In a surprising development, I woke up today to see that Kryssie has made it through the night and will continue on with the game. I was half sure that I’d wake up to see that production decided not to let her suffer any longer with her massive hand wounds, so they pulled her out of the game for her own safety. I mean her health is more important than a game, right?

You’re probably reading this like “Oh my, what happened to her hands??”. Well, during the PoV competition yesterday, she cut her hands open during the wall climb and was “bleeding all over the place”. Her cuts were so severe that they ended the competition early and rush to get her medical treatment before they got infected.  Just kidding. She literally got a few scrapes on her hands (that everyone got), and gave up the competition. As she stood there asking production for help because she was “bleeding everywhere”, they zoomed in on her hands to see this…


Blood everywhere!!

Needless to say, they didn’t really stop the competition for her like she expected, and she stood there waiting her time out before she can get some band-aids from the house. After the competition, she complained to the other houseguests about how Big Brother let her stand there bleeding everywhere, and they don’t care about the well-being of their contestants. Oh boy.

When she realized she wasn’t going to be medevacked out of the house, she knew she had to press on and show her courage. I’m sure everyone will be lighting a candle for her tonight.

Alright, time for some updates:

  • 11:14am – Shelby, Alex, and Morgan are in the storage room telling Alex that Kryssie intends to put up Whitney today
    • This is a ‘nice’ gesture on Kryssie’s part because Whitney and Morgan had a deal to vote Kryssie’s way. By nominating her, she is saving her from breaking the deal. So nice.
    • Shelby is also relieved because she feels she had one of the bigger shots at going home (she didn’t. America’s vote was likely going to be split between her and Scott vs Neeley. Now most of her old votes will just go to Scott)
  • 11:19am – Morgan tells the group that Kryssie wants a girl to win, but she wants to keep Jason and Justin because she thinks she can beat them in the finals. Hahaha
    • Shelby mocks Kryssie for thinking that they cast her because she stays up late. Shelby says “No, they cast her because she’s a crazy person who would go into this high school mentality”
    • Scott enters and asks if there is a chance Justin would vote his way. They tell him they’re going to let Whitney work on it
  • 11:24am – The girls leave except Morgan
    • Morgan tells Scott that if she votes his way, she needs to be priority to him. She understands he’s all team Alex, but she needs to be second (not exactly her words. Paraphrasing)
    • morgan-scott
    • Meanwhile, Danielle is still sleeping and production keeps yelling at her every 5 or so minutes
  • 11:34am – Whitney and Morgan go into the storage room
    • Whitney is telling her that Justin is unlikely to vote Neeley.  Morgan says she can’t vote for Neeley unless she’s sure Neeley is leaving
    • Whitney points out how Scott has been put up as HN, but never America’s Nom like Neeley
  • 12:09pm – Scott is talking to Justin in the yoga room.
    • Justin is aware that with Neeley gone, numbers are lowering in his favor
    • Danielle watch – Still sleeping
    • Scott still talking about how he is trying to keep Alex safe all season. This is putting a bigger target on his back
    • Justin is unsure what to do because he doesn’t want to turn against Kryssie, but he also thinks Neeley will go against him at some point
    • Meanwhile, Scott continues to gush over Alex. She is his #1 ride or die and he’s basically playing the game for her. Wow.
  • 12:40pm – Scott is now with Alex and Shelby in the HN room
    • He is retelling his conversation with Justin
    • scott-shelby-alex
  • 1:00pm – Veto meeting time
    • morgan-scott-neeley
    • Scott tells Morgan to take herself off the block. He won’t campaign for her to use it
    • Neeley stands and says ‘ditto’
    • Kryssie nominates Whitney
  • 1:05pm – Kryssie heads upstairs with the finally awake Danielle
    • Danielle asks her what’s wrong, and Kryssie tells her she’s been crying all day because she hates this house and everyone in it. Feeds cut to someone else.. NOOO I finally want to listen to Kryssie and they cut it
  • 1:09pm – Kryssie is done venting to Dani and they head outside
    • Dani starts complaining to the group how production was yelling at her while she was sleeping.  She gets a ‘do not talk about production’ and Dani says ‘yea, whatever’…. pleasant
    • Jason begins to make fun of Scott’s speech. He apparently just wants his ‘air time’

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  • 2:10pm – Things have settled down in the house.  Mostly quiet.
    • Kryssie is outside talking about her battle wounds. She is comparing notes with Shelby and Neeley who also cut up their hands. Kryssie is upset that BB is basically brushing her off when she has requested antibiotics for her injuries.
  • 2:30pm – Whitney has to drive 90 minutes to hit Olive Garden. Wow
    • whitney-talking
  • 5:00pm – Caryn came up with an idea to create a new page with far more detailed postings, with less commentary. This page will be updated often so you can have a thing to go back to if you’re looking for more details on conversations.  Here is the link, and you’ll see this link at the end of every post
    • Meanwhile in the house, the LNJ is up in the HoH room complaining about various things (Fluff and fold laundry, the food in the house, etc). Pretty much everything in life bothers this crew
    • The plastics are still outside together.  The two flocks of people hang out together
  • 5:23pm – Alex told to stand by the HoH door for 30 minutes
    • The group inside the room make fun of how her friends came along and are keeping her company. Yes, the group that always sticks together is making fun of the other group for always sticking together
    • lnj
    • As the girls are upstairs, Shelby is saying she wants the house to punish people for breaking rules. This is in reference to Danielle just ignoring the wakeup call lately
  • 5:48pm – Danielle gets pegged for sleeping again. Big Brother plays the full trumpet song for her to wake up
    • She is all worked up now because she said she wasn’t sleeping
  • 6:00pm – Danielle gets the trumpet again for sleeping
    • At this point, she has to realize they’re probably pissed that she ignored all the wake-up calls this morning
    • danielle-sleep


Check back for updates.