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Tuesday Feeds – Veto Ceremony Day



In a surprising development, I woke up today to see that Kryssie has made it through the night and will continue on with the game. I was half sure that I’d wake up to see that production decided not to let her suffer any longer with her massive hand wounds, so they pulled her out of the game for her own safety. I mean her health is more important than a game, right?

You’re probably reading this like “Oh my, what happened to her hands??”. Well, during the PoV competition yesterday, she cut her hands open during the wall climb and was “bleeding all over the place”. Her cuts were so severe that they ended the competition early and rush to get her medical treatment before they got infected.  Just kidding. She literally got a few scrapes on her hands (that everyone got), and gave up the competition. As she stood there asking production for help because she was “bleeding everywhere”, they zoomed in on her hands to see this…

Blood everywhere!!

Needless to say, they didn’t really stop the competition for her like she expected, and she stood there waiting her time out before she can get some band-aids from the house. After the competition, she complained to the other houseguests about how Big Brother let her stand there bleeding everywhere, and they don’t care about the well-being of their contestants. Oh boy.


When she realized she wasn’t going to be medevacked out of the house, she knew she had to press on and show her courage. I’m sure everyone will be lighting a candle for her tonight.

Alright, time for some updates:

  • 11:14am – Shelby, Alex, and Morgan are in the storage room telling Alex that Kryssie intends to put up Whitney today
    • This is a ‘nice’ gesture on Kryssie’s part because Whitney and Morgan had a deal to vote Kryssie’s way. By nominating her, she is saving her from breaking the deal. So nice.
    • Shelby is also relieved because she feels she had one of the bigger shots at going home (she didn’t. America’s vote was likely going to be split between her and Scott vs Neeley. Now most of her old votes will just go to Scott)
  • 11:19am – Morgan tells the group that Kryssie wants a girl to win, but she wants to keep Jason and Justin because she thinks she can beat them in the finals. Hahaha
    • Shelby mocks Kryssie for thinking that they cast her because she stays up late. Shelby says “No, they cast her because she’s a crazy person who would go into this high school mentality”
    • Scott enters and asks if there is a chance Justin would vote his way. They tell him they’re going to let Whitney work on it
  • 11:24am – The girls leave except Morgan
    • Morgan tells Scott that if she votes his way, she needs to be priority to him. She understands he’s all team Alex, but she needs to be second (not exactly her words. Paraphrasing)
    • morgan-scott
    • Meanwhile, Danielle is still sleeping and production keeps yelling at her every 5 or so minutes
  • 11:34am – Whitney and Morgan go into the storage room
    • Whitney is telling her that Justin is unlikely to vote Neeley.  Morgan says she can’t vote for Neeley unless she’s sure Neeley is leaving
    • Whitney points out how Scott has been put up as HN, but never America’s Nom like Neeley
  • 12:09pm – Scott is talking to Justin in the yoga room.
    • Justin is aware that with Neeley gone, numbers are lowering in his favor
    • Danielle watch – Still sleeping
    • Scott still talking about how he is trying to keep Alex safe all season. This is putting a bigger target on his back
    • Justin is unsure what to do because he doesn’t want to turn against Kryssie, but he also thinks Neeley will go against him at some point
    • Meanwhile, Scott continues to gush over Alex. She is his #1 ride or die and he’s basically playing the game for her. Wow.
  • 12:40pm – Scott is now with Alex and Shelby in the HN room
    • He is retelling his conversation with Justin
    • scott-shelby-alex
  • 1:00pm – Veto meeting time
    • morgan-scott-neeley
    • Scott tells Morgan to take herself off the block. He won’t campaign for her to use it
    • Neeley stands and says ‘ditto’
    • Kryssie nominates Whitney
  • 1:05pm – Kryssie heads upstairs with the finally awake Danielle
    • Danielle asks her what’s wrong, and Kryssie tells her she’s been crying all day because she hates this house and everyone in it. Feeds cut to someone else.. NOOO I finally want to listen to Kryssie and they cut it
  • 1:09pm – Kryssie is done venting to Dani and they head outside
    • Dani starts complaining to the group how production was yelling at her while she was sleeping.  She gets a ‘do not talk about production’ and Dani says ‘yea, whatever’…. pleasant
    • Jason begins to make fun of Scott’s speech. He apparently just wants his ‘air time’

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  • 2:10pm – Things have settled down in the house.  Mostly quiet.
    • Kryssie is outside talking about her battle wounds. She is comparing notes with Shelby and Neeley who also cut up their hands. Kryssie is upset that BB is basically brushing her off when she has requested antibiotics for her injuries.
  • 2:30pm – Whitney has to drive 90 minutes to hit Olive Garden. Wow
    • whitney-talking
  • 5:00pm – Caryn came up with an idea to create a new page with far more detailed postings, with less commentary. This page will be updated often so you can have a thing to go back to if you’re looking for more details on conversations.  Here is the link, and you’ll see this link at the end of every post
    • Meanwhile in the house, the LNJ is up in the HoH room complaining about various things (Fluff and fold laundry, the food in the house, etc). Pretty much everything in life bothers this crew
    • The plastics are still outside together.  The two flocks of people hang out together
  • 5:23pm – Alex told to stand by the HoH door for 30 minutes
    • The group inside the room make fun of how her friends came along and are keeping her company. Yes, the group that always sticks together is making fun of the other group for always sticking together
    • lnj
    • As the girls are upstairs, Shelby is saying she wants the house to punish people for breaking rules. This is in reference to Danielle just ignoring the wakeup call lately
  • 5:48pm – Danielle gets pegged for sleeping again. Big Brother plays the full trumpet song for her to wake up
    • She is all worked up now because she said she wasn’t sleeping
  • 6:00pm – Danielle gets the trumpet again for sleeping
    • At this point, she has to realize they’re probably pissed that she ignored all the wake-up calls this morning
    • danielle-sleep


Check back for updates.


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  1. Avatar

    She could only beat them with her stank!

  2. Helen

    Production must let Danielle sleep so that they don’t have to listen to her!!!

  3. Renee

    I’m glad you had a still shot of Kryssie’s hands. I saw a picture elsewhere this morning and couldn’t believe she had made that big of a stink over those injuries.

    • Shivani33

      That hand shot was a palmreader’s dream, and I just learned a lot, seeing a headline jammed smack on top of a lifeline, whereas in most palms, these lines are entirely distinct from each other. The thot plickens, and Krustie better not have her 99th nervous breakdown on BBOTT! Forewarned is forearmed, lol. Production might have saved themselves from an even bigger headache if they’d sent her to the emergency room yesterday for her boo-boo. The disproportionately short, stubby thumb sets off an alarm bell, too. But hopefully being on tv will get her to limit herself to only farting on pillows, etc. and to abstain from further “violence.”

      • Helen

        Wow. She really does have strange lines!! I just looked at hers and mine and wow. I have 3 separate lines. She only has 2? Does that mean she’s crazier than I originally thought? Or am I the crazy one?

  4. LindsayB

    Steve, your recap of Krusti yesterday was everything!!

  5. Avatar

    Are Scott and Alex as close as Scott thinks? And if Morgan knows that why the heck would you want to save him?

    • AIO_7

      Saving Scott would be better for Morgan than keeping Nellie around.

      • Renee

        I definitely agree with this @aio_7

      • Mell

        I think it depends on how the next week or two goes to know which was better. Its a gamble either way imo. Scott is not looking out for Morgan. Neeley is a little for selfish reasons but only for now. If Scott is evicted tomorrow and LNC wins the next HOH, she should have kept Neeley. If BS wins, Scott was the better choice because they’ll have more people. She just has to go with her gut on this one.

  6. Avatar

    What happened to Krusty changing her clothes? She is so nasty I can’t even begin to think about what she smells like. Anybody that wears the same pants for 3 days and they even have camel toe yuck puking just thinking about it. Production give her a hint she stinks and she’s crusty. She has such bad sportsmanship. At least see other house guests are trying. Well maybe not Danielle just make sure she goes on slop she looks like she’s gained 30 pounds. Krusty makes me sick

    • AIO_7

      Between her dirty body, clothes, and the farting, it must be worse than living with Pig Pen.

    • Renee

      It amazes me that they forget the 24/7 cameras on them when it comes to hygiene. We have cameras on us at work and even though I am aware they are there, I go about my business. However, I would never pick my nose/butt/etc because then I’m overly aware that the cameras are there. We even call the cameras Big Brother 🙂 saying BB is always watching us.

    • Avatar

      Could you imagine if she did take her clothes off they would stand or sit on their own! And ummm us big girls sweat in our folds to it adds to the funkiness of her stank.

  7. Shivani33

    The Bold & Beautiful cameras loved Victor. He’s a star, while the cast regulars on a show I’ve never watched looked like a bunch of dinosaurs who’ve been preserved and victimized by plastic surgery. Not one movable facial muscle has survived. Victor’s contrasting lively wholeness was a wonder to behold, as if he was catering a party at Madame Toussad’s.

  8. Mell

    If I had the votes, I would evict Whitney just to keep them all guessing. Lol

    • AIO_7

      I like Whitney. Let’s stick with getting the LNJ freaks out first.

      • Mell

        AIO7, Don’t worry. It was hypothetical! If I did that Whitney may make it up to 100 votes give or take in total. Lol

      • Mell

        In all honesty I don’t care for Whitney though. I like her as a player but on a personal level she annoys me. She was more consumed this morning with why Danielle was still in bed than trying to flip Justins vote. How many people did she ask? I’ve never liked when someone asks a question because they’re trying to get other people to ask, especially when they already know the answer. That’s why I like Shelby. She wouldn’t go person-to-person asking “do you know why Danielle still in bed?” Shelby would simply state “someone needs to make that bi*ch get up since we have to be up.”

  9. Avatar

    Well Neely has my vote. Time to send her home and to think at the. Beginning of the week I think she was the most excite that Kryssie won and was acting like she won and that she was going to be running things this week. She got a little to full of herself like Kryssie so time to send her home and what makes it better is that it’s on Kryssie HOH so there’s no ways she can think America did it for her

  10. Avatar

    I’m glad that Kryssie and Danielle can be have nots next week (and America’s nom.) I think it’s time Justin also got to have the have not experience.

    • Mell

      I’m probably doing Whitney before Justin but Danielle and Krissi for sure. I may vote for Justin because the target on him keeps getting bigger. It’s probably not good to be the only person in the house who hasn’t been a HN.

      • Helen

        I was going to go Danielle Krustie and Whitney. It depends though on tomorrow’s vote….if by some chance Justin votes with BS I don’t want him to think we are punishing him for it and scare him off a potentially good alliance.

      • Renee

        I want to wait until the following week to have Justin be a HN. Isolating him for a week with Kryssie and Danielle can be bad news. Too much forced time alone that they can get in his head.

      • Avatar

        I don’t think Whitney deserves to be stuck in the web room with K and D and I think if Justin is it’ll be the opposite of their “getting in his head” 🙂

  11. LindsayB

    I really wish they would all stop wearing sunglasses inside the house. They look so stupid!!

  12. Helen

    Krustie is upset because she is “sick of giving production what they want and how they want it”. Ummmm isn’t that what they have you there paying your butt for?

    • Mell

      She’s made comments since the first week about “delivering lines” and being afraid she’s having to act a certain way and the DR that isnt natural. Like James, this isn’t our first rodeo but it’s obviously hers. Normally we would care about that (in general, not hers) but since we get live DR’s twice a week, I ‘ve not thought anything about the ones they play during the recaps. Sometimes she makes it sound like she may not get the Oscar nomination if she’s being portrayed the wrong way. Although this is from the same woman who almost bled to death yesterday and could tell it was infected less than 10 hours later. Helen, you’re a nurse right? If her little hand blisters were to get infected, would you even know it that soon?

      • Helen

        No!! It would take a few days for bacteria to grow. It doesn’t happen in an hour!! That’s why you keep a wound clean and dry.

      • Mell

        That’s what I thought but I needed it confirmed. Thank you

      • Helen

        In all actuality what they are doing is probably making the risk to get an infection higher. None of those scrapes or blisters were that deep. They should have just cleaned them with good old soap and water,dried and left open to air. Sometimes covering things up can create a moist (gosh I hate that word,sounds dirty lol) environment,which is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria!!!!

  13. Avatar

    Can someone fill me in on the whole witch hat thing between Justin and Neely? I keep reading about it but have no idea what went on.

    • Mell

      She started wearing it. it freaked him out. I don’t know if it’s a New Orleans VooDoo issue or what. She kept trying to be funny and wear it because of that to tease him but he wasn’t kidding. He was already starting to mistrust her before the hat so I don’t know if he’s playing that up a little bit to give him an excuse to avoid her. He has said he loves Halloween so it didn’t make much sense. It’s Justin, and often he doesn’t make sense. Lol

      • Avatar

        The Hat was given to Krissey in her HOH room. Neeley just started wearing it. Did you see the dirty looks Krissey gave her a couple of times, You could almost read her mind (take that off it is mine not yours) I think Krissey wanted to wear it in her DR session but Neeley had it on. Krissey did not say anything because she did not want to make waves. VOTE NEELEY OUT!!!

  14. Avatar

    I wonder if there penalty or punishment I’m guessing nope because it feels like every 5 minutes they have to keep waking of Danielle. I guess even production gets tired of her and let’s her sleep

    • Mell

      It would be funny if next week Danielle was the 3rd nom, it managed to be a tie vote but she had a penalty vote that sent her packing. That’s not going to happen but it would be funny.

    • Avatar

      Ok just a thought but what if the reason she is sleeping is maybe she has some body changes going on like a tiny little alien was implanted into her body. Something that just popped into my mind, since we know she and Shane were putting on quite the show earlier this month.

      • Mell

        When she’s out of the house,I’ll be very happy for Danielle and Shane and tweet a congrats but for now…she needs to go! Shomances irritate the hell out of me but strangely outside of the house, I don’t think they’re a bad couple. She talks constantly and about herself. He seems quiet and laid back. They could work.

      • Shivani33

        Let’s hope it’s not a little Shane alien, because early pregnancy can make someone sleep an unusual amount. However, I think Danielle is a combination of bored and wishing that she could get on with her life and missing Shane a lot, the empty aftermath of when the fireworks end.

  15. Avatar

    Remember everyone, GO VOTE NEELEY FOR EVICTION VOTE!!!

  16. BBBonbon62

    I can’t stand listening to Scott extoll the virtues of Alex much longer. I know I’m in the minority but Alex is not that hot or that smart or that likeable. This boy is in loveeeee. He needs to play the game for him not for her cuz she would kick his butt out of the house it suited her game. This ride or die is one sided.

    • Avatar

      Yea but so is Jason and Kryssie. She will never betral him and said that his her ride or die but Jason would vote her out in a heartbeat if it suited him

      • BBBonbon62

        I get that but Scott just doesn’t stop talking about her. Every time I see him on the feeds he is talking about Alex. It is stalker creeper. Reminds me a bit of Caleb and Amber. Every conversation Caleb ever had with anyone involved talking about Amber. Lolol

    • Mell

      Bon, I agree with you. It’s getting annoying. He’s doing it to the point that I dont see how there can be any strategy in it. He cracks me up otherwise. I like Alex but I’ve said she isn’t nearly as good as she thinks she is. She’s too reactionary. She may have a long term plan but it feels too much like she’s plugging holes with her right hand while poking holes with her left. She’s going to be exhausted.

    • Avatar

      I think this is like a Krusty/Jason thing. Like how Krusty is always saying in her live DRs that Jason is her ride or die and it’s them to the end because she thinks Jason is backed by America. I think Scott knows Alex is well liked and he thinks America wants her safe. He thinks if he convinces us he will kee her safe, will keep him so he can do that. I’m sure he is loyal to her and wants to go far with her, but I think it’s for that reason. Not because he’s a stalker and in love.

  17. Helen

    Krustie needs to go home. She is clearly not happy there!!! It would be a mercy eviction

  18. The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

    Wait I just realized something… if Neeley is evicted tomorrow, KRUSTIE is going to be the one to announce it! That would be pure comedy watching her break down in hysterics!!!

    • Helen

      She won’t be…..America will vote Neely out but Morgan is going to flip and vote out Scott on empty promises from Neely. I will say one thing about LNC. If nothing else they are loyal to each other no matter what (so far).
      The girls are willing to sell an alliance member down the river for a DIFFERENT alliance!!!!

      • Helen

        PS. I don’t like Morgan. Never have. Probably never will

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        You think so Helen?? Wait what did I miss??? I was away from the feeds this afternoon!

      • Avatar

        I’m going to be so upset with them if they choose to save Neeley, especially if america votes against her. Neeley talked to Alex in the SR. Alex told her she was voting Scott. Neeleys apprication was if she won HOH she wouldn’t nominate her. If it is the case she should get more. Again, if it is the case i think the check will bounce or they will try and throw it to Dani. Jason and Alex also had a word. They each said they wouldn’t nominate each other. Her i believe him I don’t. Jokers has it 59% Neeley & 38% Scott as of now

      • Helen

        She just changes her mind like every 2 minutes. First she’s keeping Neely cause that’s best for her game. Then she’s keeping Scott. then its back to Neely. Back and forth. Forth and back….
        Ready for Morgan to go back to have not room!!!

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Oh yes Helen, if Morgan votes to evict Scott this week she might as well get her HN bed nice and warmed up. And get her taste buds ready for some slop. And best of all she’ll get to spend the entire week stuck in the HN room with her new BFFs Krustie and Danielle. That’ll teach her a thing or two about “loyalty”.

      • Mell

        lotusflower89, I wouldn’t beleive either of them.

      • BBBonbon62

        I’m with Helen. I truly don’t like Morgan. Haven’t been a fan since day 1. I wish every week that she will go home. Lol

      • Avatar

        Those girls are not stupid. They will fight to the end and all vote to evict Neeley. They know the message we sent them. They know what to do. I can’t wait to see Krusty tell Neeley she’s evicted!

    • Avatar

      YESSSSSS, Gerardo! It will be awesome!

  19. Avatar

    Okay it’s time to boat Neel out tomorrow for sure. I’m paying for them to play this game. TIME for production to put Daniel in her place. I can’t stand her sleeping all the time. What is up with Shelby picking fleas out of her hair? Whitney with her lips puckering out. Krusty farting and burping non stop. They’re getting on my last damn nerve and I can’t believe I’m still paying to see this. I’m predicting we’re not going to see any BBOTT next season. While it’s been interesting seeing behind the scenes I’m over it.

  20. Avatar

    So sorry I couldn’t correct my errors

  21. Avatar

    I’m new to the comments but I do have the feeds, I don’t watch 24/7 but I read most sites to catch up. One thing I don’t get is, why wouldn’t America want Scott out? He saved Americas nom last week and then yesterday, when he thought he won Veto, he was, in my opinion, mocking America something awful. I couldn’t stand how he was acting. He just really went over the top, so so speak, jabbing America, egging us on like he doesn’t care at all that America is playing this game too and will pick a winner. My votes are for him to go. Once he said ” maybe I should eat slop before every comp” I was done with him. And he is just way too creepy for me. Sorry for my rant but it was fun.

    • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

      Welcome Tamara! I actually didn’t feel that Scott was directing that rant at us (America) yesterday, I thought he was sort of smack talking the HGs who want him evicted (but in a “tongue in cheek” kind of way). I don’t think he was being serious and I found it kind of humorous, but I can understand how it could come off as weird. I really don’t think Scott was trying to taunt America though, and in fact he’s spent most of the last two days trying to win us over.

      I agree with you about his vote last week: I definitely wish Scott would’ve voted out Danielle instead of Shane and I was more than a little annoyed with him for doing that. However, I’m voting to save Scott mostly because I cannot stand most of the members of the other alliance (especially the current HOH). Scott doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the Nerd Herd (aka Jamboree) and I just can’t vote in their favor.

      • Avatar

        Thanks Gerardo, this is a fun site. I know people see and take things differently.its fun to hear how others see it all. I kinda don’t pay attention to the alliances because I know they won’t last. I look at each person individually. I’m not a fan of current HOH at all nor am I a fan of Shelby’s. Not sure who I would pick at this point to be honest.

      • The Artist Formerly Known as Gerardo (Chen Moonves)

        Glad you’re having fun Tamara! I look forward to reading more of your thoughts on the season! 🙂

      • Mell

        Welcome Tamara! I love Shelby but I think there’s plenty on here who can’t stand her so you won’t get ganged up on. Lol

      • Avatar

        Thanks Mell lol…none of them are saint’s. At this point it is who has been the least disgusting I guess. I’m just not into Scott nor do I think he is funny. I think he is acting for the camera most of the time. I get that he is a fan but I don’t know, something about him just not right to me.and Shelby, just not my cup of tea that’s all. I love that everyone has an opinion that’s what makes it an interesting game. And I don’t need a pill to chill. I’m as chill as I want to be. I’m a Breast Cancer Survivor so I’m in it for the fun not the insults.

      • Mell

        Tamara, It sounds like you’ve dealt with a whole lot more than annoying hg’s and I’m happy your on here with us. We disagree on here but it’s very rare to be insulted. I feel the same about that. I had no interest in commenting on some blogs. I’ve scrolled past many comments and none of them about BB except the first one that got everyone riled up. Whose game are you liking so far?

      • Avatar

        Mell I have been through alot, however I’m not afraid to admit that I could never play BB for real. That’s why this is kinda fun. Takes me away from my reality a bit. At this point I think if Alex can step up her social game a bit she has one of the better chances. Not a huge Whitney fan. And poor Jason, I wanted to like him so much…if he would play more and smoke n curse less…maybe…And Justin is in a world that I hope to be in one day…just care free and I’m so done with Neely and Danielle and Kristie. Thanks for being so inviting on here.

      • Avatar

        Scot was just fired up and excited after that comp. He did an amazing job and at that time, he thought he had won. He was not ranting about America.

    • Avatar

      Take a chill pill. Scott was just having fun. He is a super fan and is just trying to give us something to laugh and talk about while we were waiting for the comp to end. VOTE NEELEY OUT!!!

  22. Avatar

    So who does everybody think is going home tomorrow night? I think it’s Scott because of Morgan.

  23. Helen

    These girls are stupid if they believe any of them!! If Scott goes who’s left for LNC to nom? Whitney Alex Shelby and Morgan. They know Whitney is the golden girl for LNC. So that leaves 3. There are 2 noms!!!
    Just sing the song boys and girls. If I only had a brain!!!

    • Avatar

      Now is a time for production to fix a vote. Scott is funny to watch. Yes his obsession with Alex is very weird but then again they are both gamers and bb super fans so they do get each other. But I almost get the feeling Scott is in the closet more than he is into Alex in a romantic way. Morgan is the best stereotypical southern blonde from Texas I have seen. Unfortunately from what I can tell, Alex has been the typical big sister and told her what to do all her life and it seems that she is trying to stand up to Alex in a way, a stupid way though. I am ready for Morgan and Whitney to go. Whitney and her country bumpkin talk has gotten on my last frazzled nerve.

      • Mell

        Angie, I didn’t like Whitney at all and still don’t very much but I can’t hate on her game so far. I want to because she gets on my nerves. She not as sweet as she’s acting though. Shes a bit of an instigator who let’s everyone else run with the subtle comments she makes to get it started. She always looks like she didn’t have anything to do with it. She isn’t obvious about it like some players I’ve seen in the past. I hate to admit thats it’s impressive.

  24. Avatar

    NEELEY HAS TO GO HOME OR THE GAME IS OVER. The LNC do not deserve to win this game. All they have done is complain about everything even when production is doing their jobs. Start listening to production and they will not have to keep calling you out. It is Big Brothers house and you need to follow the rules.

  25. Avatar

    OMG lol Scott on the balance thing trying to look like a gymnast on the balance beam. He is cracking me up so much. He cant got. #savescott

  26. LindsayB

    Krusti is talking smack about how people in CA do laundry. Ummmmm….. has she cleaned her stanky undies once yet?

  27. Helen

    I would enjoy this so much more if they had not cast at least 75% of the house from the local lunatic asylum!
    We have Krustie who has an admitted narcissistic personality disorder with hostile tendencies.
    Jason with antisocial personality disorder (my own diagnosis)
    Whitney and Danielle are borderline personality disorder (again my own diagnosis)
    Have not quite put my finger on Neely other than some passive /aggressive tendencies
    All are off their medications

  28. Avatar

    Neellely and those .99 cents blackout shades…..have you no shame? Evict her and the horse blinders sitting on her face.

  29. Helen

    Last night of her highness queen Krusties reign of terror!! Hallelujah!!!

    • Avatar

      Then on to being a have not for her!

    • Shivani33

      @Helen Anticipating this! It’s a little too soon to celebrate yet, but I’ve gone overboard anyhow, hitting up the great Al Green for some Love and Happiness and shimmying all OVER the house. I mean, why wait for a reason to party? It’s been a hard reign, and Humpty-Dumpy went off the wall and then wouldn’t play anymore. Justin scaled the wall like a cat burglar and forgot which gameshow it is.”Can I call a friend?” Alex, mystified by a box of dehydrated potatoes, Scott lost in space and howling for Alex to win it all. Neeley looking like she’s at an underground heroin convention in her dollar store Nordstrom’s shades. Danielle looking like she drank too many tranquilizers with her prison water. Morgan ready to do a cheerleader’s kick to her sister’s head. Jason checking to see if his cyanide tablet is still up his sleeve in case he runs out of bitter guffaws. Witknee, keeping her Lizzy Borden ancestry under wraps. Shelby ready for a few cocktails from her Santa Monica place of refuge, the Bungalow, like Gloria Vanderbilt, stuck in a subway full of rats. Long live entertainment!

  30. Shivani33

    Neeley 52.72%, Scott 44%, Whitney, just the tiny remainder on a recent poll check over at BB Network for eviction figures. Scott might have more votes soon, as the gap keeps narrowing.

  31. Helen

    Neely 57%
    Scott 49%

  32. caRyn

    Kryssie and Danielle have similar character traits. Kryssie said they have nothing in common – but they do.

  33. caRyn

    We are playing the BB game hard than some of the hg.

  34. GL

    Neely needs to just GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. caRyn

    Can I offer you a spot of tea? Nelley walks around with her cup and I think tea time!

  36. Helen

    I am really looking forward to tomorrow evening…not only the end of her highness the queen of all Krustieness but also,hopefully,the eviction of Neely,the diva queen who tries to portray herself in her live DRs as a most sensible and honest person,who I have seen just today sit up in the HOH room and make trashy,nasty comments on fellow houseguests.
    What none of these fools (thanks Paul for that addition to my vocabulary) don’t quite grasp is I for one am not really a fan of all the constant and almost obsessive hatefulness that is seeping out of some of them! It has nothing to do with “sides”.

  37. Avatar

    I LOVE SHELBY. She has the best DR sessions. She is so funny and says it like it is. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE VOTE OUT NEELEY111

    • Renee

      I agree. I’m on the East Coast so the live evictions ran until 12:30 a.m. and I had to be at work at 6 a.m. But, I stayed up to watch. Shelby had me laughing out loud at some of the things she said. I cannot wait for everyone to find out she is not a dumb chick who is a gold digger. They are all going to be shocked.

      • Avatar

        RENEE I am with you all the way. Shelby was so fun to watch and I laughed so hard I wet myself. LOL I want to see the looks on their faces and watch them jump on the Shelby love train. Jason watch out, some of the things you say could land you in court. VOTE NEELEY OUT Send her home so she can watch the feeds and see what she has said about the others. She does not think we have seen the real NEELEY.

    • Avatar

      I just caught up watching the DR’s from last night. Shelby def always has the best DR! She is so hilarious! I love her so much! I loved Scotts also. He is fighting so hard! These are some players that I have been hoping for on BB for a loooong time! I can not stand when people come who don’t know the game and wanna just look pretty. There are a few in the house, but a lot of them came to play! Everyone please go cast your votes for Neeley! Let’s keep the real gamers in the game!

  38. Shivani33

    The BS want to speak to Justin right on the verge of voting time. The plan is to inform him that Neeley wants him out (and Jason out as well.) They know that Neeley told Krustie that Justin needs to be cut and that Krustie disagreed and went and blabbed, so it got around to almost everybody. Although there’s not much rapport or trust between Justin and Neeley, it seems to me like he’s heard this already. Morgan has decided to vote to save Scott and is reconciled to Krustie being mad about it. Alex said that if America votes against Neeley, “that’s what BB dreams are made of!” BS isn’t relying on that vote and feel it’s an uncertainty. So they’ve made a plan for that last-minute pitch to Justin.

  39. Avatar

    Everyone remember to get your votes in for NEELEY FOR EVICTION!!!! Let’s make this happen!

  40. caRyn

    LNJ keeps commenting The Plastics aren’t real. When Shelby is real LNJ have a problem with her. Which is it?

  41. AIO_7

    Scott is out back talking to himself again this morning; he’s saying that he wants to take Alex and Shelby to F3.

  42. caRyn

    LNJ continue to talk about the sides in the BB house. I think Kryssie plays a role in that divide. I agree with Shivani33, Kryssie is possessive of LNJ crew. If Neeley spends time with Morgan – that concerns Kryssie. Kryssie and Jason hold down the outdoor couch. When the house is not in lockdown that is where you can find the two. The other LNJ then result to sitting with them on the couch. I know why Jason is outside – to smoke – but you do see him in rooms talking with other hg at times. It is very rare to see Kryssie in a room talking with anyone other than LNJ. The only reason she is talking to the other side this week is because she is HOH.

  43. Avatar

    @AIO7, since you said you have a lusting in your heart for Alex in that maid costume, how about we chunk old Neeley your way since she’ll be leaving the BB house soon. You know she likes calling her men “daddy” & she even has a gremlin wig. She has several different looks, hell, if you like gargoyles, gremlins, grandmas, she can be any of them. Lol…..you know I’m just joking with you.

  44. Mell

    I feel confident Neeley will be leaving but should be close enough to keep it interesting. I don’t know about you guys but this season I’m getting several things I’ve been missing watching BB in recent years. The first and obvious is not caring what’s on the weekly episode. I doubt many viewers are only watching Wednesdays “show” even if they’re not glued to the feeds all day so I’m not complaining over how someone is portrayed. Second, it appears everyone there wants to play. (yes even Justin but maybe not Krissi after tomorrow) I’ve also been waiting for a house to be this openly divided since probably BB 6. That’s a bonus when observing the social experiment of the game. We really see how quickly people irritate each other and care about things they shouldn’t when a house is this divided. Shelby gets mad because Danielle opened a bag of chips, Jason’s worried about dirty ice cream bowls and both sides within seconds blame the other for leaving pee on the toilet when they can’t possibly know who did it. Krissi doesn’t play personal but “doesnt like Scott” because he’s playing “wrong.” Alex doesn’t play personal but Krissi’s game style “pisses her off.” (both of those things are personal if you don’t like them and are getting pissed at something you should take advantage of) A divide like this creates so much more tension in a house that would be stressful anyway. Both sides complain constantly and everyone is a hypocrite including many of us. They may go about it in different ways but make no mistake, the annoyance and focus on being annoyed is equal on both sides. LNC’s vocabulary lies somewhere between the sewer and the gutter. They always think they’re the underdog even though CB and Monte were the first to go and we gave them the 1st care pkg. The BS don’t speak as disgusting (except maybe Shelby) but they are judgmental and think they are the only ones playing “correctly.” They repeatedly ask the cameras to help them out and keep begging for a “shift” in the game in spite of a member of LNC being the most recent person evicted, giving their side the last 2 care pkgs and making Neeley our 3Rd nom. They all do what they accuse the other side of doing. We are hypocrites too. The week Alex was HOH, many fans claimed we should respect the HOH’s wishes. I’ve heard very little, if any of that this week. ( I’ve been hypocritical too but not in that area. My vote hasn’t respected either HOH) I’m not judging or complaining. I actually find it fascinating how we have double standards but complain that the hg’s do. Over the years, many of us have wanted hg’s to play this game like robots and only make what we deem are smart moves. The hg’s lie and say they want a competitive game and how boring it would be if one side wipes out the other. (that’s precisely what they want to happen) We always say the same thing but appear to be wanting one side of the house obliterated at the moment. This season would be amazing to observe without voter interference but there has been an upside for me. I always get irritated when players let emotions get involved. I’m not an idiot and I know you can’t live in a house that long without becoming emotionally invested but I always felt they should be able to set that aside and play the damn game. We’re not even in there but many of us are making noms, votes and care pkgs personal because we’ve become irritated, disgusted or offended. I’m discovering I like the drama and excitement in the house as long as it favors who I’m rooting for. I’m not sure if this comment is an observation or a confession. Lol

  45. Shivani33

    There was something so strangely funny last night when Jason and Danielle found pee on a toilet seat and went on and on about it, discussing this exhaustively and deciding to blame Scott, (who said he didn’t think he’d done it.) Meanwhile, in another spot, the BS group were busy talking game strategy. It highlights the differences between the two groups rather well.

    It’s understandable that BS move about as a group. They want to have safety in numbers, and they aren’t deaf and dumb. Certainly they’ve witnessed how heavy the insult factor is from their opponents. Often the BSers remind me of the group of little girls in the Madeleine books, who went everywhere in a troop, accompanied by a nun. Shelby is my brave little Madeleine.

    The LNC all hang out together, too. But they project criticism onto the BS for the very same thing. Krustie told BS (Alex) that the LNC aren’t allies; they’re friends, implying that they’re special that way. Later, Alex remarked, “as if they’ve never had any friends before.” She thought it was crazy that Krustie doesn’t get it, that this is BB and that it’s a game. I wonder what Krustie would think if she finds out that Jason and Alex have talked recently and agreed to avoid voting one another out of this game?

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