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The Fall Of The Super Fan; Tuesday Night Feed Updates



Good evening, everyone! I had a nice day off today thank you to Brianna (who did an excellent job). I am feeling better and better about going away now that I have a few writers I can rely on combined with my tech guy monitoring over the backend of the site (credit him if you’ve noticed speed improvements over the last 2 weeks).  I swear every year I go on vacation and the site crashes.  This year, I finally feel confident.  On the downside, having my shift covered makes me sleep like Michelle (Paulie mentioned how she sleeps more than anyone he’s ever known – which is why they call her a cat). I guess resting up is good, as I’ll need it for next week. Speaking of, thank you so much to those who have donated this year. I really have been scaling back on the donation link compared to previous years, but watching the costs of the trip add up, I had to ask.

Enough about me. Time to talk about updates from the Big Paulie house. Yesterday, the self-proclaimed “super fan” did a speech during the veto meeting that likely sunk her ship. She finally decides to wake up and play, and it is when she’s sitting on the block next to the girl who is practically bumping uglies with the guy holding the power of veto. Good job! This is bonkersland to watch this season unfold. I can’t even begin to describe how bad these players are. Perhaps Michelle has resigned herself to going to jury, or maybe she really did only just realize that Paulie was running the house, but she took her time to not ask him to use the veto, but to make him a target.  She pointed out how he has played in 6 veto competitions and has won 3 of them for a 50% clip. I’m sure when she pointed out how good he’s been doing in comps, this is what his face looked like inside his mind…



Needless to say, any plan Paulie had of clipping Z while she was on the block pretty much went out the window when Michelle called him out in front of the entire house. Naturally, he was easily able to diffuse the situation with the rest of the house and laugh it off (because they’re bad), but at least she can say she went down swinging… considering that’s about all she can say about her summer in the house.

Time for some feed updates…. #butfirst  (seriously, BB hashtags that occasionally)

  • 5:00pm – Michelle and Victor head to the HoH room to chat.  As I look at the time of the feeds and the current time (5:45), I can’t believe it took me that long to write up those opening paragraphs. The sad part is, the grammar is probably still shit.
    • Walking up the stairs, Michelle talks about how she wants to get back to a normal sleep schedule. I guess she wants to get back to her 16 hours a day rather than 14
    • She immediately asks who he wants to stay this week. He tells her he wants her to stay, and she says she only needs 3 votes to stay if James uses his care package thing (2 votes removed)
    • Michelle points out how she’s heard people want her out because she is going to blow stuff up
      Mmmhmmm...Mmmhmmm... Yup.. Yup
      Mmmhmmm…Mmmhmmm… Yup.. Yup
    • She says she’s not coming after Victor or Bridgette… and she even means it! She also wouldn’t go for Paul
    • “It’s all about the numbers now, and having numbers to stay now” – Michelle….  (it’s always about the numbers, Michelle)
    • Victor says it’s in his best interest for her to stay (he is right). The problem he says is to sway people.
    • She asks if he trusts Paulie. “I do”…. “Really? After he backdoored you”. Ouch, Michelle going for the throat
    • Victor believes that there was an alliance of 8 and Paulie was on the outside, and it was them who basically manipulated his decision.
    • She points out how he was saying he wanted Paulie gone because he (Vic) is a physical threat)
    • “You guys are neck and neck. He doesn’t count your battle back competition wins”… look at Michelle go. Playing to Vic’s competitive side
    • “Btw, he is lying to you by saying the comp record is 10 when it’s really 7”.  Victor says he just wants to get to 10 wins on his own.  He has 6 right now (no, most people don’t count the 1v1 battle back comps. In order for it to count, it has to be a competition everyone – or veto players – play in, not just 2 evicted players)
    • Vic tells her she needs to talk to Paul. She said she has, but Paul is close with Paulie and probably scared of him
    • As expected, the conversation turns to just chatting about random things.
  • 5:20pm – Victor points out how James is doing his antics to win America’s Favorite again.
    • Michelle says the vets are getting $25k just to be there anyway (I heard something about them making more)  *cut to fish*
    • She asks to let her know if she’s going home so she can dress nice.
    • Trivia – Michelle has rear-ended 2 people and backed into 2 people with her car.  So hot tip, avoid Michelle if you see her driving
  • 6:30pm – They talk for a bit about non game crap, so I got bored and jumped live.
    • Now we sit here watching the daily Corey/Nicole show
    • corey-nicole
  • 7:00pm – Victor and Paul finish up a round of pool then we get to listen to Nicole chat with Bridgette while she drools over Corey who is working out on the other side of the yard
    • Nicole is gross this season.  Not her personality or her looks, but her gushing over Corey.  Get it together.  Listening to her talk to Bridgette about Corey is so weird. Do girls really act like that when they’re crushing on guys?
    • I can’t take this. I’m stepping out to get a strawberry lemonade from Wendy’s
  • 7:40pm – I’m back. Nicole removed her jaw from the floor and is jogging around the yard.  It must be because Corey went inside
  • 8:50pm – Everyone just hanging out. A few playing pool, Michelle in the hot tub.
  • 9:30pm – People still hanging around hottub chatting about various things.  The way they talk about uber makes me want to be a driver
    • Here is Z campaigning….
  • 10:00pm – James goes into the bedroom to wonder if Natalie is mad at him. She says no.
    • He keeps asking her if she’s mad.  These vets are sad.
    • “I tried talking to you today and you ignored me.  I have friends here who actually talk to me. But it’s cool” – Nat.
    • 5 minutes in, they’re still going back and forth about who ignored who throughout the day.
    • 20 minutes in, and James is still sitting at the foot of the bed having a very frustrating conversation with Nat.
  • 10:20pm – Switching feeds, Michelle says she wishes she could pull something from her butt right now.  Ok then
    • It’s a joke, she was referring to being able to make a move to stay in the game
    • She is talking to Bridgette about how Paulie is getting away with so much and nobody cares
    • Bridgette asks if Z knows she was the target earlier in the week. Michelle doesn’t know
    • michelle4
    • She asks Bridgette if Frank had any dirt on Nicole. Mentions how Jozea was right that Nicole is a snake
    • Michelle is regretting not using the veto on Frank.
    • She says ‘in that DR, I was this close to… ‘ *cut to fish*.. I’m going to guess the finish to that was ‘using the veto on Frank’.  This is because yesterday someone said how the veto speech is useless. In the DR session prior to the veto, they apparantly lock in their decision
    • Michelle said James votes on his own agenda, votes who he wants. Bridgette says “That’s a lie. He votes with the house” (true, James is super spineless in this game)
    • Bridgette is encouraging Michelle to say everyone is there to kiss Paulie’s butt during the eviction.
  • 10:56pm – Bridgette suggests her and Michelle flirt with Paulie to piss off Z and set her off before the end of the week.
    • Michelle liking Bridgette's idea
      Michelle liking Bridgette’s idea
    • Michelle says that Nicole was jealous of Bridgette during the midway party because she (Bridgette) was goofing off with Corey
    • So Bridgette wants to flirt with Paulie to have Z blow up and fight with Paulie before Thursday so he won’t want her to stay.  Clever
    • Michelle tells her to offer Paulie a testicle massage (lol.. first funny thing Michelle said this season)
  • 11:30pm – Talks have broken up. Michelle has moved into the room with Nat and James
    • She begins by sucking up to the couple saying they’re definitely not a grossmance
    • Michelle talks about the jealousy of the other girls (Nicole and Z)
    • The feeds were down a lot during their conversation, but it sounds like Michelle dropped some knowledge bombs on the couple
    • She told them Paulie talks shit about Natalie (which is true). He says he knows her friends, and knows Natalie is really a big party girl outside the house and is fake in it
    • Yup, Michelle is stirring shit up.  Now Natalie is going off on James about Paulie. She is telling him how Paulie flirts with her and says he is going to ‘wifey her up’
    • James keeps making excuses for him, and Natalie calls James out for it and says she shouldn’t have told him because James will take his side
  • 12:30am – Can’t sleep, flight anxiety kicking in, plus the feeds are interesting
    • Bridgette enters the room and talks a little about keeping Nicole. She tells them how they want to flirt with Paulie in ‘operation make Z jealous’.  James suggests one of those two do it.  Natalie is blown away
    • natalie-james-brid
    • They tell Bridgette how Z used to throw away her cookies.  Bridgette jokes how she’s going to send them cookies every month when they leave
  • 12:50am – Bridgette is in the bathroom HORRIBLY flirting with Paulie. She needs work.
  • 1:00am – Some whispers from Paulie and Nicole how they have to win the HoH for the double.  I guess I should hit the sack now

Overnight in the mornign


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  1. Avatar
    Sharon Boo (1 comments)

    Why does America like James. He goes back on his deals and his pranks are obnoxious.

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      I can not understand that either ……….I think they just remember his Silly side

    • Avatar
      SRP91 (106 comments)

      I think it’s because they see him working so hard to get the girl and he can’t so he comes across as the loveable friend (to them, not to me, I think his pranks are stupid) and they take pity on him.

  2. Avatar
    James (1 comments)

    Gosh the house has been so boring since day left. this might be the first time in a while I stop watching the show mid season

    • Avatar
      Tina (5 comments)

      I haven’t watched at all since Da left because it’s boring the guys will run the house and the stupid girls are love struck and don’t realize the guys are getting rid of them. They will regret not getting together with Da and Bridgette and getting the guys out. BORING

  3. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    She asks if he trusts Paulie. “I do”…. “Really? After he backdoored you”. Ouch, Michelle going for the throat….Meech is working it ….playing the game ..IF she goes PLEASE round trippHer!

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      competitive side
      •“Btw, he is lying to you by saying the comp record is 10 when it’s really 7”. Victor says he just wants to get to 10 wins on his own. He has 6 right now (no, most people don’t count the 1v1 battle back comps. In order for it to count, it has to be a competition everyone – or veto players – play in, not just 2 evicted players)
      •Vic tells her she needs to talk to Paul. She said she has, but Paul is close with Paulie
      ….I count Vic comeback wins ……….ummmmmm, cause he won his ass back into the house…………why not count them?

      • Mello_One

        @ nachomamma
        Ikr!!! I hope Big Meech can OPEN their eyes to where exactly this season, & Game is going if they don’t make a move now!!

        Bridgette, Paul, Nat Nat, Victor, & Meech all see Paulie’s Major Influence in the House, but they are afraid to go against Paulie?! If they sent Zakiyah out this Thursday that would be “HUGE move against Paulie, and Game On!”

        Zakiyah is not in the BB House for the game…She is there to find a Baby Daddy, & Paulie is “not” the One Girlfriend! But that is how delusional Zakiyah is, she believes Paulie likes her as much as she likes him…Smdh

  4. Quwana

    omg did I just read that there is game talk and Paulie is finally looking like a threat???? FINALLY!!!!! YOU GO MEECH!!!!!! Ok finally James nor Victor are not thinking but thank goodness Meech is….yes get Z out and go after the big dog….I am really hoping this goes right Hey Victor you got backdoored Day told gave you a hint and Michelle has given you some vital info….USE IT and play the game yes this is making me happy only if this goes the right way….really proud of you Michelle really proud #finallysomegametalkthatisntintheinterestofPaulie

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      Corey volunteered to have his vote cancelled …will James be a PPPPPUPPPet to Pissin in the Pool Paulie ………. or try a … think for myself , this is best for my game move ?

      • Quwana

        that is a great question and ctfu @pissin in the pool paulie lol let’s hope James play the game which game? the big brother game….

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (599 comments)

      this kinda reminds me of when Jessie Kowalski, tried to get everyone rallied to take out Amanda BB15 and than the bottom fell out nothing happened and Jessie got evicted. To little to late.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Only problem is Q, Slick Vic is to stupid to put 2 + 2 together (what Da and Meech both told him). IF, and that’s a BIG if, he does spend some time thinking and putting things together, maybe, just maybe he’ll try to persuade Paul, James and Gidget to keep Meech. I keep wondering whose votes James will nullify. He can’t use them on himself and Production says he HAS to use him. Knowing him, he’ll take the path of least resistance. Someone already mentioned that Bambi has offered to give up his vote. Anyone offering would be perfect for James because he’s scared to make that decision himself, for fear of ‘going against the house’. If anyone offers, he’ll jump right on it.


    • Avatar

      Dream on. They all trust Paulie and the few that don’t have no influence to do anything about it

  5. Elaine
    Elaine (2449 comments)

    I am bailing out of this season….it is horrible and I can’t take anymore! I wanted to thank Steve and Amy for the day and night shift feed reports….great jobs within a really limited and disappointing season. Steve, hope the Beans family has a great vacation…stay safe! Amy, Best Wishes to you and your husband-to-be for your wedding and upcoming marriage. Much happiness! To the rest of the fun, faithful folks who post here….have a good year and I hope to return next summer! Hope production does a better job moving forward. Take Care Everybody!!

    • Avatar
      nachomamma (179 comments)

      Last chance …Thursday…….then I might bail also……………..I only watch the live evictions…….but double evict wishing for a MAJOR game changing move

    • NKogNeeTow

      Dammit Elaine….SIT DOWN! You’d better not leave me. If I have to stay, you have to stay. Now SUCK IT UP BUTTERCUP! 😛

      • ShoeLover

        hey yall, I am here laughing and biting my nails! holy moly cows Michelle is working it!!! Screaming in my head ( hubby will wake if I scream for reals ) WAKE UP FOLKS!!! The mean girl is turning smart and fake tears tissue time is over, and she is gossiping (the good stuff). Somebody please see this and not think she is only blowing smoke to stay in the house. REAL TALK!!

  6. Avatar
    Gerardo (2748 comments)

    I appreciate the last ditch effort Michelle is making, but I think it is too little too late for her. She’s been whining about how they’re dashing her dreams as an alleged BB super fan by evicting her so early. You know what Michelle, if you wanted to have the full BB experience, here’s a thought– why didn’t you try actually PLAYING BIG BROTHER?

    Up until this week she was just playing Mean Girl in Junior High along with everyone else. Michelle actually won what could have been the most pivotal Veto of the summer, but she foolishly chose to do absolutely nothing with it. If she had chosen to take Frank off the block, that could have changed the course of the entire game. They could have teamed up with Vic (while he was still pissed at Paulie for backdooring him) and Day, and really formed a powerful alliance that could’ve given Paulie’s crew a run for their money. Or she could’ve at least negotiating some deals with Paulie’s crew in exchange for her not using the Veto. But what did she do instead? Nothing. She did nothing with her Veto and got nothing in return for it. And now she’s finally reaping the rewards of playing a lazy game and doing “what the house wants”.

    Don’t get me wrong though, I am happy that SOMEONE is finally trying to snap these idiots out of their “worship Paulie” trance. I think she’ll be going the jury house this week (unless she has the roundtrip), but I hope at least she may be getting through to some of the remaining house guests. They’re running out of time to make a move against Paulie. They need to get him out soon (preferably when they can still back door him, since he’s dominating them in the competitions).

    • NKogNeeTow

      So true Gerardo. I hope she can get through some of them too. And I hope she does it before the vote, so they keep her to go after Paulie. But I doubt it.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I’m watching BBAD and it looks like Bridgette is trying to help Michelle flip the votes. I’m really hoping they can somehow pull this off, but I’m just not optimistic given how pathetic these houseguests are. I hope Bridgette wins HOH on Thursday. Seems like she is ready to make a major move, and since it’s double eviction there won’t be time for anyone to talk her out of it.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Thank God! I thought I was watching it alone! Annie has already deserted me…lol.
        Check back with you later 🙂

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        Haha, I’m trying to hang in here! Michelle and Bridgette’s conversation tonight is the most interesting conversation I’ve heard on BBAD all season. Hope this materializes into something!

      • NKogNeeTow

        IKR! I’ve been riveted to the chair trying to hear it all…lol. Gidget just told Meech that they should flirt with Paulie to piss Zzz off because she’s jealous. Meech told her that Nic is jealous of her (Gidg) and Nat because she thinks they flirt with Bambi.

        They are working HARD to come up with something to blow Paulie up!

    • Mello_One

      @ Gerardo & NKogNeeTow….Count me in with U two also!!! I got all my Fingers, & Toes Crossed that Bridgette, Michelle, and Nat Nat will Flip the house on Paulie!! Nat Nat is trying to keep on James to use his block of 2 Votes Strategically! This is the BEST TIME for them to Flip on Paulie?!

      Plus I am tired of watching the Train Wreck of a Showmance with Zakiyah & Paulie…Last night the Girl actually admitted she has been in Physically Abusive Relationships before, this girl has issues…Smdh

      • NKogNeeTow

        MELLO! Welcome to the late night party….rofl

      • Avatar
        Cyn (782 comments)

        Z is wasting her time. Especially since Nat revealed, Paulie has been flirting with her even asked to kiss her. He truly is real scumbag and I hope they flip the house. Let him start sweating a little.

  7. Avatar
    Tina (5 comments)

    This is the worst BB Frank and Da should have stayed and got together or the love struck women should’ve woke up. Either way nobody will make a big move, all the women will be out, and Victor, Paul, and Paulie will be the final boring 3.

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Nat and James are having one of those stupid ass Paulie/Zzz type arguments. He’s trying to guilt her about avoiding him today and she’s having none of it. She tried to talk to him at the table but that convo didn’t get very far (to be honest, the bulk of the convo was her trying to get him to admit there is a male alliance). She leaves and gets in bed and he comes in and confronts her about why she hasn’t talked to him all day. She tells him that she tried to talk to him this morning and he didn’t seem to want to talk so she “has other friends in the house she can talk to”. He seems annoyed by that comment (he actually sounds more annoyed that she has other people in the house she can hang out with, instead of laying up under him). He sounds like he’s jealous that she has other friends. She keeps telling him that she doesn’t care (and the look on her face says she means it). James is acting like a love sick puppy…and she is not.

    BTW, it was Nic The Rat that started it all. She was laying in the hammock telling Bambi that she feels bad for James because Nat seems to be avoiding him. She tells him that maybe he should talk to James. He clearly wants to stay out of it. So, when they go inside to the kitchen, James and Nat are sitting at the bar talking and Nic says something about they haven’t seemed to hang out much together today. That was the catalyst for the conversation. So not only is The Rat trying to run her relationship, but now she’s a love counselor for others.


    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Nicole shouldn’t be pitying James, she should be pitying herself. She’s making a bigger fool of herself than James is, she just doesn’t know it yet.

      • Shivani33

        Nicole is just pretending to pity James. Actually she is jealous of Natalie and would love to see her out of the game. Last night she gave Zakiyah quite an earful about it. She thinks that Natalie flirts with “her man,” Corey – apparently oblivious to how Natalie treats everyone in a fun, playful way. Nicole often tries to sound all concerned and compassionate when she’s digging for dirt. It’s one of her techniques in the game. But her dislike for Natalie is personal, a duck fretting over a swan.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You got that right Shi. Nic is just what Jozea called her….a snake. Both she AND Paulie. And you know what they say about snakes. Kill the head, the rest will die.

  9. NKogNeeTow

    Gidget and Meech talking in the pool. Gidget says that maybe she, James, Nat, Meech and Vic can pull together, but one of them has to win HOH next week. They seem to be having an open, honest conversation. I don’t know whether Gidg is just humoring her or is serious, but if she’s serious, we might just have a game going Boys and Girls! They are telling each other things they know about people in the house. Gidg sounds like she might vote to keep Meech if they can get others on board. Gidg says “Let’s blow shit up”, then squeels and claps her hands. They say James is a wildcard and they can’t read him. They say they have to talk to him to see what he can/will do. At the moment, I’m not sure James would be in a mood to talk game. He’s to busy trying to brow beat Nat into a relationship. If she doesn’t give in, he’ll be to depressed to talk game….not that he’s actually anyway.

    Gidget is telling Meech that Corey told her he doesn’t really trust Paulie….Oh oh, now it’s starting to sound like a setup…..Careful Meech….
    Gidget is saying that if they can convince Paul that Paulie is not on his side, they might have a chance. This is the most game I’ve heard Gidg talk to anyone. And I’m starting to get a little worried about Meech (knowing how people in the house will get you to spill your guts then run back and tell everything to Paulie….case in point, Nicole).

  10. NKogNeeTow

    DAMN! Sunburn has got it! She just told Gidg that when she makes her Eviction night speech, she’s going to tell the HG that “If you want to just hand over 500K to Paulie and Nicole….”. Gidg is egging her on. Meech said she caught on to Paul and Paulie about 2-3 weeks ago when she won the Veto and Paul/Paulie told her not to use it.

    Meech told Gidg about the 8 Pack and how Paulie wasn’t in it but somehow found his way in. They are bonding really well. I hope Gidg isn’t just pulling her leg. Meech is being straight up with her and putting it all on the line. If Gidg is serious, she’ll help her, if not, she’ll sink her.

    In the bedroom, Nat is whispering to James about a theory she has about the players. She ask him if she’s right. He just looks at her and says something about her kneecaps. This boy is to stupid to be in a relationship with a real woman. The next Care Package America sends him should be a blow up doll.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Nat is a lot smarter than people give her credit for. She has Paulie completely figured out and she’s try8ing to convince him to keep Michelle, because she will be coming after Paulie and Nicole (not James and Nat), and keeping Z will only make Paulie stronger. God I hope he listens to her!

    • Mello_One

      @ NKogNeeTow
      I don’t think Bridgette is pulling Meech’s Leg, earlier today she told Michelle that she didn’t want her to be evicted from the house…Then all of the people (who I believe are gonna FLIP) met in the Safari Room ~ Nat Nat, Paul, Victor, Bridgette, and Meech…With James making a Cameo…LOL

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  12. NKogNeeTow

    James just told Nat that Zzz is in love and will walk out the door if Paulie told her to and he knows why. Jut as he was going to tell Nat why, the daggone camera cut to Gidget/Sunburn.

    Gidget just told Meech that Paulie/James told everybody that Meech is gunning for James/Paul/Paulie. Meech is telling Gidg to just make sure if she goes, that she (Gidg) is safe. Meech says that she’s going to blow up Paulie, Paul and James because he’s a flip flopper. Then she went into the house. Damn, that was the best conversation on BBAD all season!

    Meech went into the room with Nat/James. Meech is telling James that Corey/Paul said she’s coming after him. She told him that’s not true.

  13. Avatar
    Gerardo (2748 comments)

    I’m actually getting a little excited for Thursday night! Did you hear James though? Trying to convince Natalie that she’s wrong about her theory of what’s going on in the house, even though she is 100 PERCENT CORRECT?? James is really starting to piss me off.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Yep, and now he’s telling Meech and Nat that he “has to see where everyone is at”….again with that going with the house crap. I am actually starting to hope they get James out soon. He might have been cute and charming last season, but this season he’s just a waste. He just wants to sit on his ass and hide out to keep safe. He’s such a coward. I’m even hoping that Nat is the one to take him out. He’d deserve it.

      Meech is trying to convince to James to keep her and use his Care Package thing on Paulie and Gidget to throw every one off. But I think if she needs Gidget’s vote, he shouldn’t nullify her vote. James is saying that he doesn’t want to piss off the wrong people. PLEASE GET RID OF JAMES! Meech even told him that if Paulie starts to come after him, she’ll take the hit and put the target on her back. He’s still scared. The more he talks, the more I’m starting to hate him too. Hint James: If you want a woman, try being a man.

      • Mello_One

        @ NKogNeeTow
        I am soooo Freaking disappointed in James this Season…The ONLY reason why the Dudes won’t break with Paulie is because he has promised to get rid of all the Girls 1st, and bring the Boys along with him! But that is a Lie, he has plans to get rid of James, & Victor NEXT!!!

  14. Kari B.
    Kari B. (821 comments)

    Just started watching tonight’s Big Brother after Dark here in Seattle.

    Although I’m not as repulsed by Paul as I was in the beginning. (I still think his tattoos are FUGLY,, but that’s beside the point) the way he’s talking about how he approaches woman in the bar is about as offensive as I could possibly imagine. I can’t even understand how any woman would be okay with that. Have a little class. What a concept.

    Is my old lady hate of the F-bomb shining through tonight or what??

    Off my soapbox, LOL

  15. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, the strategy conversation was going great then Sad Ass James ask Meech what she thinks of him and Nat’s relationship. Meech and Nat tries to bring the convo back to game talk and Stupid Ass James keeps trying to steer it back to him and Nat (who clearly doesn’t want to talk about it anymore).

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Natalie was smirking quietly the entire time Michelle was stating her case, because Nat knows Michelle is right. Of course all James could say in response was “but what if I piss someone off??”. I can’t even stomach these cowardly ass “players” anymore.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    @Stevebeans: If you’re still up, I love the screenshots you put up. I only get Jokers, so I get a kick out of seeing the pictures…lol

  17. Avatar
    andrew (6 comments)

    im confused is Bridgette single or no? i keep seeing different places saying different things

    • NKogNeeTow

      I think she’s single Andrew. And welcome to the late night party 🙂

      • Avatar
        andrew (6 comments)

        oh ok because i thought i saw on here she wasnt single idk i guess everyones confused haha but if she isnt single she might be after all the flirting shes done with frank

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      I remember a few weeks ago when Frank was still in the house, he and Bridgette were having a conversation about relationships and they both gave Frank’s girlfriend a shout out on the live feeds. I remember assuming Bridgette must be single, since she made no mention of a boyfriend in that conversation and didn’t send anyone a shout-out of her own.

      • Avatar
        andrew (6 comments)

        hu ok because i keep seeing people say she has a bf but is being quiet about it that is odd they shouted his gf out yet were semi cuddling half the time idk kind of odd to me but who knows

      • Avatar

        She has mentioned her boy friend several times but not in awhile. Once she told frank people were jealous of her because she had food job and good boy friend.

  18. NKogNeeTow

    Nat is questioning James about things that Paulie has said about her. He just keeps telling her that it’s probably things that she already knows. She’s getting pissed about it because MaryAnn is cursing up a storm. She has the “F” and “S” bomb all over the place. She keeps trying to talk about it and he keeps changing the subject. He keeps making excuses for Paulie and Victor. I see why she doesn’t want his wheesly ass.

  19. NKogNeeTow

    Gerardo, Kari, and Mello, I’m glad there is only 30 minutes left in this show. I’m tired…lol

  20. NKogNeeTow

    Meech wants to talk to Paul about Paulie but she thinks he might be a lost cause (she’s probably right). Gidg tells her to talk to him tonight, while Paulie is still sleeping. Meech said she’ll tell him that since she’s going home, she wants to tell him a few things that Paulie said about him (he probably won’t believe it, but OH if he does!).

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      That’s the only thing I have been kind of surprised about regarding Bridgette and Michelle tonight. They both seem to think they can get Paul on their side. Paul must be playing a better game than I thought if he has these people thinking that he’s not completely, 100 percent up Paulie’s ass (which he obviously is).

      • NKogNeeTow

        Isn’t it pitiful how gullible they all are?

      • Mello_One

        But Gerardo…Both Paul, & Victor have said that Keeping Meech is better for their game! Because they both know that Zakiyah will do whatever Paulie wants her to do, plus she is a vote for the Nicole, Corey, & Paulie Alliance.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        That’s true, but I was thinking that since the core of Michelle’s argument on why she should stay is because she wants to take down Paulie (who is dominating the house) that might not be persuasive to someone like Paul (since Paulie is his number 1 ally). You’re right though, Michelle may be able to get Paul’s vote. But she will need to focus on convincing him that keeping Z is dangerous for his game, instead of trying to convince him that they need to start an uprising against Paulie.

  21. Avatar
    nachomamma (179 comments)

    If James pulls a PPaaulie , I will be done with him ….

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Well, BBAD is over here. Guess I’ll hop over to Jokers for a bit to see if Meech gets a chance to talk to Paul before Paulie wakes up for his report…lol

  23. NKogNeeTow

    Keep posting Guys. I’m tired but tonight’s BBAD has me so wound up, I can’t go to sleep. FINALLY, some excitement! I’ll be jumping back and forth between here and Jokers while watching TV. This pisses off the husband off so bad because he says during the fall, winter and spring I can’t keep my eyes open past a certain time for anything, yet I stay up all night during the summer to watch this dumb crap…LOL

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      My takeaway from tonight is that there just might be a glimmer of hope for this season after all. Three of these girls (Michelle, Bridgette, and Natalie) finally woke up and may be ready to challenge Paulie for control of the house. I hope they team up and pull this coup off so we can finally have a game on our hands!

  24. Kari B
    Kari B (821 comments)

    Hey I have a question completely off the subject of BB.

    In order to put a photograph up here or do a little bit of detail on the profile is it a membership to need to purchase that have that access or am I just missing something? Thanks

    • NKogNeeTow

      No Kari, the site is free. Just go to the top left of the screen I think and register. I can’t really remember, I use to read this blog all the time but I just registered about 3 years ago. Once you register, you can add a photo or avatar under “profile”. You can even Friend people on here now. Steve and his crew have really made a lot of nice improvements to this site. Try it now if you’ve got time 🙂

  25. JD

    I am in CA also. I don’t get BBAD but I love all your comments! All I have to do is thumbs up because ya’ll are spot on.

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Jokers: Gidget says she, Vic and Nat want to keep Meech and ask James how to go about it. He tells her it’s a sticky situation and they would be going up against a tyrant (Paulie).

    James just gets dumber and dumber or scarier and scarier. That fool doesn’t realize that Paulie is only a tyrant because they let him be. And if James, Gidget, Nat, Victor and Meech all go up against him, it’s a 50/50 split house and at least they would stand HALF a chance of winning. And if they get Zzz out, The Godfather, Nic The Rat, Bambi and Paul would be out numbered and THEY would rule the house.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      As I’ve stated in previous threads, I’ve never been a James fan but I also never disliked him either. However, after tonight, I think I’ve officially become a James hater. He is just too pathetic for me. First he starts an argument with Natalie because he felt she wasn’t showing him enough attention today (seriously bro?). Then he repeatedly shoots down her theory of what’s going on in the house. And now, of course, he is trying to stop everyone from making an actual game move that makes sense just because he is afraid to make anyone mad.

      I wish someone would just come right out and ask him “dude, what did you even come in this house for? To win the game? Or just hang out and cuddle?”. This man is a joke.

      • Mello_One

        I’m thinking that Nat Nat is feeling the same way that you are Gerardo…Natalie has been avoiding James all Yesterday, & today..Maybe he can see that Nat Nat is using him to get further in the game. Nat Nat is being Very Stern with James on BBAD tonight…Both are feeling Ignored 🙁

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Mello: I’m glad she’s being stern with him. Looks like she’s starting to think for herself or at least play her own game. I think she’s starting to see right through him too. I think she’s not in a good place to give him an ultimatum…if he wants to continue to be close to her, he has got to stop treating her like she’s as stupid as he is. The tough little soldier talks a lot of smack but as soon as he thinks she’s mad at him, he becomes just as unglued as the rest of the girls in the house. Way to go Nat! Now use it to your advantage. Either he plays with you or against you.

    • Mello_One

      Agreed, I’m so disappointed in James Game this Season, he is such a putz! But James is going on the belief that Paulie is going to bring him, and the other guys to the finish line.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2748 comments)

        I don’t get these guys, how many people do they think can win Big Brother? 5? They can’t all think Paulie is going to take them to the final 2. Do they have an end game at all?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Not buying it Mello. He knows better. He’s been here before.

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  28. NKogNeeTow

    Nat is making a good case to James about getting Paulie out or he will win the game. James is still resisting saying now is not the right time. She ask him “When will be the right time, when he gets me out?”. James is still resisting. You’re right Mello, he IS a putz.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Wow Nat is ON IT tonight! Even before I finished reading your comment, I thought to myself “when WILL be the right time? After you’re both sitting in the jury house??” Then I read on and saw that Nat said almost the exact thing in response to James.

  29. Mello_One

    Someone on Jokers discussion just said that Paulie is gonna bring Zakiyah with him to F2, In other words Zakiyah is Paulie’s Victoria, with special benefits! Paulie knows that no one will vote for her to win, so it’s money in the Bank…

    But I kind of believe that Paulie would win with any of the Boy sitting next to him also, that’s why he needs to GO!

  30. Kari

    Testing to make sure that the profile picture I put up works. 😉

    . After Dark is boring me to tears so I’m heading to bed. Goodnight everyone and thanks for the help!

  31. Mello_One

    You know who James reminds me of….HELEN from BB 15! She was always saying that it was “Too Soon” to get rid of Amanda, until Amanda got rid of her…LOL!

    • NKogNeeTow

      He’s such a wuss. He just told Nat that he’s sure no one is going to put him up and Paul just told Paulie that if he wins HOH he is putting up James and Nicole…lol.

      Zzz just told Nic The Rat that Meech told her Paulie wouldn’t care if she was gone. Zzz also tells her she will never believe anything that Meech is saying (wasn’t it just Sunday that Meech was her best friend?). Nic tells her she should tell everything that Meech has told her. Nic and Zzz…2 rats commiserating.

  32. NKogNeeTow

    Okay, it’s 5am. I’m really going to bed this time…lol. Night Mello, Gerardo and whoever else is still here 🙂

  33. Jannie

    NKogNeeTow – Well, look at the little party you all were having last night!
    Sorry, I missed it…but so happy that I could catch up with all of your awesome comments. 🙂
    Hoping against hope that the house wakes up, gets rid of Zzzz(ugh, seeing her cuddling Paulie), and gets together to “whack” the Godfather. And send Nicole’s lying butt out right after him.
    It would be the only move that could save this god awful season.

  34. Colby

    Per Jokers:
    ‘Natalie says her game plan was to play under the radar and make sure to get to Jury and then turn it on & she is not about to let people like Paulie win this game. -jaguar3’
    Guess I was thinking right!
    She is on fire right now and telling them how it needs to be.
    Guess we will see if they can actually pull it off.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2748 comments)

      Yes, you were definitely right. As you can see, we were all very impressed with Nat last night! I think she’s officially “in the game” now.

  35. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    I think Nat, Michele, Bride, Paul and James are all on to Paulie and his lies. If one of them can win hoh and the veto, they may get Paulie out! YES, finally the game moves are commencing! I’m so excited to see Paulie/Nicorey faces come eviction night. Z is Beyoncé pitiful and a fool in love with a man that has played her royaly.

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