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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

bb15-helen-talkingWell that was a frustrating morning.  My website was having some issues, and I had to figure out what it was before the live show tonight.  It seems to be working OK now, but I have a feeling it will crash right as Big Brother goes live.. because that’s what it does.  I paid for a really strong server this summer but for some reason it still sucks.  Oh well, hopefully it will be better next year.

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As a result of the server problems, I haven’t had a minute to watch the feeds, so my prediction is going to be leading up to today.  Hopefully there wasn’t a major flip in the house, mostly because I hate getting predictions wrong!

I think I forgot to mention in my previous post, Aaryn drank the nail polish remover because she thought it was her water.  I’d laugh, but I can’t count the amount of times I’ve picked something up only to stop myself just before drinking gross stuff.  The stress involved with the Big Brother house, I’d probably be medically removed by day 10.

(random note: I have a few errands to run tomorrow afternoon.  I will have an update thread, but it will be updated sporadically throughout the day) 

With the week of doing live updates in addition to recaps, I feel there isn’t much else to recap here, so I’ll just get to my predictions…

Votes to leave:

Amanda – Helen
Andy – Helen
Elissa – Spencer
GinaMarie – Helen
McCrae – Helen

Helen should be walking out of the house in a 4-1 vote.

If you weren’t paying attention last week, she’ll be turning right around and joining Judd, Candice and Jessie in some sort of competition to re-enter the house as a full member.  This is the first time in Big Brother (US) history that someone from the jury re-entered the house, so that should be pretty interesting.  Most of the time it has happened within the first few weeks of the season, and the numbers are there to just boot them again.  With only 3 votes to get evicted, it’s a bit easier for that person to actually have a shot.

Let’s take a quick look at the potential returnees….

Jessie – If she returns, there is no doubt in my mind that Amanda will snatch her right up until the HoH competition is complete.  If Jessie doesn’t win HoH, she’ll likely be nominated and evicted, although because of Elissa, that Jessie could go next week instead.

Candice – Similar to Jessie.  Big Brother should just install a revolving front door if Jessie or Candice win the competition.  The biggest question will be whether or not Elissa will go before or after them.

Judd – Out of all the returnees, Judd is the only one who has a chance to survive without the use of competitions.  Aaryn has been a bit tense with Amanda lately, and I can easily see Judd slipping back into his role in their alliance, replacing the person who replaced him.  I don’t think Judd will be thrilled to do this, and he’ll probably try to work with Spencer, Elissa and maybe Aaryn/GM to get out McCranda, but that will still be a tough one.

Helen – If Helen returns tonight, she is going to fall right back into her role of Elissa’s ally.  On the positive side, that’s 1/4 of the house working together during HoH and veto competitions, but on the negative side, I don’t see how Helen coming back would result in anything different than her leaving.  This basically just gives her and Elissa a chance to win HoH and flip the house.

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  1. Comments (25)

    Personally I think the returning houseguest should also be HOH.I think the jury should be the ones to compete in an hoh comp and whomever wins comes back as hoh. I know it is wishful thinking but that would be game changing. If that were to happen I would want Candice back. She is the only one I think that would not be swayed in any fashion. Jessie wants to be liked she would be swayed. I am assuming they will have another DE as well soon since they are bringing someone back. At this point I dislike everyone in some degree. I find it hard to back anyone. Elissa although she is somewhat of a snob seems to be the only one I can back up. I would like to see Candice/Jessie back and in the final 4 with Elissa, GM and Aaryn. Although Aaryn sucks as a person she has won 4 hohs and a veto.

  2. Comments (12)

    Dumbest house guest ever! Why are they so afraid of Amanda and Macrae. They should have got rid of them long time ago. they are in a win win situation because the two of them are going to make it to the end. What are the other house guest thinking. Do they think Amanda or Macrae will take one of the other house guest over each other. Duh that dumb Helen seems to think so. LOL

  3. Comments (453)

    Judd was supposedly in tight with McCrae so don’t see him aligning with anyone but that side. Candice would have Aaryn and Gm in her cross hair site ahead of mcmanda and Jessie would go with who ever gives her the best suck up speech. Helen would still love everyone but still be blinded by spilling her thoughts to anyone but Elissa.

    • Comments (651)

      Candice knew about McManda before she left and Elissa will fill her in on the happenings since then. If she comes back as HoH she doesn’t have to work with Aaryn and GM–they would have to work with her and do whatever they could not to be the replacement if Demanda or McMinute come down.

      • Comments (453)

        right, she has to come back as HOH or win the comp and she better fight to win along side Elissa because the mccrappys, gm, spencer and ratboy will be also fighting hard to keep them from it.

  4. Comments (23)

    Pray 4 Grizzly Judd!More DRAMA!

    • Comments (25)

      That would not be as much drama as Candice walking in!

      • Comments (226)

        On GM’s b-day too!

      • Comments (651)

        Happy Birthday GM. And she could look at Demanda and McMinute, point and just say You & You and walk away. Elissa would be so happy and the rest of them would go bat crap crazy turning on each other.

      • Comments (1076)

        Judd Knows Helen and Elissa are the reason he was booted. If Helen comes back everything stays the same and most probably she or Elissa will be voted out. Jessie is just the right person for Mcranda to persuade. Candice would have her sights set on GM and Aaryn. I doubt she would even notice anybody else. Mcranda would have another person to do their dirty work. I know how everyone is salivating for a jury member to come back in and get rid of McCrae or Amanda, but I just don’t see it. It is Aaryn and GM who will be soiling their under pants when a jury member comes back in the house.

  5. Comments (166)

    Alright folks, here we go, buckle up your seat belts for a bumpy ride!! If there is not a major shake up after tonight I will be soo pissed!!…Whoever comes back to this wacky ass house better have their boxing gloves on & get ready to get in there & get your hands dirty & freakin get out Meanmanda & Aaryn!!!!!

    • Comments (1162)

      I don’t get the Live Feeds and those who have it claim a lot of “fishes” have been
      showing up sooooooo,
      I was hoping Aaryn and Elissa were just acting upset with each other yesterday while
      hoping to surprise Amanda and McCrae with tonight’s voting.
      Too much to ask for ……………

  6. Comments (158)

    Didn’t Judd blame Helen/Elissa for being evicted? He wouldn’t even hug Elissa and he made some unfriendly comment to Helen on the way out.

    • Comments (166)

      Thats right, he blamed Helen/Elissa for getting him out, so therefore if he comes back in he more than likely won’t align with Elissa, so he will just be in Meanmanda’s back pocket like the rest of them!! So no big game changer there!

      • Comments (610)

        But he doesn’t know that it was Helen & Amanda & co that backdoored him at the last minute. Hopefully he got clued in about it in jury

      • Comments (17)

        Unfortunately, the last thing Judd saw was Helen telling Aaryn ” that was soooo Janelle!!”. So hes going right after Elissa with Helen being evicted. Boring week coming up….. again.

      • Comments (1076)

        He does know. He even was pissed at Hellisa on his way out the door.

    • Comments (1076)

      Now here’s someone paying attention. No matter who comes back it doesn’t effect McCrandas game one bit. Just another human shield as far as they’re concerned. Judd hates Helissa, Candice hates Aaryn and GM, the entire house, except for Elissa, is tired of Helen’s rah rah girl routine and Jessie just wants to be included, which is Amandas go to game.

  7. Comments (111)

    If Judd returns I’ll probably stop watching Big Brother this season until Finale.

  8. Comments (1)

    I agree…are the all high or something this season or did CBS just try to find the least qualified ppl to let in there? Amanda is worthless and can’t win a competition so would someone please get rid of her. I’m just waiting for Mcrae to wake up and lose Amanda but why would he? she’s gonna take him all the way to the final since everyone is too afraid to even speak her name out loud. Aaryn and Andy are just cowards that seemingly would rather leave the house voluntarily than make a significant move. Spencer is ok and the only HG I can stand but he’ll be out within the next 3 weeks together with Helen and Elissa. Elissa is just seaminbly stoned all the time (she did wake up this week but much too little much to late hun). Helen needs to wake up already mostly just because I want her to know it was her arrogance that got her voted out of this house. I liked her at first but she’s proving to be so naïve and useless that I want her out fast. This is a terrible season and unless there’s a big change tonight with the returning HG I’m done watching this season. Athough I am fascinated that somwone who cannot win a competition to save her life runs the house and everyone knows it and just accepts it…fascinating

  9. Comments (1288)

    Judd comes back, wins HoH and pulls together the Balls Brigade of himself, McCrae, Spencer, Andy and Amanda. Of course Amanda has the biggest balls of them all.

    Oh the wailing and gnashing of teeth that would cause among the Brenchel Army drones.

  10. Comments (17)

    I don’t believe that Helen understands still that all her assumptions about Andy and then her threesome are all just wind blowing her out of the game. Andy biggest game play is as a floater and is a weasel; McCrae is protecting “his” as being a pizza delivery “boy” at his age and living at home is not creating a flood of female companionship banging at his door.

    Even if Helen went out on a 4-1 vote she would probably even believe Andy gave her his vote. Her coming back would only get some action from the houseguests if she was coming back as the HOH. After all this time, what has she won? She is almost as bad as Spencer and Amanda in competitions.
    Her evaluation to ignore Candice, Jessie and Elissa to backdoor Amanda ”because it was not time yet” then to throw or even lambast Candice and Jessie as they tried to stay in without even having the gumption to giving them a vote as outgoing members of her alliance is pathetic. Even early on when she and Elissa were first put on the block, did she really fight for her or did it look like an “Andy flop” to try to win her support as long as it did not reflect badly back on her.
    Yes, I would love to see Amanda and Andy out the door but don’t think she can do it.

    Judd would float over to McCrea and Spencer and vote out Elissa, and Aaryn but not Amanda, so no gain to us.

    • Comments (32)

      Your post is dead on. Sadly the time came and went to get Amanda out and barring some sort of miracle awakening or Elissa winning HoH, CBS/BB might as well make that check out to her.

      She is quite literally running the game and the house and every other player is simply a disposable pawn to her. When these dolts finally look back and watch how they gave half a million to someone like Amanda I wonder how many of them will realize how utterly stupid they were.

    • Comments (1076)

      Helen would know that 1 vote was from Elissa, not Andy. And, who is “us”? I have been watching the show all summer and not once did any HG say that they would be sharing their winnings with an unknown commentator on big brother junkies.

  11. Comments (23)

    I think the returning houseguest should get immunity for at least one week even if they aren’t HOH! What’s the point of returning them if they are going out a revolving door? Isn’t it to shake things up? This summer has been such a big disappointment!!!

  12. Comments (96)

    How do the houseguests know somebody is returning? They have been talking about it. Kinda ruins the element of surprise….

  13. Comments (57)

    Can someone give me one good reason why Judd is leading the poll? Maybe I’m watching a different season than most cause if I’m not mistaken, Judd was just as bad of a player as Andy is. He deserved to get booted for being too scared to make any moves. Jessie, however, does have the stones to flip the house.

    • Comments (166)

      I never saw Judd do anything, nothing at all until the double eviction when he got blindsided and then he tried to talk & plead to everyone..I personally don’t see how he had game play at all!

    • Comments (226)

      Agree, Fred. Didn’t see Judd do anything except that last week where he was “playing” both Aaryn and Jessie to get them to protect him. He was likeable, but not sure how much of a game player.

    • Comments (302)

      I am also at a loss for why people are so enamored with Judd. He was a complete floater. He mumbled so much maybe people didn’t understand what he was saying on the live feeds. He called some of the female houseguest “c**ts” with regularity. He was beyond cruel to Jessie and said some pretty unflattering things about Candice too. I just don’t get it.

    • Comments (12)

      A bunch of people that don’t watch the live feeds and see how much of an ass he was to Jessie.

    • Comments (1076)

      I voted for Candice because I want to see GM’s hair extensions stand up straight on her head!

  14. Comments (768)

    It’s too bad that the returning houseguest isn’t someone who actually tried to do something and make a big move or two. None of them really deserve to come back.

    On another note, I wonder how long before and after Helen leaves will Andy cry his eyes out? Cry Me a River! No, Omokesei I am not Justin Timberlake. 🙂

    • Comments (487)

      I bet Andy starts crying as soon as the last vote is cast. I know he is gay, but Andy cries more than a 2 year old.

    • Comments (1162)

      Andy has been telling everyone that he will be crying Big Time tonight.

      I want to see Andy’s REAL TEARS……… when he is evicted.
      : )

    • Comments (651)

      Candice was the first to figure out the Moving Company. She figured out Andy’s game early on She also didn’t ignore the hate from the Mean Girls like Helen did. She warned everyone about McManda but they just called her crazy.

      If Candice comes back just her presence will shake up the house. If she comes back as HoH EVERYONE(except Elissa)will be going crazy and turn on each other.

      And I guarantee you Demanda and McMinute wouldn’t be allowed to lay in the HoH bed 22 hours a day!!

    • Comments (111)

      Is it bad i was listening to some Justin Timberlake as I read this? BUT JUSTIN (get it 😉 ) CASE YOU’RE JT, YOU BETTER REUNITE WITH NSYNC AT THE VMAS OR I WILL PERSONALLY TAKE SOME FROSTED TIPS AND GLUE THEM TO YOUR HEAD. Thanks.

  15. Comments (32)

    Funny thing about this season. I started out really liking Amanda. I thought she was witty, somewhat attractive, and intelligent. And I liked how she stood up to the racist comments.

    As the season has gone on she has revealed who she really is; a snobby baby who, when she doesn’t get her way, pouts and who is also capable of tossing out racist comments when angered. I lost ALL respect for her after she verbally assaulted Candice. There is only one person remaining who I even remotely like (McCrae) and even he is pretty pathetic in the big scheme of things.

    Sigh…..I almost wish I hadn’t looked forward to this show/season.

    • Comments (228)

      Just read this on jokers update:
      8:42 PM (Last Night) Amanda was telling her pregnancy story – she discovered she was pregnant during pre-show finals process.. she miscarried it

      And she is already boning McCrae every chance she gets. No wonder why she has an infection.

    • Comments (651)

      If you go back and re-watch Amanda standing up to the racists you’ll see she wasn’t telling them they were wrong. She was telling them America won’t like and they’ll ruin their reputations. She doesn’t stand up for the HGs of color she’s just talking about how they shouldn’t do that with the cameras on.

  16. Comments (487)

    I know that many don’t give Candice a shot of getting back into the house, but remember she has had 3 weeks to think about the who, what, and why in the BB house. She has time to go through the process of being angry, grieving, etc. She has also had time to refresh and renew her competitive spirit. Something that I believe she has because Candice has had to deal with mean girls in those beauty competitions and still came out a winner. I am hoping that Candice can find the heart and the guts to come back strong and in control, tell all the BB HGs to back up. If she wins HOH I can see her putting up either Aaryn and Amanda with GM as the backdoor if one of them gets the POV. I don’t believe that Andy, GM, Spencer or McCrae would use the POV to save either one of them. JMO

    • Comments (651)

      Remember Candice warned Helen about Andy so he could be the replacement. And if she told him that if anyone comes down he goes up…well that would be so much fun to watch.

  17. Comments (1288)

    Andy a bad player? Really? Let’s review. Andy has been in an alliance with McCranda since day 5 or so. He then brought Helen in and they recognized that Elissa had an actual value, she was getting the MVP noms. Helen then became the Elissa wrangler [she was the only one capable of standing extended periods of time exposed to Elissa’s…uh…peculiarities].

    Andy then worked as the conduit on moving info and strategy back and forth between the two couples. Now he did not do this equally, he stood by is original connection and gave McCranda all the info while Helissa was given an edited version. This group recognized the value of Aaryan and changed plans to save her and bring her on board.

    Together this group has been the architect of every single eviction up until tonight – that is an unprecedented run. Each and every one has put them a step closer to the end so they have all been successful. The weak link in the chain has been Elissa, she should have been cut loose when her MVP value went away.

    Yesterday she was boohooing over evicting her allies Candice and Kaitlin. Does she not know she was already in an alliance that didn’t include them and was actually threatened by them? She tried to blow those plans up and that is what led Helen astray, destroyed their strong alliance and has Helen with one foot out the door. But I digress, suffice to say Andy is a FABULOUS player and if his flamboyance bothers you – deal with it.

    Judd and Helen are the only two with any chance of continuing in the game. Candice and Jessie while good for 10 mins of sparks on going back in will fizzle as before and be going back out in the next 2 weeks. Candice is intelligent and intuitive but her people skills suck. Jessie is second to only Aaryan in being susceptible to attention and approval but she doesn’t have Aaryan’s competition skills. They will be dead women walking gamewise.

    • Comments (302)

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Sure I get tired of the tears and have never liked ratfinks but Andy but has played this game just as hard as anyone but in a more covert manner. Ditto on Jessie & Candice – I’d still love to see either back in the house – both I know they would exit quickly.

    • Comments (57)

      If Andy is playing for third place, then yea. He’s a Big Brother mastermind.

  18. Comments (6)

    I want judd cause when he was blind sided he got a new perspective and he could align with arroyn gina marie and allissa and take down the mcgrae n Amanda and then snake boy andy

  19. Comments (17)

    To say that “Andy is a FABULOUS player and if his flamboyance bothers you – deal with it” is not the word I have for him. Flamboyance would never be a word I would assign to someone like Andy.
    To say that “Andy is a FABULOUS player and if his flamboyance bothers you – deal with it” is not the word I have for him. Flamboyance would never be a word I would assign to someone like Andy. However I would agree that Helen did not understand the dynamics of one of her alliances/working groups did not include Candice. Seems like the multitude of alliances people have floated in and out of is one part but when it comes down there was always a separation between Amanda and Helen running their own gangs after the Moving Company broke up. They more cooperated or coordinated rather than aligned.
    The problem for Candice is I don’t think she really knows how BB is played and then was further derailed because of all the racists’ remarks thrown at her. Not sure she would be any more able to play except if she got HOH she could kill Aaryn or Amanda, but then GM could be her revenge which would do nothing to make the game fun for us.

  20. Comments (302)

    I just can’t stand another second of listening to Helen. She knows she’s got a decent shot at returning because they all know one jury member is coming back. Since the competition is live before the HOH it will probably be a quiz because that’s easy to control time wise. Helen had been practicing daily with Elissa on Big Brother trivia while I’m sure the players already voted off haven’t given it a second thought. Helen is up to her usual crap of laying it on so thick to Aaryn and GM it makes me want to puke. Helen saying she’s the only one that has the guts to go after McCranda is a total joke. Candice & Jessie begged you to help turn the house on Amanda and Helen chickened out quickly. She is Queen hypocrite blasting the bullies in the same breath she is bullying. She is condescending to her closest ally Elissa making it seem Helen is the only reason she’s still around then trying to coerce her to cuddle up to Aaryn. Enough is enough.

  21. Comments (34)

    The key to all of this is Andy, yes Andy if he ally’s himself with who ever come’s back in the house well …Amanda & McCray would not suspect that move at all. What i mean is alot of things are going on in Mcranda’s head right now, so a blind side from Andy would be the best move this week all you have to do is 🙂 lie lie lie to Amanda & McCray all week long than you somehow try to talk to Aaryn & Gina to get them on bord ET VOILA 😛 the biggest threat in the houss gone for good

  22. Comments (83)

    I think Candace is the only one who would really make a big move, everyone else will still kiss Amandas ass, they all are to damn stupid to do anything else.i think the persson who gets back in should be HOH, but it won’t be that easy

  23. Comments (453)

    While waiting for tonight’s show (got a little bored) decided to give the house guests all nick names.
    Aaryn-She who shall not be named
    Amanda-The Dementor
    McCrae-The Boggar
    Andy-Scabbers the Rat
    GM- Lady of Azkaban
    Helen-Mrs. Wesley
    Elissa- Hermoine

  24. Comments (140)

    I really don’t understand why the people who comment have to change the contestants names. It is so off-putting to read a good post and essentially hit a mental brick wall every time I have to read Demanda, McMinute, etc.

    The content of your post and the tone in which you write is more than enough to convey your feelings of the house guests.

    The “name calling” is child like, and I’d rather just read mature posts. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer but like I said, I just find it _so_ off-putting.

  25. Comments (2)

    could someone please tell me where I can stream online for free. My link is not working

  26. Comments (7)

    Why is Helen so high in the poles? She’s so annoying, not to mention her pep speeches

  27. Comments (88)

    Omg I was thinking the same. Judd was a terrible player and never won anything plus after seeing a YouTube videos with him bullying Candice I don’t want him back. I want Candice back she and eliss a will team and I think that’s our only chance to get Amanda out . I love Jessie but everyone’s is right she might flip and that would suck.

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