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The Crying Game – BBOTT



It’s veto day in the Big Brother house, and once again tensions are at a boiling point over pretty petty reasons. Just another week in the BBOTT house, I suppose!

Last night, Scott finalized his nominees, and confirmed he was doing the rare double pawn move when he nominated Neeley and Kryssie. The problem is, neither of them took it very well, even though Neeley was told about the situation in advance, and Scott said he is pulling for her during the veto comp. Ironically, last week, Kryssie was pouting because they used her as a pawn without telling her, and now this week Neeley is still upset even though she was told. It’s quite the double standard on the side of the Late Night Crew, but that has been what I have come to expect this season out of them.

While Neeley was a slow burner and is currently raging today (I’ll post about that in my updates), Kryssie immediately got worked up and ran to the rule book to see if Scott broke any rules. My guess is she was checking both on the clothing situation (someone went through her bag?) and how Scott basically told Neeley she is a pawn. I know there are some type of rules about not being allowed to tell people exactly what’s going on, but even Jason told her it’s pretty much a rule nobody really cares about or follows. Kind of like the air pressure rule in the NFL before the Colts and Ravens cried to the league (yes, still bitter).


Back to BB. Kryssie says she found something in the rules but didn’t say exactly what it was. It was probably nothing and she knows it will go nowhere, but didn’t want to look stupid. I gotta admit, I have been trashing on Jason’s ‘game’ of sitting there smoking all season, but he is surprisingly very blunt with his crew about the situation and has been trying to calm the ridiculous situation from getting worse.

With that, we bring you to today and Neeley…

  • 10:15am – Neeley is in the bedroom with her group ranting and raving about the girls last night.
    • Her problem is allegedly not with Scott, but with the fact that the girls went outside to be with the house during the safety ceremony. Despite none of the girls actually saying anything, or taunting, or anything like that, Neeley has decided that was worse than any entitled people she has met. And believe her, she has met a lot working at Nordstroms. The richest of the rich and snobby people, but none of them were as bad as the girls joining the rest of the house for the nomination meeting rather than having Scott run around to deliver two speeches.
    • She is simultaneously ranting about how fake the girls are while being mad that they apparently smiled and cheered during noms. Wouldn’t pretending to console Neeley and Kryssie be considered fake?
    • Also, she casually leaves out how Justin literally got up and ran around cheering when havenots were revealed (because he wasn’t on it). This is not bashing Justin, he’s a weird dude, but to the three who were on HN, it probably didn’t feel very good to see someone cheering, even if it was because they were safe. Neeley made no mention of that, however.
    • Now she’s saying someone (Shelby) has a weird looking stomach and it’s bloated because she’s full of shit. As someone who plays the victim, you’d think she wouldn’t attack appearances.
    • Kryssie making fun of the girls for only knowing how to make coffee through Keurig because they’ve been ‘coddled’.  Shit, I grew up in a poor city, and I still don’t know how to use a coffee maker. I guess I’m coddled.
  • 10:25am – Ohh, I figured out the situation. While I was getting my oil change this morning, America’s Nom happened and Danielle is on the block
    • Also, veto players were picked: Justin and Alex.
    • Scott is in the kitchen telling him it’s fine if he doesn’t use the veto if he gets it
    • justin-vetotalk
    • Note – Veto competition is happening at around 1pm
  • 10:53am – Danielle wants to punch Scott in the mouth and close his gap.  As a fellow gapper, screw her
  • 11:10am – The LNC is still trashing Shelby in the bedroom. I guess Shane’s ex kind of looked like her, so they’re now trashing her appearance.
  • 11:20am – Scott is in the London room getting his laundry.  He leaves and says there is another load and he’ll be right back.  When he leaves, Kryssie starts trashing him
    • Seriously, this is the group that pretends to have moral superiority over the other side. At least Shelby admits she’s bitchy
  • 11:40am – Scott wants to call out Shane if he’s the final nom, and even mention how Shane offered Danielle as a pawn on week 1
  • 12:30pm – The house is waiting around for the veto comp in 30 minutes
  • 1:00pm – Here we go, veto time
    • veto-coming
    • veto-comp2
    • They stand around for awhile, Jason heads to the table and starts reading the card to himself. Feeds cut. Probably giving instructions right now because Jason started complaining about how long it was
    • Ok, it’s a head to head competition.
    • Each round, they need to complete their puzzle first
    • Scott chooses the Double Veto. This means the top two finishers win veto
    • Order: Kryssie, Danielle, Scott, Neeley, Justin, Alex
    • Round 1 – Kryssie challenges Alex
      • challenge
      • Alex wins Round 1 – Kryssie eliminated.
    • Round 2 – Danielle challenges Scott
      • Danielle wins round 2 – Scott eliminated
    • Round 3 – Neeley challenges Alex
      • Alex wins Round 3 – Neeley eliminated
    • Round 4 – Justin challenges Danielle
      • Note – Players remaining:  Justin, Danielle, Alex
      • This means Alex is guaranteed 1 veto
      • Justin beats Danielle – Danielle eliminated.  Justin and Alex win veto
    • Round 5 – Justin versus Alex
      • Both have won veto, but the winner of this round gets to use theirs first
      • After awkward silence, production tells Jason to crown the winners.  I guess there isn’t a first and second place.
      • pov-winners
  • 1:25pm – They are allowed inside and Danielle is having a meltdown. She is trying to get into DR
    • danielle-upset
    • Meanwhile, Shane remains outside with the boys while Dani melting down after DR didn’t let her in
    • She channels her inner Meech and cries under the blankets
    • dani-crying
    • This screenshot sums up the house right now
    • house
  • 1:30pm – The girls move to the HoH room and Whitney tells the group that Danielle came to the group raging because Justin didn’t throw the comp to her
    • They all think Justin was throwing it because of how slow he was going, but he wasn’t.
    • Meanwhile, Dani is wondering why Justin didn’t pick Alex. That would have guaranteed Dani a veto
    • In the Tokyo room, Jason is explaining to Justin that Dani thinks he should have thrown it
  • 1:50pm – Kryssie, Shane and Danielle are in the bedroom talking about plans on how to save someone.
    • Shane says the only way would be if Scott would put up a Shelby, but he’s not going to.
    • Danielle says he wants to make a big move in the game, and taking Shelby out isn’t.
    • Kryssie goes on ranting “That’s why you’re here? To mess with people personally?” (referring to Scott) .. no, big moves typically help your portfolio at the end of the season. Maybe watch a season or two of the show you’re going on first?
    • Kryssie continues “He wants to break up the couple because he’s lonely”… wow, low blows
  • 3:00pm – Once again, the difference in the house…
    • The LNC complains about the Plastics being petty, mean, etc, etc all while talking bad about each person (especially Shelby)
    • The LNC has been taking for granted the advantage that America has given them, and pretty much did no strategizing, yet still made out
    • The Plastics are very aware that Justin is trying to play both sides, so they’re being nice to him while feeding him what they don’t mind the other side knowing.
    • The Plastics tell Justin that they’re likely voting out Danielle so he’ll report to the LNC. They want the LNC to vote out Danielle while they switch it up and vote out Shane.  This will make Danielle think the house was split and didn’t want either her or Shane to stay.  It’s the little things like that which are impressive.


Going to close this thread and do a bit of homework


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  1. Avatar
    Aiden (99 comments)

    SOOO happy with the outcome this week. Hope Shane goes this week. Neely has gone down a lot in personality. What a bully. Same goes for all the Misfits. They are just mean and make things up to hate people about.

  2. Avatar

    The deflation of the LNC has begun !!!! Bring on the water works lol

  3. Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

    OMG Steve that pic of Neeley is HILARIOUS. Now I see what @ann and Mell have been talking about LOL! Neeley is demonstrating exactly why I haven’t wanted to speak too quickly about liking someone this season. I was JUST saying two days ago how I like her so much that I hadn’t wanted to bring up the fact that she looks WAY older than she claims to be. Now today she’s been calling Shelby every “bitch” she can think of for no apparent reason. Bye grandma Neeley, your time is coming soon (hopefully).

    And I know a lot of people didn’t want Danielle as America’s nom since it could mess up Steve’s ultimate backdoor plan, but I can’t help but smile. She really thought America loved her, and now we made her a HN and our nominee in the same week. I guess we’ve made ourselves clear.

  4. Avatar

    They are making it hard to like any of them. Jason is even going to start losing his fan base by association. Justin is starting to get annoying as well running back and forth talking crap about both sides. It’s fine to play both sides but don’t be petty about it ! I can’t believe I spend more time watching the plastics now. SMH

  5. Renee

    I don’t think Justin will use the veto if he wins it. He appears to be trying to like talking to everyone. The plan can now backfire if Neely continues to act a fool, everyone will want her gone instead of Daniele and we will be stuck with the grossmance even longer.

  6. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    It is going to be soooooooo hard to NOT vote Danielle out if she stays OTB and to vote on scotts behalf if he gets Shane up!! I want Danielle gone like yesterday!!!!

  7. Avatar

    Can’t wait till we can say goodbye to one of the LNC! They’re really getting on my last nerves.

  8. caRyn

    If I were Shelby and America didn’t put me OTB I would be cheering. Never cared.
    Justin doesn’t want to win Veto but has been asked that if he does to use it on Kryssie. Justin said he would not save Danielle so no worries there.

  9. Avatar
    Angiemel (192 comments)

    I have said from the beginning that there was something about Neely I didn’t feel right about. Well her theater make-up has started has started melting off. She is a pot-stirrer and fake AF. The picture above she looks like a 70 yr old woman without her teeth in. We all knows she and all the others wear the sunglasses so they can sleep and not be caught until the start snoring.

    I have not been able to watch the LNC when they are alone together all season. I would much rather watch the plastics and laugh at some of the crap Shelby comes up with. And don’t hate me for saying this but Whitney is getting on my nerves!!!!

    In last nights chats, someone suggested they do like survivor and drop the buffs which I think was a great idea. I think they should throw in an Amazing Race detour type comp and pair up people from each side of the house to play together and have the possibility of a U-turn where they have to do both comps.

    Just spouting off

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  11. Avatar

    All I can say is whenever Danielle does leave, (hopefully soon) I hope she does head straight to N.C. we don’t need her here anymore! Sorry to anyone in N.C. but she’s your problem now. LOL I seriously doubt that Shane will be that stupid though.

  12. Renee

    Is the father of her child that wealthy that she would have unused child support large enough to go on a trip?

  13. Avatar

    Neeley looks like a damn bat that ought to be hanging upside down from a tree in that picture above.

  14. caRyn

    I love that Shane is in the kitchen talking to The Plastics while Danielle is sulking in the bathroom watching Shane.

  15. caRyn

    The Plastics mentioned this morning targeting Justin and Jason next.

  16. kneeless

    I am loving stevebeans screenshots. It would be fun, when things get slow, to have a caption contest. Some of Shelby’s faces could have some good captions!

  17. Shivani33

    I’m beginning to wonder if Krustie can fart at will. She was talking about farting all over Scott’s things as if she has an endless tunnel of natural gas and can switch it on whenever she wants. That seems like an unusual skill.

  18. Avatar

    What was it that Danielle said when she lost the veto?

  19. Avatar

    Awww poor Danielle crying in the corner hahahahaha. The best part is she got beat by Justin who she was sure was throwing it !

  20. Avatar
    Angiemel (192 comments)

    My app freezes all the time whether on my laptop (on fast cable) or my phone and I missed most of the comp. I just knew when I refreshed this it would say hateful witch had won VETO. So proud of Justin for stepping up and winning. I will have to go home and try and watch it again. Time to put the love birds up against Krusti and make them all sweat

  21. Avatar

    Danielle Shane and Jason are all blaming Justin. Saying he blew it and showed he likes the other side and is working with them. oh boo friggin hoo

  22. caRyn

    The Plastics got their name based on their looks (Barbie). Now the name has a different meaning to me. LNC wear their emotions on their sleeve and you hear about every emotion they are feeling. LNC are extreme and they stay on an emotional rollercoaster. The Plastics are reserved with their feelings. Unless it is good news they don’t express much. The Plastics don’t talk from their souls. Morgan teared up some at the end of her slop days but it wasn’t that noticeable. When The Plastics show any emotion most LNC make a big deal about it. LNC (minus Justin) want The Plastics to be actual plastic.

  23. Avatar

    Now Jason is with Justin NEELY and kryssie, he told Justin about Danielle blaming him. They are going over their options and already decided Danielle is the one. Jason just told him that Danielle is starting crap saying justin is the one leaking info lil

  24. Avatar

    Now good ole Kryssie is stirring it up more. She went in and told Danielle and Shane what Justin just said. She has the waterworks on and is really playing it up.

  25. Avatar

    The scrambling continues but in the end it does appear that Jason and Justin are solid together. Although Jason was talking to Morgan a bit earlier and was discussing Justin so who knows. lol

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  27. caRyn

    I like that LNJ is listening to America and knows we want Danielle out.

  28. Avatar
    Aiden (99 comments)

    Wow Kryssie Not cool. How offence to Scott. Uncalled for. Wish you could here me now. And your considered a floater and Scott has been watching since S1.

  29. caRyn

    1:34 pm (PT) Danielle is playing the victim. She says she is being attacked by everyone. Danielle told Shane: Justin may be working with Scott. Danielle told Shane and Justine that Justin may be the leak. 1:38 pm (PT) Jason told Justin, Kryssie and Neeley what Danielle said. Justin, Kryssie, Jason and Neeley want to get rid of Danielle over Shane. Justin said to Kryssie, Neeley and Jason that he keeps telling LNJ that he doesn’t talk game with the other side and the other side doesn’t talk game with him. Kryssie thanked Justin (because he said he would use the Veto on her if he won) and Justin replied to Kryssie – you already know.

    • caRyn

      1:47 pm (PT) Kryssie is playing dumb talking with Shane and Danielle about Justin and how he played in Veto comp and his decison on how he plans to use his Veto. Like Justin said – You (Kryssie) already know.

      • caRyn

        Danielle telling Kryssie basically that she doesn’t trust Justin. Shane is next to Danielle agreeing.

      • caRyn

        Danielle, Kryssie convo: Danielle said Scott just wants to break up the showmance. Shane said if Justin is smart he will use the Veto on Danielle.

  30. Shivani33

    The LNC won’t miss Danielle at all. Last night when Neely, Krustie and Danielle were calling Shelby a crackhead from a meth house, Danielle said, ” and her ass isn’t even big enough for that.” Then she keeps saying how she wants to punch Scott, Shelby, etc. in the mouth or throat. And if she saw Shelby in real life, she’ll drag her down the street. Enough! You can see even Shane is moving off of it, except for the free booty. It’s more than time to cut her loose. Krustie better go soon, too. Neely could use a dose of slop. She could’ve been playing the middle to her advantage, but she’s losing ground. Several people are wrecking their own chances to stay in the game.

    • Avatar

      Wow I guess they hand out law degrees at Shelby’s meth house!! Danielle is such trash and is coming off so well to America. I feel sorry for her parents.

      • Helen
        Helen (5241 comments)

        And what is even more impressive is that she did it I think in 2 years…..she is very smart and may want to look at some acting gigs on the side while she builds her practice!!

  31. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    When are they going to let Shelby get rid of that caddy coustume? Geez!!!

    • Avatar

      It’s supposed to be around 7;00 tonight

    • Gerardo (Domini-CAN not Domini-CAN'T)

      I know right? Seems like it’s been forever already (does Danielle still have to fetch balls from the pool?).

      Some people may not like Shelby, but at least she is a good sport. She was just up in the HOH room with Scott a few minutes ago telling America that she really wants to be in the house, and even if we put her on slop every other week she will never even think about quitting. This is quite a stark contrast from the doom and gloom crew downstairs who cry every time something doesn’t go their way.

      • Helen
        Helen (5241 comments)

        Danielle hasn’t had to get a ball out of the pool for almost 2 days!! The last time she only had like 2 “Fores” called in 1 day and then none since!!

  32. kneeless

    I didn’t see the POV, but once again, Krispie Kritter is talking about how it was her kind of comp when she saw what it was. If everything is her thing & in her wheelhouse, how come she doesn’t win? She is so stuck in her vapor cloud & so full of herself!

  33. caRyn

    Shelby said Jason’s petty Krackel-hiding game backfired on him and only Danielle and Kryssie got upset. Shelby said Kryssie is the one who tried to blame the whole Monte and Justin fight on Scott. Scott thought it was Danielle but Shelby said Danielle started it and Kryssie kept it going.

  34. Avatar

    Has there ever been a season where so many people started to crack so early? This is my first season watching the feeds so maybe I’ve just missed it in the past.

  35. caRyn

    Shelby said she only watched episodes and thought BB was about comps and voting hg out. I am sure this has been as much as a shock to her as it has been to Justin.

  36. caRyn

    Justin told The Plastics and Scott that LNJ is voting out Danielle if she is OTB.

  37. caRyn

    Scott points out that Danielle is the hg to play in every comp. He also adds, how are you going to play in All-Stars when you don’t play well with half the hg now?!

  38. caRyn

    Neeley and Kryssie crying and feeling bad for Danielle. Shane feels bad for Danielle. Danielle is crying for Danielle. True story.

  39. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    Danielle is going to end up with a penalty vote before Wednesday!!!

  40. Avatar
    mbc (44 comments)

    If Neely isn’t at least 55 I’d be shocked! How anybody could believe she was even in her late 30’s is beyond me.

  41. LindsayB
    LindsayB (2276 comments)

    Oh snap!! Danielle just referred to the plastics as the big old C word!!! But that’s just cuz she’s so classy and innocent right?

  42. Helen
    Helen (5241 comments)

    I wonder if Justin is really going to use his vote?

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