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Veto Competition Results; Saturday Night Feeds

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I’m starting a new thread about the feeds because this morning got a little backwards with the morning craziness and then the overnight recap.  Before you read too far, the veto results will be in here, but as of 1:30pm (pst), they’re in the middle of playing.

This morning was a bit wild in the Big Brother house. Paulie spend the majority of the day yesterday trying to figure out why he was nominated, so he had one on one conversations with just about everyone. He revealed a lot of stuff, admitted to the girl he called fake that this is ‘just a mask’ he is wearing (ie, fake), and also talked so much he basically let it slip that he was in a bunch of final 3 deals with different people.  Oh, and he also mentioned that Paul was the one leading the all-guy alliance thing.  Well, after a night of Paulie’s discussions with people settling in and notes being compared, the house minus Nicole and Corey took the morning to call him out on it.

It started when he asked Paul why he was pissed, and Paul explained that he was pissed because not only was his name thrown out there, but he was out of the ‘triangle alliance’ Paulie had formed with Corey and James. Look, I don’t mean to get all on Paulie about this. Derrick had a bunch of final 2 deals and it worked out great for him. However, Paulie’s problem is that he preached loyalty to everyone he spoke with yesterday and then came out with some super mixed message by having secret alliances going on. Granted, Paul already knew Paulie was a bit shady in that department because he had his secret PP alliance, and I do believe he was part of ‘The Board’, which was a sub-alliance inside ‘The Executives’. Paul is by no means innocent in the lying department, but he’s doing a better job at keeping that under wraps.

As it turned out, a big part of this was done to try to rattle Paulie before the veto competition, as Michelle even admitted to it at one point. She wanted to see him more worked up, but he shockingly kept as cool as he could despite being slammed from all sides. I actually almost felt bad for him, but he would have been better off just keeping his mouth shut like Corey did and admitting it was a good game move. It was. I believe Paulie was one of the many people (Da’Vonne as well) who had DR sessions during the Frank saga saying that they were bound to come after each other eventually, just they made the move first. Well, Victor made the first move, and I don’t see how Paulie couldn’t expect that considering the guy was evicted from the house already – by Paulie’s backdoor. Was Victor supposed to sit around waiting for the 5 guy alliance and also hope the timing was right so he’d be eligible to play in the HoH competition at that point?  They never even set terms like giving the HoH to get the 6th person out immunity for the week, so Victor was supposed to just blindly trust the guy who backdoored him earlier in the season.

The funniest part of this is how Paulie keeps complaining about Michelle kicking him while he’s down, when he was not only laughing last week at Michelle’s expense, but was preparing to jump up at the end of nominations this week and slam Michelle once again after she was (supposed to be) nominated.

Alright, rambling over, updates….

  • 2:00pm – Feeds still down for veto.
  • 3:00pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:30pm – Feeds still down
  • 4:45pm – Feeds back. Looks like Paulie didn’t win. Looking to see who did
    • Sounds like Victor won PoV
    • Paulie is up in the HoH room asking to pull Corey down so he can at least fight for his safety, but he doesn’t want to campaign against Corey
    • It was a reward based competition. James got $5k. Sounds like Victor passed up the vacation and $5k for the veto.
    • Paul has some punishment where he has to run around to checkpoints, probably for 24 hours
    • It was zingbot. I’ll try to get the zings
  • 5:55pm – Feeds went back down for a little bit, so I ran to get a coffee.
    • Updates – Sounds like Corey and Paul are wearing outfits for the week.  Corey in a “Patriotard” and Paul dressed as a secret service agent
    • Some zings:
    • Victor was called a douchebag in spanish
    • To Paul: You have a lot of catch phrases.. ‘friendship’, ‘pissed’, ‘your boy’.. here is one for you ‘stfu’
    • Either Nicole or Corey got a reference to Hayden already been in there (or something like that)
  • To those asking, Paulie wants Corey pulled down so he can be replaced by Michelle or someone like that. Paulie doesn’t want to spend all week campaigning against Corey, but he wants to fight for votes against someone like Michelle
  • 9:00pm – Took a break since the house is slow. Natalie/James sleeping on one feed while Paul, Paulie, Michelle, Victor and Nicole are in the kitchen eating. No arguing right now
  • 9:35pm – Corey’s outfit for the week is revealed.  Him and Nicole are going to look hilarious cuddling now
    • corey-patriotard
    • And yes, he has to hold the eagle and the zingbot sign the entire week.  Ouch!
    • I love this look Nicole gives him
    • And this is literally how he is going to have to look on Thursday night, with the sign and all….
    • I love that outfit.
  • 10:00pm – Paulie and Michelle having a civil conversation about how Z screwed Paulie over by instigating the thing with Natalie and then walked away leaving him hanging
    • Talk turns to flying and turbulance and how Paulie doesn’t like it.  Dammit. Thanks guys. Anxiety kicking in
  • 10:50pm – Paul’s outfit reveal… fun week for the house
    • He says he has to remain serious all week.  This is awesome. I am a bit sad I can’t watch the feeds this week
    • paul-outfit3
    • paul-outfit4
    • Paul has to go the checkpoints around the house and make sure they’re all clear. There are 5 of them.
    • If he is showering, and the red light goes off, he has to get out of the shower, wrap a towel, put his earpiece in and wear his tie and pat everyone down. Even at 2am.
    • He says  he has to sleep in the outfit
  • 11:55am – Red alert goes off already
    • paul-pattingdown
    • Paul goes around checking everyone. James had two knives in his pocket that Paul missed
    • Suspect 6 was on the run, so Paul chased her down
    • After patting everyone down, he has to go to each checkpoint in order
    • The first is upstairs near the HoH room
    • The second is in the HN room
    • The third is in the bathroom
    • The fourth is near the front door
    • The fifth is back upstairs like 10 feet away from the first.
    • Brutal
  • 11:00am – People are heading to bed since it’s been a super long day for them.  I think I will do the same.

Here are my nightly notes – What a wild and fun day blogging today.  I love the outfits.  I am going to be sad not blogging this week because Paul is going to have some fun with this. A recap of the day is that zingbot came into the house, and the veto competition was the reward/punishment style where the winner chooses what he wants.  From what I understand, Victor won and chose the veto over a vacation or $5k. Here is what I gathered…

Paul has the secret service punishment
Corey has to wear the patriotard for the week, and hold those things in his hand at all times
Nicole won a trip to anywhere in the United States.
Victor won PoV
James won $5k
Paulie has to bake cookies whenever production tells him (I don’t know many details on that yet)

After the competition, Paulie has accepted his fate and has calmed down dramatically.  He is clearly a shell of his confident self, and he is no longer arguing with people. In fact, he and Michelle had a long chat in the kitchen about various things. She was telling him more about things Z said, and even asked if she should stop because she didn’t want to hurt him. He said keep going because he wanted to know.  This humble Paulie is a much more likable version, though still doesn’t make up for a season of ego. Nicole is trying to distance herself with Corey from Paulie, so she has been talking to the girls in a much more friendly tone today. That was good to see. They all tell her they hope Corey remains safe this week, so it looks like barring a big shift, Paulie will walk out the door.  Whether or not he walks back in is determined by his card.

The house is wondering about another buyback, this time from jury members. That would go well with the random Friday show, but it’s strange they’re keeping that under wraps to us. It’s also strange to have two in one season, but they have done a lot of weird things this year. Kind of going all-in on the twists.


On a blog note – Amy will be back tomorrow for her last overnight recap. I can’t express enough how grateful I am for her hard work this summer, and grateful to have more writers come aboard to give me a bit more time off.  I am realizing the time off has helped my blogging, so it’s a win-win. I will be blogging a little tomorrow, but I’m not sure how much time I will have. My cat is on my lap telling me to spend some time with him, so good night!


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