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One Less ‘Non’ Threat To Deal With


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So far in the Big Brother 16 season, it’s been a pretty… interesting season.  I am trying to be as polite as I can, so bear with me. Within days of entering the house, a group of six guys and two girls formed an alliance that has been controlling things ever since. One of the alliance members did go home, but that was more like a mafia style hit than a blindside by a floater. Devin – the one alliance member home – went rogue and was a real threat to the alliance from the beginning.  He was the one who randomly invited Christine and Amber, and was really a loose cannon.

There was only one houseguest outside the alliance who had a slight clue what was really going on, and that person was Brittany.  For that reason alone, she became the number 1 threat to the ‘bomb squad-detonators’ (more on that below), and had to go. The power alliance in the house has things under so tight of control, even Victoria was itching to get Brittany out of the house. Why would Victoria want Brittany gone? Petty reasons that are guaranteed to cost her $500k, that’s for sure.

note – I called it bomb squad-detonators because the detonators are the ‘bomb squad’ minus Caleb and Amber, yet they still think the bomb squad is active

At this rate, I have almost no doubt the final 5 will consist of Frankie, Derrick, Zach, Cody and probably Christine. The only thing that has the possibility for excitement at this point is that fact that nearly everyone in that alliance has final 2 deals with different people. However, the way this house is going, if and when they find out, they’ll shrug it off and go back to talking about how cute Cody is.

During the live eviction, it came as no surprise to anyone that Brittany was evicted in a unanimous vote. The only non unanimous vote this season came for Paola and that was expected as well. Donny and Jocasta voted to keep their friend in, even though it was well known Paola was going home.  I will have to do some research on the last time we’ve had this many unanimous votes this early, but there have been 46 votes cast this season, and only 2 went against the house. Shocking.

The HoH competition went about as you’d expect as well. The competition was the music trivia challenge where a song is sung about one of the competitions, and the houseguests have to buzz in and pick whether it was HoH, BoB, or PoV.  The loser is out, the winner picks the next two challengers. Four out of the final five standing were detonators, and the fifth detonator was outgoing HoH so he couldn’t play. Derrick did a very generous thing and threw the final challenge against Frankie, which not only secured slop for a week for Derrick, but one of the HoH slots for Frankie.  Very classy move, and it’s one of the reasons Derrick is a huge favorite to win it all right now.

The other final competition featured Zach against Christine, and Zach Attack was able to pick the right challenge to secure the final HoH spot.  This means Zach and Frankie will be picking nominees tomorrow, and they will battle against each other.  I’m going to take a guess who the nominees will be right now…

Jocasta, Victoria, Hayden, Nicole

In other news, Team America was given their third challenge.  They are given the task to stir up the house and cause a fight at the nomination ceremony, or the veto meeting.  Apparently Big Brother loved the veto blowup early this season and are forcing another.  We’ll see if it happens.

Also, before I forgot, the havenots were announced as well.  The laziest people of the week:

Derrick, Nicole, Caleb, Christine… congrats?

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  1. Comments (469)

    OK folks – does anyone doubt that BB has handed the biggest advantage in BB history to a HG – and even more important does anyone now doubt that Frankie will shamelessly play this an advantage like a cheap fiddle the rest of the way – BB should be ashamed of themselves for so blatantly handing the win to this deceitful fraud – and Frankie should be ashamed – oh who am I kidding he doesn’t have the morals to be ashamed.

    • Comments (91)

      yes. how dare his grandpa die. shameless.

      • Comments (151)

        Hahahahaha. I never thought of it that way, dingdong…

      • Comments (692)

        I don’t think that John Ruth even came close to saying anything like that. it may sound harsh but I also believe that frankie will use what has happened to further himself in the game.

        at the beginning of this season he was one of my favorites but I’m slowly losing any good thoughts I have had in the past about him.

      • Comments (487)

        Frankie reminds me of Andy. Always playing both sides. He will use his grandfather’s death to keep sympathy on his side until Derrick gets sick of it and blindsides him out of the house. I am hoping Frankie gets voted out BEFORE jury. As for last night I didn’t even watch because none of the HGs has the willingness to play their own game. Going along with the house only makes them next week’s patsy.

    • Comments (412)

      I completely agree with you John Ruth. I thought the whole point was to be disconnected with the rest of the world. If a houseguest has an emergency like this they should have to leave or learn when their game is over. Now other players are handing him HOH and the up coming weeks no one is going to put him up because he is the guy whose grandfather just passed away, and he has some kind of illness that prevents him from being a have not. Maybe it would have been student if he learned after he won HOH it wouldn’t seem so unfair.

      • Comments (412)

        Different not student

      • Comments (13)

        Well he still has to win B.O.B to be the sole H.O.H for the week so I would hope it does not go that far I can understand letting him win to get a pic especially with this year when their are 2 H.O.H and the B.O.B

      • Comments (1276)

        I can too, Derrick and Frankie are working together anyways, and have agreed about who should be nominated and who should go home this far, so I don’t think it really hurt Derrick at all to let Frankie get the pics. Plus, it won’t Derrick even more points for being kind, when he didn’t have to.
        As for the Slop part, that is all on BB. They shouldn’t have allowed any contestants in the house that can’t be part of the entire show, which includes the Have Not’s slop.

  2. Comments (469)

    Frankie missed the class on how to produce tears when you are pretending to weep.

    • Comments (198)

      You noticed that also. He is such a fake.

    • Comments (151)

      He is just playing the game you guys. Sleezy, yes! Terrible, definitely. But it is a game. If he wins, it is because the other hg arent as smart as you to see through his bad lies.

      • Comments (469)

        Rachel – sadly you are right – it is a game that invites and relishes deceit – and that seems to be the history of BB – the better the liar the better chance of winning – but I must say this – some things just go beyond the pale – and I/we can’t help but notice – and certainly can’t help but comment when we see them happening

      • Comments (151)

        Well I guess that makes us both right, doesnt it lol… smiley face. Maybe your hatred for frankie just blinds you, it isnt the fault of cbs. I dont like him either but he is doing what any big brother player would do. Who cares if he wants to stay and play, id do the same. Id also use it to my advantage like him cuz im evil. Hahaha I just talked myself into hating frankie less!

      • Comments (469)

        rachel – I honestly don’t HATE Frankie or anyone else (well there are a few politicians but that would be for another site). I am merely pointing out “my professional” analysis of his character – or lack thereof – there is so much data available it makes it quite easy – I will repeat an earlier comment I made – if you allow anyone to talk long enough their true nature and character begins to emerge – and I would add here – sometimes it takes a good deal of time to get people to open up – with Frankie no problem – give him the floor – and have your notebook and pencil ready – the problem would be to get him to stop.

      • Comments (2)

        Rachel, there’s this key on most computers called an apostrophe. Did yours not come with that option?

  3. Comments (83)

    I am kind of getting sick of Frankie as well.
    I realllly hope Donny doesn’t go up or get back doored.
    I want Victoria to go home this week. She’s creepy.

  4. Comments (91)

    glad brittany is gone. tired of her duck lip sneer. But, it really was a good move to get rid of her. it was obvious she was going to be a tough competitor if she was willing to kick 2400 field goals for nothing she would certainly have kicked butt later in competitions.

    • Comments (151)

      Her duck lip sneer was pretty. I will miss looking at her but at least there are still tons of other good looking people. Gotta love the model actors I assume they find for these reality shows.

      • Comments (469)

        rachel – we have something we can agree on (lol-smiley face). She is a stunning lady – and at her parting interview her 3 children came out and we could see that she and the father made pretty babies – couldn’t get a really good look at the daughter – but she seemed to be the spitting image of her mom – lucky little girl.

  5. Comments (15)

    This season is so boring and the only people that I would to win the money is Donny or Nicole. Come BB16 spice things up

  6. Comments (198)

    I am thinking if Frankie wanted to see pic’s of his grandpa so bad he should have let the game. I am sure glad he in NOT apart of my family.

  7. Comments (182)

    Yes, BB, did give Frankie an advantage, let’s see how long it last. Probably best to have told Frankie, but not allow the letter to be seen. This way the HG’S could remain undecided if it is an act or not. Knowing that this dead Grandpa trick was played before on Survivor.

    • Comments (151)

      You try telling someone who’s family member just died not to go out and cry and tell anyone. Come on…..

      • Comments (274)

        C’mon you know that he was really doing a great job of acting there. It runs in the family. I think Derrick did it to just win the likable votes. Frankie is already making guys mad and it won’t take long before some get resentful over his grandfather card. He knew he was going to die soon! He also made it clear that this guy was the first to accept his coming out, so the whole family did. That’s not worth anything to Frankie? He is so full of himself and blankity blanks that I am sick of him.
        Things are heating up quite nice in the house as we speak. Christine is running her mouth to Amber of all people to go against the guys. Zach is ticked off at Christine and wanted her up on the block and to throw it but she didn’t agree. He can’t let it go-que Disney music-Amber is ready to blow the alliance she still thinks exists up but if she does she’s going to rat out a big one! Caleb isn’t even defending his queen! It is getn interesting. ….hope it keeps going and now Derrick is thinking of having Amber and Zach as the 2 who who fulfil the TA mission.

      • Comments (182)

        Of course Frankie is going to cry and tell everybody, but to be fair to the other HG’s let them decide whether it is real or not, to minimized the advantage. That is better then not telling Frankie at all, which some on this blog are suggesting and complaining about this now unfair advantage.

        Everybody is here to win 1/2 million, everybody’s got issues and problems, shall we bring those into the house also. It is very sad to lose any love one, and the decision for Frankie to stay is a bold one, but let the games go on. I don’t think this sentiment will last too long anyways

      • Comments (469)

        RAYSAY – since I have probably questioned Frankies character more than the others on this site I will happily address your comments – I nor anyone else that I can find is questioning the reality of the grandfather’s passing – what I find deplorable about the situation is the way it has been handled – Frankie knew his GF was on deaths doorstep when he agreed to enter the house – this means there was an extreme possibility that that the passing would occur in the next three months – with this knowlege he chose to do the show (knowing he would probably never see his GF again)- {on tonights BBAD as he was reading his letter in his new HOH room he once again chose to capitalize on this tragedy and said to the HG’s that he never would have imagined that he would ever find himself in this situation -folks he was 99% sure this would happen – death wasn’t going to wait for him}. And like a good actor – once you are given the floor stay in the spotlight as long as you can – and boy did he ever. The other part of this debacle is that BB is smart enough to know what would occur in the house when the HG’s were made aware of this – they have done 15 previous seasons and are fully aware of the nuances of this “game” – they knew that revealing this would change the house dynamics forever – question is – what was their reasoning – to spice up a horribly boring – ratings killing season – or give Frankie this huge hand up to bolster his game – it is up to the audience to decide — And RAYSAY you are absolutely right everybodies got issues and problems – that is exactly the point – but as you have noticed no one elses problems are spilled into the house for all to see and react to – your first reaction to this is to say no one else has lost a loved one either so Frankies is on a much grander scale – and to that I would repeat – he was fully aware that this was likely to happen and he chose to proceed anyway. To quote Rahm Emmanual ( Former Obama adviser – and present Mayor of Chicago – “Never let a good tragedy go to waste”.

      • Comments (1799)

        Perfectly said on all points the two HG taking full advantage of this are Frankie and Derrick Frankie doing what you pointed out Derrick with his fake sacrifice of letting Frankie win to get the photo of his grandad and being put on slop Well he knows he will be eating the treats from the HoH room plus will be sleeping their so no harm to Derrick game Add to that he will still control the nominations Tho this week might be a bit harder as Zach is a bit of a loon

      • Comments (1446)

        And did you notice that when Frankie got the letter from “Mommy”, he read the part about thanking the HG’s not just once but TWICE for supporting him. John Ruth is absolutely right – Frankie knew his GF was dying when he went into the house. In no way saying that he didn’t love his GF, but it seems like the whole family knows how to use the tragedy as an advantage. Even his mother knew how to write a letter that would affect the other HG’s. And, if Frankie were honestly playing the game, he would not have let them throw him the competition.

      • Comments (469)

        Jannie – very well articulated and inciteful. I was hoping someone would catch the question of the letters – if you didn’t know better both of the letters could have easily been penned by Frankie himself – within hours of GF’s death – mommy is giving HG’s huge props for supporting her little Frankie – and as you so appropriately pointed out Frankie made sure to read that portion twice for affect – also filling in Frankie on his dogs activities and his sister making “hundreds” of insult braclets?? just for him because “she loves you so much” Notice he emphasises her name this time – Ariana – ask yourself honestly does this in any stretch of your imagination sound like a letter penned by a daughter who just hours before lost her father – and to cap it all off (once again within hours of GF’s death) what does Frankie point out to the HG’s – ” oh yes they (the family) are all out in the backyard watching this (ME) on TV – yes GF is gone many arrangements to be made – family and friends to be notified – many tears to be shed – but most importantly – gather around – get the popcorn – give Ariana a break from her braclet making – put the dogs on your laps – Frankie is on TV. Does there seem to be something wrong with this picture????

      • Comments (692)

        I thought that if a player was on slop for the week that the slop was all they were allowed to eat. I didn’t think they were supposed to eat anything other than that and maybe treats that were given by Big Brother such as pickled herring and cabbage or other mixture.I certainly didn’t think they were supposed to eat the stuff given to the HOH. That’s not fair and they definitely weren’t supposed to sleep in the HOH room.

      • Comments (1799)

        Have seen HG in the past enjoying the treats from the HoH

      • Comments (692)

        Danmtruth, I really have not paid close attention in the past 2 who’s eating what in the HOH room, but I certainly will in the future. Thank you for pointing it out. my feelings are that is if they’re on slop then slop is what they should eat, and that’s it. If u can’t abide by the rules and guidelines for the show then you should not apply to be on this show. Thank you very much, not trying to be mean or cruel but everyone should have to follow the same rules.

      • Comments (182)

        All points agreed John Ruth, and of course Gramps died, you think CBS would not confirm first before going live with it.

        It think for the future the contracts should have boiler-plated, ‘Participant is aware that once entering the house, zero, communication from the outside world will be released that would advantage another HG’.

        But of course we all know that this show is classified as a Reality, not a Game, which means that producers have free reign to tweet for players they feel are giving them best ratings.

        After all BB is a business for profit.

      • Comments (2)


  8. Comments (875)

    This edition of Big Brother has no suspense, and is NOT COMPELLING?! I will take a peek in from time to time, but in the meanwhile Adios!

    This Season is too predictable & boring, these folks are letting a group of dudes pick them off week, after week.

    This season is the Brigade Part 2, but the original was better, because they had Brittney, Rachael, Matt, Enzo, and Ragen…These folks are like bland as milk, ugh…

  9. Comments (110)

    I have no hope that anything exciting will happen this week with the new HOH’s. Just more of the same bs. That comp was lame and it seems like they are just re-doing many comps they have used in the past. How about some new ones?

    • Comments (469)

      QB – perk up girlfriend – watching BBAD it looks like things are already getting livlier – HG’s are running from one to the other – paranoia is beginning to rear it’s ugly head – and allies are beggining to question each others loyalties – It looks like wacky Zach may put the fun back in the game – Hang in there and cross your fingers we may see the beginnings of the BB that keeps us all coming back.

    • Comments (843)

      It will be another week of Derrick/Frankie controlling who is put up. Yawn

  10. Comments (28)

    This season has potential but its just not working out like it could. I think its missing 1 or 2 strong outspoken women and a male brainiac, maybe even just adding a backbone to a few of the current cast members, at this point I dont any to have one. This is my 6th season watching but so far my least favorite, I didn’t like the teams/allstars season idea but it turned out great and might just be my favorite season so ill give it a little more time but…. PICK IT UP ALREADY! lol

  11. Comments (17)

    Have watched since started big brother.this has to be the most boring one ever.come on derrick.its a game&your gona hand over hoh to 2 face frankie

  12. Comments (832)

    Watching BBAD, hello Victoria. Does the girl just stare aimlessly all the time?

  13. Comments (16)

    I am already over Frankie. I don’t think the HG’s will see him the way we do, because they don’t know he has “acting” running through his family. They known nothing about him except for what he has told them. On another note!… For our sake & the sake of Amber in the jury house, they must backdoor Caleb this week.

    • Comments (1799)

      Good point Melissa time to back door Caleb Yet with Zach the gator loon who knows It sounds like he and bomb squad/ detonator floater Christine are fighting Amber has figured out she is not in anyone’s plan to be taken to the end Just a tool to be used by Derrick to remove other players

  14. Comments (68)

    Why does Frankie get all the advantages?…Isn’t it supposed to be fair play?…Is it because his sister is famous and they want to keep him in the game longer?

    it seems even in a closed society like BB, the rich and famous still get preferential treatment.

    • Comments (42)

      I never heard of his sister before, Just how famous is she?

      • Comments (843)

        Teeny bobbers/kiddy show watchers might know her. Famous—NOT!

      • Comments (68)

        Her song problem was #2 at the Hot 100 on billboard, that’s pretty impressive no matter how much you might hate her song. She is pretty famous, and not just for teenagers. Just because you don’t know her doesn’t mean she’s not famous.

      • Comments (1276)

        She was on a Nick show, I think Victorious (my 7 year old niece loves it). And I guess she has 2 songs on the top 40, but again, I think it’s more towards the younger kids. My niece and nephew knows who she is, but they played her top songs for me, and I still have no clue.

  15. Comments (25)

    If you watched last nights episode in HD TV you could clearly see Frankie was sobbing uncontrollably, but no tears were ever produced. I watched it very closely. That is what I noticed.

  16. Comments (1288)

    Why not the best HoH outcome for Donny, the comp did provide some telling data points he will hopefully pick up on. First Christine quickly chose Donny/Jocasta to compete against each other clearly showing she wanted them out of the comp. Then Amber put Donny against Derrick (only bombsquad members left other than Donny at that point) who is clearly a strong competitor.

    When Christine won another round, instead of a quick decision like before she blatantly asked Derrick/Frankie/Zach who to put up. Finally when Derrick made such a nice gesture giving Frankie the HoH and accepting the role of have-not he also showed absolutely no concern that Christine still had the potential of being one of the HoH candidates. Clearly he felt totally safe with all the players left as they were all Detonators. Would he have been so generous if the other final duo was say Donny and Jocasta (or Victoria and Amber or any other non-Detonators). Or would he want the extra control and pseudosafety of one of the HoH spots?

  17. Comments (843)

    Caleb: I control Amber
    Caleb: Amber wouldn’t even be here now if not for me.
    Caleb: When I formed the original alliance.
    Boast Mode Cowpie is so delusional.
    Christine: How dare they even think of putting ME up? I’m the greatest player in this house! I’ve done more than anyone else in this house.
    So hope they read all the negative comments/thoughts America has for them.
    Zach and Cody actually have the best ideas but allow themselves to be controlled by Derrick and Frankie, essentially handing the money to them.

  18. Comments (332)

    No One will take Frankie to the end, he will win. The last duo has to be an offset. Likely, Donnie will not either. And Zach is out the door, he starts drama. Apparently this group gets heated over excitement. Cody sadly learned he is on the bottom of the alliance so any shake up will likely come with his next HOH. And Hayden just rolled over on the HOH he wants no blood on his hands. So Nicole and Amber have to be the ones to switch it up soon. Christine might get a clue before she goes that she should have wised up.

  19. Comments (332)

    Possibly Frankie will put up two weak players and leave Zach as HOH. Then maybe the group can vote him out thinking he needs to go be with his family. Possibility! Cause Frankie is just gloating that that they are going to just LET HIM WIN IT ALL FOR GRANDPA. Sorry fella, it doesn’t work like that, this is money and it makes people hungry and fight for food.

  20. Comments (78)

    Does anyone remember how BB handled the 911 terrorist attack with the HG back in 2001?
    I’m not sure but someone’s relative died then too.

    • Comments (162)

      I think they might of told the one lady about her family.

    • Comments (1446)

      Monica’s cousin died in the Twin Towers. She was informed in the DR and quickly and quietly left the game…which is what Frankie should have done if he really cared about mourning with his family. He seems to turn the emotions on and off pretty conveniently.

      • Comments (13)

        When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, there was a player from there. She wasn’t told anything about what happened & I think she owned some sort of business – perhaps a restaurant. But still, she was never told about the storm or if her family was affected.

  21. Comments (162)

    Christine needs to go up she is such a evil person to me. Poor Nicole is so green she doesn’t even realize what her friend is doing. Maybe Zach will have the balls to stir things up. Leave Donny alone this week and pick on some others who are just floating along like CHRISTINE..

  22. Comments (2)

    its been to predictable and boring ! its like a game of simone says , whatever and whoever Derricks says goes.i think the more exciting ppl got evicted , atleast send in Z-bot and let his comments open some eyes to whats going on !

  23. Comments (1276)

    I honestly think this season has been so Drama-less, that people are looking for things to hate about the players. Don’t get me wrong, if somehow, the death of Frankie’s grandfater wasn’t true, it would make Frankie a horrific person. But being that his sister is in the spotlight, her lying about it to further her brothers BB game, could kill her, ummm, career. So I know everyone likes to see the negative, but I’m going to go out there and say it is true. That being said, a loss of anyone close is hard for anyone, and I’m personally think it was coming from a good place when Derrick decided to let Frankie Win.
    If somehow it’s not true, I’ll be the first to eat my words.
    I still don’t know why everyone hates Frankie so much, he’s way over the top, a bit too hyper for my taste, the sister thing is silly, and for sure doing what he needs to, to win BB, which does involve tricking people into thinking you are working with them, and trying to at least “appear” to keep your hands clean… but I don’t know why the appearance of hatred towards him.

  24. Comments (78)

    I saw Frankie’s sister on Good Morning America this week along worth Ryan Seacrest. The person doing interview expressed sympathy to her so it appears to be true. What is strange to me that an adult child would still call their Mom “Mommy”.

    • Comments (1276)

      I call my dad, Daddy, always will. I actually know a lot of people do, I think it depends a lot on the family, how close they are, and really, where they are from as well.

    • Comments (692)

      Retired, uh, I’m 59 years old and the man who fathered me is still called daddy by me. He was called that when I was first learning to talk and he still has the same title because he’s still the same man.

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