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Thursday In The BBOTT House



Good evening, everyone.  As most people know, I still have visitors in town, and it’s 50/50 whether I will be busy once again tomorrow. They leave Saturday, so I’ll be able to resume normal updates then.

So, last night happened. Monte is gone, but Scott won the almost powerless HoH competition. Well, there is some power to it, because he is safe. That’s about it. With numbers not in their favor, once again this entire week rests on the hands of the viewers. At the beginning of the season, I said that I loved the amount of power America had this season, mostly because I thought it wouldn’t be as big as it has been. Once I realized that people love Jason for some reason, it became apparent that anyone who goes against him will feel the wrath. That makes me change my opinion on the season – America’s power would have been much more entertaining if a fan favorite wasn’t in the house.  It’s bullshit.

What made it worse is that shortly after Scott won HoH, Danielle went inside and immediately started telling America to vote their way again. As a fan of the show, it’s really frustrating to watch people like Danielle jump on the back of a popular houseguest.


Anyway, voting is open for the care package, which is “Pick-A-Veto”.  The winner gets to choose the style of veto prize it is. They can pick between the Diamond Power (They remove someone and name replacement), Double Veto (two veto awards for the competition) or Boomerang Veto (the winner can use the veto twice at the meeting).  Click here to vote for the care package

Also, let’s get some votes in for the week 3 popularity contest:


  • 7:10pm – Scott is up in the HoH room chatting with Neeley about Alex, and he is trying to clear Alex’s rep from last week
  • 7:45pm – Jason is in his spot outside talking to the boremance Danielle and Shane. Meanwhile, the plastics head into the bedroom to chat
    • Oh man, I made a mistake by starting to update.  I am already falling asleep.  If I don’t go out tomorrow, I will definitely have a thread open all day.  Just abvout to pass out at my PC right now. Such a long, but fun week

Check back for update


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  1. Helen

    Scott is making way too many safe promises basically to the entire opposite alliance IMO. After veto what’s he going to do? Sell out the people that have kept him safe last week and didn’t treat him like a leper? He for sure wants Alex safe…Shelby has been there for him since day 1…that leaves Morgan and happy birthday Whitney!!!!
    He is proving to be a very NOT smart player

  2. caRyn

    Friday (All PT):
    1 pm: Care Package Delivery
    7 pm – Weekday Replay
    7:30 pm – Live Diary Room Sessions

    Care Package Voting ends Friday 10 am

    America Votes Have-Not:
    Friday 2 pm – Sat 10 am

  3. Avatar

    First time comment. I love big brother, follow ever season. This is my favorite site to catch up when I can’t watch the feeds. I really hope people don’t waste this care package on Alex. With Scott in power, there is such a low probability of her going home. She is going to need the advantage of the other care packages later on.

    • Mell

      Caitlin, I agree with you.

    • caRyn

      I don’t think Alex will get the Care Package. I think Scott will – he is number one on a poll. Alex is number 4 on a poll. Shane is second and Neeley is third.

    • Helen

      Nah. I hope Scott gets it. His HOH. Especially now since he has promised every one of the LNC safety!!! He may have his 2 nominees coming off the block!! Who does he sacrifice from his own alliance because you know they will go home!!!! Who does he p**s off in the alliance he has promised safety to…Jason,Justin,Neely ?
      He is painting himself in a corner me thinks……..

      • Mell

        The same thing Alex did. You would think he wouldn’t repeat it. I didn’t know he promised Neeley.

      • caRyn

        The conversation between Neeley and Scott started during our Weekly Reply and ended shortly after. We were able to see the last part of it.

  4. Avatar

    I voted for Scott, so I hope the polls are right!

  5. Mell

    Sorry is this is old news. I haven’t been on much today.

    The ball smashes found the krackle candy bars. Shelby has stuffed them in her pockets and put the bag in her golf club bag. She’s going to need a chiropractor after this punishment. The bag isn’t heavy but she’s carrying EVERYTHING around in there. She has clothes, (she said she had extra underwear for some reason) syrup for Morgan’s slop, (she didn’t want it getting used since the chocolate milk is being drank) other random stuff and now a big bag of candy.

    Scott checked in the DR regarding his music and has officially invited Neeley (I think) to come up and listen to it…..just like we thought, Monte was a liar about that too! How selfish can someone be?

    • caRyn

      Justin was listening to Scott’s music (Rush) earlier today. Dirty underwear to keep hg out of her bag – I think that is what she said. The pickles are gone, I believe. Shelby said if she is a Have-Not she is hiding pickles.

      • Mell

        Monte, Morgan and someone else (can’t remember) had a convo yesterday discussing how to sneak food as a have not. They must not be as strict with that this year because Morgan ate two handfuls of cheese its her first day as a hn.

      • Mell

        Thanks for clarifying what the underwear was all about. Lol

      • Bastosko

        She does realize that she is monitored 24hrs a day and all the bag lady stuff, if she gets HN (which she just got MY vote for) BB should call her out on. Also, pair of dirty panties wouldn’t keep me out of her bag, I would just thing Girl, you nasty carrying this around.

      • Avatar

        Isn’t she carrying syrup or something that the have-nots can eat to keep others from getting it since everybody was drinking the chocolate milk? How friikin nasty is that to keep food with your dirty drawers? Now that says a lot about her. Even if the food is sealed up, I would not want that shit after being kept with dirty drawers thats been on somebody’s the ass.

    • BBBonbon62

      Shelby is the golf “BAG” lady

    • NKogNeeTow

      I knew Monte was lying about the music. If you remember, the past HOH’s have always allowed the other HG to come into their room, eat, drink, sleep and listen to their music. Monte was a selfish little so-and-so. He always kept the door locked and the key around his neck like the HOH room was some sort of sacred place of worship. Glad he’s gone and good riddance!

  6. caRyn

    Whitney’s birthday is tomorrow.

  7. Helen

    Sleep well stevebeans!! So glad you are having good times with friends!! Life’s good!!

  8. Helen

    Danielle is complaining about the way Justin is making burgers!! Well don’t eat em,you with the diamond encrusted vagina!!!

  9. Mell

    This care pkg would only help if they actually got the veto. Anyone can still win it. We can pick Alex or Scott for the pkg but if Shane or Danielle win the veto comp, we could be stuck with them. We arn’t the problem this week. Some of these care packages are more powerful than our 1 vote.

    • Helen

      Yes. The recipient is the key though…that may be scotts problem. If he puts up Shane and Danielle there is a very very good chance krispie will be americas nom….that would leave Scott,Danielle,Shane and krispie plus 2 random players playing for veto. Unless he is able to pick two from his alliance (although I am beginning to wonder how truely loyal he is) the odds are against him.

  10. Helen

    This may sound horrible but I wouldn’t be too horribly sad if Scott were to sacrifice Morgan………..

    • Avatar

      Even though it’s a strange package make sure to get your 2nd votes in. It’s open again since it’s past 9:00. Not sure it’s gonna help anyone but I still cast my votes for Scott. It’s getting sad watching hoh’s being powerless. I know this isn’t perfect but we don’t have many choices since it is still up to the veto winner

      • Helen

        Yes I agree….major flaw in an otherwise great concept……

      • Mell

        I agree. I’m rolling with it since it’s new and different but I dont care for it. The nom might be ok without the vote. It’s really only been one week that we decided tho if you think about it. CB left with a 9-1 vote. I do like picking have nots. I would like that any season. I didn’t like the care pkg in 18 or now. It’s too much like Jeff’s BS coup d’etat. Too game changing, especially the last ones. (Cancel 3 votes, do a challenge and go to final 4, be handed the veto that week) we thought Co hoh was big but it isn’t this season compared to some.

  11. Mell

    Conversation update and random BS:
    Morgan said she really wants Danielle to be a have not. (Morgan and the rest of America)
    She also wants Justin to be a have not. She was singing”dirty cornbread sheets” song. She may not like him but she does like his original tunes I suppose.

    Morgan (with Alex and Shelby) is speculating on the chances of getting Krissi to flip. I have to say, I don’t like this kind of player. They think nothing in the game matters unless it happens to them. They plan on talking to her tonight but she just got lied to big time. Why in the hell would Krissi trust them? It was only Krissi who got put otb and she didn’t end up going home, so what’s the big deal? This is dumb but I wouldn’t blame her at all for chugging all the chocolate milk in the house in front of Danielle after have nots change. If I were Morgan, I would drink it until I puked or exploded and then I would suck it up and go for round 2. She’s probably sick of pickles but I would have a food fight with those if I didn’t want to eat them or use them for a James style prank. Shelby could hang out with her eating the krackles while it’s happening.

    Alex/Morgan/Neeley having convo now-
    Neeley saying she didnt like the Krissi thing with the nom. Alex explains they were never going after Krissi but she knew LNC was lying to her and they were planning to vote out Monte even if she put Scott up. Neeley says she knww about thw plan for Minte but she was really on the fence with what to do. She says she isnt mad. Neeley says she thought the Monte stuff would have blown over if he would have chilled out. Neeley saying she doesn’t like the sides being segregated. They say they can always talk. It ends ok but nothing really accomplished.

    Alex/Shelby/Morgan convo right after-
    Morgan says they (LNC) are obsessed with the idea that it is segregated. Shelby asks if Neeley used the word segregated and they tell her yes. (are we gonna start this crap again ladies?) Alex says that Neeley was aware of the vote (to evict Monte) and she doesn’t get why Neeley/Krissi are pissed just because she didn’t let them trick her. (She has a point there)

    Shelby tells Justin the burgers were good and then changes to her creepy/scary voice and tells him she may have to climb in bed with him.

    Jason telling LNC about Nicole and Corey pornos this summer. I wonder if Danielle and Shane worried during that story. (A day or two back, some of the women in the house were discussing a mattress in one of the bedrooms and said it looked like it had been “banged” on a lot. It was Nicole and Corey’s bed) Sorry, I know 18 is over. I just thought it was funny.

    When Whitney and Morgan found the candy, did anyone else notice that Whitney told Morgan specifically where to look? Whitney was sitting on the sofa looking behind the throw pilows, Morgan came in and immediately Whitney pointed down and said look in this corner. Is production at it again? If they are, I hope they stick to this kind of help and not important stuff anymore. Maybe the didn’t help and Whitney just didn’t want to get in the floor but she didn’t tell her to “look under the sofa”, it was that specific corner. It’s Chocolategate.

  12. Helen

    Listening to krispie critter makes my ears bleed!! I just can’t!!!!!!!

    • kneeless

      I Know! If you have any questions, just ask her, she knows absolutely everything! I am actually LMAO at Justin & Shelby! Scott seems like an awkward smoker. Not sure why I thought I needed to sayou that!

      • Helen

        She sure has Alex fooled!!! Alex thinks she’s bottom of the totem pole and she and Neely are medusa head!!!! These girls are tools!! They just can’t SHUT UP!! I don’t even think America can help them!!! It’s too bad cause I really really want to like Alex but she’s so gullible!!! Well,really,they all are!! Except maybe Whitney and Shelby…I don’t know that they are…I don’t see them that way anyway.

      • Mell

        Kneeless, we observe all kinds of stuff such as body language, especially during those times we want to tune out the talking. Lol

      • NKogNeeTow

        Scott holds his cigarettes like Col. Klink in Hogan’s Heros (guess who watches a lot of old TV programs….lol).

  13. Avatar

    I really don’t like Alex. She’s sneaky, and it’s extremely unfair that she has her sister in there. Everyone is at a disadvantage, including the other girls with her. Further, I don’t appreciate Monte always acting like he was defending the Plastics honor and acting like Justin was sexist. They talk nasty a lot, and bring up a lot of vulgar subjects to get Justin started, and he gets blamed. Monte should feel like a fool watching it back and thinking he was protecting some innocent little Southern girls.

    • Avatar

      I really don’t like Alex. She’s sneaky, and it’s extremely unfair that she has her sister in there. Everyone is at a disadvantage, including the other girls with her. Further, I don’t appreciate Monte always acting like he was defending the Plastics honor and acting like Justin was sexist. They talk nasty a lot, and bring up a lot of vulgar subjects to get Justin started, and he gets blamed. Monte should feel like a fool watching it back and thinking he was protecting some innocent little Southern girls.

    • Avatar

      Gia, it’s not the first time that BB has had sisters on the show. Most of BB twists have something to do with siblings. I even remember a brother & sister one season. There’s been couples, best friends, siblings & parent & child. I don’t see it as being unfair.

  14. Mell

    Krissi had her talk with Alex-
    Krissi-says she was upset because she really thought she was the target and if she was a pawn, they would have told her. (You do usually tell the pawn and they did say they were targeting her)
    Alex-she admits she couldn’t tell Krissi because they were all lying to her. (She had to act like Krissi was target since they acted like Scott was if he went up) Krissi-tell Alex she didn’t know her side was really going to vote out Monte. They didn’t tell her.
    They have an understanding of what happened now at least.

    Morgan/Shelby Alex/Whitney convo right after:
    Alex-tells them that Krissi was in the dark with her own alliance. She knows they were telling people they were evicting her. She says that’s why she was so upset. She didn’t know why Alex had to do what she did. Alex believes Krissi didn’t know. (Krissi did a good job on that one)
    Shelby-says Krissi got no votes so she had to know she wasn’t anyone’s target.
    Alex-she thinks Neeley is more aligned with the LNC that Krissi. She thinks Krissi is at the bottom.
    Shelby-mentions that Scott was tight
    Morgan-wants to know if Krissi would ever vote with them
    Morgan- why does she trust them? (That’s her side ??)
    Morgan-says she can’t get over Neeleys segregated comment. She think Neeley meant it because they are all white.

    Krissi goes outside and let’s Shane know that Plastics knew that LNC was lying and really going to vote out Monte. She says Alex told her it came from Shane. (They are assuming from Shane to Scott) She tells them she told Alex she didn’t know. She’s just giving them a head up they the secret was already out.

    I’m out guys. Have to get to bed.
    P.S. I kept saying Morgan has been fueling Monte’s fire and has been very catty. She wraps it in a well spoken bow but it’s been there the whole time if you’ve been listening.

  15. Helen

    Well krispie has let the LNC know that America is going to put up one of the girls because they don’t like bullsh*****s…this coming from the lips of someone who just fed a line of bulls**t to Alex!!!
    We’ve kept the couch warm for ya krispie!!!

  16. Mell

    Nkogneetow, wanted to say hello! We’re keeping different hours lately so I’m leaving this in the event you see it. I’m never on her when you are so I just read your comments in the morning.

    Goodnight friends!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Hello My Sweet Little Mell! I never know when I’ll be on. I keep trying to go to bed at a decent hour but it seems like all the good convos happen at night. I seldom watch the feeds during the day because I try to get real life stuff done….lol. I’m still hoping that Steve can find a way to open a live chat here, as well as keep this format going for those who can’t be present to chat. But it might be a bit much to handle (I don’t know, I’m a computer novice).

      I’m happy to see that you, Helen and Ryn are really helping Steve out while he’s busy, by keeping the threads going. You girls are doing a fantastic job! And Steve, it goes without saying. Glad he’s getting in some fun time with his friends. He’s earned it.

      Sleep well my friend 🙂

  17. NKogNeeTow

    @stevebeans….You’re right, they really shouldn’t mix in Vets with Newbies. They should either have all Newbies or all Vets. I do like Jason, and I’m one of those who enjoy him on the show, but only for entertainment value and not for play. He’s an extremely bad player. I hope he sticks around for awhile, only because as time goes on the house gets boring. But make no mistake about it, I don’t want him to win. He doesn’t deserve it and I doubt by the end of the game he will have either. The LNC is the fun side of the house, while The Plastics are more serious. The LNC is more gossip and playing around, while The Plastics are more plotting, planning and calculating. Each side needs a little bit of the other. But, it is what it is. Hopefully CBS will mix up BB19 and mix in some of the things from OTT with the regular season. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    On a more selfish side, I’m glad you’re having fun with your friends, but I’m embarrassed to say, I’ll be glad when they’re gone. Then we can get OUR Steve back! I miss your what you sometimes call “to long post”. We love your recaps, opinions and outlooks….Don’t judge me 🙂

  18. Avatar

    BB is cheating for Scott. He named what the Diamond veto would be, he said Shanielle, and I knew whatever answer he gave in HOH challenge would be accepted answer. I am cancelling my subscription, this is really George Orwell’s 1984.

  19. Avatar

    Actual human behavior broke out between the 2 sides. They sang happy birthday to Whitney at midnight then all of them went to the kitchen and blew up condom balloons!

  20. Helen

    Anyone have any ideas who to vote for have nots this week?

  21. Avatar

    I’m thinking Danielle and Kryssie for sure! We need to deflate their heads. Kryssie got way too big for her own britches when we gave her the care package. I was thinking Shelby but then I read that Danielle is jealous of Shelby being around Shane so that could make her stay in the have not room even better. So I’m up in the air about who to make #3

  22. Avatar

    Did anyone hear what comment Justin made to Danielle that got her upset?

    • Shivani33

      Justin said that he wants to be fruitful and multiply. Danielle said he won’t be a good dad if he has multiple baby-mamas and kids all over the place. She said that she knows what kids need. Later he apologized for upsetting her, and said that he was only shooting the breeze. Many of the LNC agreed that it’s better for them not to get into talking about their own families much because it brings them into past pains and dark waters, plus button-pushing disagreements. Justin and Danielle both apologized more than once to each other. It was an uncomfortable personal conversation. Neely didn’t take it seriously the way that Danielle did, but I think that Danielle has a lot of pain around this subject…because of her own situation.

  23. Avatar

    Correction, not Kyrspie Shelby. What else did she stick the bag with her dirty panty drawers?

    • Helen

      They found the bag of candy that Jason Danielle and Shane hid. Also put some syrup in her bag so Morgan would have it for her slop cause Danielle is eating all the have not food. I.e. Chocolate milk

      • Avatar

        I guess confronting that hateful, selfish heffer wouldn’t make a difference because she’s such a self entitled smartass. One of the many reasons America can’t stand her ass. I should say the majority of America can’t stand her.

      • Helen

        No it wouldn’t. One of these days she’s gonna come to realize those diamonds she thinks that are encrusting her vagina (still can’t believe she actually said that) are nothing but cubic zirconia.

      • caRyn

        Pickles are gone too and Morgan has no chocolate milk and no pickles. She inly has slop.

      • caRyn

        Correction – Morgan only has slop to eat.

      • caRyn

        They gave the hg more pickles and Whitney had one with her burger but I don’t think anyone noticed.

  24. Avatar

    @Helen, do you know who Jason & some of the others were pissed off at for leaving chicken on the counter & touching all of the spices without washing their hands a day or so ago? They were all sitting outside raising hell about getting salmonella.

    • Helen

      No I missed that. Didn’t know they were pissed. But they bitch about everything so hard to tell

      • Avatar

        I saw it on the clips but the doggone thing wasn’t on long enough to find out who they were talking about. Whoever it is they kept saying “he” so I know it’s a man. Monte wasn’t gone yet, Justin wasn’t out there & im not sure about Scott. Maybe they were talking about Cornbread before he left because when he was there they were pissed because he wouldn’t clean up after himself.

      • Avatar

        I just realized the dirty cornbread sheets song that Justin made up was about cornbreads fungus feet. Krusty Kryspie said she asked him what was wrong with his feet & he said he has a fungus.

  25. Helen

    I so don’t want Shelby as have not this week. I for sure want Danielle and since Danielle thinks Shelby has the hots for Shane I think that would be too easy on Danielle. Sorry but I think the princess Danielle needs a wake up call,the world really does not revolve around her. I am leaning towards either Alex or Neely. Want to vote Neely because she will get sick of listening to Danielle complain and might put a bigger wedge in that group.

  26. Avatar

    We all know dani isnt going home this week, not that I like her but you know its the truth

    • Helen

      Your probably right….it’s unfortunate because with her and kryssey gone people might actually start playing big brother instead of big bitch. Danielle,krispie and Morgan are high on my “to go” list.

  27. Avatar

    LMAO, Helen, please tell me about what Danielle said about her vagina being encrusted in diamonds..Hell, it’s probably just crusty.

  28. Helen

    Idk…I think with the contents of the care package this week Scott would be wise to put up maybe Jason and probably Justin.. they could win veto,pull themselves off and Scott could renom shane.

  29. Shivani33

    Shelby and her merciful food hoarding is amusing me so much. She stores so much food for the have-nots in her golfbag, like a fretting mother hen. She plans to leave the all of the empty candy wrappers where Jason hid the candy stash. Then she doesn’t want any men to find her “period” underwear but uses it as a decoy so no enemies get past it and discover the pickle jars, maple syrup and who knows what else. She has declared already that she’ll hide food stashes if she becomes a have-not.

    Last night, Scott and Shelby were on the hammock and wondered together when Justin is going to start playing the game. I misunderstood and thought that they were talking about Jason…!

    • Helen

      Alls I know for certain is that Scott is going to have to think strategically this week if he wants to get his target out!! Come on dude,your a big brother “super fan”. Let’s see what your made of…….

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