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Big Brother 20 Feeds

Spoilers – Feeds Up! Here Is What We Know

The feeds are up! 


After one very long winter and two long nights of the season premiere, we’re finally at the time when the Big Brother 20 feeds go live and we get to actually see what’s going on in the house!

I was prepared to do some live blogging, but as tired as I am, I will be lucky to get the latest information for you tonight. I’ll try, though. Either way, I’ll be live blogging tomorrow on schedule! (what that schedule is, I don’t know yet)

Before I begin with the current, let’s jump into the past and talk about tonight’s episode.  I was a bit surprised that the show had this entire competition just to get a target on the winner and not even give him the HoH.  Swaggy did get to save himself but the guy couldn’t even play in the HoH competition. I know the first week is not that important to get the great treats and stuff, but it still sucks for the guy.


As we saw, Tyler won the first HoH and played it very safe by putting up the first two people who were eliminated from the HOH competition. Steve was unsurprisingly one of them and Sam was the other. I have to say, she’s not having a very good week at all. She loses the comp and gets a punishment where she sits in a room all day and controls a robot. Then she is the first eliminated from the HoH competition and then nominated because of it.  Ouch.

For now, I still feel Steve will go home first but Sam’s luck has been shit so far.

Some Updates:

  • It appears there is a very strong divide in the house right now
    • Bay, Hay, Fay (jeez), and Angie are all together talking trash about the other side of the house
    • Others are around the house realizing that the feeds have gone live so they’re giving shoutouts
    • Tyler is looking a bit creepy
    • Sounds like no PoV yet which makes sense. Usually takes place on Saturday so it should happen this weekend.
    • Sam is in bad shape so far with the brief talk going on in the house. She may be gone
  • Get the live feeds here!
    (I’m going to keep spamming for the next week or so!)
  • Seems like Faysal may have picked up the first fan punishment.
    • Every time there is a ‘delivery’, Faysal has to eat ham. (HAMAZON)
    • I’m guessing it’s imitation ham (he is a Muslim)
  • The Have Not room this season
  • Ok, I hate to do this but my eyes are really shutting.  I live blogged longer than I thought.  I’ll catch everyone up in the morning.

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  1. Seattle Kari

    Bay, Hay, Fay..

    LMAO! I love how you catch that kind of shit!

  2. danmtruth

    Did not take long to feel those strong connection Please so much hard playing and trash talking

  3. danmtruth

    Winston is very proud of himself for banging on a door to scare the HOH gang
    Poor Sam people just talk around her
    Are there have nots already ?

  4. Colby

    Sounds like Winston, Brett, Haleigh, and Kaitlyn are on slop.

  5. Seattle Kari

    I was really hoping Sam would be more emotionally strong. But she’s so used to living by herself that this is probably really difficult for her. I really hope she can pull something out and stick around a little longer and gain some Inner Strength. I really like her this far and I feel bad for everything she’s going through.

    • Ann

      That’s what I was trying to say earlier when i said she had better toughen up.

    • ElaineB

      If Sam stays around hopefully she will feel more comfortable and start to mingle. The robot punishment is a tough one, especially so early in the game. Basically she is a “remote” HG at this point, so it is probably difficult to navigate. Won’t count her out, but she is going to have to “Suck it up Buttercup” and quickly.

  6. Seattle Kari

    A confused moment. I turned off Big Brother after Dark for about an hour because I watch Nashville. I’m watching the scene now about 3:10 a.m. I’m in the room with Steve Kaitlyn and Faysal. She’s talking about how somebody in the group was putting down her job or saying mean things to her. I don’t know who it was but they were backing her up saying they “didn’t want her if she’s going to talk that way.”

    Does anybody know who it was it was talking to her and what it was it was said about her work?

  7. Renee

    Hi everyone! Glad to be back and glad to see so many familiar names back on the site 🙂

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