Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house, so that means we get to find out who is nominated, but that won’t be until 10pm est. There is plenty of day left for the Late Night Jamboree to sit around complaining about the world.

Before I get into that, if you were wondering why the page was actually getting updated last night, it is because Caryn stepped in for me for a few hours. I want to thank her for that, and tell you she will be doing that on occasion.  She doesn’t really want the credit for it, but deserves it. I have been suffering a bit of a burnout, so hopefully with the added help, I can get refocused again like I was during the summer when Amy was helping out with the posts.


Alright, to the whiners. Look, I understand there are many fans of the alliance, and at the beginning of the season, they were indeed trying to have fun and just joke around and laugh. Over the last few weeks, however, things have taken an ugly tone from almost everyone in the alliance (minus Justin who has actually been slipping away and spending more time with the plastics). Jason has been holding it together as best he could, but he’s starting to lose it now that he’s a havenot (he was already swearing up a storm about Alex and Shelby for drinking all the chocolate milk). It doesn’t help that he’s surrounded by negativity almost every waking hour of the day. Kryssie, Danielle, and Neeley have done nothing but complain about stuff over the past week, and it is getting old listening to.

One example is last night Jason was ranting about how entitled and spoiled the plastics are. He was telling his group how only awful people who have nothing going on with their lives because they have money so they spend all day socializing end up winning this game. He was simultaneously ranting about how the game is not a charity while bitching because the broke people of the house never win. He then said something about how they (plastics) need to do something with their lives. Yes, the kid who brags about living with his parents while working at a supermarket is saying Shelby, Alex, and Morgan are essentially spoiled and entitled who have done nothing.  Nothing except all get degrees (one in law), be a cheerleader for a top college program, and one a computer animator all before the age of 25. Perhaps they came from money and had their college paid for, but let’s be real, three of the plastics have done far more than just sit around and look pretty.

I know it sounds like I’m a fanboy of the girls, but it’s just frustrating to listen to this type of talk all day long. It has grown on my nerves to the point where I need to step away from the computer. The plastics are fake, but everyone in the house is fake. The only difference is the plastics won’t deny it. Shelby admits she is playing dumb, and Alex/Morgan are pretending to be random people who aren’t sisters. Part of the game is being fake because only a very few people can keep up a ‘real’ personality and make it very far in the game (or in life).  Ok, done my daily rant.

  • 10:55am – The LNJ are outside talking.
    • Jason and Danielle are bitching about the girls cooking steak yesterday.  Seriously.
    • I guess the big deal is that they cooked it inside rather than cooked it on the grill
  • Some good news – The Walking Dead returns tonight!
    • Danielle is complaining because Shelby cooks broccoli in the oven. Wasting a potato by stabbing it and not ending up using it
    • Meanwhile, Justin is sitting there staring at his pants probably thinking how absurd it is to complain about this stuff
    • justin-thinking
  • 12:45pm – One big happy family on the outside couch talking about various crap
    • Alex and Morgan are just trolling the house at this point. They don’t even care how similar they look now.
    • alex-morgan
  • 12:50pm – Lockdown over.  Plastics move inside, LNJ remain guarding their couch
  • 2:20pm – Caryn is jumping in for a bit. Say hi to her!
  • 11:54pm – Alex/Shelby: Alex – I think you are the safest one out of everyone this week. You are in the middle and on one is thinking about you.
  • 12:08pm – Shelby/Kryssie in HOH room: Shelby offers to be a pawn. Kryssie: Alex was her last resort before the Care Package even though everyone on her side wanted to get rid of Alex. Kryssie had no reason to put Alex up other than she made a deal with her. That is a personal reason and not a game reason. Even though she put Kryssie up that week ultimately she was safe. Shelby will not throw the Veto comp if she is OTB. Kryssie does not want the Veto used on Scott. Scott is Kryssie’s target. Scott is the only one on Shelby’s side of the house that has been mentioned to be sent home. Kryssie tells Shelby the deal she made with Whitney and Morgan. Shelby admits being confused hearing the information from Kryssie (the last time Shelby/Kryssie spoke) about Scott, Jason, Justin and Alex having an alliance but said after talking to Scott, Shelby knew Scott was lying. Kryssie only nodded – said nothing.
  • 12:21pm – Alex/Scott: Scott: We need to keep Whitney for our game. She could get the next Care Package. Alex – Kryssie, Neeley and Justin love Whitney and they will pick her over me. Better if Whitney goes this week if it can’t be LNJ.
  • 12:32pm – Alex/Morgan: Alex – Scott wants you out this week. Trust me, I will be able to talk him out of it. I will do whatever I can to fight, but I can’t let it blow up my game. It could be you and Shelby OTB.
  • 1:05pm – Alex/Scott – Scott: I need to talk to Justin more. Justin was talking about taking out Neeley. Scott filled Alex in on what Justin said to him last night.
  • 1:14pm – Alex lets the Ball Smashers know that Scott said Justin wants Neeley out next week.
  • 1:21pm Ball Smashers: Shelby – I don’t think Justin or Jason will use the Veto on Scott even if they are working together.
  • 1:55pm – Alex/Morgan – Alex: Scott’s biggest concern is Whitney might get the Care Package and he doesn’t think you will ever get it.
  • 3:03pm – Alex/Shelby – Shelby: I have more faith that Whitney will win comps but I trust Morgan more. Morgan thinks is she is put up as a pawn there is a 75% chance of her leaving. If Neeley is America’s nom maybe we could convince Justin but that is a long shot.
  • 5:14pm – Whitney/Kryssie – Kryssie tells Whitney she has nothing to worry about tonight. Whitney said the deal she offered Kryssie is still good probably until the end of the game. Kryssie said Wow! That is sweet of you. Kryssie let Whitney know she isn’t considering pawning her and Morgan has nothing to worry about tonight. Whitney said Alex will vote Kryssie’s way. Whitney said she trust Kryssie. Kryssie said you can.
  • 5:24pm – Danielle/Neeley – Danielle: Looking forward to HOH comp. Nelley: We need to keep the power. We need to get Alex out of there. She is their head. Once she is gone it will be easy to work with them other ones. She uses the other girls for her social game and to find out what is what to keep the lines of communication open while she sits back in the cut and devises plans. She tells them what to say like they all have the exact same thing to say when they went to Kryssie. The exact same speech. To me that is crazy. Like whose game are you playing? Danielle: That is why Shane called her the puppet master. Alex is controlling all of them.
  • 7pm – Safety Ceremony. Hg are in the living room.
  • 7:03pm – Jason safe.
  • 7:05pm – Whitney safe.
  • 7:07pm – Shelby safe. As Kryssie presses button to make Shelby safe she says: Alright Shelby, you better hope Scott doesn’t come down.
  • Kryssie’s speech: Alright, Morgan and Scott, I have nominated you two for eviction this week. Scott we have had our ups and downs, buddy. It’s a game. Morgan you are dressed like Scott. That’s all.
  • 7:09pm – Scott gave Kryssie a hug and said it’s all good. It’s all good. Kryssie said I know. I know.
  • 7:11pm – Kryssie, Shelby and Morgan – Kryssie said Morgan is fine. Kryssie literally had no reason to nominate Morgan. She said you are suppose to give a speech and she didn’t know that. We just have to make sure he stays up there so he goes home. Sorry, not sorry. It’s a game. Anyone playing for Veto except for Scott wants Scott up there. (Shelby leaves the room.) Morgan knows Scott is scheming and from what she has heard he is trying to get me home this week. Morgan is fine with being OTB and thanks Kryssie. Kryssie said she is trying to have this be the cleanest HOH as possible.
  • 7:26pm – Shelby goes to check on Scott. She asked if he was doing ok. He said he is actually. He said honestly he would rather be up against Morgan than anyone in their crew. He said in Kryssie’s mind I have to be the target. The same with Neeley and Danielle. He thinks he has shot at getting everyone else besides Whitney.
  • 7:28pm – Alex to Scott and Shelby. If the third nom is Neeley they need to all vote for Neeley. If Neeley is on the block Scott believes he has a shot.

Note – America’s Nomination Voting is OPEN

  • 7:50pm – Hey everyone, Steve back. Thank you Caryn for a great job again today.
    • I need to kill some time because my DVR had a scheduling conflict, so I didn’t catch Walking Dead.  Now I am waiting for it to air again so I can record it then while avoiding the world for spoilers.  What better way than to watch the feeds?  They certainly don’t know what happened tonight!
    • whitneycooking2
    • Whitney cooked up some dinner for the plastics. They are realizing that this could be the final week with the 4 of them together. They are hoping things go their way this week, but if Scott wins PoV, one of them (minus Alex) is screwed
    • Meanwhile, Justin is up in the HoH room telling stories.  Nice crack, Dani.
    • justin-girls
    • Danielle says she hates the taste of alcohol, so she gets the strongest stuff possible so she can just push through it.  First, why?  Second, why?  Seriously, why do people do this to themselves? That sounds miserable.  Isn’t a good part of going out drinking the actual drinking part? I get wanting to be drunk, but there are plenty of drinks where you can’t even really taste the alcohol. So, you can drink, pace yourself, have fun, and not go from sober to piss drunk in about 10 minutes.
  • 8:10pm – Alex and Scott are in the HN room having a little chat. He is telling her he is likely going to pick her for veto if he can tomorrow.
    • Well that would be awkward if he picks her to play and she saves her sister haha.
  • 9:00pm – People are roaming around the house.
    • Kryssie, Neeley, and Dani are in the HoH watching the monitor. Dani sees Jason talking to the girls and says “Don’t talk to them… I’m so petty”… yes, you really are
    • Alex was just called to make a human ottaman for Kryssie.  Danielle is getting a kick out of that (look at Alex’s face in the small thumbnail)
    • human-otta
    • They REALLY need more punishments like this in future seasons.  Brilliant
    • human-otta2
  • 9:10pm – My computer is lagging, so I am going to do a reboot before finally watching TWD.  I will let Caryn take back over if she’s still awake. Caryn…
  • 7:32pm – Shelby/Scott – Alex just went back inside. Shelby will wait a few minutes before she does so that hg don’t put pieces together. Shelby says is sounds like everybody just associates you two (Alex & Scott) and everyone thinks she is just the idiot with no friends. Scott: Which is good. Shelby will just continue to say dumb things.
  • 7:33pm – Shelby/Scott – Shelby: Everyone said I cussed out Justin the other night and I screamed at him to shut up. Did you hear what I said? Scott:I wasn’t there for it. Shelby: I said, Justin if you are going to keep talking tonight could you please move to the other bed? I would really appreciate it. And they were like you – Shut up Justin! (yelling). Alright, you guys can twist it however you like. Roll the tape back when we are out of here. That probably isn’t exactly what I said but I was actually being nice. I’m just going to keep playing my grump idiot card. Scott: It is similar to how I tried to get Kryssie to quit during my nom speech.
  • 7:35pm – Scott/Neeley/Jason – Scott: I figured one way or another I was going up. Either she or America was putting me up. I was going up either way. Jason: Ya’ll (Kryssie & Scott) have not had the best relationship and you never know what America is thinking. Scott: At least I get to play in the Veto comp.
  • 7:40pm – Ball Smashers – Whitney: I think we need to quit reading into everyone. Kryssie does want Scott to go home and everyone else is telling her they don’t. Morgan: Kryssie didn’t lie. Shelby: I think they were fighting over who should go up. I am glad we know Kryssie does what is best for her. Morgan: Kryssie kept her word to me. Whitney: Worse case scenario, Scott wins the Veto. Morgan: Then you could say goodbye to me. Shelby: It could be any of us three. Morgan: True. Shelby: Or t could be the America nom. Alex: If I get played to play Veto and I win, Scott will expect me to use it on him. Shelby: Maybe he wouldn’t if like me or Whitney is the America nom. Whitney: Do you think it will be one of us?  Alex: I don’t think it will be. I think America might make this interesting for us. Morgan: Scott is the target. Justin wants Scott to stay and their going to campaign against one of us. I think it is me then. Alex: You should probably win Veto. Morgan: Probably. Alex: It is better if Shelby or Whitney gets pulled for Veto. One of ya’ll will be good and then you take down Morgan or something. At this point I don’t think it is smart to pick me at all. Scott really should pick one of ya’ll too to eliminate options. Shelby: He will probably pick you and everyone will expect him to too, which is bad. Alex: I need to talk to him.
  • 8:05pm – Alex/Morgan/Jason – Jason told Morgan she is good. Alex asked if the target is Scott. Jason said he would assume – there really isn’t another option. Jason said Scott just has to win the Veto.
  • 8:11pm – Alex/Scott – Scott: Outside Jason said he isn’t going to feed me bs lines. He thinks if I don’t win Veto tomorrow I’m fu*cked. Maybe they (LNJ) are on the same page or maybe they are not. I told Jason if he thinks anyone is coming after him I would be happy to take them out for him, but their third nom can’t come off the block.
  • 8:15pm – Whitney points out to Ball Smashers Danielle’s dishes. They talk about Danielle not cleaning.
  • 8:19pm – Alex/Scott – Scott thinks Jason and Justin would vote out Neeley if she is third nom. Scott asked Justin if Jason knows about the whole Neeley thing and apparently Jason is the one that told Justin. Nelley probably told Kryssie about her plan to take out Jason and Kryssie told Jason. That’s how Justin heard it from Jason. Then Justin told Scott.
  • 8:26pm – Alex/Scott/Whitney – Wondering if third nom is Nelley if they would want to use the Veto.
  • 10:27pm – Alex/Whitney/Shelby – Alex fears Scott winning Veto and the third nom is not Nelley.
  • 10:30pm – Alex/Whitney/Shelby – Whitney said Justin is the smartest player in this game. Shelby wants to get out all of LNJ except Danielle because America hates Danielle.
  • 11:05pm – Alex/Shelby/Morgan – Alex said she will have to be upfront and tell Scott not to pick her for Veto comp. Shelby tells Alex to throw it.
  • 11:06pm – Justin/Jason/Danielle – Justin thought Neeley was older than she said. They all think she is in her 30’s. Justin thinks she is older than 28. Jason says what benefit does that have? Justin – Maybe she doesn’t want the whole world to know how old she is. Justin said I am going to believe what I want to believe and I think she is older. Justin thought she was older the first day he saw her. When she said her age, Justin said no indeed. They all agree they don’t really care about her age.
  • 11:17pm – Danielle/Justin/Kryssie – Danielle mentions that she doesn’t trust people she should trust. Justin points to Neeley’s picture on the wall and Danielle nods. Justin said Danielle isn’t the only one that feels that way. Danielle feels like she irritates Neeley. Justin said he gets that vibe that Neeley doesn’t want to be around Danielle. Nelley has picked on Danielle since night one. Kryssie gets the same vibe that Justin has. Justin’s opinion is that Neeley has something going on with Morgan. Kryssie agrees they (Neeley & Morgan) have future plans together. Danielle tries to give Neeley the benefit of the doubt and it is just the house getting to her – paranoia. Danielle mentions Neeley just gives her quick answers. Justin says Neeley complains to Ball Smashers about Danielle. It makes Danielle a bigger target. Danielle believes that she is on the bottom on LNJ according to Neeley. Justin thinks Morgan and Neeley have a hidden agenda. Kryssie doesn’t doubt that. Kryssie’s advice to Danielle is don’t let it consume you but don’t ignore it. Danielle said it doesn’t change how she feels about Neeley and it isn’t going to change how Danielle plays her game.
  • 11:23pm Ball Smashers – Shelby mentions that she cried last night because she hates being around these annoying people (LNJ) because they suck so bad. Morgan said it is the fact that they are so loud.

And while I’m at it, here is the popularity poll for the week:

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