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Sunday Feed Updates; Will It Be A Slow Week?



This is going to be a fairly short update thread compared to my other ones. This is my last post before I head out on vacation for a week, so I have to do some things I’ve been procrastinating on because of my denial of flying (yes, I flew last year, but still a bit nervous… though much less than the LA trip).  I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who has donated/tipped this season. It will certainly come in handy for bail money when I punch Kylo Ren in the face. If you want to contribute, my paypal link is here. Also, if you want to track along our fun, you can add me on FB, or follow in instagram. I will also probably do an occasional video update about the show based on the feed updates I read, and I will post that in the Big Brother Junkies FB page. Wow, a lot of links.  Sorry about that.

Enough about me, let’s talk about the house, the week, and the veto competition.  Here is a quick rundown of all the rewards/punishments of the week (it’s a long one)

  • Nicole has to wear a super safety outfit, but she’s safe from nomination.  She is also a havenot, and won a vacation to anywhere in the US from the veto competition
  • Corey is nominated, and lost the veto competition, so he has to wear a “patriotard” for the week. He needs to keep his hands inside the zingbot thing and eagle unless eating or sleeping
  • Paul has to wear a secret service outfit all week. Any time the light flashes in the house, he has to pat down everyone regardless if they’re awake or asleep. He then has to go to 5 checkpoints around the house and make sure things are clear. All while trying to act serious
  • James won $5k through the veto competition
  • Victor won HoH, and the PoV competition
  • Paulie is nominated, and is currently the person who will likely leave the house on Thursday. From the veto competition, he also has to make an apple pie every time a musical cue goes off. This is a season long punishment, so he said if they ramp it up these next few days because of his likely eviction, he’s just not going to do it and take penalty votes. If he has the return pass or there is a jury buyback on Friday, I’d assume the punishment continues
  • Nicole and Michelle are havenots.  Natalie was also one, but she is safe due to her nevernot pass

The one thing I will miss this week is Paul doing his secret service thing. He did it last night, and it’s hilarious. He really gets into the role, though I assume by the end of the week he’s going to be tired of running around to all those checkpoints… err, walking.  He is not even able to run to the checkpoints.  Oh, and he also has to sleep in the outfit…



Ok, here are my updates… Like I said, they’ll be short and Brianna will take over later on.

  • 11:40am – Paul is sleeping while a few others are outside relaxing
  • 12:00pm – Michelle is inside cooking slop
    • Meanwhile, Paulie is outside talking to Victor. He is telling him how he has checked himself out already. He doesn’t want to be in the house any more.
    • He is telling him to put up something like Natalie so that guarantees James votes for him.  He is going to take penalty votes for his punishment.
    • He says even if Victor isn’t even a target if he does come back because Victor just finished the job others started. They stabbed him in the heart (Z especially)
    • Paulie says he is not staying in the jury house
    • Victor is trying to tell him if Corey is on the block, that’s a guaranteed vote for Paulie from Nicole. Victor doesn’t understand the need for a change for no reason.
    • Victor points out how he is the one who won roadkill the week he went home and put Tiffany up. If someone else did, it probably would have been Paul on the block and Victor wouldn’t have been able to campaign.
    • Paulie says ‘Well everyone wanted Tiffany gone’… Victor ‘So why didn’t she go home then?’
    • Paulie – “Please don’t keep me up there next to my boy.  I’m not trying to beg” (yes,  you are)
    • He wants to sit there and have fun, be checked out and enjoy the week (wtf, Paulie? You’re not making sense.  Check out. Stop with this sore loser shit.
    • Victor points out that Paulie has an envelope for a chance to come in.  He had to win 3 comps, and couldn’t even play for his safety with veto. How much more does Paulie want from him?
    • Paulie – “I understand where you’re coming from”.  Victor – “If you understand where I’m coming from, don’t keep asking”
    • Paulie – “I’m just looking at it from a game perspective”.  Victor – “If you’re looking at it from a game perspective, using the veto is not in my best interest”
    • Side note – After watching Paulie grill people with these questions, especially Z, it is refreshing to hear Victor give him smart, straight answers in return.
    • Victor mentions how Paulie also gets to go to jury. For Victor, the paychecks were stopping (If you didn’t know, each cast member receives roughly $1k/week for being on the show. That stops when they go home).  Paulie says he is not staying in jury, and Victor says that is fine if he doesn’t need the money, but Victor did and Paulie is the main reason he almost lost roughly $7k+ had there not even been a buy back attempt.
    • Paulie keeps preaching that he wants to sit next to a pawn rather than his best friend. Absolutely no logic behind it
    • Paulie keeps pushing and pushing and pushing. They’re back in circles about Tiffany and Victor being able to campaign against her.
    • Victor says Paulie is an excellent talker and he is doing this because he wants to keep pushing to save himself, despite saying how he is ‘rolling over’
    • Victor asks if it would have been better had they backdoored Paulie. He says maybe.  Come on, Paulie. You’re embarrassing yourself and your brother’s game.
    • Victor asks what the difference is between Corey or Natalie. Paulie says it’s his preference to not sit next to his best friend. Victor says ‘yes, but the preference is up to me’… slammed
    • Victor – I don’t want to have these conversations because I don’t to be a dick. I got screwed, now you’re getting screwed.
  • 12:25pm – Timecheck
    • Corey and Paul are sitting nearby listening on. Hilarious because Paul looks like Victor’s bodyguard
    • Talk finally breaks up. They hug it out.
    • Paulie sits next to Corey and tells him that was his last ditch effort (it won’t be)
  • 12:40pm – Corey is talking to Nicole
    • Corey tells her how Paulie mentioned he isn’t staying in the jury house.  Nicole calls BS on that and is just saying that stuff to play dead and make them want to keep him
    • Nicole congrats Corey on his alliance ‘The Executives’
    • Victor joins them and says how frustrating that was.  Corey says he feels bad for dealing with that.
    • They talk more about the veto competition. Everyone was pissed that Paulie took the veto (I think from Corey?), because it forced Victor to pass up the $5k or vacation in order to secure the veto.
    • Victor expects Paulie to come up to him again later and say ‘sorry man.. etc, etc’ then ease into it and then start another 20 minute long begging session
    • He points out how Paulie kept saying ‘tit for tat’, but Victor says it’s not that. Paulie backdoored him prior to jury, prior to knowing there was a second chance to enter the house. Paulie was able to play in veto, he’s holding a card that has about a 10% or so chance at returning, and there is still a possibility a jury member returns in just one competition versus a banged up Bridgette, Z, and Da’Vonne (who can’t win a comp to save her life).  If there is a jury buyback this Friday, I’d put odds of Paulie beating those three at 95% if it involves any type of skill. The only way they’d have a chance is if it was a game where they rolled a ball that randomly hit bumpers and randomly did this and that before dropping into a number.
  • 1:08pm – Paulie is outside pushing James into an alliance with Corey after he leaves. I thought he was rolling over and  just having fun this week?
    • paulie-james
    • Paulie to James – “I’ve checked out… ”  I can’t take another 20 minutes of this. Stepping away for a few minutes
  • 3:15pm – Looks like it was longer than a few minutes.
    • Michelle and Natalie are tanning and small talk with Victor
      Because I don't think I've posted Natalie in awhile
      Because I don’t think I’ve posted Natalie in awhile
    • James is with the costume couple talking about Paulie and the game
    • Yea from what I hear, Corey had the veto and they were basically going to let him keep it, but Paulie took it, which obviously pissed off Victor even more because that lost him a trip or $5k
    • They’re talking about how Paulie is talking about leaving jury if he gets there. Corey said a whole different side of him is coming out.
    • Nicole and James both say jury is fun. Movies as much as you want, they get you what you want, mansion, pool, etc.
    • James lost a lot of respect in Paulie when he snatched the veto from Corey. Especially now that he’s begging Victor to use the veto. If he didn’t do that, Paulie would have got exactly what he wanted. Corey off the block, Paulie with a fighting chance, and Victor/James happy with $5k and a trip.  Unreal
  • 3:45pm – Natalie makes her way inside and James follows her
    • She is upset because Corey was trying to get James to hang out after the show and meet girls and stuff.  Natalie says she feels upset because she feels awful about herself right now
    • Paul chimes in with logic saying that James has to entertain everything from Corey because you can’t just tell him to f’off, especially with an HoH coming up.
    • Corey feels alone and he is trying to lure in anyone he can. James is clearly just humoring him and not being rude
    • After awhile, Natalie calms down and just vents about Paulie how bad she wants him out
    • Scratch that. Nat brings up the Corey conversation again. Paul once again tells her they have to act like that at this point in time
  • 4:00pm – The conversation continues…
    • James is retelling the earlier conversation he had with Paulie.  Paul tells them Victor also wants a final 4 with them, then at that point they will start swinging at each other
    • Paul on Nicole – I think she’s either really good at this game, or really bad at this game.  (I don’t know a better way to word it)

Ok ladies and gents, it is time for me to begin packing and get ready for the trip. I am leaving tomorrow, but have a lot of stuff to do before then. These past 36 hours have kept me pretty busy, so I am a bit behind. Again, I will be popping in from time to time from the hotel room so I can do some quick recaps on the week.  Brianna will be taking over the feed updates for the next week!

Operation Vacation – Begin!


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  1. JD

    Again poor sport and egotistical Paulie not making pies and just take penalty points. He really feels it’s his show. Things don’t do his way he has a tantrum. His family must have really just spoiled and coddled him. Even Corey is taking his punishment and going with it. Corey is more of a man than Paulie. I hope CBS’s is done with their boy also.

    • Avatar
      Linda kennedy (2 comments)

      You know you have no respect for people with mental illnesses.!! You are probably one of those who say just get a job or get a grip!! You make me angry. He does have mental prpblems and besides all of u say ” oh he was running the house!! Well grow a pair they all had choices to make and chose to be led like blind fools!! All big Brothers hqve people who control the house. He didn’t do anything anyone else did also! I know what he said to Z was wrong but Pele have been way way worse on big brother before! She should have stood up for herself. And people play each other on there all the time! Look at the racial comments and sexist stuff done previous seasons! Give me a break! U judge gee how fair of u playing God!

      • Avatar
        m4vtcnh (2 comments)

        Don’t play th mental illness card when there are people actually suffering from it. His behaviour has nothing to do with that. After weeks of claiming to be the big man in the house someone has finally made a move against him and he can’t handle it. He has been an egotistical douche and it came back to bite him in the ass. Now he’s acting like a sore loser begging for pity he never gave anyone else. He’s being a child because he didn’t get his way and if he wants to roll over and give up then he has no one to blame but himself.

      • Mell
        Mell (4888 comments)

        How do you know he has mental problems? Unless your related to him or a personal friend, you are just assuming as we are assuming he’s full of shit. If you are a relative or friend ( which I’m sure you arn’t ) you should have had an intervention or something so he wouldn’t go on this high stress show. Personality flaws and mental health isues arnt the same thing.

      • caRyn

        Linda..We don’t know that Paulie actually does have a mental illness. Most of the comments made in regards to Paulie and the BB game are probably based on that he does NOT have a mental illness. He may or may not. Idk. (I am on the fence about it. Is it his game play or is it the truth?!). I was wondering if the reason he didn’t shower or sleep (and when he went to sleep it was after other hg were asleep and he woke before them) or had to sleep with other people in the bed with him was because he needed to have his eyes on hg at all times for his game OR if he was truly struggling. In Survivor a guy wanted to stay in the game longer so to gain pity and for the other players to not vote against him he said he just got news that day that his grandmother just died. At the reunion he said he lied – his grandmother is still alive. At the end of the show we may learn that Paulie was lying. If not, remove him from the BB house NOW and get him medical assistance. Why hasn’t BB removed him?! Will BB address this on the show because if not, now that Paulie has put it out there, how does it look for BB to not address it?!

      • JD

        I have a brother who is paranoid schizophrenic and a cousin with autism. I am VERY VERY AWARE of mental illness. Not only how it effects the individual but the family. Paulie might have stress issues he may even have mental issues. No one here is saying that. His actions are NOT due to mental illness. They are due to a self entitled egotistical tantrum. As I said before he acts like a young typical frat boy. There is nothing wrong with that. Maturity may help him grow out of this. He’s been spoiled and maybe even coddled. Cody is his little brother and got further in the game. As a sibling and maybe a little rivalry Paulie is not handling getting out now. So don’t say that we are all against mental illness or do not understand. If you do you’re the one making presumptions and judgements. Paulie had this game won. Instead of laying low he let his ego and immaturity take over and he lost hold of his game. His ego and immaturity is why he’s acting out and pouting. Depending on how his relationship is at home with sibling rivalry he may be upset because he won’t live this down. His self evict and all his talk is because nothing is in his control. That is also where part of his problem lies. He needs control. Insecure people need that kind of control.

      • Mell
        Mell (4888 comments)

        These things are also usually medically or psycologically treated. Winning isn’t usually a cure. He’s been fine for 2 months when things were going his way.

      • Avatar

        I have a mental illness Huckleberry. I have P.T.S.D. I told the Army and they did nothing till I hit rock bottom. I.E. the only thing going through my head was the act that sends you to hell. If he does have a mental illness, self evict. I won’t hate on you. But if your fucking lieing about it just because everyone figured your game out. You better pray you become claustrophobic. Cause that’s the only way you can save face. You don’t kid about that. And no that’s not a threat. That’s just karma motherfucker.

      • Avatar

        Linda. Don’t think there is mental illness problem with Paulie. Think he has anger management problems. He wouldn’t be n that house if he had anything that could be danger to himself or others he’s using that as game strategy

      • Avatar

        Linda. Not only does he have anger problems buts he’s just a plain old fashioned SORE LOSER!! I don’t care for Paulie but I hope he gets round ticket just to make the game more interesting because I don’t care for any of remaining guests except Nicole and now Corey and looks like they will be gone soon unless they win hoh next week.

      • Boo

        You people are SO absolutely fucking ridiculous. You take this stupid show way too goddamn serious. Of course Paulie has a mental disorder, anybody willing to Go on Big Brother has a mental disorder. Stop acting like it’s such a horrible thing to judge when in reality it is only human nature. We judge. No one is playing god. THERE IS NO GOD.

        Go stick your dicks in a blender and die a slow painful death. I hate you all so very much.

        Boo Bitches.

      • Avatar

        Yet you graced us with your company. We thank you Bitch and hope Paulie dies after you so you can be dug up, Paulie is placed down in a 69 position above you and you suck his dick till his body desacrates. After all nothing happens after you die anyways bitch.

        Too far?

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        And I apologize to Paulie for that comment. Even he didn’t deserve that lasheing. So I’m sorry to him and his loved ones.

      • Boo

        It’s funny that Aaron felt the need to share the fact that he suffers from mental illness when it’s clearly obvious. This fool is more twisted than taffy.
        Do the world a favor and fall asleep, face down, in wet cement.

        Boo Bitches

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        Wouldn’t that memorialize me? I mean your the one that doesn’t believe in the afterlife. I take it as a complement but not there quite yet. Once again. If your gonna talk shit show your face. You know how to message me personally. Don’t be afraid.

  2. JD

    Still a lot of time left. Paulies not out yet. He’s already got Meesh hoping he has the RT. I’ll relax when Paulie is in Jury or home due to tantrum self eviction. I want to see everyone else fight it out for the 500k. I think it’s between Paul and Victor to take the prize. However it works it will be a good fight without Paulie. Personally I think Paulie and his personality would have been better on Survivor. He’s more bred for that show than BB.

  3. danmtruth

    Meech, Paul, Vic, James, and Nat need to make plans if Paulie has RT so they are not caught off gaurd. Paulie is still working hard Good to see Meech is sharing what Paulie is saying to her Paulie shirt off alpha male fighting time
    Durring Paulies pitty party and talk of self eviction. Saying if there was no buy back in jury house he would leave. He must be a great coach . a
    All he talks about is being a caption on his soccer teams Was this his attitude when his team was down

  4. danmtruth

    Vic stay strong to Paulies BS about putting someone else up in Coreys place Explain how when Paulie put him up he was leaving the game and no more pay checks That Paulie is just going to jury That Vic is poor and he needs the money . That Paulie has money Only have Paulie needs the money for his Aunts cancer WTF Paulie just does not stop Vic is standing strong to Paulie Just ask whats the diference if you know your going home so who cares if your sittong next to Corey or one of the girls He is sticking to his guns This is fun Paulie just wont stop

    • Avatar
      Linda kennedy (2 comments)

      You know you have no respect for people with mental illnesses.!! You are probably one of those who say just get a job or get a grip!! You make me angry. He does have mental prpblems and besides all of u say ” oh he was running the house!! Well grow a pair they all had choices to make and chose to be led like blind fools!! All big Brothers hqve people who control the house. He didn’t do anything anyone else did also! I know what he said to Z was wrong but Pele have been way way worse on big brother before! She should have stood up for herself. And people play each other on there all the time! Look at the racial comments previous to this. U hqve no compassionate understanding clearly Everyone there has played and was played and by the way Paulie wasnt the only one who wanted Victor out forever!! There was a unanimous decision to get him out more than once except for Paul !! And they all have there own minds . They can use there brain n make there own decisions

      • danmtruth

        @linda kennedy this has nothing to do with game play. I am not the most articulate at times . I was complimenting Paulie on seeking help As for the players who said they have other issues again there should be no sigma in seeking help of any kind That is truthfully how i feel

      • caRyn

        Linda…Did you just copy and paste have of that from your above comment?

      • Avatar
        Barry Beach (3 comments)

        Sounds like you’d like to carry Paulie’s love spawn, Linda. The boy is self entitled, mean spirited, misogynistic and a poor loser. And you explain this as poor little Paulie’s mental illness? He’s an azzclown.

      • Avatar
        Dee (1 comments)

        I agree 100% with you Linda l think Paul is the one that has been lying and using everyone , I don’t think he would of gotten this far in the game with out Paulie and why is everyone down on Paulie for taking the veto prize from Cory ( although I like Cory & Nichole ) he was still fighting to stay in the game I hope he has the return ticket
        Hypocrites their all hypocrites

  5. monkicorn

    Thank you all for providing this! If not for these updates and spoilers it would be an entirley diff experience going by what cbs decides to edit and show. Originally I was really hoping devon would go far, but she doesnt have a great social game as far as playin the role to stay stealth. I was hoping z would finally get some balls and play, but that never happend. Showmances are such a no no to me! I love James and hope he can pull it off , even though he fell into a lil showmance himself….and both vic and paul have really done a good job, I wasso not into them in the beginnig, they were both so annoying and over confident. I guess I am just used to it by now and considering what a disgudisgusting foul person paulie has shown himself to be, those two look like Disney charactors! I do hope paulie is gone and does not hold the ticket to come back, watching him deafeted on the live night feeds was painful and exhausting! If I were in the house I would have gouged my own eyes out by now listening to him, but then again I probably would not made it that far, these ppl are way too messy for me! I couldnt live in filth….I was happy to see nicole at first but she truly annoys me with her vocal frey and her messy hair bun! Run a damn comb through your hair girl! Jeez, at least make an effort. Nat and meech have really suprised me….I love that they are speaking their minds and making moves! Finally the season gets interesting….and Cory….poor thing, God just made him tall and pretty….but he might be rhe obe to suprise us all!

  6. Avatar
    Christina CN (1 comments)

    Paulie is so desperate right now. It’s pathetic. Man up and hope you have the RT. He’s so set in getting corey down …exactly the allegiance to Corey that Victor said motivated hus decision to put them up in the first place. Paulie is further proving where his loyalty lies…with Corey.

  7. Avatar
    SRP91 (106 comments)

    I remember a few seasons ago where a house guest threw her mic into the pool and was immediately removed from the house, I don’t remember the year or who it was. But I’m wondering if Paulie is going to do that? He’s shown himself to be an extremely poor winner (the speech he prepared for Michelle being the example) and an even worse loser. He had the house under control and then his own ego and the way he treated people is what flipped it, he has no one to blame but himself.

    With that out of the way, Rasputin (Paul) is really growing on me, I disliked him greatly even a couple of weeks ago, now not nearly as much. The Secret Service Agent thing is hilarious, and I can see him having fun with it. But in the world we live in, I can’t believe CBS is having someone pat down other people regularly, all it takes is for one person to cry foul and it’s all of a sudden a big big deal.

  8. Shivani33

    Paulie is in a big competition just now. It’s officially unofficial, as he fights with Frankie Grande, Aaryn and other BB characters for America’s Most Hated Player. He’s not doing his best to win this crown, but he’s got a big disadvantage, because this is one game that he doesn’t even know that he’s playing. There are a lot of contenders from the 18 Seasons. Credit where credit is due to Paulie inching closer, coming up from behind the way he is. Musical imterlude: Buh-bye, Mr. ( the hell with) American Pie.

  9. Colby

    I know they have to show the HOH comp and nom ceremony on tonight’s show, but it will be interesting to see how much they air of the chaos that went on prior to Thursday’s episode, and how much of a spin they put on it.

  10. danmtruth

    In Paulies talk with Vic he was saying for the ingerty of BB Vic should take Corey down This coming from the man who wants to walk out of jury house if he cant get back in
    Every thing Paulie said to him Vic had a good comeback As Paulie talk about how he had all the guys back How he kept bringing up loyalty Vic said thats a lie that Paulie only had a final 3 and thats who Paulie was loyal to over them

    • Shivani33

      As Victor said to Paul, “how many ways do I have to keep telling him the same thing?”

      • danmtruth

        @shiviani33 Vic’s come backs were perfect As he said the longer you talk to me the more i want to keep you on the block I’m sure Paulie was shocked when Vic said if Paulie just left Corey have the PoV that Vic would have let Corey take himself off But because Paulie took it from Corey Vic had to take it So one more reason Vic is mad at Paulie for coasting him 5K or a vacation

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  12. Alda
    Alda (2221 comments)

    Paulie says he’s not going to jury and he’s not making any pies.My next door neighbor is 4 years old and acts older then the Godfather.he doesn’t want to go to jury because he doesn’t want to get stuck there with Z! He won’t need her vote if he’s in jury so he doesn’t want to be around her anymore.It’s so obvious.How was he so cocky for all these weeks,and so sure of himself?But,now he can hardly function?He blew it!Case closed.Game over for Paulie.Take it like a man!!!

  13. Avatar

    Alright @stevebeans. I know I made a 200 dollar bet with you. But just sent you half, you and the family deserve it, and everyone else that helps with this site! I’ll give you the next Benjamin if Paulie has the roundtrip on Thursday. Which the way Paulie is fucking with production seems unlikely. I kinda hope he breaks down in tears on national television. Then has the ticket and immediately returns to TGF again just so america can see. But I’m guessing there gonna get an eyefull of him this whole week since he’s the only one causing drama. Don’t worry bout your flight. Just worry about the guy patting you down before the flight. Tip them well sir and you can have a happy beginning before your trip. Muahahahaha

  14. Shivani33

    There’s not enough time in an hour show to broadcast the numerous strategy talks and meltdowns. Some of the best free coverage is available on YouTube HOH King. It gives videos without narration or interpretation, just showing the houseguests most outstanding interactions of the good, the bad and the ugly. This is one good way for people who don’t get BBAD or feeds to watch and get more insight into what is almost a 24/7 ongoing social experiment. For BB watchers who are very involved, it’s an effortless way to catch or to rewatch crucial segments of the game.

  15. Mell
    Mell (4888 comments)

    I’m not convinced Polly’s even speaking to the house guests when referring to leaving the jury house. I think he’s arrogant enough to be sending a message to CBS that if they don’t want their jury screwed up he better have that ticket. The show of course has their favorites that get good edits but they also have a history of getting a little even with houseguests who have caused them problems. ifIf he actually has that ticket I hope he refuses to make a lot of Pies this week and accept a penalty vote for each one then if he goes back into the house with the ticket, I would love it if CBS said all the extra penalty votes that weren’t needed to evict in this week would carry over and would be applied to the next time he was on the Block. Threatening to leave the jury house and openly discussing that you lied on your application are two of the most disrespectful things I think you could do to the showing you signed up for.

  16. Avatar
    ann (7 comments)

    Remember in Cody’s season when I can’t remember her name completed her awful punishment kicking the ball even though she knew she was going? Quite the opposite of Pauli’s reaction to the awful pie baking punishment.

  17. Shivani33

    I think tonight Julie Chen is announcing another Friday show for Aug. 19th. It looks like another player from the jury house will battle back into the game. Looking at the time left and the number of players, maybe there’s another DE coming, too.

    • Colby

      She announced the Friday show on Thursday. It’s a taped show tonight. Julie will not be on it except maybe in voice overs for the HOH comp (like they did for the battle backs).

      • Mell
        Mell (4888 comments)

        Do you think there will be another DE if the ticket gets used and not one if it doesn’t get used? I was just wondering how they would make the episodes line up not knowing in advance if the ticket will used. If there is a jury buyback already lined up, they can plan for that in advance but not a ticket thatat or may not get used. I was thinking eatlier that the jury buyback might be optional depending on the tickets use but the DE actually makes more sense now that you bring that up. What do you think?

    • Avatar
      Aaron (68 comments)

      Your seven nation army tell you that? We’ve known that for days. Or did you not get James Monroe’s memo?

      • Shivani33

        No, Mr. Aaron, this was just a reminder of something that I posted last Monday.You see, this tigress has an inside source, most of whose reconnaissance cannot be divulged, as tempting as it is. By the way, Elvis Presley was a multi- tasker before he shorted out his brain and started shooting tvs. One room at Graceland had at least 5 tvs bolted up near the ceiling back in the 1960’s. That way he could watch as many channels as he wanted.

    • Avatar
      Aaron (68 comments)

      When was this post? Once again show your face. And wtf is with this Elvis presley bullshit. Your all high and mighty and have the inside scoop. Maybe your part of the reason sucked till last Wednesday.

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        If you have inside scoop. Tell these motherfuckers to get a real cast for once. Real people that need the money and not fame. And If you do have a insiders look. God you are part of the problem. Why do I get the feeling I’m talking to Momma Day?

  18. Avatar
    Callie (1 comments)

    Voting for the care package starts today, so who are you guys voting for? I honestly don’t want Corey to win it, so I’m trying to not split the vote so that he can get it. I’ve heard people are voting for either Paul, Victor, or Meech.

    • Mell
      Mell (4888 comments)

      I don’t want Nicole or Corey to win and going by what polls are at the moment, Michelle is far ahead of Vic or Paul. ( I don’t usually pay attention to those but they’ve lined up with every care package winner so far).
      Michelle- shes by far ahead in polls at the moment but fear of guys sticking together scares her so she could have 2nd thoughts about getting rid of nicole (which means cory will be off limits ) and she’s going to be in that have not room with Nicole all week.
      Paul – least likely to want to keep Nicole but unless his punishment is very entertaining this week on TV, he’ll probably have the lowest voting percentage of the three.
      Vic- hes ranked the lowest of the 3 but depending on what gets aired tonight and wed, I think they will go up a lot. I have been concerned he has a soft spot for Nicole but after listening to him talk privately with Paul last night, I’m not quite as worried plus I think they need him to help get rid of Cory and he can’t compete for HOH.
      Everything changes but for me, Vic is the safest bet if you want Cory or Nicole gone. If America loves Paul this week with his punishment then I may switch over to him.
      I’m not going off rankings like Jokers. I’m thinking about how many people vote who only watch the show. If there is a flaw in my plan, I don’t mind you guys pointing me in a better direction.

    • Avatar

      Haven’t voted, can never get to the site. But meech,Vic,and Paul would be on my list.

    • Avatar

      Our 60 votes a day are going for Corey!!

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        If he loses Nicole. I’ll root for Corey. He actually is probably the nicest person in the house.

  19. caRyn

    The guys need to take out other guys (their threats) and do it before they clip the girls. Example: Paul needs to take out Victor soon because I wouldn’t want to take Victor to the end.

  20. caRyn

    If Paulie says he has checked out then STOP game talking. That doesn’t make sense. He is playing the game and this will continue up until the votes.

  21. danmtruth

    My daughter ask What’s to stop the other house guest from opening there escalopes to see if they have the RT. It’s the last week Only the two on the people on the block are eligible to use the ticket for a return

    • caRyn

      They shouldn’t open them now. What if they do go on the block or there is a twist? Gotta play it safe.

    • Avatar

      Holy shit your daughter rocks! I didn’t think of that. My guess is they don’t give the envelopes to them till Thursday eviction.

      • Colby

        There has been questions about where the envelopes are kept. Yesterday Paulie went and pulled his out of a drawer, looked at it for a bit, and put it back. So evidently the houseguests keep them.

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        Thanks Colby! That solves a big mystery.

      • Mell
        Mell (4888 comments)

        Why can’t they open them right after the veto ceremony? That voids all of them right?

      • caRyn

        I was thinking they may have them all open them for us to see when that times comes. I wouldn’t open them unless I was told in case of a twist.

    • JD

      @damntruth That is a smart idea. Paulie wanted to open them all up to begin with. Now that he needs it I am betting he doesn’t want to void them now. Besides CBS might be holding the envelopes.

      I don’t think Paulie will self evict it’s just tantrum bully talk. No way could he go home with his head up with a self evict.

  22. caRyn

    Victor won’t use the veto for so many reasons – mostly the ones that he has stated. If he did use it to save either one of the guys, the house could flip and vote a girl out. Victor knows this. And knowing that is a possibility he will not use it. Victor will have been HOH for nothing.

  23. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    IF paulie lied on his app …what are the rules? ..it is a game show …they have to have rules ..right?
    ..and do they still have a rule book to look at? … they did in past seasons.

    • Avatar

      Kick Paulie out. For either lieing about leaving the jury house, self evict. Or telling the truth about lieing on his psych record. Or lieing about mental illness. Thus the last before jury gets a shot at the jury buy back. Starting to think Paulie doesn’t have the roundtrip. He had his meltdown Wednesday. They announce a show on Friday. Franks coming back!

      • Colby

        They could not fairly do that because Frank has been able to watch the show and the feeds and stuff since he has been out of the house.
        I guess they would have to draw straws (or marbles) or have some sort of comp to nullify someones vote.

      • Avatar

        Sid Vicious vs. Cody. Royal rumble. They can bring their friends. No weapons. Just like the outsiders. Preps vs. Greasers. Just bought the movie at wal mart. An american classic.

      • Avatar

        Haha. Reminds me of Robot Chicken. Lopsided Fights.

      • Avatar

        Aaron. My daughter watched that movie so many times I think I had it memorized. “Are we golden?”

  24. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    Aaron, R U OK…my dad had PTSD ..we went thru many VA appointments ..hang in there dude….

    • Avatar
      Aaron (68 comments)

      I’m doing dandy. If you want my thoughts on everything, I guess I could do that.

      • Avatar
        nachomamma (179 comments)

        I really would love to here your thoughts ….maybe here is noit the place …I made a facebook page for peeps to keep in contact watching reality shows …Survivor ..utopia …bb amazing race……find me if you want to chat……. …anyways subbardamma is the name I created ,

      • Avatar
        Aaron (68 comments)

        This is the only reality show I watch. Sorry if I hate on trolls. Maybe I’m one. But you got my profile right there. I get caught up. But respect everyone’s opinion. Till People start Drinking the kool-aid they see on t.v. and start talking shit to me

    • NKogNeeTow

      He’s okay Nacho. He gets like that sometimes. He’ll be fine.

      Deep breaths Aaron.

  25. caRyn

    Paul cracks me up when he slaps his hands to get his point across. Such a character. I pick up a little something from the hg every year. The year the hg said done = dunnn (d u triple n). I use that.

  26. JD

    If Paulie self evicted (he won’t it’s all talk) they might bring back the last person sent to jury which would be Bridge. I think something like that happened when somebody got kicked out of the house they brought back the previous evicted guest. I wish I could remember which show.

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  28. Avatar
    Sandra ftsm (1137 comments)

    Well now Pauli has gone to Vic and thrown James under the bus, again. Said if he’d just take Corey down and put James up he wouldn’t be sitting next to a friend. He just doesn’t want to go to the jury house this week because he’d be there 5 weeks. Said he’d go willingly next week and wouldn’t even play for veto. He can take 3 or 4 weeks of jury just not 5. Huh? Then he swore on his aunt that has cancer he meant what he said. That he still considers him and Paul to be ride or dies. Ha! He’ll stop at nothing. The people saying he’s mentally ill are foolish. He’s not mentally ill, he’s just plain egotistical. Thinks he’s smarter than everyone else. It didn’t work. He just made Vic, Paul, James and even Corey upset with him more. What a douche. Can’t wait to see him walk out.

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