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Big Brother 15 – Welcome To The Game, Elissa

Andy could be in trouble this week
Andy could be in trouble this week

I will admit, for the first 6 weeks of the Big Brother 15 season, I honestly thought Elissa was just going to cruise through as a non-threat who appeared to be using Big Brother as a launching pad for a future career in a yoga tv show (she even has a name for it – Elissacise).  Her social game was horrific, strategically she was a mess, and her performance in competitions was very un-Rachellike.

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Something woke her up last week when she was nominated along her only friend in the house, Helen.  I think she said more words to people in the house during a 2-3 day span than she had all season, and she had fire in her eyes during both the veto competition, and the endurance HoH challenge.  While it still may be too late to save her game, this version of Elissa is pretty scary if you’re a member of the house.  Instead of sulking over the loss of Helen, she instantly picked up Judd, and has been warming up to GinaMarie.   If that trio actually forms into a real alliance, it could be the perfect storm of passion, competitiveness and craziness required to make it to the final 3.

I’m still not sure her strategy is up to par yet, as I think her complete disdain for Aaryn is clouding her judgement (like it has all season), but it’s improving. While I think it’s a solid move to get Aaryn out, the obvious move would have been to put up McCrae vs Amanda to guarantee that power duo will be split up.  Elissa wanted, and still wants Aaryn out this week, but she is basically taking herself out in the process.

With Amanda winning the veto, McCrae will be removed from the block tomorrow, and Elissa has to find a replacement for him.

To get Aaryn out, these are Elissa’s current options

Judd – Not going to happen, he has become her new ally in the house.
Spencer – Amanda, McCrae and GinaMarie would likely vote to keep Aaryn in this case. Spencer goes to jury
GinaMarie – Amanda, McCrae would vote her out.  Judd would vote out GM.  This swing votes would be Spencer and Andy.  Right now, they’re loyal to Amanda.
Andy – This is a tough one. Amanda wants Aaryn, McCrae wants Andy… they will vote to keep Aaryn, but it will build tension between them.   Like Spencer, GM would likely vote to keep Aaryn, and Andy goes to Jury.

Looking at that, the most realistic way to get out Aaryn would be to put up GM and cut deals with Andy and Spencer to vote her out.  Even that’s not a very good option because she can’t really trust either of them, and GM very well could walk out the door.

Needless to say, under the current situation, Spencer, GM or Andy could very well be walking out the door this week while the Big 3 remain together.  I think Elissa is going to regret not putting up Amanda vs McCrae on Thursday night.  It’s still a very long week, but her options are not very good right now.

Oops, I ended up rambling about strategy instead of the house.  There are some timestamps under my Saturday Update thread, and there are some nasty comments about each other throughout the day.  This is the slow boil drama that has potential to stew for a few more days before blowing up into craziness sometime around Tue or Wed.

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  1. Comments (1)

    I think that Elissa should put up Andy as the replacement nominee!
    I still think Andy is the puppet of Demanda/McPizza.

    • Comments (378)

      Oh gawd here we go again…another genious trying to salvage Elisatardz hoh lmao go Amanda!!! 😀

    • Comments (33)

      I totally agree because if Mcranda vote out Andy, Spencer may defect if he wins HOH & if they vote out Arryn than GM will probably defect because I think she hates Amanda more than Elissa especially if they vote out Arryn and Elissa will have Judd, so it will be 4-2 in the next HOH . Hopefully Amanda,McRae, Spencer & Andy vs Judd & GM .I think Judd & GM stand about 50/50 chance against those losers. One thing came out of Elissa’s HOH you didn’t have to see that beached whale lay her fat ass up in the HOH bed like she belonged. The HOH bed is for HOH winners you LOSER.

    • Comments (12)

      Yeah let him report that back to Amanda.

  2. Comments (231)

    This is the first time that I disagree with you but you were never an Elissa fan anyway. McC hated her bc E couldn’t be controlled and he was right. Andy is going up on the block and the McCruds will make their decision. Andy was fake crying to Elissa all day to get her to put up Gm but it didn’t work. He told Perv it was part of their plan to change E’s mind. Judd and Gm are on Elissa’s side as of now —- so let the games begin.
    Beans, I really was disappointed at your subtle n sarcastic tone regarding Elissa ——she really doesn’t deserve it. Short term memories are sad and even Amanda remarked on the “conditions” that E endured the first 4 weeks.

    • Comments (407)

      I don’t know what you mean by this. I don’t feel anything I said was really wrong. Elissa was a complete non-factor throughout the first 60+ days. Yes, she was unfairly targeted early because of her sister, but she still didn’t do anything about it.

      I am giving her credit for stepping up and playing the game now, and said she can be a serious threat moving forward.

      This has nothing to do with being a fan or not. If and when Spencer actually does something, I’ll give him credit too… but I doubt that will happen. It’s just crazy how I can criticize or compliment any player in the house, but as soon as I do it to Elissa, people think it’s a personal thing against her.

      • Comments (357)

        Preach Stevie!

      • Comments (1446)

        I kinda had a feeling Elissa would screw it up.
        She should have put Amanda and McCrae up from the start…then at least one of them would go home for sure. Aaryn could have been the replacement nom. Amanda winning the veto?? Shocking.
        “Expect the unexpected.” Elissa should have remembered that when making her nominations.

      • Comments (12)

        you are so right Jannie. Why do these house guest play on emotion instead of game. Right now Amanda is the biggest threat in the house. Aaryn is her puppet with Amanda gone what would Aaryn or Macrae do. I so tired of your hurt my feelings so I am going to put you up on the block. Instead of going for the big fish. That is why I am so glad Candice did not make it in the house. Putting up GinaMarie. That would have been a waste of a comeback.

      • Comments (231)

        Well I said my peace but I still respect you n your work so :).

    • Comments (1)

      Amen to all you said!!! Team Alyjudd!!! But Judd doesn’t realize Andy’s separation from Amanda & Crybaby is fake! PLEASE BB GODS let Alyssa stick to her initial plan of putting up Andy – ESPECIALLY after Amanda’s bullying ONCE AGAIN thinking they are all her puppets and telling her that’s exactly what they want “please put Andy up” – Alyssa put Andy up! You’re and adult – dont fall for the devils reverse psychology!

    • Comments (453)

      Steve is stating facts, what her behavior has been perceived by many, however, she was shot down by Helen every time she suggested something different than what Helen wanted to do and she listened to others on who to put up for MVP also. She hid out in the have not room because she was being treated like crap from the mean girls, Amanda and McCrae. The first month she went through hell being treated badly. giving her the benefit of the doubt I think she was just sitting back, analyzing everyone waiting for the perfect chance to make her , which can construed as floating along, but also is good game strategy.

      • Comments (453)

        “make her move”,

      • Comments (22)

        I completely agree! I don’t know if anyone remembers, but Elissa’s ideas were in fact shut down by Helen. Now its time for her to make the moves. I also applaud her for not crumpling into a little ball, but working to get GM and Judd into more than a friendship.

        I don’t care who’s sister is who. I watch the game for the gameplay, and Elissa is FINALLY stepping up.

        If and when Andy gets put up, I think this was still a successful week in BB. (1) Aaryn goes home (good for us because the majority hates her/bad for Mcc and Amanda because they don’t have their competitor and follower). (2) Andy leaves (bad or Mcc and Amanda because they wouldn’t have their insider anymore).

        Looking ahead, I look forward to GM or Judd winning the HOH if Elissa successfully forms an alliance with them 😀

      • Comments (86)

        Sorry I accidently hit report. I agree with you 100%. I truly hopes GM wins hoh. How can Aaryn switch back and fourth so many times? I think because she has done this is why she knows she is going home. I’m fine with Aaryn or Andy leaving.

    • Comments (18)

      Why Can’t Elissa put AMANDA up after All she was a player and decided to use her veto on the Boyfriend she (Amanda) is eligible to go on the block too.
      Power of veto would be used by a person who is currently not on the block if she chooses to remove a person on the block then that is the power being used to Veto one nomination which to me say’s that the person who is not on the block can be place as a replacement nominee

      • Comments (11)

        That’s not how it works. In big brother the veto winner is safe from nominations that week if they choose to use it on another player. For example, Nathan using it on Allison in season 4.

      • Comments (18)

        So what you are saying is that the show is already over as The Producers have set the game for Amanda Z to win even though Amanda has Put fear in her fellow house guess and Amanda has on camera made a life threat to Elissa. WAY TO GO PRODUCTION You have shame the core of the GAME. Taken what use to be great entertainment and turned it into Shambles. I hope the networks will Cancel the BIG BROTHER USA edition as it no longer has the GAME objective in the core it seems rigged for one contestant to win. All the Bullying and threats Amanda has put out on camera in BB15 only to let her win. Threats and Bullying are not Acceptable please Network cancel Big Brother USA now. there are a lot of other shows you could put in that time slot.

      • Comments (610)

        GM has also made some threats towards Candice.

      • Comments (378)

        Bigger than the bullies themselves are the BULLIES that threaten to shutdown anything they nolonger like …. 😛

      • Thespywholuvedme
        Comments (11)

        I’m not happy about it either, lol. I also wanted Amanda to go this week. >=[

      • Comments (1)

        Lol, fat chance. Isnt Julie Chen married to the ceo of CBS?! He isn’t going to cancel his wife’s show.

      • Comments (15)

        Can’t she put up Amanda if she takes off mccrea?

      • Comments (11)

        No, Crawford. Unfortunately Big Brother doesn’t work like that. If someone chooses to use the veto on another person then they are BOTH safe from elimination that week. Really sucks! I was looking forward to Amanda getting booted!

  3. Comments (6)

    Hey normally I find you pretty reliable but you’ve missed some things on the live feeds. McCrae said he will vote to keep Spencer over Aaryn to Amanda in private later Amanda agreed to vote this way since McCrae does not trust Aaryn. They have also both decided to keep Andy over Aaryn in private also. they are also both pushing to get GinaMarie put up because that is the one and only person, currently, who will lose to Aaryn in votes.

    • Comments (407)

      Yea, I had a feeling I missed a bit. Been busy this weekend and couldn’t catch all the feeds.

      • Comments (6)

        Also just so you know GinaMarie is very likely not going up also. GinaMarie and Elissa have cut a deal and have agreed to talk negatively about one another since people started cueing in they were working together. She’s still a wild card but it seems sincere since she’s not even telling Aaryn about that deal, which Elissa and her have now talked about multiple times. Plus with how aggressively Amanda McCrae have tried to get up GinaMarie, including some severe bully tactics, Elissa’s personality most likely would bet o do the complete opposite since she seems anti bullying. Just so you know I used to be of the mind you were and not a big Ellisa fan but she has definitely grown on me and I am now rooting for her.

    • Comments (18)

      Why can’t Elissa replace Mccrea with Amanda she used her veto on him not on herself. I think it is fixed now because Big Brother condone Amanda making Life threats toward Elissa which in turn means Big Brother condones Bullying in my opinion Amanda should not be allowed to continue in the game for her actions. Review your feeds Amanda is making life threats and by allowing her to go forward is an admission that you Big Brother 15 have rigged the game for Amanda Z to win. What is the point of watch something which is no longer a game of wits.

      • Comments (11)

        In big brother the veto winner is safe from nominations that week if they choose to use it on another player. For example, Nathan using it on Allison in season 4.

      • Comments (30)

        I was asking the same thing….Why can’t Elissa put Amanda up in McCrae’s place? Some argue she CAN’T….others that she still CAN. Then someone else said….the rules were changed after season 3 or 4….that the veto user IS also ‘safe’. I think it sucks.

      • Comments (18)

        Yeah it is not right if you choose to use your veto on someone on the block you too should be up for grabs. To keep the game interesting to viewers and show us you have not rigged the game for Amanda Z to win. I for one don’t see why Amanda did not get taken out of the game for her life threat on Elissa. It is on a live feed so why is Amanda allowed to continue?

      • Thespywholuvedme
        Comments (11)

        What did Amanda say to Elissa? I don’t have the live feeds, so I rely on all you guys for all this kind of stuff! I’m just curious. She has really shown herself to be a disgusting human being.

      • Comments (18)

        I placed a post up further and if you read what is in the reviews before the post start everything I am saying is marked in black and white there were people there and Amanda worded it this way “I am gunning for that B!tch” and “I will Murder that B!tch” so Amanda is threatening Elissa as that is who the topic was about. I woke up just at that point and realized that what she said was in reference to The HOH Elissa. BB15 obviously must have a deal with Amanda. Maybe some of the cash not sure but it does make a person wonder why this is acceptable to BB and the other house guess who got taken out in previous seasons for a lot less then that……….. Just saying Network should shut them down Completely should Amanda be allowed to continue with her bullying cause clearly the house guess who are following her are afraid to go against her wraith

      • Comments (11)

        Oh my bad! Sorry about making you post it twice. But thank you! She is so disgusting. I agree with you, this year has been really shady. I didn’t believe the rumors about her at first (I think it all started in June?) but its becoming too obvious that production is helping her somehow. I can’t believe she hasn’t been kicked out. She should have back the first time when she made that comment about cutting Elissa’s throat. Enough is enough, ya know? I hate how people compare Amanda to Evel Dick. He was an ass, sure. But he wasn’t half as bad as her. I liked him, lol

      • Thespywholuvedme
        Comments (11)

        I totally agree! I think it’s a stupid rule as well. I wish Elissa had put up both McCrae and Amanda so this couldn’t have happened. Really worst case scenario in my opinion.

      • Comments (18)

        There is a petition out on another site to ask CBS to take action and remove Amanda from BB15 you just need to sign the petition there are a lot of people already 6000 so far

    • Comments (1162)

      Thanks for the info..
      Sure hope that little nugget becomes known to Aaryn.

  4. Comments (6)

    Elissa seems to still remember what a racist creep Aaryn was (and still is). I’m not sure it’s wrong to remember that…game or no game. Although Amanda is just as bad, so Elissa really did take a huge risk. And she lost. Damn.

    • Comments (6)

      Yeah last night Aaryn was once again on a racist rampage going on and on about how she wants fried rice and can’t have any because the last Asian left the house. GinaMarie thought it was hysterical and even McCrae was laughing, albeit, he was trying to smother his laughter.

      • Comments (6)

        I know…I read that. I cannot believe she never learns. What a creep! Can’t say I blame Elissa for not wanting to be around her.

      • Comments (357)

        Aayans lesson will be learned when she re-enters the real world. BB can’t protect her there. I doubt that Mommy and Daddy will be able to also. No amount of PR will fix the image that Aaryn has made for herself. Her dream of parlaying BB15 into a acting career died on day 2. She is just continues to hammer more nails on that coffin!

      • Comments (610)

        I think Aaryn wanted to do some type of tv host job, like Entertainment Tonight. I seriously doubt they (or anyone) will hire her now that her true personality & character have been exposed on tv, internet, etc. In other words, Aaryn, you’re “career” is in the toilet.
        Oh, and as my kids recently pointed out, if she is a current college student, her racists remarks just might be violations of her college’s code of ethics, so she might not be going back to college either.

      • Comments (378)

        ….only if the fascists get their way lol you call her out for hate but you worms wanna destroy her life for here opinions ….shame 😀

      • Comments (357)

        No ME…she did that ALL on her own! In your mind….The “worms” may have lead her to the water? But they certainly didn’t make her drink it!

      • Comments (378)

        Those who preach tolerance are the first to deny freedom of speech when they dont like what they hear 🙂 frauds just like your heros lol

      • Comments (55)

        Nothing is worth destroying another persons life. Aaryn has to learn a hard life’s lesson for her comments but not through hate. She is very young and foolish.

      • Comments (1288)

        The destroying was done by Aaryan herself. She has been free to speak her mind, no one has threatened her right to free speech. Obviously she is still on the show. However she has to live with the consequences of her words and actions.

        She has aspirations for a career following BB somewhere in the entertainment industry. But those positions rely on popularity and she has espoused some rather unpopular views. So she herself has made herself unacceptable for her dream job.

        It really is a shame, Aaryan does have true outer beauty. That is why Elissa can look past GM’s racism but not Aryan’s, Elissa is possibly better looking than GM but not Aaryan. But inside she is ugly to the bone.

      • Comments (407)

        Reno, I read that too and just to show how truly dumb Aaryn is, GM asked McCrae “you don’t find that funny?” Aaryn says he does, he just doesn’t want to laugh in front of America. Doesn’t she realize that she is also in front of America and is still showing what a racist she is. She never gives up with the racism.

      • Comments (1446)

        OK I hate Aaryn and haven’t forgotten how horrible she was, especially in the first month. And I actually admired Elissa for seeing the racism and calling it out.
        But why is her hate on for Aaryn and yet GM seems to be her new BFF?? I think GM is just as bad and even Candice hated GM and her bigoted attitude. In the jury house, I heard Candice say her target was GM, not Aaryn.
        I just think there is some personal jealousy that goes both ways between Aaryn and Elissa. Funny how Elissa tells GM that Aaryn is trying to control her…while Elissa is trying to do the exact same thing. Friday night on BBAD Elissa spent a good amount of time telling GM what an “amazing…wonderful…sweet…funny…sincere” person she was – it was kinda creepy.
        In my book, both Aaryn and GM need to go.

      • Comments (407)

        Jannie, I sort of gagged during Elissa’s and GM’s conversation too, but do you think Elissa might have just been trying to get as many people on her side to help with voting? I guess if I was in that house, I would probably be doing a little bit of fake ego boosting too if it helped. I would rather see someone use Elissa’s tactics instead of the bullying Amanda uses.

      • Comments (233)

        I just shivered with delight during that whole GM/E conversation. It was like watching Elissa channeling Helen’s ‘You’re Janelle” speech. Holy moly, that was just about the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.

      • Comments (18)

        Amanda, Aaryn and Gina Marie need to go. Gina Marie – don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

      • Comments (1162)

        Elissa was attempting to follow Helen’s advice and join up
        with GM and Aaryn – for the Game.
        Elissa did try to do so with Aaryn but fool that Aaryn is – she
        immediately went yammering to McCrace, also known
        on the blogs as McNoBalls, and Amanda.

      • Comments (1288)

        Elissa tried to win Aaryan to her side by insulting her, she wasn’t really trying. GM doesn’t threaten her by being better looking, so Elissa can lower herself enough to work with her but she knows she is not in Aaryan’s league lookswise.

    • Comments (302)

      Putting up Amanda and McCrae may have been the prudent thing to do but Elissa wanted Aaryn out so bad I completely understand it and applaud it. Aaryn will quickly discover that her career options have dwindled not multiplied as she hoped would happen with her Big Brother appearance. Unfortunately CBS has proven their love for bullies and racist bringing Colton back to Survivor so I’m sure they’ll have a few projects for Aaryn and no doubt Amanda & McCrae will be signed up for the next Amazing Race.

  5. Comments (1)

    I wish Judd, Spencer, Andy, GM, and Elissa would just realize they’re on the same side and want the same things! Then it would be an easy week. Put up Andy, vote out Aaryn. They would have 5 house guests all on the same side for HOH. Whoever wins… Up go Demanda and McCrybaby. Even if one of those win the veto, the only guaranteed final 2 deal would be over and the game would get interesting! Please let them get it together!

  6. Comments (453)

    Raggedy Andy and Raggedy Ann (Aaryn) are still laying down and allowing the mean kids, Mcmanda drag them though the mud and stomp all over them on the way to the playground (500K). Also, have smiles on their faces when saying, “oh you have just won the game”.

  7. Comments (4)

    I think Gina Marie has woke up and started playing. If Andy goes up she will vote out Aayrn along with Spence and Judd. I think (hope) Aayrn goes to jury this week. Regardless of how people feel about her she is strong in competitions and needs to go or she could very well scratch her way to the end.

  8. Comments (162)

    Elissa needs to team up with Judd, GM and Spencer put Andy up and then let them vote out who they want…I hoping Aaryn but who knows what will happen with this house…

    • Comments (231)

      Elissa is with Judd and Gm but they are on the downlow. Spenser and Andy are still with the mcCruds. Sadly, E’ s only hope next week is if Spenser flips but he wants to work with Andy.

  9. Comments (4)

    I don’t think Aaryn would be voted out if GM were nominated. Amanda, McCrae, and Andy have all said that GM has to go. Spencer would therefore vote with the majority to ensure his safety yet again.

    Another smart move would have been to put up Andy and Aaryn in the first place, so they could finally realize early on in the week that they are just expendable to Amanda and McCrae’s game. If Amanda/McCrae would have played and won veto, they wouldn’t use it to ensure both of their safety and Andy/Aaryn would realize that they were expendable. Just like that, everyone left next week would have had reason to go after Amanda/MCrae and Elissa would have been safe. If Amanda/McCrae didn’t win veto, Elissa could have convinced the winner to use it to backdoor one of them.

  10. Comments (240)

    Couple of thoughts. Aaryn said racist things I believe out of ignorance. They sound like she grew up around it and wasn’t taught any better. (I know still doesn’t make it excusable) Amanda says things that are horrfic killing, raping etc. The difference is Amanda has real hatred behind her words. She to me and no I am not an expert, but she to me seems like she has borderline personality disorder. Some of her actions, words, mood swings and how good she is at manipulating people sounds almost comparable to Jodie Arias. Please understand I an not saying she’s Jodie or as bad just eerily similar in traits. That being said, as I’ve said before I quit watching BB weeks ago. I then quit watching BBAD. Just to much BS going on. I came here to updates and was good with that. Now there just isn’t anybody to root for. After Amanda won POV I knew it was over for me. I can take the lying, maybe a little intimidation it is after all a game for 500k. To see anyone left in the BB house win the prize is disheartening. In some regards Amanda did play the best game. She controlled all the HOH’s Maybe that’s why she felt the right to always lay in that bed. However after watching her on BBAD (the unedited Amanda) the thought if her winning is diplorable. Now some will say no one us making me watch or in my case come here for updates that is true. I am bowing out of coming here for updates as well. As I said it’s over for me for this season maybe even for the next. I just wanted to thank you guys for making this part of BB enjoyable. I have enjoyed the camaraderie here. I hope to see you next season. Maybe even on a Survivor blog. Stevebeans do you cover that show? My long winded couple of thoughts is almost over lol. Stevebeans AWESOME job. I hope I come across more of your blogs on other shows. Your updates, thoughts and personality made this site entertaining. Have fun everyone! I guess I could have said thanks for the memories and ended it. LOL

    • Comments (407)

      JD, I agree with you. It’s a shame that a show we have watched and loved through the years has been turned over to a bunch of nasty, racist slobs. I keep asking myself..why am I still watching this?? As for Steve, he does a fantastic job of keeping us updated and I too am waiting for Survivor to start. Let’s just hope they have better contestants than BB has had this year. I don’t think Jeff Probst would put up with the garbage BB has had on it this year.

    • Comments (32)

      Dead on JD. Amanda has displayed a number of classic signs throughout the show. From laying around a lot (depression) to openly threatening others (aggression), I believe CBS made a HUGE mistake bringing her in. If she is evicted it may actually become dangerous. Sadly I am not kidding – I have worked over 30 years around people with mental illness. The only thing that is certain is how unpredictable their behavior can be and, from first hand experience, they are quite literally capable of anything.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree Gern, Amanda’s behavior is beyond “normal”, even with Xanax and Adderall. I don’t understand why BB did not remove her from the game because of her violent “threats”…talk like that is not normal and should not be counted as gameplay. Also, GM seems to be a bit unstable and IMO should be kept on counseling immedately after the show. When she finds out she lost her job, I can see her becoming suicidal.

      • Comments (610)

        Oh and how about her need to be attached to McCrae’s hip (so to speak). She does not let him out of her sight for more than a minute or two. Creepy!

      • Comments (5)

        There is certainly no question in my mind that GM has serious self esteem issues judging by her obsession with Nick whom she literally barely knows. This also indicates some possible past trauma and or what is clearly an underlying mental instability. I am worried for her. She lacks maturity beyond about 18 to 21 yrs of age and may very likely not be able to face physical aging. As far as Amanda – she i really delusional and a danger to herself and others at some point – like now. I also think that the social stigma they will face after the show coupled with the loss of their jobs – GM, Amanda, and Aaryn is going to have far reaching consequences. I feel sorry for them. They just keep digging deeper.

    • Comments (302)

      I agree on Amanda but Aaryn’s behavior is beyond ignorance. Just watch some of those tapes of her mistreating Candice and that’s a bigots hatred not a little blonde girls ignorance. Aaryn and Amanda are equally ugly in my book. CBS has had every opportunity to penalize this behavior and instead nurses the fire for ratings. Like you JD I can’t watch the feeds anymore because it is just a constant hum of mean spirited arrogance. But I think Ellisa has been a light in this tunnel and many of us keep watching because we want to see the bullies get payback.

      • Comments (5)

        Yes she has a mean streak that rivals Amanda’s. She just has a different ie what appears at first to be a softer approach and thus it seems to come out of nowhere. I see aggression with alcohol use – underlying rage.

  11. Comments (357)

    @ Stevebeans….call me crazy, but everyone is entitled to a life outside of BB. Most of us support your hard work and diligence in order to keep the masses informed on what is going on in the house. I don’t subscribe to live feeds, so I rely heavily on your blogs to keep me posted on what is going on in the house (outside of the show and BBAD). Keep doing what you do and NEVER apologize for having a life that consists of more than just BB15. Great job Stevie…..keep it coming!

    • Comments (286)

      Agree with nqb1234 Steve does this and does not get payed ,has a life outside of this and keeps this blog more enjoyable than others.Keep up the GREAT work Steve been with ya since BB13 been a great ride till this season,just do not get why CBS is letting all this stuff going on.Mccrea throws the ball around and they tell him to stop it yet all the threats and racism is left alone? Really do not get that.

  12. Comments (13)

    Andy has to go up and be voted out. Elyssa knows that he can’t be trusted and is extremly loyal to Team Amanda. GM, I don’t think would vote Aaryn out. And if Aaryn won HOH next week, I think would put up McCrazy and Amanda. If anyone wants to have a chance to win they have to get rid of one of the two. I think they all see that now. Will be interesting to see everyone turn on Amanda.

    • Comments (6)

      Aaryn, and Andy are still on team Amanda. Spencer I am not sure about, but he seems at least very pro team McCrae. So no, they have not all woken up yet.

  13. Comments (162)

    Spencer is very smart he has laid low and has place himself in the middle of a lot of game talk from Amanda and McCrae to Andy and Aaryn and now Judd and Elissa so he might of been the smartest one cause they say he is a good liar. I just how he gets on board with Elissa and Judd or he will be out sooner then later.

    • Comments (453)

      As smart as Spencer is, he is 100 times gross, nasty and perverted.

      • Comments (610)


      • Comments (5)

        He is what I refer to as a block brain. Very compartmentalized and limited due to high testosterone, male biased outlook with relatively low emotional intelligence. He is crass and thinks mostly selfish thoughts usually around food and sex. Annoying type of individual but he can’t help that he is primitive in his wiring. They make good rudimentary workers but lean towards missing the toilet seat, dwelling on sexual gratification and what they can eat and drink next. Just look at his shifty eyes. He is easy to read.

  14. Comments (2)

    I agree el should have put up macranda but if one came off the block they may still be in the house it would have been interesting to watch. On a second note, I think el is sort of on to andy with all the fake crying, judd was almost on to it. If andy does go on the block it will come out because aaryn is going to do whatever she can to stay in the house and andy will do the same they both will throw each other under the bus and expose the scheme.

  15. Comments (13)

    I liked Elyssa move to put up McCrazy and Aaryn. I thought it was a good move to get both McCrybaby and Demanda on the block. Just didn’t work out. Probably would have been better to nominate Amanda first, she has been more competive in the comps lately. I can’t believe there was three girls in the end on the softball comp. For sure a guy should of won that.

  16. Comments (82)

    Well we all got what we wanted right?? Amanda won POV…oh hell yeah! I said it the last few days, Go Amanda, win pov, its your time, re-take control of the house. You OWN IT! And she did. BOOOOOOOM!!!!! Best player in the house by far, and entering the category of one of the best players of all time. Haters gonna hate, but in Big Brother terms, not all you emotional people….she ROCKS! Go Amanda, evict your 10th person of the season, win HOH next week…..and ROLL to the finals!!!

  17. Comments (18)

    I have watched BB every year and remember a time when Big Brother removed a house guess for not wearing her Mic. to me that say’s making life threats and bullying are permitted but no mic on is reason enough to take a house guess out. After all the commercials about Bullying and the legal right not to have your life threaten Big Brother is turning their backs on the core of the game. AMANDA Z Should be REMOVED from Participating in this season. BIG BROTHER 15 Take a stand against Bullying and Take Amanda right out of the game. Who Else will join my PLEA!!!!!

    • Comments (82)

      You are crazy. Is she beating people up? And you REALLY think she is going to kill someone, or means any threats? You people make me laugh at how ridiculous you are. Me and some buddies joked one night a poker that we were going to “kill” one of the guys at the table for winning so much. Were we really going to kill him???? NOOOOOOO so stop being ridiculous.

  18. Comments (316)

    I now join the others who have accidentally pressed the report comment button. Sorry Beans.

    Anyway, I hope Aaryn leaves the house. Anyone in agreement?

  19. Comments (195)

    Very late into the night Spencer Judd Andy and Elissa were talking and it sounded like they convinced Elissa to put up GM. I had accidently left my computer on and their conversation woke me up. Now I did fall back to sleep and not sure if it is a done deal but I hope not. This was very late and I fell back to sleep but hopefully Elissa went to bed too and changes her mind!

    • Comments (231)

      Later after that convo, E talked to Gm and told her that e1 was trying to get her to put up Gm. E assured her that she was not doing that and Andy was going up. E and Gm decided to stay away from each other and that Gm should act like she didn’t like Elissa. Gm said she will vote out Aaryan.

      • Comments (231)

        Oh, Judd is working for E on the downlow and acts like he is on Andy’s side.

      • Comments (195)

        Oh thanks Patricia for letting me know. I was getting a little worried there. I knew what Judd was up to but listening to their conversation wasn’t sure if Elissa had a change of hear. Thanks again for the info!

      • Comments (195)

        oops heart

  20. Comments (195)

    Forgot to mention another thing that happened. Elissa once again mentioned that she does not care if she goes home next week because she can not stand any of these people. I hate when she talks like that especially when she has so many people squirming right now and looks to finally be playing the game!

  21. Comments (407)

    Hey Stevebeans, the troll ME is back on and I noticed as soon as “IT” came on the down thumbs started racking up. The blog was going pretty good with all of us just stating our opinions, whether we agreed or not, without the nasty comments being posted. Think you can help us with this problem child?

  22. Comments (1)

    BB is having its worst season: racism, bullying, profanity to the max, no age diversity, some not so bright contestants.. Posters on this thread have alluded to, a few times, rumor that Amanda is married. Is this possible? What must her husband, friends and coworkers be thinking if this is true. What could BB be thinking to allow this sham. Does anyone have any facts?

    • Comments (407)

      No, Amanda is not married (lucky guys that got away), although there was a site that posted she was 38, which is not true (although she looks it), and that her name is Amanda Jane Zuckerman. That also is not true. Her name is Amanda Joy Zuckerman…and she has tried to give that middle name to as many men as she can!

  23. Comments (32)

    Did anyone else notice just how much that photo of Andy looks like Yoda from Star Wars?

    Steve, do a side-by-side image comparison. I am telling you, Andy is like a young Yoda.

    • Comments (610)

      Yes, lol! Steve, please do the comparison! I’ve been thinking & thinking, who does Andy remind me of…now you’ve helped answer that question.

      • Comments (407)

        And Steve while you’re at it, do a side-by-side of the TUNA DOG. That is truly what he looks like. Sorry, I don’t mean to offend anyone who has a tuna dog and if you want to see for yourself, just google it!

    • Comments (5)

      Yes I see that. He looks like a little innocent ginger pixy upon first glance. But upon closer examination he is clearly a nasty little red fire rat.

  24. Comments (166)

    Sambella & Patricia thank yall soo much for the updates..If we can just keep Elissa on the mind set of Andy we will be ok..Aaryn should go, & hopefully GM or Judd get HOH & finally put up Whoremanda/McGross & bye bye to one of them, hopefully Queen Whore!!

  25. Comments (24)

    Ok, been thinking about this all day, lol, and I am not a spencer fan, but….. What do you think he would do if he were to win HOH ? would he have the guts to break up Amanda and McCray, if you notice he has not really been on either side because he has been to busy on the block as a pawn, hmm I think he would make a big move, and again not a fan, but if all of these BB 15 HG’s keep letting Demanda and McCray run this season then one of them deserve the 500k for the others allowing them to be the way they are…….

  26. Comments (23)

    Don’t they remind you of “The Lord of Flies” the longer they are isolated from society the ruder & cruder they get. Look @ the way Amanda is stalking her prey…Elissa…she smells blood!

  27. Comments (143)

    Can someone tell me if Andy, Judd and Spencer would really vote out Aaryan or is this just a scam to get Elissa to put up gm and vote gm out? I couldn’t tell from BBAD. Thanks.

  28. Comments (12)

    Why Can’t Ellisa put up Amanda. Amanda gives up her veto to save Macrae. So he has the veto now. She should be fair game. And Karma. She finally win something that won’t benefit her. HA HA HA

  29. Comments (12)

    Sorry yearbook. I pressed report by mistake

  30. Comments (5)

    Wouldn’t it be sweet, when Aaryn walks through the door to be greeted with dead silence from the audience. LOL

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