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Veto Competition Results; Saturday Night Feeds



I’m starting a new thread about the feeds because this morning got a little backwards with the morning craziness and then the overnight recap.  Before you read too far, the veto results will be in here, but as of 1:30pm (pst), they’re in the middle of playing.

This morning was a bit wild in the Big Brother house. Paulie spend the majority of the day yesterday trying to figure out why he was nominated, so he had one on one conversations with just about everyone. He revealed a lot of stuff, admitted to the girl he called fake that this is ‘just a mask’ he is wearing (ie, fake), and also talked so much he basically let it slip that he was in a bunch of final 3 deals with different people.  Oh, and he also mentioned that Paul was the one leading the all-guy alliance thing.  Well, after a night of Paulie’s discussions with people settling in and notes being compared, the house minus Nicole and Corey took the morning to call him out on it.

It started when he asked Paul why he was pissed, and Paul explained that he was pissed because not only was his name thrown out there, but he was out of the ‘triangle alliance’ Paulie had formed with Corey and James. Look, I don’t mean to get all on Paulie about this. Derrick had a bunch of final 2 deals and it worked out great for him. However, Paulie’s problem is that he preached loyalty to everyone he spoke with yesterday and then came out with some super mixed message by having secret alliances going on. Granted, Paul already knew Paulie was a bit shady in that department because he had his secret PP alliance, and I do believe he was part of ‘The Board’, which was a sub-alliance inside ‘The Executives’. Paul is by no means innocent in the lying department, but he’s doing a better job at keeping that under wraps.


As it turned out, a big part of this was done to try to rattle Paulie before the veto competition, as Michelle even admitted to it at one point. She wanted to see him more worked up, but he shockingly kept as cool as he could despite being slammed from all sides. I actually almost felt bad for him, but he would have been better off just keeping his mouth shut like Corey did and admitting it was a good game move. It was. I believe Paulie was one of the many people (Da’Vonne as well) who had DR sessions during the Frank saga saying that they were bound to come after each other eventually, just they made the move first. Well, Victor made the first move, and I don’t see how Paulie couldn’t expect that considering the guy was evicted from the house already – by Paulie’s backdoor. Was Victor supposed to sit around waiting for the 5 guy alliance and also hope the timing was right so he’d be eligible to play in the HoH competition at that point?  They never even set terms like giving the HoH to get the 6th person out immunity for the week, so Victor was supposed to just blindly trust the guy who backdoored him earlier in the season.

The funniest part of this is how Paulie keeps complaining about Michelle kicking him while he’s down, when he was not only laughing last week at Michelle’s expense, but was preparing to jump up at the end of nominations this week and slam Michelle once again after she was (supposed to be) nominated.

Alright, rambling over, updates….

  • 2:00pm – Feeds still down for veto.
  • 3:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:30pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:45pm – Feeds back. Looks like Paulie didn’t win. Looking to see who did
    • Sounds like Victor won PoV
    • Paulie is up in the HoH room asking to pull Corey down so he can at least fight for his safety, but he doesn’t want to campaign against Corey
    • It was a reward based competition. James got $5k. Sounds like Victor passed up the vacation and $5k for the veto.
    • Paul has some punishment where he has to run around to checkpoints, probably for 24 hours
    • It was zingbot. I’ll try to get the zings
  • 5:55pm – Feeds went back down for a little bit, so I ran to get a coffee.
    • Updates – Sounds like Corey and Paul are wearing outfits for the week.  Corey in a “Patriotard” and Paul dressed as a secret service agent
    • Some zings:
    • Victor was called a douchebag in spanish
    • To Paul: You have a lot of catch phrases.. ‘friendship’, ‘pissed’, ‘your boy’.. here is one for you ‘stfu’
    • Either Nicole or Corey got a reference to Hayden already been in there (or something like that)
  • To those asking, Paulie wants Corey pulled down so he can be replaced by Michelle or someone like that. Paulie doesn’t want to spend all week campaigning against Corey, but he wants to fight for votes against someone like Michelle
  • 9:00pm – Took a break since the house is slow. Natalie/James sleeping on one feed while Paul, Paulie, Michelle, Victor and Nicole are in the kitchen eating. No arguing right now
  • 9:35pm – Corey’s outfit for the week is revealed.  Him and Nicole are going to look hilarious cuddling now
    • corey-patriotard
    • And yes, he has to hold the eagle and the zingbot sign the entire week.  Ouch!
    • I love this look Nicole gives him
    • And this is literally how he is going to have to look on Thursday night, with the sign and all….
    • I love that outfit.
  • 10:00pm – Paulie and Michelle having a civil conversation about how Z screwed Paulie over by instigating the thing with Natalie and then walked away leaving him hanging
    • Talk turns to flying and turbulance and how Paulie doesn’t like it.  Dammit. Thanks guys. Anxiety kicking in
  • 10:50pm – Paul’s outfit reveal… fun week for the house
    • He says he has to remain serious all week.  This is awesome. I am a bit sad I can’t watch the feeds this week
    • paul-outfit3
    • paul-outfit4
    • Paul has to go the checkpoints around the house and make sure they’re all clear. There are 5 of them.
    • If he is showering, and the red light goes off, he has to get out of the shower, wrap a towel, put his earpiece in and wear his tie and pat everyone down. Even at 2am.
    • He says  he has to sleep in the outfit
  • 11:55am – Red alert goes off already
    • paul-pattingdown
    • Paul goes around checking everyone. James had two knives in his pocket that Paul missed
    • Suspect 6 was on the run, so Paul chased her down
    • After patting everyone down, he has to go to each checkpoint in order
    • The first is upstairs near the HoH room
    • The second is in the HN room
    • The third is in the bathroom
    • The fourth is near the front door
    • The fifth is back upstairs like 10 feet away from the first.
    • Brutal
  • 11:00am – People are heading to bed since it’s been a super long day for them.  I think I will do the same.

Here are my nightly notes – What a wild and fun day blogging today.  I love the outfits.  I am going to be sad not blogging this week because Paul is going to have some fun with this. A recap of the day is that zingbot came into the house, and the veto competition was the reward/punishment style where the winner chooses what he wants.  From what I understand, Victor won and chose the veto over a vacation or $5k. Here is what I gathered…

Paul has the secret service punishment
Corey has to wear the patriotard for the week, and hold those things in his hand at all times
Nicole won a trip to anywhere in the United States.
Victor won PoV
James won $5k
Paulie has to bake cookies whenever production tells him (I don’t know many details on that yet)

After the competition, Paulie has accepted his fate and has calmed down dramatically.  He is clearly a shell of his confident self, and he is no longer arguing with people. In fact, he and Michelle had a long chat in the kitchen about various things. She was telling him more about things Z said, and even asked if she should stop because she didn’t want to hurt him. He said keep going because he wanted to know.  This humble Paulie is a much more likable version, though still doesn’t make up for a season of ego. Nicole is trying to distance herself with Corey from Paulie, so she has been talking to the girls in a much more friendly tone today. That was good to see. They all tell her they hope Corey remains safe this week, so it looks like barring a big shift, Paulie will walk out the door.  Whether or not he walks back in is determined by his card.

The house is wondering about another buyback, this time from jury members. That would go well with the random Friday show, but it’s strange they’re keeping that under wraps to us. It’s also strange to have two in one season, but they have done a lot of weird things this year. Kind of going all-in on the twists.

On a blog note – Amy will be back tomorrow for her last overnight recap. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for her hard work this summer, and grateful to have more writers come aboard to give me a bit more time off.  I am realizing the time off has helped my blogging, so it’s a win-win. I will be blogging a little tomorrow, but I’m not sure how much time I will have. My cat is on my lap telling me to spend some time with him, so good night!


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  1. Avatar

    Always amazed at the combined stupidity and arrogance of a HG when they get rattled because someone else had the audacity to play their own game. Lying is just part of “Big Brother” and, after 17 seasons, you’d think the members of the cast for season 18 would have come into the house knowing that. It seems that you never hear the very real, and totally accurate, argument that “I’m here to win the game for ME, not you”. Paulie watched season 17 when his brother Cody foolishly, in my opinion, played someone else’s game and allowed Derrick to walk away with $500K. So Paulie, along with the 4 returnees, certainly should understand that people come into the BB house to win. Cody had the game won until it evicted Victoria due to his alliance and loyality to Derrick, for whom Cody did all the heavy lifting the entire season. And yet Paulie can’t seem to understand that his action, especially during the past 10 days, put a huge target on his back that totally screwed up what had been this season’s best game play.

  2. Avatar

    What was Paulie supposed to say after Michelle was ‘going to’ get evicted…I heard he was practicing his speech for it lol. I don’t get feeds but wanna know.

  3. Avatar

    Paulie has no respect for women and so he is not able to understand that he has just been taken down by women who also brought three of his buddies over.

    He still believes with all his heart that he can resurrect the boys alliance under his kingly leadership because that’s the only way the world works to him.

    He is quite literally unable to comprehend what is happening to him. He will talk about and believe in boy power until he walks out the door. Then he will go to Jury and talk for a month about his morals and loyalty and the pink cloud unicorn world he lives in by himself where he’s always right.

    • kneeless

      A strong Jersey girl must have done Paulie wrong. He speaks so poorly of Jersey girls & obviously he can’t handle strong women. If he has a girl like Zakiyah, someone submissive, is when he’s good.

      • danmtruth

        @kneeless i think there is alot of truth to what you say. Paulie keeps talking about how he was hurt after a long relationship . This might be the core to his hate of strong women He could never bevel a women could win a comp When Tif won the BB road game . Even after she said that she won it Paulie said no and thru out other boys names as the winner
        Is there a chance that Nichole has finely understod When Paulie talk about a 5 guy final She was not part of it. That her love Corey was not taking her to F/3 With him and Paulie

    • Mell

      Natalies friends ( real life friends) we’re angry the other night over the way he was treating Natalie. They were discussing it on Twitter. I don’t usually take time for that stuff but it piqued my interest. From what I could follow, a couple of them know Paulie and Paulie’s ex-girlfriend. He was throwing a pity party because she returned an engagement ring and broke his heart. He has hinted at this this himself since he’s been in the house. Natalie’s friends on Twitter were saying that he left out the part about him cheating on the ex girlfriend 5 times and that’s why she gave back the ring. I don’t know if the information is true but I do know these were real Twitter accounts and not fake ones. Fake. Lol

      • Avatar

        Nicole is not stupid and she was well aware guys had alliance. She might not have known how many were in it but she knew. But just because you have an alliance does not mean it will work out as what we are watching now.

  4. JD

    Paulie putting a shirt on is a self defense mechanism. Subconsciously it’s a shield. Men who are young and overconfident or a lot of testosterone feel more confident without a shirt. By putting a shirt on he is showing a little of his lack of confidence. If he somehow stays and feels confident again watch his shirt will come of. IMHO

    • NKogNeeTow

      I noticed that since they knocked the wind out of his sails, he’s been wearing more clothes too. And has anyone else noticed, he even looks a little different in the face. For one thing, that eternal smirk is gone. But there is something else that’s not there…confidence maybe?

      I know that after the Comp he went to Victor and asked him to take Bambi down. Now either he thinks that by saying that, Vic will think he’s loyal and use the Veto on him out of sympathy, or he’s just still incredibly over confident and doesn’t believe anyone will vote “The Great and Powerful Wizard” out of Oz.

      • Avatar

        It would be nice if he did take Corey down and put James so no matter who leaves it’s not a waste of his HOH and hopefully neither have the round trip because if James leaves Natalie is weak and alone( easy pickings) and if paulie leaves the house will be quieter possibly

      • Mell

        It also bothered me more than it should have that during the last veto ceremony (not during DE- the one before when Polly won) that he couldn’t be bothered to put a shirt on, when he was the focus of the ceremony. It just seems lazy and disrespectful to the show to not even put clothes on when there are only 3 ceremonys each week to be aired on tv. Sometimes I obsess over stupid things I guess

      • caRyn

        According to someone watching the feeds…Paulie is wearing the same clothes because he hasn’t showered. I think they said it has been since the day before Zakiyah left.

  5. kneeless

    A huge problem is that Paulie has been playing Derrick & Cody’s game but he forgets that D&C’s season was their season with totally different HG’s. What works during one season may not work the next season. Many times Paulie has said ‘in Cody & Derrick’s season …” Even last night when James & Nat were studying facial features of the HG’s on the memory wall, Paulie said D&C didn’t do it that way. Buddy, just because D&C did or didn’t do something doesn’t make everyone.else wrong. His brothers loyalty cost him $450,000. Would Paulie give the money up to remain loyal? I don’t think so. For a guy who plays with no emotion but then turns around & says how passionate he is speaks volume! Have I said how much I cannot stand Paulie!! lol!

    • Avatar

      Excellent and very accurate observation. I said, up until a week or so ago, that Paulie learned much from watching his brother play the game and he did not, like Cody, plan on taking second place. However, as you pointed out he apparently failed to learn the the HGs are different every season and someone else’s game from a prior season is unlikely to work. How many HGs, over the years, have come in the house planning to be the next Dr. Wil and ultimately discover that isn’t going to happen. Best example I can think of from season to season is Dan who discovered that his winning game only worked the first time he played it and struggled to put together a game plan the second time. Michelle didn’t blow up Paulie’s game, he did that all by himself by allowing his temper, arrogance and ego (along with his mouth) to get out of control – he took his eye off the prize quite possibly just long enough to lose it.

      • caRyn

        Paulie tried to play Derrick’s game and was successful only for the first week or two. When I didn’t even notice Paulie in the house.

      • Avatar

        Chris. Paulie did follow Derrick and codys game by picking a friend that he wanted to go all the way with and stay loyal to. I’m not sure if he had decided it was going to be Cody or Paul.

      • Mell

        He did pick a friend like Derek did and convinced people to do things for him like Derek did. For me that’s where the similarity stop. Polly did it aggressively and was very sloppy in covering his tracks. Derrick was
        smoother, had a softer approach and had a plan to blame other people. Even though Derek was better than the people he played with he did not put off the arrogant vibe that
        polly does. just my

      • Avatar

        Mel. The only thing I think is like Derrick and Cody is picking a close ally to go all the way with him. Nothing else like that season

    • Colby

      I would have to say that Paulie TRIED to play Derrick & Cody’s game but just doesn’t have the trained social skills or ‘smarts’ of an undercover cop, and it caught up with him.
      And he tries to preach about how loyal he was to everyone, when in fact he was loyal to no one except maybe Codey. I can’t believe he is even tying to sell them that line of bull when they have flat out told him they know better.
      But the big brat (and his ego) is obviously used to getting his way and just won’t accept that he’s not.

    • danmtruth

      @kneeless your on fire Fun read and well said People forget that the big wild card in BB is the people
      We a laugh at Joeza when he said the newbies will evict the returnies Than at the end shake hands and let the best person win
      So what is the difference to the BS Paulie is dishing out about how the all boy final 5 would battle it out in his fantasy world

  6. Avatar

    James is so stupid he is just doing what Natalie wants. As soon as Paulie and Corey go he will be next. Once he is out Natalie will hook onto
    Paul or Vic. Paul is just as bad or worse than Paulie he lies and uses everyone to do his dirty work they are just to stupid to see it.

    • Avatar

      James doesn’t care about winning, he basically said so last night. Michelle was talking to James and Natalie about how she’s worried that America hates her for being such a mean girl most of the summer, and James advised her that she should just “do what I do”…which is whatever he feels America wants. He then went on to say that’s why he destroyed the kitchen, used the two vote nullification ACP he was given, and that’s why he stands by his “girl” Natalie…because he knows that’s what America wants. He’s much more concerned with being popular and winning the AFP than he is with winning the $500K.

      • Avatar

        James plays (?) like he came for a girlfriend and paid summer vacation (just like the last time). And personally, watching Nicole’s lack of game, I’m thinking she’s only there for another boyfriend and paid vacation. It’s been a while since there have been so many non-players and certainly longer since any of them were “second chance” returnees.

    • Mell

      Gerardo, you got that right. The other night Natalie said I’m going out with a vengeance then James immediately said I’m going out with a girlfriend. Pretty much confirmed what we already know about him.

    • Avatar

      Terry I have been saying that all along. You are so right!! Paul is worse than Paulie I believe. He’s the big snake in the house. Worse than Andy was!!and nat just looking for man to take her along. She’s tried to play them all but Paul I think and got rejected and ended up with James because he’s a fool for cute girls. She is so stupid. Didn’t even know who Brutus is or what “et tu bruto” meant. Everyone learns that n Jr. Hi or high school .

  7. Mell

    It sounds like Victor won the veto

    • Avatar

      It’s funny that paulie doesn’t want to fight against Corey his bro who he trusts more than Paul.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Don’t believe that for one minute Kristine. He’ll do everything in his power to try to convince Victor to use that Veto on him. But he has been called out so many times in the last few days, the last thing he wants to do is go at it head on and come right out and ask Victor. My guess is he’ll try to do it subtle. He can’t have anymore attention drawn to himself. One of the best things he can do right now is to keep making Bambi think he’s in his corner and rooting for him to be taken down, while quietly trying to convince Vic that using it on him would be the best thing for him (Vic), because in the end he (P) can keep him “safe”. Not to worry though, in the last few days, I’ve never seen anyone with such a look of determination on their face as Vic.


      • Avatar

        Kristine I think u r right. I don’t think either will campaign against the other. I think they have formed a strong friendship. ( a heterosexual one because I see nothing that would make me think Corey is gay!!)

  8. Avatar

    Paulie wants a weak woman who comes at his every beck & call, does whatever he says & knows she’s an easy piece of ass & a booty call when he wants her. He’s not interested in her for a long term relationship because she’s already showed him all he has to do is say jump & she will say how high. Paulie knows he can use her however & whenever he wants. When he shows up at that jury house, Z will run to him wrapping those chicken legs around him & lick him up & down like she does & run to the nearest bedroom & goose his brains out. THE GIRL IS STUPID & II’LL BET HAS NOT LEARNED ANYTHING.

    • Avatar

      @ Ann
      You’re absolutely right Ann, I just “hate” seeing a Young Woman like Zakiyah that has so much going for herself, looks, education, but feels that she deserves nothing more than a Man who Dogs her out! Its called Low Self Esteem, & Zakiyah has a boat load of it!!

      Relationships built solely on Sex/Lust, aren’t built for the long haul most of the time…I have many GF’s who have Divorced, due to just that!

    • NKogNeeTow

      Well one thing for sure Ann, if he gets anymore girls he’ll have to travel far outside of NJ for them, because after some of the things that he’s said about NJ girls, I seriously doubt many if any of them want anything to do with him now. Especially since he’ll be 500K poorer.

  9. Avatar

    \o/ – – Woo Hoo! Victor Wins the Veto, keep the Nominations the same Bro!!!

  10. Avatar

    Can someone please tell me how you get to see before the feeds come back up – I pay for the live feeds but it seems i’m missing something because I don’t see the live stuff come back as quickly as everyone else.

    • NKogNeeTow

      I just got the live feeds this evening Cheri and so far either they start buffering or like now, there is some kind of notice on the screen apologizing that the selected content has not yet started and please visit the help desk. Since today starts my free week, if this keeps up, I won’t make it to the end of the week. So far, I’ve gotten more from Jokers than I have from the live feeds. The chat is funny though, if you can keep up with it.

    • Avatar

      Try youtube, they have alot of the live feeds & clips from things that we missed.

  11. Alda

    Victor gave up $5000 and a vacation.He is not going to change his Noms!

    • Avatar

      Yeah that would be pretty silly for Vic to go that hard for the POV, just to take one of his noms of the block. If he planned to back door someone at this point, he could’ve just let Corey or Paulie (or even Nicole) win it and take a nominee off the block themselves.

      • Avatar

        But if he wanted to get out paulie victor not winning pov or leaving it to chance not a good idea

      • Avatar

        Exactly, which is why he went all out for the POV and won. So he could get his noms the same and get Paulie out.

      • Avatar

        Paul and Vic tonight talking about putting Corey and Nichole up next week and taking out Corey, then James and Nic the next week. So they have no plan of being a F4 with James, Nat and Michelle. But however Paul asked Vic ( who is starting to sound a lot like Pauli) who he thought would win between the two of them. Vic was oblivious on why Paul was asking this question. He’ll take out Vic I bet if he gets the chance.

  12. JD

    I don’t see Victor giving up 5k or a vacation to get the veto and use it. Paulie wants a fighting chance but didn’t give Victor that chance. Paulie doesn’t think we’ll under pressure. Let’s hope noms stay. Then the only obstacle left is the envelope. (I still say it’s saved for the last to exit we’ll see)

  13. danmtruth

    no need to change who is on the block Paul last night said the veto comp would be a reward punishment comp Paulie said no Sounds like it was Vic let James keep 5k to keep the PoV
    Poor sport Paulie complained it was a crap shoot comp

  14. Avatar


    Okay I’m sorry about that, but it’s 90 degrees here with about a 50% humidity so my brain is about as dead as it can get right now. Very few places here have air conditioning either.

    Please now please Victor leave the noms the same and get rid of that jackass!!!

    • Avatar

      PS : and please please please no return ticket. That’s what I have this bad feeling about…

    • Avatar

      It was 110 in New York City today with humidity so high it was like walking through water. Sidewalks were above 140 and people told to keep their dogs off the pavement. Miserable hot with no immediate relief on the way.

      • Avatar

        Seattle just isn’t used to all this heat, however last summer was considerably warmer than it has been this summer. Generally the only average maybe 3 to 5 days over 90 comma generally in August, but we had some in June. Crazy!

      • Avatar

        Wish I could edit. I feel your pain. Yuck!

    • Avatar

      I damn near passed out trying to water my flowers & plants. Cant wait for the winter time although we usually only get may 70° in our winters, maybe an occasional 49-50°. I want freezing snow sometimes.

      • Avatar
        Constance McCaul

        I feel you! ……. We are 104 degrees here in Sacramento California today.

      • Colby

        @ann, not sure where you live in TX, but it does get cold in Dallas. Granted, nothing like up north, but it does get cold.

      • Avatar

        Seattle just isn’t used to all this heat, however last summer was considerably warmer than it has been this summer. Generally the only average maybe 3 to 5 days over 90 comma generally in August, but we had some in June. Crazy..

      • NKogNeeTow

        @Ann, trust me you DON”T want the snow! I’m in the D/M/V area on the East Coast and even though the temps have been in the 90s, the heat index had the temp over 109 yesterday. And the humidity is horrible. But I’ll take that over winter any day. I HATE cold weather! I went down to the mailbox today and noticed that just about all of my plants were dead or dying. My fault, I was suppose to water them yesterday but decided to stay in the a/c.

      • ShoeLover

        yes, small, super small cold front made its way into Texas Friday night but that lasted half a day!!! ugh!! I remember the heat in Seattle, Whidbey Island, the six other cities i lived in, and lordy, the no A/C moments were crazy.

        Loven all the drama this week!!! I hope it stays, Paulie goes and no round trip ticket!!!

  15. Quwana

    I usually post paragraphs today!!!!! I just post
    GOODBYE PAULIE!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

    • Avatar

      Question is do they have the votes to get him out and does he have the round trip? I hope he doesn’t have the round trip.

      • Avatar

        They only need 3 votes to get Paulie out, and I’m pretty sure they have 4 (Paul, Michelle, Nat, and James, who already admitted that he will stand by Nat no matter what because that’s what “America wants”). Now the real question is, does Paulie have that roundtrip? And I have a horrible feeling that the answer is “YES”

      • Avatar

        They have the votes to save Corey if they stick with the plan (Ratcole, Nat, Meech, Victor, Paul, & James) I dont think there’s anybody who wants to save Paulie.

      • Avatar
        Constance McCaul

        The house absolutely has the votes to get Paulie out…… Paulie picked #7 for the RT Ticket. I have a sinking feeling that he will have the RT. I am praying it isn’t so!

      • Avatar

        Wow Ann, did you notice I totally forgot about Nicole in my last post?? I promise you that was not intentional. Like I said before, I forget she’s even there half the time.

      • Avatar

        It will be unanimous because Nicole would be his only vote to stay but since Corey on block Paulie will be kicked out unanimously. I hope he has round trip just to make game interesting. Otherwise Corey or Nicole goes next then Corey or Nicole, then the girls one by one or James To end with Paul and Vic and maybe a weak girl which would be nat I would guess. How boring. Only way I can see it changing is if James wins hoh and makes big move by putting up Vic and paul

    • Avatar

      @Quwana, that is if that jerk doesnt have that round trip ticket. That would just blow my mind.

      • Jenny M

        I wouldn’t put it past BB to rig it for him. I remember wanting Frankie out SO BAD and somehow things kept going in his favor. It was obvious he was cast to give his sister publicity for her up and coming music career. And Rachel who kept coming back and getting comps that were clearly hers to win. UGH. The season where Rachel’s sister was in the cast, I stopped watching the moment I learned she was Rachel’s sister. I came back to the show because of Donny.

  16. Avatar

    Paulie are seriously begging the person who put you on the block to use the veto on you. How desperate. 9 to 1 lol…. Plus the person you slept and did inappropriate things with all summer, you refused to use the veto on her and know you want pity….Guess your dignity and your game walked out the door with Z

  17. Avatar

    I’ll bet Paulie could chew nails & spit fire right about now. Does Meech plan on torturing him anymore tonight?

  18. Colby

    Paulie saying he won’t campaign against Corey because he is so loyal to his boys, but of course he will.
    In fact, saying that to everyone IS actually campaigning.

    • Avatar

      Maybe paulie knows he can’t win against Corey

    • Avatar

      Colby I think he really won’t campaign against him. I don’t think either of them will

      • Colby

        I don’t think he will say anything personal against him, but I do think he will say and do everything else he can think of to try to convince the others to keep him over Corey.

      • caRyn

        I don’t think Paulie will say anything personal against Corey either. If he does try to convince people (if he isn’t able to convince Victor to use the veto) it will be in a suggestive manner. The same way he would suggest nominations for the block or suggest who would need to go home that week, etc..

  19. Mell

    What is Paulie talking about telling Victor he wants to fight for his life in the game? What’s left to do except give a speech on eviction night? He will have all week to use those amazing communication skills he has tho. Do you think it will go something like:

    “Look, I don’t want to get boned so Derrick said to tell you guys to forget about the board and to just focus on the execs. I mean, my bros can’t let me get clipped because I’d have to walk out on stage looking like a D Hay with this stupid haircut. You guys know we have to keep a strength, honor and loyalty type thing. Even though I’m a stone-cold killer and play with no emotion, Im a little choked up and I’m starting to feel like this may not be friendship. Just know that if I do get voted out, I threw every competition that I didn’t win. I could have beasted it out and… I never cared. Know what I mean?

  20. Avatar
    Constance McCaul

    The house definitely has the votes to evict Paulie. My worry is that Paulie has a good chance of having the RT Ticket. I pray that it isn’t so!!!!

  21. NKogNeeTow

    Next Up:

    After they get rid of TGF, the house will pretty much become a level playing field. There will be no one else for The Rat and Bambi to side with, so they will have to just blend in with the rest of the house. No more this side of the house or that side of the house. They will either form new alliances (like Vic/Paul), or start to play as individuals. Once “the 5’7″ Big Man” is gone, they will have to concentrate on who to get out next. I like those who will be left (with the exception of 2 I’m REALLY tired of looking at). So then it comes down to who WE will root for next. Personally, with the exception of a certain 3(P/C/N), I’m actually starting to enjoy the rest of the HG. But, as of next week, unless they go after N & C, they will have to start picking off each other.

    Of the men, I think Victor will be the hardest one to beat physically, Paul mentally, James socially and the 4th will still be sitting around trying to figure out why the object of his affection isn’t still there (he told TGF the other night that if he (GF) got evicted, he wouldn’t want to stay in the house without him).

    Of the women, I think Nat is the strongest physically, it’s a toss up mentally between Mich and The Rat (they both remember a lot about the game and past events).


  22. Mell

    Even if he has the round trip, it could still be ok as long as Cory or Polly dont get the package this week.
    If Polly comes back with Rt and then he, nicole or Corey win hoh. They will only pick 1 nom. Nat/vic/paul/mich/james would still have the votes to get rid of other nom. (Cor/nic/p- whoever wasn’t hoh)
    Only hiccup is iif nic/cor/p wins veto, they could remove each other and replace with a nom from the other side.

  23. Mell

    Even if he has the round trip, it could still be ok as long as Cory or Polly dont get the package this week.
    If Polly comes back with Rt and then he, nicole or Corey win hoh. They will only pick 1 nom. Nat/vic/paul/mich/james would still have the votes to get rid of other nom. (Cor/nic/p- whoever wasn’t hoh)
    Hiccup will be if out of the 3 (c/n/p) one wins hoh, one is put on block by pkg winner and other one wins veto. Then v/n/j/p/m are screwed.

    • Mell

      Sorry, didn’t mean to do that

    • Avatar

      Oh I forgot about that. Guess I better vote for someone other than those 3 to get that care package. Question is who? Nat can’t win, James can’t win, Rat can’t win. So that leaves Vic, Paul, or Mich on the good side of the equation vs. 2 on the other side.

      • NKogNeeTow

        Since the package is Shared HOH, I wouldn’t think it mattered who else was HOH, the package winner would share it. So even say Mich can’t win the HOH but gets the CP, she would automatically share the HOH by default. As long as Bambi doesn’t get it, which I doubt.

  24. NKogNeeTow

    OMG, I’m trying to read the chat on the live feed. It goes so FAST. They are making fun of The Rat popping Bambi’s back pimples. A lot of the chatters are referring to him as Goat Boy…..LOL

  25. Mell

    Polly Cauliflower may actually go down as one of the biggest p****** in BB history. He”s having a total meltdown and saying he’ll stay in jury for one or two weeks and then if there’s no Buy-Back he’s leaving. First he was blaming it on being claustrophobic and said his mind coildnt handle being locked in a house. (?? I’ll just leave that alone) After Nicole pointed out the jury house is very big he changed it and said he would lose his mind if he was locked in the house without it being part of a game. I guess a sore laser can accept that he is still part of the game in the jury house… just not one he can win. I bet he’ll never see the irony in all of the “weak and useless women” who have been kicked out of the house and done it while holding their s*** together and with a lot more class.
    Unrelated: I’m loving that Nicole is upset because Cory seems shocked and somewhat bothered by the fact he and Nicole are being portrayed as a shomance. (apparently he didn’t realize that until zungbot pointed it out-he really is stupid)

    • Colby

      He is probably worried that it will upset his boyfriend at home.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Mell, if you think that’s bad, just wait until he has to sit in that Jury house with all those he sent there. You can bet that everyone in that house has now compared notes, just like the people in the BB house has. Since his game is shot in the BB house, he doesn’t think that the Jury house residents have figured him out yet so he’ll probably stroll in there all cocky. Hope he gets a rude awakening in there too. Rest assured that Bridget has fill Da and Zit in on everything. If they ride his azz like they did in the house he just really might leave. Ether that or have a complete mental breakdown.

      Oh and the Chatters on Live are going crazy. They say Cody has been Tweeting his butt off and saying that TGF has the return ticket and calling people haters. Some are saying that TGF’s family paid his way back into the house. Oh, and some guy said he loves Corey like Corey loves men and goats.

      • Avatar

        People are haters for people playing a game that they don’t even know. Amazes me. Many people on site seem like nice normal ppl but are real haters Calling ppl gay without proof, calling girls whores just cause they don’t like them, calling ppl racist and stupid. You can really get into a game but I don’t see getting person about their criticisms. I guess I’m just too much of an idealist.

    • Avatar

      So now Paulie has claustrophobia and can’t be locked in jury hpuse?? Hey moron..youv’e been locked in a house all summer. But I am sure he has the RT tix..production will make it happen.

      • caRyn

        Paulie may have had the return ticket but maybe production has switched it back to the one way ticket since they may not want to support his behavior. They have a lot to cover up at this point.

      • Avatar

        @caryn that’s very possible but it’s easier to just dismiss him whether or not he has the round trip. Or if they know which envelope had the round trip maybe like you said switch the tickets or just the contents.

      • Mell

        I’ve never bought into the conspiracy theories about rigging but I don’t rule it out either. However, I will say this one would actually be pretty easy to do. All those tickets are just laying around with their personal belongings and they get put on outside lock down all the time or if not then, unless they’ve changed it, they used to have to pack their clothes and put their bags in the storage room that night and sometimes bb locks them out of the storage room. It would be easy to switch and the envelopes are numbered. They know which number envelope has the ticket. That doesn’t mean I think they do it but it could be easily done.

    • Avatar

      Mel. I think in their contract it says they have to stay in jury otherwise they might not get any of money they have been making. Bb could also sue plus vote for first could be tied

  26. NKogNeeTow

    Live: The Rat just jumped ship! She just told Bambi that he can stay loyal, but she’s going to distance herself. This was in reference that TGF is losing control and wants to start some stuff to self evict if he goes. She said she had to stop him from going off last night. Now they are even ragging on him a little. About how they think he is jealous of them and why isn’t he jealous of Nat/James. TGF just wandered into the room and they change subject.

    TGF is telling them that he’s thought about his family, life and his ex a lot…..Then they cut to fish then James sleeping…..damn live feeds :-/

  27. Colby

    In their defense, I wouldn’t want to have to babysit him either. They need to just tell him to man up and quit being a baby.

  28. NKogNeeTow

    The Chatters are saying that the reason they cut the feed is because he was saying that his phyciatrist told him not to come on the show and something about cancer so they had to cut the feed because of HIPPA laws.

    • Mell

      Nk, I’m not saying only athletes should have good sportsmanship but it should be a given that they can handle it. I have a 20 year old son who plays basketball in college and has since he was 5. I’m a 47 year old woman and if my son did anything remotely close to this ( even if it wasn’t on TV), I’d have to beat the s*** out of him! I’m so jealous I can watch BBAD but have to read all the updates because my internet at home is so slow. When I know something exciting is going on sometimes I will watch it on my phone for a while but then I get all the extra charges for my dats that month and have something close to a Polly meltdown. What is TGF? I’ve been trying for two days to figure it out on my own so I didn’t seem like an idiot having to ask?

      • Mell

        Just as I predicted …I feel like an idiot

      • NKogNeeTow

        Sorry Mell, every year I give the players nicknames. I named him The Godfather because he thinks he is…lol.

        Nicole= The Rat (because she is)
        Corey= Bambi (because he always has that deer in the headlights look)

        I use to call Paul, Paul Bunyon…because of his beard
        Bridget was Gidget (because of her little bouncy act)
        Zakiya was Zzz (someone else named her that, I called her Zit, because she was pimple on Paulie’s azz)
        Bronte= Bronchitis
        James = Jellyfish James (because he lacked a spine)
        Natalie = MaryAnn (Gillian’s Island reference, AI07 named her)
        Victor= Slick Vic (because he thought he was so smooth)
        Can’t remember what I called Michelle.
        Anyway, once they redeem themselves (in my eyes), I start calling them by their real names because they’ve earned (they did 2 nights ago)


    • Avatar

      Nk. Hippa not involved if Paulie saying things about himself. Hippa is if dr or health professional tells about patients condition or anything about them . You can talk about your condition or other people’s unless you are health care personnel.

  29. NKogNeeTow

    Now he’s talking to Paul and blaming James and Michelle.

    WOW, the Chatters hate him more than anyone else. They hate him A LOT! They are ripping him a new one.

  30. NKogNeeTow

    Chatters are calling Nicole either RatCole or The Rat….I swear I had NOTHING to do with it!

  31. NKogNeeTow

    Now he and The Rat are blaming Zit! He is saying that if he has to go to the Jury house with no buy back, he can never forgive her and he’s NOT going to stay there and be an outcast. He says he thinks the only one he thinks will forgive him is Da. He says he doesn’t like being picked on.

    Hell, I can see right now that this Live Feed thing is going to get ME evicted. I can see myself being chained to this computer 24/7 God help me!

  32. Avatar

    Paulie is getting nuttier as each day passes. Now he claims he lied on all the BB forms about his claustrophobia and the physiatrist he saw before the show said he should not be locked up in a house. If he was still winning he would be fine. Claustrophobia isn’t something you can turn off and on. Think he is trying to save face because he won’t be able to handle being voted out. I would have pegged Tiffany as least emotionally stable in the house…he fooled me.

    • Mell

      I agree we had Tiffany and Michelle as possible candidates for crazy but P is definitely the winner off something. He’s making Audrey look like a stone cold killer

    • caRyn

      I don’t believe Paulie’s claims. If it is true, I hope he gets the help he needs. I think the ship has sunk for him and he is grasping for an excuse(s) for his behavior. Wasn’t he claiming that other hg’s needed treatment? I am sure that he was checked out be BB before going into the BB house. If what he is saying is false the truth will come out. By that time, I will have forgotten all about him.

      • NKogNeeTow

        He told Michelle last night that people in the house were questioning her sanity and that he took up for her…..Funny Little Paulie.

      • caRyn

        I think the house will stop going after Paulie now that he is out the door. They don’t need to continue their planned insanity. If Paulie returns the house insanity just may also.

    • Shivani33

      On the other hand, he could have been under treatment for something more than or other than claustrophobia. If he lied on the psych app, there’s nowhere to go with that in terms of getting quickly at the truth. Even his family might lie about it or not know. However, Paulie saying that he lied about receiving psychological or psychiatric help could be valid grounds to remove him from the house. He has not been stable or okay for many days and nights now. That much has been obvious. It would be better to act seriously upon what he has said than to dismiss it and assume that he’s manipulating some kind of pity party. What if he were to harm himself or someone else? And if it isn’t that serious, make absolutely sure that it isn’t, since Paulie exhibits very little self-control over his anger.

      • caRyn

        True. Responsibility to take action is on BB now. I was a dispatcher for fire/police and regardless of what the person was calling about a patrol car was sent (even when the caller said a bear took the glasses off her head). All calls were taken seriously and got an officer visit.

    • Avatar

      Michelle is the most unstable in the house!!

  33. Shivani33

    Paulie just told his fellow houseguests that he lied on his BB application ( psych app part) and denied that he had ever been treated by a psychiatrist or psychologist. He then said that while under treatment he was warned not to go on the show and that he’d be playing with fire. God help us all.

    • Mell

      What we are complaining this time last week about how this was the most boring season ever? I’m glad we aren’t quitters like Polly or we would have missed all this!

      • NKogNeeTow

        I’m just mad that Elaine left. She bailed on me last week. Said she couldn’t take it anymore…lol. I hope she gets a glimpse of the show and comes back to us 🙂

        As long as my Jannie and Annie hang in there with me…oh and Dan and Gerardo too.

        Heck, I hope EVERYBODY stays!


      • Colby

        IKR, NK. I’ve been thinking all week that Elaine bailed just a day or two too soon. I would love to see her comments about all of this.

      • Avatar

        Aww, I’m definitely sticking around NK! Especially now that things are heating up in the house and we finally have a real contest to watch!

    • Colby

      I am wondering if that is true, or just another pity party story hoping they will feel sorry for him.
      As much as it sounds like his parents coddle him, I doubt they would let him do that.

      • Avatar

        Must be some kind of pity party reverse psychology because who would want to keep someone who is admitting all the problems he is supposedly confessing to? The BB house would be far more confining and claustrophobic then the jury house.

      • NKogNeeTow

        You know he’s lying through his teeth.

      • Mell

        Of course. I can’t remember the guys name back in season two that got kicked out because he held a knife up up to Krista, I think it was. He told her he could kill her. (I actually think they were making out ) He wasn’t mad & they were playing around. It was inappropriate but to me no worse than what Polly claimed this evening. That was also back when I don’t think they cared who won and I don’t think they have their favorites so I’m sure they aren’t going to do anything but for my entertainment, I wish they would at least stick him in a straitjacket and give him a little electroshock just for a couple of hours. is that asking too much?

    • Avatar

      All that is bs. He has no mental problems but possibly anger management problems.

  34. Shivani33

    In other news, Nicole won a vacation anywhere in the United States, but said that she was giving it to Corey. Sorry if this has already been mentioned.

    • Avatar

      Probably hoping Corey will use the vacation to come visit her. Seems that she failed to learn anything from her first shomance.

      • Avatar

        Chris. She and Hayden lasted a long time. They are still very good friends. I got the impression he wasn’t ready to settle down and have kids

    • Colby

      She is not giving it to him. She is planning on them using it together.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Did you hear her talking to Bambi discussing the 2 of them going on the trip together. She said something about wanting to go out of the US. Said something about Hawaii and The Chatters went crazy. They kept calling her and Bambi stupid because they didn’t realize that Hawaii IS part of the US.

      • Mell

        It sounded to me like during the comp she had a choice of what to take and was trying to convince Cory that she only took the trip because she never dreamed James would take the veto from him. I mean she’s played the game before she knows if you’ve got the veto midway through, you’re not going to hang on to it. And since victors who actually won it they would have had at least a couple of rounds more to go. still She knew Corey wasn’t going to be able to hang on to the veto. I don’t blame her for doing it but it’s just so typical of her to pretend she didn’t knooooowwwwwww

      • caRyn

        Funny, Mell. Nicole does have a way of dragging out words.

      • Colby

        Mell, from what I read on Jokers, she had the veto and he asked her what to do. She told him to do whatever he wanted but that if she was on the block she would take the veto, which I guess he did.
        When they were talking later he said Paulie took the veto from him, which is why he is now somewhat upset with Paulie.

    • Avatar

      I hope she gives it to Corey and he uses it to go see the real love of his life…Paulie.

  35. Shivani33

    When production watches someone freaking out as much as Paulie has and then hears him confess to lying about his psychological status on the BB application and that he was warned while under treatment not to do the show, how about those in charge come and escort him straight out of the house? This is nothing to play around with at all.

    • Avatar

      They are probably reviewing Paulie’s disclosure form, contract and mental evaluation right now.

    • Colby

      I think they would. Or at least call him to the DR. That is another reason I am doubting if it is true.

    • Avatar

      Yeah not obeying rules lying on application automatic throw out they did with Chima.

    • NKogNeeTow

      They should also take back all the money they paid him while he was in the house too. Isn’t that accepting the money under false pretenses? Breech of Contract.

      • Avatar

        They probably can’t take (or withhold) the money earned even if they determine he falsified his application because of “work performed” (time actually spent in the house). However, they could possibly sue him for much much more due to 1) falsification of forms, 2) contractual misrepresentation and with evidence 3) damage to the BB franchise. Damage to the BB franchise would be difficult to prove unless the bottom was suddenly to drop out of the rating and advertisers withdrew their support. Honestly a “scandal” of this nature would probably increase viewership rather than drive people away and the publicity would be priceless. If his rant is true he’d be better off to forfeit his stipend and self evict before they remove him. Legally he could be in very serious trouble.

  36. Avatar

    Agree. I was thinking if his parents are watching feeds they must be concerned. Corey was stable.

    • Mell

      I don’t think they’re concerned but I bet they’re embarrassed. Claustrophobia doesn’t work that way..
      when I’m winning it doesn’t bother me but when I’m losing I can’t handle this.

  37. Avatar

    He started out not even wanting to kiss Z because this was a family show and went to bragging about boning her a bunch of times when feeds were on. I understand being in house gets to you but his personality change is dramatic. If he is pretending I am impressed.

  38. Colby

    Sounds like Paulie may be trying to self evict because if he can’t win he doesn’t want to play anymore.

    • caRyn

      One reason he may not want to go to jury is because it is all females.

      • Avatar

        who he had a hand in evicting. I almost hope they show the jury house soon because they need to show them comparing notes making Paulie’s life hell even more than in the BB house.

    • Avatar

      If he’s seriously trying to self-evict, that just further proves what a juvenile, entitled, spoiled little petulant baby he is. This jerk plotted the demise of most of the evicted houseguests this season (ex. Day, Frank, Vic, Tiff, etc.) but all of them stayed in the house and stuck it out, even when they knew things were looking bad for them. Hell, Michelle had one foot out the door last week, and look where she is now! Paulie is clearly accustomed to having everything his way in life and is not used to having to deal with the consequences of his own actions. I pray he is gone for good after Thursday, I cannot stomach this narcissist any longer.

  39. caRyn

    I have watched all of the seasons – every episode. I only remember a handful of names of hg. After this season I will forget Paulie’s name and I will refer to him as Cody’s asshole brother. The beginning of this season I kept forgetting if his name was Paul or Paulie.

  40. Alda

    Is Paulie telling the truth about his mental issues?This could be a play for sympathy?He has a claustrophobic disease?How has he made it in the house this long without a problem.He wants to go home rather then go to jury.Hey Buddy,you signed up for this didn’t you?Very convenient that he’s giving out all these details about his mental health now! Hmmm.

    • Avatar

      Yeah he’s been on the block 3 times so far; so he can’t blame that. He just knows against Bambi on the block he has no chance so he’ll try to self evict so Victor will no longer be HOH.

  41. Mell

    Did you guys notice that several times when he was talking about not wanting to go to jury he kept saying “if I don’t have the RT” he wasn’t exactly saying he wanted to leave and he also threw in a couple of times “if there’s not a jury by back within a week or two”. Maybe I’m crazy but part of me is wondering if this is less a pity party and more a tantrum. With his personality and because Cody’s played and he thinks he’s something special, I actually think he may be trying to let CBS know “give me that return ticket or I will not stay in jury.” Am I reading too much into this?

  42. NKogNeeTow

    A little while ago TGF, Paul, Bambi and The Rat were talking…or rather TGF was doing all the talking. Whining about his loyalty and who wasn’t loyal to him, who stabbed him in the back, what he’s done for the game, why he can’t go to the Jury house…yada, yada, yada…..All about him.

    All of a sudden the other 3 changed the subject in the middle of his diatribe and started laughing and talking about something else. The look on his face was PRICELESS! He was looking like “WTF”. He just kept looking back and forth between them, like he couldn’t believe that he was pouring his heart out to them and they just up and changed the wind direction. Chatters went wild.

  43. JD

    Paulie is smart enough to know if Corey stayed on the block he would have no votes. Nic would vote Corey. Corey down he has 2 votes. Only reason he wants Corey down.

    His ego can’t handle being knocked off his throne so he wants to self evict. He would do that because to him he would still have power. Being sent to Jury takes things out of his control.

  44. Avatar

    Omg close your mouth when you chew Ratcole cow!!!!

  45. caRyn

    If Paulie really was having medical issues he wouldn’t be talking about a return ticket or jury buy back. Unless that is his cure. Why would he want to be back in the confined BB house?

  46. Mell

    Wasn’t this guy an athlete? I mean come on what a baby! All those women he thinks so little of did their time on the block with a lot more class and…strength and honor.

  47. caRyn

    Corey won’t be able to use his hands for a week with this costume. Lol.

  48. Avatar

    Wow watching Paulie pout around the house while everyone else is laughing and having a good time really takes my disdain for him to a new level. Suck it up dude! Your game isn’t even over yet. Corey is on the block AND has to wear a stupid unitard all week (which limits the use of his hands), yet he’s maintaining a good attitude. What’s ironic is that he probably doesn’t even realize that it’s his own childish behavior the past 2 days that’s sealing his fate.

    • Mell

      Yeah you can tell he doesn’t think it can possibly be his own fault. I mean he had the Derek Playbook after all! Everybody has to play their own game based on the people and the situation but if he really needed instructions then he should have spent less time studying Derek’s game and more time analyzing dans funeral

  49. Shivani33

    Paulie has asked Paul and Corey to sleep with him, saying that he’s afraid to sleep alone. Oh boy.

    • caRyn

      Nicole is a nurse and doesn’t seem concerned. Odd.

    • caRyn

      Paulie needs to eat something (healthy), drink water and shower. Fuel his body.

      • caRyn

        And….Paulie needs to SLEEEP!

      • Mell

        Then a bib and a baby bottle and he’ll be all ready for bed

      • caRyn

        And a sleeping buddy.

      • Colby

        Corey already volunteered to be his sleeping buddy.

      • Mell

        I’m still not sure who I would like to win the game but I know I want corey and his dickmatized girlfriend to lose. Care package voting starts tomorrow. I think I’m going to have to throw my votes to Vic since he won’t be safe after the next HOH. As of now Michelle’s a walk to get it according to polls but hopefully that will change after Sunday show. Michelle and Nicole will spend a week together in that have not room and even though she’s impressed me this week, I don’t trust her not to go back to Nicole. They have spent 2 months being friends and now seem to be bonding over blaming their recent separation on Z. N is also already laying the groundwork trying to convince M that finding out about the 5 guy thing made her nervous so she might be able to convince M not to get rid of her yet and do a girls thing – not that she really will -she seems to be happy to have a repeat of Britney and the Brigade. Vic actually makes me a little nervous regarding N too. I hope I’m wrong, it’s just something I’ve been observing since before and after he was evicted. I don’t think they have a deal or anything but I’ve always felt she is by far his favorite girl in the house. Paul is probably the most level headed but I think he’s going to have a lot less votes than the other two. I’m just concerned about people that only watch the show voting for Corey to help save Nicole. It’s been nice chatting but I’m out for the night.I hope I don’t wake up in the morning to find that pollys burned the damn house to the ground!

      • caRyn

        Goodnight. Hopefully you will see this comment tomorrow. I do see the crush in Victor’s eyes for Nicole. Michelle is unpredictable. I like expecting the unexpected from her – tears and all. Never cared. Nicole will do what she can to persuade Michelle and Natalie and if Corey wasn’t in the house she may just flirt with a guy that is receptive to her – as strategy. I do not believe Nicole knew what was going on with the 5 guy alliance. I think when Paul asked her she wasn’t sure how to react/respond. I do not think she is even able to open up and talk to Corey about it. The one person she would express everything to in the house. She may wonder why Corey didn’t say anything to her, if she looks like a fool to the viewers, do we know something she doesn’t, is that why she got the care package. She may be hurt by that information more so than being number 6 in the game. On her own/internally she may be trying to figure out how to turn things around because Corey may be out the door next after Paulie. Idk. Those thoughts would enter my head if I were her.

      • caRyn

        That was my longest comment ever! Lmao.

  50. Avatar

    I asked this question above, but it probably will get lost so although I feel incredibly stupid, what does TGF stand for?

  51. caRyn

    James said that Corey had the POV and Paulie took it away from Corey.

    • Mell

      I had read earlier that James took it from Corey and Nicole was shocked he did it so I guess I had some bad information earlier. Sorry to everyone who read that because I repeated it on here.

  52. Avatar

    If Victor was smart he would pull Corey off and put Paul up and then everyone decide who is the bigger
    liar cause Paul has been manipulating everyone since the beginning even Paulie.

    • Avatar

      That would be a ridiculous move on Victor’s part at this point. Paul is Victor’s number one ally in the house. Why would he want Paul gone?

    • Avatar

      Terry they don’t know he’s been lying!! These are stupid ppl!!

      • Mell

        The only thing I think he’s lying about is the pp deal and that’s obviously over so he probably actually is pretty loyal to Vic. I’ve never been convinced he wanted to go with polly instead of vic even when that was going on. Me thinks someone just doesn’t like Paul very much

    • Avatar

      Can you really get away without lying in this house? Also, I think being a little manipulative is not really a bad play. I guess I just feel like Paul is not as much of a D-bag as Paulie. And what really turns me off of Paulie is the way he reacts to being called out on his lies. Dude, you got caught. Move on now and deal with it. Quit being a cry baby.

      • Avatar

        1 prop I will give Paulie is he fessed up to being Cody’s brother right away …and he was an early target…BUT …just like Frankie …we saw who is true inner person is after a bit of time……. and yes they have to lie …Derrick did it from day 1 …his job trained him for BB.

      • Mell

        You’re right and even though paulies a very competitive person by Nature, competitiveness and entitlement are not the same thing. He’s old enough to know that but some people like to show up late to the party called life.
        Okay I must be my bedtime the first time on here my auto-correct has spelled his name right

  53. NKogNeeTow

    O-M-G! Did Mich just tell that boy to take a Xanax with alcohol when he’s flying? I knew she didn’t like him much but now she’s trying to kill him…lol

    • Avatar

      Meech is SAVAGE LOL

    • Shivani33

      Hahaha! She’s probably not the first one. Last night Paulie’s sister was on the warpath on Twitter, as friends of Paulie’s ex were refuting everything she said with examples of what a horrible shit Paulie is. Plus, Paulie’s sister was being vicious about Natalie. I read about the twitter stuff on another board. Apparently Paulie’s sister said that his ex-girlfriend broke his heart when she gave a ring back to him. The exes friends responded that she gave the ring back because he cheated on her five times.

      • Avatar

        I read on Jokers that Paulie’s Brother Cody is is on Twitter also, saying that Paulie has the RT Envelope, keep on hating, and haters are gonna hate?! Dude should have never been cast to be on the Show, he has Mental Issues.

        I read that Paulie was under the care of a Therapist care before entering the House. Paulie told Nicole & Corey that he Lied on his Application to BB, that he had Never been under the care of a Psychologist?! According to Paulie the Therapist told him that he should not go into the BB House, due to his recent Break Up with his Ex, & his Claustrophobia.

    • Mell

      So she’s crazy like a fox

  54. caRyn

    Victor won’t use the POV. He has processed this and was logical with his decision and even explained his decision is depth to Paulie and Corey. He didn’t have a plan to backdoor anyone and doesn’t have a reason to backdoor anyone. His target has been to split Corey and Paulie up by getting one of them out. He isn’t going to risk that by changing HIS noms.

    • Avatar

      yeah definitely agree but then again Paulie self eviction before the ceremony/eviction night isn’t helping his case because the producers could still dismiss him they did it with Chima years ago for breaking rules, they were tempted to do it with Aaryn, they could still dismiss him.

    • Avatar

      Right, and with so few people left in the house, I think it’s too late to backdoor people anymore. Pretty much everyone will have the chance to play in POV comps now.

      • NKogNeeTow

        That’s what Paul said the other night when I think, James mentioned backdooring TGF. Paul said something like “F*ck that. There are only 8 of us left. There is no need to backdoor anyone. You’re either on the block or you aren’t”.

  55. Avatar

    I wonder how Paulie will act with zakiya in jury house.

  56. Avatar

    OMG Paul’s Secret Service Role is CRACKING ME UP!!!!

  57. Avatar

    Victor really needs to stop reminding everyone how many comps he’s won. He’s talked about it nonstop tonight to anyone who will listen. I don’t think he realizes how big of a target he’s painting on his back.

  58. jimbo

    No idea why dum-dum Corey used his HOH to put up Michelle and Bridgette? Michelle and Bridgette???!!! Two people that have NO chance of winning and are complete nobodies in the BB world. What a waste — he deserves to be evicted just for that sorry move. I immediately said Corey should put up Vic/Paul or James/Nat — it was the perfect time to make a power move since it was IMMEDIATE and you wouldn’t have to listen to gameplay ALL week. Just BOOM, they are out the door! So, of course, Vic wins the next HOH and immediately puts up Paulie and Corey when he gets his chance — no duh! Bad bad gameplay.

    • Avatar

      I don’t think Corey knows he’s on Big Brother.

    • Avatar

      Jumbo that was a very stupid thing but at the time they still trusted Paul, Vic and James!!

      • jimbo

        Well, and that was dumb, too!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Damn Trudy, what do I have to hit you over the head with? It wasn’t Bambi’s idea to put up Michelle/Bridget. It was TGF. He used everyone else’s HOH to get out strong players or people he didn’t like. It had nothing to do with trusting Paul, Victor or James…..Still love you though.

    • Colby

      Because at that time the 5 guys plan was still to get the all girls out, and he had a f2 with Paulie.

      • jimbo

        I know it is easier watching it on TV…BUT, Corey had to be blind not to see the power duo of Paul/Vic and Nat/James — it is getting near the end and you need to make moves, not safe/weak moves. Double Eviction was the perfect time — quick and over with. Corey would be in a stronger place if one of those 4 were out (plus, he got nominated immediately after!).

      • Avatar

        Jimbo… It’s Corey. What did you expect?

    • Avatar

      Everyone has been a pussy on big brother for the last few years. Nobody ‘wants blood on their hands’ has been a saying that I’m tired of.

    • Avatar

      He probably didn’t really have much of a plan in place, since his only real alliance at the time was the “executives”, and he had been performing horribly in comps all summer so he probably never imagined that out of nowhere he’d win both HOH and POV in the same night. But you’re right, I’m sure he’s kicking himself now for not making a power move when he had the chance.

    • NKogNeeTow

      Bambi put up Michelle and Bridget because TGF told him to. Just like he has told every HOH who to put up. He would tell the reigning HOH that so-and-so was coming after them, when in truth, they were coming after him(P). And he also wanted to get out people he didn’t like and strong players. He used whoever was HOH to take the stronger players out for him.

  59. Avatar

    I have to Corey credit. He’s had a ROUGH time in the Big Brother house, but he’s sucked it up and pushed through it. I lost count how many weeks he had to sleep in that bumper car (which must have been extremely uncomfortable for someone his size), he couldn’t eat much because he was also on slop, and now he won’t be able to use his hands for a week. Paulie could learn a thing or two from his boy about playing the game with grace even when things aren’t going your way.

    • jimbo

      I give him credit for that — but his IQ is still low.

      • Avatar

        Touché lol

      • Avatar

        Most ppl with add have pretty high IQs they just learn differently than most ppl do. With their Meds they do much better buts he’s been without his Meds since he got in house. Makes u feel spacey and you can’t focus on tasks and conversations and thinking is fuzzy. He’s displaying all characteristics of add person without their Meds!!

    • Mell

      Yeah he really has. He just kind of going with the flow I’m fairly well. Everyone says it’s hard to have much of a conversation with him but if I was in the house a couple less voices screaming and yelling friendship probably would not bother me.

  60. JD

    Paulie told Corey who to put up. He picked those two girls because he got ticked off that they were blowing up his game. Paulie only has his ego to blame for losing

    • jimbo

      I don’t think so. At that point, if you watched the episode, Paulie’s game had already been wrecked. He stood by anxiously, shifting around, while Corey decided with Paul and Vic on live TV. You could tell Paulie was worried about being “pushy” at that point (he even said so) because he was busted in the previous 24 hours. And even still — if Corey listened, somehow, to Paulie to put up complete nobodies with no power — again, he’s a dum dum. What did it get him — put on the block just hours later by Vic!

      • NKogNeeTow

        Nope Jimbo, the plan on who to get out was put into place the night before the DE. TGF told them all who was to go in what order. It’s just that Bambi got taken by surprise when he won HOH and got flustered and couldn’t remember who he was suppose to nominate. When they were scrambling after the Comp and he was asking the guys, TGF’s remark about not wanting to say so he wouldn’t appear pushy, was sarcasm. If you paid attention right after he said that, Bambi kept looking at him and asking over and over who to put up…and TGF stepped in and “gently suggessted” Michelle/Bridget (which worked out perfect because he had already said he wanted Michelle out first but after Bridget confronted him + said she was a Feminist, that shot her to the top of the list and he reversed the order).

      • Avatar

        Jumbo u r right. Corey asked all guys who to put up. They were all there Paulie was the only one who backed away and said this is your hoh and your decision. His game had already been screwed by meech and Natalie that night so he didn’t want to get accused of running hoh. Unfortunately they didn’t know at time that James and Paul and Vic had turned traitor so he went with the guys alliance to get out all girls first

    • Avatar

      Wow, you mean even after Vic and Paul turned on him Paulie is STILL more concerned with exacting revenge on Nat and Michelle? You’re right, Paulie’s Achilles’ heel is definitely his ego. It’s like he’s an entirely different player now that his fragile ego has been shattered.

      • Avatar

        Oh wait, sorry I misunderstood your comment. I thought you meant that Paulie was coaching Corey about who to put up NEXT WEEK if he wins HOH. Please, carry on… Lol

    • jimbo

      And my comment was about Corey, not Paulie. Whether “paulie only has his ego to blame for losing” is true or not, that is a different conversation, and still doesn’t exonerate for Corey doing a weak/stupid HOH.

    • Mell

      Yeah that’s where they went wrong instead of focusing on the girls that blew up your game that should have been focusing on who was going to be the most upset with that new information which was a couple of those guys

    • Avatar

      Yes he did but Paul also told Vic to put up Pauli and Corey. He was going to put up Nat and Meech.

  61. Avatar


  62. Mell

    Maybe it’s my evil side but I would have so loved Corey to be baking pies this week and Paulie wearing that costume it does look funny on Corey probably because of his height but even if he has the RT and comes right back in I would have loved to seen that costume during the Julie interview!

  63. Shivani33

    Nicole asked Corey to keep nearby Paulie in case he’s going to try to self-evict. He seems thrilled with this task. She said if Paulie leaves then someone else would be put up on the block to replace him and is worried that Corey would be evicted if that happens. Corey said Paulie has been acting weird, talking about his psychiatrist and all, like, that’s not cool. Nicole said that they have to take care of him and make him comfortable so that he doesn’t self-evict. Then she said that if he leaves the jury house, production will be really mad, and it would mess up the whole game. I’m just trying to picture Corey in that outfit of his all snuggled up next to Paulie for the night while Paul patrols the house doing his checkpoints. “Um, checkpoint. 4:00a.m. Corey and Paulie sleeping together. One bed, check. London Room.”

  64. Avatar

    Oh brother, apparently Paulie is now telling Michelle that the only reason he didn’t get the ACP this week is because America thought Paul and Vic were coming after Nicole, not Paulie. Because obviously America loves the Godfather, and if we knew he was in danger we’d run to his rescue… Man, the size of this man’s ego…

  65. NKogNeeTow

    See, that’s why Mich is dangerous. She’s apologizing to TGF now for giving him hell. She’s saying it’s making her “sad” that she hurt his feelings. And he’s handing her some story about how he always wanted to keep her in the game. I hope she’s not buying it but it’s hard to tell with her. Heck, when he stands up to make his speech, she’ll jump up and start crying hysterically and begging them to keep him.

    He’s now throwing James under the bus again and saying that James follows Nat around like a puppy dog and he’s there because of her. Nat is saying that she still can’t believe that Nat knew all that stuff. She seems to be falling for everything he’s saying, but I hope it’s all an act. He’s telling her that Nat is vicious and had been horrible to him and Mich is telling him she’s keeping her guard up (with Nat). Every time I have a little hope for her, she starts to lean towards Dingbat again. He is going all IN on Natalie. He’s telling Mich that he had to stay away from Da when he knew she was leaving because he knew what James was betraying her. He said that he stayed away from Mich when she was on the block because he felt bad at what they were doing to her. He’s telling her that he is done with game play and this is his last effort and he doesn’t want to campaign against Bambi. He ask her not to repeat this conversation. She starts to talk a little loud and he quickly quiets her down and tells her she’s talking to loud. He’s trying to get her to give him a sympathy vote. She’s telling him that she’ll talk to Vic and tell him that TGF is very beat down. He says he is beat down and hasn’t slept in days. He said he thought he was going to be backdoored but he thought he would be sitting next to Nat not Bambi. She tells him to think what would Derrick, Dan and Cody do and that he’s a smart player and he should come up with everything he can. He said he was going over in his head who he would like to hang out with and he would never hang out with Nat but he would hang out with her (Mich). Nat comes in and interrupts…(THANK GOD!). The convo breaks up and she ask for a hug.


    • Avatar

      I’m hoping Michelle is just humoring him in order to smooth things over with Paulie potentially win his jury vote. I hope she’s not stupid enough to rock the boat right now. If Paulie goes, I don’t think anyone would be coming after Michelle for a while. She’s in a good position at this point, she needs to just lay low and let these two warring sides duke it out for the next couple weeks.

    • Avatar

      NK. MEECH said she’d give him sympathy vote and he said he didn’t want sympathy vote. He’s not going after votes for him against Corey, he’s going to try and get ppl to talk victor into taking Corey off so that Paulie can campaign cause he won’t do it with Corey on block with him.

  66. NKogNeeTow

    DumDum (Mich), just went into the HN room and woke The Rat up just to tell her she talked with TGF and he seemed so beat down. The Rat tells she she’s so exhausted and just wants to sleep but guess who keeps on talking. Then she (M) tells her ask her “You couldn’t sleep”? Rattty clearly wants to go back to sleep, but Dizzy Dean just keeps on talking. She tells her that she couldn’t sleep because she felt bad that TGF was so down but she thinks he’ll be better in a few day. Then she ask Rat-Tat-Tat “how do you sleep”? RTT mumbles some kind of answer and TRIES to go back to sleep. Guess who keeps talking…..

    It is no secret that I have NO love for The Rat but at this point, I’d just clock Chatty Cathy in the mouth, roll over and pull up the covers.

  67. NKogNeeTow

    Mich is playing 20 Questions with Ratty, asking her all kinds of questions while she is trying to go back to sleep. She starts up a convo about her Zingbot zing. She ask Ratty “Do you think I sleep a lot”? Ratty tells her she did at first…..Probably wanted to follow up that answer with ‘How ’bout you start, ummm I dunno..NOW?’

    Since she’s starved for conversation, she then proceeds to tell Ratty about her convo with TGF. Then she ask her if she thinks Nat really forgives her…..In my head I’m saying ‘Ummmmm, WHO GIVES A F*CK, GO TO SLEEP!”.

    Paul just got a Red Alert and must pester everyone in the house with the pat downs.

    TGF is in the kitchen with Victor making small talk and saying how much he misses his family and doesn’t like being in the house (that’s about to be handled). Vic tells him that soon he’ll be able to see his “Z”. He tells Vic that he doesn’t want to be in the house with Z and Bridget. Vic says that he thinks Z really cared for him. TGF says they might have had something that after she hung him out to dry and left him, it’s pretty much over. They start talking about being tired and passing out during a BJ (Well that ought to make a girl feel special).

  68. Avatar

    In a poll on another website Michele is well in the lead to get the care package this week. No! She’s as unstable as Paulie so anything could happen.

  69. JD

    Meesh is getting attention that she likes and Paulie is being a smooth talker. Claiming he wasn’t coming for her. How can she see how he acted towards everyone before and after he got caught? How can she not hear him not talking out of both sides of his mouth. Someone needs to tell her about his nomination speech he wanted to give during Victors HOH. He doesn’t want to self evict. He’s saying that because he’s having a tantrum. He thinks by saying that he will get sympathy votes and CBS will apease him to keep him in the game. Way to go Paulie no your not campaigning. Yeah right.

  70. Avatar

    Really? Watch Paulie so he won’t self-evict? I’m not sure his poor-me act is real or that he will actually self-evict. However, if being under psychiatric care excludes someone from being in the house, then Paulie should be removed for covering it up with production. I have a close family member with a serious mental illness, so I don’t think it is something that should be used as a great new twist in the game. If he’s ill, he should leave.

  71. caRyn

    Michelle may buy what Paulie is selling. She also likes the male attention that she is getting from him right now. Paul will try to get Victor out soon. The more Victor speaks of his game to Paul the more it is registering with Paul that he will need to get him out – and the sooner the better – for Paul’s game.

  72. caRyn

    Sometimes I wonder if I am watching the same show as everyone else when I read comments. I have to rethink about the situations again and the events that have occurred in the house and then I second guess myself. Thankfully there are people that throw out a comment here or there that confirm I am not crazy. I would not make it in the BB house, I have a hard enough time keeping up outside of the house. Laughing at myself.

    • Avatar

      Caryn. That’s exactly how I feel!! Ppl quick to jump on band wagon!! I often wonder how they can say such mean things about house guests for things that never happen. Calling Corey gay?? If anyone thought he was gay it would be ppl in that house he spends 24/7 with. And he shows no characteristics of anyone who is gay. Nothing wrong with being gay but not very nice to label someone gay like that for no reason except that they have strong friendship with another male person. You don’t call girl lesbian just cause she has close friendship with another. Personal attacks need to stay out of game and off forums. It’s only a game.

      • caRyn

        It is a BB game for me. It does change the hg lives forever. How could it not?! They have to have thick skin for this social experiment.

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