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The Man Show; Wednesday Night Feeds

Did someone mention Christmas??

Good evening, everyone! Today was day 2 of having writers get their feet wet for both my vacation and Amy’s return to school, so I want to think Pamela for the fine job she did today. I really appreciate the people stepping up to help, as it will make going away a bit easier on the mind.  In addition, my tech guy/programmer has been busting his butt fine tuning the site to try to maximize speed.  Hopefully you guys have noticed improvements in that area, and will be able to visit the site without it crashing on Thursday nights as well.


Before I talk about the feeds, let’s talk about the Veto episode. It was good that CBS was starting to reveal the train wreck of a relationship that is Paulie and Z. I think they did a good job showing how Z is a bit immature, while also showing Paulie is an asshole. While I understand people do anything to win the game, I just don’t feel it’s right to hook up with people just to string them along. Paulie may not be doing that as a strategic move, but he is clearly betraying the trust she thought she had with him. Natalie called out Victor for ‘treating women like crap’, but the reality is he at least had the decency to recognize they weren’t going to be a thing, so he called it off with her.

Ok, on to the feeds:

  • 7:45pm – They have been down for about 90 minutes now, and went from fish to Jeff. Speculation is that they’re having the mid-season party, and it sounds about right.
    • Oh, and about 2 hours ago, Michelle was crying (shocker), and Paulie was sitting there trying to comfort her. I guess once again she is worried how she is going to look on the outside, and missing home, etc. Paulie rambles on and on about how they don’t know anything going on outside the house. There could be a major war, big things can be happening with their family, and they only are really told if someone dies.  This makes Michelle cry even more… good job, Paulie.
  • 8:15pm – Feeds still down
  • 9:00pm – Feeds back. It was the party. Bunch of pizza boxes around, and Paul is saying he’s wasted (shocker)
    • James and Nat are in the storage room. I guess Paulie revealed that James said something the girls said.  I think it was Z mentioning how she thinks James can go far. James had to clear it up, but he seemed a little annoyed Paulie threw him under the bus
    • They leave the room, and walk by Michelle who is still wearing her ‘sexy’ dress for the live feeders.  Z joins her, and is clearly drunk still
    • michelle-z
  • 9:15pm – The girls moved up to the HoH room and are doing some gossip about the guys in the house
  • 9:35pm – I go to the bathroom, come back and put my headset on. James says “I guess anyone can go into the porn biz”
    • They’re talking about their breaking points for gay action. All the guys say ‘a billion’.  Nicole asks if a billion is 1 more than a million. Heh
    • Paulie is talking about how amazing Amber from Nicole’s season is. How he’d marry her in a second (I don’t think she’d put up with his shit)
  • 10:15pm – Still general chat with the Nicole, Victor, Paulie, and Corey crew
  • 10:20pm – The group upstairs broke up. Da’ is talking to James
    • Da’ is saying the girls were talking about the guys. She is telling James how Natalie sees him as a super close friend — FRIENDZONED — Paulie and Z have a flirtmance, and Nicole/Corey have a legitimate showmance
    • Da’Vonne mentions how Michelle is the funniest person she’s ever met. She must be funny off-camera, because I haven’t witnessed it
  • 11:00pm – Lights off in the Toyko room. Most are zonked out. Z passed out on top of Paulie and hasn’t moved.  Meanwhile, it looks like Nicole’s hand is wandering a bit low with Victor sleeping right next to the pair
    • z-undies
  • 11:15pm – Well, Nat, Michelle, Victor and James are talking about bum licking and things like that, so I think it’s a good time to sleep.

Overnight in the morning!!


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  1. Elaine
    Elaine (2412 comments)

    Well since Michelle is already in the BB house, no matter what she is doing (crying is her strong skill), America sees it and forms their opinions. On the episode, that huge boo-hoo session was over-the-top! Not sure where she is in the “house” line-up for eviction, but she certainly isn’t helping herself. By the way, isn’t she a super fan? (lol).

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      Yeah, she’s a “super fan” who thinks that no one has EVER had sex in the Big Brother house…

    • Avatar
      Kola (32 comments)

      I honestly laughed when she was crying. That came out of nowhere. So she was crying that it hurt Paul, or that he wouldn’t admit it hurt? If you didn’t mean to hurt him, and he said he wasn’t hurt…relax.

      • Avatar
        Gerardo (2712 comments)

        Lol yeah I kinda felt bad for laughing at her, but that was so ridiculously over the top.

  2. Amberchelly

    It was such awful crying it seems fake. What’s worse is I think it’s her real just incredibly awful cry. Yes Michelle you re an ugly crier. Knock it off.
    @Gerardo that’s crazy if she truly believes that. It may not happen every season but it sure does happen.

    • Colby

      She truly believes that. I heard her say it too.
      For somebody that is so mean, she sure does cry a lot. Can you imagine what the week will be like when she gets put up on the block?

    • CLangley

      Definitely thought it was fake too!!

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I forget exactly when Michelle said that but it was recent. Someone asked if anyone had ever had sex in the BB house and Michelle, as the resident “super fan”, assured them that no one had ever done that in the house, and if they had it was before the live feeds. All I could think about was the traumatic experience of watching Ollie and April getting it in repeatedly under the covers during BB10. I still have nightmares about that one… *shutters*

  3. ChiKelz

    ZZZZ Really! UGGH! Why is laying on Paulie??? WTF???

  4. danmtruth

    Now Zzz is quoting the bible to say what a strong women she is ? ! ? ! please give me a break
    Now Michelle is putting out their that there MIGHT be a all boy’s alliance . Wow how observant Yet all Da can talk about is Nichole Does she forget she is on the block She knows that a back door might be happening But it’s like she does not want to say it out load . Like if the house is not thinking of it why put the idea in there heads. Well may be because thy ARE thinking of it and ARE doing it

    • Mello_One

      @ ChiKelz,
      Zakiyah “Knows” that there is a ALL Boys Alliance. After Paulie verbally abused Zakiyah last night, & made up with her….Paulie spilled the beans about the Boys Alliance! That is why Zakiyah was on the HOH Bed tonight claiming, “I don’t care, I don’t care if there is a Boys Alliance,” after Meech wondered was there one.

  5. ChiKelz

    @danmtruth help me out here because I am totally confused. Why is Da acting like she is safe and James is her friend? She hasn’t figured out that he isn’t her friend yet???Does she have the votes and just acting like she may be back doored or is she delusional? I’m really confused.

    • Avatar
      Gerardo (2712 comments)

      I think she definitely is concerned that she is going home this week, but she’s trying to convince James that she trusts him 100 percent and has his back (and thus he should trust her 100 percent and have her back). This house is so pitiful, the only 2 people who will benefit from Day going home this week are Paulie and Nicole. But they’re all going to vote Day out anyway. I sincerely hope that CBS is doing BB19 in the fall to try to redeem themselves from this joke of a season they’re producing this summer.

      • Avatar
        Toniangel96 (1 comments)

        I don’t know how they can do fall though. By the time this ends and they get the new house/set ready it will be December. I was excited about the fall but I can’t logistically see it happening

    • danmtruth

      @chiketz Da thinks she can work James If she can convince him she has the votes she knows James ” goes with the house ” She is playing the calm soldier so no one can say she is a loose cannon By her count she thinks she has the girls Zzz is her protege she thinks Beauty shop sisters Hate to break it to Da but your girl will vote with her boo Despite how abusive it is See see’s Meech as a vote because of her hate for Bridget and mistrust of being run over by the frat house boys This might be a vote for her Nat is another story This ties in with getting James to think she has the votes to stay and James never wants to be on the wrong side of the vote Only problem Nat is a good friend of Bridget and i dont see her voting her out As for the other votes i dont see where she thinks she can get Vic vote

    • Colby

      I believe James is her friend. He doesn’t campaign against her and feels bad that she is going. But he knows the numbers to keep her are just not there. There is nothing he can do about it. If he told her it would blow up and they would know where it came from. In fact, she would probably tell everyone he told her. So why would he put a target on himself by going against it?
      It is a game that they all are trying to win.
      Put yourself in his shoes. What is it that you expect him to do?

  6. Avatar
    Dragon (4 comments)

    She knows but, if she acts like she thinks she is going home they will say she does not trust them. I think she does not how to because she is being double diced with the backdoor of being put up on the block on the block and not be told she is the target do, she can go ahead and enjoy her time she is packing. She knows. Paulie is a dick. My strength cometh from the Lord no matter what. Zzs is just a girl with a crush at the wrong time with the wrong boy. I think he never liked her like that and she was pushy.

  7. Avatar
    BBFan4Ever (12 comments)

    I am so upset with DA and production needs to tell her. Her diary room sessions are making her look stupid. I can’t believe Z won’t tell her. SO mad. The only person playing and. Is now getting played

    I think they are all playing safe because of the round trip ticket

    But DA seems to be sleeping this week

  8. NKogNeeTow

    Just finished watching BBAD and wondering….when these people go from one room to another, do they realize that they’re still on the same show?

    Case in point: Zzz is in the HOH room talking to Sunburn, Da, and Nat. She is telling them what a strong woman she is. She even quotes the Bible (although she didn’t get it right). She proclaims over and over how no man can make her feel less than because she is a strong woman. She is also talking sober as a Judge. Then she wonders where Paulie is and announces she’s going to look for him. She changes clothes, sniffs him out, and without a word, crawls up on him on the bed and lays on top of him and tells him she’s still “tipsy”. She says she’s cold so he’ll wrap his arms around her. Where did that strong, sober woman go between rooms? And THAT Ladies and Gentlemen, is why I can’t feel sorry for her. As much as I dislike The Godfather, everyone is mad at him because he’s playing games with her. BUT, she’s playing her games too. Those tears, not buying them. Those hurt feelings, not buying it. Yes, he was trying to belittle her. But, she was also trying to make him feel guilty. Men have their games, but we women have ours too. She made sure that wherever he was, she stuck to him like glue. She more than likely thought “If I stick close to him, he will see how loyal I am and how much I like him.” Probably thought that would make her more endearing to him. But I think that was actually her mistake. And last night, Paulie proved my point. When he was in the HOH room talking with the guys, he told them “I can’t breathe”. THAT is the ultimate kiss of death for a woman. Whenever a man feels like he’s smothered, his first instinct to run kicks in. She never gave him any space and it backfired on her. Once he said that last night, I KNEW she was doomed!

    Natalie told the girls tonight that she was “Single as a Pringle”. Where does that leave ‘poor’ James? He thinks he’s in for a whirlwind romance once the show is over and that whirlwind plans to blow back to wherever she came from.

    Which brings us to Bambi and Van Dyke (5 BB points for anyone who knows what a Van Dyke is). When they were laying in the bed tonight and Paulie, Vic and James were talking about male porn stars and the size of their packages, he got more wide eyed than she did (just sayin….). His hands started flying all under the covers…but I don’t think it was because of her…she was just reaping the benefits (again…just sayin….). Oh and did anyone else notice that big sh!t eating grin she had on her face when Da was nominated? Wonder if she’ll be wearing that same grin when she and/or Bambi goes up? Things that make you go… Hmmmm.

    Meanwhile, up in the HOH room, Pimple Poppin Mama Gidget was operating on Bunyon’s back. Said he had a lot of pit marks/craters on his back. He said it was probably from Sunburn trying to pop pimples on his back with her “nasty ass fingernails”. I think it was probably from laying on all those crumbs she left from all that crunchy sh!t she always eats in his bed…on the sofa…in the bathroom…everywhere (the girl only eats crunchy stuff…and always near her mic, no less).

    Slick Vic thinks he’s Joe Mangeneillo (sp..from Magic Mike). Seems he gave Sunburn a lap dance. He was quite pleased with his performance. She thinks he looked like a “deranged spider”. That must have been some dance!

    Da is busy packing…but hasn’t she noticed Gidget is NOT packing? She says she didn’t campaign tonight because of the party and she didn’t want to bring anyone down, but will start tomorrow. She she slyly told James that she hopes he will campaign for her too. He sidesteps by saying “I’ll either be the bearer of good news or bad news.” …Uh huh.

    I just love how everyone in the house is so honest, yet none of them can tell the truth.


    • Avatar

      Damn you’re good!!!

    • Avatar

      There’s NO hope for Z. Did you see her licking Paul’s back & when the lights were off she mounted him like a horse & rode to town. Now that grade A stupid ass idiot is a porn star. Her family should be so ashamed of that girl. She has no respect for herself & could care less if she makes herself look like a major fool on national tv as long as Paulie pays a little bit of attention to her. I wish I could see the look on her face & hear what she has to say when she sees the show. She’ll probably say he was acting like that for the sake of his game. I HAVE NOT A SHRED OF SYMPATHY FOR ZAKIYAH!!! She is everything you don’t want your daughter to be.

      • danmtruth

        @Ann i always said a great show would be like the peoples couch watch as the HG watch the show to see how stupid they look

      • Avatar
        Dragon (4 comments)

        Billy Crystal said women use sex to get love and men use love to get sex. Paulie uses to get votes. I still feel sorry for her. She is not a mean girl we do not know her back story she may have came from broken home or abused. She is emotionally weak. She needs to pull it together. She is a preschool teacher. a little more classy and licking Paulie sweaty back gross is being trashy. She is a ride or die chick but, in the wrong hands will be abused.

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann: Did you also hear what he told Bambi after she was gone and the lights were back on? He said “Man, when she was on top of me, I could feel the heat. You know…from down “there”. I wasn’t going to do that. I mean, this is national TV. And she’s a school teacher, no less”. Then shook his head. Sounds like even he had his limits on what he would do with the cameras on. Just goes to show you how pitiful she really is. She proclaims to be a ‘strong’ woman and how her mother is such a super fan that she watches the show, after dark, reads all the blogs, then turns around and tries to screw him in the dark. She has even less respect for herself than he does for her. Again, I’m not taking up for him. She’s still a piece a crap, but come on girl! Have a little self respect!

    • Painter1
      Painter1 (583 comments)

      Once again great reading. Will you be taking a spot for Steve?

      • NKogNeeTow

        Can’t, I don’t get the feeds. I only watch the show, BBAD and read Jokers and come up with my ridiculousness from there…lol

  9. Shivani33

    Zakiyah and Michelle have each mentioned wanting to go home and missing their families within the last two days. May their wishes be granted.

  10. Avatar
    Cyn (782 comments)

    Is it me or did Paulie look entirely disinterested in what Zzz was selling?? That girl is pathetic, embassrassing herself the way she plowed herself all over Paulie half naked. She repeatedly asked, “when we going bed” coming off so thirsty. She’s too beautiful to be portraying herself like that.

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  12. Avatar

    Z, who claimed in the beginning that she has no desire for a showmance, but her desperate pursue of it says the opposite, and has taken her eye off the game.

    She is in for a great fall of eviction, she never had a chance with Paulie both inside or outside the house, she is just an appetizer to him, Paulie has been stringing her from the beginning, for his own game, Z needs to wake up.

    • Elaine
      Elaine (2412 comments)

      I am still waiting for Zzzz to recognize she is in a game.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Actually Ray, when she Da, Meech and Nat were in the HOH room talking about their interviews to get on the show, she told them that she told production “Yeah, I’d be down for a little showmance”.

      I do think that in the beginning he did like her a bit. Then she became clingy and suffocating and men don’t like that. That made her a liability.

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