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A Win For The Good Guys – Nomination Recap


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I think I’m going to state the obvious after watching the nomination episode tonight on CBS, but Christine won’t be winning America’s Favorite this season.  I actually feel a bit bad for her because that may have been the worst episode of the season in regards to making a single person look bad.

First, the clips talk about something that was touched on the other night (and mentioned by zingbot), which is Christine’s very close relationship with Cody.  While showing clips of the guys talking about how awkward that is, they showed quite a few pretty borderline clips of the pair together.  I don’t even really want to talk about it because Christine’s husband has received a ton of flack via social media, and I don’t think he deserves it, but it’s hard not to when that was the focal point of the episode.

Christine justified it by saying she is trying to win half a million dollars, but even Zach randomly pointed out that is not part of her game, and I have to say I agree with him. I think she’s in a house full of very attractive guys (oh, didn’t see you there, Derrick – zingbot joke you’ll see Wed night), and being trapped with the same people for two straight months will mess with your mind. Not that I’m excusing her behavior, but Christine’s situation is a recipe for disaster. I’ve caught Derrick making a few comments about the girls, and even Donny joking about how hot Amber is (granted casual comments are nowhere near as bad as what Christine/Cody have done).  The biggest lesson anyone can learn is, if you go into the Big Brother house, either be single, or use a non-flirting strategy.

If the flirtgate wasn’t bad enough, Christine was also unfortunate to draw the skittle that paired her with Donny for nominations.  The plan for the house was to put someone up with Donny who would throw the BoB competition, hope he doesn’t win PoV and then vote him out. Nobody wanted to volunteer at this point in the game, so the group resorted to drawing skittles from a hat to see who would be nominated.  Donny was sound asleep and already decided on when Christine’s skittle was drawn first.  To go against the pair, Caleb and Cody’s skittles were then drawn.  Game, set, match for Donny this week – right?

Not so fast. You may have beastmode cowboy on one side, but you have beastmode beard on the other. Despite his demeanor, Donny has won quite a few competitions this season, but this time he was not only partnered with a weak player, but the weak player was sabotaging Donny throughout the competition.

The battle of the block was the dark room where two pairs of houseguests enter and try to complete a mission in pitch darkness. They had to find bones around the room buried inside various objects and traps. When they found the bones, they needed to place them in one of five slots on the wall, however many of the bones didn’t fit and were junk. As Donny went around the room looking for the bones, Christine basically crawled in circles pretending she couldn’t find anything.  Cody and Caleb were destroying the competition, but had lady luck against them. Every single bone Caleb found did not fit into the board.. every one! Even the bones Christine found and handed off to Caleb did not fit…

Yes, you read that right. Not only was Christine crawling around in circles doing nothing, but when she actually did find a bone, she would hand it off to Caleb to help the other team win.  If Christine did that under other situations, it wouldn’t be as bad, but against Donny?  It’s just hard to stomach as a viewer of the show. You don’t often see people like Donny on reality shows, and when they do, they’re always eliminated very early.  Donny has managed to make jury and be in the final 8, and he has done it nearly alone, minus the little help he has received from his two allies in Team America – Derrick and Frankie.

Essentially playing against three people, Donny actually pulled off the upset victory and America took a sigh of relief knowing he is safe for another week. Christine also managed to be safe thanks to the hard work Donny did, and that also means either Caleb, Cody, Derrick, Victoria or Zach will walk out that door on Thursday night (depending on the veto).  Tune in Wednesday night because you’re guaranteed another good episode.

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  1. Comments (1437)

    The TA mission is be unfairly blamed on Zach. Looks like he’s headed to jury – now I hope he’s the one coming back into the game. Team up with Donny and kick Frankie and Christine’s a**es to the jury house!!
    Loved it that CBS showed the funny business between Christine and Cody. Now more of America can see what a skank she is – it’s one thing to throw a comp, but to actually help the other side?? Karma’s a bitch, Christine!

    • Comments (426)

      He was going anyway, but I think this is just the icing on the cake to insure all votes are for him, and probably to make the others doubt anything he says when he blows up their games.
      I am also glad that the show put Christine’s behavior out for the viewers who only watch the show to see (even though it is even worse than what they showed), but I do feel bad for her husband. However, it takes two and Cody shouldn’t get off with accepting no responsibility in it all. He can say ‘that’s just me’, but what is he really saying? ‘It’s OK for me to do because I have no respect or morals, because I’m a guy!’?

  2. Comments (412)

    I thought this was a good episode. I’m glad cbs put Christine’s inappropriate relationship with Cody on BLAST! Although, I feel bad for Christine’s husband. With that being said, I really dislike Christine. I agree 110% with Zach when he said, ‘she’s not playing with his hair for strategy. She’s touching him because she wants to touch him.’ Or something along those lines. I loved how the lights came on after Donny won botb by himself and Christine was in the corner clearly helping the guys. Donny is such a good guy and I’m truly rooting for him.

  3. Comments (1437)

    Last night on BBAD Christine said that she was “more than A-OK” with being the last girl in the house. She also said that her husband would do anything for her – wake up Tim, run far and run fast!
    And I wish Caleb would shut up about his honesty and loyalty. He lied to Christine last week to get Nicole out, and now he is lying to Zach. And the story he told about his friends and the hot wax last night? Who does that?? The look on Donny’s face was priceless…he was like ” Imcan’t believe I have to live with these people.”1

  4. Comments (15)

    Does Derrick expect America to believe that he is really on TA side. He cannot wait to evict Donny. He may have the people in the house fooled but not me. I think we use what we have inside of us and he is a dirty underhanded cop.

    • Comments (1092)

      For me, Derrick is just another guy in the house. Hos exception is that he is a professional with smarts, strategy and gameplay.

      So sad that so many people have such negative views of the police. Have you evet had dealings with them on a personal level ? Or do you just dislike cops because you dislike cops ?

      I had an encounter with them a couple years ago. My folks were away on vacation. Their house got brolen into. Alarm company called, advised me that the police were there waiting for me to give me their police report.

      It took me 45 minutes to get there. They had that much time to steal whatevet they wanted, and they could have blamed it on the intrudor.

      I meet with them, wr go through the house together, and sitting on my dad’s bureau was his gold watch which he did not wear while travelling. It is worth a few bucks. The cops could have taken it, and nobody would have known. They could have taken so much, and nobody would have known.

      It turned out that the intruders panicked when the alarm went off, and left. Nothing was stolen, thete was just damage from the actual breaking in.

      So, sorry to break it to you, but not all cops are bad. At least that is what my humble opinion is anyway.

      • Comments (1288)

        I am right there with you dmc. My job brings me into contact with officers 2 to 5 times a week and I find they run the gamut of great people to power hungry jerks, much like the rest of society. I have been asking when I can if any are aware of BB and this season’s police officer contestant. A couple admitted watching and admired Derrick’s insight into others and his game play. It was one of them that pointed out to me what it means that Derrick has risen to a sergeants rank as long as it is not connected to nepostism.

  5. Comments (38)

    So proud of Donny… too bad TA mission is being blamed on Zack… this mission sealed Zack’s fate

  6. Comments (21)

    Steve Beans I don’t know why you really think her husband is OK with it. Because he says so? Thats a frontjust to save face. His friends & family are all over him, it’s not just social media and they aren’t so willing to accept what they see.

    I’m telling you he isn’t OK with it.

  7. Comments (27)

    If Christine’s husband had balls, he’d tell her to stop humping Cody, she is married but she acts like a single college girl

  8. Comments (875)

    Team Donny! I just hope that Donny wins HOH next week when the evicted HG returns, and I hope it is Hayden who returns to the house.

    Love Zack, but if Zack is evicted, and returns to the house, I am afraid that he might hook up with Cody/Derrick/Frankie/Caleb again.

    • Comments (152)

      Surely Zach would not go back to the guys that just stabbed him in the back! That would be a great one to come back! Him, Nicole or Hayden. But the numbers are still to lopsided for anyone to come back and cause a turn over in the house. Unless they can do some fast fancy talking!

  9. Comments (59)

    Just watched the episode. I’m a 44 year old guy and I want to cry for what Donny just had to go through. At least he will get TA money and most likely America’s favorite. So his time there won’t be a waste. I would have already blown a gasket if I was in his shoes.

  10. Comments (1)

    Just makes me so sad that it looks like Zach will be leaving on Thurs. He has been my favorite since day 1. I was kind of hot and cold with “Zankie”, they had some non sexual moments, but never led to anywhere, because well Zach isn’t gay. Zach just seems like a real cool dude who loves his family alot, especially his little brosky, and that to me is so hot in a guy. Just was so certain that he would be in the final 3. Hopefully he will be able to get back in the game, when one of the HGS has the opportunity to return to the game. Zankie is now dead to me. Frankie is some kind of best friend, screwing him over like that instead of saving him like he should have. Anyway, thank u Zach for making it a fun summer and and hope alot of good things come your way. Love ya, david

  11. Comments (1)

    Christen makes me sick and I hope her husband understands that she doesn’t need to stay in a room with just Cody and pet on him to win the game. I don’t think any amount is worth messing up a happy, healthy relationship. I doubt that when this game is over they will ever even speak to each other much less rub his head, arm, hair etc. you get the point and everyone has to watch this all the time if they want to watch the show. I am team Donny..

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