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Sunday Night Feeds – Final Noms BBOTT



Good evening, everyone! It’s nomination night in the Big Brother OOT house, and things are going to get crazy!

Just kidding. It will probably just come and go because most of the house knows what’s going to happen. Scott told Jason about his plan to use two pawns, and Jason ran and told his side of the house. I am not sure if Scott knows they know, but either way, both Kyrssie and Neeley are expecting to go up.  They’ll probably just pout in the London room like they did last night during the first safety session, which will likely create a change for next week.

Last night, the plastics were daring each other to do all types of weird things for the safety meeting. Shelby had to take two pickles and have them talk to each other, Whitney had to draw a mustache, and Morgan put a zucchini down her shorts. They were trying to have some fun with it, but the LNC remained in the London room and sulked. That made for a very anti-climactic first night, and if they do it again, it will be even weirder because the HoH typically comes down and gives a speech and the house is split in two different locations.


Alright, doing some updates…

Note – Make sure you are voting for your favorite player!

  • 5:15pm – Alex and Shelby are outside chatting about random stuff.  Bodybuilding and working out. Shelby is saying by the end of the week, Alex’s abs are going to be popping (they’re both on slop)
  • 5:45pm – Shelby feels a poop coming along.  Great!
  • 6:30pm – Scott is getting a massage from Morgan.  What are the odds he has an erection?  I give it 3 to 1
    • scott-massage
  • 6:45pm – Neeley is talking about how she thinks Ebola is still out there and in a test tube.
    • Every once in awhile they release some disease so the pharmaceutical companies can make a fortune.  Hey, you go with your theories
    • Meanwhile, Morgan suggests they all go outside if the LNC remains outside during the ceremony.  They want to all be together
  • 7:00pm – Safety ceremony time
    • The LNC runs back outside, and the Plastics go out to join them like they said. No avoiding the girls this time
    • Morgan, Shane, Danielle, and Shelby safe
    • Neeley and Kryssie nominated
    • Scott comes out and says he really respects Neeley and expects her to give it her all. He tosses some shade at Kryssie by saying she doesn’t partcipate in some group activities.. whatever the hell that means
    • Kryssie rants about people going through her stuff, which is why she is nominated
  • 7:25pm – Shelby is the last holdover from the outside crew. She goes inside and they immediately start talking crap
    • They wondered why the girls all had to come out. Neeley says ‘to gloat’… says the side that has America on their side
  • 7:30pm – Oh boy, Kryssie going to the storage room to look at the rule book. I can only imagine why
    • Kryssie is hardcore raging right now.  She was looking through the rulebook to see if Scott broke a rule during his speech
    • kryssie-rulebook
      Kryssie checking the rulebook
  • 8:00pm – Voting is open for the 3rd nom.  I think we should not nominate Danielle or Shane to prevent them from playing


Check back for updates


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  1. Avatar

    Your screenshots of Shelby are hilarious. I swear sometimes watching her I think she is literally trying to eat her own ear with her mouth contortions!

  2. Avatar

    Danielle keeps showing her class, the guys were talking about how big their junk is, and she actually said you guys got nothing on me, there is no penis bigger than my vagina !!

  3. Helen

    I wonder if Justin senses the lawyer in Shelby? Lol.

  4. Avatar

    Scott is having an out of body experience. Morgan is rubbing his bare shoulders to work out a kink. I’m sure that’s the closest he has ever been to a woman who looks like that ! ok yes i’m jealous lol

  5. Mel

    I love how the HG’s call this season BB Budget. I love the cheaper cheesy comps. I keep waiting for 3 legged race or hula hoop comp. It was funny when they noticed the beer they got on Whitney bday was expired, the shampoo is super cheap and the leftover food from 18 that’s out of date. BB budget has me wanting to clearance shop, coupon clip, buy off brands and spend my time at garage sales! This has been so entertaining so far. Even when I’m annoyed, I like it.

  6. Avatar

    Kryssie is actually bitching about her damn dirty clothes. She keeps saying that is the group activity she didn’t participate in. Shane came out and she started again until Jason quickly changed the subject

  7. Mell

    Scott stuck to his plan so two pawns are OTB. LNJ are hoping one of the Plastics are the 3rd nom and plastics are expecting it to be one of them as well. Danielle may have the votes to go up but I hope not. I hope it’s Morgan. Only 2 names will be drawn out of 7. The odds are good that Danielle and Shane both won’t play in veto comp. If Morgan is OTB, It will temporarily make LNJ feel secure and Scott and plastics think we arn’t on their side. (It’s only temporary) They assume whoever the nominee is will also be who we vote for. (They don’t think we have game, I guess) If it’s Morgan, they will all be surprised and if it’s Danielle, we have to hope she doesn’t win a veto and Shane doesn’t get picked and win one. They can win one of them as long as Danielle isn’t OTB. One of them will still go home that way.

  8. Avatar

    I’m totally with you on this one Mell. Let’s hope it works out and we get rid of this damn grossmance!

  9. Helen

    Krustie is going to look at rule book because Scott took a personal dig at her for calling them both mental giants! Ha ! Let’s play back some tape there Krustie because your fat mouth has uttered some pretty slanderous crap! A lot of it directed at someone who could actually do something about it….it is all on tape!

    • caRyn

      I don’t see anything wrong with what Scott said. It was a compliment.

      • Helen

        Me either? I am totally lost with that one..I think she just has to have something to bitch about

      • Mell

        Krissi has finished losing her mind! She also knows she’s a pawn. I don’t blame her for not being convinced of that since she’s been on the block every week and Scott doesn’t like her but if she were really the target, this is NOT the way to get it off her! Helen, she needs some of those meds you were referencing yesterday!

      • Mell

        She’s really fired up over the comment about how she is uncomfortable in certain situations. She can’t really admit that though since it’s almost the same thing Krissi said to Monte the day he left. She was giving one of her life lesson lectures to him.

      • caRyn

        I thought she was pissed about being called a mental “GIANT”. Idk. What I do know is she doesn’t know when to shut up – like Monte and Danielle.

  10. Avatar

    Our best bet would be if bb went all Survivor on their asses and make them drop their buffs and choose new tribes!!

  11. Don

    This group that call themselves LNC sure remind me of high school. They don’t get their ways and everyone is dumb. Shane is the worst saying Scott is stupid and playing stupid. All I’ve seen him do is cuddle to the stuck up Danielle. I was so happy to see her a has not, and now all the crying over the food. Grow up little girl and join the real world.

  12. Avatar

    Well it’s voting time I’m ready to give all my vote to Danielle. I want them to see America doesn’t have there side this week

    • Mell

      Wildsonic, I do too but I want the shomance broken up worse so I’m voting for Morgan. (Only to give them even better odds) It’s looking like Danielle has a huge lead in the polls so I think you’re going to get your satisfaction. Lol

      • Don

        I want Danielle or Shane gone to bad they both can’t leave. I voted for Jason to help with Scott’s plan. That way it will also show LNJ see that we are tired of their crap. So highscoolish

      • Mell

        I thought about voting for him at first but I really like Justin so I don’t want Jason gone yet. Justin needs the number. Unlike Krissi or Morgan, Jason could get evicted. It may be too tempting for them not to. I want Shane or Danielle gone bad!! Lol

  13. Helen

    Pray tell me how calling someone a mental giant a personal attack? I don’t get it?

  14. Avatar

    Steve your 6:30pm update made me laugh/choke. LOL!!!

  15. Avatar

    I hope everyone in america is takeing note on how ugly they are talking about scott and the girls…. they need to be knock down a notch i hope one of them go home this week so america lets all get on the same page who do we want to nominate lets take a poll !!!!!

  16. Avatar

    I don’t get why there so mad that’s the girls went outside during the ceremony. I personally don’t think that was bad sportsmanship. The LNC just know how to talk shit and they do it all the time I mean look a Kryssie looking through rules to see if Scott broke any when she’s talk more shit then anyone in the house

  17. Mell

    Yes, apparently Krissi was looking to see if rules were broken when they went through her clothes. One of the guys said that was why. She obviously didn’t see Dick pour tea on Jens head or hold all her clothes for ransom. She also missed Jen tearing up and pouring bleach on Dicks cigarettes. She for sure doesn’t know Shannon cleaned the toilet with Hardys toothbrush and too many other examples to list. BB replaced the cigarettes and toothbrush so….I guess they could wash her clothes for her. Settle down Krustie, nobody’s getting ejected over laundrygate.

    • Mell

      Nevermind. Shane was wrong. She’s upset and looking at the rules about the speech. I guess she thinks something was personal or a low blow. I hope she never ends up in that house with Rachel or Janelle!

      • Avatar

        Wow no personal attacks? She must be playing bb junior edition with no bullying the bullies.

      • Avatar

        Kryspie is a big ass tattle tale. If she didn’t like what Scott said, why didn’t she confront him & tell him to his face instead of waiting til his back was turned so she could run & tell on him. I don’t see what was wrong with Scott’s speach. Maybe grandma Neeley will tell Scott to leave Kryspie alone…

      • Mell

        You’re right Ann. Scott asked her if she wanted to go talk and she didn’t. What the hell was up with that blanket, glasses and Neeley sitting there before and after the ceremony. She looked so old. (I really like Neeley) when she’s a have not, she’ll be in a coma because she was almost frozen sitting there.

    • Avatar

      Yea and wasn’t she there laughing when Jason and Shane rub there armpit and did all that stuff to the girls pillows so correct me if I’m wrong but I think what they did to the girls is worse. But I’m not complain it’s fun to see her running around and bitch because that side can dish it but can’t take it

      • Mell

        She’s way too emotional over everything!

      • Don

        You are so right the LNC can’t handle the frying pan however they sure like dishing slop out on the others. They way they talk about Scott just shows how bad of sports they are

  18. Don

    It is sure funny watching the girls sit outside. The LNC all have their tongues tied up but Jason. It is so sad to watch their childish actions. They have not won a HoH so they sit and act like little children n pout. But the LNC all think they are America’s favorite players. I say let’s go sisters knock them all down a notch.

  19. Avatar

    Ok This is my opinion I hope you are thinking what I’m thinking america vote either jason danielle or shane up on the block and hope scott will win the pov and leave it the same and one of them go home because right now they all have big heads and ack like they cannot lose and think we are all on their side !!! ok America please lets kick them in the butt and knock down there Hi almighty Attitudes who’s with me 🙂

    • Don

      LNC has to go down!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Mell

      Scott does want to get rid of Danielle or Shane. That’s why he doesn’t want them on the block. There will be two vetos won this week. He’s hoping they won’t even play innit. Worse case, only one of them. Jason will probably go home if he’s otb, not the shomance. Danielle or Shane up there gusts tees the play for vetos.

      • Helen

        I’m chicken!! You know the old BB saying…..pawns go home!!!

      • Mell

        I would normally agree with that but I agree with some of the houseguests, this is a new BB and needs to be played a little differently. We don’t usually have a nom, a vote and 2 vetos. Don’t worry, Danielle could still go home if she is a nominee but the odds are higher if she isn’t OTB. She has a 1 out of 7 chance to play veto or a guarantee she’s playing.

  20. Avatar

    Mell at least Kryssie is keeping it funny as heck for us. First she spouts off about her bb knowledge and then does dumb crap like running to the rule book! You just couldn’t write this good of a script for us if you tried. In her own disgusting way she keeps us going with our wtf did she say now fun.

    • Mell

      I think that’s why she doesn’t bother me too much. I’m certainly not rooting for her but she will destroy her game herself. She doesn’t need us to do it. She’s loony!

  21. Avatar

    I dislike the type or player Kryssie and she not cut out for this game but when she does things like run to the rule or book and act like a master of the game when she clearly doesn’t know it is starting to be funny on me. But now Neely been hanging out with the LNC to much and there starting to rub of on her. I like Neely for now but if she keeps going the way she’s going she’s going to start rubbing me the wrong way

  22. Avatar

    I love that the plastics went outside. It is great seeing Kryssie uncomfortable and quiet. It’s as if someone stuck an apple in her mouth!!

  23. Avatar

    The voting is open again, make sure to get in your 2nd round of votes

  24. caRyn

    Kryssie is being ridiculous. What does she think is going to happen?! They are going to have Scott apologize in front of the hg for calling Kryssie a giant?! Does she want production to make The Plastics apologize for making her feel uncomfortable and Scott to apologize for putting it (uncomfortable situation) in his speech?! Does she want them all to get a penalty or get evicted or does she want production just to give her the $250 and call it a day?! Smh, smh.

  25. Avatar

    I really wish we could nominate Kryssie or had put her on slop I want her to know that we don’t like her. I don’t know where she got this idea that she’s America favorite player but it’s driving me crazy when she talks all high and mighty

    • Mell

      Too bad she got the care pkg already. It would have been funny if by some miracle Shelby won next hoh and we gave next care pkg. to Krissi.

    • Avatar

      Lord I know I sure tried to put her on slop. And her head got so big with the care package she believes she is our little favorite. What a rude awakening she is in for. Hopefully sooner rather than later !

      • Mell

        I think she barely missed it this week. I bet anything she’s on slop next. I hope Neeley isn’t. She’s had to listen, smile and nod the most out of their group lately to Krissi’s crap. I’d like her to have a break.

      • Helen

        I want Krustie,Jason and Neely as have nots. Maybe they will re-evaluate what we think of them sitting and holding down the couches day in and day out complaining about everyone and everything.

      • Mell

        I don’t want Neeley as one but I’m good with the other 2. I’ll probably vote Krissi, Shane (if he’s still there) and Whitney. If Shane is gone, I’ll vote Krissi, Whitney and Morgan. (I want to keep the sides as even as possible so once the shomance is gone, I’m after the sisters) I get just as annoyed with Morgan saying they are the pretty ones as I do Krissi saying the are the good side of the house. It might be smarter to do Jason sooner than later tho for a HN. I want him to stick around for a while and be a shield for Justin.

      • Avatar

        @Mell, if Neeley would take that damn thing off her head & d/c them dark ass shades she just might feel better. She would damn sure look better. Lol

      • Mell

        Ann, she looked like a little old man sitting out there tonight! WTF

    • Avatar

      She would just go to production & complain about being on slop. She’s America’s favorite plaayer remember,,, NOT

      • Avatar

        @Mell, I told you she looks like jeepers creepers. Lol
        I don’t like looking at her when she’s sitting there with her head all tied up & those extra extra large black shades on looking scary.

  26. Mell

    This isn’t related to the Krissi talk we’ve been having but I though it was funny. Shortly before the ceremony, did anyone see Justin talking with the girls in the bedroom? They asked him or were teasing him about a potential shomance. He very seriously told them that he definitely didn’t want any shomance…but that he wouldn’t mind having sex with someone. He’s so genuine but hilarious at the same time. He also hugged it out with Shelby since they’ve argued off and on all day.

    • Helen

      Yes and after that he asked Morgan if she would cuddle with him tonight….she said yeah!! Bet her boyfriend is loving that!!!!

      • Mell

        I was so glad to hear him tell Jason that he knows what they’re trying to do. I don’t blame her for trying to play him. I’m just glad he isn’t falling for it.

      • Avatar

        Luckily for her boyfriend this should be her last guy in the house. Unless of course Danielle goes home and she moves on to Shane!

  27. Avatar

    It is so great seeing Scott outside with the LNC he said he wasn’t going to cower down and he hasn’t. So good to see him just standing tall for himself. He doesn’t seem to be a guy who has had a lot of chances to do that in his normal life. So good for him !!

    • Mell

      I agrer. He said a few minutes ago that he wasn’t going to feel bad for using them as pawns since they were trying to get him out last week. He did seem to feel bad about Neeley but Krissi has annoyed him too much to feel bad about and I don’t blame him.

  28. Mell

    Last few minutes:
    Krissi is still going off saying stuff like she hopes America puts him as a HN next week to pay his penance for squandering this opportunity he took from someone else. She also feels certain America saw what he did and is saying “f**k you dude, that’s our girl!”
    She has began to exaggerate Scotts speech. She wanted him to get the f**k out of her backyard.

    Jason just got another dig at Danielle over being a HN. She’s being mouthy and Jason is telling America that Danielle still hasn’t been put in her place. He wants us to do it again because he’s tired of hearing her mouth. He’s made quite a few comments to her since yesterday. He talks alot of crap but he’s pretty reasonable when he’s being serious. He gets that they arn’t guaranteed anything, they shouldn’t read too much into what we’re doing and it’s not cool to assume we are on their side. He begs us to do stuff but if you listen to his real conversations, you can tell. Maybe he’s matured a little since last year. (I said a LITTLE)

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Ugh I’m so annoyed that Krustie thinks we like her. PISSED that she is not a Have Not this week as she rightfully should be!

      • Mell

        I don’t thin we’ll have the numbers to get Morgan otb but I would love for her to be the 3rd nom (Krissi’s full of herself over it) then we kick out one on her side with our vote, (she’s pissed again) then she will console herself with thinking we love her and we just didn’t like the shomance (she will be happy again and then BAM, we put her on slop. It’s like a 123 plan for much deserved forced selfawareness! It’s like free therapy we’re offering …sort of.

      • Avatar

        Totally agree Gerardo we need to shoot her big butt soon. It’s sickening that she thinks we like her. My god that care package she got from us was useless. Of course her vast knowledge of the game is failing her again she has no clue of that!

      • Avatar

        Let’s make her ass a have-not next week & see what she complains about. Maybe she’ll self evict because you know she likes her food & she might not be able to stick it out without it. Maybe it’ll help her her burping & farting problem.

  29. Mell

    This is my last plea and then I’m going to bed.

    Let’s put up Morgan but vote out Danielle or Shane.

    Bonus points-the HG’s may have to stop trying to decide what we’re thinking. It will confuse the crap out of them!

  30. Avatar

    Us west coasters are just getting started with tonight’s dumbass show! God help us lol

  31. Avatar

    OMG. Just when you think it couldn’t be any worse, the intelligence levels in the backyard continue to drop! They are actually debating about the Kardashians

  32. Helen

    Okay,so I know that a housepets can not be voted two weeks in a row for have not. What about for eviction? I can’t remember if that was ever addressed?

    • Mell

      I think it was only for HN but good question. Both weeks, America’s vote is the person who went home so that hasn’t came up yet.

      • caRyn

        I don’t think we can vote for the hg to be nominated back to back. I remember thinking I hope the hg catch on that we want Cornbread out so if he doesn’t leave week one I hope the hg put him OTB week 2.

      • Mell

        You guys may be right. I don’t remember reading that one way or the other. I’m going to look and check what it says.

    • Mell

      I can’t find that either Helen. Didn’t you vote for Danielle they last time? Are you trying to vote her again and it won’t let you? I clicked on the “how it works” video of Julie explaining and you’re right, it didn’t say.

  33. caRyn

    Didn’t Alex have a disadvantage at the last HOH due stop her Veto loss? What was it?

  34. Mell

    Late last night:

    Justin ran through the house in sneakers and his underwear. Scott and bs watched from hoh cam and we’re laughing. No one seemed too offended!

    Shelby talks to Scott and bs about calling Justin out a little for throwing comps. She is referring to him taking a bathroom break during the last hoh comp. (I have to say, that was a new one for me to see)

    LNJ really wants Shelby gone. She’s what 75 lbs? How is that a game move? Neeley has backed off being as annoyed with Shelby somewhat. They feel like Morgan and Scott won’t be threatening once Alex is gone. They may fear Whitney a little.

    Grossmance makes out in white couch room and the HN room both.(details skipped)

    Shelby offers Shane her bed to Shane if it’s bigger. He declines and says he thinks they are the same size. (Danielle has already measured) They discuss how cold the HN room is. Alex and Shelby in socks, jackets, etc. Shane has no shirt on. Danielle isn’t there for this exchange.

    Scott offers his bed to Alex and Shelby because of having to listen to sexcapedes. He momentarily forgot about them being HN’s. It was well intentioned anyway.

    Hoh group discuss Shelby continuing to be nice to Danielle if Shane’s leaves. She talked to her quite a bit during the day. Shelby also says she on some kind of wierd slop high and she has energy, feels great and is being nicer to people.

    Scott tells bs about Danielle saying “when I’m on all stars…” and Alex is shocked and disgusted at her arrogance.

    Justin came outside to the couches with popcorn and Danielle told him to stop eating. She basically ordered Justin to make her a protein shake earlier in the evening.

    Shane mentions how much he’ll eat after he leaves if he’s the one evicted. (I don’t know if he doesn’t like the food choices they have but I’m guessing he hasn’t been eating as much in order to avoid eating around Danielle)

    LNJ feels certain a bs will be 3rd nom. Other side of house thinks they will too. Danielle keeps insisting the 3rd nom HAS to stay OTB. (I agree since I think it’s going to be her)

    Jason is under the impression that once the first veto is used and a replacement is put up, the second veto holder can use it on the new replacement nom. I didn’t interpret it that way but who knows. That isn’t specified and even if it is, we know they can change it anyway so well have to wait to find out.

    Shane tells Danielle it may not be a bad thing if America puts one of them up. (He’s right)

    Danielle tells Shane that if she’s up and wins a veto, she won’t use it because Shane could be the replacement. (I’ll beleive that when I see it-she’s already told Krissi she would save herself)

    Camera guy had a fun time zooming the camera in white sofa room between Shane and Paul’s comment on chalkboard “f**k shomances.”

  35. Mell

    Regarding rules for voting:
    I just found it. The cbs site isn’t letting me see the rules in writing. They only option I got was to click on a video of Julie explaining and she didn’t mention anything about voting back to back but the video ended very abruptly and I’m wondering if it didn’t cut some of it off. I got on BB Network and there was a written description of the rules. They said that that we can’t have the same nominee two weeks in a row. I suppose you could vote for whoever you wanted but if you’re voting for someone who was the nominee the week before and didn’t go home the votes against that person won’t count. For example, if you voted for Danielle last week and you want to vote for her again this week that would be okay because Monte was the third nominee, not Danielle. This is really going to suck if she wins the vote today, becomes the 3rd nominee but Shane is who ends up going home. We won’t be able to put Danielle up next week if she stays. BBOTT is some tricky business! Lol

    • caRyn

      Correct, America cannot vote for the same third nominee two weeks in a row. If the third hg doesn’t get voted out we have to rely on the next HOH to put our third nom from the previous week back OTB as one of their noms.

  36. Mell

    It’s looking like Danielle is going to be the 3rd nominee and it isn’t even going to be close for anyone wondering. If you were trying to get votes in for her, don’t worry and if you wanted to vote for someone else, it probably won’t help.

  37. caRyn

    Monday (PT):
    3rd nom voting ends at 9 am
    10 am: America’s Nom Reveal
    1 pm: Veto Competition
    7 pm: Weekday Replay

  38. caRyn

    11:27 pm (PT) Kryssie and Shelby in the bathroom. Kryssie telling Shelby how Scott broke the rules with his speech about the laundry. Shelby went and told The Plastics and Scott. Scott said it had nothing to do with the laundry. It was about the picture taking. Kryssie is trying to blame Scott for pissing her to the point that she wants to self evict.

  39. Renee

    I’m sorry, I’ve been away from the show and blog for a few days. Which veto did Scott choose? Also, I desperately want the showmance broke up because it is nauseating. I know Danielle is the more obnoxious of the two but as long as either of them go I’ll be good with it. Danielle will burn enough bridges if Shane goes, she’ll be intolerable to everyone in the house.

  40. Shivani33

    Will we get a Chyma moment soon?

  41. Avatar

    LNC pouting in bedroom. boo hoo

  42. Avatar

    I used to really like Neeley, but hearing her talk right now is killing me. The LNC is just hateful and spiteful. They don’t seem to realize that they are playing a game.. They just expect America to play the game for them. Hearing them talk after America’s nominee was announced was beyond annoying. I hope America keeps sticking it to LNC. I like Justin. I hope he pulls away from this toxic group of people.

    • Avatar

      Last night I said there was something about Neeley that didn’t sit right with me. Well I guess her true colors are starting to show.

    • caRyn

      Neeley has always been this way with a quick temper. Nelley can get pissed in a split second. No joke. And she holds onto the hate. I like Neeley so this is just an observation I have made with her since the beginning. People that hold onto anger concern me (inside and outside the BB house).

  43. Shivani33

    Oops. I meant back on Season 11, when Chyma Simone threw her mike into the pool when the game didn’t go her way. Sometime, between Krustie and Danielle, it looks like either one of them could flip out just about any time.

  44. Avatar

    Danielle is sitting her selfish butt up there crying because she sees now that America don’t like her. She should’ve thought about that while she was making a fool of herself on national tv. I hope her son’s father sees the comment she made about saving her child support checks to take her friends to the Bahamas. I guess going to the Bahamas is more important than feeding & taking care of her son. Sounds like he’s just a meal ticket. Better watch out Shane, you go & knock her up & she’ll be saving child support checks from you to take her friends on another trip.

    • caRyn

      Danielle is still not thinking and continues with the same ol, same ol fool talk. And Danielle is still point fingers at the other side of the house after America nominated her. Danielle isn’t asking herself what she needs to do to change and soaking in America’s decision.
      If Danielle does have the extra child support money left over why isn’t it going towards the child’s education or a savings account for him!

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