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It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house, and it sounds like the backyard has already closed for the week. What this means is that Thursday night’s HoH competition may be an endurance challenge, as those are usually the most elaborate to set up and take the longest. People are expecting it to be ‘the wall’, and I don’t think I’d disagree. If it is indeed the wall, James is the early favorite to win that challenge, so if you’re a fan of people cuddling in the HoH room, congrats?

If you’re wondering what happened to the overnight thread today, don’t worry, Amy is not gone yet. She had a day off today, and should still be around for about a month.  I blogged late into the night to cover it, but there wasn’t anything going on in the house anyway. With the outside locked off, we have two days of whispers to cover as Frank is going to push real hard to get Da’Vonne out.  At this point, I don’t think it will work, but at this point last week, I thought Tiffany was out the door. Two days is a long time with no outside to escape from people.


  • 11:45am – James is talking to Da’Vonne about what they would do if they reset the game completely and the season extends another 35 days.  Her reply is “Y’all can have this season”.
    • Can’t say I blame her much. In terms of big reality shows, Big Brother is likely near the bottom when it comes to payout versus time invested. $500k is a nice prize, but other shows are usually done in a month (Survivor, Amazing Race) and have double the prize. Heck, game shows on like Food Network are done in a day and they have prizes up to like $20k.
    • She then whispers about how they gotta get the showmances out. He doesn’t hear correctly and thinks she’s talking about him. She mentions the group of 4 (Nic/Cor,Paulie/Z), but James should also listen to this as a warning for himself.  Showmances are targets. Nicole and that group (ironic, I know) were trying to talk him out of it with Natalie, but that backfired and they’re closer after that weird fight.
    • Day tells James how last night they were talking about how much they like the other person (showmances), and tells James they will never choose anyone else to sit with them in the F2
    • She says she’ll tell him more later, but it’s bad.
    • James is getting a subtle warning
      James is getting a subtle warning
    • James says he can’t say much because of his situation with Natalie. Day replies “but you said you had no problem cutting her off”. James, this is a hint/wakeup call. Showmances are bad. Step away from the cheerleader.
    • Day repeats how bad it is. She was just sitting up there watching. “Nicole is gone…”.  Day is right. Nicole is completely sabotaging her game over Corey. She was embarrassing to watch on the feeds last night. It would have been embarrassing in a normal situation, but compound it with $500k on the line. Get it together, Nicole. People are rooting for you.
    • James is worried about them cutting the showmances right now because him and Natalie is on that list somewhere.  Day tells him nobody is afraid of Natalie, and right now nobody is scared of James. People fear Nicole and Corey as two people into one.
    • She doesn’t care if it’s her, James, Natalie and Michelle, she’s cool with that (as a f4).  I somehow doubt that. I think she’d be comfortable with that list minus James
    • She tells him she’ll talk when she can talk louder, but don’t say anything.
  • 11:55am – To further put a target on his back, James tells Day that he told everyone going into the house that he wasn’t going to get into any showmances.
    • “Strong as a rock” James called himself.  “No showmances for me”
    • James – stop. Da’Vonne was just warning you about the other showmances, and you’re further pushing the fact that you’re in one. It doesn’t matter if she’s content with going to jury. James is already going to be a huge target as the numbers dwindle down. Don’t increase the size by having a guaranteed vote on your side. I swear Natalie is going to end up in the house longer than he is because of this.
  • 12:35pm – Feeds down for Jeff loops. I don’t know what to think about this.
  • 1:00pm – Feeds back. let’s see if we can figure out why they were down.
  • 1:15pm – Tiffany and Frank are in the storage room and she is whispering some strategy.
    • Frank shoots it down because she wants him to talk to Da’Vonne and try to make a deal. He doesn’t think she’ll talk game with him, and he’s right. That is a dead end.
    • He says he is going to wait a bit and ramp it up as the week draws to an end
    • frank-tiff
    • Meanwhile in the kitchen, Nicole is trying to help prove Da’Vonne’s point about her and Corey being a showmance threat
    • nicole-corey3
  • 3:20pm – Took a small break. Back. On the feeds, just Day and Natalie chatting casually in the bathroom.
    • Meanwhile, in the safari room, Paul, Paulie, Tiffany, and Zaki are chatting casually as well. Well, not so casually considering the topic. Topic of the day is Brock Turner, so it’s not a light convo
  • 3:45pm – Gidget and Tiff are in the kitchen whispering. Gidget is telling her how Natalie was pissed when Tiff was put on the block because of the girl factor
  • 4:00pm – Nicole and Zaki are in the HoH room chatting.  Nicole is telling Z how Paulie really likes her, all about the Corey situation from yesterday, blah blah blah
    • Nicole feels after this week, the house will be divided 5v5v1. Frank, Gidget, Day, James and Natalie vs Paulie/Z, Nicole/Corey, and Michelle with Paul as a swing vote. I think Michelle is closer to Day than Nicole, but maybe I’m wrong.
    • As they’re talking, Natalie runs in and says she has to pee. She is doing the peepee run to the bathroom
    • Day opens the HoH door a minute later, looks at the two girls in bed, doesn’t say anything then leaves.  Nicole and Z are wondering what that was all about
    • zaki
    • Natalie finishes up and joins the girls for GT (girl talk). Natalie calls Z ‘Day’.. oops. She apologizes and says she is usually so good at names.
  • 4:20pm – Day comes back and the four girls start talking about random stuff (books, etc)
  • 4:30pm – Gidget and Frank are in the safari room talking about Nicole and how for some reason they don’t get along much despite the same profession
    • They leave and join Paulie in the kitchen. They hear people outside, so they open the door because Frank yells ‘Hey, shut the F up!’
    • grouplistening
    • Everyone cracks up and runs away from the door
    • A minute later I heard a voice saying ‘Frank’ – cut to fish.  Someone probably came over the speaker to yell at him. Oops
  • 6:20pm – Natalie and James are in the bumper cars snuggling (no thanks), while Nicole is still chatting with Z. Michelle has joined them. Time for the crap talking of other houseguests to begin
  • 7:40pm – The houseguests are just in the HoH room playing a word game. Nothing exciting has been going on
    • I guess this is a good time to catch up on some DVR
  • 9:30pm – Back from a break, and the house is idle. Tiffany is painting her nails, and Zaki/Paulie are in the kitchen.
    • Feeds are annoying. There is only one thing going on in the house, and that is a conversation in the Toyko room. They keep cutting out of it because BBAD is on, so they don’t want to yell at the house, but they can’t show them talking about Corey’s crazy ex-gf. Instead, we’re lucky to watch Natalie and James snuggle
  • 10:00pm – Nicole is super worried now because Corey made his ex-gf sound aggressive and tough.
    • nicole-worried
    • She is worried about getting beat up.  Poor thing
  • 10:15pm – Finally stuff breaks up. Frank and Gidget go into the safari room.
    • Frank says he is feeling confident about this week. I still don’t think it will happen. I think Tiff will be leaving, but anything can change tomorrow
    • Frank is going to try to have Nicole talk to James, but she is already planning on the house post-Tiffany
    • He says next week he wants to go after one of Corey or Paulie’s girls, and they agree that they’re not fans of Zaki. I guess she made a face at the screen when she saw Gidget earlier.
    • Tiff comes in and Frank tells her they have Paul 100%. Frank’s group is goign to be in for a shock
  • 10:45pm – Frank, Tiff, and Gidget are talking about random stuff. I’m going to cut this short. Been a slow, boring night.

Overnight in the morning


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  1. Shivani33

    Frank isn’t the only one who wants to evict Da’Vonne. It’s just that most of the other people who want her out would like to get Frank out even more! Very likely the team thing will end soon, with its automatic protection of more than one person every week, which has mainly worked out well for Frank, Paulie, Bridgette and Michelle. Since Frank and Da’Vonne are the main targets right now, maybe they’ll join forces for awhile to increase their chances of staying in the game.

    • AIO_7

      i’d rather see Frank take Tiff. under his wing; I’m on the outs with Da..

      • Shivani33

        I think Tiffany will be evicted and not useful as a house vote anymore. Right now Day is working on James to go after Paulie, and he’s reluctant. She’s trying to use the showmance angle on James, but then he says, “yeah, no. What about me and Natalie?” James told Day that he has her back and will vote Tiffany out. Day said that she isn’t worried about this week – it’s about the next week that she’s worried. Day ought to have tried the “strong player” motivation with James about Paulie instead of going on and on about couples. Frank has been saying that Day won’t talk game with him at all now.

  2. Avatar

    Canadian here!!

    What happen with Cori & Nicole??

  3. Shivani33

    For whatever reason, Corey is conflicted about Nicole. He wants her on his side for now but can’t give her the relationship that she wants them to have. She has a caregiver’s nature, but I think she needs to remember to take care of herself in the game. Whenever one of them backs off, the other pursues. Ho-hum.

    • Jenny M

      A few days ago Tiffany was telling Corey how adorable they are and he got uncomfortable and said stuff like Nicole’s a sweetheart, fun to cuddle with, etc. but pretty much says there’s nothing more to it. Tiff asked if he was still broken hearted and he talked about being in a relationship for 9 of the past 11 years and wanted to be single for a while. I couldn’t tell if it was one relationship that lasted 9 years or multiple ones. He actually seemed sincere about it. I think he likes Nicole — if you watch he’s often rubbing her neck or back while they’re talking to other people – but doesn’t want a serious relationship with her for whatever reason. Nicole is dazzled by his looks and probably planning their wedding in her head.

  4. danmtruth

    When I heard of fingergateAll that i could think about was the scean in Animal House with Eric Straton and Babs in his car He is complaining about the Delta house and Babs is busy finally stooping and removing her rubber gloves Just can see Nichole taking off a pair ofyellow platex gloves

    Looking at the possible returnees who would you like to see? I outed myself and said Bronte if it cant be Glenn Winning 5 comps is a long haul for Glenn I’m sorry to people who find my championing of Bronte grounds for calling in my sanity but why not her. Yes I read all the reasons in the other post and i can not disagree with any of the logic . All I can counter with is why not nothing else in this season has been a smart move

  5. Avatar

    Either Day or Tiffany can be evicted in my opinion, I could care less about either one of them. They are both annoying as heck

    Natalie is not a threat to anybody at least not yet, and I really don’t see it happening anyway as she’s a floater..

  6. Colby

    My theory on Corey and Nichole is:
    For whatever reason, Corey is not interested in her romantically. I do think he likes her as a person, but bottom line is – he is using her to further himself in the game. And after being on the block he especially realizes he needs to stick with her to stay safe. So given that she seems to be pushing for more on the romantic side, he is ‘performing’.
    Frank probably needs to call him a slut………….LOL 🙂

  7. Elaine

    Until there is someone in power that will actually target showmances, Corey is in a good place. Am sure he gives Nic enough attention to keep her less than paranoid. Along with us he doesn’t want to hear that whiny voice get any higher-pitched, which tends to happen when Nic is nervous. Poor clueless Zzzzz, who doesn’t seem aware that a house full of cameras, means a house full of cameras. For now she has Paulie protecting her, so she is good to go. They are in a group of four, which can be a good tight block for both power and voting. Am hopeful some of them will go soon.

  8. danmtruth

    why is Day who is on the block talking about trying to target showmances to evict Saying this to James who is tryong to have a showmance? Add to that the fact the people incharge Paulie and Corey are in showmances

    • Avatar

      Da is shooting herself in the other foot. How long will it be before James goes back to Paulie & tell him what she said. She’s not nearly as smart as I thought she was when the game first started. If Paulie came & confronted Da she would swear she didn’t tell James that & turn on the waterworks. Not a smart move because James is easily swayed. She should’ve just kept her mouth shut & layed low.

      • Avatar

        I totally waiting for someone to drop a dime on Nicole! Nicole is like everything wrong in the House is Day’s Fault! It reminds me of our current Political Nominees, everything is HRC’s Fault…Smdh

        But True, Day talk entirely far too much! For Example, when Tiffany approached Day while she was taking a shower to tell her she was putting up Corey.Day should have said “Play Your Game, Do What Is Best For You,” but instead when she got out of the Shower Day told Tiffany, “I can get the votes to get Corey Out!” When you are a Gamer, and You can Actually Win Competitions, you can back up telling people who you want out! But Day doesn’t win an Coms, and is really NOT a Threat to win any?! Day should know better, and should have played a very low key game.

        Having said that, Day is but a mere handful of people in the House currently that is actually “playing” the game. And I still believes she deserves to make Jury.

  9. Avatar

    With Day talking about showmances being a target, that should be hint that Day needs to go now!! Day is coming.for the showmancers!!!

    • Avatar

      I remember back in the day when ALL of the HG were on board to get the Showmances Out First…But when Rachel, Brendan, Jordan, & Jeff came along the D.R. on BB loved focusing on the Showmance aspect of Big Brother. Hence the Showmance become a force of a 2 people…Remember Amanda & her Showmance from BB15, they Ruled the WHOLE doggone House!!!???

      Showmance are a Force, but eventually the Males in the Showmance cut the Women off, and go with the other Guys in the House. Which will be Zakiyah’s & Nicoles Fate. Nicole should really know better from her Season, all she is doing is a redo of her Season of BB16!

  10. Avatar

    Just wondering if anyone gets creeped out when Z pucks her eye lashes !

    • Avatar

      Mary, I think u & I are going to be great friends. I’ve only been talking about Z & those damn fake ass eyelashes all season long. Anytime she is shown on camera she’s tugging at those damn eyelashes. Wtf.
      I wonder if it bothers Paulie seeing her do that ALL OF THE FRIIKEN TIME?
      One day she & Paulie were outside talking & he was wearing shades. Do you know she had the nerve to tell him to take off his shades so she could see his eyes when he was talking to her? Chiiiilld,,, if I could’ve jumped through that tv screen & yelled in her face I would’ve told her maybe if she didn’t always have her fingers in her eyes tugging at those damn eyelashes then maybe Paulie & the rest of the world watching the show could see her friiken eyes. Wth…

      • Avatar

        Agreed! I can see he wearing the False Eyelashes when she will appear on TV, when they film for the show. But to wear the truly heavy make-up everyday is beyond me?! But Zakiyah is “very” young girl, and while she is a pretty girl, Zakiyah is very insecure…Imvho

      • ChiKelz

        Is she plucking them out? I don’t understand…what is she doing to them? It is annoying!

      • ChiKelz

        LOL! Too funny Ann!

      • nkogneetow

        Actually the times I’ve seen her without them, I think she looks better natural.

      • ShoeLover

        lol!! plucking for sure!! I had a girlfriend that used to do it. stress!! poor girl is going to be eyelid bald soon!!! but it is ucky yucky watching!! reminds me of a former HG that would always have her fingers in her hair, scratch at her scalp and then proceed to scrape/clean whatever funk under her fingernails..

        ugh now I am grossing myself out!!! yucky yuck!!

  11. Michele Ryan

    Da’ unfortunately isn’t a gamer. She talks big when the target isn’t in the room. Then she cry’s and fakes it in front of the person she doesn’t like. Da’ really needs to go, as does Tiffany. Frank has managed quite well to stay afloat, especially since his diabolical plan was cut off @ a critical juncture. So even though Frank doesn’t remember his idea of a joke, but is able to pull off a life saver move with a team of “girls”. Frank is about to stay longer than say Da’ or Tiff (V2). Barring of course the survivor gets HOH sooner than later. James is close to losing it over Nat. Peace, FRIENDSHIP (lol) & Love People.

  12. Avatar

    4:27 Cam 2 Dora: Z won’t even be in the same room as me.

    • ChiKelz

      Is Dora the cabbage patch kid? I refer to her as Dora the Explorer too. I just emailed my mother picture or her and Dora side by side! Dora looks like the animated version of Brigette! They look the same. Too funny! I think Dora is smarter! Let me stop. LMAO!

  13. Avatar

    When is someone gonna tell Day about Nicole’s Back Stabbing her, & constantly throwing Day under the Bus??? I can not wait!

    • ChiKelz

      I can’t either Mello one! I just hope she keeps her cool and doesn’t blow a gasket.

      • Avatar

        I think Z’s eyelashes get stuck together, the top ones to the bottom ones. She either needs to wear different lashes or just dont put the damn things on at all.

    • Avatar

      @Mello one
      I think Nicole has lost her whole damn mind. I mean standing over a man watching him sleep,,, WTH
      That girl had better snap out of it. She’s acting like Bridgidiot. Not only is Nicole backstabbing Da (which backstabbing is part of the BB game) but she’s bordering on being obsessed with Corey. Da needs to wake up before she finds herself on the outside looking in watching BB from home. Nicole needs to wake the hell up & see that she’s making a fool of herself on national tv over a man that she just met all of 5 minutes ago. Omg, they get on my nerves.

      • Avatar

        That’s why I can’t fathom why everyone is so against Da??She’s doing everything everyone is doing playing BB game!! I digress…

      • nkogneetow

        Nicole is going to turn out to be a bunny boiler (Fatal Attraction reference). She’s taking “love struck” to a whole ‘nother level. Earlier, she got into a “non” lover’s quarrel with Corey, over his ex-girlfriend *cough*. He said he was embarrassed Nic said something about her in front of everybody (probably because she doesn’t exist).

        Nic ran and told Zzzz that she definately didn’t want to see or talk to him anymore tonight….then goes and ask him what’s wrong and climbs into bed with him.

        For all those who don’t get the “Fatal Attaction” reference, it’s an old movie starring Michael Douglas/Glenn Close. If you haven’t seen it, either rent it or look it up online. It will make you NEVER want to cheat again…lol.

      • ShoeLover

        oh my goodness!! Bunny Boiler!!!! I so remember that one!!! spot on, I agree!!!

    • Avatar

      I know!! It’s so distasteful how grimy Nicole is playing and so soon against Da! Nicole should’ve never returned. I hope her spot is blown up soon…

      • ChiKelz

        I liked Nicole before, but I can’t stand her gameplay this season at all! I really wish she and Corey would go. I noticed that sometimes she will find an excuse to complain about Da as a way to “talk” to Corey or to use it as a reason to be near him. I feel like their hate or distrust of Da is the only thing they have in common and they feed off of that.

      • Avatar

        I absolutely LOVED Nicole during her Season of BB! But Nicole is playing the same game she played during BB16…She attached herself to a Showmance, and back stabbed members of her Alliance! And in the end she Trusted Cody & Derrick and they screwed her over! I am so disappointed in her.

        As For Day she did learn one thing from her Season, to not hold House Guest Meetings, and to hold in her emotions. And she has except for her meltdown with Frank & Tiff. Days biggest problem currently is keeping her mouth closed, & knowing who she can trust to talk Game to.

  14. danmtruth

    If Z would stop plucking her eyelashes long enough . She might notice Paulie playing her It’s not as bad as Coret playing Nichole . To add insult to stupidity Nichole and Z just feed into each othr . How old these people ?

    It’s ironic that Paulie calls out Tiff for playing her sisters game ( that she is but it got Van far ) at the same time Paulie is trying to play Derrick’s game with Corey playing the part of Codey In the secert 2 bro alliance Sorry Paulie you are no Derrick he knew how to keep his mouth shut and work in the shadows Paulie needs tohave veryone see he is incharge

    • Avatar

      Omg! I’ve been thinking the same thing! He is killin me! Cody was waaaay more likable!

    • Colby

      Exactly! Paulie sees himself and Corey as Derrick and Cody. And Zak is Victoria. I can almost hear Derrick telling him ‘find the dumb girl that is trying to get famous and only cares about hair and make-up and eyelashes and stuff’. I don’t think she is as dumb as Victoria was, but Paulie has the advantage of being able to cuddle and stuff because he is not married like Derrick was.

      • Avatar

        Colby you are 100% right. I think Paulie is going to eventually be in for a rude awakening if & or when his minions figure out they’re there for the $500,000 just like he is & they are going to have to fight for it just like he is & its going to have to be a down & dirty fight.

  15. Avatar

    I hope that that Da’Vonne goes home cause here’s what is going to happen:

    1. Frank, Bridgette, Michelle, and Paul are going to vote Da’Vonne out
    2. Zakiyah, James, Corey, and Nicole are going to vote Tiffany out

    So that leaves the HOH as the tiebreaker and we all know who Paulie is going to vote out. (Hint: It’s Tiffany) But that means the following people are going to be playing in the Battle Back Comp.:

    1. Glenn
    2. Jozea
    3. Victor
    4. Bronte
    5. Tiffany

    If it is a mental competition then we all know that Bronte is going to win but if it is a physical comp. then 1 of 3 players is most-likely going to win:

    1. Jozea
    2. Victor
    3. Tiffany (Long-shot)

    But if Da’Vonne goes home this week this she has a very good shot at winning the battle back competition mental or physical.

    It is better to get Tiffany out this week because she is gunning for all of the players. Da’Vonne is only going after Frank and I want him out.

    Natalie is the only one that should feel safe this week. No one is going to vote out her.

    • Avatar

      Alexander Im sorry but I disagree with you on one thing. Bronte may not win a mental comp so easily because she has proven herself not to be the brightest bulb in the box. Did you see her on the aftershow with Jeff? The girl didn’t know what 9×9 was. Didn’t she say she wanted to be a mathematician? If she cant think fast enough to figure that out I doubt she’s going to be very good in any other kind of mental challenge. No disrespect to you. I just dont like Bronte & hope she does not come back into the game.

      • ChiKelz

        I’m with you Ann. I never liked her or that awful voice of hers (it was fake BTW). I never liked her, Z, or Dora the Explorer! Poor Tif didn’t have a chance with me because I would twitch anytime Vanessa came on the screen. UGH just thinking about her last year! See I’m twitching now! LOL

  16. Avatar

    Endurance Challenge because backyard is already close?? That or, as CBS has already indicated, they are setting up for the Battle Back competition (and probably filming portions of it in advance)

  17. Alda

    Is the Battle Back competition live on Friday?

  18. Avatar

    ChiKelz, you made me spit out my orange soda laughing so hard. I used to sit back & wish so hard I could’ve been in the BB House when Vanessa was there. Only thing is they would’ve called me to the DR & told me not to bother to sit just keep walking out the side door because I promise I would’ve punched Vanessa in her throat. That was how much I hated her. The same thing with Bronte & Bridgidiot.(aka Dora). I cant be around people I don’t like & I can’t pretend to like them. I would’ve caught several cases if I had to be around those people.
    Don’t you just hear Vanessa’s voice every single time Tiff opens her piehole whether it’s crying or that speed talking? So, Bronte, Bridgette & Tiffany didnt have a fighting chance with me from day one because of their voices.

    • nkogneetow

      V2 is almost more like Van than Van herself. Her voice, her look, her personality, her mannerisms, everything. It’s like they are a split gene more than sisters. As hard as I tried, every time I look at her, all I can see is Van. If she doesn’t go soon, I’ll have gnawed off my nails up to the cuticles.

    • ChiKelz

      Ann, here you go laughing! Last year we would crack each other up talking about Vanessa. I would have been past DR. They would have call the police on me. I couldn’t handle her! Not only do I hear Vanessa, I see her too! Too funny! LOL

  19. nkogneetow

    Frank told Cabbage Patch Gidget that all the girls in the house are afraid of him. She tells him that they were all talking about him. He then grills her as to what they said. Of course she is more than eager to tell him….

    Side Note: Everyone keeps talking about showmances, no one has mentioned yet how much Gidget is into Frank. I think her ass has a “50 Shades of Grey” thing going on. If he told her he wanted to chain her hands above her head, she’d just get all giggly-squiggly and squeel with delight. But I digress….

    Frank just flicked a booger on Gidget….and she giggles and says in her cutesy voice “Fraaannnk, did you just flick your booger on me”? He says yes, but they’re clean……See, I told you……

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch(HN room)….Nat and James are still bedridden.

    • Avatar

      Are you serious about the booger incident? If Frank really did that it shows a very dark side of him imo. It shows he cares so little about her that he thinks that type of behavior is acceptable….and has her so under his control that he knows she will willingly accept this type of behavior from him. It disgusts me, both his actions and her reactions to them. I’m so embarrassed for her. I wonder what her boyfriend and his girlfriend think of their interactions with each other. For that matter what their parents think. As I said it DISGUSTS me….yuuuuuk!!!!!

      • nkogneetow

        Yep, I’m serious. He did it, then later fartedout loud and took the pillow and fanned it at her….and she giggled the entire time….50 Shades….

    • Avatar

      Lmao! Bridgette & Frank remind me more of Derrick & Victoria from BB16 than anything!! Remember when Victoria 1st came into the House she said she “had” to sleep with a Girl, or alone because she was a Virgin??? Bridgette said the same thing, but she had to sleep with a Girl because she has a Boyfriend!

      Yet when Bridgette got HOH she was all hugged up with Frank…He even told her he was the one who put her up OTB the 1st week of Road Kill?! Frank throwing boogers on Bridgette is just nasty…Ugh, I can’t stand Frank!

      • nkogneetow

        Mello, I don’t know which couple annoys me more:

        Nat/James: They spend so much time in the bumper car, their muscles are going to atrophy.

        Clueless Nic/Clueless Corey: She’s hot for him, he’s lukewarm for her.

        Zzz/The Godfather: He is much more into himself than he is into her, but she can’t see it because her eyelashes keep getting in the way.

        Svengali(Frank)/Gidget: She worships him and so does he.

        V2/Gidget: What could bring them closer together than a bottle of nail polish.

        Paul Bunyon/Paul Bunyon: In love with himself because, well as he says, “Who doesn’t love your boy”?

      • Avatar

        oh my gosh nkog! The couples comment ^^ is hilarious!!

        Personally I’m a big Nicole fan I think she still has time to snap out of it and focus on the game. I think if Corey gets out that should fix it. I think he is a bigger target than she is.

  20. nkogneetow

    Orwell just posted a question on screen: There has been a Big Meech sighting in the house. How would you rate her game play?
    My answer: Non-existant

    Meech and Zzzz are in the HOH room discussing Da. Zzz feels that Da feels threatened by he “relationship” with Godfather Paulie. Zzz says that she thinks that whenever Da feels that something of her’s is threatened, she gets defensive. Meech ask why does Da think that Zzz can’t be friends with Da and Paulie. Zzz says she doesn’t know why but that Da is acting weird and it hurts her feelings. Sounds like Zzz is starting to doubt Da’s friendship. She says Da is awkward and she doesn’t need it and she doesn’t want Da to pull a Frank or V2 and start making up stuff. Meech thinks things will get back to normal once V2 leaves.

    Side Note II: They way Zzz is talking or rather inferring, like Godfather Paulie is her “man”….Reminds me of Rachel: “No one is coming between me and MY man!”.

    Speaking of Da….Is she doing her impression of Audrey? She’s been MIA all night….haven’t seen hide nor hair of her. Not quite the way you act if you want to stay (anti-social).

    Zzz and Meech are back to semi-bashing Da again…..Zzzz said something about Da telling her not to get a target on her(Zzz’s) back because it would be a target on her (Da’s) back. Zzz said she just told her “Yeah, whatever” (she rolls her eyes while she says it…..Oh oh Da, you’re losing another one).

  21. nkogneetow

    Da is now up in the HOH room with Zzz and Meech. Zzz and Meech are in the bed watching everyone in the kitchen on TV. Da is in the chair watching them and looking pissssssssssed! They are not talking about V2, but there is a lot of silence in between the comments. Seems a little akward.

    Meech is telling them that Frank told her that he’s V2 and Gidget’s coach. He tells them what to do.

    Da is telling them (AGAIN), that Frank had better hope that she doesn’t get HOH next week. Da starts to tell them about a nightmare she had, where she was packing to leave and Zzz was crying. (If she doesn’t get her azz back into the game, that nightmare might just come true).

    Okay Boys and Girls, BBAD is over and so am I 🙂

  22. nkogneetow

    *Sorry, that should have read: They are now talking about V2

    Okay, I’m out for real this time ;-P

  23. Avatar

    There’s just something so inherently wrong about Gidget dropping the F-bomb. Do you get the feeling she’s just trying to fit in?

    • Avatar

      @Kari B:. I think that’s exactly what she’s doing. I think in the beginning she didn’t cuss at all and it bothered her how much some people were. That was her wasn’t it? Those words don’t seem to fit in her mouth and don’t flow out naturally. Now she is cussing all the time! I think that you’re right that she’s trying to fit in but also trying to impress Frank and for some reason she thinks cussing will do that for her. I think it’s a sad attempt by an insecure, immature girl/ young woman.

  24. Avatar

    Did anyone see how pissed Z got after they all played hide n go seek bc Paulie & Natalie hid together & couldn’t be found?

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