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Tuesday Feed Updates – Scottie’s Final Days

Good afternoon, everyone!


Yesterday was a slow day, but overnight got a little interesting when Sam sat down with Brett for like an hour which is always good for some unintentional comic relief. Although this time it wasn’t creepy or cringy, it was more of Sam just upset because Scottie called her out during his PoV speech so Sam was confused. She thought Brett actually helped him with his speech because he helped RS with hers, which I guess makes sense if Brett is the official speechwriter but not all speeches originate from him.

After her talk with Brett, she managed to get Scottie alone for a few minutes. Scottie is still clearly trying to process exactly wtf happened to him this week and it’s going to take another month for him to actually realize why he’s in this situation. One of the last things on the mind of Scottie would be someone like Fessy jealous of him over Haleigh but that’s essentially what it boils down to. The original theory of his jealousy was always there, but it was confirmed when JC told him how much Scottie loves Haleigh which resulted in his (Fessy) mind made up.

On a personal and game level, I think it’s absolutely absurd what Fessy is doing. The term was said a lot last year about Cody but this is an actual example of Fessy throwing away $500k over a girl he just met. Unlike Cody, Fessy actually has a chance to make it pretty far in the game and with a jury full of friendly faces, he’d have a damn good shot at winning the whole thing.  Had Fessy played the way he was supposed to and got a L6 member out (let’s say Angela), the house would be 3 vs 3 vs 2.


Out of those remaining players, let’s look at comp wins:

  • (L6 = Tyler, KC, Brett) — (Hive = Scottie, Fessy, Haleigh) — (Misc = JC, Sam)
  • HoH: L6 = 1, Hive = 3, Misc = 1  (Angela excluded because in this scenario she is evicted)
  • PoV: L6 = 4, Hive = 3, Misc = 0

That gives them an edge in competition wins and when you factor in that Tyler won 4 out of those 5 comps for L6, that gives the house a pretty big target moving forward.  Hive would have been a bit more balanced as all 3 players have proven they are very good at comps.  No matter how good the numbers are for L6, they’re useless if they don’t win the comps. That’s the beauty of this game and that’s why Fessy is a damn fool for throwing Scottie away.

Yes, Fessy and Haleigh can pull a Rachel/Porsche and string together a bunch of comp wins in a row, but the odds of that happening are much greater if you swap out Angela and keep Scottie in the house.

Rockstar may have her reign as ‘biggest blunder of the season’ erased just a week after she did it.  In her defense, she checked with Tyler because she was unsure of her own answer and Haleigh still could have beat Tyler had she not slowed down after Tyler found his (incorrect) answer. Rockstar’s blunder was a choke which is understandable in pressure situations. Fessy had like 12 hours to think about his decision and a whole house full of people to talk to before he made it final. Just stupid.



  • 10:50 am – A bunch of people hanging outside talking
    • People hear yelling in the parking lot and Kaycee yells back to hang out with them
    • (indoor lockdown)
  • 11:15 am – Sam says during the lockdown tonight, she is going to turn in all her cigs and get a patch and quit smoking.
    • Crazy Sam is going to be Insane Sam
  • 11:40 am – Angela and Tyler are talking in the Jenga room
    • They are planning on what to do next. They want to put Haleigh next to Sam and use Haleigh as a pawn
  • 12:00 pm – The two just go back and forth about the game. General talk. Nothing really interesting
  • 12:55 pm – Backyard lockdown is over.
    • One thing I forgot to mention is Ang and Tyler said that they’re going to go after Sam over Haleigh if they win HoH
    • They have a fake alliance with Haleigh/Fessy and don’t want to blow it up too soon
  • 1:15 pm – Girls outside relaxing, guys inside eating
    • I’m heading to the amusement park so I’ll be gone for a little bit. I’m not expecting anything to actually happen unless Scottie or Sam lose their shit.
  • 7:00 pm – I’m back! Neck is sore but I’m good
    • Checking back and it seems today is as boring as yesterday
    • People are agreeing that Sam is the next to go
    • Fessy was up in the HoH room talking about some girl with a kid it sounded like he was seeing before he went into the house. Ruh Roh
    • Haleigh questions him then feeds cut – LAME
  • 8:00 pm – Fessy and Haleigh are talking
    • He is bragging about his game. She says ‘it’s not really that good. You spent all day upstairs’
    • She then wonders if Sam is over by the couch. He skips over, sees her and says ‘Hi Sam’. She starts talking and he says ‘psych!’ and skips away – wtf?

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  1. caRyn

    Looking at the hg left in the house I would be fine with any L6 hg winning or JC. I don’t recall a season when I would have been happy with so many hg actually winning in one season. That says a lot about how good the game and players have been in my eyes.

    • Avatar

      I don’t agree. KC has no game and just does as she is told.

      • Sassy

        I see KC as the most expendable.

      • LindsayB

        I think she is definitely the most expendable but she does play a vital role in the alliance. She’s super loyal and has stepped up as a pawn, which has kept the bigger targets in her alliance safe. She’s more beta than alpha, but that helps balance the group dynamic. Would I want her to win over Brett, Tyler, Ang or JC? No. But I would take her as the winner over Sam, Hay, or Fes any day.

      • Avatar

        BTW, I have been on this site for several years and this is my first post. 🙂 I love reading all of the comments and I love how Steve and Mel sum everything up so nicely.

      • caRyn

        Welcome, Sugar Mama.

      • caRyn

        I don’t think you need to win comps to get to F2. Not winning comps is a strategy also. Kaycee not winning comps may be the reason she is still in the BB house. She isn’t considered a threat.

      • mona77450

        I believe KC winning the Hacker competition last week was the reason L 6/5/4 was able to get rid of RS and throw HIVE into further turmoil. I hope she can come though again.

    • kneeless

      I agree. I typically don’t like so many has, especially on the “power” side. While I agree that KC is the most expendable she also has been vital & loyal to L6/5/4. I am still hopeful that she will win some comps. Someone from L6/5/4 NEEDS to wi, they’re odds are getting better each week!

      • Sassy

        If they can’t start winning HOH, then they deserve to be split up. I’d also like to see KC win some. I agree she has been vital to the group, but when it comes down to the end, I’d like her to go first, which probably means she will stay to F2.

  2. dfdsgs

    Let’s be truthful here Tyler has won 5 competitions out of the 7 for L6 including Angela. He might not get credit for one of the POV’s but he was the one that won the comp.

  3. Alda

    I have to say I really don’t “hate” anyone that’s left in the house.I like Tyler and JC a lot.They had me in stiches last night with their antics. I don’t know who I want to win BB after Tyler.It’s up in the air right now for me. I am really enjoying this season.

  4. Sassy

    I think if MF is in F2 he wins. The rest would be a toss up with this jury. I don’t think Haha can win. If she goes to the final, I think her alliance will have more animosity towards her than MF. I would REALLY like Haha to be evicted next week. This next few days are going to be blah, unless Scottie decides to stir up drama before he leaves or Sam has a melt down.

  5. Malia

    Holy crap! Does Sam really think that environment is the best place to quit smoking?!?! Wow…if she wasn’t struggling before she is going to go off the charts.

    • Sassy

      Yeah, not a good idea! But maybe it will make for interesting feeds.

      • Malia

        Yep. As a former smoker I am hoping production keeps her cogs around for when she can’t take it anymore. What do the hgs do when they are on lockdown for several days? Just go without? That would be torture for avid smokers.

  6. Sassy

    Ty and Angela strategizing, they think it’s best to keep haha and MF a week, WTF??? I hope they don’t win HOH.

  7. ElaineB

    I hope either Sam and Fessy is the next to go. Fessy has been a big Zero. Sam, deciding to play or not play on alternate minutes, doesn’t deserve any more time in the house.

  8. mm22

    I was never a fan of a season with a returning player and
    wondered what was production thinking by adding several
    recruits that didn’t even apply for the show. But I have to
    give them credit for an entertaining cast.

  9. Malia

    Do Tyler and Angela have a solid F2 yet?

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  11. Shivani33

    Tyler said to Angela that he’s been waiting for about a week for Brett to make a disclosure to him about the Brett, JC, Sam alliance, which JC told Tyler about days ago. Of course, JC told this tale to make Brett look devious. Brett, I think, saw this F3 alliance talk as nonsense and as a comical absurdity. He would be unlikely to find it worthwhile to “report” it as strategic. It seemed as significant to Brett as ANALLICE.

    If Tyler has been waiting for Godot for about a week while searching for rotten trickery and disloyalty from Brett as a reason to get rid of him, fine and dandy. Play it as it lays. However, IF Tyler really, really wants to hear Brett’s side of the anallice F3 story, he has a mouth and can simply ask Brett himself.

  12. ladycobra

    I am somewhat confused. Ang and Ty talking about Brett winning HOH and putting Sam and Hay up so they can bd Fess. I see a problem with their plan. If Fess wins veto he takes Hay down and someone in their close group would be the renom. Why not put Hay and Fess up together. They can’t both win veto. Fess is so stupid he would probably use the veto on Hay and think it is a big game move. Am I missing something here?

  13. ladycobra

    I look for Ty to screw up his game due to pictures of Ang floating in his brain. He is letting her get to him. I don’t doubt for a minute that JC would arrange for those two to be split up. No one comes between JC and his man.

  14. Holla Derrick

    So we know Tylers app expires next week. Do we have a specific date it expires? I’d imagine it would be after the next veto meeting and would not be available if there was a double eviction.

  15. Jay H

    I realize they’re still a couple players to-go, but has anyone from L6/JC or Brett discussed Tyler needing to go? I like Tyler. Best all around game and social skills. Hope he wins, but they’re handing him a check for a half mill if they don’t realize he will need to go if they want to win.

    • LynnD

      Haven’t heard a word yet. He is liked and fly’s under the radar.

    • Sassy

      I haven’t heard them, but I can’t imagine any of them would chose him to sit next to in the final. He would HAVE to win the final comp.

    • LindsayB

      I think that’s why they have been so successful as an alliance. They aren’t getting too far ahead of themselves by picking a pecking order. That has kept them from getting paranoid, which would make the alliance crumble. Will they have to start knocking each other out? Of course. But they are waiting until they have to do it instead of getting all crazy too early.

    • aka beachgirl

      Without a doubt Tyler‘s game play has been phenomenal. I really like him. But, if his fellow houseguests are smart (and thus far Haileigh seems to be the only one) they would be want to get him out. There are several that are playing the game very well. It’s actually hard to say who is the best. But I’d be getting Tyler out if I were them. Here’s hoping they don’t.

  16. LynnD

    Sam talking about having a BB sleeve. She is trying to decide if she should do it on her left that has a bunch of tattoo’s on the side of her torso. So this way she can have a tattoo side and a not tattoo side. Kind of like her personalities.

  17. Helen

    I know I am already sick of watching Hai Ho and Angela being best friends and it’s only been a day since Hai Ho crawled up Angela’s ass…

    • AIO_7

      It’s all fake; Angelica will cut her off at the knees soon enough.

      • Helen

        I know it’s fake…on both sides…doesn’t make it any more pleasant to watch! Have I told anyone how much I despise Hai Ho?

      • Ann

        I can’t stand her either Helen. Ty & Angela need to get her ass out quick because she’s gunning for Ty hard & they know she is. It’s dangerous to let her hang around. They need to let Brett or KC win this HOH so they can put Fess & Hay otb together & get one of them out.

      • Helen

        I’m not sure what Brett would do? He was talking a bit to Angela the other night and although he didn’t say who he would put it he expects push back from L6

    • mm22

      Yup Haleigh has to have someone to cling on to – poor
      Angela are you rethinking that F4 deal?

  18. Sassy

    The guys are talking about porn in the kitchen, which reminds me of a video circulating on Twitter… I’m not sure if it’s real, or if JCs face is superimposed, but he is naked, laying on his back, with a minion on his package and he’s girating with it. Anyone else see it?

  19. AIO_7

    HoHa really thinks she is part of the clicke now …


    • Shivani33

      Yes. Haleigh thinks she’s Superfly, but she is just back to being superglue. She’s done it to almost every player at one time or another although she still cannot manage it with Tyler. Her college major? How to dog anyone’s & everyone’s ass. She tries to dig for what makes somebody tick. It’s pretty funny and fitting since she behaves like a tick, too.

      • Helen

        She appears to have tossed Scottie away like an old shoe…too bad he didn’t listen to L6 a few weeks ago…he started the game with such great potential..

  20. danmtruth

    Just an odd thought I know what if’s are as they say Buts and nuts if my aunt had nuts she would be my uncle But what if Rachel had not flipped out They probably stuck to the first plan and evicted Bret How different that one flip out affected the course of this game

  21. Shivani33

    Hollywood Reporter 6/19/18. BB 20 (individual cast interviews)

    Question to Tyler: Are you looking for a showmance?
    Tyler: No, because I want to win! If it will help me win then I don’t know.

    “If it will help me win then I don’t know.” Yes. It’s the blindspot in the mirror. I quoted this from Tyler’s interview before, citing this line and another one from him, when he was asked what would be his catchphrase, if any, going into this Season of BB. He answered “I’m always on your side. That’s going to be my line.”

    As the population gets smaller in the house, diplomacy becomes more of a challenge. Tyler has the finesse so far to have a small, private understanding with every person in the house. Many of them secretly depend upon him to keep “them” until the end. The very end.

    There’s a saying from Zen Buddhism. “If you meet your Master on the road, kill him.” For centuries this has been puzzled over and analyzed to death and beyond. The crux of the koan could be that no one can depend on anyone else to do what you can only reach within the self. Now that BB 20 players relate to Tyler as a leader, who among them will make a move to “kill” him?

    Haleigh gave it a vacuous shot. At least she thought to give it a try. Brett sees the mist. Very possibly Angela sees it, too. It’s quite possible that everyone else in the house is lost in their own version of Wuthering Heights.

  22. Holla Derrick

    I like the L6 strategizing the next target and how the target will depend on who wins hoh. Pretty sure Tyler is just playing along and has no intention of winning hoh. He has a connection to everyone left now and has his app if he thinks Hay (or anyone) will take another shot at him.

    • Sassy

      It may be one that he won’t be able to throw (black box or Comic books). If you don’t know how everyone else is doing, it’s hard to throw it,especially since you do NOT want haha to win…

  23. Malia

    Is Fessu even still in the game?!?! We have barely seen him all week. Such bad, bad game to just hole up in the HOH…

  24. Shivani33

    The song Tyler has going on for Angela is “Whatever It Is” from Zac Brown. Oh my!!

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  26. caRyn

    I am thinking that if Faysal and Haleigh went OTB together it is going to be a loud week for the hg.

  27. caRyn

    I have always said that if I went into the BB house I would keep my mouth shut as much as possible and lay low and not win comps – not stick out and be a target. The truth is I do not think I could actually do it. For Kaycee and Angela to be able to is not an easy task and they deserve credit for their game play. They have kept their emotions in check and don’t always have to have the last word. (Their last word is evicting that hg.) Especially when they were dealing with such obnoxious hg. Look at the FOUTTE hg that have been evicted. FOUTTE overreacted and caused problems (based on emotions) for the entire house. L6 used FOUTTE’s emotions against them.

  28. Avatar



    If, they wanted to drive Fessy completely Mental, and make him self evict, or quit?

    They back door Hayleigh, and vote her out next week.

    All Fessy will do is worry about what Scottie and Hayleigh are doing in the Jury House.

    (insert evil hyena laugh here)

  29. LynnD

    We all just got to hear about TY’s 1st time. In the woods. Next ti his elementary school.

  30. LynnD

    Now all 4 cameras in the backyard. 2 on Brett & Ha 2 on Sam. Whats up with this constant crap with no choices with the cametas this year.

  31. Sassy

    Sam mumbled to Ty, something about, she’s not voting to keep KC, even if he asks her too. He asked her to repeat that and she said, never mind, I haven’t thought this through yet. He had no idea what she said. She was pretty snarky when she said it. She’s so jealous of the girls in the house…

    • Helen

      Although everyone is certain Scottie will go this week things could go wrong…Haleigh will keep Scottie,Sam will keep Scottie…all’s it will take is JC throwing a vote and Numbnuts having second thoughts

      • Sassy

        I can see this going bad! If JC thinks everyone is voting to keep KC and he throws a hinky vote, to piss off MF, KC could be gone this week.

      • Helen

        Me too…

      • Mr. Beardo

        With this crew I’ll never say never, but I can’t see JC keeping Scottie. Has anyone ever seen a 1 on 1 between those two dudes?

      • Mr. Beardo

        Even if it goes down to a tie I think Fess’s lil head will overrule his big one.

      • Helen

        I don’t think JC would vote to keep him intentionally…I can see him thinking he’s throwing a hunky vote to blame Haleigh. Brett and Tyler are making believe that they are keeping Scottie…to Scottie. Scottie of course will tell Haleigh. Sam is pretty certain of keeping Scottie.
        He keeps telling L6 he’s going after Fessy if he stays….he already flipped back on them once a couple of weeks ago so if by some chance he does stay Fessy will become his friend again..not his target

      • Helen

        Lol hunky. It’s hinky you dumb iPad

      • kneeless

        We all know how dangerous it is to be a pawn, esp a pawn who volunteers to be otb.

    • danmtruth

      Way early to worry about Sams vote She is someone you work on the day of the vote or just secure the 4 votes without her

  32. danmtruth

    Two more slow days till Thursday not much drama so take a choice
    Hay and Sam’s tune


    or Brets song


    and mine


  33. oowee

    “It’s oh, so beautiful
    Relationships they seem from the start
    It’s all so deadly
    When love is not together from the heart”

  34. LynnD

    I have to afmit this conversation in the yard is entertaining and has me constantly laughing. No game play but it is keeping me intrigued.

  35. LynnD

    JC & Ha against KC & Angela barrel racing. JC crashed & burned.

  36. danmtruth

    Mr. Beardo for that snitch to MOM


  37. Helen

    Put the whole house on slop for 24 hours and maybe you won’t have to tell them 20 times in 5 minutes to stop singing and humming!!!

    • danmtruth

      I understand sort of the whole thing about paying royalties for the songs But will with a person with a song in my heart Let It ,,,,,,,,,,,

    • FW aka CY

      I’m new. Why is it they aren’t allowed to sing or hum? That seems kind of overly-stifling. Thanks in advance for the answer.

      • danmtruth

        As crazy as it sounds Production must get the rights to broadcast a song So any HG singing because they are being paid They are considered cast members so BB must get approval (pay for the rights) to broadcast a song I believe they can get away with singing a few bars before they need to pay

      • FW aka CY

        Thanks, DanTruth. That makes sense. So, if they make up a song, or sing something really oldie and generic (“Farmer in the Dell,” “My Sweetheart’s a Mule in the Mine,” for example), it would be ok – or is it a blanket ban?

        For some reason I don’t see a “Reply” option under your comment.

      • danmtruth

        the reply is a continuation from your comment Not sure about songs in the public like you explained

      • mm22


  38. mm22

    So I’m still mad at KC for volunteering
    to go on the block-I thought Scottie
    would be going but after reading comments
    I’m trying to figure out the votes to evict
    If JC votes kc fessy will break tie n Scottie

  39. GoodGame

    Can Production make a announcement button for:
    Hayleigh! STOP THAT! to play on repeat for when she chews her fingers until they bleed?

  40. Sassy

    MF and Haha have such a grade school relationship! My understanding of the convo, there was a discussion in the pool earlier about ex’s they left behind and how they left it. MF said he was still cool with the girl but he didn’t know how she felt. I guess she was also trying to be in the house. Hay is ignoring MF out of jealousy. Probably should have been a discussion they had prior to getting involved… Hay asks Brett and Ty what dating outside the house will be like and whether she will have guys chasing her… She’s back to hanging with the guys to make MF jealous.

    • Avatar

      They are both so petty and immature

    • aka beachgirl

      Fessie and Haileigh deserve one another. They are both ridiculously immature for their ages. I know she’s only 21 but honestly, the way she reacts and acts with Fessie you would think she’s in junior high. And I apologize to all junior highers out there because they are probably more mature in their relationships. I don’t know why Fessie can’t see that it’s like a cat and mouse game. He comes after her she retreats. When he gets a brain and walks away she can’t help but follow. If he thinks this is attraction then he hasn’t had very many relationships in his life.

      I wish there was some way that we could have a clock on how often Angelo is laying down. I like her but damn girl get up.

  41. Sassy

    MF and Haha also had a convo about Sam quitting smoking. They think she’s doing it for attention and they are SOOO glad she’s leaving next week! What idiots!!! He also asked how it was going with Haha repairing her relationship with Sam. She told him she wasn’t putting forth an effort and didn’t care. She said Sam hasn’t liked her this whole time for no reason (other than jealousy…), she doesn’t see a need to repair s relationship now when Sam is leaving next week. They really think they have the house convinced to make her the target next week. I’m glad these 2 realize how much influence they have over the house…

  42. Sassy

    Here’s the B.B. alphabet. I found this on Twitter.


  43. danmtruth

    I see your Hank Hill and give you ,,,,,,,,,


  44. Sassy

    Today’s Twitter finds:

    Faysal- We’re playing the game! Who thought that I would be okay at this? Haleigh- You are really not that good, Fessy. You left your room twice today

    Interesting how Sam ask each HOH to not put her OTB and then thanks them each week for not putting her OTB But then says to whoever’s OTB that she wished she could replace them. She did it with Bayleigh, Rockstar and now w/Scottie. We see you Sam!!

    When you realize that Fessy was originally in the final casting stages for BB19, suddenly a lot of things make sense with his lack of logic and house awareness. #BB20

  45. Avatar

    So BBAD just started and Fess said he had some extensive game talk to which HaHo immediately shut him down and said that she would talk to him tomorrow. Someone is in a bad mood tonight

  46. kneeless

    I predict Ty & Ang will have a hot, steamy finale night together!

  47. LO1004

    Tyler to Angela – are you in a good mood today?

    Angela – no not really. I hate this have not situation.

    Tyler – you’re not even a have not.

    They better not mess this up w a showmance w a month to go. They are cute together and completely smitten, but they’re too good to mess up now.

  48. NKogNeeTow

    JC is warning Tyler about him and Angela. He told him there are only 6 weeks left and he has to be smart. Tyler told him he is just being a friend. JC is trying to tell him how it might look to other people. Tyler keeps denying it and saying he is only being a friend. JC knows better. I think Tyler does too, he just refuses to admit it. This is what pisses me off about people who get too comfortable and messes up a good thing. Listening to Tyler’s denial sounded an awful lot like that stupid ass MF and Hay. Everyone know’s they’re in some kind of relationship but they think they’re so smart that nobody knows except them. Take heed Tyler, take heed.

    Two observations about Hay. While watching BBAD and the Feeds last night (between naps), I noticed something about Miss Congeniality. Not only is she spending less time with Fessel the Vessel, but she is trying to inconspicuously ease into the other side. I know that she thinks she’s smarter than everyone else, but does she think that no one notices?

    The other thing I noticed is the set-up. The setting up of MF that is. Notice how when she’s not around him but around certain people from the other side, she’ll drop little negative hints about him. Sunday night, she and MF got into one of those silly disagreements that they get into every night (he says something, she gets pissed, then he acts like he said it as a joke). She told him she was going downstairs to get in the hot tub. She went right downstairs and into the blue room, crawled up on a bed and was acting sad. KC asked her what was the matter. She said something to the effect that Fessy was being difficult and fusses at her and gives her a hard time. In other words, she was setting him up as the bad guy and like big bad Fessy was bullying little ole Haleigh. It was just something about her tone and what she was saying. To me, and this is only my opinion, she’s positioning herself to pull away and to make sure she has the house on her side when she does. I could be wrong, I have been before. That’s just my take on it.

    • LO1004

      I agree and she’s on the nerves. The problem is, I can see them wanting her out before him only because she knows the game better than him and she has played sneaky before whereas, Fessy has not. Yes, he can win comps, but she’s manipulative and they see that. I hope it backfires. I know Angela and KC aren’t buying what she’s selling, so she can sulk all she wants, it’s not going to work.

    • Sassy

      It’s what she has done to ALL her “friends”. She picks the lowest on her totem pole and starts whining about them to people on the other side. I think Bay, RS, Scottie, and hopefully MF next week, all have Hay to thank for their untimely exits.

    • Helen

      While it’s not going to hurt my feelers when Sam goes,it’s way past her time,I would love to see her win HOH on Thursday and send Hai Ho out the door! I would much rather Hai Ho go than Sam!

  49. danmtruth

    The damage is done by Hay No amount of fake bonding is going to get KC & Angela to forget what a royal bitch she was to them I did like the early stated plan of letting Hay win to take out Sam Less blood and better jury management for L6/5/4 Risky as it might be Yet they have proven they can get the HIVE to do the work they need iT is a hard choice MF or Hay to go next Ideally would be a double eviction night Yet we have not gotten any hints or teases from Julie about it

  50. danmtruth

    why can’t BBUS have a host as smart as Arisa Cox Even she sees what Fess is doing is crazy


  51. aka beachgirl

    Haileigh and Fessie deserve one another. They are ridiculously immature for their age. I know that Haley is only 21 but 21! She’s acting like a junior high school teenager. And I feel as if I’m putting down junior highers by saying that. I don’t know why Fessie doesn’t see that he goes after her and she shut him down. When he walks away from her she goes after him. Cat and mouse. I posted the same comment earlier but it went away. Don’t know why.

    I wish we could have a clock on Angela to see what the percentage of time as she is actually not in a prone position. I like Angela but damn girl get up.

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