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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Prediction Thread

bb15-mccrae-spencer-talkIf you read my earlier post, you already know what I think the outcome of tonight will be, but I like to make it official and create a post about it because I’m uptight like that.  I am almost sad to say this season has been too easy to predict.  I’ve nailed almost every week down to the specific vote, except for the rare times some changed their vote just to try and stir up drama (it didn’t work).  Hopefully next season is a little more crazy, although watching as much of the feeds as I do, it’s hard not to really know which way people are voting.


There really isn’t much to talk about, although I do want to touch on one thing.  It’s pretty odd how many people want GinaMarie to win it all this year (from the earlier votes).  There has been so much anger against most of the house for the things they’ve said, but GM has managed to escape a lot of it.   Good for her because it would probably be a PR nightmare if someone like Aaryn or Amanda ended up winning this season.

Anyway, here is the prediction…..

Votes (to evict)…


GinaMarie – McCrae

McCrae will be evicted by a vote of 1-0

Tonight will also likely be the first part of the final HoH competition, and it’s typically an endurance challenge.  How the final HoH works is a three part process…

1st part – Endurance.  Winner moves to final round
2nd part – Something physical / puzzle.  The losers of the endurance face off.  Winner moves on to round 3
3rd part – Endurance winner and round 2 winner face off in a trivia challenge on the live show.  Winner is HoH, automatic final 2 and chooses who to evict.  No veto

I am going to go out on a limb and say Spencer is guaranteed to play in the 2nd part, but Andy versus GM should be a decent endurance challenge.  I’m going to guess Andy will win the endurance, but GM certainly has a shot.

Live thread coming up in a few hours!


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    Although she doesn’t know it yet, GM has been fired from her job as a result of her racist comments. Spencer made comments about child preferring child porn. Neither of these 2 should be rewarded for their bad behavior!

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      NONE of them should be rewarded for their horrific behavior and remarks.
      CBS/BB probably has to give the $$$$ to one of them, but I hope Julie
      qualifies it by saying something to the HGs about how their behavior has
      been viewed by the public and just how disgraceful they have, all, been.

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      Was it not Aaron that was fired? not GinaMarie, and I do Believe Amanda was dropped from her firm as well…..

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        Aaryn and GM both were fired!

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        Both, GinaMarie and Aaeyn were fired due to their BB 15 remarks.
        Amanda has her own employment problems to face when she returns home.
        It is going to be very difficult finding a RE Agency willing to have her and
        I doubt Prudential Realty will ever take her back.

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        Most RE companies are slime.

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        Not only did Amanda lose her job but her RE license from the state of Florida was revoked as well. She won’t be able to sell homes anymore.

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        Ginamarie was fired as well as aaryn.

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        I seem to remember an interview with Amandas relatives and how they were all saying that Amanda was used to dating professionals and such. Professionals? I just don’t see that, she has a humpty dumpty looking body (evidenced by her one piece bathing suit), flat butt, and overall potty mouth. Professionals?? yea, I’m just going to take a seat right over here…

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        Geez, if Amanda “dated” anyone it would surely be very short term. Maybe a quick couple rounds in the sack (obviously she’s easy) and then they see her craziness and they RUUUUN!

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        haha, I love how on this site people are complaining how they HGs keep talking badly about there beloved Elissa and how they are infatuated with her and on and on. I see alot of people in these threads still trashing, and talking poorly about Amanda…hmmm…..

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        Pots ‘n kettles klang klang klang

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        Most comments are only repeating what Amanda said about
        herself on BB. Her behavior was on TV, 24/7.
        She was in control of how she was being viewed by others.

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        Well, I totally understand that MM, that she was on TV. But I don’t see a difference in the HGs talking badly of someone and being evil….and you people talking bad about them and its ok. Pretty hypocritical. Let each HG deal with whatever situations they have put themselves in once out of the BB game. It is not for us to trash them. As Steve said in a 9-11 thread…these are real human beings with real human being problems. I guarantee in these threads there are racists, people with mental issues, people on medication, people who use terrible language, people who make very tasteless jokes, people who backstab and talk poorly of people behind their backs and on and on. Its one thing not to care for a HG, but its totally different to call them terrible names, fat, ugly, trash, gross, stupid and on and on. The people that do so, are just as classless as the people they are trashing….

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        Well Kurtis we are all just repeating the things we saw them do and how we feel about it. The things they said wasn’t witnessed. It was just racist remarks and filth against other people. I believe theres a difference. They deserve alot more than words thrown at them.

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        I don’t disagree that many of the people on the show have said things that are definitely not acceptable. I don’t know these people personally, I am sure they have many friends I don’t disagree that many of them said not so good things. But its TV….and its also them on camera 24/7. Yes, you would think that people, knowing that, would watch what they say and present themselves in a better light. But, they didn’t for some reason. I don’t know these peoand family that know a very different version of them. There is extreme pressure in that house, paranoia, boredom, and other factors that make people act or say things out of character. If I witnessed them being that way in real life, the real world, then yes I might think wow, you’re not so great of a person. But being on that show is just a different kind of beast. I agree with you, pointing out things they said themselves is different. But some on this site are indeed doing personal attacks on these people, making them just as I said, as classless as the people they are attacking.

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        That last comment got all jacked up somehow. Should of said they probably have alot of friends and family that know them very differently. Cut off somehow.

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        Poor McCrae can only run to the yard.

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    Go GM GO! Win and send that RAT Bastard ANDY home

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      Given the creepy choices left for BB Fans, I’ll bet the majority
      would prefer in a GM – Rat Andy Finale – A GM Win.

      GM’s an in-your-face creep, while Rat Andy is a Vile Wussy creep hiding
      behind his mama’s apron strings. I’ll bet he is counting on
      his mother protecting him for a long time….well until he
      slips up and calls her a “C**t,” one of his favorite words.

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        The funny thing MM is that Rat Dog is taking improv classes and he has said how much he loves these classes. So Rat Dog has a need to be loved–surprise surprise surprise. When you think about how he played with that improv training in mind its even worse. He would throw something out there for the others to jump on and then just sit back and laugh.

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        For GM/Andy final, I’d think GM wins.
        But for GM/Spencer, Spencer has been such a non-wave making floater most of the way he could win just based on not having flat out hater in the jury like GM might. Then again, she actually came to life the last few weeks and her haters may give their vote for stepping up her game play.

        McCrea….stick a fork in him.

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        With the final three choices, anyone in the final two but Andy, he is now trying to take credit for all of the game, how can a rat have that big of an ego? Saying he copied Dan’s game from last year. Almost wish the next time he bashes someone one already gone McCrae pops him in the mouth, only a few more hours before he walks out the door so what the heck why not give the rat what he deserves.

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      This afternoon McCrae reminded Andy about what Andy said early on in the Game.

      Andy said the only way he would become a BITTER JUROR was if he was backstabbed.



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    Wow, what a terrible final 3. By gameplay alone, Aaryn or Amanda should of won this game. Its amazing that the floaters were kept around, and in the end made a great alliance that kicked out all the top players. I don’t like Andy all that much like most of you, but….gameplay, not personal reasons considered…Andy deserves to win with this final 3. GM def had some game and led alot of the charge at the end. Spencer well…was just a pawn all season and has really done nothing. Andy worked the house all season and he tricked everyone into thinking he was with them at one point or another. Even Amanda who was pretty game smart, didn’t catch it. So, sadly….with the only options being these 3….I guess….ugh……go….(puking)…..Andy…..

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    I am sorry Holly i can’t go for GM. Like i have stated before she is a racist pig and she don’t need to get paid for it.

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      Same can be said for Andy.

      The sad fact is none of them deserve to win BB15.

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      Glad I’m not the only one who remembers that GM is a racist!

      • Avatar

        No one has forgotten.

        Would you prefer someone like GM confronting you with her hateful remarks
        and giving you the chance to call her out and give her hell or someone like
        Rat Andy, giving you a hug, kiss and bogus friendship only
        to slander you and your family behind your back?

        I dislike them, both, but I’ll take the in- your-face creep over
        the behind your back, “C**T Caller Rat Creep.

      • Avatar

        Its not the way they do the disgusting things they do. I understand your point on that. Its the racist crap that came out of GM mouth. And everything Aaryn would say GM would laugh hysterically at. So thats why i can’t back her no matter what disgusting people she is up against.

      • Avatar

        No argument, however Andy cheered on the racist comments.
        He wasn’t even “man” enough to object.
        IMO, that makes Andy the Rat just as much of a creep as the
        others and in some ways, even a more disgusting one.

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        The word racist is used to loosely she is not a racist,stupid yes racist no

      • Avatar

        You might not think that way if you were one of the minorities she’s openly mocked.

      • Avatar

        GM said that she couldn’t date Howard because she doesn’t date out of her species. She also said that Elissa’s half Puerto Rican son looked like dirt. If that’s not racism I need someone to explain racism to me. Idiots can be racist. As a matter of fact, being an idiot is usually one of the characteristics of a racist.

      • Avatar

        I think she’s funny, but she is definitely a racist.

      • Avatar

        Loosely is an understatement. …these race activists are rabid bout labeling anyone who disagrees ….the fact is a name is just that, a name, nobodies being opprrssed or kept down… these hagz are trying to destroy another citizens life and yhere only evidence is words.

        If words are a crime, the progressives are working towards that, then we’re all in trouble

        Fuck Julie Chen 😀

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        What have you been watching?

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      Agree, but look at the other choices? Spencer stated he loves childs porn and that RAT Bastard…..well I wouldn’t wanting him to teach my child, so I went for GM.

      • Avatar

        Spencer make the porn remarks as a joking imitation of McCrea. It was creepy, but he was mocking McCrea doing that. However he has made lewd comments about Elissa’s anatomy and what she’d taste like (I thought he “hates” her), masturbation to Jessie, and other pervy sex stuff in general, etc. Lots of him just running his mouth on the live feeds.

      • Avatar

        My great grandparents hated each other and yet had six kids. When I questioned my grandpa on the subject he replied, “What does one thing have to do with the other?” As a child I was confused. When I became an adult I understood.

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    People seemed to forget about Helen. She got Amanda to do her bidding for a while. She was playing the game so hard that she trusted the wrong person( ANDY). So she would have been someone i would have liked win.

    • Avatar

      There are several HGs we might have liked to win but sadly, we
      aren’t going to have them to choose from………………..

    • Avatar

      Helen was so busy talking non-stop that she forgot to shut up and watch and listen.

      • Avatar

        Exactly. Helen’s constant cheerleading became unbearable to listen to. I can just imagine how living with her would be. And, if you are going to use fake tears as a ploy, don’t tell every one that you fake cry to keep your kids in line. Yenta.

      • Avatar

        Thats what i liked about Helen. She played the game and was and tried to be nice to others at the same time. People were blogging while she was in the house on how she was in charge. So she deserves credit for getting people to do her bidding.

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    any other season i would be super stoked right about now…. but this season has been disappointing… i have nobody to root for and all the bottomfeeders are left…. gosh this stinks big time

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    “There has been so much anger against most of the house for the things they’ve said, but GM has managed to escape a lot of it. Good for her because it would probably be a PR nightmare if someone like Aaryn or Amanda ended up winning this season”.
    No it’s not good for her, she deserves to be called out. She said terrible racist and unfactual things (have we forgotten her terrible welfare comment?!?!). It’s disgusting how people are cheering for her. She’s a terrible person and I hope she gets what she deserves at the finale (Julie Chen needs to be as tough on her as she was on Aaryn).

    • Avatar

      Julie Chen needs to line them all up and give them HELL!

      • Avatar

        I hope Julie Chen don’t treat this like a regular interview. I want to hear boos everywhere. I want the HGs that got to go home to tell how America hates them. I hope they bring up the loss of their jobs. I want fireworks! If cbs don’t see that all of that would be good tv then they’re crazy!

      • Avatar

        It would be nice to have the HGs get a wake-up call on live tv, but the audience will be predominantly made up of their families and for some unknown reason they think these folks are swell just the way they are…yuk!

      • Avatar

        Off with their heads! Too bad we don’t live in ancient Rome, we could throw them to the lions. Maybe the audience can rip them apart with their bare hands and cannibalize them….You remind me of the people who attend the Grand Prix to see the racers crash. Ganging up and yelling at them will only make them out to be pathetic creatures to feel sorry for. This situation must be handled without making people feel sorry for them.

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      I think the things GM has said and done are blatantly racist and crude, but I think she is just plain ignorant, lacks education and is a product of her environment. Here’s hoping if she wins Julie can show her some highlights of her stay in the BB house and she’ll see what we see and turn her life around.

      • Avatar

        Kate….IMO I think your right. GM needs someone to sit her down and explain to her the real world outside of New Jersey. Deep down I think she is a nice person without education and basic social skills. GM I think would use the $$$ to help her family. She reminds of a “want a be” and doesn’t have the self respect to stand up. She just wants to be part of the gang and becomes a sheep (follower).

      • Avatar

        I think GM is teachable & if, like you said, someone with a kind heart & credibility, took her under her wing & educated her on life in the real world, I honestly think GM can change for the better. Elissa tried to help her some but we saw how that worked out. (Calling Dr Phil for an intervention)?

      • Avatar

        Didn’t Elissa offer to help GM when this circus is all over?

      • Avatar

        I think she did, but I doubt that GM will take her up on the offer. GM did trash talk Elissa after she did her (GM) hair again & then got evicted.

    • Avatar

      Yeah it was messed up but ehh..like GM would say, “whaddyagonnado?” What’s said she can’t take back…it’s out there now.

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    They all were so nasty. I understand why people have a hard time choosing. Hey! Maybe we all will get blindsided and McCrae won’t go home. Then we can choose him to win again.

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    Well hell has frozen over!! McStinky is taking another shower!! He has taken a shower 4 days in a row!! If I’m not mistake, these 4 are more than he took all summer long.

  10. Avatar

    I hope Spencer realizes he doesn’t need to win the final HoH and pulls a “Hey Julie! Remember Richard Hatch?” and pulls himself out of the endurance comp.

  11. Avatar

    C’mon Production, pull a fast one and keep McCrae .After all,you guys gave Jeff that Coup De Tat to let him stay…remember?

    • Avatar

      I agree
      they should do it less for mcstinky and More for the viewers st home sick to their stomachs over these losers who DO NOT deserve to be rewarded for the horrendous things they have said and fone

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    If GM is smart, then she will vote Spencer out and have a deal with McCrae. Spencer nor Andy will take her to final two; if she saves McCrae than she has a chance… McCrae will win in the final challenges over Andy and she would have a better chance. Remember Spencer made very bad comments about child porn, GM said the N word…They both should NOT win and Andy is just a horrible person…. I am for McCrae to win.

  13. Avatar

    Even though I can’t cheer for him, Andy has set himself up well with his goodbye speeches. In all the ones shown, he has mentioned to the evictee that he had a part of their demise but in a “strategic gameplay” way.
    Knowing the egomaniacs that are on the jury, this bodes well because none of them are willing to say they were outplayed by the likes of Spencer or GM.
    Speaking of the jury house, how do you think Judd is faring in there?? He is probably getting more Pandoras Box than one man can handle!!

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    GM did say some really harsh things this season, just like Amanda and Aaryn. However, I think the main reason people are looking beyond that at this point is because out of GM, Andy and Spencer, she’s really the only one that deserves to win. The other two have been the biggest floaters of the house. Andy won an HOH and a veto, yes, but he’s been a snake in the grass this whole game. Spencer hasn’t done much at all until it got easy. They both have lied their way to the finals. Yeah, lying is a big part of the game, but players get more respect when they make bold moves and use their own brains in the process. Make moves for yourself, not Amanda or someone else.

    • Avatar

      He was a rat but the fact the he got away with playing such a risky game without anymore catching on is a feat in itself. Is it really his fault that they’re all dumb and didn’t figured it out. Yes he’s a whiny bitch that’s fake but I have to agree with Ian Terry, he deserves to win.

      • Avatar

        McCrae reminded Andy of what Andy said at the beginning of the Game.

        Andy said, he would only become a BITTER JUROR IF SOMEONE BACKSTABBED HIM.

        Ain’t that a bitch …………

      • Avatar

        I like how you said you agree with Ian Terry, like that’ll make me change my opinion because a former winner wants Andy to win.

        News flash, it doesn’t change anything.

  15. Avatar

    I really can’t believe Andy thinks he can beat GM in this game. The Jury is not going to want to vote for him over GM, maybe Spencer or McCrae, but NOT GM. Why would Andy seal his fate and not use the veto to blindside GM? This will be a $450K crapshoot gamble if he does it.

    • Avatar

      Andy should know this. He heard the talk about an all female alliance by Helen and Elissa. With the time Helen has had to work her “house wants” voodoo on Candice, Jessie and Aaryan those four plus Elissa will choose the winner and they would love to give it to the last woman standing.

      • Avatar

        I agree and if GM is gone, Spencer may stand a shot at winning
        over Rat Andy.
        That would be sooooooo funny.
        Spencer wins over Andy and Elissa wins Fan Favorite.

        A sobbing Andy calling out, “Mom, help me mom.”

      • Avatar

        If Candice votes to give the person who said that her mother hated her and that’s why she was put up for adoption a 1/2 a mil, then maybe she has lost her mind. The girls in the house found Spencer creepy. All Andy has to do is get into the F2 and he will be the winner.

      • Avatar

        If McCrae is sent to the Jury House, he will play one of his most
        important roles yet ……Do to Andy what Andy did to him and the
        others .

        Yes, a Creep will win BB15, but Andy may not be the Winner.

  16. Avatar

    McCrae saying he’s sorry he voted out Elissa.

    Andy telling McCrae that he voted out Amanda and much to Rat Andy’s
    dismay, McCrae told him he already knew.
    McCrae knew by looking at Rat Andy’s Eyes.

    So from now until Finale night, Rat Andy will be looking into a mirror trying
    to change the appearance of his lying, bouncing google eyes. He’s worried
    the other HGs could read his lies from his eyes just as well as McCrae did.

    Sleep well, Rat!

  17. Avatar

    I pulled extra hours, trying to get away from the bordom….haven’t watched my tapes yet, does anyone know what was in the Bible for McCrae…?

  18. Avatar

    Big Brother has been renewed for another season!!! Also GM has the best chance of winning with jury…. if I were her I would make a deal with McCrae that if she voted out spencer, they take each other to the final two.

    • Avatar

      That is a collective F-you to everyone crying that this season was doing poorly in the ratings and going to kill the show.

      Despite impact from the prolonged blackout on Time Warner Cable, the reality veteran is up +11% in viewers and +8% in adults 18-49 vs. last summer.


      • Avatar

        People like to see train wrecks, that’s why people slow down at car accidents.

      • Avatar

        If they want to see train wrecks then why stop and look at
        car accidents?

        Sorry – had to say it.

        Point regarding watching the show –
        We are BB fans and up until recently we had someone we favored in the Game.
        At this point we may not like any of the HGs but we’ll watch the show
        to the end with our fingers crossed that some of the creeps get paid back for their
        horrific words and actions.

      • Avatar

        On the bad news front they are keeping AD on TVGN, uuuugh. They spend so much time bleeping out language it is hard to follow the convos. Showtime2 was a much better venue.

      • Avatar

        I watched after Amanda was gone.

  19. Avatar

    There are pro’s and cons for GM whether she keeps Spencer or McCrae

    Keeping Spence – Not the best move for her. Spencer and Andy are stuck together and will easily take each other to the F2. Now, if she shockingly wins the final HoH, she’ll take Spencer and win by a landslide.

    Keeping McCrae – I would love to see this. Spandy would be totally blinsided just like Shanielle from last season! It would be good for her game, as she would be responsible for breaking up two duos. Andy and McCrae would probably both take her to the F2. However, I don’t know if she’ll beat McCrae. Maybe Andy.

    Anything can happen

  20. Avatar

    With all the people telling lies and misrepresentations about what Spencer said I am sorely tempted to root for him to win over those who have played a better game just for the collective angst it would cause. They would be forced to accept that what they are saying just is not true. When viewed objectively his comments were a poor attempt at humor, did no harm and are no crime. Unfortunately idiots and mouth-breathers continue to bray like jackasses over them.

    The rewriting of history to fit personal views is a most abhorrent thing. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.” ― George Orwell, 1984

    • Avatar

      Spencer has called all the women c**ts from day 1. He is very comfortable with that word. And if you think that his saying he doesn’t mind the screaming(while being gang raped)because everyone knows that when a woman says No she means she wants it is merely a “poor attempt at humor” then you should be concerned about your view of the world. And who even thinks about child porn as a joke?

      And as far as the “no harm and are no crime”, he admitted drug dealing and admited he smokes pot while on the job. I’m sure his father the Judge, his brother the cop, Union Pacific and his union do not find any humor here.

      And maybe I am remembering wrong but wasn’t it Spencer that crushed Aaryn’s hat? And did he Man Up to it or did he go to the racist and point the finger at Candice which set off a firestorm? And didn’t he sit back and laugh at what he had created and later joined in?

  21. Avatar

    I am canceling my live feed as of Friday. I have been a Big Brother Fan since day one, and I have never see so many racist comments being said this season! No one is worthly of the money, they have all played a crappy game. From GM bad mouthing Candice, Helen and Elissa and Aaryn saying racist comments, no one should win! If CBS wants to give money away, I feel the fans/live feed one should be getting a refund for the season.

  22. Avatar

    The winning house guest, whether we like him or her, should win based on how well the jury perceives the winner’s game play. Unfortunately, people let their personal moral compass interfere with the rules of the game.
    Whether we like what the house guests say and do does not matter unless they break the rules of the game.
    How would you like it if you couldn’t say what you want to say?
    This situation reminds me of “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson because (1) the house guests and many people on this site have developed a similar “mob mentality” and (2) the people in the town stuck to the rules. Here’s the main idea:

    One by one each male head of the household (or woman if there was no man to take her place) walked up to the box in alphabetical order and drew a slip of paper from the box. They were asked to keep it folded in the palms of their hands without looking. When every family had a slip of paper, the men were allowed to look. Bill Hutchinson had drawn the slip of paper with the black dot.
    Bill’s wife, Tessie, threw a fit in front of the entire town, claiming that Bill had been rushed when he drew his slip, that he did not have enough time; however, the Lottery continued. Bill’s ticket and four blank tickets are placed back in the box to represent Bill and Tessie and their three unmarried children. The youngest child, with assistance drew first. The drawing continues until each of the Hutchinsons has a slip of paper. Tessie clings to hers and is the last to open her slip; she is also the one who pulled the black dot.
    The villagers armed themselves with pebbles and gave Bill’s youngest son stones as well. Tessie was still protesting about time and redoing the Lottery when the first stone hit her in the side of the head. The villagers did not stop throwing.

  23. Avatar

    Why is everyone bitching about how racists shouldn’t win BB? how does being racist make you a bad bb player? sure the shit they said was terrible but that doesn’t have anything to do with whether they should win or not. Imagine a team losing the super bowl cause they said racist shit, that wouldn’t make any sense. and neither would disqualifying someone in bb for saying terrible shit

  24. Avatar

    One change I would like to see is that the jury gets full access to the feeds so they can follow the action and best judge the eventual game winner. As a side benefit if the people left behind knew they were being watched by the jury it would be less likely for them to engage in the random, pointless trash-talking we have seen this year. We would hopefully get things like the JDM riffs [funny as hell, a BB version of the Chuck Norris meme] and avoid the Elosercise fiasco [much less funny than mean, run into the ground already].

    • Avatar

      I like the jury not knowing everything. Then they can toss and turn about their decision. Based on tonight’s jury visit, it seems they are thinking in the right direction–voting for the best player, not the best person.

  25. Avatar

    McCrae has little time but he needs to use it trying to convince GM that NO Way will Andy or Spencer take her to the F2 so she should Vote out Spencer! It probably won’t work since GM is dumber than a box of rocks but he still should try! GM & McCrae in the F2 is about the only 2 left I can even partially stomach!

  26. Avatar

    This is my first BB….. I hope there are typically more likable HG,s. I’m appalled at how they all turn on each other and are so petty at times. And then why is floating viewed as so negatively by fans – seems like a good game play to stay off the radar. It’s hopeful to me to read how many people/bloggers are offended by the overtly racist comments, yet so many of the HG’s let them flow. I’ve always enjoyed watching group dynamics/process and was shocked at the lack of intelligent/stimulating conversation aside from game convo. Glad the whispering has decreased – the captions were often so off. And I continue to watch! I think i would go bonkers without more activities/structure. It’s odd to see so many adults w/o any work to do! When the show ends will there be any more follow-up? Thanks.

    • Avatar

      This is the worst season of BB ever. You should watch previous seasons. In the early years they didn’t have the have/have nots. HGs competed as a group for that weeks food. They had to get out of bed at wake up call and they had to keep the house clean. They gave them tasks to do. Racism, threats, etc were not tolerated and HGs have been removed for their behavior.

      We can only hope they go back to basics with rules, etc and add new ones like no controlled substances and nomination penalties for breaking the rules and cheating in comps like Jeremy and Aaryn.

  27. Avatar

    If floating your way to the final is the new strategy to win, I’m over it. We’ll see next summer, eh?

  28. Avatar

    I don’t think Amanda will lose her job long as I read her mom owns the place so I would think she gets rehired after the show.

  29. Avatar

    I can’t even watch the rest of it. However, I’m not one of those “if so and so gets evicted…I’ll quit watching forever” hyperbole people. I must say the admiration (and obvious $25k winner) is a complete mystery to me. I don’t think Elissa did anything original or noteworthy. I guess, if we were awarding kudos to someone who really tried to play the game…it would be Helen. (But, she was just so darn unlikable!) I guess, I would rather reward Spencer for floating nicely than Andy or GM. What a let down. I have been rooting for McPizza all season…even though I disliked Amanda..they are, after all, two entirely different people.

  30. Avatar

    Disappointing ending to a good show….I’m truly hoping that GM wakes up and votes out Spencer….him and Andy do not deserve to win…yes GM has said crap…Spencer’s a perv..Andy’s a weasel…McCrae played a good social game…when he was out of bed those few minutes…he should win…like I said..very disappointing finale…next year bring back some BB alum…now that would be interesting to watch!

  31. Avatar

    here’s my 2 cents……if it comes down to GM or Spencer, i would rather the racist win over a pedophile. at this point though i could care less who wins. they all suck. mc crae was my last shot at a decent human being win. he was a great guy who aligned with the wrong girl.

  32. Avatar

    If I were using the company Amanda works for, I would request NOT to have her at any showings. The company she worked for has removed her from their website, and her license on the Florida realtor’s board is now listed as inactive.

  33. Avatar

    *****SPOILER*****Spencer just won the 1st comp. He learned how to empty the vacuum bag. I see BB15 winner if he learns how to plug it in and pushs it!

  34. Avatar

    GM deserves to win since she is the only one with balls enough to nominate McCranda. GO GM!

  35. Avatar

    Hopefully next season will be better! Aweful people! Maybe they will get people who don’t go with what the “house” wants!!

  36. Avatar

    The person who really deserves to win is Spencer. No one has played the game hrder than he has. He as been on the block a totaal of 8 times and he is still here playing the game. He deserves to win and he is not even my favorite houseguest in this years Big Brother Episodes, Hell I likes Elissa and Judd and wanted one of them to win. But Spencer deserves it more.

  37. Avatar

    Spencer seaerves to win Big Broter 15. He has been on the block at least 8 times and he is still here playing the game. Andy is a snake who slithered between people ratting each other out. Gina Marie is a Racist, McCrea didn’t even play the game until Amanda left and he haad no choice. Andy Threw competitions so he wouldn’t get any blood on his hands Spencer played the best game of the poeple who are left escaping the block so many times. He Deserves to win.

  38. Avatar

    not sure why this report was on tonight’s world news with diane sawyer but the report was about Julie Chen admitting that she had eye surgery to change her look in order to advance her career. ?

    • Avatar

      At the time she was told she would never get a broadcasting job because she looked too Asian. She had to make the choice of the career she studied and worked toward or giving it all up because of bigotry. If you think the racism is bad today (which it still is)then you may not realize how bad it was even 25 years ago.

      • Avatar
        ashamed to be watching

        That is why this season is so distasteful ! It promotes this behavior if they REWARD it !!! Shameful

  39. Avatar

    I too wish more worthy ppl were left at the end of this game instead of the sexist pig (Spencer), an obnoxious rat (Andy) and a simple minded racist(Gina Marie). I guess if I had to choose out of the 3 of them, I’d choose GM ONLY b/c Spencer makes me sick to my stomach with the way he was talking about watching children being abused and Andy….Andy is NO Better with the way he attacks people behind their backs both on a personal and game level but yet he’s cry when he vote them out? REALLY ANDY???? You are PATHETIC!!! Oy!!! I’m DONE with this season. It honestly was the worse I have seen, and I have seen every season!!! I think for season 16, they REALLY need to check into the trash….err, I mean “people” they allow in for next season!!!

  40. Avatar

    I agree 100% with what Kurtis said below. It’s really pathetic to read comments that ENJOY people losing their jobs, or calling the HG names worse than the HG themselves used. The difference between what the HG did and the commenters on this blog is that the HG are playing a game in a controlled environment that promotes behavior not necessarily charistic of the HG while the commenters on this blog are in their environment and are saying mean and nasty things because that is their true nature. How can people be joyful about someone losing their job? This is a game. These people are put into a house without any outside influence. They are going to say and do things uncharacteristic to their normal behavior. When people make comments that they are happy that someone loses their job shows that the commenters are very insensitive and worse than the people they attack.

    KURTIS: Well, I totally understand that MM, that she was on TV. But I don’t see a difference in the HGs talking badly of someone and being evil….and you people talking bad about them and its ok. Pretty hypocritical. Let each HG deal with whatever situations they have put themselves in once out of the BB game. It is not for us to trash them. As Steve said in a 9-11 thread…these are real human beings with real human being problems. I guarantee in these threads there are racists, people with mental issues, people on medication, people who use terrible language, people who make very tasteless jokes, people who backstab and talk poorly of people behind their backs and on and on. Its one thing not to care for a HG, but its totally different to call them terrible names, fat, ugly, trash, gross, stupid and on and on. The people that do so, are just as classless as the people they are trashing….

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