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The Power Shift In The BBOTT House



It’s always fascinating to see how quickly a house can change during weeks where America doesn’t have as much power as they typically do.

This week, America will still be nominating someone and casting their vote, but we are forced to wait a week before handing out another care package. This means Shelby’s HoH will be entire care package free, and she was certainly willing to capitalize on this opportunity to advance her game.

Jason and Danielle both tried very early in the day to strike deals with Shelby/Morgan on making some final 4 pact, but to no one’s surprise, the girls had a tough time believing their word. Yes, this is exactly what I said could happen when I trashed Jason’s horrific ‘game move’ by trolling the girls. I said while it may not have any impact on jury, it still removes him from his pretty good position of being able to have a working relationship with both sides of the house. In addition to that horrible move (which Dani was involved in, as they formed a fake final 5 just for fun), Dani and Jason bailed from their double eviction plan of getting Justin out of the house. The latter move wasn’t malicious like the former, as Dani was indeed contemplating doing that but chickened out, but the two broken deals in less than a week pretty much eliminated all trust Shelby had in the pair.


This left the girls with the options of either making a deal with the devil, or trying their luck with someone they think hates them (Justin). Despite being told that Justin wasn’t even going to attempt to talk with the girls, he actually did, and it may have saved his season.  They immediately discussed their alleged dislike for one another, and both sides said they have nothing person against the other. Then Shelby went right at it and told him if they got rid of Danielle this week, the final care package (which likely guarantees him a spot in the final 4), will default to him. This immediately opened Justin up to talking deals, and it didn’t take long for them to agree to work together and bring Kryssie along for a final 4 pact. They even made an alliance name – The Jambalaya Gang. So, it’s happening for at least one week. Assuming America’s Nom doesn’t do something like put Morgan on the block, Danielle is almost certain to leave this week.

Interesting turn of events, that is for sure.


  • 10:45am – Big Brother calls them all into the living room
    • They then play the wake-up message to troll the house.  It’s funny when they pretend it’s something important to force them into the living room only to remind them of the rules.
  • 12:30pm – Kryssie is talking to Justin in the kitchen
    • She is worried about the deal because she doesn’t want to screw over Jason. Apparently, she’s playing the game to win Jason $250k
    • Justin keeps telling her that he’ll cut him if he has to
    • Kryssie says if he goes to the finals with the ‘golden girls’ he’s not going to win.  Umm, he has a better chance against the girls than Jason
    • kryssie-talking2
    • Justin doesn’t know if he can trust Jason (he can’t).  Kryssie says if it comes down to Dani, Jason or Morgan, Morgan won’t take him to the end.  She really wants to get rid of Morgan if the shot is there. Because, loyalty?
  • 1:50pm – Kryssie is talking to Jason in the bathroom and she seems to be on the verge of breaking
    • Jason trashing Justin a bit saying he is a user and that’s how he got to the top in life. He likely used a bunch of people to get what he wanted
    • Kryssie says if he (Justin) takes a deal with the girls he is stupid because they won’t take him
    • She isn’t quite flipping on Justin, but she’s certainly working both sides to keep Jason happy
  • 2:10pm – Jason is trying to get some info out of Justin in the kitchen, but Justin is playing like he doesn’t know anything
    • So, the three had a long conversation that essentially boiled down to voting out Danielle this week. They did a lot of trashing of her and said it’s really the three of them. Whatever.
  • 3:30pm – Kryssie and Justin talking in the bedroom
    • Kryssie says she feels bad for doing this to Danielle, but “she doesn’t need the money”.  Apparently her criteria for winning is the size of someone’s bank account, not how hard they played?
    • I am so sick of hearing that.  Most people need the money.  Big Brother is not a damn charity.  It’s nice if the money is life-changing for someone, but the person should also deserve to win
  • 7:00pm – Stepped out for a bit. Back for noms.
    • First safe = Justin
    • Second safe = Kryssie
    • Kryssie pretends to be shocked
    • kryssie-safe
    • Dani triggered while Jason and Kryssie try to play dumb about it all

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  1. AIO_7

    Shelby is a lawyer, her explanation to Justin about the care package seemed to switch on something in his brain. Some day Shelby may be defending in court similar numb nuts who can’t figure out the right things to do.

  2. Helen

    Whatever the reason that Justin came out to play,I am glad he did. I loved the funny kind side of Justin in the beginning and as the weeks passed he had started to become darker and mean spirited….I didn’t much care for that side of him.
    It was a relief this morning when he said something to Shelby and Morgan about Danielle and Jason being manipulative…….he is quite aware of what is going on….

  3. AIO_7

    Who cuts a banana like that? I don’t believe for a minute that Justin owns a restaurant in NO, nor is even so much as a line cook.

    • Mell

      He owns a walk up seafood restaurant/slash deli in the French quarter. It isn’t exactly a restaurant but it isn’t a taco stand either. It falls somewhere in the middle. It sounds strange but there are very experienced chefs who arn’t good bakers because they arn’t the same thing. (I’m not calling him a chef as he mostly deals with seafood) His “restaurant” has some very good reviews.

      • AIO_7

        You don’t have to be a good baker to know how to cut a banana, or anything else. He may own something, but I don’t see any real commercial kitchen experience.

      • Avatar

        Do you know the name of the restaurant? I’m going there in Jan and would like to look for it.

      • AIO_7

        Cajun Cafe at the Market. It has several bad reviews on YELP. The owner is listed as a guy named Omar.

      • AIO_7

        Sorry, I might have given the wrong name; it might be J’s Seafood Dock. But all the other information applies.

      • Shivani33

        @Yvonne If you go to @ J’s Seafood Dock Serenade NOLA on Video – you can watch a video of Justin singing a tune at his restaurant. The address to go to in the French Quarter is 1100 North Peters Road.

      • Shivani33

        Shoot! On Vimeo, not Video. And also, @Yvonne – J’s Seafood Dock is listed as being at Bay 25, once you get to the Market at 1100 North Peters Road, French Quarter.

  4. AIO_7

    Inside lock down is over, Shelb and Morg are laying outside.

  5. Shivani33

    Justin made a solo visit to the HOH room at about 12:40 am and chatted with Shelby and Morgan. After he left, Morgan said to Shelby, “I think it’s the first time someone has shown excitement & let him have some kind of power.” Then Morgan added that she felt like Jason & Danielle “have been like, ‘Justin, just do THIS. Do what WE want.'” I think that Morgan made a great observation.

  6. Mell

    I think Jason & Danielle broke one deal and not two imo. Danielle told Shelby and Morgan she didn’t want to vote out Justin after wavering back and forth before the vote during the DE. She was still deciding up to that point. I think the fake alliance alone (although good viewing for me) was enough to seal their fate. All 5 of them were involved including Whitney. They were just the only two stupid enough to gamble and do it. They have to pay the price now. It’s ironic too because I thought Danielle made the right decision at the time to keep Justin since it had to be based on the odds. Why would she take out who the girls wanted? The odds didn’t go her way and now the guy she saved will play a large role in her demise.
    Watching LNC start to turn on each other is entertaining to watch and it shows that the season isn’t “ruined” no matter who goes home. We’re either watching two sides go at it or we’ll be watching one side crumble. I don’t think I’ve heard people say “it’s what the house wants” more than a handful of times. That’s a good season.

    • Avatar

      Did you see Justin roll his eyes when Douchielle came in & said she doesn’t like bananas & eggs & walked back out? Why did she even bother bringing her ass in the kitchen from outside just to announce that she doesn’t like bananas & eggs? She should’ve just stayed out. I can’t stand her.
      Krusty got her portion before anybody else.

      • AIO_7

        I don’t know, Ann, but it sure didn’t look too appetizing to me.

      • Avatar

        Especially after he kept dropping the wisk on that filthy floor & just rinsed it each time without a drop of soap, he got that dirty skillet & rinsed it without soap & cooked the fritters in it. I noticed the weird way he cut the banana too.

      • AIO_7

        Ann, he hasn’t shown me any restaurant owner/expert cook skills. Today is the first day I’ve bothered to watch him cook, well, beside the night he was cooking for Krust and Dani and had his nasty hair hanging loose over the frying pan.

      • LindsayB

        I’m not gonna judge his chopping or cooking skills. I’m a beast in the kitchen and can make almost anything but can’t chop worth a shit.

      • AIO_7

        Believe me, you can chop better than that.

  7. Shivani33

    Whitney is flashing her new engagement ring from Winston!

  8. Helen

    In some ways Krissey and Scott are similar……both are playing BB for someone else….Scott was playing more for Alex than himself and Krissey is playing more for Jason than herself….I didn’t respect Scott for it and I certainly can’t respect Krissey for it either.

    • Avatar

      About time someone said it because everyone gave Scott a lot of dislike and everyone said no one respect him and voted for him but when Kryssie does it and plays more for Jason nobody says anything because she’s there to protect Jason. So much like all the LNJ the fan of Jason of being a little hypocritical because when Scott did it they use it against him to get him nominate but now they don’t want to say anything about it because they don’t want people to vote for Kryssie and to vote for Morgan

  9. LindsayB

    Princess Douchielle is missing out by taking one of her daily naps today. It’s letting her alliance all plot together to get her evicted. Keep on sleeping princess. Justin just said to jason and Krusti that if Morgan is America’s nom that he will pull her down if he wins veto to ensure that Douchielle goes. I guess the beans have been spilled to Jason about the deal but the target hasn’t changed. Hmmmm. Does Jason now spill it to D once she decided to wake up?

  10. Helen

    I knew he wouldn’t be able to not talk!! Of course Jason will take it right back to Danielle……

    • LindsayB

      In an interesting turn of events, Jason has been alone with D for about 5 minutes and hasn’t spilled. He’s saying that Justin and Krusti are as clueless about what’s going to happen as they are. Hmmmmm….. I wonder how long he will keep this up. It’s actually really good that he’s keeping quiet for a minute. He’s gonna think on things before making a decision.

    • Avatar

      Did I or did I not say Justin can’t hold water? I knew it was only a matter of time before he opened his big mouth.

  11. LindsayB

    “What do you like but some dick”?
    That was just said by Justin regarding Danielle. Question is are the people who have been so appalled at the BS (for saying negative things about D) gonna start Justin bashing now? Doubtful. All the people who have put LNC on a pedestal for being so true to each other are having to eat some crow right now watching them all turn on each other. The bus is about to run out of gas having to do all that driving over people getting thrown under it.

  12. Shivani33

    That fried rice all came out of the pan and hit the wall. Jason has been handed this info about getting Danielle evicted, and it must be a slight relief. He can keep his mouth shut and try to let it happen – and maybe say goodbye to a strong competitor without lifting a finger. In a convoluted way, this is in his best interest.

  13. LindsayB

    I’ve never liked Justin. Despite the fact that Justin has no intention of holding up his end of the bargain after this week’s eviction I have to admit that my opinion of him has raised quite a bit over the last day or so. He’s finally playing the game and he’s cracking me while doing it. I can’t fully get on board with liking him because of his blind loyalty to Jason and Krusti but he’ll learn his lesson on that eventually. If he does decide to screw Shelby next week I’ll dislike him again but will at least appreciate that he’s trying to play.

  14. AIO_7

    Shelb just took a shower, now she is in the bath tub soaking in Epson Salt.

  15. Mell

    It’s that time in the game when everyone has to pick a side…their own side. It had to happen this week for LNC since Shelby is hoh. One of them will go home unless Morgan is AN. I don’t think that’s going to happen but it could. Here’s where I’m at this point and this is only based on their game, not how I feel about them. I’m not basing any of this on loyalty either because there are 6 people and the other side is hoh. Loyalty has to go.
    DANIELLE- Veto or see ya. It will end up being a mistake that she kept Justin but that doesn’t mean it was at the time. Anyone could have won HOH and if it had gone the other way, keeping him wasn’t a mistake. She’s played hard from day one and made some very good game moves. BS wanted her out since the first week when they joked that she wasn’t a threat. She is the biggest threat in the house when it comes to competitions. They know it and now begrudgingly admit it. The crappy attitude made us dislike her but for the players, it’s the fear of her game that’s sending her home. If there is a comp beast this season, it’s Danielle.
    JASON – He’s played so much harder than in 17 and understood it’s not a 2 month slumber party. He has a big mouth, that didn’t change and that’s why he can’t make a deal this week. I understand why he feels like they’ve carried Justin. Everyone plays a different game but if Justin had won at times, they wouldn’t have been in so many jams. He’a right to feel like Justin’s never taken one for the team. I hate some of his behavior but I’ve liked some of his game. He’s been a thinker and a doer. He has tunnel vision like Alex did about what playing hard is. Sometimes you have to lie but the best players avoid it when they can. Conflict and comps isn’t the only proof that someone played hard.
    KRISSI-She claimed to know it all but hasn’t actually played BB until Whitney left. She is playing for real now. She’s lied to Justin and Jason the past few days trying to get what she wants. The problem is her stubbornness. Yes, for once her biggest problem isn’t stupidity imo. It was clever to feed Justin lies about who saved him in the DE (remember, she started before Shelby was hoh) and she knew it wouldn’t take much to convince him. She just wanted to make sure Danielle was the one to leave from LNC when they had to. She can’t control him now or prevent him from wanting it NOW. The final 4 with S&M (which could be her other final3) was smart too. The final 3 with J&J was smart. Let’s face it, she can’t win anyway so who cares who she goes with. She wants those two guys and herself at the end so badly that she can’t see anything else. She’s argued with both J’s separately about Morgan NOT being at the end. All her energy is being used to try and force J&J to be together. She wouldn’t have to pick one over the other if she would just shut up about it and let it play out and accept she probaby cant have them both. She won’t do that because she wants them both. They’ve each tried to tell her today that they are playing a game and she’s proving to be as useless when she plays the game as when she wasn’t.
    JUSTIN-I think he’s gotten a bit of a bad wrap. I don’t know if he’s thrown everything or not. I know he hasn’t had to win so why does it matter. BS arn’t as worried about him in comps so it’s worked in his favor. I think he did have a strategy which he says over and over in DR. He says he’s just being himself and trying to entertain people. Like him or not, he’s a captivating personality and that’s the only thing that made it an ok strategy. In a different season with a less divided house, this would have probably blown up in his face by now. He has been loyal with his votes but since he hasn’t pulled the trigger on moves, he wasn’t as big of a target as he should have been. He’s wanted to make game moves based on hurt feelings a couple of times and if his alliance hadn’t steered him right, he could be in a worse spot now too. He has to step up now and if he’s telling the truth, he’s making the moves to do that. We’ll see but the verdicts still out.
    MORGAN-She could have screwed up her game a little with her speech but with 6 people left, nobody will take her out if they want to keep her over that at this point. I’ve said from early on that I think she’s a bitchy girl and faking the nice girl thing. She and Alex have said several things to confirm that for me. If I’m right and she managed to live with this group and only slip in private with her group, that’s impressive. That isn’t easy in a tense environment. I’m not impressed with her overall game though. She’s claimed to have the social thing going for her but except for Neeley, she didn’t do it with anyone besides her own side. Social game can’t really be a strategy if you don’t use it. She’s won one comp but other than that I see her like Justin. She’s been a vote for her side and has been carried so far. Maybe she’s going to hang onto something in an endurance comp for 7 hours and win the next hoh. We’ll see.
    SHELBY- It’s a miracle her mouth hasn’t gotten her evicted already. She hasn’t been seen as a threat until recently so that’s helped. She went from annoying people to simply beating them. I think she pulled the trigger too soon on letting out that she’s got a brain. It may hurt her that she couldn’t resist the temptation a little longer. I like how direct she is but like Justin, it hasn’t always helped her. She seems fearless and I hope so because unless Morgan can step up and return the favor, I think Shelby may pay the price for what happens this week.

    It doesn’t matter to me if they win comps, play the best friend, ride the middle, appear dumb, cause controversy or dance and sing. Usually if you get to the end, you must have done something right. I don’t think we’ll be able to use that to judge this year. America’s moves will prevent us from knowing who really had the best strategy and played the best game. We’ve helped people sometimes who didn’t earn it for the bigger goal that week. I don’t like the begging to us but I don’t mind them trying to figure out what we want. It’s this season’s version of jury damage control and I can see why they are trying to please the people who pick the winner at this point in the game.

    • LindsayB

      Mell, one of the biggest things I’m taking from what you just said is that America’s involvement prevents us from knowing who really had the best strategy and game play. I’ve always been hot and cold on our involvement this season and what you just said really summed it up for my reason to not like it. We’ve held people’s hands behind their backs at times and other times we held their hands through things. I hope going forward we don’t have this much involvement. I like having some but this much has really taken away the ability for these people to play.

  16. Avatar

    I haven’t saw any of the LNC fan club post on here since Morgan won the CP Wednesday night! Well, maybe I shouldn’t call them a fan club because IMO it was no more than one or two people.

  17. Mell

    Krissi got busted by Jason and she’s tried to lie and act like she didn’t know anything. Too bad this news can’t get her evicted this week! Ita too bad for me Shelby doesn’t want her gone!

    • LindsayB

      I know!! Douchielle has to be the one to leave and I understand that strategically but omg I just can’t with Krusti anymore.

      • Mell

        Ya, I’m with you. I understand it…but I don’t have to like it. I’m sounding as desperate as Danielle with her stuffed dog. I’m trying to find a way that Shelby and Morgan will want Krissi out because Krissi lied to Jason. Haha

  18. LindsayB

    Damn Krusti. I’m so sick of her. Basically her whole plan for her future relies on winning this. Really? Girl, you need a plan B. And probably a C and D.

  19. Avatar

    I’m not sure Shelby is a great lawyer. She makes too Many deals in Morgan’s presence and Morgan is setting it up for herself. She will turn on Shelby real quick and would NOT take her to Final 3. That’s why I’m voting Morgan 3rd nom.

  20. Mell

    Morgan said Justin is sketching her out coming up to the hoh room so often. (Apparently she want to be in an alliance with him as long as she doesn’t actually have to be in an alliance with him.)

    Shelby is happy with the final 4 deal because she thinks at least it’s 4 people who deserve to be there. (Shelby’s my girl but on what planet do Jason and Danielle not deserve to be there but Krissi does?)

    Justin is an emotional player and if Jason had done a better job or if Krissi had shut the hell up whrn he was telling Justin about Morgan & Shelby’s lie about him, I don’t think he would be so determined to take Morgan off the block if she is AN.

  21. Helen

    Okay. I think I may need therapeutic help……why do I feel bad for Danielle? For some reason she is the one out of all the LNC that came across as the most sincere last night in DR.

  22. Helen

    Quite honestly at this point I would actually like to see Shelby and Danielle power up together. Those 2 girls could mop the floor with the rest…..Shelby didn’t have it too far off the other day when she suggested she and her should just trade off HOH the rest of season…….let the 3rd player fight their way there!!!

    • Avatar

      Come on Helen, Danielle would sell her mama up the river just to win. The devil himself couldn’t team up with her & be safe.

    • Avatar

      I thought that all along. Morgan and Alex was always the wall that kept them from communicating. For Shelby fans, remember Morgan gets Alex’s fan votes in the end. Plus I don’t like the way Morgan is taking over her HOH. Morgan has to be 3rd nom!

    • Mell

      I get you Helen. I don’t like Danielle either. She isn’t a nice girl and she’s so immature and self centered. She also plays BB hard and well most of the time. It isn’t for her so much as It feels unfair to lose a player like that, nice or not while someone like Krissi is still there. If the house had been more mingled this season, I would love for Krissi and Morgan to both be gone and then let the rest play. Justin would need to do something great or I would want him gone right after that. Unfortunately, with the voting, good players have been sacrificed to try and keep a level playing field. I guess it’s like that when we don’t vote too. Victoria got to F3.

      • LindsayB

        I really wish Danielle would’ve led with her player persona vs being a childish brat. She would’ve been one of my favorites. I would also usually rather keep someone playing so hard except for the fact that I feel like she’s trying to play us. She acts so sweet and genuine when she knows she’s talking to us but then shows her true self the rest of the time. Everyone cleans their act up a bit to “talk to us”, but she just completely flips a switch. While Krusti is a plague on humanity, she doesn’t try to hide it as much (she’s just more delusional cuz she thinks we like it). I really hope neither of them get to F3 but I’d rather (it hurts me to say this) remove Danielle over Krusti. Her nice act doesn’t fool me and I don’t want her to be rewarded anything for it.

  23. Shivani33

    Well, Shelby was insulted and grossed out when Danielle (allegedly) planted a booger-filled paper airplane in Shelby’s HoH basket. Apologies to anyone who’s snacking while reading…and it’s been mentioned that Danielle has hidden the #7 pool ball, since that’s Jason’s favorite number. Considering how much time she spends either sleeping or pretending to be asleep, Danielle really gets around.

  24. caRyn

    Shelby said she was going to make Justin and Kryssie safe today.

  25. caRyn

    7:09pm (PT) Danielle – Shelby better pray to God that Danielle leaves. She better go buy a Bible after this because Danielle is going to make her life a living hell.

    • Avatar

      But what did they say about Scott when he said the same thing about Danielle? They give us so many confirmations on why they so deserve the name “hypocridiots”!

      • LindsayB

        Exactly!! Took the words right out of my mouth.

      • Mell

        Truthfully, no matter who any of us like, they’re all hypocrites. I bet we can’t name 5 players in all 18 plus 1 seasons who hasn’t said hypocritical things. Everyone on BB always gets upset for doing the same thing they are doing. Maybe it’s because it’s a game where most of the time, people are doing or saying things but feel like it needs to be justified so it can’t be held against them.

      • LindsayB

        Some do it more than others. I’m more sensitive to the personal stuff. To see the Scott n Danielle bully debacle and then have her turn around and say the same thing really bothers me. To have both sides “forget” about a recent advantage in the face of adversity bothers me but on a much lesser scale. I guess I differentiate the two because having never played the game, I can see how power switch ups, etc can be all consuming and they are only seeing from their perspective while we see from all. To play the bully card when you are one and plan to be one just shows who you are as a person. To say that people are awful as you put boogers, armpit sweat, and farts on their things is awful. Just my opinion… not trying to sway yours.

      • Mell

        I hate that behavior too. I’m just saying they are all hypocrites. That isn’t meant to excuse anyones behavior on the show.

      • caRyn

        What I am trying to say – and why I am lost is: Danielle accused Scott of bullying with that same comment. Something that could have hurt Scott in real life and yet she said the same thing herself. Does it have a different meaning because it came out of her mouth?
        Danielle and Kryssie were also the two that stirred up the bs about Monte being racist.
        I can look past all of the things the hg do inside of the BB house except when it goes outside the BB house and can cause their hg problems in their real life.

    • caRyn

      Scott said it to Danielle and Danielle was upset and said she was bullied as a child. Now she is using the same phrase that she was offended by. I am lost.

  26. Avatar

    Danielle is currently complaining about being nominated, wondering why Shelby would do that and let Justin go… maybe because you have given them EVERY reason not to trust you and Jason, and honestly, Justin might not be able to even complete the final 4 challenge with his track record.

    Please please please let’s put up Krissy so Danielle goes home.

  27. Avatar

    Let’s let Krusty Krissy know how we feel about her! KRISSY FOR 3 NOM! Let’s not split the votes and we can finally get her up!

  28. LindsayB

    Douchielle not understanding why Shelby wouldn’t go for her deal is freaking ridiculous. She’s so stupid!! Krusti’s look of surprise during the safety ceremony was so fake. If Douchielle wasn’t so full of herself she would’ve seen that and realized the whole house is working to give her the boot.

  29. Mell

    Nobsurpeise, Danielle’s not happy with tonights safety ceremony. Anybody would be and I don’t blame her for that. I do blame her for not coming up with something better than wondering why Justin gets a free pass since she just kept him in the house herself. The best stupid comments after ceremony so far:
    Justin to Danielle-You gotta win veto (he leaves)
    Danielle-I should’ve sent his fu*kin’ ass home!
    Krissi-I didn’t expect to be safe at all.
    *Krissi and Danielles conversation is so dumb. Krissi is playing shocked because she thought they (Dani & Jason);made a deal with Shelby & Morgan. Danielle is letting her know Shelby only said she would have to think about it. If they had made a deal, what the hell would the deal have been for??? There’s only so many choices. However, Krissi is the same person who commented that maybe Morgan would be the replacement nom if one of them won veto.

  30. LindsayB

    Krusti is doing a good job of making everyone in LNC feel like she’s their bestie. She kinda got caught by Jason but wormed her way out. I wonder when everyone will compare notes and realize the upstanding krust monster is a snake.

  31. LindsayB

    Jason says the way Shelby is doing noms it’s almost like she wants Morgan to be AN. Ummmm….. is he as delusional as Krusti is by thinking we love that farting piece of filth? We do have options Jason.

  32. caRyn

    C’est la vie, Danielle. Win Veto.

    • LindsayB

      I’m hoping she doesn’t, although it would definitely make things interesting.

      • Avatar

        I’m hoping & praying so hard that Douchielle does not win that VETO. It would be so nice if Shelby won it.

      • caRyn

        Those were Justin’s words. It looks like those two (Danielle and Justin) are going to explode on one another – and soon.

      • LindsayB

        I’d love to see that. Everyone is wondering why Shelby did the safety ceremony in this order. I love that she did it this way. She doesn’t have to spend the next day pretending to hear deals and have offers of stuffed animals. It also is turning up the heat on the animosity between Justin and Douchielle. If that fight happens we need to time stamp it so those who miss it can go back and watch.

      • caRyn

        It will be lit. I remember when Justin stopped Monte in his tracks walking out the door for the lockdown. He was like – Yo, Monte…

      • Helen

        I’m kinda disappointed that there was not a krackel treaty

  33. LindsayB

    I like that Justin is hanging out with Morgan and Shelby now. I know there’s still distrust and dislike between then but it’s nice to see. I hope they realize someday that they could’ve gotten along this whole time and didn’t need to hate each other.

    • Helen

      Not if Jason can help it! He only wants weak players in the end with him. Kryssie because he knows she will come in third. Justin,I don’t think he wants to take because he does have a good social game,but I think he is less intimidating to Jason than Danielle or Shelby.. his dream final 3 is himself,kryssie and Morgan so that he win……….

  34. Avatar

    Wow-Morgan and Shelby are so gullible. Justin can’t stand Shelby, but he knows that girl’s jealousy for each other, blinds them to all the BS a man can sell them, and he has done that.

    • LindsayB

      They are fully aware that the word trust has to be taken lightly with him. They had a choice of a duo who’s kid to them repeatedly and one who they just dislike. They picked the lesser of two evils. They know one of them will be gone the minute the opportunity is there. Are they supposed to act mean and untrusting to him right now? That would be stupid. Should they have made a deal with someone else? There isn’t anyone else!

      • Mell

        Yep. Theres only so many options at this point. I can’t help but think that if they had used that mentality earlier in the game, there could be more than two of them left. They’ll flip on Justin if they need to, Justin will flip on them and Jason will try to stop them from getting together at all. Thats what they all should be doing. Lol.

  35. Avatar

    I low key think Shelby is a little touched the way she picks her hair.

  36. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Oh how I just loooooove watching the Nerd Herd turn on each other. I’ve been waiting for this moment all season and it is just as satisfying as I dreamed it would be. There’s only one thing that would make this week even more euphoric, but I am almost afraid to even mention it because we’ve failed to make it happen multiple times in previous weeks. I’ll just say, everyone PLEASE make your votes count for America’s Nominee this week.

    • LindsayB

      Isn’t it beautiful? All these people who claim to be so above everyone else because of their undying loyalty wasted no time turning on each other. Every single one of them. I love how they consistently do the things they have talked so much shit about. Hypocridiots!!

    • Mell

      I’ve been very ready for this too! Lindsay, I disagree a little though. They have to turn on each other this week. There isn’t anyone left. They may be one of the most vile and bitchy alliances in BB history but they have also been one of the most loyal. They really didn’t attack each other until they had to and stuck to it.

      • LindsayB

        They’ve been chattering amongst themselves for a couple of weeks about needing Justin to go. When push came to shove they did keep him over Whitney but that’s only because they were sure of his blind loyalty to them vs their loyalty to him. They’ve had the luxury of being “loyal” but have been mapping out the hierarchy for awhile. I’m not mad at them for turning on each other, I’m just mad that they’ve claimed to be above that for so long. They are having zero problems throwing each other utb and I love watching it.

  37. Helen

    So I was reading the exact wording on final care package and it is quite interesting wording….
    The person that receives care package has an opportunity to advance to final four……in order to earn that spot and safety for the week they have to complete a challenge given by big brother.
    I had thought it was automatic but it’s not and as everything in this season has been I’m sure this care package may turn into a double edged sword for whomever gets it….

    • Avatar

      If it’s something like shave your head, there’s no way Justin is going to do it because he loves his hair too much. That would be funny to see. Lol

      • LindsayB

        I’m thinking along those lines too. I have a feeling it’s going to be some kind of “how bad do you want it” thing that’s going to be determined when they see who’s getting it.

      • LindsayB

        Either way, it’ll be nice to see Justin have to actually do something.

      • Mell

        He’s said that on the feeds too during a random “what if” conversation. I really think I’m done voting. Although I didn’t like it, I have participated in every vote. I’m a team player too. Lol
        The last care package has left a very bad taste in my mouth and I don’t think I’ll vote for anything else except to choose the winner. I can handle the result not going my way but I’m done doing it when I’m lied to about what I’m voting on. That’s BB and I get that’s the way it’s always been in other areas forever. Production manipulation isn’t easy to swallow but I can just take it better if I’m not holding the fork.

  38. Helen

    Whatever it is I don’t think it’s what Justin is expecting

    • LindsayB

      I think they will all be surprised by it. I’m kind of glad it’s not clear cut. It gives us something to look forward to too. It could go from cutting off his hair to being a HN the rest of the time, to drawing someone’s name and having to vote the way they say to. This is something that could be detrimental to someone else’s game or just make Justin super uncomfortable. If somehow Douchielle wins veto (ugh. It could happen) and Justin goes home, I’m really leaning towards the shaved head idea.

      • Helen

        I would prefer Jason go home in the event Danielle wins veto……

      • LindsayB

        Me too but I don’t know if it’ll happen. Justin is blindly loyal to him and Krusti is pretty much playing for him at this point. Jason and Krusti both know that Justin would beat them at the end. As usual, until AN and veto happen we can’t really predict anything.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay, Helen, stop sending that out in the universe (Douchielle winning VETO) because we need her gone, just please make it go away. Shelby is going to win VETO because she deserves it after she was robbed of her first one.

      • LindsayB

        Hahaha!! Sorry Ann. It’ll be 5 v 1 but crazy things happen. Just trying to sit tight and not celebrate before the deed is done.

      • Avatar

        Is Justin really still loyal to Jason? I thought he was pissed at him. I don’t know, Justin is all over the place & I can’t figure him out except that he is not that bright. Maybe & I mean a big maybe he’s just fooling us.

      • Helen

        @Ann…..I can’t help it!! I do not like Danielle….but that is based totally on her personality, nothing to do with this game. Does she deserve to make it to final 3? Probably.
        When you look at who is left I have to look past people’s personalities to a certain extent and look at how they have played….who would I feel best about writing a 250 thousand dollar check to? Would I feel okay writing it to Krissey? Oh hell no…she has done absolutely nothing except complain,quit,belch,fart and put Jason’s game above her own.
        Morgan? Again no….she has ridden someone else’s coat tails the entire game….first Monte,then Alex and now Shelby.
        Justin? Justin..Justin..Justin…..It is what it is,ya dig?
        Jason? Well, I got to watch him smoke for 5 weeks and tell me all about past alumni of big brother and the sacred word of big brother according to Jason.
        So that brings me back to final 3…..1. Danielle 2. Shelby 3. Whichever of the remaining ,they are all equal as far as I can determine.

      • LindsayB

        Justin’s eyes have definitely been opened this week. At this point I’m pretty sure Jason has him convinced that he’s only pretending to be loyal to D. They all kind of flocked to D last night while Justin went off by himself. He knows D is completely trashing him. What I can’t figure out is whether or not he’s got everyone figured out yet or not. He’s saying the right things to everyone now. He’s finally starting to play. I don’t know if he even knows where he stands.

      • Avatar

        Well Helen, I guess we can agree to disagree. My reasons for not wanting Danielle to make it to the end is because she is a despicable person & there’s no way on this earth I would give her a vote to win. After the things that Dani, Jason & Krusty have done, I wouldn’t even bother to vote if it was them who made it to the end.

      • Helen

        Yes Ann…I also would not vote for her to win but if she came out in third place with just her stipend it wouldn’t hurt my feelings. I would feel okay cause she got there and left empty handed.

      • LindsayB

        Whether you’re team Shelby or team Morgan, unfortunately they would both stand a better chance at the end sitting next to two LNC. The hypocridiot vote would be split while the BS vote would be firm. Yes, I realize there are plenty of people who would vote independently of “sides” but I also know there are a lot of people like myself that will not vote for anyone on the other side (whichever side that is for each person).

  39. Helen

    It may end up a 1-1-1 vote……if America puts up kryssey.
    Morgan will vote Jason
    Danielle will vote Justin
    America will vote kryssie
    Shelby will be the tiebreaker……..

  40. Shivani33

    Some viewers are commenting that they’re voting for Justin for AN – mad at him for his deal with Shelby. This could lessen the amount of votes for Morgan, and the split votes might help Kryssie to become America’s nominee. Of course, commenters could just be spouting off and spewing, since logic tells us that splitting votes is usually counterproductive.

    • LindsayB

      I was wondering about that this morning. LNC fans could be really mad at Justin for working to get D out. Either way, hypocridiot fans will be coming out in full force to try to protect Douchielle. Vote for Krusti!

      • LindsayB

        I would be curious to see how many of the people upset with Justin were also the ones praising Whitney for switching over to LNC when she was in trouble. I’m guessing that number would be pretty high.

  41. Shivani33

    While thinking about the challenge built in to the final Care package, I guess it’s putting the cart before the horse to suppose that Justin will be the one to get the package. But if he does, it’d be pretty easy to give him a challenge NOT in his skill set, which would make the rest of the week a bit more of a free-for-all. Maybe there are several challenge options, tailor-made for different situations and/or outcomes (?) What if Paul Abrahamian shows up with hair clippers and a razor? Or what if it turns out to be a surrealistic nightmare, and Paulie Califiore appears in his apple pie apron with his bare ass sticking out – to supervise a baking challenge?

    • caRyn

      This has nothing to do with the Care Package, but I know you mentioned viewers may vote Justin OTB. I don’t know that I would trust that. They may be trying to split other viewers votes by saying that. My suggestion would be that if viewers really want Kryssie out – vote for Kryssie to be OTB. There are only two LNJ to nom so it may be a trick to split votes and then for sure Morgan will go OTB because she is the only one on the other side to nom.

      • Shivani33

        Yes. I don’t think it’s a big trend, more like sputtering, and the majority of people who bother to post comments are urging for Kryssie to receive AN. I don’t think it’s measurable yet. Plus, we’ve seen that even the opinion polls can be off the mark, especially with OTT. It’s most likely to be split between Morgan & Kryssie.

  42. caRyn

    Kryssie and Jason both are trying to convince Justin that Jason is only saying those things to Ball Smashers to tell them what they want to hear. It isn’t just Jason trying to convince Justin. Justin confronted Jason on it all and I am glad he did. Justin has to play with a clear conscious. That isn’t the norm for BB so it does bugged some viewers out. Jason 100% is selling out Jason and Kryssie is blind to it. Justin will go with his gut every week. This week Danielle is his target. I am not sure what he will do if she isn’t OTB for him to vote out and there is only two LNJ OTB. I hope he would vote out Jason. Because Justin plays the game off of his gut feelings, I am thinking he might catch onto Jason (again) – and he might stick with his gut feelings the second time around.
    Danielle sold Justin out early in the game and Justin stuck with her because of the numbers. Danielle selling him out again isn’t anything knew to him.
    Danielle and Jason are upset that Justin hasn’t played the game but he has. Just not their game. He has been told by all hg that he is a target because of his social game. He already knows and continues with his game. Danielle put the target on her back by winning the comps and putting herself OTB to play to win. She put her target on her back. That is her game. Now Danielle and Jason are mad because Justin isn’t Ball Smashers target. Justin would have been if Danielle and Jason hadn’t gone the extra mile to be salty about their previous deal. Danielle is pointing the finger at Justin instead of looking at her game and realizing maybe she shouldn’t have come across as such a strategic player. She did the opposite by saying the other side should want to play with her because she is a strong competitor. She is the strongest in the BB house – the same as Victor was the strongest. No hg wants to go up against the strongest player. So if Danielle wants to stay in the game she will have to win just like Victor did to say herself.

  43. Helen

    I am assuming the best job in America is with CBS…….they are quite lax on enforcing legally binding contracts!!!
    The problems with that is it sets what is called a past precedent and in future whatever they have allowed even one person to get away with becomes the norm…..

      • Helen

        I am weird like that…..why bother to make a rule? Why not just say…..hey we’re going to wing it as we go along?
        Yes, I know it seems petty and silly but why even bother to put it in there?

    • caRyn

      It is hard for me in Florida to stay up as late as the hg do for Live DR, comps or just with hg staying up late talking/strategizing. In Florida, DR’s start at 10pm, HOH comps start at midnight – if they are on time, etc. The hg are asleep now and it is going on 2pm here. It makes it difficult with the 10am – 10pm (PT) and the OTT schedule of events.

  44. Avatar

    I need to ask a question that’s probably stupid but I need to know. I live in Texas but I’m supposed to go on a trip to North Carolina tomorrow for a week. Can I still get on the feeds & junkies on my tablet if I take it with me?

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