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Big Brother 15 – Break Out The Drama Llama

Wassup, you called?
Wassup, you called?

In what has been one of the more exciting first weeks in the past few Big Brother seasons, tension continued to boil over last night after the booze delivery, and Jeremy drinking all the red wine.   I’ll try to break down the events step by step so you can have flashback references for the live feeds (get them free here)

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A lot of the drama continued from the racism and ignorance that has been in the house the past few days, and it’s starting to get pretty ugly every time a booze delivery happens.   The delivery happened last night in the Big Brother 15 house at around 10:43pm, and they pledge to wait until midnight to start drinking (so the have-nots can participate), and naturally this does not happen.

12:20am – Jeremy, Aaryn and Judd are all outside by the jacuzzi.  Jeremy finds out that some people were upset about him drinking all the red wine, so he decides to head into the kitchen and pull the ‘bad cop’ routine.  “Blame me, put me on the block, I’m here to play, blah blah blah”

12:26am – Amanda walks into the kitchen to find out that her wine is all gone.  Meanwhile, McCrae is upset at Elissa for generalizing young 20ish people are Jeremy’s rant, so he emo’s off to the HoH room with Amanda following.


12:29am – Deciding she’s not going to “pussy foot around”, Amanda heads outside to confront Jeremy on the wine.  After some early arguing, Amanda breaks down and starts crying and tension calms for a little while – outside.  However, Kaitlin is inside talking to Helen and getting worked up over her fight with Jeremy.

(Keep in mind, this is all happening on different cameras around the same time)

Helen is inside talking to Kaitlin about the situation and she starts breaking down because Amanda is fighting with Jeremy on their behalf.   (Amanda is the one who said we wait until midnight so the have-nots can celebrate, so she’s upset Jeremy ignored it)

12:39am – Upset with Jeremy, Kaitlin opens the door and stands there trying to get Jeremy inside while he ignores her and keeps talking to the group.  After a few minutes of this, she tries again and then tells him to grow a pair and talk to her.  He slowly makes his way to the have-not room with Dave to get reamed out by Kaitlin.

Trying to coach him through his stupidity and immaturity, Kaitlin fails to really get through to Jeremy and is starting to realize that her little alliance is crumbling.  Little does she know, her alliance was f’d anyway, but now they’ll blame Jeremy for it when Dave goes home on Wednesday.

This conversation results in Kaitlin telling Jeremy to go fuck himself, but I have a feeling it’s not going to matter in the long run.

Aaryn making her best 'bitch face' while fighting with Candice
Aaryn making her best ‘bitch face’ while fighting with Candice

12:54am – It’s time for another fight, this time it’s Aaryn vs Candice over the stupid hat thing again.  (too bad Candice has no clue about all the racial slurs used against her, she’s going to be fuming when she leaves the house and reads the blogs)

The Candice / Aaryn thing is going to be an ongoing segment until one of them is gone, so I have a feeling you’re going to be hearing a lot more of those two going at it.

After that, Jeremy started to sober up a little and tried to do a little damage control, but it’s really too little too late (I hope).   I typically root for the abrasive players because they create the most drama and it’s fun to watch, but that entire group is just really mean.

Houseguests are starting to stir, so I’ll likely create an afternoon thread, but I wanted to catch you up on the overnight things as best I could.  It was really a weird night in the house, and we still have 2 more of these before the fireworks go off (and I don’t mean in the sky).

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  1. Comments (231)

    Jeremy needs to go. His constant comments about Elissa and Kaitlin are extremely offensive. I know he is part of mc but they need to cut him loose. He isn’t even rational when straight. Well, it appears we will be a Rockin and a Rollin this season.

  2. Comments (316)

    What side is Spencer really on? He seems to have alliances with everyone, hate him!!

  3. Comments (768)

    BB needs to have a contest where anyone who uses the word ‘like’ without using it in the manner it is intended, goes on slop for a week. It would cut back on 1/3 of the words spoken.

  4. Comments (231)

    Huff post did pick up the story about the racism and homophobia but failed to mention the woman hater. I also read that the ratings dropped which puts the show in trouble bc of these dingbats. People should continue to watch and hope that sanity and the game prevails.

  5. Comments (1276)

    What’s the deal with McRae getting ill with Elissa for saying that people need to grow up? It looked to me like he just wanted to catch an attitude with someone, so decided to have an issue with her. Seemed odd and out of character for him…

    • Comments (1276)

      And what’s up with Andy? He’s acting like Elissa was sitting there talking mad smack about Jeremy, when she just didn’t appriciate the way he talked to them.
      And news flash, to Jeremy, and others, just because when you talk smack about someone, like saying Elissa’s ugly (which she is far from), saying that you’d say it to their face, doesn’t mean that you aren’t talking shit. It also doesn’t count as saying it to them. You are still talking about them behind their backs, petty nasty crap that none of the ones him and his followers are talking about are saying about them.
      Furthermore, someone needs to show Jeremy a mirror, and remind him that he’s no Brad Pitt, not even close. And anyone who’s ever ready anything I’ve ever said knows I don’t like talking about people and the way they look, but at some point, you’ve crossed to many lines, and we get permission to throw your own crap back at you.
      Grrr, I’d say I can’t stand men like that, but come on, he’s no Man.

      • Comments (169)

        Jeremy is one of the worst guys I’ve ever seen. I’m from Arkansas, and both Jeremy and Spencer give us southern gents a bad name. I promise not all guys down south are like these two tools. And Aaryn isn’t representative of all southern women, either. Jeremy has to be the worst guy in the house, though. I love how he talks about all these older women he’s slept with like he’s God’s gift to women. Makes me thinks he’s full of crap on that particular subject.

      • Comments (1276)

        I think he’s full of crap on tons of subjects. Trust me, I’m a NC girl, and the things I’m hearing out of these peoples mouths is really something that makes my stomach turn. Yes, we know that people can be horrible, from the South, North, West, wherever, but it is sad to think that they are encouraging the stereo type of Southerners being racists.
        It’s a sad day when you start listening to their convos, and since there are a few that say HORRIBLE things, the others are going almost un-noticed. It’s like there’s the really bad racits, and then the ones that are just kind of racist. How sad is that? That some are getting almost a pass for being “less” racist. They really make me sick.

  6. Comments (231)

    I think it was the age thing “23 yrs old and acting like that”

    • Comments (1276)

      oh i know, it was just stupid to get mad about. she was saying that jeremy was “23 years old and acting like that”, which is sad. She didn’t say anything about anyone else around that age, just that when you are 23 you should have some knowledge about how to act and how to speak to women.
      She did not mean anything towards McRae, or anyone else. I’m just saying it seemed out of character for him to be so petty, that’s more in the lines of a jeremy.

  7. Comments (231)

    I know, it upset me too

  8. Comments (23)

    really big love for the blogger’s statement.Really hilarious!

  9. Comments (77)

    When I hear a guy like Jeremy talk about all the older women he has slept with, I think — here is a guy who has not had much experience with women. If he had he would not be talking like that. Maybe he is still a virgin. — My thoughts ___

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