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Sunday Feeds – BBOTT – Noms Tonight



Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house, so that means we get to find out who is nominated, but that won’t be until 10pm est. There is plenty of day left for the Late Night Jamboree to sit around complaining about the world.

Before I get into that, if you were wondering why the page was actually getting updated last night, it is because Caryn stepped in for me for a few hours. I want to thank her for that, and tell you she will be doing that on occasion.  She doesn’t really want the credit for it, but deserves it. I have been suffering a bit of a burnout, so hopefully with the added help, I can get refocused again like I was during the summer when Amy was helping out with the posts.

Alright, to the whiners. Look, I understand there are many fans of the alliance, and at the beginning of the season, they were indeed trying to have fun and just joke around and laugh. Over the last few weeks, however, things have taken an ugly tone from almost everyone in the alliance (minus Justin who has actually been slipping away and spending more time with the plastics). Jason has been holding it together as best he could, but he’s starting to lose it now that he’s a havenot (he was already swearing up a storm about Alex and Shelby for drinking all the chocolate milk). It doesn’t help that he’s surrounded by negativity almost every waking hour of the day. Kryssie, Danielle, and Neeley have done nothing but complain about stuff over the past week, and it is getting old listening to.


One example is last night Jason was ranting about how entitled and spoiled the plastics are. He was telling his group how only awful people who have nothing going on with their lives because they have money so they spend all day socializing end up winning this game. He was simultaneously ranting about how the game is not a charity while bitching because the broke people of the house never win. He then said something about how they (plastics) need to do something with their lives. Yes, the kid who brags about living with his parents while working at a supermarket is saying Shelby, Alex, and Morgan are essentially spoiled and entitled who have done nothing.  Nothing except all get degrees (one in law), be a cheerleader for a top college program, and one a computer animator all before the age of 25. Perhaps they came from money and had their college paid for, but let’s be real, three of the plastics have done far more than just sit around and look pretty.

I know it sounds like I’m a fanboy of the girls, but it’s just frustrating to listen to this type of talk all day long. It has grown on my nerves to the point where I need to step away from the computer. The plastics are fake, but everyone in the house is fake. The only difference is the plastics won’t deny it. Shelby admits she is playing dumb, and Alex/Morgan are pretending to be random people who aren’t sisters. Part of the game is being fake because only a very few people can keep up a ‘real’ personality and make it very far in the game (or in life).  Ok, done my daily rant.

  • 10:55am – The LNJ are outside talking.
    • Jason and Danielle are bitching about the girls cooking steak yesterday.  Seriously.
    • I guess the big deal is that they cooked it inside rather than cooked it on the grill
  • Some good news – The Walking Dead returns tonight!
    • Danielle is complaining because Shelby cooks broccoli in the oven. Wasting a potato by stabbing it and not ending up using it
    • Meanwhile, Justin is sitting there staring at his pants probably thinking how absurd it is to complain about this stuff
    • justin-thinking
  • 12:45pm – One big happy family on the outside couch talking about various crap
    • Alex and Morgan are just trolling the house at this point. They don’t even care how similar they look now.
    • alex-morgan
  • 12:50pm – Lockdown over.  Plastics move inside, LNJ remain guarding their couch
  • 2:20pm – Caryn is jumping in for a bit. Say hi to her!
  • 11:54pm – Alex/Shelby: Alex – I think you are the safest one out of everyone this week. You are in the middle and on one is thinking about you.
  • 12:08pm – Shelby/Kryssie in HOH room: Shelby offers to be a pawn. Kryssie: Alex was her last resort before the Care Package even though everyone on her side wanted to get rid of Alex. Kryssie had no reason to put Alex up other than she made a deal with her. That is a personal reason and not a game reason. Even though she put Kryssie up that week ultimately she was safe. Shelby will not throw the Veto comp if she is OTB. Kryssie does not want the Veto used on Scott. Scott is Kryssie’s target. Scott is the only one on Shelby’s side of the house that has been mentioned to be sent home. Kryssie tells Shelby the deal she made with Whitney and Morgan. Shelby admits being confused hearing the information from Kryssie (the last time Shelby/Kryssie spoke) about Scott, Jason, Justin and Alex having an alliance but said after talking to Scott, Shelby knew Scott was lying. Kryssie only nodded – said nothing.
  • 12:21pm – Alex/Scott: Scott: We need to keep Whitney for our game. She could get the next Care Package. Alex – Kryssie, Neeley and Justin love Whitney and they will pick her over me. Better if Whitney goes this week if it can’t be LNJ.
  • 12:32pm – Alex/Morgan: Alex – Scott wants you out this week. Trust me, I will be able to talk him out of it. I will do whatever I can to fight, but I can’t let it blow up my game. It could be you and Shelby OTB.
  • 1:05pm – Alex/Scott – Scott: I need to talk to Justin more. Justin was talking about taking out Neeley. Scott filled Alex in on what Justin said to him last night.
  • 1:14pm – Alex lets the Ball Smashers know that Scott said Justin wants Neeley out next week.
  • 1:21pm Ball Smashers: Shelby – I don’t think Justin or Jason will use the Veto on Scott even if they are working together.
  • 1:55pm – Alex/Morgan – Alex: Scott’s biggest concern is Whitney might get the Care Package and he doesn’t think you will ever get it.
  • 3:03pm – Alex/Shelby – Shelby: I have more faith that Whitney will win comps but I trust Morgan more. Morgan thinks is she is put up as a pawn there is a 75% chance of her leaving. If Neeley is America’s nom maybe we could convince Justin but that is a long shot.
  • 5:14pm – Whitney/Kryssie – Kryssie tells Whitney she has nothing to worry about tonight. Whitney said the deal she offered Kryssie is still good probably until the end of the game. Kryssie said Wow! That is sweet of you. Kryssie let Whitney know she isn’t considering pawning her and Morgan has nothing to worry about tonight. Whitney said Alex will vote Kryssie’s way. Whitney said she trust Kryssie. Kryssie said you can.
  • 5:24pm – Danielle/Neeley – Danielle: Looking forward to HOH comp. Nelley: We need to keep the power. We need to get Alex out of there. She is their head. Once she is gone it will be easy to work with them other ones. She uses the other girls for her social game and to find out what is what to keep the lines of communication open while she sits back in the cut and devises plans. She tells them what to say like they all have the exact same thing to say when they went to Kryssie. The exact same speech. To me that is crazy. Like whose game are you playing? Danielle: That is why Shane called her the puppet master. Alex is controlling all of them.
  • 7pm – Safety Ceremony. Hg are in the living room.
  • 7:03pm – Jason safe.
  • 7:05pm – Whitney safe.
  • 7:07pm – Shelby safe. As Kryssie presses button to make Shelby safe she says: Alright Shelby, you better hope Scott doesn’t come down.
  • Kryssie’s speech: Alright, Morgan and Scott, I have nominated you two for eviction this week. Scott we have had our ups and downs, buddy. It’s a game. Morgan you are dressed like Scott. That’s all.
  • 7:09pm – Scott gave Kryssie a hug and said it’s all good. It’s all good. Kryssie said I know. I know.
  • 7:11pm – Kryssie, Shelby and Morgan – Kryssie said Morgan is fine. Kryssie literally had no reason to nominate Morgan. She said you are suppose to give a speech and she didn’t know that. We just have to make sure he stays up there so he goes home. Sorry, not sorry. It’s a game. Anyone playing for Veto except for Scott wants Scott up there. (Shelby leaves the room.) Morgan knows Scott is scheming and from what she has heard he is trying to get me home this week. Morgan is fine with being OTB and thanks Kryssie. Kryssie said she is trying to have this be the cleanest HOH as possible.
  • 7:26pm – Shelby goes to check on Scott. She asked if he was doing ok. He said he is actually. He said honestly he would rather be up against Morgan than anyone in their crew. He said in Kryssie’s mind I have to be the target. The same with Neeley and Danielle. He thinks he has shot at getting everyone else besides Whitney.
  • 7:28pm – Alex to Scott and Shelby. If the third nom is Neeley they need to all vote for Neeley. If Neeley is on the block Scott believes he has a shot.

Note – America’s Nomination Voting is OPEN

  • 7:50pm – Hey everyone, Steve back. Thank you Caryn for a great job again today.
    • I need to kill some time because my DVR had a scheduling conflict, so I didn’t catch Walking Dead.  Now I am waiting for it to air again so I can record it then while avoiding the world for spoilers.  What better way than to watch the feeds?  They certainly don’t know what happened tonight!
    • whitneycooking2
    • Whitney cooked up some dinner for the plastics. They are realizing that this could be the final week with the 4 of them together. They are hoping things go their way this week, but if Scott wins PoV, one of them (minus Alex) is screwed
    • Meanwhile, Justin is up in the HoH room telling stories.  Nice crack, Dani.
    • justin-girls
    • Danielle says she hates the taste of alcohol, so she gets the strongest stuff possible so she can just push through it.  First, why?  Second, why?  Seriously, why do people do this to themselves? That sounds miserable.  Isn’t a good part of going out drinking the actual drinking part? I get wanting to be drunk, but there are plenty of drinks where you can’t even really taste the alcohol. So, you can drink, pace yourself, have fun, and not go from sober to piss drunk in about 10 minutes.
  • 8:10pm – Alex and Scott are in the HN room having a little chat. He is telling her he is likely going to pick her for veto if he can tomorrow.
    • Well that would be awkward if he picks her to play and she saves her sister haha.
  • 9:00pm – People are roaming around the house.
    • Kryssie, Neeley, and Dani are in the HoH watching the monitor. Dani sees Jason talking to the girls and says “Don’t talk to them… I’m so petty”… yes, you really are
    • Alex was just called to make a human ottaman for Kryssie.  Danielle is getting a kick out of that (look at Alex’s face in the small thumbnail)
    • human-otta
    • They REALLY need more punishments like this in future seasons.  Brilliant
    • human-otta2
  • 9:10pm – My computer is lagging, so I am going to do a reboot before finally watching TWD.  I will let Caryn take back over if she’s still awake. Caryn…
  • 7:32pm – Shelby/Scott – Alex just went back inside. Shelby will wait a few minutes before she does so that hg don’t put pieces together. Shelby says is sounds like everybody just associates you two (Alex & Scott) and everyone thinks she is just the idiot with no friends. Scott: Which is good. Shelby will just continue to say dumb things.
  • 7:33pm – Shelby/Scott – Shelby: Everyone said I cussed out Justin the other night and I screamed at him to shut up. Did you hear what I said? Scott:I wasn’t there for it. Shelby: I said, Justin if you are going to keep talking tonight could you please move to the other bed? I would really appreciate it. And they were like you – Shut up Justin! (yelling). Alright, you guys can twist it however you like. Roll the tape back when we are out of here. That probably isn’t exactly what I said but I was actually being nice. I’m just going to keep playing my grump idiot card. Scott: It is similar to how I tried to get Kryssie to quit during my nom speech.
  • 7:35pm – Scott/Neeley/Jason – Scott: I figured one way or another I was going up. Either she or America was putting me up. I was going up either way. Jason: Ya’ll (Kryssie & Scott) have not had the best relationship and you never know what America is thinking. Scott: At least I get to play in the Veto comp.
  • 7:40pm – Ball Smashers – Whitney: I think we need to quit reading into everyone. Kryssie does want Scott to go home and everyone else is telling her they don’t. Morgan: Kryssie didn’t lie. Shelby: I think they were fighting over who should go up. I am glad we know Kryssie does what is best for her. Morgan: Kryssie kept her word to me. Whitney: Worse case scenario, Scott wins the Veto. Morgan: Then you could say goodbye to me. Shelby: It could be any of us three. Morgan: True. Shelby: Or t could be the America nom. Alex: If I get played to play Veto and I win, Scott will expect me to use it on him. Shelby: Maybe he wouldn’t if like me or Whitney is the America nom. Whitney: Do you think it will be one of us?  Alex: I don’t think it will be. I think America might make this interesting for us. Morgan: Scott is the target. Justin wants Scott to stay and their going to campaign against one of us. I think it is me then. Alex: You should probably win Veto. Morgan: Probably. Alex: It is better if Shelby or Whitney gets pulled for Veto. One of ya’ll will be good and then you take down Morgan or something. At this point I don’t think it is smart to pick me at all. Scott really should pick one of ya’ll too to eliminate options. Shelby: He will probably pick you and everyone will expect him to too, which is bad. Alex: I need to talk to him.
  • 8:05pm – Alex/Morgan/Jason – Jason told Morgan she is good. Alex asked if the target is Scott. Jason said he would assume – there really isn’t another option. Jason said Scott just has to win the Veto.
  • 8:11pm – Alex/Scott – Scott: Outside Jason said he isn’t going to feed me bs lines. He thinks if I don’t win Veto tomorrow I’m fu*cked. Maybe they (LNJ) are on the same page or maybe they are not. I told Jason if he thinks anyone is coming after him I would be happy to take them out for him, but their third nom can’t come off the block.
  • 8:15pm – Whitney points out to Ball Smashers Danielle’s dishes. They talk about Danielle not cleaning.
  • 8:19pm – Alex/Scott – Scott thinks Jason and Justin would vote out Neeley if she is third nom. Scott asked Justin if Jason knows about the whole Neeley thing and apparently Jason is the one that told Justin. Nelley probably told Kryssie about her plan to take out Jason and Kryssie told Jason. That’s how Justin heard it from Jason. Then Justin told Scott.
  • 8:26pm – Alex/Scott/Whitney – Wondering if third nom is Nelley if they would want to use the Veto.
  • 10:27pm – Alex/Whitney/Shelby – Alex fears Scott winning Veto and the third nom is not Nelley.
  • 10:30pm – Alex/Whitney/Shelby – Whitney said Justin is the smartest player in this game. Shelby wants to get out all of LNJ except Danielle because America hates Danielle.
  • 11:05pm – Alex/Shelby/Morgan – Alex said she will have to be upfront and tell Scott not to pick her for Veto comp. Shelby tells Alex to throw it.
  • 11:06pm – Justin/Jason/Danielle – Justin thought Neeley was older than she said. They all think she is in her 30’s. Justin thinks she is older than 28. Jason says what benefit does that have? Justin – Maybe she doesn’t want the whole world to know how old she is. Justin said I am going to believe what I want to believe and I think she is older. Justin thought she was older the first day he saw her. When she said her age, Justin said no indeed. They all agree they don’t really care about her age.
  • 11:17pm – Danielle/Justin/Kryssie – Danielle mentions that she doesn’t trust people she should trust. Justin points to Neeley’s picture on the wall and Danielle nods. Justin said Danielle isn’t the only one that feels that way. Danielle feels like she irritates Neeley. Justin said he gets that vibe that Neeley doesn’t want to be around Danielle. Nelley has picked on Danielle since night one. Kryssie gets the same vibe that Justin has. Justin’s opinion is that Neeley has something going on with Morgan. Kryssie agrees they (Neeley & Morgan) have future plans together. Danielle tries to give Neeley the benefit of the doubt and it is just the house getting to her – paranoia. Danielle mentions Neeley just gives her quick answers. Justin says Neeley complains to Ball Smashers about Danielle. It makes Danielle a bigger target. Danielle believes that she is on the bottom on LNJ according to Neeley. Justin thinks Morgan and Neeley have a hidden agenda. Kryssie doesn’t doubt that. Kryssie’s advice to Danielle is don’t let it consume you but don’t ignore it. Danielle said it doesn’t change how she feels about Neeley and it isn’t going to change how Danielle plays her game.
  • 11:23pm Ball Smashers – Shelby mentions that she cried last night because she hates being around these annoying people (LNJ) because they suck so bad. Morgan said it is the fact that they are so loud.

And while I’m at it, here is the popularity poll for the week:


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  1. LindsayB

    Danielle is ridiculous. She went on and on and on about how the girls cook. They make steak wrong, they cut onions wrong, they make broccoli wrong, etc. How sad it must be to be inside Danielle’s head. To live in a space of such negativity must be exhausting. Add that to the burden of being Miss Perfect, it’s no wonder it’s so hard for her to wake up every morning. She says being around Shelby makes her feel suicidal. Really? Her big complaint this morning that set off her food rant was that Shelby fixed her hair. Maybe Krusti should check the rule book to be sure it’s within the rules for Shelby to have her hair brushed. Ironically, Shelby spent a total of maybe 5 minutes this morning brushing her hair and teeth so I guess she just wakes up that way. And some people want to hate the plastics cuz they are intimidated by Danielle’s looks??? The old pot and kettle are back. Ok. I know I’m rambling but listening to Danielle is truly mind numbing so it’s hard for me to collect my thoughts.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I swear Lindsay, every time I try to give the LNJ an ounce of credit, they prove me wrong within minutes. I was JUST saying this morning how Danielle has been laying low this week and acting more like a decent human being, presumably because she was smart enough to realize that America was out to get her. Well, clearly I spoke too soon. The LNJ like to characterize themselves as the lovable, fun-loving outcasts, but personally I think they are mostly a bunch of miserable, negative people who derive their only pleasure in life from criticizing and picking apart others. I’m done trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. I look forward to continuing to vote for them every week for HNs, America’s Nominee, and America’s Vote to Evict.

      Oh and P.S. Danielle, roasted broccoli is AMAZING. Go get your life together.

      And finally, thanks @caryn for stepping in for our boy Steve. You are the best!

      • Avatar

        110% agree with you too, Gerardo! I can not understand how people like the LNC AT ALL! I can not stand to have them on the screen and hear them talk. It’s always negative, complaining, trashing the BS in some way. Then you flip over to the BS and it’s game talk and strategy. They don’t waste their time complaining and trashing other people. It’s so ridiculous. The LNC make themselves look like terrible people.

      • LindsayB

        She’s too busy using a blow up pool toy as a pretend d*ck (you know being a role model for her child) to get her life together.

      • Avatar

        Yeah she’s been such a great role model to her child and all the kids she teaches at pre-school! Sickening! She embarrasses herself more each minute that passes.

      • Mell

        Gerardo, I’m with you. I’ve continued to try but they make it impossible to stick up for them. I do beleive that Jason was an a**hole more because of the extended indoor lockdown and not being able to smoke instead of being a have not. He took that with a fairly good attitude. He was still an a**hole tho! I wasn’t going back to the excuses. Lol

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Totally @amberb, some people argue that the “Plastics” also talk trash about the LNJ and that is true (in fact there are a couple Plastics I could live without too). However, the Plastics’ trash talking does not even come close to the LNJ with regard to frequency or harshness. For every one instance you hear of the Plastics trashing the LNJ you could probably find ten of the LNJ trashing the plastics (and the LNJ trash talk is almost always much more vicious). I think the LNJ feel because they’re “misfits” (their word, not mine) that they’re entitled to be nasty and vicious towards the “popular girls”.

      • caRyn

        Which hg labeled LNJ “misfits”? Kryssie. She has drilled that into everyone’s head inside and outside of the BB house. Is misfit another word for underdog?

      • Avatar

        Thanks so much @Caryn(Ryn) your updates are really helping. I’ll have to admit that I have pretty much checked out this week. Just cannot handle Kryssie, and Neeley getting so far out of their lanes! It’s much easier to walk away momentarily rather than yelling and throwing crap ! lol

    • Avatar

      LindsayB, 110% agree. I love your comment so much! #truth

  2. Avatar

    Totally agree with you too SteveBeans! Your blog is amazing! Rant all you want! The LNC look so ridiculous!

  3. caRyn

    Sunday (PT):
    7 pm: Nominations
    America Votes (PT):
    Sunday 8 pm – Monday 9 am

  4. Avatar

    Your point about college. Does Jason know he can get a grant to go to college? Maybe he already messed that up? Just saying that education is within everyone’s grasp. Even without a grant. You just have to work hard and make a decision if your choice means more than be indebted in student loans. I KNOW. lol. BTW I too had to take a step back from BBOT feeds. Now I watch M, W, and F. I believe Krissy needs to go. At first, I wanted her to make it further in the game. But now it is ugly all around. Krissie, Dani, Scott, Jason and Morgan can go anytime.

  5. caRyn

    Justin said – way back when – that he liked the other side of the house. He said sometimes LNJ is too negative and he has to get away from them sometimes. Ya dig? I do.
    Danielle is wise to this game. She could win but won’t because of her personality/attitude.
    Nelley probably pops off in a split second outside the BB house. It takes everything she has to zip it. When she was able to “relax” because Kryssie won HOH that is when some of real Neeley showed up. Outside of the BB house Kryssie wouldn’t like real Neeley and vice versa. What we have seen of Neeley getting turned up is nothing compared to what we could be seeing.
    Kryssie is a mental weapon. Scary inside and outside the BB house. Inside the house you want her on your side. She has a way with words and knows how to use them. She is calculating – she consciously decides how to be crafty with her words to get the results she wants. She can put something in a hg head by manipulating words.

  6. Avatar

    What did I tell you guys about Neeley? Old girl went from great grandma to jeepers creepers to gargoyle to gremlin & now witch. I hate to keep saying it but I told you that girl wasn’t right.
    Now for Kryspie’s funky farting ass. I can’t wait until her ass is no longer HOH. It’s all going to be a brand new song & dance cause her big ass will be crying all over again.

  7. Helen

    I may be just a super paranoid person but in this day and age of super litigation happy people (sorry,I still think if you sue McDonald’s and win because you spill your hot coffee in your crotch because that’s where you put it) the chances of one of the LNC landing up in a lawsuit grow exponentially every day!! CBS has done their disclaimers about opinions of the houseguests being their own…..this is all recorded. It’s certainly not a he said she said!!

  8. Helen

    I wonder if Krustie is going to use Shelby as a pawn in place of Morgan? Kinda risky if her real target is Scott!! People may vote out Shelby instead!

  9. Avatar

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND NEELEY HOME I just can not take all the phony crap any longer. Krissey and Danielle can go next. Stop the crap!!

    • Avatar

      Lets send her ass home, big shades, hair rag & all.

      • Helen

        I think we will try but it may end up a repeat of last week!! Nom and vote her but housepets vote out either Scott or shelby

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        If I’m doing my math correctly, if Neeley goes up as America’s nom, there will 3 votes from LNJ and 3 votes from the BS/Plastics (unless Neeley wins Veto). So unless the Plastics flip on one of their own or unless Neeley wins Veto, we will have the deciding vote (and I know I’m gonna wear my keyboard out voting to evict Neeley).

      • Helen

        I honestly think Whitney will vote with LNC.

      • Mell

        Gerardo, you are right. That’s why I’ve been saying that if shes on the block, she’s going home. It may be close if Scott is up there because many people still don’t like him. I don’t see Morgan or Whitney keeping their word to Krissi especially knowing they would head into next hoh comp 5 against 3.

      • Mell

        Helen, I don’t think she will unless she thinks she can disguise it. She should vote with LNC. She has no idea how bad Alex is working against her right now.

      • Helen

        Seems like Alex is throwing her whole alliance under the bus except of course Morgan!! She has tossed Shelby Scott and Whitney.. little Alex better be careful. People can’t keep their mouths shut!! She don’t want to turn her own alliance against her cause LNC is still aiming at her!!!

      • caRyn

        So much weighing on Veto. Kryssie and America’s nom play for Veto. We don’t know the other two hg that will play for it. Anyone from LNJ will use it on Neeley.

  10. Don

    You know IMO if the house has not caught on with the sisters they should try and go to the end. They have sat next to each other with both glasses on and off, hats on and even both with the same hair do. It is so funny to watch how unobservent the house is. Just my thoughts

    • Helen

      True….they are too busy trash talking to pay much attention to anything else!!!

    • Mell

      Don, I hate the family twist. I talked about it in the last thread but I’m so close to thinking the way you are. I’ve been amazed how much they look alike and no one has seen it. The longer they go, the less the twist may bug me. Hell, I may start rooting for them to get away with it in another week or so!

      • LindsayB

        I’m already there. If the HG are too consumed with how much America supposedly loves them that they can’t see the obvious sisterhood they deserve to be beat by them.

      • Mell

        I’ve hated twists for too many years to be happy about it but I have to agree. 2 sisters is an advantage in the game but everyone having 2 eyes should help their game too…or you would think!

    • Avatar

      Alex & Morgan have no choice but to keep that secret now because if they let it out now nobody will trust them & everybody will come gunning for them with both barrels blazing. The entire house will be pissed & Jason, Funky Krustie, Princess Danielle & Aunt grandma Neeley will surely not let them live it down as long as their in the house. Personally I would much rather see one of the sisters win the game before Krustie, Princess Danielle or grandma Neeley.

    • Avatar

      I totally agree, Don! Why should we punish them because CBS wanted a twist and used them? Let them play their games and see what happens! I’m really rooting for them!

  11. Helen

    My wish……americas nom is Neely
    Shelby gets picked for veto,wins and takes Scott off the block
    Neely goes home

  12. Mell

    Was I the last one invited to the Neeley bio party? I didn’t know until today that Neeley is an aspiring actress and has done a couple of short, small indie type films. Maybe she is acting worse than a sane person would because she thinks she will be more noticed. I don’t know how her behavior could help her with that! Maybe she does though.

    I thought all the stuff Shelby and the other bs were guessing was crazy and now I just thinks it’s hilarious!

  13. caRyn

    Shelby and Kryssie have spoken about Scott, Alex, Jason and Justin having an alliance. Kryssie brought it up to Shelby on 10-20-16. Do you think Kryssie really wants Scott out to eliminate Jason/Justin from being able to work with him? Kryssie was going to target Alex and can’t so now Scott.

  14. Helen

    I am not a fan of the two day safety ceremony thing…..just do it either Saturday or Sunday afternoon…..maybe Sunday afternoon to leave the America nom vote open a little longer?

  15. Shivani33

    Justin has used his flatulence to drive Shelby off at least twice today.This morning , he blew a big one and immediately she took off from the kitchen. He just farted bigtime again to get Shelby out of the backyard couch area. Somebody thanked him, and Justin said, “I knew that would work.” Finally, the dude has some game strategy. And Krustie has some competition, and my appetite just called another uber out of Studio City.

  16. Avatar

    Well guys it’s time for The Walking Dead & I can’t miss it, so I’ll be back on in an hour to see what I’ve missed.

  17. Mell

    More chit chat from this afternoon:

    Scott and Alex: He thinks they should keep Whitney because she will probably get a care pkg. over Morgan because he thinks Morgan is basic. Alex said they have to get rid of Whitney because she’s so close to the other side and Morgan is weak. (Alex told Morgan after and she wasn’t happy about being called basic) Alex reassures Morgan she will change Scotts mind. She tells her she won’t throw her game away for her though.

    Alex and Shelby: Alex telling Shelby she’s in the best position this week since no one’s worried about her. (Alex did have success in getting Shelby to think she should agree to go otb and she has now) Shelby says Whitney could win more comps but she trusts Morgan more. Alex pounces and explains to Shelby why Whitney has to be the one who goes if it can’t be LNC. Alex mentions how Whitney could win the game if she’s there. (Shelby better watch her back because she scores points with Alex for trusting Morgan more but probably loses some since Alex thinks nobody sees her as a threat)

    Alex/Shelby/Morgan/Whitney (different combos and times)- They are still trying to figure out Krissi’s true target. They have called Krissi stupid several times today for putting Scott up if he’s the target. I disagree with this. We know but they don’t know that Neeley will probably be Americas nom so why would she put up 2 pawns. Alex put up her targets and not pawns so I don’t follow this logic. I understand it opens the door for one of Krissi’s side to go OTB but does she really want to put up two pawns and maybe Scott win The veto? Last night BS seemed to think if Scott was OTB he was the the target and today that believe if he’s OTB, he’s not.

    * I don’t agree with the names LNC are calling BS but I have to agree, the BS act as if they’ve never been in a kitchen. Listening to them yesterday attempt to plan dinner was almost painful. Other than a couple of slop recipes Jason told Morgan, it may have been the first time they haven’t waited for Justin to make their dinner. Alex has struggled while attempting to season food, struggled to make cookies (the package kind in a tube) and cutting a cantaloupe. Rather than using a spatula today, she got the cookies out of the pan with a great big spoon. These women are in their 20’s and seem to be successful. Many people can’t cook but reading directions and using a knife arn’t considered major culinary talents.

    • Helen

      lol Mell!! I have a 24 year old “baby girl” who can now cook (probably because she has an almost 2 year old and had to learn ) but still struggles with putting the d**n toilet seat down!!! Their struggles are real! Lol

      • Mell

        Mine is 27, has a 4 yr old and her husband does most of the cooking. They both have busy jobs but she never had an interest in learning how to cook. She can cut fruit and make slice and bake cookies! Maybe box macaroni if her life depended on it. Lol

    • Helen

      Also I am still sort of confused because Krustie has been very clear with Whitney and Morgan that her target is Scott!

    • LindsayB

      The girls definitely won’t be winning any cooking competitions but nobody is forcing anyone to eat their cooking. It’s ridiculous for Douchielle to be so consumed by it. Even her little friends are sick of her complaining so much about such petty crap.

      • Mell

        Lindsay, I completely agree. I thought it was bizarre how inept they seem in the kitchen but I don’t know why the other side is so worried about. Well, we know they arn’t really. They just need something to complain about.

  18. Avatar


    Who are the popular girls? Sounds kind of stereotypical!

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Well that’s why I put that term in quotes, because I think it’s a stereotype that the LNJ has perpetuated in the house. They view the Plastics as the “popular girls” and themselves as the “lovable misfits”, and they’ve tried to play that stereotype up to win over America. Unfortunately, a lot of people (myself included) aren’t buying it.

      • LindsayB

        Wow. You really had to explain that. Smh.

      • Mell

        Gerardo the BS women have called themselves “the popular girls” a couple times and “the pretty girls” many times. Shelby while talking with the other three named them the “plastics” one day early on before ball smashers came to be. They also call themselves the mean girls and talk about who represents who from the movie. It wasn’t only the misfits you were quoting. You have lots of quotes you could use. Lol

      • Mell

        I hit send before getting to my point. They call themselves that because they have a sense of humor. (except Morgan, if you look back, she means it) They make fun of the stereotype. LNC is serious.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        That’s true Mell. And the other difference is that the BS aren’t using the “popular girl” analogy it to pander to America. As you said, I think they realize how they’re viewed by the LNJ (and by many fans as well) and just have fun with it. The LNJ, on the other hand, ARE using their “misfits” label to pander to America, which I find quite annoying.

      • Avatar

        I think both sides have played their roles up to America. Justin is even trying to become a Plastic too, but a little too phony for me.

  19. Avatar

    The BS lazy behinds run to the kitchen as soon as they hear a pot sizzle and smell food. They don’t wash a dish or cook a meal. Whitney never does anything and keeps her manicure completely intact. That’s the only time they come out to the common population. The LNC needs to start going to bed on time, stop entertaining everyone and store up their rest like the BS, and stop doing all the house work for them. They should become good little Sneaks like the BS. Justin acts like he owns the kitchen, and every time someone else cooks he takes over. I’m putting his sneaky behind on slop next week. I’d rather Scott stay and Morgan go. That’s all!

    • LindsayB

      As I was reading this I was also watching Alex wash dishes while she and the girls were talking about what they wanted to make for dinner. And now they are cooking. So yeah…. there’s that.

      • Helen

        They are also the ones that spent all afternoon scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom the other day while LNC spent their time holed up in the London room whining and talking trash about everyone!

      • Helen

        And although Justin may cook occasionally I’ve yet to see him clean up his mess!

      • LindsayB

        It’s amazing the things you see when you’re not busy cheering on people while they fart and rub armpits on pillows.

      • Avatar

        Danielle cooked, then Take over Artist Justin came along. Good-maybe they’re sick of people talking about their laziness.

      • LindsayB

        Oh my gosh Gia. What are you even watching?? If something starts to happen that goes against what you think is happening in the house do you just close your eyes and ears and pretend it’s not happening?

      • Avatar

        Obviously she does keep her eyes & ears closed because she gave me 2 daughters that I have never seen or met before until they came on BB. I must have been in a coma during those pregnancies.

      • LindsayB

        Oh Ann. I love it. I saw that and just had to keep scrolling. What do you even do with that? You should be proud of your two daughters you just discovered.

    • Avatar

      And the other day all of the BS including Scott, who pulled gobs of hair out of the shower, cleaned the whole house. They did this while Krusty and the LNC were piled up in the BS beds farting all over their pillows and trashing them.

  20. Avatar

    Has crusty even bathe yet? If they don’t send that girl’s pants she’s going to explode the one she has. I hope they send her so much fat in food but she can’t even walk down the stairs. Just watching her be herself into a dilemma I love it. Keep eating Christy you look like you put on 35 pounds

  21. LindsayB

    Danielle is complaining again about the girls cooking. Does she not realize she’s completely capable of cooking herself?? She wants to sabotage the food so they can’t have it. Justin keeps telling her she shouldn’t be like that. Krusti even questions Douchielle’s hysterics.

  22. Avatar

    Almost time to vote! Remember NEELEY FOR 3RD NOM!!!!

  23. Avatar

    Voting open and my vote is 100 percent for Neely

  24. Mell

    Shelby has made a jump in a couple polls I just looked at. Maybe they’re small ones.

  25. caRyn

    7:30 pm (PT) Danielle: We already are web celebs.

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar

    I don’t even know why people have been saying vote Shelby when people where just saying she was a well like player and they didn’t want to vote for her. I still think Neely will get most of the votes.

    • Mell

      I don’t know if that was because of my poll comment or other comments but to clarify, I was just giving out the info. I DON’T want Shelby otb. Sorry, if I caused that. Lol

  28. Mell

    I’m voting Neeley but if the aftermath causes Justin to leave next week, I’m gonna be pissed. Its not like I can do anything else about it except be pissed! Lol

  29. Avatar

    I think no matter the vote next week the LNJ will target Alex and I think the BS’er will target Jason but that’s my opinion. Unless Neely leaving this week switches the target on both side than this week we cause big waves. Atleast that’s my opinion and I could be wrong

    • Mell

      I think you’re right unless someone does some crazy voting this week. Alex and Morgan have said they will put up Jason and Justin. LNC will for sure put up Alex and maybe Scott if he stays. If Jason and Justin voted out Neeley or Shelby and Whitney start matching up stories from Alex and Morgan, it could become unpredictable.

  30. caRyn

    Who voted for Neeley? This girl. Who is going to vote for Danielle for slop and nom next week? Yep, this girl.
    America voted Danielle for Have-Not, Nom and Eviction. She changed for a day because she was sad and depressed not because she dug deep and sole searched.

  31. Avatar

    For next week I already got my picks Danielle Kryssie and my last pick is between the two people who have yet to be a have not witney or Justine

  32. Avatar


    Girls cleanned the shower
    Neeley cleaned the bathroom
    Justin cooked
    Neeley washed the bedding

    What does Jason do?

    Justin cooks and leaves all the pots on the stove with the spatula in it and doesn’t soak it, hides food I believe because he always pops up with a snack

    I’m voting for Justin next week. Another site I was on said it too-Done and done!

  33. Mell

    Things have flipped. It’s been predictable who the hoh would nom and how the hg’s would vote. We weren’t sure about ours because it’s seemed close a couple times. I don’t even care about our nom and vote. It appears to be a landslide so far. I’m very anxious as to what some of the hg’s will do!

    *Will Neeley lose her sh1t or will she take it on the chin and remember that she lived through the depression so she can handle anything?
    *Can Jason keep Justin from voting out Neeley and burning the witch hat in the oven?
    * Will Jason vote out Neeley? (Longshot at best)
    *Will Scott cry if Alex wins veto and saves Morgan?
    *If Alex is picked for veto, does she throw it so she isn’t trapped with the decision or go all out to save Morgan?
    *Will Krissi make Whitney endure a 3 hour lecture on keeping your word if she votes out Neeley or will she forgive Whitney and give her game advice because she still likes her even though she’s disappointed in her?
    *Does BS roll the dice with their 3 votes and hope we pull through for them?
    *If Scott stays otb, does BS worry that we wanted to vote Scott but Krissi made us settle for Neeley? This could make Morgan and Whitney paranoid about going back on the deal with Krissi-if they think we are going to vote Scott out anyway.
    *Does Krissi read our minds and realize we put Neeley otb because we are team Krissi, love her positive energy, respect her wisdom and want her to win it all? (Very high odds)

    Goodnight ya’ll. Monday mornings suck so I’m out for the night and I’m gonna want to be up late tomorrow!

  34. Avatar

    Ann and Lindsay,

    That’s what you guys do! You admit nothing about the other side’s flaws. Everyone brags on Shelby and she has the WORST, the nastiest ATTITUDE. She said she dates old men for money. She’s lying about who she is. She says vulgar things as much as the other side, in fact she used to hang out with LNJ. If she stayed out there with them, it makes me wonder if you all would be criticizing her too by now, but because she’s with the Plastics she’s lovable now. Such hypocrites!!# I’ve had things to say about everyone. Everyone else stays on the same people. Look in the mirror people.

    • Avatar

      I believe it was Neely in her entrance video that says she will only date men with money. She is sarcastic but funny where is Krustie the clown Kryspie is hateful. I think Gia just likes the attention of being against others. Maybe she loves LNJ cause she is just like them.

  35. Avatar

    Shelby says she dates men for money as STRATEGY. She wants them to think she is dumb and broke. It’s BiG BROThER. A lot of people lie about who they are. If you think Shelby has the nastiest attitude and says the worst things, you’ve not seen many of the LNC conversations.

    • Avatar

      I wouldn’t use that as strategy. That’s ignorant. LNJ an BS talks about each other. When they combine they talk to each other civilly, everyone but Shelby. But Shelby is just nasty to people. She keeps a frown and is always talking about people. She is always condescending to Justin. I don’t like her at all, and I’m not the only one.

      • LindsayB

        Actually Gia, I’ve said multiple times that the girls aren’t perfect but the LNC are worse in my eyes. You must not be reading everything, that’s ok though… you’ve already shown your tendency to gloss over and ignore stuff if it doesn’t further your argument.
        I’ve loved Shelby from day one. She signed up for this thing called Big Brother. It’s a game. Games require strategy. Her strategy, whether you like it or not, is to play dumb and broke.
        I also love this blog. It’s a place where a lot of people have the same game opinions as I do. It’s also a place where I’ve also changed my opinions because of somebody seeing things from a different perspective. Gia, I wouldn’t be in disagreement with almost everything you said if most of the things you say weren’t baseless or done in an insulting manner. If you’re going to come with an attitude, prepare to be met with one. If you want to root for and believe in the people who do the vile things that the LNC do, then just own it. If your only argument for the people that you like is to put down everyone else (hmmmm… maybe why you like them), and make up things about them, prepare to have people (pretty much everyone) disagree with you. If you’re going to make observations about what’s going on in the house, at least watch the feeds so you’ll see that what’s happening in the house is the exact opposite of what you’re saying.

  36. Helen

    Whitney has freaky eyes!!

  37. Shivani33

    I remember when Kryssie said that after she and Neeley had their little fight, Morgan was on her radar for coming more close with Neeley, and Kryssie didn’t like feeling that Morgan was getting between her and her best friend. Before that little fight, when Kryssie became HoH, I asked who she’d nominate and guessed Scott and Morgan. It was because I felt then and still think that Kryssie plays an emotionally based game, rather than a strategic one. She wants Scott out, but would’ve chosen Alex, too. Both had a new side-alliance with Jason and Justin, an intolerable concept for Kryssie. I think this has had a lot to do with Kryssie’s choices. And regardless of what comes out of her mouth, I think Kryssie would be happy to see Morgan go, too. I think that Kryssie is possessive of her LNC and doesn’t want Neeley and Morgan to have any mutual friendship. Also, I noticed that Neeley has been pouting quite a bit since Morgan was made a nominee.

    This isn’t intended as a criticism of Kryssie’s thought process. Plenty of people have played more emotion-based games, so she’s far from the first one. It just has made her game moves more transparent. Often strategic players over-analyze and miss emotional cues, as Alex does. I guess the balance is really more in the middle. But Kryssie has to some degree alienated her LNC from her, too. After her blowup, they hesitate to give their opinions to her. I’ll be back to looking forward to her eviction, as soon as her week of”glory” is over.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      I wouldn’t even give Krustie so much credit as to categorize her as an “emotional” player. There have been plenty of emotional players in the past who were smart enough to listen to their alliance members when making big decisions. Krustie is more of an arrogant, know-it-all, “self-righteous” player in my opinion, more in the vain of a Jozea. Krustie thinks she’s the “Messiah” of the LNJ, and I think the worst thing that could’ve happened to her game was her winning HOH this week. Her ego has become unbearable and she’s even alienated her biggest allies in the game. I look forward to getting this creep out of the BB house ASAP.

      • Shivani33

        @Gerardo I agree with your descriptions of Krustie and the way that she presents herself. I think she is wearing a mask of arrogant superiority which is rife with barefaced mixed messages and interpersonal double standards. One aspect of her mask which interests me is that, underneath all of her bravado, there is a massive inferiority complex, which is how her “engine is tuned.” To me, she is very uneasy within herself about who she thinks that she is. It is as if she rejects herself before anyone else can hurt her. No woman of her age with self-acceptance and awareness would choose to portray herself as a belching fart bag ( with the oppositional and obligatory big flower in her hair.) But I was trying to examine her gameplay, what little she has of it, and what has motivated her decisions as HoH. I think her motivator is possessiveness and a hunger to belong. And I wait, with somewhat exasperated impatience, for the farce of her reign to end.

    • LindsayB

      It’s definitely going to be interesting to see the dynamics of everyone once this HOH is over. There have been some big cracks in the BS alliance this week since they all threw each other under the bus all week. I hope they realize it’s all part of the game when your back is against the wall and that their actions can still show solidarity. With that being said, right now we are assuming that they will vote together this week. There have definitely been some rumbling on here about the idea that the HG votes will be unanimous against Scott. I hope the girls don’t do that. One of the few things I like about America’s involvement is that it could make the HGs feel empowered to stick to their guns, hoping America is on their side, versus just voting “with the house”.
      The LNC has also shown a lot of weakness in their armor this week. I think every single one of them is sick and tired of Douchielle’s antics. They’ve all seen the ugly side of Neely. They’ve been dictated all week by Krusti. Scott and Justin have been working things with the other side but have also been caught talking about it too much. They will probably hang on to each other because of needing numbers and if one of them is the next HOH will probably keep it together. If the power shifts to the other side, I think the LNC will crumble.
      Moral of the story, I think we are very close to a new world of alliances which will be very refreshing. I personally am getting tired of the LNC vs BS conversation. I think the BS side needs to win the next HOH for there to be a shake up. Depending on who aligns with who, it could be interesting to see if someone tells the girls some of the nasty things done and said.
      At this point, I’m thinking too far into the game and need to get back into the present situation. I’m exited to see how this week ends up. I think it could be a turning point in the game.

      • Helen

        Love Love Love your above comment and insight into the current house situation!
        I personally would love to see Shelby win next HOH if she makes it past this week only because I think she has the most potential to change up house dynamics.
        (Okay yes I also like her and have been a not so silent cheerleader).

      • LindsayB

        I love her. I love her snarky comments. I love her monotone voice. I love that she makes Douchielle’s skin crawl. Seeing her as HOH would be my happiest moment on this season.

      • Helen

        Me too!! I’ve said it before…..Shelby is my female version of Paul. Does she get snippy and snarky? Oh yeah, but it’s usually well deserved and not just some random and baseless dig.
        I think if she were in HOH she would call all of them out on their bs and really shake it up!!

      • Avatar

        Blasphemy, that chick aint no Paul. Paul was 100x more vulgar and interesting. Shelby bores me. He was a special kind of houseguest who will be a part of BB for the foreseeable future, Shelby will be forgotten the second the show ends unless she wins the whole thing or does something to come off as something more than just a follower with no strategy. THE BIAS IS REAL ON BBJ lol

  38. Avatar

    Does anyone know what time Justin was talking about his girlfriends and says the N word? The time i see posted on jokers doesn’t seem right. I watched ~10 mins in either direction. I just wanted to hear the real & entire conversation not what may have been glossed over. It may be nothing or it may be true colors slipping out. Thanks all.

  39. Avatar

    Helen and LindsayB I am in total agreement with you. SHELBY needs to be HOH next week and get the care package too. That would shake everyone up. Talk about a game changer. Lets do it! But for this week we should vote to send NEELEY home.

    • Helen

      Not for sure I would want Shelby to have care package too. It would depend on where her head is at for noms

    • Avatar

      The best scenario would be Shelby hoh, 3 LNJ on the block. We could waste the care package on one of the LNJ. They would have to decide who they want to send home. That would eliminate one of them from getting a better care package. Maybe Jason so his 1000’s of followers wont be able to give him the one that gets him into final 4. Depends on who is nominated and what the LNJ is thinking at the time. I personally would like Jason out sooner than later. I would like him out over Neeley but because of his followers i have been waiting and hoping his popularity will fade enough.

      • Helen

        I have never been a Jason fan but on the other hand I would be curious to see him away from the negativity of Krustie Neely and Danielle to see if and how his gameplay has changed (if at all)

      • Helen

        Also I am not 100% positive that both of shelbys noms would be LNJ……Jason and Krustie both may give her some very interesting information on both Whitney and Morgan (they both threw her under the bus)….could also make for some interesting moments with Alex……

  40. Avatar

    If Neeley goes home on Krustie’s HOH production had better get the earplugs & rule book out along with a box of tissue because Krustie will act like a fool. Get ready BB.

  41. Helen

    Was really happy to see this posted on jokers this am:
    We’d like to apologize for the false update that was posted here last night.An updater posted an update about Shelby that was absolutely false. The updater copied from a tweet that they found on twitter and posted it as an update. This isn’t the way we update the Big Brother live feeds here at Joker’s Updates. This updater will no longer be updating for us.

    Thank you for being understanding.


    That update was so very wrong and it really upset me that people are going that low and nasty!!

  42. Avatar

    So everyone in the house complains all day and everyone in the house talks shit… the complaints on here are so bias its actually quite funny to read in a pity sort of way. How are you gonna complain that the LNJ are more vicious and frequent in their insults? Your saying you don’t like them because their insults are better? Its okay to not like someone, its okay to try making the game hard for them. This isn’t a show to make friends or display nobility. I want drama, I want fights, I want backstabbing. This season is sorely missing a strong alpha male, its entirely too early for me to have to deal with an entire house full of delusional bitches (that goes for both sides.) Hopefully Jason wins because he seems to be the only one who truly understands the game, unlike the pathetic attempts of claiming knowledge from Alex and Scott. I hate Neely Krissy Danielle as much as Morgan Alex Shelby Scott. Id be happy for Justin if he won too, even Whitney is starting to grow on me a little. Fanboys and Fangirls, you are gonna have the ability to go back and read these posts when the season is over and you will only feel foolish the more you come on here and cry about LNJ and act as if they are the worst people on earth. They are not, you are not, I am not, even the Plastics are not. Take a step back and enjoy the show, don’t watch when you cant handle it.

    • Avatar

      If you want drama, fights and backstabbing just go watch the nightly news about the political scene. There is enough of that in real life. I want good game play and strategizing, I want people to turn the house upside down with their game play.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Talk about bias… People on this board criticize members of the Plastics crew ALL THE TIME, and we constantly try to give the LNJ the benefit of the doubt. No, the Plastics are not perfect (as many people including myself have stated countless times, there are several Plastics I would love to see go as well), and no we do not dislike the LNJ for having “better” insults. We dislike them because they are negative and vicious 24 hours a day and simultaneously pretend to be morally superior to the other side. It is annoying and even unbearable to watch at times. Yes, the frequency and viciousness of their insults is a relevant factor. It doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone is implying that they’re horrible human beings outside of the house, nor does it mean that we don’t enjoy watching the show.

      We all enjoy this show and we come on here to share info and express our opinions. It enhances the BB experience, and I doubt anyone is going to care enough to even come back to these posts after the season is over, much less express regret for how we felt about the HGs during the season. We’re having a good time, chill.

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