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Sunday Feed Updates; Will It Be A Slow Week?

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This is going to be a fairly short update thread compared to my other ones. This is my last post before I head out on vacation for a week, so I have to do some things I’ve been procrastinating on because of my denial of flying (yes, I flew last year, but still a bit nervous… though much less than the LA trip).  I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has donated/tipped this season. It will certainly come in handy for bail money when I punch Kylo Ren in the face. If you want to contribute, my paypal link is here. Also, if you want to track along our fun, you can add me on FB, or follow in instagram. I will also probably do an occasional video update about the show based on the feed updates I read, and I will post that in the Big Brother Junkies FB page. Wow, a lot of links.  Sorry about that.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the house, the week, and the veto competition.  Here is a quick rundown of all the rewards/punishments of the week (it’s a long one)

  • Nicole has to wear a super safety outfit, but she’s safe from nomination.  She is also a havenot, and won a vacation to anywhere in the US from the veto competition
  • Corey is nominated, and lost the veto competition, so he has to wear a “patriotard” for the week. He needs to keep his hands inside the zingbot thing and eagle unless eating or sleeping
  • Paul has to wear a secret service outfit all week. Any time the light flashes in the house, he has to pat down everyone regardless if they’re awake or asleep. He then has to go to 5 checkpoints around the house and make sure things are clear. All while trying to act serious
  • James won $5k through the veto competition
  • Victor won HoH, and the PoV competition
  • Paulie is nominated, and is currently the person who will likely leave the house on Thursday. From the veto competition, he also has to make an apple pie every time a musical cue goes off. This is a season long punishment, so he said if they ramp it up these next few days because of his likely eviction, he’s just not going to do it and take penalty votes. If he has the return pass or there is a jury buyback on Friday, I’d assume the punishment continues
  • Nicole and Michelle are havenots.  Natalie was also one, but she is safe due to her nevernot pass

The one thing I will miss this week is Paul doing his secret service thing. He did it last night, and it’s hilarious. He really gets into the role, though I assume by the end of the week he’s going to be tired of running around to all those checkpoints… err, walking.  He is not even able to run to the checkpoints.  Oh, and he also has to sleep in the outfit…


Ok, here are my updates… Like I said, they’ll be short and Brianna will take over later on.

  • 11:40am – Paul is sleeping while a few others are outside relaxing
  • 12:00pm – Michelle is inside cooking slop
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is outside talking to Victor. He is telling him how he has checked himself out already. He doesn’t want to be in the house any more.
    • He is telling him to put up something like Natalie so that guarantees James votes for him.  He is going to take penalty votes for his punishment.
    • He says even if Victor isn’t even a target if he does come back because Victor just finished the job others started. They stabbed him in the heart (Z especially)
    • Paulie says he is not staying in the jury house
    • Victor is trying to tell him if Corey is on the block, that’s a guaranteed vote for Paulie from Nicole. Victor doesn’t understand the need for a change for no reason.
    • Victor points out how he is the one who won roadkill the week he went home and put Tiffany up. If someone else did, it probably would have been Paul on the block and Victor wouldn’t have been able to campaign.
    • Paulie says ‘Well everyone wanted Tiffany gone’… Victor ‘So why didn’t she go home then?’
    • Paulie – “Please don’t keep me up there next to my boy.  I’m not trying to beg” (yes,  you are)
    • He wants to sit there and have fun, be checked out and enjoy the week (wtf, Paulie? You’re not making sense.  Check out. Stop with this sore loser shit.
    • Victor points out that Paulie has an envelope for a chance to come in.  He had to win 3 comps, and couldn’t even play for his safety with veto. How much more does Paulie want from him?
    • Paulie – “I understand where you’re coming from”.  Victor – “If you understand where I’m coming from, don’t keep asking”
    • Paulie – “I’m just looking at it from a game perspective”.  Victor – “If you’re looking at it from a game perspective, using the veto is not in my best interest”
    • Side note – After watching Paulie grill people with these questions, especially Z, it is refreshing to hear Victor give him smart, straight answers in return.
    • Victor mentions how Paulie also gets to go to jury. For Victor, the paychecks were stopping (If you didn’t know, each cast member receives roughly $1k/week for being on the show. That stops when they go home).  Paulie says he is not staying in jury, and Victor says that is fine if he doesn’t need the money, but Victor did and Paulie is the main reason he almost lost roughly $7k+ had there not even been a buy back attempt.
    • Paulie keeps preaching that he wants to sit next to a pawn rather than his best friend. Absolutely no logic behind it
    • Paulie keeps pushing and pushing and pushing. They’re back in circles about Tiffany and Victor being able to campaign against her.
    • Victor says Paulie is an excellent talker and he is doing this because he wants to keep pushing to save himself, despite saying how he is ‘rolling over’
    • Victor asks if it would have been better had they backdoored Paulie. He says maybe.  Come on, Paulie. You’re embarrassing yourself and your brother’s game.
    • Victor asks what the difference is between Corey or Natalie. Paulie says it’s his preference to not sit next to his best friend. Victor says ‘yes, but the preference is up to me’… slammed
    • Victor – I don’t want to have these conversations because I don’t to be a dick. I got screwed, now you’re getting screwed.
  • 12:25pm – Timecheck
    • Corey and Paul are sitting nearby listening on. Hilarious because Paul looks like Victor’s bodyguard
    • Talk finally breaks up. They hug it out.
    • Paulie sits next to Corey and tells him that was his last ditch effort (it won’t be)
  • 12:40pm – Corey is talking to Nicole
    • Corey tells her how Paulie mentioned he isn’t staying in the jury house.  Nicole calls BS on that and is just saying that stuff to play dead and make them want to keep him
    • Nicole congrats Corey on his alliance ‘The Executives’
    • Victor joins them and says how frustrating that was.  Corey says he feels bad for dealing with that.
    • They talk more about the veto competition. Everyone was pissed that Paulie took the veto (I think from Corey?), because it forced Victor to pass up the $5k or vacation in order to secure the veto.
    • Victor expects Paulie to come up to him again later and say ‘sorry man.. etc, etc’ then ease into it and then start another 20 minute long begging session
    • He points out how Paulie kept saying ‘tit for tat’, but Victor says it’s not that. Paulie backdoored him prior to jury, prior to knowing there was a second chance to enter the house. Paulie was able to play in veto, he’s holding a card that has about a 10% or so chance at returning, and there is still a possibility a jury member returns in just one competition versus a banged up Bridgette, Z, and Da’Vonne (who can’t win a comp to save her life).  If there is a jury buyback this Friday, I’d put odds of Paulie beating those three at 95% if it involves any type of skill. The only way they’d have a chance is if it was a game where they rolled a ball that randomly hit bumpers and randomly did this and that before dropping into a number.
  • 1:08pm – Paulie is outside pushing James into an alliance with Corey after he leaves. I thought he was rolling over and  just having fun this week?
    • paulie-james
    • Paulie to James – “I’ve checked out… ”  I can’t take another 20 minutes of this. Stepping away for a few minutes
  • 3:15pm – Looks like it was longer than a few minutes.
    • Michelle and Natalie are tanning and small talk with Victor

      Because I don't think I've posted Natalie in awhile

      Because I don’t think I’ve posted Natalie in awhile

    • James is with the costume couple talking about Paulie and the game
    • Yea from what I hear, Corey had the veto and they were basically going to let him keep it, but Paulie took it, which obviously pissed off Victor even more because that lost him a trip or $5k
    • They’re talking about how Paulie is talking about leaving jury if he gets there. Corey said a whole different side of him is coming out.
    • Nicole and James both say jury is fun. Movies as much as you want, they get you what you want, mansion, pool, etc.
    • James lost a lot of respect in Paulie when he snatched the veto from Corey. Especially now that he’s begging Victor to use the veto. If he didn’t do that, Paulie would have got exactly what he wanted. Corey off the block, Paulie with a fighting chance, and Victor/James happy with $5k and a trip.  Unreal
  • 3:45pm – Natalie makes her way inside and James follows her
    • She is upset because Corey was trying to get James to hang out after the show and meet girls and stuff.  Natalie says she feels upset because she feels awful about herself right now
    • Paul chimes in with logic saying that James has to entertain everything from Corey because you can’t just tell him to f’off, especially with an HoH coming up.
    • Corey feels alone and he is trying to lure in anyone he can. James is clearly just humoring him and not being rude
    • After awhile, Natalie calms down and just vents about Paulie how bad she wants him out
    • Scratch that. Nat brings up the Corey conversation again. Paul once again tells her they have to act like that at this point in time
  • 4:00pm – The conversation continues…
    • James is retelling the earlier conversation he had with Paulie.  Paul tells them Victor also wants a final 4 with them, then at that point they will start swinging at each other
    • Paul on Nicole – I think she’s either really good at this game, or really bad at this game.  (I don’t know a better way to word it)

Ok ladies and gents, it is time for me to begin packing and get ready for the trip. I am leaving tomorrow, but have a lot of stuff to do before then. These past 36 hours have kept me pretty busy, so I am a bit behind. Again, I will be popping in from time to time from the hotel room so I can do some quick recaps on the week.  Brianna will be taking over the feed updates for the next week!


Operation Vacation – Begin!


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