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The Whining Is Real In The BBOTT House – Friday Updates



Rant time – First, remember how the LNJ used to call the girls fake?  Well, this same crew sits around and plays nice with them all day and then heads off together to bitch and whine about ‘entitled’ the girls are. Last night around midnight, Jason and Kryssie spent quite a bit of time crying about how their lives are so tough and how Morgan and Shelby have had such easy lives, and easy times in the BB house.

Yes. The same guy who was selected twice to play in a game that could win him either $500k or $250k (depending on the season) is complaining about how “some people just get everything handed to them”. The same guy who has been carried by America for most of the season is complaining about how the two girls haven’t had any pressure all season. Yes, if you ignore the fact that America has screwed them over nearly every week and Alex/Morgan/Shelby have been in a ‘win or go home’ situation for the past like 3 weeks. No pressure whatsoever.

It’s so embarrassing listening to him and Kryssie go back and forth with how tough their lives are which for some reason makes them think they deserve to win the game more than the others.  Yes, their lives may have been tougher outside the house, and they have had it tougher growing up (not entirely sure because the girls don’t constantly whine about their lives), but Big Brother is not a damn charity. Stop thinking you deserve the win based on the size of your bank account.  Alright, I can go into a longer rant, but I’m not going to. I hate hearing them whine about stuff like that when I live in the same state as Jason. I know how many opportunities this state offers in terms of job training, education, etc. He’s the one to blame for living with his parents and working at a grocery store.


Alright, done with my rant, updates:

  • 8:45am – Still super early in the house. Mostly posted to get my rant out
  • 11:45am – Everyone still in bed… Production just gave up lol
  • 1:00pm – Justin receives the care package
    • justin-carepackage
    • No new details. He has to complete a challenge, but no news when. I assume it will be before safety tomorrow
  • 4:45pm – Justin got his challenge, he is practicing for it now
    • final4comp
    • He has to walk across it and ring the bell.
    • He only had to go from black platform to black platform then ring bell.  He nearly fell and jumped halfway. He got it

Check back for updates


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  1. Renee

    Oh no @stevebeans You dare to say something bad about Jason. You know you’re going to get haters on this one. LOL!!! I agree 100% with your rant, so bring on the thumbs down for my comment….

    • Avatar

      Remember that asswipe Shitstain at one time was saying how Shelby was a prostitute pretending to be a waitress. Don’t that count as being someone who’s living a hard life? That Shitstain contradicted himself. His sorry ass is going home & I hope with all that’s in me that Shitstain loses some of his followers & is reminded everyday how despicable & disgusting he is.
      The same goes for that skanky ass, nasty , filthy Krusty. Hell would have to freeze over before I ever voted for either one of those slum dwelling, scum sucking, slug ass, pieces of shit to win a damn thing.

      • LindsayB

        Ann, I really wish you would stop holding back so much. It’s really ok for you to express yourself freely here.

      • Avatar

        Lindsay, it just kills me that these 2 able bodied lazy ass people who can get out in the world & do something with their lives but yet they choose to sit back & make excuses & try to play on Americas sympathy to GIVE them money for being sorry excuses for humans.
        My oldest son went to college for welding & has very good job. My second son went to colleege & works at a plant. My 3rd child is my daughter who just graduated from with a bachelor’s degree & will be leaving for CA to get her Masters. My 4th is a daughter who is a supervisor at an oilfield company & is going to college to become a lawyer at the same time. My 5th works for the US mail & is in college getting a business degree. My last daughter is 21, working 2 jobs & going to college full time to become a teacher.
        I raised my children to work hard & taught them that they can be ANYTHING in this world that you want to be as long as you work for it. I am a super proud mother & I Thank God that they all listened & they encourage each other & when things get tough, I let them know how blessed they are because God gave you this life to live & live it right. Nothing comes easy, you have got to work for it. That is why I am so impressed & proud of Shelby. She is an example of a strong independent woman. Go Shelby!!!
        Jason is a lazy ass man waiting for a handout & Kryssie is a lazy ass woman.

      • Jay H

        That type of disgusting filth you spew isn’t for everyone.
        It is for me though!!!

      • LindsayB

        Ann, where in CA is your daughter going?

      • Avatar

        You are my girl Lindsay!!! Much much love…

      • Avatar

        She’s going to LA. I’m so nervous & scared for my baby to go so far away from home because if she gets homesick or if something happens, I can’t just get to her right then & there like we could or like my son could drive me to her in 4hrs. Im proud because she’s so ambitious but I don’t want her to go. I wont try to discourage her because she has to follow her dreams. She graduated from Sam Houston State University with a 4.0 gpa.

      • LindsayB

        Nice!! Not bad at all for somebody so foul mouthed. Lol. I’m near Sacramento. She’ll do just fine. I moved out here from MO by myself 9 years ago and don’t regret it one bit. She’s going to only be a call, text, drive, or flight away. Maybe you should follow Paul on twitter or Snapchat and hook the two of them up. That would be some friendship!!

      • kneeless

        Keep up the positivity Ann! I hope they can get rid of Jason this week!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Okay everybody. Play nice, no attacking each other please 🙂

      • NKogNeeTow

        Annie, Congrats on your daughter! Try not to worry about her to much. She has the resources you taught her to keep her strong 😉

      • Avatar

        Ann, you sound like an amazing woman and mother!

      • Avatar

        @Lindsay, NK, Amber & Jay, Thank you all very much. It’s just that you know how a parent worries about their babies.
        My oldest is 35 & my youngest baby is 21. All 6 of them always say “Mom I’m not a baby” I tell them as long as I’m on this earth breathing God’s given air, they will always be my babies.

      • Jay H
        Jay H (386 comments)

        It seems ironic that you have a problem with Ann’s behavior but you appear to be defending the ones that are infinitely worse at attacking people in a nasty, cold hearted, disgusting way.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Okay, I don’t know what the hell happened here but some of this conversation has gotten WAY out of hand. Because of that, Kerry, Ann, Lindsay, some of your comments have been removed. You can fight if you all you want to, but may I suggest that you all send each other a FRIEND Request and do it PRIVATELY. If you don’t wish to do that, just IGNORE each other. I’m sure it’s making some of the other board members uncomfortable. Thanks 🙂

  2. Avatar

    They lie the whole week (Krissy) then say Morgan’s not trustworthy when she makes deals (she is.) I can’t with the LNJ…. GO SHELBY AND MORGAN!

  3. Shivani33

    Maybe for Jason the last several days of undignified bitching & moaning is him playing to the cameras to receive a cargo carrier full of sympathetic votes if he’s still standing at the end, without any jury to vote. Certainly, he is well-aware of his fan-base and of the large number of people who like, appreciate and support him. In terms of crying poverty and disadvantage, however, he really ought to get around more, travel the world and see for himself what poverty is. His subjective perception of poverty would be seen as a life of luxury for many, many people all over the world, the REAL have-nots. On a dream and a song, I’ve crossed the world three times with many, many long strenches of living in other cultures. I wish for Jason much, much more adventure in his life than merely leaving Massachusetts to play Big Brother. He has a lot to give – if he gets out of his own way.

  4. AIO_7

    I can’t take Krust and Skid but in small doses. I’ll always navigate to where Shelby and Morgan are hanging out. I just wish Alex was still there to share the HOH room with them this week. The three Willett sisters.

  5. AIO_7

    “Most people don’t know that the worlds largest weather vane is located in Spain.”

  6. kneeless

    It always bugs me when hg’s turn BB into a charity. BB is a show, not a who deserves it most contest that’s being judged by Jason & Kryssie!

    • LindsayB

      I hate the whole “who deserves it” idea in general. It’s all based on the opinion of who’s saying it. I’m sure there are people who say Krusti deserves it cuz she’s been able to hide that she’s a pinup for so long. I don’t agree but I also live in reality.

    • Avatar

      2 thumbs up kneeless!

    • Avatar

      I’m sick & tired if being sick and tired of those 2 slugs. If Shitstain needs anything he needs to stop chain smoking those damn cancer sticks nonstop & that would save him a ton of money. His ass is old enough to be working a decent job by now. He wants to live free in his mother’s basement because his ass is lazy.
      Krusty needs to face the fact that if her band or whatever the hell it is ain’t nothing but a freaking hobby, her ass is too old for that shit now if it has not taken off & gotten somewhere by now. Get her big ass a JOB & work for paycheck. GROW THE FUCK UP YOU 2 EXCUSE MAKING ASSHOLES!!!

      • LindsayB

        How do you really feel Ann? Lol

      • Avatar

        Lindsay, why do people always throw shade & come for me??? That Kerry person called me elderly. Lol I’ve got a little bit to go before I’m elderly. Why can’t they just scroll past my name when they see it & just don’t read my comments if they don’t like what I say? Like literally, I don’t understand…

      • LindsayB

        Um Ann I like totally hear you. Like literally. I can only hope to be like you when I’m elderly.

      • kneeless

        @Ann. I am ‘elderly’ too but I’m not sure what that has to do with anything!

      • Avatar

        @Kneelss, I’m going to be 52 in December. My doctors wont let me work anymore because I have seizures & when I do ilose my memory for that entire day, they won’t let me drive, I have lupus, high blood pressure & type 2 diabetes. We my dad was sick after having 3 strokes, I took care of him unil he passed. I had to lift on him a lot causing me to have a bulging disc in my bach & a herniated disc in my neck. After all of that I sank into a seriously deep depression & at times had stupid thoughts.
        My absolutely phenomenal doctor threw me a life line & saved my life. I’ve waken up in the hospital on life support a few times weeks later after having a seizure butby the grace of God iI’m still here.
        I’m not elderly yet though. Lol

      • Jay H

        Ann, People need to lighten up. You’re only having fun, and when people are silly enough to go on a tv show with such deep character flaws, they should only expect to be ridiculed by the public. I know myself good enough to avoid a national television show because I’m sure I’d be the biggest jerkoff on there.
        Regarding your seizures, I wish you the best of luck. My daughter suffered through them throughout her childhood and we went through about every possible medicine you could try. None of them worked perfectly and most caused depression. Luckily 2 years ago, she chose to have brain surgery and they removed the part that was causing them. Seizure free since then. I sincerely wish you the best.
        Let’s get off this serious talk, and back to Shitstain and Krusty getting kicked out of that damned house:)

      • Avatar

        @Jay, Thank you, much appreciated.

        I couldn’t go on a show like that because I know I would catch a case. I can’t stand a whole lot of silliness & I promise you I would’ve punched Danielle, Jason & Neeley dead square in the middle of the throat. They talk too much shit, did too much gross shit & I just would’ve snapped on their asses. I don’t like those people & would have to have had to keep my distance because I have a hard time being around dumbasses like them..

      • kneeless

        @Ann, I will be 55 in March & certainly don’t consider myself Elderly! But at this site, I’m sure we are older than most!! I can’t work either, due to a disability & other health problems. I think that’s a HUGE reason why all the complaining by Jason & Krusty bother me so much. They are both very able bodied. They have no clue what it’s like to not be able to work & be productive. I’d do anything to be able to be working rather than trying to make ends meet living on disability.

        Good luck to your daughter. It will be extremely hard on you having her so far away but you’ve given her the tools she needs to make it. It will be a new place for you to visit. Who knows, maybe next summer you will be in the BB audience! Go for being a Houseguest! I keep saying they need more age diversity!

      • Avatar

        Thank you kneeless, I really do appreciate it more than you know. Like you, I would love to be able to get out in the world & work again & be productive. It gets a little rough at times but God kept us here for a reason.
        I do pray that I raised & taught my baby right so that she can reach for the stars. I’ve told her & all of my babies that they always have a home to come to if needed to get back on their on their feet.

        Anyway, you take care of yourself my friend.

        Did you see Doofus doing his cp challenge? If he would’ve failed then that would prove that he truly is a few clowns short of a circus. I take that back because he proved that by staying with the LNJ.

      • Avatar
        GLENDA (129 comments)


  7. LindsayB

    Care package time!! What’s Justin gonna have to do?

  8. Helen
    Helen (5586 comments)

    I am so tired of listening to Jason’s threats…….

  9. Helen
    Helen (5586 comments)

    I am praying for a memory comp…….something like that spider web thing they did where you have to put up faces

  10. Helen
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Two hours to practice? Good grief!!!

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  12. Helen
    Helen (5586 comments)

    He came out of DR and told Jason he had two hours to practice.. Shelby overheard some rules and it sounds like the challenge is……slop climb……of course it will be something Justin can actually do!!

  13. Jay H

    I feel like Jason walked in thinking and feeling like he’s King Shit of the turd pile. He’s been there and done that. He took little time to show that he cared about anyone else’s life or who they were. Totally narcissistic. Half of the house fed into it, and whoever didn’t kiss his ass because he was so great, was fake, bitchy, and unworthy of playing.
    The LNJ fed into his entitlement and completely unwarranted disrespect to others that didn’t buy into his greatness. That crew has zero self perception. How they think they are playing the game better/harder/smarter than the other side is delusional. I think it boils down to insecurity. They see the girls as the type of people that have made them or are responsible for their pitfalls in life.
    I feel like Morgan, Shelby, and even Justin could turn that 250K into a million in a few years, and Krissy and Jason would have it gone in a year, even though “they need it more”.

  14. Helen
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Looks pretty easy…he will get this no problem

  15. LindsayB

    Did I hear jason right that the girls asked Justin to throw the comp? It was hard to keep up cuz I was in the process of tuning him and Krusti out while they talked about how smart they were and how dumb the girls are.

  16. NKogNeeTow

    Jason….my dear, dear Jason….Just think about all of the destitute people in the world who don’t have mothers or basements for them to live in. Whether you have a decent education or not, a high paying job or not, you still have a place to go to keep warm, eat and sleep. At least you don’t have to spend your nights in a homeless shelter where you have to sleep with your shoes and coat on, to keep someone from stealing them during the night. You don’t have to worry about having to leave in the morning because you are not allowed to stay there during the day. I have a cousin that works for a homeless shelter. It’s heartbreaking to hear stories about some of the people who stay there. The other night you told Justin you wanted to win the money to start some kind of business. Justin asked you what kind of business and you said you didn’t know. He asked you what you were good at, and you told him nothing. You told him the only thing you weren’t to bad at was Bedazzling cigarette lighters…well, I suppose you COULD consider THAT a start-up business. I realize that everyone isn’t cut out for college. But I would have had more respect for you if you had a least said that you were at least thinking about getting some kind of training to at least help you get a better paying job. Both you and Krustie need to stop feeling sorry for yourselves. Unless you are God, we owe you nothing.


  17. caRyn

    You got this, Justin!

  18. LindsayB

    It sounds like the comp will be at 4:40. Jason is moping like a mofo. It’s pathetic. He is one of the reasons millenials get a bad name.

  19. Helen
    Helen (5586 comments)

    Are they going to take away those black cushions?

  20. LindsayB

    I really hope Justin fails at this. Not because I want him to leave, but because it’s better for Shelby’s game. The girls aren’t gunning for him.

  21. AIO_7

    Skid is outside hanging around the girls. I wish he would go away or I’m going to have to turn off the feed.

  22. NKogNeeTow

    Justin’s task is about to start. I’m not sure I can watch. I get so tense when someone has something so important on the line. I hate to see anybody lose. You’d think I have something at stake in this…lol

  23. LindsayB

    Wow. That was it? Good for him but that was ridiculous. Morgan or Shelby will win veto so it’s all good.

  24. caRyn

    Live DR starts soon. At the beginning of Morgan’s reply to the questions she will say – Well. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if she left without her mic because most of the time she does and has to turn around and get it.

  25. Shivani33

    Justin warned Morgan that he will save Jason and/or vote Shelby out if she’s OTB. He said that Shelby is a bigger threat than Jason. This happened in the BR while Morgan was drying her hair. Shelby might have heard some of it over the noise of the blowdryer. Shortly after this, she was crying in the HOH room. Morgan was there but no conversation was happening. Justin has made it clear to Jason that he still supports him over Morgan and Shelby. Who knows if he’ll change his mind again…and again? Jason might’ve been pleased to hear this, but I don’t think he’d mind voting out Justin if he could.

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  27. LindsayB

    Justin is done with the jambalaya gang. He’s all about final 3 being him, Krusti, and Jason. Boo.

    • Gerardo for AFP

      Are you serious? Smh every time I think maybe there’s a LITTLE bit of hope for Justin, he proves to be just as clueless as I always knew he was. I hope Jason at least takes the Nerd Herd out to McDonald’s or something for all their help carrying him to the $250K. Hell, let them super size it!

    • Avatar

      I told you that doofus ass idiot was staying loyal to the sow & shitstain. If it rained brains Justin’s dumb ass would not get wet.

      • Jay H
        Jay H (386 comments)

        Terrible game move. Jason WILL win if he’s in the final 3. If they aren’t smart enough to see that, they deserve to lose.
        Expect the unexpected, except you can count on seeing a winner you hate to see win.(most of the time)

      • Avatar

        NO NO NO NO NO, Jay we are ONLY sending positive thoughts out into the universe. “Shelby, Morgan & Doofus” are going to be f3. 🙂

  28. Shivani33

    Morgan told Shelby that she “overheard” Justin saying that he’s gunning for Shelby now. Oh yes, she overheard it because when Justin told her, she was holding that noisy blowdryer. Shelby said she’s going to confront Justin, who’s supposed to drop by the HoH room for some wine later.

    Another thing, Kryssie Crisis is on everyone’s list to bring to the end…to beat. It reminds me of when Paulie Califiore was riding high in the saddle and made the stunning remark, “I was bred for this.” I can hear Kryssie now, when she comes to the final countdown: “I bled for this!”

  29. Jay H

    Throughout this season I’ve been really annoyed at the immaturity of taking the Krackels, until tonight.
    It was pretty funny seeing them hike up the bed and pull out a 20# trash bag full of Krackle bars, while they separate the fresh bags of chocolate on the floor.
    Apparently they are going to give it to Shelby when they or she leaves. That is pretty funny.

  30. Avatar

    I’m so sorry guys & I know this is way off topic buti seriously need to very in between crying & wanting to tear some shit up.
    My debit card must have fell out of my pocket when I was giving food & clothes to the homeless. It could’ve fell outside so im not blaming anyone. Anyway, I reported it lost or stolen last Wednesday & I still havnt received my new one over a week later. Monday they lied to me & said I reported it on Friday which was a holiday & I argued wth them no i reported it on Wednesday because I knew Friday was a holiday come up. So they told me it was mailed on monday & will get it by today. It didn’t come today & i called again & the man said it won’t come until after the hoidays. I had a few choice words for those 3 people who lied to me but I am so upset, depressed, pissed & want to punch the shit out of something. Now my family won’thave a Thanksgiving or Christmas from Nana . The grandkids will be so disappointed because they know Nana gives them what they ask for.

    I probably won’t be back on tonight because my day has just been ruined.

  31. Shivani33

    It just looks doubtless that either Jason or Shelby – depending on how PoV goes – will be evicted. Morgan & Justin are safe, and no one is interested in evicting Krustie, for obvious reasons. How many who follow OTT will no longer give attention to it if Shelby is gone? If Jason loses, who will inherit (if anyone does) Jason’s fan sector’s votes? Will there be a big split in opinions about the final vote if Jason’s fan-base loses him? In a way, there’s been very little opportunity for these houseguests to gain much momentum from strategic gameplay. Most of what they’ve had to do has been reacting to “America’s” voting decisions. It’s been similar to a chess game being played with a third party who comes swooping in to choose almost each & every move. OTT, the little hybrid mutant semi-popularity contest. Maybe it would’ve worked a bit better without any returning player.Yet still, I find that there’s too little room in OTT’s structure for its players to have enough latitude to make big moves or to have long-term or even short-term strategic goals. No wonder these house pets have resorted to sleeping so much, the pawns of ennui.

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