Good evening, everyone! It’s nomination night in the Big Brother OOT house, and things are going to get crazy!

Just kidding. It will probably just come and go because most of the house knows what’s going to happen. Scott told Jason about his plan to use two pawns, and Jason ran and told his side of the house. I am not sure if Scott knows they know, but either way, both Kyrssie and Neeley are expecting to go up.  They’ll probably just pout in the London room like they did last night during the first safety session, which will likely create a change for next week.


Last night, the plastics were daring each other to do all types of weird things for the safety meeting. Shelby had to take two pickles and have them talk to each other, Whitney had to draw a mustache, and Morgan put a zucchini down her shorts. They were trying to have some fun with it, but the LNC remained in the London room and sulked. That made for a very anti-climactic first night, and if they do it again, it will be even weirder because the HoH typically comes down and gives a speech and the house is split in two different locations.

Alright, doing some updates…

Note – Make sure you are voting for your favorite player!

  • 5:15pm – Alex and Shelby are outside chatting about random stuff.  Bodybuilding and working out. Shelby is saying by the end of the week, Alex’s abs are going to be popping (they’re both on slop)
  • 5:45pm – Shelby feels a poop coming along.  Great!
  • 6:30pm – Scott is getting a massage from Morgan.  What are the odds he has an erection?  I give it 3 to 1
    • scott-massage
  • 6:45pm – Neeley is talking about how she thinks Ebola is still out there and in a test tube.
    • Every once in awhile they release some disease so the pharmaceutical companies can make a fortune.  Hey, you go with your theories
    • Meanwhile, Morgan suggests they all go outside if the LNC remains outside during the ceremony.  They want to all be together
  • 7:00pm – Safety ceremony time
    • The LNC runs back outside, and the Plastics go out to join them like they said. No avoiding the girls this time
    • Morgan, Shane, Danielle, and Shelby safe
    • Neeley and Kryssie nominated
    • Scott comes out and says he really respects Neeley and expects her to give it her all. He tosses some shade at Kryssie by saying she doesn’t partcipate in some group activities.. whatever the hell that means
    • Kryssie rants about people going through her stuff, which is why she is nominated
  • 7:25pm – Shelby is the last holdover from the outside crew. She goes inside and they immediately start talking crap
    • They wondered why the girls all had to come out. Neeley says ‘to gloat’… says the side that has America on their side
  • 7:30pm – Oh boy, Kryssie going to the storage room to look at the rule book. I can only imagine why
    • Kryssie is hardcore raging right now.  She was looking through the rulebook to see if Scott broke a rule during his speech
    • kryssie-rulebook

      Kryssie checking the rulebook

  • 8:00pm – Voting is open for the 3rd nom.  I think we should not nominate Danielle or Shane to prevent them from playing


Check back for updates