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Sunday Feed Updates – Final Noms Revealed



Who wants to see Shelby and Jason end up bonding and forming a secret alliance because they’re basically perfect for each other?  This guy does!

Seriously, if there was one unlikely alliance to happen, it has to be Jason and Shelby. They need to make it happen. Both are pretty funny and outspoken. Jason has a pretty damn good social game while Shelby is extremely intelligent.  That’s it, I’m almost officially on team Jason/Shelby. If they don’t form an alliance by the end of the week, the BB gods are going to be furious with them.

Regarding the actual game – final noms will happen tonight, but the big question will be who will be America’s Nom tomorrow. That is pretty huge because hypothetically if say Alex and Danielle are nominated today (just two random people from each side) that leaves Justin, Kryssie, Morgan and Whitney as voters (plus America).  America almost always votes for who they nom, so if they put up Kryssie, that leaves Justin versus Morgan with Whitney as the wildcard. If she votes Kryssie, she’s gone. If she turns on her alliance and votes Alex, then America will still probably vote Kryssie and it will be a tie.  Then it will come down to who does better at the PoV competition (Shelby or Jason).


I think.  Damn, America’s involvement makes speculation confusing.

Crazy times ahead… another week where America’s Nom, the PoV and America’s Vote will play a big factor. It’s nice to see the PoV matter nearly every week, and it’s nice to see the viewers so involved in the outcome. I’ll be curious to see how much of this carries over to BB19


  • 12:25pm – My new favorite partnership has the HoH cam is is being goofy together
    • cohoh
  • 4:15pm – Everyone is around the kitchen table talking while Shelby is in the bedroom practicing days. The house is boring when they’re all getting along.
  • 5:30pm – The house is incredibly bored right now
    • morgan-whit
    • They’re making up their own games
  • 8:00pm – Nominations are done.  Danielle and Whitney are nominated.
    • Shelby ‘claims’ Whitney as her nom so she has the option to take her down depending on veto
    • Jason ‘claims’ Danielle because he basically called her a comp threat. Different approach than Shelby
  • 8:15pm – Justin and Jason are outside talking about the nominations
    • justin-outside
    • It was part of the plan for Jason to pretend he’s after Danielle.
    • So the plan is that they think they got Shelby to put up Whitney and this way if Morgan is America’s Nom, they can try to pull Danielle off and backdoor Alex.
  • 8:30pm – Whitney is crying now and Shelby is trying to comfort her
    • So, the flaw in Jason’s plan is that the two good smashers are left for America’s Nom.  If Alex is nominated and wins veto, Danielle or Whitney go home.
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  1. Mell

    Jason and Shelby have been my dream team from the 1st week!

  2. Helen

    If Danielle and krissey are both OTB on Wednesday who would you vote for?

    • Avatar

      I want Danielle out first because she’s a physical threat & Krustsation is not unless its a farting comp.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      If I were one of the HGs I’d vote Danielle out hands down, as she is a much bigger threat. However, as a fan of the game, my vote would be to evict Krustie in that scenario. Aside from the fact that I detest Krustie with every fiber of my being, from an entertainment perspective I feel that Danielle brings a lot more to the game than Krustie. Danielle is much smarter, much more strategic, and a much better competitor than Krustie, so keeping her in the house would keep the game interesting moving forward. I also have a feeling that Krustie is the primary source of negativity and divisiveness in the Nerd Herd, so I think if Krustie were gone we might have (sort of) a new game on our hands.

      However, this is probably all just wishful thinking because I’m sure that if Danielle is on the block on Wednesday she’ll get voted out by the HGs anyway. But my vote will be to evict Krustie forever and always.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m so torn G. I dislike both Dan and The Krustation SOOOOO much. I keep going back and forth as to which one to vote for.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        LOL at “The Krustation”. I know NK, I’m definitely not a fan of Danielle, but I just cannot deal with Krustie anymore. I won’t be sad if Danielle goes this week instead, but if I had to choose I’d take Danielle any day of the week over Krustie. At least Danielle is playing a decent game and isn’t as gross as Krustie. Although I did see Danielle pick her nose and threaten to wipe it on Jason earlier today… where the hell do they find these people??

    • AIO_7

      I have to choose from a selfish point of view, so I have to imagine myself in the house. That leaves me voting out Krust; she is harder on the eyes, and farts and burps and is in general a nasty personality. I’d have to hope that Dani. doesn’t beast it in future comps.

    • Mell

      That is a tough one. I guess it would depend on whether I’m willing to think of the players left in the game or myself. I’m with Gerardo on that one. Taking out Danielle would be smarter for the hg’s but to have my hand hovering over a vote button for Krrissi and not push it might take more willpower than I have. Lol
      Getting rid of Krissi would eliminate her as a final 3 option for either side though. That would be nice.

    • Avatar

      I’d vote for Danielle, out of sheer spite to force the hypocridiots to have to put up with Krusty until she self-evicts.

      But, I really really REALLY hope that she’s america’s nom this week, just to see her face react to the virtual slap of the nation.

  3. Avatar

    Guys, remember, there is only a one hour window to vote tonight! Get your votes in at 11:00 pm then get your 2nd set of votes in at midnight or tomorrow! We need both sets of votes to count! If you are a BallSmasher fan, majority is voting KRISSY FOR 3NOM! Please don’t split the votes! I understand some people may want other members of the misfits out, but voting for them will only cancel out other votes, please vote Krissy! Splitting votes is how Jason got the care package and put the girls in jeopardy! Let’s get a misfit out this week! Going into double eviction, we need one of them gone!

  4. Shivani33

    Never in BB history have I needed to use so much hard candy, the old French rescue for feeling nauseated. Krustie is a disease. GET OUT!!!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I agree Shivani. I’ve recently decided that Krustie is my all time least favorite HG in BB history. And I’ve been watching since season 2, so I’ve seen some LOATHSOME characters over the years. But none of them can surpass in pure, unadulterated grossness the monstrosity that is Krustie Kreature.

      • Mell

        I think I have to agree. I know people loved Rachel but she made my skin crawl. I couldn’t even watch TAR when she was on it. I’d take Rachels whining, entitled, poor sportsmsnship ass every day and twice on Sunday over K. Bad example since Rachel was good at comps.I could deal with Paulie much easier than this chick. At least I could have a little fun making fun of him. With K, there’s no game, no fun, no interest…just repulsion.

      • Avatar

        But how do you really feel Gerardo. lol

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Exactly Mell, I feel like every other HG that I’ve disliked over the years had SOME kind of redeeming quality about them. But not this Kreature. She is just the personification of gross.

      • Helen

        Gosh you guys!! How do you really feel? I mean she does the dishes…….lol

      • Mell

        Haha haha
        Helen has us there Gerardo. I forgot she does wash dishes.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        LOL you’re right Helen, I should recognize Krustie for that accomplishment. I mean, it must be difficult for Krustie, being a strain of super-bacteria herself, washing all her bacteria friends down the drain like that… what a trooper!

      • Mell

        There ya go Gerardo! You sound so much more positive now! Lol

      • Helen

        Lol. I said she did the dishes….never said she washed them. Lolol

      • Avatar

        I’ve seen them turn on that cold water & run the dishes under it rubbing it with their fingers without so much as a drop of dish soap. That may be why Alex puts paper towels on her plate before she puts her food on it. Hell, dish soap probably won’t get the filth, germs & grime off of those dishes, it’s too late for that. A blow torch might do the trick on the dishes & Krusty’s funky ass.

  5. Helen

    I think little miss whitneigh may be pooping her pants if Krustie goes up OTB!! I think she knows where she stands with the LNC !!!!

    • Mell

      I didn’t even think about that Whitney’s perspective I mean. She told BS she knows she’s third down the line for Justin but I don’t know if she believes it. It will be interesting if that does happen and Justin did win the veto to see if skinny potty mouth or my baby Whitney has more pull with him.

      • Helen

        Who would he choose? Whitney,Danielle or Krustie? His main loyalty was to Krustie…..has that changed? It will put him in a very interesting dilemma…..I think he will throw the challenge so he does not have to choose

      • Mell

        He won’t save Krissi because that would screw up the plan. I have no idea and for once I don’t think he would want to throw it because of trying to save Whitney but he may need to throw it because they don’t want him to save her. I don’t want to give LNC a reason to kill the guy but I almost hope he gets picked just to see what he would do. Lol

      • Avatar

        Mell, do you have on those drunk goggles that Alex was wearing in the comp when Paul was there? I just can’t get ready for Whitney, I don’t care for the girl. What is it you see in that little chipmunk? Lol
        I can’t be mad at her for how she’s playing her game because anybody with a little bit of common sense would’ve done what she did when she made the deal to vote Scott out. There’s something about her Mell. Just wait & see.

      • Mell

        Ann, I hear you. I didn’t like her in the very beginning and I didn’t know what it was. She still isn’t at the top of my list. I just respect her game, basically what you said. “My baby Whitney” is what Justin calls her sometimes. That’s not my term and I’m not THAT attached to her. lol

      • Avatar

        Oooh ok, gotcha, my bad Mell.

  6. Mell

    I’m just ready for the veto comp to get here! It’s the first week that I don’t even care about America’s nom. It’s either someone otb but and extra person to help in the veto. It means almost nothing this week.

    Did you guys hear Jason make a joke earlier saying that if the veto comp had anything to do with gymnastics he would know it was rigged? The veto comp is rumored to be their most challenging comp yet and balance will be the most important skill. I don’t know if it’s true but those things happened within an hour of each other so I thought it was funny.

  7. Helen

    Well hopefully Shelby really screws up the plan and claims Danielle as her nom!! Lololol. Now that would be too funny!!!!

    • Helen

      I don’t think any of them can play that strategically though I’m sorry to say.

    • Mell

      She knows Danielle could throw it if she did that. I don’t think Danielle would but they’re not going to take the risk. I would imagine they’ll just put up Whitney and hope that she wants to win, if not for their group at least for herself and also hope Morgan or Alex get drawn for veto.
      How do you think Shelby will do in a comp it requires a lot of balance? She’s little which is good but she seems kind of awkward. This comp probably has Alex written all over it since she was a gymnast for so many years. They may end up regretting taking the safe route.

      • Helen

        That’s what ima thinkin. Well if gossip is correct it’s a toss up between Krustie and Alex for americas nom. So could be Alex plays and wins it and pulls her own self down!!!
        Or gets picked…..I don’t think Shelby or Jason will do well. It’s a toss up for tiebreaker with those two!

      • Mell

        That was my guess. I think Jason could hang onto something for a long time but I don’t know about the balance thing. Danielle seems pretty coordinated and Morgan is/was a college cheerleader so Im sure she’d be fine. I have no idea about Whitney and I’m just gonna call it right now with Krissi. She will have some kind of medical issue or her whatever she is on, under or in will be faulty. I wonder if it had anything to do with that flat thing Scott almost killed himself on in the yard.

  8. Shivani33

    Krustie appearing in sunglasses and hooded-up hoodie. Is she out of options for clothing? She looks like the Unabomber in that get-up, for crying out loud.

  9. Mell

    BS have made slop pickles. ( I think they talked Justin into doing it yesterday) They seem pleased with the results.

    BS has been doing some trash talking about Danielle wanting to show her ass while laying out in the sun.

    Danielle has done some complaining about wishing she could drag either Shelby or Alex by their dry hair. She said alot of other crspoy stuff afyer that but I didnt hear it all. She said she’s hoping for some nice words to come out of her mouth. (she isn’t having much success) She caught the tail end of Shelby saying something about her and earlier Jason told her he thought the girls called her a whore. Needless to say she was in a foul mood.

    Danielle lies in the have not room alone whispering and hoping Jason isn’t trying something sneaky and if he is for us to please nom Alex or Morgan.

    BS talk about season 18, casting this fall, etc. They keep getting dinged by the BB voice. Alex yells to let them talk.

    Alex asks if Shane was stupid- said she didn’t know because she didn’t talk to him or get to know him. The rest of BS say he was probably stupid.

    (I guess the veto comp rumor was true)
    Heath Luman tweeted today: ” It’s one of the most frustrating/difficult challenges of the season. Main skill:Balance.”

  10. Avatar

    I just can’t wait for Danielle to leave. She makes the game so nasty and dark that’s why I want to nominate Kryssie so everyone will vote out Danielle over Kryssie and if Danielle wins veto we can always get ride of Kryssie and make the house cleaner. Kryssie for third nom everyone and remember to vote twice

  11. Mell

    Danielle needs to leave but I’m with Gerardo. I wouldn’t mind seeing the game without Krissi in it. Danielle will stay self centered but I don’t know if nasty would always be her and Jason’s go-to if Krissi was gone. Danielle seemed genuinely happy (not in a full of herself way) the other night when BS played a prank on her and left a bowl of ice cream for her to find. It’s the first time she felt they were nice to her when she wasn’t hoh. I could see the young but immature person in that moment who isn’t a total bitch. Of coarse, Jason had to ruin it and tell her they only did it because they think she’s getting evicted this week. Her entire demeanor changed and you could see the bitch return. I wonder if she really was bullied and doesn’t like or trust most women now because of that.

    • LindsayB

      She was definitely bullied. The question remains as to whether or not she was bullied for being a snarky bitch or if she turned into one because of being bullied. I could understand her being a bitch as a defense mechanism. Her youth prevents her from having the maturity to realize she doesn’t need to lead with that kind of attitude to have a “don’t mess with me” vibe. I’m hoping this is the wall she puts up to not get hurt. If that’s the case there’s hope that with age and experience she will realize it’s ok to be vulnerable and only tap into the inner bad bitch when being attacked. If she started off as a bitch and her bullying was just people putting her in her place then there’s probably no hope.

      • Avatar

        My money is on her being put in her place while trying to bully others.

      • LindsayB

        You never know. I definitely don’t like her but would at least understand her better if this was her defense mechanism.

      • Mell

        Lindsay, I think I became they one in the group last season who everyone shook their heads at because I always got wrapped up in wanting to rehabilitate all the crazy ones. Old habits won’t die sort of thing. I beleive Ann and a couple others would tell me I was nuts because I hoped Big Meech would come out of the house a better person. I didn’t like her but I saw potential. What can I say? I never learn. Lol

      • LindsayB

        I don’t care to rehabilitate her. Regardless of why she’s a bitch, she’s still a bitch. Regardless of the reasons behind it, she’s an adult and is making the choice to be how she is. It’s her choice to have self awareness and better herself.

      • Mell

        I don’t know anything about Danielle’s life but I do think that’s why Jason is like that to some extent anyway. He was abused by a family member (only putting that out there because he has) and I think he’s always ready to hurt people first. I’m not saying he couldn’t be nice and I’m not making excuses for him. Explanations not excuses.

      • LindsayB

        Absolutely. It’s a hard place to be mentally when you feel like upu need to be that way to survive. It takes self awareness and maturity to quit living with that victim mentality.

    • Avatar

      Mell, I told you that evil bitch wasn’t bullied (JMO), she was the bully & the mean girl. When things don’t go her way she has a tantrum & tries to say she was bullied. It’s her way or the hi-way because it’s always all about her & she’s always right. For petes sake, I wanna punch her in the throat myself to shut her up.

      • Mell

        Ann, If we had job descriptions as BBJ commenters, you and Nkog are the muscle, Gerardo is the wise voice of reason (aka my ride or die) Shivani would be the philosopher and unfortunately I may be the sappy social worker. Haha

      • Helen

        I am heartbroken. I am gonna go cal 1 800 wah wah wah. So there!!!

      • Avatar

        No need Helen, there’s always room for another muscle, join in…lol

      • Mell

        I’m just glad I have some muscle with me to snap me into shape when I get too mushy! Lol

      • Avatar

        I think you sound like a Bully, Ann!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Me? The Muscle? I can’t even beat my own ass, more or less somebody else’s…rofl

      • Avatar

        You’re most certainly entitled to your opinion Mariah. Think whatever you want to think.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I talk a lot of trash but when the fight breaks out, I’m hiding behind Annie 😛

      • Avatar

        NKogNeeTow, the only way I’m going to hide is if someone has a weapon. Even if they don’t have a weapon I still may get my ass kicked but I guarantee you I’m going to leave my mark somewhere. Lol

      • Mell

        Wow, my little nicknames were meant to be sort of, you know, funny. It was based off of comments (often silly ones) we make and mostly going back to this summer. When I started analyzing Danielle, it reminded me of when I kept hoping Michelle would be nicer and I got jokingly messed with for it since everyone but me seemed to know she wouldn’t. Well, I know who can be the funeral director.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mariah: We do get a little rowdy sometimes, but it’s all in fun. And we do rag on the HG a lot because THEY are the ones who signed up to be on national TV, or in this case, the internet, and expose themselves to the world, with all their bad behavior and nasty habits. That being said, it’s better we stick to keeping our personal comments about the HG (because they put themselves in that position) and NOT attack each other:-)

    • Avatar

      I agree with that point Mell. That’s why I have pretty much gotten off of this site. It reminds me of the kid who never had anyone to eat lunch with and the football player did. All of these people would say Aww! to that, but they have nothing to say when the BS never includes her in anything. They only have one point of view. She has never directly been nasty to them, she holds conversation with them even when they just stand and stare at her, and she didn’t even go in revenge mode on BS when she was HOH and had the chance. She’s the BEST at hiding her feelings but no one gives her credit for that. Yes she is annoying with her long winded conversations, yes she has some negatives, but I honestly don’t see the difference between her and Shelby. There are a lot of biased hypocrites on this site. One thing is she is dumb for trusting Whitney.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Mariah, based on the last line of your comment, that makes you a smidge biased too. But it’s okay though. You like who you like and you feel the way you feel. You also mentioned that you have pretty much gotten off of this site. Even though others might not agree with you (me included at times), please don’t let that stop you from posting your support for your favorite player(s). The HG you support may put you in the minority, but you are NEVER alone. There will always be someone else here who is with you 🙂

  12. Avatar

    Voting Alex out! Hopefully then Shelby will team up with Jason. Danielle will play her best as she always has since week 1. She has zero problems fighting for herself and her alliance.

    • Avatar

      Danielle is still a better player then your plastics put together! I wonder if they can go a hour without speaking about her? lol

      • Avatar

        Thank you Cyn. They are obsessed with her. It makes them seem so insecure and jealous. Morgan and Alex never talk about themselves, they just ask her all about herself and then go in the next room and criticize her answers. Those silly HG never ask them anything that will reveal they are sisters- Shelby included. Maybe she won’t make a good lawyer.

      • Avatar

        The BS’s hated Danielle week one! I mean as soon as Dani walked in the door. They were envious of her. Not only is she beautiful but a strategist in the game. Shelby isn’t as smart because she knows Alex is a threat to her. If Alex remains, Alex will choose her sister in the end before Shelby. So Shelby fans are sealing her fate by keeping Alex in the house. We are obviously the minorities here, but I can relate to Danielle with how catty women can be based on physical attributes. I’m of a mixed race so I understand the struggle she may have dealt with growing up.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Cyn, you’re right that the Plastics didn’t like Danielle from the very first week. I can’t remember exactly who said this, but I remember Caryn and I criticized someone from the Plastics crew back on Day 3 for calling Danielle a “bitch” behind her back (we couldn’t understand how they could have already made that determination after knowing her for only three days). Danielle is definitely not my favorite HG, and I’m not sure who or what really started the feud, but I have to admit that you’re correct in saying that the Plastics seemed to hate Danielle from almost the very beginning.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Cyn: I understand your point. I am mixed race too (my mother is Caucasian and Native American and my father is Black and Native American). My siblings and I look like the rainbow coalition. I have a brother who looks white, with dirty blonde hair and light eyes; a brother who looks European; a sister who is dark with long waist length straight black hair; a sister who looks white with red hair and freckles. I’m more the complexion of Halle Berry and before I cut my hair short it was long and curly like Justin’s. None of us look alike. When I was a child, I never noticed the difference. They were just my brothers and sisters. When I got older, in school, my friends always remarked how I had a white mother and a black father. The funny thing is, it never occurred to me. They were just Mom and Dad. At some point in school, I wasn’t white enough for the white kids nor black enough for the black ones. At first my feelings were hurt. Now I just don’t give a damn. That’s why I don’t look at nor address anyone’s race. It just doesn’t matter to me and I hate that it matters to others. The one thing I will NOT tolerate is racism. Never have, never will. I really, truly and sincerely hope that the reason they dislike Dani is because of her attitude and personality and not because of her race.

      • Avatar

        @NKogNeeTow, I’m not biracial but my skin color is very light & my hair has always been long. People would ask me what nationality I was. I would say black & they would ask which one of my parents waas black & what was the other. I’d tell them both of my parents are black. My mom is dark with long straight hair that’s to her butt & my dad was light. My sister is light with short hair & my brother is dark. We look just like my parents but our skin colors are different.
        My sons wives are all different races & 1 daughter’s husband is Mexican & my youngest daughter’s fiance is white. One daughter-in-law is white, one is Mexican & one is Indian. My family is all colors of the rainbow but I taught my kids not to see color, skin color does not matter. If you cut any one of us, we all bleed red.

    • Helen

      That will work out well!! Alex was a gymnast and this is going to be a gym type comp…Danielle said she’s screwed if it’s a gymnast type anything…..guarantees Alex plays in veto comp…..if you were team Danielle you would be voting Krustie. She at least guarantees Danielle a win in veto…..

      • Avatar

        Plastics I believe are putting Whitney up. So if Alex does play it will be due to AN. I’m not voting Krissie because I rather her stay over a plastic. I’ll take my chances with voting Alex.

  13. Avatar

    I don’t speak that way about people in my everyday life nor will I comment that way about HG’s which we know very little about. Referring to people as bishes, white trash, scumbags etc! I think some of you need to reevaluate yourselves and figure out why ya are so vexed by Danielle. Geeez! Anyway, rooting for the better side to win and hopefully it will be intense.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Cyn, you are correct. We do know very little about their lives. We only know what we see…what they’ve shown us. I don’t like referring to people as bitches, but I have seen bitchy behavior and I will NEVER refer to anyone as trash (white, black or otherwise), because I don’t believe ANYBODY is trash. But I have seen “trashy” behavior. And as for scumbags, well, some of them have done some pretty slimy things. I’ve seen some people refer to Dani as ugly. I think she’s pretty, beautiful actually, but she’s said some very ugly things and has acted very ugly in some instances (just as most of them have). Regardless of how they are in ‘the real world’, we can only judge by what we see and hear…and we see and hear it all. I don’t agree with you or Mariah at all about The Plastics and The LNC, but I respect your right to feel that way. Whether we agree with you or not, keep supporting your favorites. Diversity make the world a more interesting place 🙂

      • Avatar

        Thanks Nkogee. I don’t deny some of their behavior has been inappropriate on both sides. I personally can never refer to people in such harsh ways as I have read in the comments and then attack people for the same manner in which they displayed in their commentary. This had been an interesting season also telling how divided the fans are on both sides.

  14. Helen

    Jason is upset because Shelby isn’t up talking game with him prior to safety ceremony!! Come on Jason….if you weren’t such a weasel going back and telling your LNC everything everyone says maybe you would have someone else talking to you!!!

  15. Helen

    I am getting tired of watching Shelby and her constant search for split ends!! Seems like that is all she does anymore!

  16. caRyn

    I am voting for Alex as third nom.

  17. Avatar

    Well it’s Whitney and Danielle on the block as expected. This POV will be vital for both sides. But I believe Whitney plans to throw it.

  18. Mell

    The talk Alex mentioned yesterday that she would wait and have today with Whitney, (you know, the one she was going to have before Scott was evicted) she just decided was probably better to have with her tomorrow.
    Told ya.

    BS have gone back and forth over believing Jason’s speech to Danielle. Danielle had her back to them when it happened and couldn’t tell het reaction. Alex sort of beleven it. Shelby didn’t. Morgan started wondering if it was an elaborate trick to fool them. Alex did too. They started to feel like they were over thinking it. They talk about how surely Whitney will vote with them.

    After that….they overheard Jason ask Danielle if she wanted to take later and Danielle tell him no. They now beleive Jason really wants Danielle out. Morgan pointed out that no one was around them so they weren’t putting on a show. Alex is very happy. Jason comes and tells BS minus Shelby what he asked Danielle and about her telling him no. Jason is worried Danielle will drag Jason on twitter now once she leaves.

    *Jason is very happy this plan is working.

    Shelby and Whitney talk and both cry. Shelby apologizes and Whitney worries Alex will vote her out. Shelby promises she won’t.

    *BS want Whitney to vote with them even though she’s the one otb (screams expendable) without any warning. Shelby wants her to believe Alex would never vote her out when all of us including Whitney are still waiting for that talk Alex was going to have.

    • Avatar

      Whitney will be a fool to believe them. Shelby’s reasoning for her otb is because she was the first half not last week! Really Shelby? That’s your best elaborate plan for Whitney being chosen. And Alex is within their alliance but has yet to discuss last week with Whitney. I can’t wait to see the look on the bs faces when Whitney throws it.

  19. Helen

    That’s what I was saying earlier stevebeans!! Word on the street is this is a gymnast/balance veto comp…..Alex is into gymnastics……ummmmm ima thinking Jason may be backdoored by America!!!!

  20. Mell

    Jason and Shelby were talking about the 5k care pkg bribe on BB18 and Jason said on BB Budget it would be a 25.00 gift card.

    Does Whitney know the entire plan with LNC? She has to if they want her to use it on Danielle. (not that I’m convinced she will do that) I would also think she knows simply because Justin knows.

  21. Mell

    Jason told Alex and Morgan that he couldn’t tell them apart for the first few days. This is getting ridiculous! I bet he just became an even bigger target.

  22. LindsayB

    The bitch is OTB!! Even though I knew it was going to happen it’s still so sweet. Lots of shenanigans going on behind the scenes this week. Hoping that Krusti is AN. Would be fine with either the bitch or the trash box going home.

  23. Mell

    Regardless of who likes who and who hates who, tonight is the BB game play we rarely get to see. I don’t know if they will be successful (especially with big mouth Justin in the group) but I’m impressed. Jason and Danielle have them convinced he wants her out. When you think about it, that isn’t easy to do. You don’t have a house divided this badly and easily convince people of things like that. We’ll see soon enough and no matter who goes home this week, that’s good big brother.

    • Avatar

      So Jason & Danielle are pretending? Does he really want her out or no?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        I don’t think Jason wants Danielle out, at least not this week. I think their plan was to convince the Plastics that Jason was turning on Danielle, but he really wanted Danielle to play in the Veto comp and win so that he can put Alex up in her place. I have to say that I’m a bit surprised/disappointed that the Plastics seem to be falling for this scheme hook, line, and sinker. If one of the Plastics end up getting evicted this week, it will be because they were outplayed by the Nerd Herd plain and simple (as much as I hate to admit it).

      • Mell

        Ann, No the entire thing was planned. BS weren’t convinced at first. After Jason gave his little nom speech, BS minus whitney talked in the white couch room (don’t know what we call it now) and were trying to decide if it was for real. Shortly after, they overheard Jason ask Danielle if she wanted to talk and her tell him no. That’s what convinced them because they were alone and didn’t have an audience. (That was planned that way to be convincing) For however long it lasts, they think Jason is using this chance to take out a big threat. LNC wanted Whitney otb too. Jason had some talk with Shelby last night acting like he wanted Alex up there hoping she would do the opposite.

      • NKogNeeTow

        They really do want her out but I think they want Alex out more.

      • Avatar

        Damn, genius idea even though I wish it was coming from BS. They ae gullible.

    • Avatar

      I don’t see the point in them fooling the BS. Because in the end, they still have to win the POV.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Well I think they had to fool the Plastics into allowing JASON to claim Danielle as his nominee. That way if Danielle wins Veto (which they figure is a likely outcome since she’s their best competitor), Jason controls the replacement nom. If Shelby had nominated Danielle herself, she would’ve chosen the replacement nom in that scenario. It’s a pretty smart plan on the part of the Nerd Herd, so the Plastics better hope they win Veto.

      • Avatar

        Oh I see. That is a genius plan on their part. This veto is imperative for either side no matter who the 3rd nom is. Guess we’ll have to wait and see how it pans out

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Yeah I agree Cyn. This Veto comp is going to be another nail biter! This season is soooo good!

      • Avatar

        @Gerardo, did Shelby have a plan like Jason since she’s so smart or did she not think of that or have a plan of her own?

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Not that I’m aware of Ann. As far as I could tell, Shelby’s plan was to put Whitney up as a pawn since Jason seemed to be okay with nominating Whitney instead of one of Shelby’s biggest allies (i.e. Alex and Morgan). Shelby also didn’t think the Nerd Herd would vote Whitney out over Danielle (especially since Justin has a crush on Whitney and Jason convinced Shelby that he wanted Danielle out). So Shelby’s plan was to hopefully get Danielle out using Whitney as a pawn, and in her mind the worst case scenario was Whitney getting evicted instead (which wouldn’t be so bad since Whitney flipped to the Nerd Herd side and this would at least keep Alex and Morgan safe). However, the Nerd Herd has a different plan in mind (i.e. backdooring Alex).

        I have to admit that Jason and Danielle came up with a more clever plan this week in my opinion, but I understand why Shelby may have felt backed into a corner with this Co-HOH care package.

      • Mell

        They were both playing each other a little. Shelby didn’t tell Jason she wanted to target Justin and he didn’t tell her he wanted to Target Alex. They did get each other to agree that Justin and Alex are both big targets and they each confessed the person they trusted the most which was krrissi and Morgan. They both agreed to save them first. He told her he was okay was Danielle going but obviously he would prefer to not lose a number on his side. He wants them to feel like everyone playing in The veto wants Danielle including his people so they won’t fight so hard in the comp. I don’t think that part’s going to work. He also was trying to prevent Alex being her nom because lnc would rather Danielle be against Whitney in veto. I think shelby made a deal not to go after Justin as long as he would vote Danielle out instead of Whitney. Shelby also hasn’t told Whitney that if she comes off the block Justin as her replacement. He was still her Target until this afternoon and may still be but she did talk with the other girls about getting Danielle out before Justin may not be the worst idea. They both have a couple of lies and Shady things going on and that’s what’s making it interesting. One area that I agree they’re on the same page is there last resort option. Neither want it this way but worse case scenario Whitney is who Shelby’s willing to lose and Danielle is who Jason is willing to lose. They also talked about working to get her but that part may be all lies. We will see.

      • Mell

        Remember, Justin knows so this may go boom before morning. Lol

  24. GL

    All my votes went to Krustie

  25. Avatar

    Just put all 40 votes on Kryssie. I’m glad to see the majority are tired of her and want to see her leave this week. Lets show her we don’t stand behind her and like her.

  26. Avatar

    Can you guys just see & hear Krusty talking to Julie when Julie asks her if she knew Alex & Morgan are siblings & Krusty sniffing & burping saying she knew it, lying knowing damn well she didn’t?

  27. Avatar

    I am loving how everytime Danielle starts talking the feeds go to Alex doing her hair, or the occupied sign on the door. Just anything so she doesn’t have more screen time.

    • Avatar

      I always switch cameras when Danielle is on & especially when she starts flapping her damn gums. I CAN’T STAND THAT GIRL…

      • Avatar

        I don’t listen to her at all but its funny if you are watching the feeds now since they are sharing stories and everytime big mouth starts they go elsewhere showing random weird things

      • Avatar

        How many times has Justin been OTB?

      • Mell

        0-Same as Alex. They’re the only ones.

      • Mell

        They chose Alex drying her hair instead of the story. Sometimes they have to switch because Danielle is very bad to use names. I noticed this one specifically because Danielle has said the name and some time went by before they switched so didn’t need to…they just wanted to. Lol

      • Mell

        Wasn’t there somebody that did that to a lot this summer? I can’t remember who it was though.

  28. Avatar

    When the choice is between Alex and Kryssie it should be a easy vote when its between someone who disrespect the game and clearly has no idea how to play Just be petty and nasty or Alex a super fan who came to play regardless of what side were on there’s no reason we should keep Kryssie over Alex this week because as fan of the show i think we can all agree keeping Alex is better

  29. caRyn

    We don’t ALL agree. Nor does half the people voting otherwise the BB house would NOT still be divided equally.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Jason and the gang are down in the Tokyo room loudly laughing and talking. The Plastics are in the HOH room and heard them. Now Alex and Shelby are starting to get suspicious and are saying that they hope Jason isn’t making up with Dani. Since the LNC’s plan is going so well, Jason and Dani should be avoiding each other, at least until tomorrow. I think they are making a mistake letting the HOH crew hear them all getting along so well. If the plan has any hope of working, The Plastics have to believe that Dani is still mad a Jason.

  31. NKogNeeTow

    O-M-G! Justin came in and sat on Whitney’s bed and she was playing with his hair and told him that she wished his hair was hers. The camera panned on Dani and the look on her face was PRICELESS! She looked a mixture of dumbfounded, annoyed and startled. She’s been trying to keep herself attached to Justin at the hip for the past week and I think it’s partly to keep him from getting to close to Whitney. I don’t think she appreciated that one bit. I LOVE IT! Muahahahaha

  32. Avatar

    If I was Shelby Id start feeding other people tid bits of information and start blowing up other peoples game….just enough to start both sides imploding. I think she is already starting to do that, with Whitney. I would get enough info from Jason and start feeding Danielle stuff about Justin. Krusty is too stupid to think about the info Shelby could feed her, Danielle would sit on it and backdoor some people.

    • Avatar

      I was really hoping she would let it slip to Whitney that Jason saw Justin as a big target. Let it simmer in them. Between what Alex knows of Jason and the little Shelby has learned they could cast doubt about the LNJ’s puppet master. Alex should know better. Feed the LNJ what they NEED to hear/know. Whitney already knows thanks to Justin that the LNJ want her out before the rest of them because she is loyal to him (Justin) and not to LNJ. Jason sees himself being pushed out because Kryssie is also close to Whitney. Jason’s ideal F3 changes based on who he is talking to. Why isn’t the LNJ putting that together? All these talks need to happen today. Wishful thinking. The snake needs to be exposed!

  33. Avatar

    I wonder why the voting per day starts in the voter’s time zone and isn’t according to the house’s time zone. I mean why not give everyone 4 hours (8-12 house time zone) to vote the first day and until 9 house time the second day? It makes no sense.

  34. Avatar

    We don’t get to vote in the DE do we? There wont be time. Only 2 OTB and no america eviction vote?

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I’m not sure but it’s possible that we could still have a vote. I remember way back in BB8 when we had America’s Player, Eric, there was a live DE but we still got to vote for who we wanted him to target and evict (I remember Julie had to use signals to communicate to him since it was live). Ironically I think he actually ended up getting evicted that night. However, we did get to vote even though it was a little chaotic and a very short time frame. Hopefully they’ll figure something out so we can still vote this week!

  35. Shivani33

    It could happen that Shelby plays the Veto comp as the only bonafide BS representative, if Krustie is America’s nom and the only wildcard veto player ends up being Justin. This game is getting more and more IIke the Madhatter’s tea party.

    • Shivani33

      *like. And how come the whole house seems to be oblivious about Krustie/America’s most likely nominee? The only person who mentioned this (albeit very casually) has been Jason. Or maybe I’ve not noticed. It seems strange, like a kind of group hypnosis.

      • Helen

        I was kind of wondering the same. I think they are so focused on the Scott and Alex connection they have tunnel vision…..Krustie mentioned it to Whitney but she was only concerned in the event that Shelby would nom Alex thereby leaving her open to nom….

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Even the Plastics seem to believe that America loves Krustie. Shelby and Morgan were discussing that while strategizing on Saturday, since they felt that one of the Plastics would be America’s nom this week (Jason is Co-HOH and they think we love Krustie). It’s so interesting the impact being in the BB house seems to have on the HGs’ perspective. It must really be mentally taxing having to speculate based on our votes which of the HGs are well liked and which are not. They are WAY off on this one.

      • Helen

        Ha. We would love to see Krustie critter on out the door!!!!!

    • Helen

      Hoping she will draw Alex!!

  36. AIO_7

    America put Alex on the bloc k.

  37. Helen

    Well that was bull crap! The only polls that are ever wrong are the ones where Krustie has a significant lead!!

  38. Avatar

    I’m shock most polls show Kryssie

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