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Big Brother 15 – Eviction Predictions

How long can Elissa stay in the house?

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 Lousy image, but I think the old screenshot captures this week pretty well.  Elissa walking away with Nick in the background looking puzzled at what just happened.  It’s been that kind of week, heck, that kind of season on Big Brother and it may just be getting better.  These houseguests are here to play and win (well most of them), so even though the term is overused with this game… expect the unexpected.


I recapped the week in my last post, but it’s still a bit surprising how everything has turned out, especially considering the one nearly going home pretty much did nothing to stop it. If Elissa is still in the house after tonight, she should be kissing the feet of both Amanda and the person on the block next to her, Helen.  This third nominee twist had one of the most unusual things happen in Big Brother history… a nominee spent the entire week campaigning FOR another nominee.

This is probably one of the hardest predictions I had to make in the past few seasons doing this, because even today they were scrambling on the feeds for votes.  The vote can literally be anything from 8-3 in favor of Elissa to 8-3 in favor of Nick depending on a few key swing votes.  Based on what I’ve seen, however, this is how I picture it going…

Person votingTheir vote to evict

Amanda – Nick
Andy – Nick
Candice – Nick
GinaMarie – Elissa
Howard – Elissa
Jeremy – Elissa
Jessie – Nick
Judd – Nick
Kaitlin – Elissa
McCrae – Nick
Spencer – Elissa

Nick will be voted out by a 6-5-0 vote this week

Some alternatives could happen, however.  Here they are:

– Spencer and Howard could accept that it’s happening and just vote with the house, which would turn it 8-3 with Nick leaving
– Jessie could chicken out at the last minute and be a 6-5 vote for Elissa leaving (or 7-4 if she tells Judd)
– McCrae could stick with Moving Company and severe ties with Amanda for a 6-5 vote for Elissa leaving

I am pretty sure my original scenario will play out. I don’t really see Spencer and Howard voting with the house simply because they are still a pretty strong alliance and this is just a setback.  If they vote with the house, they may as well start packing because they’ll struggle to make the jury.

There will be a live eviction thread popping up around 8:30pm est, and I will also be tweeting and have a facebook thread about it.  It should be an entertaining night, so grab your popcorn, join the live feeds and watch the fireworks after the show!

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  1. Comments (1)

    I think Elissa setting back and letting Amanda and Helen do the talking is smart. To many people want her out, because she seems like a bigger threat. Besides if she goes Helen will be the next MVP, because of everything that has happened to her in the house. I am not even sure how the vote will go tonight. I can not even say I have a favorite or even pulling for anyone yet.

  2. Comments (12)

    Darn, I really wanted Nick to stay (I feel he’s playing the best game). However, putting that aside – the look on Aaryn’s face when Elissa stays – priceless.

  3. Comments (316)

    I could still hear Jeremy’s singing voice as he was trying to manipulate David to drop off the popsicle. “Go David go David go” ARRRGGGG, hate him!!

  4. Comments (169)

    I’ll have to go and watch Sunday and Wednesdays episodes if this goes the way I hoped. I will be able to watch, knowing that, in the end, evil is defeated.

  5. Comments (2)

    We’ll I wouldn’t be surprised to find out one day that production has manipulated the vote this week by secretly offering Spencer, maybe a secrect bribe, to change his vote and incourage Howard, and McCrea to do the same. It’s just that the timing of his complete change of heart, at the eleventh hour, to turn on his alliance member is very suspect….? How much did they offer you in the DR, to change your vote Howard??

  6. Comments (231)

    Well, as of now Howard and Spenser flipped and voting nick out???

  7. Comments (453)

    Hopefully, Elisa stays then we get to watch Jeremy wipe his butt with his own pants when he craps himself!!!!

  8. Comments (25)

    YESS!!! I can’t wait! I knew this was going to happen. Watching for the past 14 seasons I knew Elissa was staying. Elissa and Aaryn are the new Britney and Rachel. Love it. Can’t wait to see the mean bitch alliance faces!

  9. Comments (83)

    I hope Elissa stays and wins HOH, that would be priceless, put up the ignorant bitch and Jeremy.

  10. Comments (3)

    Doesn’t pay to be in a showmance this year! GM crying like she just lost her husband after a 3 week relationship. Pitiful.

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