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Well, that was unexpected. Gidget pulled out a miraculous win, and the house is not very happy about it. Throughout the week, more and more people have been getting on board with the ‘Get Frank Out’ plan, but that was missed by inches this week. Off the top of my head, wasn’t Paul one slot over from winning it? Now Frank and the rest of his team are safe for the week  (including Road Kill), so this means Bronte will likely be going home. Frank will control this nomination, and he’ll make it happen. Personally, I am pulling for Frank, so I think this is hilarious to see people scramble now.

On another note – No word on the Battle Back competition other than Victor is going in it.  I was under the impression it was to be a 1v1 competition with the winner facing the new evicted houseguest each week. Either it is that way and they’re going to show all the past competitions in a row one night, or they’re saving everyone from a one night event.  I am starting to think it is the latter, which stinks for people like Glenn who have to sit in a hotel room for the next month waiting for a competition he’ll eventually fail.

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Time to follow the whispers….


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  • 7:30pm – The house is a bit in shock. Nobody really knows what will happen this week. People expected Bridgette and that entire team to throw it, but not today!
    • Frank is already campaigning to get Tiffany out
    • Gidget doesn’t want to touch Team Unicorn
    • They are debating on putting Paul up as a pawn. Poor guy
    • Paulie is suggesting Tiffany go right up after than backdoor because she’ll crumble mentally and won’t handle competitions
  • 7:54pm – Talks have broken up. Now just Van2.0 and Natalie are talking in the living room. Everyone else in kitchen
  • 8:10pm – Ok, little whispers in the safari room with Nicole and people coming in and out. Let’s see what they have to say
    • Paulie tells Nicole that Frank wants Tiffany gone
    • Paulie says he’ll put Bronte or Natalie up if he wins roadkill
    • Nicole is freaking out because she thinks she’s in danger. She heard whispers about being on the block with Corey
    • Nicole thinks Corey is pissed at her for choking on live tv and screwing the competition. She is really beating herself over this
  • 8:22pm – Natalie and Bronte are chatting privately about laying low for the week
    • Bronte tells Natalie that whoever doesn’t go up, she’s going to say she approached Gidget and ‘put in a good word’
    • Frank joins and they talk a little. He tells her not to say in her speeches any more that she’s a good physical competitor. This is her PoV speech that was cut from CBS
  • 8:30pm – Z and Michelle are chatting. Michelle says last night Frank was tossing and turning, but he is going to sleep like a baby this week
    • Michelle thinks her board was rigged. They think production rigged it for Frank to stay (yes, they rigged a luck competition)
    • Listening to Zaki chew is gross, switching feeds
  • 9:00pm – Van2.0 is talking to Corey. She is asking how she can convince Bridgette that Frank isn’t her target (he is)
  • 9:13pm – Paulie is talking to James and Z
    • He is talking about Vanessa. He said early in her season, people should have just nipped her when she was doing all the crying stuff. But, she settled herself in and strategized, she was a monster. He said she was probably one of the best players to ever play. I disagree. She was good, but the cast has been getting more and more dumb as the seasons progress. Vanessa dominates houses full of people like Clay, Shelli, Becky, Jeff, Jace, etc (or Jozea, Victor, Natalie, Bronte, … ). I’d be curious to see how Vanessa would do in an All-Star season.
    • Paulie leaves and Z says she had no idea James was on board with the Frank stuff. He said he didn’t realize she was as well.
  • 9:25pm – A bunch of people are in the living room talking about Vic leaving.
    • They are making fun of how Vic did a shoutout then basically said ‘fu’ to production by swearing.  He dropped the F-bomb right before he left.  Frank said he broke 2 out of the 3 rules they gave them before the episode (no swearing, no shoutouts, and no singing)
  • 9:44pm – Nicole, Paulie, and Michelle are talking when Van2.0 enters.
    • Van2 says that there are basically 4 people who can go up. Corey, Paul, Nicole and herself. She thinks she is likely top of that list (she’s right)
  • 10:00pm – Paulie is awkwardly talking to Tiff giving her advice even though he knows she is probably going home.
    • James is talking to Natalie in the HN room. She is upset Victor got applause (it’s because the audience is told to applause regardless)
    • People are just casually talking around the house, meanwhile I got a good pause haha
    • Taking a quick headache break

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  1. Avatar
    Jessica Gorham

    Steve thanks for an awesome blog!!!

    I read on another site there will a friday night special epidosde that show cases all the battle back competitions. I think it’s going to air July 22nd.

    On another note, about a week ago I read an article in US Weekly. They interviewed Josea about his time in the house. I was under the impression, that they would not be allowed to talk to anyone until they are officially evicted. Does anyone know anythign about this, and could it mean Josea lost??!?!?

  2. Elaine

    I am with you Steve on Frank staying in the house, because I do like to hear the “Get Frank Out” chatter. Once he leaves it will be a very different game. I am ready for whatever will get this season moving and a bit unpredictable.

  3. Elaine

    Bridge is in Spy Girls with Nat and Bronte, so I don’t think Bronte will be nominated.

    • Jannie

      Yeah, no way a spy girl will go up. If Frank can convince her to get rid of Bronte, he deserves to win the game.

      Is anyone else just SICK of this whole “team” thing? C’mon, it limits who can be put up and I can’t even keep them straight…never could. Hope they get rid of this soon. Now Paulie and Frank are safe and will be sitting in the HOH pulling the strings. ZZZZZZZZ…….

      I would like to see Corey go- can’t forget the goat story. And seriously, what has he done??

      And even though Van2.0 is annoying, the house would be boring without her mood swings. And she is the one who gets under Frank’s skin…she needs to stick around to mess with his game.

      • Avatar

        Agree, agree, agree! I’m so not looking forward to watching puppet masters play with a puppet. Ughhhhh.

      • NKogNeeTow

        There you are my little Jannie 🙂

        I wish Frank could convince Gidget to put up Bronchitis, but you’re right. Not a chance in hell of that happening because The Bobbleheads (Gidget, Bronchitis and Natural Nat) are far more infatuated with each other than they are any man in the house.

        The team thing mostly confuses me because I can never remember who’s on what team. Every time someone mentions one, I have to go to the top of this screen to see who is where…lol.

        I hope V2 last a little longer too. First of all most of the time she’s a diversion from who the house is really after. That gives her more time to rub people the wrong way…and I kind of like that..lol. I think the house being scared of her because of her mood swings and what they fear she might do to their game, makes them work a little harder….Well, some of them at least.

  4. Avatar

    Interesting that Gidget doesn’t want to go near Unicorn. Kinda narrows her choices especially if she wants to not nominate girls. You know Paul is up regardless. She has a thing for Corey or is it Paulie she has a thing for; so one of them is out. And category 4 is safe. So she can’t avoid not nominating a girl or she has to open unicorn as a possibility to nominate James. So it will be very interesting to see how she goes. Plus if someone from category 4 wins Roadkill comp they’ll probably go against her a little depending who wins from that team. Frank will probably go for james or Tiffany if he wins roadkill. If Michelle wins roadkill she’ll go for James or Tiffany as well. Paulie will probably go for Corey or James if he wins roadkill. So either way she is stuck if she’s targeting only men. Plus she has to think of her fellow spy girls if she eliminates one of their favorite guys then she has potential trouble later. Paul, James, and Tiffany are her only choices where none of her spy girls will be mad at her. And Nicole and Z are part of fatal 5 with Gidget so they’re not a possibility.

  5. Avatar

    This sucks. I’m so annoyed. Someone who isn’t even playing has HOH. Seriously? Well,let’s get ready to watch the puppet. Already can’t wait for next week.

  6. Shivani33

    I’m pretty sure that Frank (heh-heh!) and Bridgette will nominate Paul. If he can convince her, Tiffany too. Frank knows how to play it that Tiffany is too disruptive, emotionally draining for the whole house, etc. Unless there’s a big change, these are the most obvious, uncontroversial choices. I don’t think that Frank really wants to lose another guy besides Paul yet, but if Bridgette gets stubborn about putting any women on the block, Frank might settle for Paul and James but reassure James that he won’t be going.

    • Avatar

      I’m hoping someone from not category 4 wins roadkill so they can shake up the house and maybe put up someone more interesting. Because Bridget will probably put up Paul and James on the block or Paul and Corey even(though I can’t remember who of the spy girls likes Corey). So depending on who wins roadkill will determine who is the third nominee.

  7. Avatar

    Bridget needs to make a big move! Get one of the 8 pack out da game!

  8. Elaine

    I agree that a big part of Vanessa’s success was related to the cast and though she was a good player, not the best. However, James brings up a good point. Being her sister, there is some connection aura that may come into play. If the houseguests are smart, they need to heed the message of Tiff’s ups and downs and not wait to get her out. They were dead set on Vic this week, but they shouldn’t put Tiff off too long. Plus there is not a lot of choices that don’t have degrees of separation (or connection) to Bridge.

  9. JD

    So far this season has kept my interest and the twists are interesting. Bonus the twist are still happening unlike last year it was kind of swept under the carpet like a dirty secret. My only gripe is ZAK NEVER SMILES OR ACTS ENTHUSED!! She looks like she’s put out. Also she isn’t an interesting floater.

    • NKogNeeTow

      That’s because Princess is to busy trying to look like a model….always watching to see which camera to look into. Instead of nicknaming her Princess, maybe I should have called her Raft (since she’s such a floater)..lol.

  10. Jannie

    When are the boys going to wake up and realize that they are down 8/5 ??
    For all of Frank’s bravado, the persistent whispers of an all girl alliance could be an unstoppable force if the girls could just get it together. Alas, with Nicole drooling over Gorey(yes, he’s gory) and Zaki stuck to Paulie, I fear that Bridgitte will go along with the boys and get rid of Van2.0.

  11. Avatar

    They need to get rid of the teams. It changes everything, and not for the good

    • Jenny M

      I agree… but the one good thing the team rule did was prevent the vets from targeting any of the newbies they wanted… forced them to choose from a smaller pool. And they have to pay attention to which teams still have all their players because that gives them an advantage in comps.
      Still better than last year where the twistiest twists never materialized.

  12. Elaine

    I liked the look on Day’s face when Z told her of the “new” final five, her, Paulie, Day, Nic, Corey was priceless….realizing that she was the fifth wheel. I would love Day to turn on her lap dog Z and move against her. Z has added nothing to any of the conversations. She is sitting pretty by being hooked at the hip to Day and Paulie, with her sloth-like personality.

    • Avatar

      Day is smart to worry about Z/Paulie and Nicole/Corey.

      Day is having flashbacks of Shelli/Clay, the last showmance to end her BB life.

      She needs to lay low and reevaluate what she’ll do.

      • NKogNeeTow

        I think Da is more in danger of Princess and Primpin Paulie, than Nicole and Gorey. By Princess not having a mind of her own, Paulie can easily turn her. She is an empty vessel.

  13. Avatar

    Now that Bridgette is HOH…it is pretty much FRANK’S HOH this week. As long as Tiff does not win the POV…she’s out. Yawn.

    Won’t miss her though. Its not exciting to watch a player who cries and wines.
    Really the only dynamic players are Frank, Day, James, Paulie, Nicole,…dang I see why the vets are back. Can you imagine if they weren’t in that house? I normally don’t care for returning players but this season desperately needed it.

    • Elaine

      If the vets weren’t there, Jozea probably still would be there holding house meetings and delivering regular servings of his sermons on the mount. Since so many newbies don’t even seem familiar with the show….such as when Tiff referred to herself as a backdoor when she was already on the block and could play veto lol, it would be like the blind leading the blind. Might have been interesting.

  14. jimbo

    TOTALLY agree on the over-rating of Vanessa. That was a really clueless bunch, overall.

  15. Avatar

    It would be smart of her to nominate James. He can’t be trusted, playing all sides, plus he throws competitions. If she wants the opportunity for one of her spy girls to win HOH she has to get rid of James.

    But he could also be a potential ally down the road…He is tight with Natalie, but he would throw her under the bus in a heartbeat.
    Then one has to consider who road kill will play out this week. The 8 Pack could win it and control the nom and who goes home.

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