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Tuesday Feed Updates 7/19

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It’s Tuesday in the Big Brother house, and it sounds like the backyard has already closed for the week. What this means is that Thursday night’s HoH competition may be an endurance challenge, as those are usually the most elaborate to set up and take the longest. People are expecting it to be ‘the wall’, and I don’t think I’d disagree. If it is indeed the wall, James is the early favorite to win that challenge, so if you’re a fan of people cuddling in the HoH room, congrats?

If you’re wondering what happened to the overnight thread today, don’t worry, Amy is not gone yet. She had a day off today, and should still be around for about a month.  I blogged late into the night to cover it, but there wasn’t anything going on in the house anyway. With the outside locked off, we have two days of whispers to cover as Frank is going to push real hard to get Da’Vonne out.  At this point, I don’t think it will work, but at this point last week, I thought Tiffany was out the door. Two days is a long time with no outside to escape from people.


  • 11:45am – James is talking to Da’Vonne about what they would do if they reset the game completely and the season extends another 35 days.  Her reply is “Y’all can have this season”.
    • Can’t say I blame her much. In terms of big reality shows, Big Brother is likely near the bottom when it comes to payout versus time invested. $500k is a nice prize, but other shows are usually done in a month (Survivor, Amazing Race) and have double the prize. Heck, game shows on like Food Network are done in a day and they have prizes up to like $20k.
    • She then whispers about how they gotta get the showmances out. He doesn’t hear correctly and thinks she’s talking about him. She mentions the group of 4 (Nic/Cor,Paulie/Z), but James should also listen to this as a warning for himself.  Showmances are targets. Nicole and that group (ironic, I know) were trying to talk him out of it with Natalie, but that backfired and they’re closer after that weird fight.
    • Day tells James how last night they were talking about how much they like the other person (showmances), and tells James they will never choose anyone else to sit with them in the F2
    • She says she’ll tell him more later, but it’s bad.
    • James is getting a subtle warning

      James is getting a subtle warning

    • James says he can’t say much because of his situation with Natalie. Day replies “but you said you had no problem cutting her off”. James, this is a hint/wakeup call. Showmances are bad. Step away from the cheerleader.
    • Day repeats how bad it is. She was just sitting up there watching. “Nicole is gone…”.  Day is right. Nicole is completely sabotaging her game over Corey. She was embarrassing to watch on the feeds last night. It would have been embarrassing in a normal situation, but compound it with $500k on the line. Get it together, Nicole. People are rooting for you.
    • James is worried about them cutting the showmances right now because him and Natalie is on that list somewhere.  Day tells him nobody is afraid of Natalie, and right now nobody is scared of James. People fear Nicole and Corey as two people into one.
    • She doesn’t care if it’s her, James, Natalie and Michelle, she’s cool with that (as a f4).  I somehow doubt that. I think she’d be comfortable with that list minus James
    • She tells him she’ll talk when she can talk louder, but don’t say anything.
  • 11:55am – To further put a target on his back, James tells Day that he told everyone going into the house that he wasn’t going to get into any showmances.
    • “Strong as a rock” James called himself.  “No showmances for me”
    • James – stop. Da’Vonne was just warning you about the other showmances, and you’re further pushing the fact that you’re in one. It doesn’t matter if she’s content with going to jury. James is already going to be a huge target as the numbers dwindle down. Don’t increase the size by having a guaranteed vote on your side. I swear Natalie is going to end up in the house longer than he is because of this.
  • 12:35pm – Feeds down for Jeff loops. I don’t know what to think about this.
  • 1:00pm – Feeds back. let’s see if we can figure out why they were down.
  • 1:15pm – Tiffany and Frank are in the storage room and she is whispering some strategy.
    • Frank shoots it down because she wants him to talk to Da’Vonne and try to make a deal. He doesn’t think she’ll talk game with him, and he’s right. That is a dead end.
    • He says he is going to wait a bit and ramp it up as the week draws to an end
    • frank-tiff
    • Meanwhile in the kitchen, Nicole is trying to help prove Da’Vonne’s point about her and Corey being a showmance threat
    • nicole-corey3
  • 3:20pm – Took a small break. Back. On the feeds, just Day and Natalie chatting casually in the bathroom.
    • Meanwhile, in the safari room, Paul, Paulie, Tiffany, and Zaki are chatting casually as well. Well, not so casually considering the topic. Topic of the day is Brock Turner, so it’s not a light convo
  • 3:45pm – Gidget and Tiff are in the kitchen whispering. Gidget is telling her how Natalie was pissed when Tiff was put on the block because of the girl factor
  • 4:00pm – Nicole and Zaki are in the HoH room chatting.  Nicole is telling Z how Paulie really likes her, all about the Corey situation from yesterday, blah blah blah
    • Nicole feels after this week, the house will be divided 5v5v1. Frank, Gidget, Day, James and Natalie vs Paulie/Z, Nicole/Corey, and Michelle with Paul as a swing vote. I think Michelle is closer to Day than Nicole, but maybe I’m wrong.
    • As they’re talking, Natalie runs in and says she has to pee. She is doing the peepee run to the bathroom
    • Day opens the HoH door a minute later, looks at the two girls in bed, doesn’t say anything then leaves.  Nicole and Z are wondering what that was all about
    • zaki
    • Natalie finishes up and joins the girls for GT (girl talk). Natalie calls Z ‘Day’.. oops. She apologizes and says she is usually so good at names.
  • 4:20pm – Day comes back and the four girls start talking about random stuff (books, etc)
  • 4:30pm – Gidget and Frank are in the safari room talking about Nicole and how for some reason they don’t get along much despite the same profession
    • They leave and join Paulie in the kitchen. They hear people outside, so they open the door because Frank yells ‘Hey, shut the F up!’
    • grouplistening
    • Everyone cracks up and runs away from the door
    • A minute later I heard a voice saying ‘Frank’ – cut to fish.  Someone probably came over the speaker to yell at him. Oops
  • 6:20pm – Natalie and James are in the bumper cars snuggling (no thanks), while Nicole is still chatting with Z. Michelle has joined them. Time for the crap talking of other houseguests to begin
  • 7:40pm – The houseguests are just in the HoH room playing a word game. Nothing exciting has been going on
    • I guess this is a good time to catch up on some DVR
  • 9:30pm – Back from a break, and the house is idle. Tiffany is painting her nails, and Zaki/Paulie are in the kitchen.
    • Feeds are annoying. There is only one thing going on in the house, and that is a conversation in the Toyko room. They keep cutting out of it because BBAD is on, so they don’t want to yell at the house, but they can’t show them talking about Corey’s crazy ex-gf. Instead, we’re lucky to watch Natalie and James snuggle
  • 10:00pm – Nicole is super worried now because Corey made his ex-gf sound aggressive and tough.
    • nicole-worried
    • She is worried about getting beat up.  Poor thing
  • 10:15pm – Finally stuff breaks up. Frank and Gidget go into the safari room.
    • Frank says he is feeling confident about this week. I still don’t think it will happen. I think Tiff will be leaving, but anything can change tomorrow
    • Frank is going to try to have Nicole talk to James, but she is already planning on the house post-Tiffany
    • He says next week he wants to go after one of Corey or Paulie’s girls, and they agree that they’re not fans of Zaki. I guess she made a face at the screen when she saw Gidget earlier.
    • Tiff comes in and Frank tells her they have Paul 100%. Frank’s group is goign to be in for a shock
  • 10:45pm – Frank, Tiff, and Gidget are talking about random stuff. I’m going to cut this short. Been a slow, boring night.

Overnight in the morning


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