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The Summer Of Zach Is Over – Eviction Recap


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All good things must come to an end, and tonight it was the summer of Zach Attack.

Zach brought up some good entertainment, and quickly became a fan favorite with his outspoken personality and general charm, when he wasn’t insulting people or fighting with other houseguests that is.  He has recited poems as a nomination speech, created terms such as ‘fruit loop dingus’ and ended his season by showering the house with fruit loops before Julie even finished calling his name.

The big news of the night was the fact that Zach was able to turn around and re-enter the house for one last chance to stick around.  He along with the other 3 jury members (Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden) had to compete in a game where they slid discs down a ramp and tried to get as many as they could on a spinning middle item. As a tiebreaker, the person with the closest disc to center wins.

It became a fairly close competition and Jocasta even had a 1 disc lead over everyone around the middle of it, but on the last throw, it was nearly a 3-way tie with Zach’s final disc not completely on the center board. Had he pushed a little harder, he would have won the tie breaker over Nicole and Jocasta, but he did not. Instead, Nicole emerged victorious, much to the disappointment of the other houseguests.

Julie finished the show doing the ALS water challenge (many people pointed out the lack of ice, but whatever). What shocked me was how she completely changed the challenge game and spun it on it’s head.  Instead of nominating 2-3 people, she decided to nominate every former houseguest who ever played Big Brother.  That’s how you do it.

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  1. Comments (1437)

    After the HOH comp, they all went running into the fire room to giggle, leaving Nic and Donny in the LR.
    It’s bad enough that they won, but then they have to trash talk and gloat like a bunch of high schoolers.
    Mango is now performing on BBAD. I don’t know how Nicole can even stand to be in the same room with them.
    It probably won’t get good again until they have to start eating their own.

    • Comments (5)

      I couldn’t agree more.

      • Comments (1437)

        Conversation last night on Jokers…
        Caleb – “Who was president in 2000?”
        Mango – It was Bush.” (wrong)
        Caleb – “Yeah it was Bush.”
        Caleb – “The captures and the rewards for capturing Osama Bin Laden all go to Obama because he’s president now – not Bush who did it.”

        WTF is he talking about?? Now I don’t want to get into a whole political discussion – but these people are sooooooo ignorant!

      • Comments (722)

        Um. Uhhh. Hmmm. Reading is fundamental kids…

    • Comments (220)

      That was a good episode. Zach’s eviction was priceless. It made me sad to see him leave, but he sure did go out with style. GO ZACH. He’s the one player that I’d encourage to return, if vets were to play….and I’ve never liked the idea of vets playing. But I love Zach.

      As for rest of the house, I am rooting for Donny.

  2. Comments (5)

    I for one am incredibly excited to see the contestant’s ALS ice bucket challenge videos.

  3. Comments (426)

    Has anyone else noticed that a lot of the ALS ice bucket challenge videos I’ve seen lately don’t seem to contain any ice. While it is still funny to see people getting water dumped on them (even if it is warm water), it’s not really the challenge. But I guess it is for a good cause, so whatever……

    • Comments (59)

      How is it helping? people do the challenge and they don’t donate money. having water dumped on you is not working on medicine and cures. I’m tired of this. “hey, I got ice water dumped on me…I helped save the world.” quit doing the challenge you idiot celebrities and donate money. people probably think ALS is a company sponsor of the challenge and don’t even know this is about a disease. sorry for the rant but I don’t have anyone else to talk to. i’m sickened by everyone doing this challenge and making it about THEM and not the people with the disease!!!!!

      • Comments (400)

        I am with you 100% blueblind!!!! I lost a dear friend to ALS and when this “challenge” first started I was very excited to see that people were taking notice to helping find a cure to this devastating disease. Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The other day a newslady actually had to stop to put a shower cap on her head before the poured the water (no ice) on her. Disgusts me to think that any of this is helping the advancement of a cure for ALS.

      • Comments (248)

        I have seen some say they have made a donation and are taking the challenge. Then do the ice water bucked dump.

      • Comments (1)

        bluebird… A part of me agrees with you but another part doesn’t. I’m sure some people get nominated and fully taking advantage of the spot light it is allowing them to have and just do the challenge and they can put it on the internet and be seen as “heroes”. However, there are many people who have done the challenge and donated or not done the challenge and still donated. The ice bucket challenge is just clever way to raise awareness. I’m sure with all this hype about the challenge the individuals trying to find a cure have received a ton of funding in the last month or so, all due to the ice bucket challenge because of Peter Frates (the man who started the ice bucket challenge).

        It is fun to see some celebrities dump ice water on their head but many don’t even indicate if they donated or not. It’s all that yearning for attention that is sickening 🙁

      • Comments (38)

        Hey guys…. The point of the ice water challenge is to RAISE AWARENESS… This is bring people’s attention towards ALS…. and what better way to wake people up to be aware than an ICE WATER challenge… It’s more about getting the awareness of ALS out there!!!

  4. Comments (98)

    Yes I have noticed that also with the challenge.

    • Comments (843)

      I’m thinking they put a lot of ice in the bucket then let it melt. Super ice water. If they had a bucket of water, put ice in it, then dump it on their head, it wouldn’t be all that cold.

  5. Comments (875)

    Christine is plain old fugly inside, & out, and she has been jealous of every female HG in the BB House. I will go even further, and say that is why Christine & Victoria have voted out the majority of the female HG, due to their jealously.

  6. Comments (692)

    FIRST, Stevebeans….when will you know more about your mom?? My thoughts are with you!!

    Now that Cody, Mr no balls, is HOH Nichole and Donny are totally screwed. Derrick will continue to run the house.
    Wonder who will snuggle with Cody in the HOH bed this week?? Will we see a catfight between Frankie and Christine to snuggle up in the big bed?? I’d rather see Frankie there rather than fugly girl. Hope BB burns those sheets afterwards, tho. Yuk, yuk, yuk. Has anybody seen the video of Frankie talking bout being VD central in the past, he’s had them alllll. He just gives ALL gay people a bad name!!!

    • Comments (5)

      Christine’s husband would be right to worry about Cody. Now that Zach is gone, Christine is the best looking guy left in the house.

      • Comments (469)

        and Cody the best looking female.

      • Comments (692)

        He’s certainly purtier than them there two females left in the house. Lol

      • Comments (692)

        WOW!!! John Ruth and Kyle Jones, somebody does not like our talking bout the women in the house. We are all getting thumbs downs on our previous comments.
        It’s alllll good………not everybody can be spot on as we are!!!
        Just kidding!!!!!!

    • Comments (469)

      Franko – you and I have discussed Frankie in the past – you are absolutely correct – but I will go one step further – he gives humanity a bad name – to me the grossest is his (rectal looseness to put it as gently as possible) – coupled with his constant fondling of men – and women – and his vile-sickening-filthy-vulgar-distasteful-nauseating-hideous mouth – So Franko it is my hope that the gay and lesbian community will somehow join as one and summarily disassociate themselves from this reprobate – Franko – did you sense as I did that Kathy Griffin felt very uncomfotable with him?

      • Comments (692)

        I thought it was just me, I noticed Kathy Griffin look at Frankie like he had the plague. I would love for her to have really ripped him a new loose a$$hole. she is known for doing that to “wanna be” celebrities!! Too bad she was scripted.

      • Comments (469)

        Well Franko ae you pointed out – Frankies bragging about being VD Central – K.G. – had a right to look at him like he had the plague – maybe she did her homework.

      • Comments (692)

        So true!!! I mean, really?? Get a life, Frankie!! Who goes on national tv and talks about having had almost every sexually transmitted disease??? Hope his sister is SOOOOO proud.

      • Comments (843)

        Frankie will do and say anything to be the center of attention. Can’t wait for him and Christine to find out how they are viewed. john ruth hit it dead on—disgusting, vile, filthy, vulgar! Christine even LOOKS dirty.

      • Comments (722)

        Christopher and Francis/Mango are so delusional. In a few weeks they will be slapped back to reality when they are booed by the live audience.
        Neither will win this game. Neither will win AF.
        Neither will be invited to do guest spots.
        Both will go back to the real world with shame and embarassment. Their families must be proud.

  7. Comments (379)

    I wonder if Cody will cry this week when Derrick tells him who to put up? If anyone has not checked out Wil Heuser’s vidoes please do. My fave is Episode 3 for this season. So funny! And the music playing is to one of Ariana Grandes songs.

    • Comments (95)

      mindyboo…Wil Heuser’s videos has me laughing so hard I was crying the other day when someone posted the link on here. They are the best! Everyone should watch them, for sure! His impersonation of Frankie kills me when he does the kicks! And Caleb’s were pretty funny, too! “Lock your doors, Amber”! LOL!

      • Comments (379)

        His impersonation of Devin was the one that had me crying and the ones of Caleb. “HEY AMBER! I LOVE YOU! (THONK)” I loved his accent too. Even his impersonation of Julie Chen turning and walking everywhere was good. It was a good laugh fest for me.
        I hate that Zack didn’t make it back in the house. I didn’t like him at first but he grew on me.

  8. Comments (95)

    SB…I just wanted to take a minute out of the BB craziness and say that I am praying for your mom and your family. I am sure you have lots of prayers coming your way from this page! God bless!

    Also, thank you for all of these good updates, especially from me, because I don’t have any live feeds and can never stay up to watch BBAD. This is the first place I come each morning when I wake up. So, thanks! 🙂

  9. Comments (1288)

    I wonder if Team America missions are over? They did not push a vote for mission 7 last night and not voting until Sunday night will not give much time for any mission. A 50% completion rate is disappointing but at least BB tried something new with the multiple player format.

    A second place finish in the HoH is not going to do it for Donny. He really seemed to be goading Cody more than normal last night after Cody won. I think he wants to make sure he is nominated instead of being a backdoor target for the guaranteed spot in the Veto comp. It was funny to see Cody swallowing it.

    Is Cody ever going to go through with anything he says? He has repeatedly threatened to call Donny out but that has yet to happen. I think he might be surprised at Donny’s reaction. Donny is so frustrated with these children I think he might just call all of them out as stupid in return.

    • Comments (12)

      Really wish Donny would. The houseguests would not expect that from him. They think hes just some country bumpkin.

      • Comments (1288)

        No, the latest thought is that Donny is a genius, Harvard educated doctor. No, really. He used the word osmosis correctly and also said “diluted blood”. Apparently that is all it takes for a Harvard medical degree these days, I guess their standards have fallen.

        Some of those people are just plain delusional. I so hope that is one of the things Cody “calls out” Donny about. I can just see Donny’s jaw dropping until he starts rolling with laughter. “You think I am what!?!”

    • Comments (692)

      I think that Donny is a genuinely nice guy. I hope that if there is a confrontation that he does not back down and that we see a fighting side of him we have not seen so far this year. Even genuinely nice guys have a breaking point and I hope that Donny has reached his and explodes if confronted.

      • Comments (1288)

        Salt of the Earth guy. There was quite a twinkle in Donny’s eye when he was poking at Cody, joking about him being actually smart enough to win the comp and being old enough to shave. Then Donny asked if he could sleep in the HoH like Frankie had, priceless. We may get some fireworks in a week where only the competition outcomes will be unexpected.

      • Comments (692)

        I don’t have live feeds. Wish I could’ve seen Donny trying to push Cody’s buttons. I bet it was funny. He actually asked if he could sleep in the HOH room as Frankie did??!! That’s toooooooo funny.
        Hope those sheets were changed and the bed sanitized after Frankie has spent two
        weeks up there. Lol

      • Comments (469)

        On BBAD a night or two ago Frankie was flitting around the house like a ballerina and singing(side note-odd BB didn’t stop him—-hmm) anyway the camera would pan to Donny and the look on his face was priceless – I laughed my a** off.

      • Comments (487)

        There are several reasons why a never applied to be on the show.
        1. I’m not a 20-30 something
        2. I’m was too old for the BS 16 season ago, I’m worse now.
        3. If I saw Frankie acting like that, I would be like Zingbot and call his little happy butt out. I worked with gay men and they would be disgusted by his behavior. He is an embarrassment and BB Production would be telling me to stop or I would get expelled for telling him so.

      • Comments (843)

        Frankie is an embarrassment to humanity.

      • Comments (722)

        Id also LOOOVE to be on the show.
        But Im too smart, I dont follow orders or get along well with others.
        Id be out the first week..
        Pretty soon the cut off age will be 12.. oh, it already is..

        Minus Frankie, who is closer to 40 than 20..

      • Comments (1437)

        Donny deserves at LEAST $500K just for having to live with those morons for the last 70 days.
        How he has survived that without having a break down is amazing.

      • Comments (23)

        Not funny. Inappropriate.

      • Comments (692)

        Who was that meant for??

      • Comments (722)

        Prob for you..but I totally agree.
        Hell, I have to wipe my TV off after every episode.
        Frankie has had many communicable diseases. He said so himself. Its only natural to want to sanitize any areas he (or any of them ) may have been.

        Ppl in such confined quarters can spread staph or MRSA or any number or diseases. Its not purely hygeine either.. ppl can be carriers of such diseases and not know.

      • Comments (722)

        Who dislikes the truth?
        Bacteria, esp in a dirty and unclean house like the BB house, can spread awful diseases.

        Mold can grow in the bathroom, ppl sharing the same pots and pans and not cleaning them properly can foster e coli (i think).

        I imagine it smells bad in there. They are a sloppy group, leaving wet towels etc in the bathroom, piles of dishes… pretty gross and Im surprised more ppl dont get sick.

    • Comments (332)

      I for one am glad they did the search expedition challenge. Those are what makes the house fun to watch. Like switch the salt to sugar and move kitchen things around. Or like when someone turns their back move things or switch things on the walls. They go nuts. It also would be funny to make a trail of something to lead somewhere too.

  10. Comments (5)

    Did anyone else think that Victoria destroying the pink hat was a really mean and vicious thing to do? I know it was her hate, but it was so spiteful. Zach even seemed a little shocked by it. I felt bad for him. I really hope he wins America’s Fav.

  11. Comments (843)

    To be so ‘smart’ these HG are really ignorant about everyday things. My 5th grade grandson knows what osmosis and diluted blood are. Hint: they DO teach science in grade school.
    I truly wish they had a most disgusting, most disliked, biggest baby, most boastful category at the end along with America’s Favorite.

    • Comments (59)

      I was just watching UKBB on youtube yesterday. they basically did that in their version. They polled viewers about who was the most/least in things like being two-faced, hygienic, etc. then they had to wear that sign around their neck the rest of the day. but the key here was that the house guest got to know exactly how their audience feels about them.

  12. Comments (1799)

    Mr.Burns aka Derrick must be so happy as his best puppet Cody is HoH. During nomination they should just have Cody sit on Derrick knee like the ventriloquist dummy he is So what does Mr.Burns do ? Nom both Donny and Nichole Giving Donny the chance to to win POV Or does he stay his snacks self Convince one of his dumb squad members to go on the block with Nichole Telling them they are safe that the plan is win the POV and put up Donny or just vote Nichole out We can hope that who ever is not on the block can come up with the three votes to dump another bomb squad member

    • Comments (487)

      Derrick wants to MAKE SURE Donny goes this week, so the final plan may be to backdoor Donny. Nicole will be on the block with a volunteer. But if Nicole wins the POV and votes not to change the noms, Donny gets another chance to win HOH. Unfortunately Nicole goes back to the jury house, but Donny lives to fight another day.

      This is the time for Pandora’s Box or Diamond Veto or even better a Coup de’tat. And Donny and Nicole could both come out winners.

      • Comments (130)

        I think Derrick should be the pawn and sit next to Nicole to make sure the plan goes perfect. Isn’t it HIS turn to volunteer for the block?!!

  13. Comments (78)

    I was surprised that Donny didn’t give Zach his vote after saying he would.

  14. Comments (19)

    So Victoria regains possession of her own hat and cuts it into pieces. Wow that will show ’em who’s boss. I’ll destroy my own possession take that Zack. How immature these people have turned out to be. Please Please Donny tell them how it is and watch Derrick wet his pants. The thing is they are all so DUMB Derrick can tell them Donny is wrong and they will all go DUH OK. That is why when he gets to final two he should win the rest are to STUPID. Christine oh I can’t even go there…. Hope Hope Hope her husband has divorce papers waiting. My favorite line for the whole season is Victoria’s zing from Kathy about oh I can’t zing you I only zing people playing the game and her reply ” I DON’T GET IT” funny thing is she didn’t get it…..

  15. Comments (130)

    I’ve been watching BB season #2 and realizing the huge differences in the game from then to know. Besides not having 14-16 contestants and no veto option, the overall game play is more based on personalities. Without a Veto option, nominations really mattered because you had only 1 way to get off the block….influence and play a social game.

    Even with the Veto came into play, “backdooring” was the dirtiest play in the book. Nobody wanted to be the one to backdoor someone because of the ethical backlash.

    This year nominations are a joke, the veto is used every week, and backdooring is the only way they get people out.

    These changes… Are they good or bad for Big Brother? How has the game changed in a good way and in a bad way?

    Curious to hear some thoughts on this.

    • Comments (722)

      I remember them bringing in the veto. It was quite a coup at the time.

      Casting, suspense, game play have all gone downhill since. I stopped watching around 2006 (or so) and picked back up 2009 (or so).. i missed Evil Dick and Jordan, and a few other good seasons.. and returned to the crap fest it is now..

    • Comments (38)

      I said yesterday that I thought the earlier seasons of BB were much better. People really did have to play the game back then if they wanted to survive! This year’s BB… It is mind boggling how little game play is actually happening. One person is controlling the house, and most are too stupid to realize that is happening (my man Donny knows Derrick is the “head honcho”, of course). And the blatant rigging by production has truly changed the game for the worse as well. For BB17, I would love to see a range of people of all ages, from differing backgrounds and occupations, and it would be great if they split off into 2-3 groups so we could see some real gameplay happening. Just like how it used to be in the earlier versions of BB.

      • Comments (130)

        The only thing I notice with the casting is that everyone seems to have a side job of modeling.

        I think with the spinning door of nominations and renoms, vetos, etc…no one is able to keep track of who did what. Essentially Derrick can cover his tracks much easier since there is a whole slew of moving pieces.

        Could he do this without the double HOH? Or is it harder for him because there are more variables?

  16. Comments (644)

    This week Donny is leaving if he doesn’t win veto. Next week Nicole leaves if she doesn’t win veto. It’s like we don’t even have to watch the next two weeks because we already know what’s going to happen. When are one of these people going to put up Frankie and Derrick so that the Bomb Squad/Detonators explode? They are handing Derrick the $500,000 in a silver platter.

  17. Comments (25)

    the more I see Frankie, the less I like him. Enough of him and the camera people need to show less of him.

    • Comments (130)

      As long as the numbers dwindle and Frankie stays in the house, you’re going to see more of him. There’s no one else to show!

    • Comments (78)

      Production must have some gay folks that enjoy all his swirling & twirling around the house!!!

      • Comments (23)

        So you think all gay folks swirl and twirl?

      • Comments (722)

        Many ppl do not know any gays.. EXCEPT FRANKIE. Logically, ppl will think all the gays swirl, twirl, wear pantiliners, enjoy having VD, etc.. because CBS is using Frankie to be the “gay representative”..

        CBS has a social responsibility to its audience, and no disclaimer separating them changes that fact. Pls dont forget, Frankie is GETTING PAID to hype up the ick factor and to swirl and twirl his little loose …heart.. out.

        No.. all gays/black/green/purple ppl do not act as theyre portrayed on BB. They can or do act differently. Frankie is just a bad stereotype/caricature / representative of gays.

      • Comments (78)

        No I don’t but that is how he is representing his gay self. He wants to be his sister shadow?

      • Comments (692)

        Uh, I’m GAY. I neither swirl nor twirl as he does. Not all of us do. That’s why he really irritates the crap out of me. He’s not a good representation. Do I know some like him? Yes, I do. They are not the norm. However, he is WAY OVER THE TOP. There are just things he’s done that are down right disgusting.

  18. Comments (332)

    Well, the girls have to step up and realize with Donny and them they truly control the house. Cody can not vote. So Nicole better do her job. I hope that they put up floaters on the WE CAN GET THE VETO to backdoor logic and it backfires. It will be hard as there is no BOB so they will have to change their game play.

  19. Comments (1799)

    It would have been much more fun if Nichole either was safe for the week Or the battle last night for the 2 nd chance was also for HoH Fun to watch the other house guest squirm as the evicted guest battle for HoH With them not being able to do anything. To bad BB producers have no imagination

  20. Comments (1)

    Random question – but last year, didn’t the returning houseguest have immunity the first week back in the house?

  21. Comments (412)

    Stupid, stupid, stupid. Why would they send someone back into the house to get sent right back out. They could have kept the duel HOH and the returning hg should have been a HOH. But no. Nicole & Donny are screwed. We know one of them is going to jury this week and the other the following week. No excitement, no shift of power, just the same strong alliance running the game since the beginning. Boooring…..

  22. Comments (1799)

    Good point Just Being Honest bring someone in to just send them out again
    How paranoid is Christine that she thinks Julie called her out about throwing the BoB game Did I miss something ? Beside Caleb proving just how clueless he is Than Julie ask how hard it was to compeate in the comp No question about handing the bones to the other team
    This season is so much these people reliving high school

    • Comments (722)

      Julie really grinds my gears.
      I took her questioning Christine as saving her behind with America.. and playing us all for fools as if we didnt know what really happened.
      Julie knows darn well exactly what happened. So why bring it up or give Chrisitine a chance to lie.
      Maybe she should cut down on the plastic surgery. Its messing with her common sense.

  23. Comments (92)

    Guess who is back, back again, Bill is back, tell a friend. Well just got back from Bora, Bora. The trails to Mount Otemanu’s summit were great, as was the white sand and turquoise crystal clear water. So I still see everyone is on the Donny band wagon. The Hot One, my wife, has told me he lost his job and being in the LaborDay mood that I am in, I’m gong to do something you all will be surprise. For min. Wage I will let Donny cut the grass in my West Palm Beach properties. But he needs to get rid of the Castro beard. Now for my comments. My Prince Zach is gone. Jocasta did great in the competiton. Besides Zach, I wanted to see Jocasta come back. At least I still have my man Frankie and my beauty Victoria, who is playing a brilliant game and if anyone comes back and saids she hasn’t won any competitions, I will say how many did the greatest player of all time win? Of course I’m talking about Dr. Will. Nicole and Donny have no chance. Frankie is the best player ever behind Dr. Will. It will be Frankie and Victoria in the F2.

    • Comments (692)

      Well, Bill, it looks like your little princess Victoria showed a bit of her true colors last night with her cutting up the cap she gave your boy Zach, they hate each other, not dislike, they HATE each other. Poor Zach got treated like crap by the one person he really cared about in the house, Frankie. He was the only one who honestly liked Frankie for Frankie, not because his sister is a teeny bopper star wanna be.
      Welcome back. Oh and get off your high horse a cut your own tiny back yard. Nobody believes you own half the world as you say you do. Don’t insult Donny by thinking he’d be your lackey. I guess you want him to wash your 1974 Chevy Vega, too.

  24. Comments (12)

    Steve you’re doing a much better job updating your site the past day or two. I still think instead of you asking for donations for yourself that maybe you should ask us to donate to a cancer research charity to honor your mom? That would be a worthy cause and I personally would happily donate to that.

    • Comments (198)

      I hope you never have to go through anything like stevebeans. You remind me of the HG’s. Mean and spiteful.

      • Comments (692)

        I totally agree!! Having lost many family members to cancer, I can understand what Stevebeans is going through.

      • Comments (12)

        I’ve lost friends and family to cancer. and I’d never ever ask someone for money because I post on a website a few times a week. How on earth can you argue that Steve should get donations over cancer charities?? I mean really? Do you actually think that?

      • Comments (198)

        Then way don’t you watch the feeds yourself 27/7 and you blog about it for free.

      • Comments (12)

        There are dozens of sites that do just that for FREE. Most people don’t have the audacity to ask for money when it could be going to a charity. And if Steve did watch the feeds more and do more updates it wouldn’t be so weird to ask for money. He isn’t doing enough to earn money from this. If you want to give him all your money Connie go for it. You sound like the definition of a sucker.

      • Comments (12)

        I think you meant 24/7 not 27/7 Connie lol. Unless in your fantasy world you have extra hours as well as disposable income to give away to bloggers instead of charities that could really use. Must be nice to live that way. 😉

  25. Comments (412)

    You know what upsets me most about Christine [other than her personality, sense of humor & gameplay] is the fact that she knows America doesn’t like what she’s doing in the house [backdooring Nicole, her inappropriate relationship with Cody] but she doesn’t change. Christine told Nicole before she backdoor’d Nicole that America is going to hate her[Christine]. Christine also told other HGs not to tell Zach that fans were yelling ‘we love Zach’ over the fence, the first time. Christine was the only one to say anything about the crowd going crazy when Zach walked out the door on eviction because America loves Zach. She’s actually kinda sorta smart, and is suppose to be a superfan, so why doesn’t she change her gameplay? Her pretty boy, boy toy crush Cody. She told him right after he won HOH, ‘I’ll be rubbing your feet this week’ Or something along those lines. She’s gross.

  26. Comments (42)

    I noticed Zach’s twitter followers jumped from 69k during show to now 101k..he definitely was good entertainer..looked like even Julie was fond of him as HG..

    • Comments (692)

      Does anybody remember what he said his instagram account name is?? I’d love to follow him. I expect we will see much more of him.

      • Comments (722)

        Sonething like that…

      • Comments (692)

        Thank you. I just checked Instagram and apparently a lot of people have started an account using his name. what I have seen so far are all fan pages. I will look again later.

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