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Will She Stay Or Will She Go? Feed Updates 7/13



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s the eve of a potentially exciting post-eviction feed (finally), but at this point I am not sure who will still be in the house when the feeds return after the eviction show tomorrow night. Up until yesterday, Tiffany was pretty much a lock to go home (well, by home I mean that battle), but it appears Da’Vonne has something else in mind, and that could be bad news for Bronte.

I can’t really say I understand Da’Vonne’s thought process here, especially considering this is basically the blueprint how Vanessa survived the early weeks last year. She played a very emotional game, then basically promised to go after tougher targets in order to remain in the house (I think, unless that was someone else. That strategy is pretty common on reality shows, yet people fall for it all the time). V2 (Tiffany for those who are new) promised people that if she remains in the house, she’ll be going after Frank. Despite wanting Frank out, Paulie was not falling for that so easily as he pretty much knows everyone wants Frank out at this point, so using V2 is pointless. Plus, in the long run, if she’s anything like her sister, she’s going to come on stronger as the season goes on and become far more of a threat than anything Bronte can do.

That leaves us at a crossroads in the Big Brother house right now. On one side of the house, you have Day pushing for V2 to stay, and the other side, Paulie is saying it’s a bad idea. In the middle, you have people like Nicole and James bouncing around depending on who they’re talking to. After conversations with Paulie, it sounds like V2 is screwed. When they go back to Day, V2 is safe. When they’re alone, they don’t know what to do. Deep down, they know it’s a better idea to get V2 out while they can, especially considering what it takes to get that done.


Put it simply, if they go with Bronte, Frank will know and he’ll instantly be on guard and likely try hard for the HoH. If they keep with the plan to push V2 out, Day will be upset, but they can still lull Frank into throwing the HoH because he feels he’s in a good position. As a gameplay move, it’s a no-brainer to get V2 out now, lull Frank into comfort and get him out next week. That bangs out 3 strong competitors in 3 straight weeks (including Victor). If Da’Vonne keeps pushing to boot out Bronte this week and gets her way, we’re going to quickly learn why she was the only returning houseguest to go home second and not even sniff an award (like America’s Favorite).

I’ll keep monitoring the feeds to see how the house leans today. Should be interesting.

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  • 12:30pm – Natalie has been up for awhile doing her makeup and chatting with Michelle.
    • Over the course of an hour, Bronte and Corey have replaced Michelle who went back to bed. It’s just the three of them chatting about random stuff in the bathroom now.
  • 2:00pm – People are casually waking up and getting ready. I am going to go eat then I will be back to blogging (hopefully something is happening)
  • 5:100pm –  Ok, I’m bad. Had a relaxing time buying sneakers for Disney, and drove Mrs Beans around looking for Pokeballs for her. Now back to the feeds…
    • Nicole, Z, Corey and Day are sitting around talking about Frank and his streak of ‘nevernot’. They want him to be a havenot next week to see how it is.
    • nicole-day-z-corey
      “Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank” – Typical BB conversation
    • I guess Day got wind that Frank talked about getting her out.
    • Now they’re talking about how Frank’s edit got him America’s Favorite Player and how Day cried when he was evicted, but now they’re disappointed to see the real him.
    • Z jokes she’s going to have to get restraining order (they live fairly close)
    • Shockingly, Day told the complete truth about what Frank said about her. When Z walked outside yesterday and Day was having a conversation with him, Frank said “There goes me and Ash’s adopted daughter. She is going to love hanging out with her”. I say shockingly because Day is furious at him, but was completely honest about his quote when she could have lied. Kudos to her there.

Random poll time…

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  • 5:30pm – Mixup in the upstairs crew. Now it’s V2, Bronte and Corey.
    • They’re talking about all the clothes production took away from them before the show. V2 wondered why they took away her white dress and wondered what it meant when they told her it ‘blew out’ the camera.  C’mon, V2. Your sister was on the freakin show and she didn’t tell you about white with cameras?
    • Corey talks about how he can’t wait for tomorrow’s HoH lockdown so he can sleep for 2 hours in a bed.  He’s been a HN all week and squeezing into those little bumper cars. Bronte tells him he can have the bed. Good thing Bronte is the HoH so she can decide that.
  • 5:35pm – Frank and James are chatting in the Toyko room
    • They are trying to decide who should go home next week. Frank mentions Paulie.
    • James says he is thinking maybe a vet should go. Frank is like “I know it’s not Nicole.. really Day??”.  Frank says he is down with getting her out as well, but he didn’t want to say it. I have a feeling James is baiting him
  • 7:00pm – Feeds have been down for 30 minutes or so. Not much to report
  • 7:10pm – Feeds return and houseguests are studying stuff. I guess they let them know tomorrow will be a trivia competition likely from the memory wall.
    • Michelle is a bit hyper and excited, so she dances around with James.  He tells her she has to throw it, and she agrees
    • james-michelle
    • Frank is telling Corey he feels pretty comfortable because Michelle has a good memory, and Frank won this specific competition during his season. He’s going to be awfully upset soon. It could be a fun week
  • 7:45pm – Taking a quick break to watch the CBS episode. After listening to the talk in the house, here is what I am gathering…
    • V2 is going to be voted out
    • Frank is going to realize sooner rather than later that he is the target
    • Next week has the potential to finally get exciting.
  • 8:40pm – Back. Paul and Paulie are playing chess with Corey and Michelle laying on the ground nearby
    • Sounds like there is a big plan for most players to throw the HoH competition, but seeing as it’s trivia, they have the luxury of doing so if/when Frank gets knocked out.
    • Oh, and what’s up with Gidget?  She goes from total stick in the mud about even being in a bed with a guy to looking like she’s in love with Frank
    • Corey and Michelle wonder what happened to their group. How they’re all going after each other. Michelle suggests Frank, Corey says he thinks it’s Day because of Paulie. She feels like she is alone in the house now that Z has her showmance going on with Paulie
    • Michelle and Corey both want to vote out Bronte still. They think it makes no sense to keep her over V2
    • Michelle tells a story about how she got a Thai massage while in Budapest. The story ends up with her having someone else’s pubic hair all over her. Weird
  • 9:56pm – Big group hanging out together in the London room. Michelle, Paulie, Nicole, Corey, Z.
    • Paulie is very confident he’ll beat either Natalie or Bronte in an endurance competition, even on the wall. Doubt that
      I'll beat anyone!
      I’ll beat anyone!
    • Michelle suggests again to vote out Bronte.
    • The talk continues for keeping V2. The reason is because V2 is just going to go after Frank next week (true), but they want to get her out shortly after (easier said than done)
    • They think it will frazzle Natalie and Frank for the HoH comp
    • Done deal (for now), Bronte leaving
    • Conversation bashes Frank for awhile before they resume studying
  • 11:00pm – Corey, Paulie, and Nicole talk privately about potentially keeping Frank in next week to go after Day. This could be a fun week

Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    I feel like this is how people like Bronte get far in the game, they slip by without being a threat and then next thing you know they are final 2. I am no Tiffany fan, but I would rather someone like her make it further then a Bronte or Natalie any day. I also feel like their girl alliance might be getting stronger, they haven’t wavered on each other and they are pulling in people like frank Paul and James. If the house does not destroy that soon, they might take over all the power.

    • Elaine

      I agree that if the Spy Girls continue to survive, they will thrive. A tight three is a dangerous number, especially as evictions move along. Last year, they made a big mistake in not breaking up the Austwits (I usually don’t use the cutsie names, but this one described the three of them). Is a big reason in why Liz made it to F2. And if each of them draw in a side piece, that is even better for them.

  2. Jannie

    I want to see V2 stay just because I want to see how her game would evolve, if she could be as ruthless and manipulative as her sister. I want to see what she would do with a little power! As was said on the previous thread, there are no villains this year…maybe that’s why it’s so boring.
    But if V2 wants to stay, she better get moving and not just rely on Day, cuz she doesn’t have much leverage in the house right now. If I were V2, I would go directly to Frank the Skank, spill everything I knows about the others trashing him and wanting him out, swear loyalty to him, form a secret alliance and see what happens. Desperate times call for desperate measures. And that, folks, is how you play Big Brother.

  3. Shivani33

    Da’Vonne’s female squad has disillusioned her one by one. Zakiyah, while still friendly, is acting more in agreement with Paulie. Michelle’s reveal about Nicole covertly backing Frank has done heavy damage between Day and Nicole. Well, better to see how Nicole operates now rather than later. There is plenty of fresh infighting amongst the people who need to unite if they really want to get Frank out , instead of disabling their intention by going after one another. It ‘s starting to look like Da’Vonne is the only one left, except maybe for Michelle – who would really vote to keep Tiffany. Frank is cleverly giving these houseguests fuel to distrust each other, and then he sits back and watches the fireworks with a grin. Who can really blame him for playing his game? If he and Da’Vonne had a F2 alliance, I think they’d have a bear trap around the rest of the house guests lickety-split. Too bad they don’t get along.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree with you…We all realize that people in the same Alliance will eventually “have” to go after one another! But Nicole declared in the 2nd Week of being in the House that she wanted Da’Vonne out, much to Corey ‘s surprise at the time.

      Idk about anyone else, but I think Nicole is playing a stupid game, just like she did in her Season, and I like Nicole…But she is making some dumb moves going after Day so early in the Game. Day would be a “sure” vote for Nicole in Jury, & would persuade others to vote for her?!

      • Elaine

        Nic hasn’t moved an inch from the game she played in her season. She attached herself to a man, she gets that higher-pitched, whinier voice when nervous, and she wants to go after everyone who uses her name in a conversation.

      • Avatar

        I said pretty much the same thing on another post! She got a 3rd chance and she’s really gonna blow it…again! Come on Nicole, you have to be smarter than you are acting!

  4. NKogNeeTow

    Oh Sweet Jesus, they’re showing the “big secret reveal” of The Bobbleheads in the HOH room. I was hoping I’d NEVER have to see that again :-/

  5. g8trgrl4life

    I just saw the scene where Bronte shared her secret and the 3 of them screamed in joy.
    I think I spit up in my mouth a little.

  6. Avatar

    I LUV the phone from HOH to the booth ….James used it very smartly, …and the “secret nerd” cheerleader and “good girls are to funny….
    in a clueless high school kinda way

  7. Avatar

    It’s official….James is even more of a dick this year than he was last year. Da’s diary sessions are getting so boring…she talks about flipping the script but never does. Yawn!

  8. Elaine

    Just watched the episode. Bronte’s reveal about her mad math skills was weird….and then the giggles. In the process, she insulted child care workers as uneducated. Hopefully with her PhD and expansive salary she will get by decoding national secrets, Bronte will be able to afford a well-educated nanny. From tonite’s show, she does reveal she sucks at visual memory and in earlier competitions, she hasn’t been able to add. Please Bronte, get that mad math degree in a hurry! James, don’t tell Nat anything you don’t want to get passed along. She did a horrible job keeping the secret of Frank as RK. She didn’t need to say anything, but I think Nat got overwhelmed with the fumes of “I have information you don’t have.” Okay, I take back one of my earlier comments. The Spy Girls will not be much of a threat.

    • Colby

      Bronchie said in her pre-interview with Jeff that she is good with math on paper, not so much just in her head. I actually felt kind of sorry for her when she broke down crying in the DR on last nights show.
      I think she probably is actually a very nice person, just weird, a nerd, annoying, insecure, and would do or say anything just to try to fit in.
      Don’t get me wrong, I definitely won’t miss her when she is gone, but I think they are crazy if they don’t take this opportunity to get rid of V2.

  9. Alda

    Can’t wait for BBAD tonight! I’m only kidding.I’m sure it will be as lame as it is every night.Can this week be over already.

  10. Avatar

    I hate when vets return. Especially crappy ones. Like Day. She doesn’t even make me laugh when she’s trying to be funny in the DR because she’s such a bad player. I still watch tho lol, I love big brother…

  11. Jannie

    Just read that Nicole and Michelle are saying that they want V2 to stay and that they can also get Faki, Gorey And Paulie to vote out Bronchitis. I’m assuming Day would keep her, too. Who knows what will actually happen tomorrow, but it would be great if they got rid of Bronchitis. Could you imagine the look on Bridgidiot’s face if her fellow Spygirl got the boot? Ha! She had the chance to take her down with the Veto, but she didn’t…Boo Hoo. ?
    I’m trying not to get my hopes up, this house is full of flip flopping fools, but a girl can dream, right? ?

  12. Jannie

    So Nic and Michelle have convinced Paulie and Gorey that the Spygirls are after Paulie. They say they have 5 or 6 votes to get out Bronchitis. Faki and Day will vote her out, too. They are going to keep quiet about it (gee, can they?) and blindside her.
    Oh, please, on all that is holy, let it happen! Would love to see the look on not only Bronchitis’s face, but also Bridgidiot, Snakey Frank(who nominated her…ha!) and silly Natalie.
    Now every one just shut up and stick to the plan…DO IT!!!

  13. Shivani33

    Paulie finally switched sides to vote Bronte out and keep Tiffany. Everyone is excited to screw over Frank and Bridgette. Paulie and Corey went to tell Tiffany that she’s safe, and Bronte has no idea that she’s being voted out. James and Natalie don’t know either, but there are enough votes ready for tomorrow. The nouveau group of allies can’t wait to get Bronte, Frank, Bridgette and then Natalie voted out and aree hoping for the chance to put up Frank and Bridgette simultaneously. This time the decisions are much more certain. Getting Paulie on board was like finding the magic switch in the dark.

  14. Elaine

    Michelle is a pot stirrer because she has no true loyalties to anyone. She will move around the house, spread conversations as needed, and end up aligning with whoever is in power for the week. She is on my short list for eviction. Day is really getting on my nerves with her high-n-mighty attitude. When she talks to the people she is supposedly aligned with, she still tends to have a sour look on her face. Not sure who I want to leave next week, but my decisions tend to shift frequently.

  15. Avatar

    Frank is playing everyone in the house against each other. James needs to be more Engaged in the Game than he is…And leave Nat Nat alone.

  16. CLangley

    Gahhhhhhhh these people are so wishy washy! Do they not realize how much harder it’s going to be getting V2 out if they keep putting it off??? Seriously what kind of threat is Bronte that she HAS to go this week? She’s annoying, I’ve wanted her gone too bc I can’t stand that freaking voice but I’d rather see V2 go 1st. It’s just a matter of time before she (V2) starts winning HOH and sending them right out the door. I know they want to use her to get Frank out but if she plays anything like her sister I’m sure she’ll secretly link up with Frank “bc nobody will ever expect that” and send one of the couples home. She’s already working the other side of the house and she’s got Day. I need to call these people and tell them get rid of her already daggum it! Hahahaha

    • danmtruth

      CLangly perfect point V2 knows how to get the others to target each other She claims that she will be a vote but is just mining for info She knows that Nichole is short sighted in her game play . Nichole just has to hear that her named was mention . Guess what the people are always thinking of ways to get each other out !

      Voting to get Bronte out will not split her and Frank the snake . He will say that it was the other side of the house. He will point out it was his plan to get V2 out.Voting Bronte out will only drive her closer to him

      The other thing switching the vote will than set new alliances . The people in the old 8 pact who were not in on the flip will be sent to the Snakes arms
      One of the big mistakes people make is calling out long term hit list They name a target for the week . Than start to name people for the next 3 or 4 weeks . Stop get the one person than readjust This is how people turn around to tell someone that they are being targeted

  17. Avatar

    I am rooting for Day and Tiff. They are truly the underdogs right now.

    I dont particularly care for Tiff but these groups annoy me:
    Spy Girls,
    James and the Spy Girls,
    Frank and Bridgette and the Spy Girls,
    Paulie/Z and Corey/Nicole.

    They are both targets without a showmance or strong alliance. I am extremely disappointed in Nicole right now.

    If Day was smart, I’d go to Frank and tell him that the house is going after him and strike a deal with just the two of them. I’d pretend to still be mad at each other and double agent and compare notes.

  18. Avatar

    Day is moping around. This puts her in the same category as Tiff, who walks around in shades. This type of behavior spooks people and gives them the slightest reason to toss your name around.

    Day and Tiff need to turn this around, similar to how Paul used his POF (power of friendship) to erase the target on his back.

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