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Sunday Feed Updates – Final Noms

kryssie-jasonGood afternoon, everyone. I have a few things to do today, so updates will probably be scattered. That said, there likely won’t be a whole lot going on until the house knows who America’s Nom is and the POV is complete, and that happens tomorrow.  Tonight, 2 of the plastics will be going up as Jason, Justin, and Kryssie are all safe from this nomination (but not America’s nom). Everyone will be focusing on who will go up tomorrow, and right now there seems to be a pretty big split between either Kryssie or Scott. This means I am going to run my own poll to see where you guys are at…



  • 1:10pm – Jason and Scott are outside while Morgan and Alex are chatting in the bathroom
  • 7:45pm – Noms are in.  We have Shelby and Whitney as the noms.  The big question will be who will be the 3rd person sitting with them this week
    • shelby-alex
    • Note – I am getting some feedback on some nasty comments going on. Keep in mind – NO PERSONAL ATTACK. Doing so will result in the post deleted and possibly a banning from the site. If anyone wants to help moderate the forums, let me know
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  1. LindsayB

    Mark your calendar folks!! Sunday 10/30/16 at 1:40 PT Krusti is actually taking a shower!!!!!!!!

    • AIO_7

      Production better get a HAZMAT crew in there.

      • LindsayB

        The camera was on her for the whole six minutes. I think they realized there should be proof that a shower for sure happened. Six minutes definitely wasn’t long enough though.

    • Avatar

      Most of the time she just ran the water and just stood there staying dry. Eventually i think she allowed the water only on some spots on the front of her body. She didn’t turn around to clean the back of her body.

      • Avatar

        And didn’t she say she was on her period? That’s the time when her funky ass REALLY needs to bathe. That’s just filthy. You know her & her boyfriend are nasty filthy wierdos when he did that interview ass naked & he said “the bitch won’t clean her hair brush.” Can you imagine what her house looks like?

      • Avatar

        Dooky ducati, talk about what your ancestors would’ve done all you please but all that shows is that you’re a racist coward who wouldn’t dare try to beat anybody into any kind of submission. You chicken-shit coward.

      • Avatar

        You’re right @Ann I would not dare beat anyone. Especially not you. Wouldn’t want to be covered in tar!

      • NKogNeeTow

        It’s called Dry Cleaning.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Alright Ducati…ENOUGH! We get it. You don’t like Ann and she doesn’t like you. This is a entirely NEW thread and you came after her on this one. If you want to continue this war with her, you can go to the top right of your screen and join, then send all the private messages you want, without cluttering the thread for the rest of us. You keep trying to convince us that you are a gentleman and a decent human being, yet every post to her screams racism. The personal attacks are getting tedious. Although your comments are directed at her, you don’t know how many other people you may be offending. I’m asking you nicely, PLEASE STOP. We don’t all have to agree, but we can all get along. This Board is about BIG BROTHER and BIG BROTHER OVER THE TOP, not politics, race or religion. Let’s keep it that way 🙂

      • Avatar

        🙂 Hi NkogNeeTow I will take your advice. Sorry @Ann for the terrible things I said about your avatar. I know those things aren’t your reality. I like this site and I like players in the house from both sides. But it so frustrating when people say the cruelest thing possible about the bb houseguest. If you don’t like them fine. And it’s okay to make up names but calling them B word and other vulgar names provokes personal attacks. Is that fair? I’ll stop posting mean things targeted at one of the people saying harsh things. But people who frequently post should also be aware of how their thread of obscene comments affects others and have respect opposing comments.

      • stevebeans

        Thank you for apologizing, Ducati. I have deleted a few of your comments, and was going to ban you, but this apology gives you one last chance to play nice with everyone else.

      • Avatar

        @stevebeans thanks for the second chance. I agree to be respectful. But please encourage all users to limit the overuse of obscene and provocative language. That promotes a hostile virtual environment.

    • Avatar

      But since she’s a HN that means her shower was cold. I’m not sure but I believe you would need awfully hot water to cut through that scum covering her body!

    • Helen

      That makes two in one month!!!!????????

  2. AIO_7

    Easy answer: Krustie Krankie Kreepie Kraggie Krass Kreetin Krispie Kreemie Kinison Kristie.

  3. Avatar

    Lol….I know right. Production making her take a bath. Krusty looks like she may have gotten a new jacket that actually fits #plus size and a pair of Walmart sweats. Yea, all she ever says is that the kept her clothes. She was wearing the size that fit Shelby. GO Krusty. ..Rub a dub dub…

  4. Avatar

    Ps those leggings you brought you thought that you looked like Gwen Stefani? Please girl you must have been smoking something

  5. LindsayB

    Ok. What am I missing? Scott is talking to himself about some golden door and looking for a golden key. Has he just completely lost it or did I miss something?

  6. Avatar

    Lindsay, it was a little confused when I read your last comment on the other post. Did you say Dani was saying her target was Whitney hoping they would keep her?

    • LindsayB

      Hey friend. She seems to really want Whitney out. She thinks this is the best week to do it. She’s hoping that the girls would vote her out depending on who ends up on the block. “Everyone” sees Whitney as a threat at the end because she’s being seen as America’s Sweetheart. Also, she realized that everyone on her side likes Whitney and she’s threatened by that. Doing it this week will keep her in good graces with her alliance while getting rid of their favorite BS.

      • Helen

        everyone is telling everyone they are safe. Lol. Have they forgotten that Shelby has the care package? Not Morgan Scott or Alex? I would think Danielle would be smart to be talking a little more with Shelby.. Scott lost a lot of pull with Shelby yesterday!!

      • Avatar

        Ok, well I watched that conversation but then I read your comment and thought I missed something! Omgosh, Krusty has to go this week! I love Whitney! She lives really close to me so I’m pulling for our hometown girl! My nerves will be shot until after Wednesday!

  7. Avatar

    The Kryssie Kreature has got to go she is just too gross for us to be subjected to her delusional rantings! Although hilarious in her cluelessness she continues to be unbearable. Polls are extremely close as to whom it will be for nom between Scott and Kryssie. So even though Scott can be a bit annoying and strange he is one hell of a sight better than Krusty! So please let’s try to get the getting out.

  8. Avatar

    *darn autocorrect I meant try to get the yeti out!

  9. Avatar

    On Jokers Shelby said Kyrssie left her tampon wrapper on the floor. I’m surprised she didn’t leave a dirty tampon with it. I can’t stand her.

  10. Avatar

    Krustie says she’s poor & needs the money for retirement. If she quit spending money on those gigantic floral arrangements that look like they’re growing out of the side of her head I’ll bet she could save a ton of money.

  11. Avatar

    Ok y’all, don’t forget, there’s a one hour window tonight! Eastern time peeps, get your votes in between 11 pm and midnight then go ahead and vote again after midnight! We need all 40 votes to count! Let’s get KRUSTY UP FOR AMERICAS NOM!!! Thank guys!!!

  12. Helen

    How come have nots get to eat tomorrow? On regular BB they don’t?

  13. Helen

    Justin just can not stop talking!!!!!

  14. Shivani33

    Krustie said that Justin will bow out of the game gracefully and let her, Jason and Danielle go for the win, because he is well-off financially and knows that they aren’t. She added that Justin isn’t there to win but to protect her, Danielle and Jason. I doubt if Krustie has belched out this revelation to Justin himself. Something about the way that she had done up her hair today was so unflattering. She looked kind of like a turkey vulture scanning the woods for a dead rodent to gulp. She can deep throat my forty votes for dessert…and get back to her fetishes parties with Skull.

  15. Shivani33

    When Krustie’s boyfriend, Skull, gave his long interview – he salivated over Krustie’s feet and said that he and she attend lots of fetish parties. Auto-correct wants to pluralize the word “fetish.” As far as Skull and Krustie go, I’m guessing that auto-correct is right. Probably they have a plurality of fetishes. Skull’s rhapsodic description of the soles of Krustie’s feet was not only howlingly funny, but educational. Who knew that the only place on the human body where wrinkles are not only acceptable, but beautiful is on the bottom of one’s feet?

    Thanks to Skull, I now know how to break into the BB house (should such an urge occur) and have a clear picture of how to cross the Los Angeles River clinging to a polyvinyl pipe. And I have another clear picture of the bottoms of Krustie’s hooves. Thanks a shitload, Skull.

  16. Helen

    The looks Whitney keeps throwing at Scott are kinda like …..your head is gonna look great in my freezer!!!!

  17. Avatar

    Who does Danielle think America is going to put OTB?

  18. Helen

    After yesterday I don’t know that I even believe jokers poll anymore?

  19. Shivani33

    And what about Alex? Whitney is having quite an eye-opener. Is there room next to Scott’s head for Alex to have a spot in the freezer, too?

  20. LindsayB

    Jason seems to be doing suprisingly well without his cancer sticks. I guess the patch is working well for him.

  21. Avatar

    My votes for Krustie has been done and will be voted again before I go to work in the morning

  22. LindsayB

    Ann, while a few of us have been on the receiving end of troll vomit, you have gotten the worst of it. I just want you to know that I love your contribution to this site. You make me laugh on a daily basis. Even if you and I didn’t agree on he HG we like I think I would still laugh at your comments. Thank you for being you. It wouldn’t be the same on her without you.

  23. Shivani33

    Scott and Alex are walking a thin line between Whitney and Shelby. When Shelby asked Scott if he’d save her if possible, he hesitated, and that bothered her. Alex told Whitney that she’d take her off the block, and so would “the others.” It’s kind of a messy situation, like having two slices of bread and only one little pat of butter to spread around. Both Whitney and Shelby are feeling a bit cheated and on edge.

  24. Avatar

    So now we just have to worry about America’s nom & the VETO tomorrow right?

  25. Avatar

    Getting my 2nd round in for Scott! He has to go! I think this is the only site that shows Krissie in the lead.

    • Helen

      No. it’s not. Kryssie has a small lead in every poll

    • Avatar

      Of course someone salty would thumbs me down! Don’t you all trust your high almighty plastics to win their way out of the week? Voting Scott as 3rd nom! I think many people agree, other then this site.

      • Helen

        Has nothing to do with plastic or LNJ. It has to do with player…..do I think kryssie is playing? No. she gets hauled from couch to couch and is very rarely in an upright position. Her contribution to the game has been belching,farting and complaining. The last veto comp she stood on a platform and let herself be disqualified. If that’s what you want to see on BB then party on….

      • Avatar

        Cyn your thoughts are awesome!

      • Avatar

        Okay, so what was wrong with Neeley?? To me everyone, well 95 percent of this site has an issue with ONLY the LNJ members. I don’t think I’ve heard a single negative comment of the plastics and Scott. I heard a few mention Krissie lack of showering. When in fact, Alex hasn’t been hitting the showers as much either. And let’s discuss how Alex washes a dish? I wld never eat from anything she attempts to wash. Anyway, I wish people would comment less personal attacks and more on game moves. Just my opinion and I’m sticking to it! I couldn’t careless how many thumb downs this site gives me.

      • Helen

        But it’s all good! By noming Scott (who the girls want to get rid of anyway) you are helping their game……..so…do what you do!!!!! It actually protects all the girls this week!!!

      • Helen

        I ,for one,am basing my vote on game play only….kryssie has not been playing….just complaining…
        I would also like to see Whitney and probably Morgan go….but the opportunity hasn’t presented itself

      • Avatar

        I’m voting for Scott because he’s not even playing for himself. I mean he has chance to win a quarter of a mil and your only goal is to keep Alex safe?! He’s creepy and obsessive over Alex. And he’s detrimental to her side anyway! So everyone wins this week.

      • Avatar

        Thank you @Ducati

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Cyn: I don’t think it’s so much that people love The Barbie Brigade, as they keep waiting for Krazy Krustie and her Kreepy Klown Klub to DO something other than guard the backyard sofa, smoke, curse, bitch and complain. While The Brigade at least sit around and TRY to come up with some sort of plan or game play. Out of all the Sofa Slugs, Jason and Dani seem to actually be the smartest ones in the group. They know the game, they just spend more time being negative and nasty, when they could really put their heads together and maybe even make it to the end. On the other side, Shelby appears to be pretty smart and can put together just about everything but the sister connection. I think Whitney may be smart, just playing low key. But she always looks like she’s going to kill you n your sleep. I had higher hopes for Ale, but now I’m not so sure.

        Don’t worry about the thumbs down. We all get them at some time or the other. You like who you like. No explanations needed.

      • LindsayB

        Bottom line is that people are going to like who they are going to like. If you actually read everything there are plenty of negative comments about BS/S although there are far more about LNC. You can share your thoughts about HG without insulting those who disagree with you. Trust me, it’s possible. Cyn, if you spent more time sharing what it is you like and respect about the LNC instead of complaining about people liking BS/S you might be able to be able to engage in conversation on here without feeling attacked. There are plenty of conversations on here with opposing views that are pleasant and constructive. The key to that is to not insult the people on here. Example: I’ve never liked Justin and almost everyone on here does. I’ve explained the reasons behind my opinion but didn’t say or allude to the the idea that anyone who likes Justin is crazy and wrong. Instead, I asked why they like him to see what I may have missed. I still don’t like him and most people still do. That’s ok cuz we don’t all have to agree. Very few, if any of us are able to watch every minute of the feeds so if you see something that supports your POV, please share it but I will ask that you also read about the things you may have missed about the LNC’s actions. Cyn, I’ve come at you a few times but it’s not because of your opinion, it’s your delivery. I’m hoping your intent on here truly is to discuss BB, not just create drama. If that’s the case, I’m really curious about why you like LNC and hope you will share that.

  26. Avatar

    @stevebeans please delete the nasty comments. If you ban be fair and ban all parties that exchanged inappropriate words. Even if they have been here for a while. No personal attacks should be tolerated!!

  27. Avatar

    I think this system is def. broken. The 1st 2 weeks the plastics had power their alliance members went home. The 3 weeks the LNJ will have power their alliance members are going home. I think they should get rid of America’s Eviction vote; Keep the nominee vote but not eviction. I feel like the show it’s just no fun to watch since I have to check this website to know who’s going to be eliminated instead of actually watching the show. that’s why I canceled my subscription.

    also is one thing to say ” I am getting some feedback on some nasty comments going on. Keep in mind – NO PERSONAL ATTACK. Doing so will result in the post deleted and possibly a banning from the site.” and another to reinforce it. I would help moderate but I have a job, so I hope someone picks that up. I remember a time when reading the comment section was fun and interesting; not so disturbing and nasty like now. Don’t get me wrong there are some pretty funny comments especially about Kristy’s showering habits but some people take things too far.

  28. Helen

    Second day of slop and early this morning the real Whitney raised her head……

    • LindsayB

      And the real Whitney is….???

      • Avatar

        First off, I’ve been commenting her for about 2 years. I have yet to create drama so… not sure where you conjured that one up from?! Atlas, I’m entitled to my opinion as you are with yours. I have NOT insulted or attacked anyone on this thread. So you if you personally felt attacked, pls do by pass my commentary. This isn’t your blog, feel free to move along;) Have a blessed day!!

  29. Helen

    Things I learned early this morning:
    Krustie tells us it would be a slap in the face for America to nom her since she has been on the block twice and we have not voted her out.
    Jason,Justin and Krustie have all vowed to take Whitney off the block.
    Jason,Justin,Krustie and Whitney have formed an alliance.
    Whitney says Danielle is a sl*t.
    Everyone hares Danielle.
    Everyone hates Alex.
    Everyone hates Scott.

  30. LindsayB

    Jokers: 48 K, 43 S
    BB network: tied

  31. Avatar

    Krusty is going up and I can’t wait to see it!

  32. Mell

    I think the 3rd nom is going to be close. The polls have always been a way to see where its leaning but that isn’t a sure thing since many people vote on CBS that don’t participate in poll voting. On top of that, we’ve had several weeks the polls were intentionally messed with in order to throw people off and get them to vote differently. The word on the street (internet street that is) was that BS fans we’re doing it on some sites for two weeks and once Misfits caught on, many of them banded together and did it on Jokers. As Gerardo mentioned yesterday, they’ve hopefully eliminated that problem at least on Jokers. They may all be wrong if there’s other people out there like me. For example, one day on Steve’s poll, I thought I was voting for who I wanted evicted but was actually voting for my favorite player.
    Steve I wasn’t trying to mess with your poll. I just need to slow down when I’m reading sometimes! Lol

  33. Shivani33

    Alex is kind of caught in a box with Scott’s butt firmly planted on top of it. Each BSer, even including Alex, gripes about this. He seems to be the main cause of division within that group, primarily due to his Alex fixation and even has referred to himself and Alex as a power couple. Frankly, they’d all be relieved if he wasn’t so glommed on to their alliance. I think Shelby wants Scott out of the game and is barely able to keep from biting his head off.

    Meanwhile, the LNC batch is pulling away from Danielle, and last night, Whitney helped them to have quite a snark party about Danielle’s suballiance with Scott and Alex. Jason , Krustie and Justin said that she talks at them, not with them. All three of them were strongly angling for Whitney to join up with them and acted like they prefer her much more than Danielle.

    A lot of this could blow over, depending on who is America’s nominee and who wins PoV. But right now, Scott, Alex and Danielle are getting a lot of heat, both from outside and inside of their alliances.

  34. Avatar

    Bye-eeee Scott!!!! As polls predicted and those who didn’t want to believe it!

  35. Shivani33

    Morgan has been keeping her strength and a lot of her opinions under wraps. Another thing she managed to do last night was to sleep, while many in the house could have frittered away their energy for playing in today’s comp. Whitney, Jason, Kryssie and Jason were up most of the night. Alex was up bitching to them about their noisy whispering/laughter and probably spying. I can hardly wait to watch who plays and wins this veto.

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