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Tuesday Feed Updates – Will The Final Four Last?



The season of flips and flops may have one more flop in it next week as the reality sets in that there are only going to be 5 people in the house with 4 of them being in the same alliance. Every week that a number dwindles becomes a week harder and harder to get out your opponent. The extra vote is always helpful, and that is why that extra vote always ends up being used until they’re in the final 2-3. Look back at the seasons for the final 3 recently.

  • 17 – Steve, Liz, Vanessa.  Liz makes final 2 after floating her way through most of the season. She did have a target being a twin, but still didn’t do much. Probably strongest final 3 out of bunch.
  • 16 – Derrick, Cody, Victoria. Derrick used Victoria the entire game and brought her all the way to the final 3.
  • 15 – Andy, GinaMarie, Spencer.  This is a season where 2 useless people made the final 3, and some can argue all 3 were useless. Andy was a bit strategic, but he was fortunate to be surrounded by a really, really bad cast
  • 14 – Ian, Dan, Danielle. Like season 16, this was a rare one where two strong players were in the finale. They were helped along by the votes of Danielle, of course.
  • 13 – Rachel, Porsche, Adam. Adam was the non-douchebag version of Spencer. The thing they had in common was both being completely useless all season. As far as Porsche goes, I still don’t think she realizes she was on the show.

The one surprising thing about this list is that other than season 17, the weakest players got the worst finish in the game – 3rd place. Typically in other shows (like Survivor), they will be dragged all the way to the final 2 if possible, but Ian changed that in his season by choosing Dan over Danielle. Cody tried the same strategy, but that blew up on him when Derrick won 7-2 (ouch).

This season, it appeared as if some strong players will make it into the final 3 with Paul, Victor, Corey and Nicole all in an alliance, but that could change before finale night as Nicole seems to have other plans.  While Cody proved that loyalty doesn’t match up to a strong player, Andy proved that bad players can win if they surround themselves with even worse players. That may be the only chance Nicole has at this point as she is nearing the end and looking over her chances. Right now she has 0 chance against Victor, and possibly only slightly higher against Paul. Sitting next to Corey would hand him the $500k because he had a much better social game than she did. That leaves James or Natalie as the only options she actually has a chance to beat in the final 2, but surprisingly she wants to keep the one who has a higher chance at beating her as well.


Nicole has been plotting with Corey about the possibility of bringing James to the final 3, with possibly the intention of bringing him to the final 2.  While I personally think she is having an extremely underrated game, the jury won’t see it how I do, so I think Natalie may be the only person Nicole can bring to the final 2 and actually have a realistic chance at beating.  I think a Nicole versus Natalie final 2 may result in the jury just up and walking out without casting a vote. On a serious note – Let’s pretend Nicole does sit next to Natalie, this is how I think the votes would look:

  • Nicole: Corey (unless she screws him over), Victor, Paulie
  • Natalie: James, Michelle, Bridgette

That leaves Paul, Z, and Da’Vonne as the swing votes.  Well, I should just say Da’ as the swing vote as Z will probably vote with her. At the time of leaving, Da’Vonne was not really a fan of Nicole, but she also had little association with Natalie. Unlike many in the jury, Da’Vonne is actually rational, and could possibly be convinced that Nicole deserves to win. I think a Nic vs Nat f2 would come down to their arguments to the jury, and Nicole has a better resume when things are all said and done.  Natalie won one comp, and did nothing behind the scenes. Meanwhile, Nicole has 2 HoH’s and 1 PoV (as of now), and can at least take credit for doing things like getting Michelle out before Michelle took her out.  It’s still not a whole lot of a resume, and a lot could happen in the next few evictions, but it’s not looking good for Nicole.

(Too long, didn’t read version) Nicole is screwed pretty much regardless of what she does. 

  • 1:00pm – It was picture day today, and now the house is outside relaxing in the sun.
    • I forgot to add. I mentioned 3rd place being the worst finish in the game. That is because they get no extra prize money for going that far, and don’t even get to enjoy the paid vacation that is the jury house.
    • Michelle probably have the best finish in the house other than the top 2. She gets the same money the 3rd place finisher gets, received a ton more airtime (if they’re looking for that), and get a few weeks in the jury house. Not too much where you hate it, but not too short where you can’t enjoy it. Michelle is the Goldilocks of the jury house
  • 1:35pm – Victor is outside talking to Nicole and/or Corey (depending on sits with him) on the next two weeks. Nicole explained how the final 3 worked
    • Corey always looks like he’s thinking about Christmas
    • corey-dazed
  • 2:20pm – Paul is awake and the house is loud.
    • While alone, Victor was talking to himself about integrity and playing with pride. He said if it costs him the season, so be it.
  • 2:35pm – James is telling Natalie how everyone is going to clap and she’s going to walk out of the house like a prom queen (not his words exactly)
    • James says he has to get a lot of pictures together with Natalie. I guess he’s going to need someway to remember her when she stops talking to him
  • 2:45pm – James is reassuring Natalie that it comes down to who is a threat.
    • He is pointing out how one of them have to go on the block, so the first shot will be fired regardless. This will make for an opportunity to slide into the final 3 (he is aware, somewhat)
  • 3:00pm – James is talking about the care packages and why Victor or Paul didn’t win one
    • He first says their odds were double that of Corey’s.  He then breaks it down that they had a 75% chance to Corey’s 25%.  Now we know why James did so bad at that math comp.
    • The reason Corey won is the same reason people still blame Nader for Bush in 2000.  While they should have a 33% chance each, most people look at it as Corey versus Paul/Victor.  Corey is going to get his votes regardless (mostly from Nicole fans), but many people who like Victor also like Paul and vice versa. That means they split the votes and for every Corey vote, Paul gets 1/2 a vote, and Victor gets 1/2 a vote (roughly).
    • If Paul or Victor wasn’t there, the other person would have dominated Corey (most likely), but instead they shared votes.
  • 4:20pm – Back from dinner. James is still hanging out with Natalie talking about eviction this week
    • natalie-james
    • Get this – Natalie is upset because she allegedly campaigned for James to stay, and she thinks it worked.   Hahahahaha
    • Sorry about laughing, but I knew she was bullshit when she said she’d save him. Just like Paulie to Corey, they say that stuff because they’re on TV and worried about their image. Paulie NEVER would have used the PoV on Corey, and Natalie doesn’t really want to save James. She wants to stay.
  • 4:50pm – After a bunch of time having a pity party for herself… which makes me bring this out…
    • pityparty
      (Melanie Martinez fans will appreciate this)
    • Now it’s time to talk about how amazing Natalie is from both James and Nat. The only thing worse than listening to James talk about how great Natalie is, is her talking about herself
    • Also, warning. I am going to watch Stranger Things as soon as wifey gets home, so I don’t know if I’ll be gone 1 hour or 5. That show is pretty addicting. Good thing there are only 8 episodes
  • 5:10pm – Meanwhile, Paul, Victor and Corey are talking about how bored they are.
    • Paul jokes(?) that he secretly wants someone to hurt themselves so they speed up the process of the season. He is going to put olive oil on the steps
    • Victor tells him that he used that joke yesterday.  Paul says ‘see, I’m running out of material in here’
    • Nicole comes back with water for everyone. Now it’s a game of ‘is there salt in it or not’.  Nicole jokes that they should all drink it together
    • Paul talks a bit about production and gets a ‘Hey, that’s really annoying’
    • Now they’re talking about the Fatal Five. Paul says you’d have a better chance at sticking your hand in a blender.
    • Paul points out how they hate Nicole. I wonder if Nicole realizes 3 of the 4 (non Nicole) who hate her are in jury
    • Victor makes fun of Zakiyah saying she’s going to ‘Rachel Reilly this season’.. then gets evicted
  • 5:40pm – The group goes inside for ice cream.
    • When they go in, Natalie and James walk out into the back yard
    • The group definitely noticed how awkward that was and talk about it for a bit
  • 10:25pm – I guess it was 5 (see: my 4:50 update)
    • We get a booze delivery. James really does strike me as a Coors drinker. I don’t even know what a Coors drinker is, but James is it
    • paul-drinking
    • On a side note – It is good to see the entire house together. Doesn’t happen often these days
  • 11:00pm – Other sites get mentioned again. I need to make this site more memorable so cast members discuss it! Makes me jelly
    • Anyway, game news. Nat is gone, wasn’t paying attention where she went. Never cared (I sound like Paul)
    • Corey and Nicole leave to play pool, and James starts telling Paul/Victor how Natalie is all upset because she thinks she’s going home
    • He is retelling the story earlier how Natalie thinks she sealed her fate when she spoke with Victor
    • Vic tells him that nobody should know because the decision hasn’t been made yet.  Paul and Victor tell him not to seclude themselves. They point out how one of them have to hang out with them next week, and it’s bad to seclude themselves. James says ‘Exactly!’
    • They talk a bit, and it comes up how James and Nat are a pair. James says ‘If it doesn’t work outside of the house, I can’t say I didn’t try’. Victor jumps in to confirm that. He says “If you guys don’t work out, it most certainly won’t be because of you”.  Paul tells him how James sticks up for her way more than anyone. He is loyal.
  • 11:09pm – The guys are talking about James and his moves. Victor said it was a good move getting him out. He is not at all bitter by it
    • Paul agrees, but says he just wishes it was done differently. More straightforward.
    • Anyway, they’re back to casual talk. Good time for bed

Come back tomorrow!



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  1. Avatar

    I think Nicole is screwed all the way around too. I think Natalie would beat her. Nobody likes Nicole and they are all pretty bitter. Not many would want to give her the satisfaction of winning, in my opinion.

  2. Avatar

    Michelle was right: Nicole is a snake who f**k** her way through the show to get this far..

    If Corey was smart and cut Nicole and stayed loyal to Vic and Paul, it would not bother me if he won–doubtful but Corey could redeem himself in my eyes.

    If Nicole and Corey are in the final two, the dumb girls in the jury would vote for Nicole just because of gender though she screwed all of them.

    While I did not notice nor do I remember, it is clear that Nicole does not like competition with other females. Rather strange.

    I truly hope Corey dumps Nicole next week

  3. Avatar

    The only way Nicole can win is sitting next to James in the final 2.
    Vet vs Vet
    With 4 couples still in the house anything could happen.
    The best scenario for our boys Vic and Paul is to get James out. Getting James out busts up 2 of the 4 couples left-jatalie and James/Nicole .
    I hope Vic sticks with his initial instinct and votes out James .
    Anything else goes against them(Pictor)

    • Avatar

      Victor doesn’t really have a say so in who’s evicted. It’s really in Nicole and Corey’s hands.

      • Avatar

        I think he could sway Cory. There’s nothin but air and a lone rock bouncing around between Cory’s ears anyway. If he sways Cory then Paul can be the other vote.

    • Helen

      I really doubt Nicole could win against James. James has most if not all the girls vote……day,Meech,Natalie,and most likely z since day would vote for him. Not sure where Bridget would stand since he bounced a check on Frank but when alls said and done I think even James stands a better chance at winning in final 2 against Nicole.

  4. Avatar

    Careful now Victoria we have some Nicole comment police that will come after you for talking bad about their girl. Personally I don’t want her to be in the final two. She has only gotten out of bed to see whoever the new HOH was, ask who they were nominating, and then back to bed with Cory. That has been her game all season.

  5. Avatar

    Who was the oldest person who has ever been in the house?? I didn’t watch the first few years so I don’t know how old those people were. The oldest person I can remember was Evil Dick. I’m sure you have the answer, Steve Beans.

  6. Avatar

    I am embarrassed for James. He just doesn’t take the hint. Natalie has made it very clear by both her actions and her words that she has no interest in James after she leaves and he just keeps going in for the kill. While I think what Natalie has done is terrible (by using him all season), he is a grown man and can’t seem to get the point that she is not interested. The conversation (argument) on Jokers around 4:30 pm forward is just awful.

    • Avatar

      That Natalie is a real piece of work, a true gold digger.
      James is a grown ass man & shouldn’t have fell in that trap. He should have been playing that game for his little girl not for some grown ass woman acting like a little girl. He’s about to get a real serious dose of reality real soon & karma is going to come right back around & bite Natalie dead in the ass. It might not be with James during the game but eventually what goes around comes around.

    • Avatar

      As I listen to Natalie’s poor me talk about leaving, I realized that if Natalie just changed tactics and was more affectionate toward James, he would walk out the door in a heartbeat.

      I am not saying that I like that Natalie has played James all season, but come on, he is old enough to see the signs.

      Now I realize that Natalie is going about it all wrong if she wants to stay.

      After hearing Nicole talk about the strategy to reel James in to go to the f3, James needs to go this week.

      Vic and Paul need to wake up! Vic is too trusting, but I thought Paul was too smart to fall for the nicorey con.

    • Bastosko

      Even though James is more mature (age wise at least), he unfortunately is still male and the little head is overriding decisions his big head should be making.

  7. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    I don’t know if I’d go as far as to say that Nicole is playing an “extremely” underrated game, but I do agree that she’s emerged in the past few weeks as one of the more strategic players in the house (and I also agree that few members of the jury are likely to give her credit for that). I do think Nicole has a shot at the grand prize if she’s up against anyone other than Paul or Vic (which she has wisely figured that out and is therefore trying to get rid of them), but it will be a long shot. If she can pull off getting rid of both Paul and Vic, that would definitely be seen as a major power move. That may be enough to sway Day (who as you mentioned is the most rational and mature member of the jury), Bridgette (who would like to see a female winner), and a few others to Nicole’s side. It won’t be an easy road, but Nicole is not out of the running for the $500K yet.

    This season has certainly not been the best season of BB, but I must say that I am very anxious to see how this all shakes out. I’m still rooting for Paul and Vic to go all the way, but they made a major mistake this week by allowing Nicole and Corey to control the votes. I hope Paul knows that he needs to go all out for the next HOH comp. Overall, though, I am happy that we are coming down to the Final 5 and it’s still (almost) anyone’s game. We don’t know who will be Final 2 (or even 3 or 4) at this point, and that’s the way I like my Big Brother.

  8. Avatar

    I think you were off on the reason Corey won the care pkg instead of Victor/Paul. It’s simple, America wanted them to go therefore chac-ching care pkg for Corey

    • Alda

      I feel the people that only watch the hour shows on CBS look at Nicorey as a sweet,wholesome couple.That’s why Corey the care package.

      • Avatar

        …Barbie and Ken blonde plastic wanna be America’s sweethearts …..
        … and I gave all my votes to Vic …but a lot of peeps might have split them…

  9. Avatar

    I think Corey got the care package is because Paul is so annoying nobody wanted to give it to him. Giving it to Victor would have been like Paul getting in on it. That’s why I voted for Corey anyway.

  10. Shivani33

    I don’t know how attached Corey is to Nicole, really. What he says and how he thinks could be two different things. One side of his mouth speaks detachedly and the other side of his mouth plays the boyfriend. Since she asked how he’d feel if she goes to the end with James rather than him, Corey has kept acting the same with her as usual, as if he’s trapped in quicksand and has become used to it.

    He could use her remarks about her end-game ideas as fuel to go against her. He could repeat what she said to Paul and Victor and have a sounding board, find out what two other men would have to say about what Nicole hinted to him last night. I don’t understand his seeming passivity, when Nicole practically told him that his days of being her patsy are winding down and that she’s choosing James as her final patsy. I don’t like either of their games and certainly wouldn’t mind if they both screw each other over as the end nears.

    • caRyn

      I feel like Corey is using Nicole – for his game the same way Natalie is using James – for her game. Once the game is over so is the showmance.

      • kneeless

        Ì agree. Everyone talks about the way Nat is using James, I really think the Nicole/Corey situation is exactly the same. Nicole & James will be in the same boat when October 1st gets here! Nicorey has taken their “relationship” a LOT farther than James & Jatalie. Trust me, I don’t care for any of them but it does seem Corey is getting a bit of a “pass” on this & Nat Nat is taking all the heat. I’m sure I will get the ‘ol thumbs down but it does seem like a double standard.

      • Renee

        I do not want Corey to win, he is boring to watch. The only thing I believe he has done right is to be involved in both a showmance and a bromance. He still takes time to hang with the guys and they do not seem to like Nicole as much as him. I also have wondered at times if Victor doesn’t have a little crush on Nicole or if he is playing that angle. He flirts with her, although I think he is just a natural flirt, so I can’t decide if he is actually flirting or just playing the game.

      • caRyn

        I think Corey, James and Victor like Nicole. More than the norm. Paul never cared. If Nicole and Victor were in the showmance that one might have lasted.

  11. Alda

    If only Victor and Paul weren’t so trusting of Nicorey.They should have learned from past hg’s mistakes.If Nicole wins HOH and puts them both up like she intends to do watch out! All hell will break out in that house especially from Paul.Vic will be extremely hurt,but not aggressive.They might have to call security for Paul.I hope he gets on Nicorey big time!!

  12. Shivani33

    Nicole and Corey have agreed that Victor is their next eviction target. Their reasoning is that he functions better under pressure than Paul does, so Paul is safer to keep, along with James. Nicole told Corey that she will need him more than ever once she’s the “only girl left.” Then she told Corey that Paul and Victor don’t know the order of the have-nots and instructed him not to tell them.

    The content of Paul and Victor’s conversation has been bothering everyone else, as they’ve been talking about how they’d plot to get away with murder. Natalie told James that’s not nice. Nicole told Corey that she needs to get away from everybody right now except him. Some violin music, please.

  13. Helen

    New rule on big brother please…..microphones must be removed when house pets are chewing!! Holy Moly that is so disgusting to have to listen to…..makes me want to stick a pencil in my ear.

  14. Shivani33

    The undercurrent of negativity about Victor is mounting. He’s too bossy. He’s too fussy about housework and dishes. He leaves the toilet seat up. Coreeeeey! Victor HAS to go.

  15. Avatar

    Quick question …did James say he was dyslexic …things are backwards …… I think I read it on Jokers … that would explain the math stuff….

  16. Avatar

    Near the end of Paulie’s game it came out that boys (including Paulie and Corey) did not plan to take Nicole to end. Paul was shocked that Nicole said this did not upset her.
    Nicole obviously wants to get to the end based on her recent gameplay. I am confused as to why she never held the boy alliance against Corey. She loves to complain. Maybe she did and I missed it??

  17. Avatar

    Ah Steve. . . I always looked for BB spoilers, and all the other sites were toooo much–too many photos, too many diversions, too much negativity, etc. I’ve always enjoyed this site the best of all of them! I really appreciate all that you & Melinda do here. Your funny comments make it more personal, it’s just (for me) the best BB site. And you got your first plane ride last year to BB. I’m glad we’re FB friends. Your Florida trip really made me laugh! I really have ADHD & your site is lined up well for me to not get overwhelmed with garbage! So thanks!!

  18. Avatar

    Why won’t James just turn & walk away from Natalie? Can’t he see that she just used him & now that her ass is going home or rather to the jury house she has no use for him anymore? I feel sorry for him but it’s time to face the facts. Nat did the exact same thing to James that Paulie did to Zakiyah. He should just ignore her & leave her whiny ass alone just like she said she wants to be. One day Nat is going to use the wrong man to get what she wants out of him & when she tries to friend zone him he’s not going to take it too kindly & she’s going to get herself hurt. Karma is a serious bitch & she always comes back around to bite you dead square in the ass.

    I’m hoping Paul wins the next HOH & Nicole on the block & Corey votes her out.

    I sure would like to know what’s going on in the jury house.

  19. Avatar

    Ohhhhhh, it’s painful to watch these past hours of BB drama! (Yeah, I know I could turn off the tube). But if James doesn’t get himself physically away from ‘the situation’ that has been growing, he’s going to end up eviscerated! (Those two sentences have taken me three hours to write because I didn’t want be ugly, but, geeze, I’m only human——and—–I’ve fallen victim to reality TV overload; there’s just so much a person can take!). I can’t stand it—-it’s got to be spoken aloud! I have honestly never seen someone so good at making a guy feel so completely and totally responsible for her feelings. And the wicked part of this is I honestly think she believes what she says. James is going to come out of this whole mess mumbling to himself as he drools down his jumper if he doesn’t just give up and walk away. James….you understood each situation correctly. Yes, you honestly heard the things she said (Jamesy, I love you, yeah—she said it! Jamesy, you’re my soulmate, blah blah blah) and yes, Jamesy, you actually felt the slights that were being dealt. You have feelings too! And NO. She is never going to admit this. In my day, the slang for this type of premeditated behavior by another was called “Gaslighting”. (Great old movie by the way…..I highly recommend it’s viewing for anyone who is being constantly told that the sun rises in the West and and it only snows when it’s 90 degrees out)! James, before passively accepting a straight jacket, rent that puppy! But, if you decide not to go to the trouble, and you suspect your feelings have also been hurt (twisted, stomped on and burned to a crisp) yet you are only hearing about how you hurt her feelings, then at least RUN. Please.

  20. danmtruth

    James is a grown ass man! This poor James he is being used by Nat is BS Just as Nichole has used Corey as a meat shield. Frank used Bridget as a pawn Hell even Paul has used Vic as a shield All the players use each other
    James is using his relationship with Nat as see i have 2 votes Does anyone not see how strange it is that BOTH James and Nichole have done the same thing as they did in there past season Only this time controlled there partner better to get further in the game James saw that the power players in the all guy alliance had a double vote Paulie &Zzz, Corey &Nichole so he latch on to Nat A mutual beneficial arrangement for both . As for his good guy , code of Texas stand up guy persona Lets remember that it was found out last time he played He was a dead beat dad who did not pay his child support or make much of an effort to see his daughter He spends most of his time thinking of ways to cash in on his “fame” He does things just to get Americas Favorite Player money He is a scam artiest at heart Nat is by no means an innocent lamb in the woods but I feel she is more arm candy for James He is taking full advantage of the situation If anyone is driving a bus it’s James Now he was being miss led by Nat Again look back every critical moment you can count on James making the wrong decision Telling people how he thru comps Michelle saying how double eviction was coming but James said no Nat wanted Corey out but he voted to evict Vic , who came back in, Listening to Nichole and Corey Goodbye Michelle James played a very sloppy game because he is not that good of a player. He thinks he is smart yet he gets out played all the time
    James used Nat more than she used him Just as Corey has used Nichole . Who funny thing she thinks she is playing him

  21. Avatar

    Rumor has it Nicole and James made a pack to look out for each other before they entered the house. Of course Nic will want Nat out.

  22. Avatar

    Does James really want a relationship with someone who lives so far away from him? Doubt it. Natalie and Paulie have made comments about her being a different girl when she’s drinking. I think James has set himself up for exactly what he is looking for w Nat, possibility of hookups at future BB events. And he is not a bad guy on the show but he does not honor his word so don’t feel bad for him if he gets played by anyone.

  23. Avatar

    I think Victor & Paul will make final 2, with Victor winning it all. They just can’t beat him. I couldn’t stand him earlier, but I think he’s warmed on me a bit. Shame about all the showmances though. They’ve been painful to watch at times.

    You enjoy Stranger Things? I thought it was one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. And the fact they shot it here in Atlanta made me love it even more. Glad to hear it’s been renewed for a 2nd season.

    Thanks for all the updates this summer. Several of my coworkers read it too, and you always have us cracking up.

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