay her bff?) She does occasionally throw in how bad Tyler sucks and how he’s stupid for not taking her deal. She briefly remembers Angela isn’t on the block against her and says that KC isn’t adaptable to working with other people the way she is and that’s about it for why she should stay over Angela, I mean KC.
  • Scottie is back to calling KC “daddy” and hangs out with her some.
  • KC is acting mad and depressed so she will look defeated to the Hive side.
  • Angela asks Ty if he thinks Sam would make her a tiara for eviction night. Ty thinks she would if she asks. (I hope this happens so she can sit there being the princess RS likes calling her)
  • Fes tells Ty he wouldn’t go after Ty until 4 or 5 people left. Ty says the same. They’re both full of shit.
  • RS tells Sam to tell JC she’s keeping her so he’ll know he’s voting with the majority and will keep her too. Sam says she’s keeping it to herself since that’s “her thing.” RS tries unsuccessfully to slam Tyler to Sam but Sam won’t join in. (Ty gave Sam some attention so RS has the wrong audience for this to go well)
  • JC tells Ty he thinks he’s the hacker and has the 2nd power app. JC tells him that if he had it, he’d tell Ty but says it’s ok. He assures Ty he’s keeping KC and tells Ty to cancel Fessys vote. Lol
  • Sam tells JC she thinks a loving person will cancel her vote so she doesn’t have to choose.
  • Hg’s finally got some cups instead of those huge jugs they were having to use.
  • RS escalates the Angela hate thru the evening. She basically starts calling her a whore and slut and wants to “out” her shomance with Ty in her speech. She says she knows they’re “doing stuff” under the covers and hears Angela giggling at night. She makes a joke referencing giving “Hilton head” and Hay says its Scotties joke so she has to give him credit. She says Angela isn’t even that pretty and Hay agrees. Hay doesn’t think she needs to talk about a shomance tho.
  • JC and Fes are going over the rule book (Kryssie sighting) to see the rules for items hg’s leave behind. Kaitlyn’s already made a request with production to get some of her clothes back before. Apparently, she just made another one when she saw JC with a jacket he says she gave him. She did give hg’s things before she left but I think when she sees people with them while watching feeds, she decides she wants them back. JC wants to take the rule book to the DR and point out the rules. He doesn’t care about the jacket but he’s wondering how many times Kaitlyn can keep making the requests. He says she’s just acting like a brat. Kaitlyn was on Twitter yesterday saying she didn’t ask for the stuff back but I saw her tweet a while back when she said she had. JC gets yelled at often about rules so I think he just wants to have a “rules are rules” moment with them and be a smartass. Lol
  • Hay grows less confident about the votes thru the evening. She’s sure about Brett but worries Sam may be playing them. RS is sure about Brett and Sam but worried about JC and Scottie.
  • RS notices JC hanging out with “Tangela” (what she’s calling Ty and Angela now) and she wants Fes to deal with it.
  • Hay reassures herself about the outcome by saying she knows KC hasn’t developed any meaningful friendships or relationships with anyone in the house and RS agrees. Since they’ve barely spoken to KC, they assume no one else has either.
  • Fes, RS and Hay discuss Ravens medical problems and Hay says “yeah, her heart is on the outside of her body.” Hahaha
  • Production spells Haleigh’s name wrong. It’s wrong on her new cup and she said it was on her comp clothes too. I spelled it wrong the first part of the season but I’m also not paying her to be on my show.
  • Vegas said the hacker comp was held in the basement of the house/lot. We were was wondering  about it and I heard Tyler talking about going down some stairs so there ya go.

I forgot this from the night before but Sam was alone in the kitchen at night having some chocolate milk. Hay said over the hoh monitor to Sam that she could come upstairs and drink it if she wanted. Sam was visibly uncomfortable and said “No, absolutely not.” She got up and went to the storage room to finish her drink. It was really funny. I don’t think this was a freak out moment from Sam. I just think it bothered her to think Haleigh was spying on her from the hoh room. Haleigh was simply being nice when she saw Sam alone.

I also forgot to mention from the night before Angela telling Tyler about her experiences growing up doing gymnastics. It was sad to hear how hard they are on many of the little girls and the eating disorders and psychological problems it can cause. She talked about how lonely being a college athelete can be too and how hard it is because you’re basically working a full time job. My son played ball in college and she’s telling the truth.  It’s too bad Rockstar couldn’t have heard some of it since she’s so sure Angela’s life has only been privileged and perfect. I hope Steve can offer you more substance today because last night was pretty dull.

Have a great Tuesday!


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  1. ElaineB

    Even though there are ‘sides’, there are still individuals, that are playing the game. Hay, Fess, Scottie can all win comps, along with Ty, Angela, KC….c’mon Brett. With Sam and JC as ‘fence straddlers’, the numbers for each group can fluctuate. I don’t think any of these folks are guaranteed to be in F2…..in the end, we might be in for a surprise as to who is sitting in the chairs at the end, having to defend his/her game. This season is very different from last season, and I am enjoying it. Though each week, I have my ‘bottom two’, there is room for those to fluctuate. At this point it has been Bay and RS since the beginning…..hopefully this week, that will end.

    • Avatar

      after RS goes, get rid of Ha-Ho

    • feltso gudinya

      i think tyler has already won the game….the rest of the house is now playing for #2 position and 50 thousand dollars……

      • Mel

        How ya doing Felts and ya think? I can see couple scenarios where he could lose.. 1- The jury votes more personal and the good relationships he’s built backfire and they are hurt he lied to them. If he takes someone like a KC who people like well enough because she didn’t cause problems but didn’t hurt them because they weren’t as close to her. 2- It’s similar to this past season of BBCAN with Paras, he’s done such a good job of being the sweet, simple minded guy who has to be told what told do, he has a hard time convincing the jury that he was actually running everything. They may have a hard time believing it.

      • caRyn

        Good to read you, feltso gudinya. Glad you are back. I agree that Tyler has a great possibility of winning. That app will help him to get to the end. I also think he could win AFP.

      • Sassy

        Can you win both the game and AFP?

    • Tinkerbell

      Get that purple headed freak-a-zoid out of there. She cannot say a three word sentence without fifteen LIKES in it. I detested her from night one, even before she opened her snaggle toothed mouth. I’m so sick of looking at her fake ass plastic boobs hanging down to her toes, with their “mouth-n-tooth manicure.” Disgusting creeper. She needs to take her fake t*ts and fat jiggly hind end back to the stripper pole, with her “girls.” If they took the mirrors away she would lost her freakin’ mind. There has never been anyone as obsessed with looking at her creepy bod as she is. Time for her to go to the big house with Bay. She needs to brush up on her ethnic language, accent, and head moves. What a POS!

      • Ann

        Damn Tink, you sound like you don’t care for RS. Lol
        I think I would gouge my ear drums out if I had to listen to her & Bay talking at the jury house when she gets there Thursday.

      • Tinkerbell

        Ann, Bwahahahahahaaa. If I was stuck with those two whack jobs in jury, two of the three would have to go…..and it would not be me. Hahahaahah

      • Tinkerbell

        Actually, Purple Headed Stripper would be right in her element in any Big House, in any state. I know, I watch Lock-Up. lol

      • Jay H

        RS’s Ebonics skills are going to get a workout when she’s with Balieigh next week in jury.

      • caRyn

        Countless times I have been around people that change the way they speak depending on the people they are around or the area they are visiting.

      • Sassy

        The saddest thing is, She changes her speech to match a stereotype and Bay doesn’t speak like that…

  2. Avatar

    RS will most likely be evicted by a vote of 5-1

  3. Ann

    I wonder if RS & Bay will have any thoughts them both being evicted because of Hay & RS on Hay’s HOH? Cant you just hear RS star with her new accent when she gets to the jury house with Bay?

    • Avatar

      RS: “hay gurl”
      Bay: “Aw no, what happened”
      RS “Well Haleigh won HOH”
      Bay: ” That bitch”
      RS: “its not her fault, the hacker put me up, and I though I had the votes, but I didn’t and now I am here gurl”

    • Cindy

      It would be funny to see her telling Bay everything that’s happened since Bay left. I say this because RS is so delusional it’s like she lives in a different reality than everyone else..

      • Painter1

        The way the Hive has gotten it so wrong,the two of them will think Hay is working with Ty and Angela,talk so much about it and convince themselves of it

      • Ann

        She is going to exaggerate the hell out of what really happened & she’s going to throw Angela under the bus, drive it over her, back up over her try her best to burn rubber on her. Angela is a rich privileged white kid (RS will be sure & throw the word white in there when talking to Bay) who does not deserve to be there or win the money. RS has a family & she needs that money. Everyone should’ve self evicted & let her have the money. Good riddance!!

      • Jay H

        RS will call her a cracker-ass when the cameras aren’t rolling.
        She thinks she’s cool.

    • Sassy

      It will be ALL Angela’s fault.

    • danmtruth

      RockStar likes to talk all Rue Paul Drag Race with Bay Which to me is kind of degrading A sports talk host on the radio here in Chicago has talked about this He is black and finds it sad and funny when some callers who do not know he is black Make dumb racial remarks Than when he points out he is black they complain that he is trying to fool them by sounding white His answer is proper pronunciation is not white or black it is just that Even when people in an odd way think they are complementing him by saying you don’t sound black To him its an insult because this was how he was talk to and learned from HIS parents Middle class hard working people So no he just talks like his parents and neighbors

      • Jay H

        If you were raised to speak a certain way, I have no judgement on that at all, but when you choose to change the way you talk or purposefully use poor English/grammar because you think it’s cool or will impress someone, I have no respect for that.
        I think it shows terrible self confidence.

  4. Avatar

    So tired of the Hive and their idiocy. It actually makes me uncomfortable to watch how stupid they are at this game. L6/5/4 needs to win HOH this week & send these losers packing

  5. Avatar

    2:09 AM PT
    JC to Tyler/Angela: “Haleigh’s Hoh, Rockstar going home! It can’t get any better than that! Quality TV!” -Rascotes
    Oh hell yeah, that’s right JC, send Crazy Art home to Bay

  6. Helen

    Zingbot in the house for Aug 22 episode…

  7. Cindy

    Thanks for the update Mel. I love reading your updates in the morning. Have a great day

  8. leafhopper

    I don’t care how much $$ or “privileged” you or your family is perceived to have. If you are a collegiate athlete you are one of the hardest working people out there. You worked your ass off to get there and you work your ass off to stay there. On top of all your classes and usually a job too. Angela’s stock just went up in my book.

  9. Avatar

    Thanks Mel for your awesome recaps. I really enjoy reading your posts and love the way you are able to weave all of the random parts together.

    It is hard to believe that the Hive is as clueless as they appear. Each time they are given an opportunity, they somehow find a way to turn it into a set-back.

    One thing I really like/respect about L6/5/4 is their commitment to teamwork. They do a great job of working together without requiring a lot of reassuring each other. They trust each other, know each has a job to do, and then do it. There seems to be little ego involved and a focus on the team. Kaycee this week is a great example. She knows it is better for the team for her to be otb against RS so she not only agreed to it, but suggested it. She also truly trusts her team to make sure that she survives the eviction.

    It will be interesting to see how L6 responds when it becomes necessary for them to go after each other due to lack of other targets.

  10. Carl

    I don’t usually watch BBAD because of all the whispering,even with closed captions on, drives me crazy. However I did watch a little last night. Rocks was out in the smoking area going on and on and on while Sam was eating an apple. Sam was mostly just sitting there appearing to just tolerate Rocks babbling. Later Sam and KC were together and Sam was engaging with KC. From these observations I do believe that Sam will vote Rocks Out.

  11. Avatar

    I find it funny and sad that “Blockstar” is saying nasty things about Angela “Angelicious”.

    First of all RS need to take a look in the mirror. I am sure she is a nice person on the inside I don’t judge people by the way they act in the house, due to I know the “House” can make people bat shit crazy and it is a game that promotes deceit and lying. Not to mention being locked up in a house with other people you don’t really know can have a major effect on a person’s mental state. (Isn’t that right Sammie?”

    But RS is the last person that should call someone unattractive. Pretty sure Angela doesn’t come in looking like a Circus Clown, no need to mention or go on about the other flaws with RS.

    However, in my opinion Angela is gorgeous in appearance she is probably one of the more attractive contestants in BB history. I am not saying she is the most attractive female contestant that has been on BB. But then again this is not a show about who looks the best it a show about who can manipulate, lie and mislead people to get to the final stage.

    L6 has shown over and over they are not only playing the game they are playing the game exceptionally well and the Hive is not simply put.

    Name another HOH that has one of their own members of their alliance leave on their HOH? L6 has played this perfectly.

    I look forward to seeing the astonished looks on Hay, Fes, Scottie and RS when RS goes to meet Julie on Thursday night.

    If L6 member wins the next HOH, say goodbye to Hay or Fes next week. I am sure we are in for a double eviction next week which would see what remains of the Hive moving into the Jury House. Let the bitching sessions begin.

    • Avatar

      If JC wins HOH, bye-bye Scottie, if Tyler/Kaycee/Brett/Angela get HOH bye-bye Fessie or Haleigh, Sam will go after Haleigh, it will be Haleigh and Angela OTB… with Haleigh meeting Julie if veto goes L6 way

    • Seattle Kari

      coming from someone who is not physically attractive and heavy, myself, I really believe that RC’s comments about Angela are fed from pure jealousy about how beautiful she actually is. I’m not saying I’ve ever done anything like that, I haven’t, but I’ve made a joke that if a fat person ever walks by a beautifully shaped woman and calls her a bitch under her breath she’s simply jealous. I say that in a light-hearted joking way but it is difficult sometimes being a plain person looking out into the world seeing people that can where anything they want to wear, have a ton of friends always invited out places, things like that it’s difficult to not be envious.

      that being said I think RS needs to go. I am so sick of listening to her whine about other people.

      sorry about the TMI people it just was something I wanted to get off my chest

      • danmtruth

        Funny you come across as a beautiful person to me Don’t make me break out You Are So Beautiful to only get yelled at
        Sam talk about that same thing the other day How it is nothing Bret does but she gets all tongue tied and giddy when he is around Also how some of her snippiest at Angela the other day was based on her being intimidating by her good looks

      • Mel

        Well, guess what I’m humming now?

      • Avatar

        Not to sound like a Drug Store Psychologist but it is clear to me Rock Star has some self-esteem issues and self-confidence issues.

        Hence the jealous and negative comments towards people like Angela. The constant crying and constant putting herself down and wondering why things don’t go her way.

        Everything is up to your mind. Small life lesson can be taken from a lesson I learned in driving school. (When your vehicle gets into a skid or slides where ever your eyes look is where the vehicle will go. If you look at the curb or tree you will hit it. If you can focus and remain calm and look up the middle of the road your hands and body will react accordingly and steer the vehicle back to the middle.)

        The life lesson is if you focus on negative or bad things that is exactly where your mind and body will take you. If you focus on positive things and believe in yourself you will achieve your goals.

        RS spends way too much time blaming others for her life issues (Steering towards the curb and trees) instead of taking accountability for her life choices and coming up with a plan to steer her life back to her goals (up the middle).

      • caRyn

        Yep, Houseguest Doug. Where your mind goes, it grows.

    • caRyn

      L6 does work well together. And they don’t need to communicate much to know what they need to do and what the plan will be. It’s a marriage of 6 hg that I admire. Under their circumstances in the BB house, and all trying to reach the same goal, and bonding so well, is remarkable.

  12. Ann

    If Fessy wins HOH he’s going to do whatever Hay tells him to do. She’ll be all over him like a cheap suit until he has no more power.

  13. Jannie

    I’m just mad that they didn’t show more of Granny. 🙁
    I still haven’t decided if Level 654 is really that good, or if they rest of them are really that bad – just clueless.. Too many newbies in the game, maybe…
    Would like to see JC, Scottie, or Fuzzy win the next HOH just to keep it interestinng. JC is really starting to grow on me, and CBS gives him a great edit – I think he could win AFP(or Ty).
    Sam should head to jury next, she contributes nothing to the game, and she would love to be in jury with Bay and RS.
    Thanks again, Mel. Love to take a break with a cup of coffee and your latest update. Stevebeans and my girl, NK, too! Always a great read…the commenters, too! 🙂

  14. Seattle Kari

    Stupid question. Again. Ty and Angela are not romantically together correct?

  15. Helen

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sam sleep this late?Maybe finally relaxing enough where she can sleep!

    • Seattle Kari

      Maybe some sleep will help her. since she saw a doctor, at least I think she already has, perhaps they gave her something to help her sleep since she’s been so anxious lately and acting out. I hope she can feel better. She’s become annoying with the way she tells other people how to live their lives, but I also don’t like to see her suffering from such acute anxiety and possible depression. Some of her actions remind me a lot of my daughter who deals with that same thing so I can’t help but wonder if that’s what the situation is.

  16. Seattle Kari

    hey there just a general question, to those in the know. I didn’t start watching Big Brother until about season 10 I believe it was Does anybody know of any place you can watch the first seasons? Maybe the local libraries would have them I’m not really sure. I don’t have Netflix or anything similar..

  17. HappyHippo

    I can’t believe there are actually people out there comparing it to last seasons shit show! That’s INSANITY
    This season is so good and yes it may get “boring” at times but like Mel said it’s good ol fashion B.B. play. I’m loving it
    Level 6/5/4 is not the kind of team I would have thought I would be cheering for but damn they are good and now I’m rooting them on especially Tyler

  18. Helen

    RS just stalks Sam…does not give her a minute to just sit,have a cup of coffee and wake up…seems like anyway

    • Avatar

      this will piss Sam off, and RS it doesn’t matter, you don’t have the votes even with Sam’s vote
      Votes to get rid of Brett
      Brett(Level 6 Affiliation)
      Tyler(Level 6 Affiliation)
      Angela(Level 6 Affiliation)

      • Mel

        I agree. I thought this week may finish Sam off and make her worse but I think she could end up feeling less guilty as the weeks goes by. RS bragged to Tyler that she’s the only one to talk game with Sam but Tyler has a better handle on how much Sam can take of it than RS does. He know the limits and how to talk to her.

  19. Cindy

    RS was just talking to Sam and said. My bathing suit bottom is getting too small i think i need a medium. LMBO!! In what universe is her butt not an EX large

  20. Helen

    Anybody catch what Sam just said to RS and then said well yeah. Don’t talk about it?

  21. Avatar

    Faysal can see what is happening. He will soon learn his vote is nixed. When that happens Scottie will clue in that RS is on her way out.

    Angela – Rockstar
    Brett – Rockstar
    Tyler – Rockstar
    Sam –

    • Avatar

      Faysal can see what is happening. He will soon learn his vote is nixed. When that happens Scottie will clue in that RS is on her way out.

      Angela – Rockstar
      Brett – Rockstar
      Tyler – Rockstar
      Sam – Rockstar
      Scottie – Rockstar
      JC – Rockstar

      6-0 over and out. Now having said that I can see JC voting KC and trying to blame Scottie or Sam.

  22. HappyHippo

    Oh and thank you for the Sam and Angela stories. I missed both. Screw RS and her bad attitude and hate. Sam doing that is hilarious

  23. AIO_7

    Brett relaying to KC and Angelica the things Crayola has been saying …


  24. Helen

    Well if anyone has flashback and is willing to check between 1055 and 1057 to see what was said I’d appreciate it

  25. AIO_7

    Tangela, KC and Brett, the Fab 4, taking in some rays.


  26. Colby

    RS just pitched a F2 to Brett saying it would be funny and might work because nobody would suspect it. He just laughed and said yeah…..

  27. Avatar

    iirc JC said to Kaycee, he would 100% vote to keep her

  28. Avatar

    remember JC said to Tyler yesterday that he wouldn’t talk game with HIVE, RS tried to talk game and JC said he wasn’t in the mood to talk game… JC will vote RS out

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