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Big Brother 15 – Highway To The Danger Zone

Bail out, Maverick!  Bail out!
Bail out, Maverick! Bail out!

Yesterday was quite the strange day in the Big Brother house, starting with Jessie continuing her craziness and finishing with a wedding and some apologies.

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McCrae and Amanda decided to seal their ‘showmance’ with a faux wedding that does more to put a target on their back than anything else.  A target that good players would see – key word: good players. The ironic thing about it is that Amanda and McCrae did their best to break up any showmance in the house, basically teaching the people that showmances are bad, yet continue to spit in the face of that logic.  I guess they can do that with this remaining cast.

I will be shocked, I mean absolutely blown away if Amanda and/or McCrae is not competing for the final HoH spot.  It’s almost a lock for one of them to make final 3, the question is basically whether or not they’ll both make it.  Amanda was in a perfect position to go home last week, and one of the alleged other ‘strong’ players even considered it (Helen), but backed out and decided to keep waiting.  She didn’t even push real hard for Andy to make a big move this week on the couple, despite him holding a lot of power with the HoH and PoV combination.

On the Jessie front, she had quite the afternoon, which I covered in this thread, but she calmed down quite a bit and by the end of the night was apologizing to both Helen and Elissa.  Of course, the apologies were guided on by Amanda, but that’s not a surprise at this point.  That’s Amanda’s house, they’re all just living in it.  Jessie thinks she can regain favor by doing the apologies, but nothing she can say or do will work at this point.  It can’t. Looking at each players game, I can’t think of any real reason to keep Jessie over Spencer at this point.  Jessie is a loose cannon, and Spencer is a wounded dog just looking to cling to anyone willing to feed him.

I’m not really sure what Jessie could have done differently in this game.  She’s not the most skilled social player in the world, but she did see an opportunity last week and jumped on it.  That was her moment to strike, and she tried.  Unlike Andy, I give Jessie credit for actually trying and not just accepting 3rd or 4th place.  I’d probably have done the same, as it would be better to sit in the jury house (or at home) than it would be to sit in the BB house with that crew when you have no chance at winning.

I’d take a beach house somewhere in California for a month over sitting in a cramped house eating slop with GM, Aaryn, Amanda, etc.  The only way I’d want to remain in the BB house at this point is if I had a legitimate shot at winning, which Jessie doesn’t.  She’s better off leaving on Thursday than stressing herself out even more.

Oh, almost forgot, if you want to see the wedding, flashback to 10:20pm.  I didn’t talk about it much because I have a strange feeling not many of my readers really care, but if you’re wondering how Amanda looked, here she is in her togadress


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  1. Comments (86)

    I wish that I never started with this season. Unfortunately I cant stop. The house should just self evict except for Helen and Amanda. Jessie should also be included. The rest of the house isn’t playing. It makes me furious! There is 500k up for grabs and the house guest are playing for jury. Next season I truly hope they put people in who want to win the jackpot and not settle for a jury spot. Just let Helen and Amanda wrap this up so I can get on with the rest of my summer. Uuggghh

    • Comments (96)

      I wish they would bring Nick back. He seemed to be the only one playing the game!

      • Comments (80)

        This might be a possible Unpopular opinion but IMO, Nick went into the game playing too hard too soon, and I feel that’s what got him evicted so early. On the other hand, it could be nice to have Jeremy back (even though he’s a scuzz) because regardless of the alliance he was in, he voted how he wanted to and he made the game interesting.

      • Comments (610)

        i agree, i think Nick did play too hard, too soon & that put the target on his back. But I would not want to see Jeremy back in the game no matter what.

      • Comments (80)

        At this point, I’d rather have Jeremy back then have to sit and watch the HG’s vote for what the House wants, and paint their nails on BBAD/Live feeds :/

        I’m not a fan of his by any means, but I’m just ready for some more entertainment. Jessie has been doing good this week with that. So I guess we will see what happens once she leaves.

      • Comments (143)

        I don’t think Nick played too hard too fast, lots of people got picked off by just sitting back. Nick went home because Spencer felt safer with Helen (boy did that backfire) as Elissa kept winnning mvp, and mccrae hooked up with amanda who brought him over to that side. Had Jeremy not going around and intimidated his own alliance members who turned them all against the alliance Nick would still be here. Nick is gone because of Jeremy strong arm tactics that rubbed too many people the wrong way in his own alliance. That is the messed up thing about BB. Often you can go home for actions that have nothing to do with you. Spencer felt he controlled everyone outside of the MC and triangle of thrust, so he viewed nick as expendenable and knew the votes wouldn’t add up if Elissa went home and that he’d lose half the house.

        Nick would have went home no matter what he did. It was not in Spencer’s interest to keep him not because he played the game too hard but because Spencer had a bunch of side alliances he tried to appease.

        I never liked Jeremy, but you throw him, howard, nick and candice back in the house and make like 3-4 double evictions then you have an interesting season. Right now, it is a snooze fest. Throwing in 1 more player won’t do nothing because they’ll just all vote him/her out because its what “the house wants” in a unanimous vote.

      • Comments (80)

        Lol I knew this would be an unpopular opinion 😛

      • Comments (357)

        I NEVER though I would agree with the possibility of Jeremy coming back in. BUT, for the love of everything BB. Somebody has got to come back in and shake this house up! As far as Steve said many posts ago. If this POV has anything to do with folding and things of that nature? We can pretty much be sure that Amanda is getting inside info in order to help her win. What a sad existence that BB has stooped to rigging a game that carries so many diehard fans. I’m over seeing what the outcome is. Congrats Amanda, you may have lost your license, but you gained 500k to do by your way into another business! Let me also be the first to congratulate BB production for helping to reward the biggest racist in the house for her cruel words week after week. Great way to show the next set of contestants that you can only win by being a bully/racist. I just don’t get how Helen allowed Amanda to get by every week?

      • Comments (357)

        2 minutes…..2 MINUTES into BBAD, Amanda is whispering to McCrae about her DR sessions. She turns around and looks right into the camera s if she is thinking. I got this game sewn up! WHY? The HGs are idiots for not putting it together by now. Amanda said so herself while getting ready for her “wedding”, that she would be the only one to get more booze. i missed so much the last couple os days, but DAMN….how more obvious can it get?

      • Comments (25)

        Nick tried not to lie which meant he wouldn’t reassure people – he refused to tell them he had their back or that they were safe if he didn’t believe it

      • Comments (41)

        Well he sure didn’t play it very well!

    • Comments (10)

      “Unfortunately I can’t stop”???? “,,,wrap this up so I can get on with my summer” ???? Hilarious!! You seriously need help so that YOU can self evict.

    • Comments (90)

      Maybe they should reduce the number of jury spots back to 7. Even though they had a large cast for BB15, as previously mentioned by other bloggers, seems the major goal by many has been to just chill and get paid in jury. Like I said, put the jury spots back to 7. This folks don’t even deserve chill time in jury. Smh

      • Comments (86)

        Well said Vee!

      • Comments (143)

        I thought of that too, but remembering other seasons, you had people like Jen and Porsche etc who refused to do anything until they were in jury. You have to pick the right people and dump shit disturbers into the game over and over again to punish sitting back and doing nothing. You need to reduce the cast size and the season length. Once you get in tight with someone for like a month you aren’t going to back stab them. In a normal season like 2, you’d have 5 people gone in 4 weeks and alliances turning on each other already. The house is also TOO BIG. You don’t get alot of confrontations in a big house. Make the rainbow room the hoh room and cut out the 2nd floor knockdown the havenot rooms walls or make them plastic see through. Now more conflict, nowhere to run or hide.

    • Comments (2)

      im so over this season. No one wants to play the game.
      I miss Janelle sooo much.

  2. Comments (1446)

    That “wedding” was the most moronic, self-absorbed, foolish thing I have ever seen on TV. You could tell that the rest of the houseguests(well except for Andy), were only acting like they were excited about it or face the wrath of Amanda.
    I can’t believe that someone(please dear God someone) didn’t crack and just stand up and say “OMG I feel like an idiot here!!!” How could Helen, who is a professional 38 yr old, hold it in?? When the girls were upstairs getting ready, it was soooooo phony!! I would have run out the door screaming for my sanity!!! No amount of money would have been worth enduring that nonsense.
    The best part was Amanda raging because BB would only give them one bottle of wine. That was pretty much her biggest concern…the booze.

  3. Comments (651)

    Wait until she see’s what she looks like. A person who has done nothing but stuff their face with other peoples food and lay around in bed 22 hours a day should never wrap themselves up in a WHITE sheet. And yes the fact that she wore white is something I’m going to ignore from now on because I missed the memo that said white is the color for SKANKS!!

    • Comments (86)

      My only motivation is knowing when they get out of the house the wrath they are going to deal with. My favorite t.v. aired moment was when Spencer didn’t take Amanda’s shit when they were sitting outside. I wonder what Amanda – Aaryn – Gina Marie – Kaitlyn family thinks of their behavior. What a joke for a wedding. I hope bb doesn’t air any of it.

      • Comments (34)

        I loved that moment too. Can’t stand Spencer either but it’s great to see him give her sass right back.

    • Comments (1162)

      Adage about Amanda – You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

  4. Comments (118)

    Was that sheet ever washed?

  5. Comments (6)

    I was watching Sunday’s episode when I realized how horrible this season is. I canceled my season pass and am relying on this site for updates as the only way CBS will realize that this season sucked is if the ratings plumet..

    • Comments (357)

      Somehow I believe that the only way CBS is going to realize that they messed up is when the finale is over and the calls for boycotts REALLY begin! Ratings have not dropped enough for those idiots to figure out that people are disappointed. I am trying to watch today’s episode, but I would rather catch up on this weeks Stevie blogs, than pay attention to what’s showing today.

  6. Comments (96)

    Is any

    • Comments (96)

      Ahh! Sorry! Anyway, is anyone else disgusted by the fact Gm, Amanda, Aaaryn, and spencer might get 50000 or half a million?? I am not a fan of Elissa, Helen, Andy and Macre, but if the others get it, isn’t it showing America ” hey you can be a racist and disgusting human being, and you will get rewarded”. I really think if it comes down to those four, CBS should donate the money to a charity. At least they can do something right!

      • Comments (1162)

        I agree.

        CBS/BB should tell the HGs on Finale Night that BB15 is over and
        due to the HGs non-stop racism, bigotry and hatefulness the
        money will be donated to several charities and not to any of the HGs.

        Because – “CBS Cares!”

      • Comments (768)

        Now I know who put the B.S. in CBS!!! lol 🙂

      • Comments (1092)

        Good plan. Then all of the houseguests can sue for $500000. claiming some sort of fraud. You would really be happy then, right ?

      • Comments (1446)

        Yep. Unfortunately, even though there are many racist, ignorant bigots in the house, one of them may very well win 500K…and that’s the fault of CBS casting.
        I keep hearing how hard it’s going to be for these bigots to re-enter the real world because there is so much hate for them. That may be true to a certain extent, for short time, but they will recover quickly. That’s the way our society is these days. Put a laser focus on some “car wreck” of a story(think Casey Anthony or Jodi in AZ) then when it’s done we all move on. And not all of America is watching – I think Amanda, Aaryn, GM and Spencer will go home and blend right in with the rest of their kind. Sad but probably true.

      • Comments (96)

        Maybe they can’t sue. There could be a clause in the fine print of their contracts that I am assuming they signed before they went on the show.

      • Comments (1162)

        If any of these HGs sue CBS/BB, they wouldn’t be the first to do so.
        From the start of Big Brother, CBS/Viacom was sued by the Estate
        of Marvin Rosenblum, owner of the movie and television copyright
        to Orwell’s “1984” novel. CBS tried and failed to have the case dismissed
        and settled with the Rosenblum Estate the day before the trial was to begin.
        CBS lost (undisclosed$$$$$) on that one regarding the BB Show but probably hasn’t lost any sense then.

        I’ll bet the CBS lawyers are probably the only ones working hard at Big Brother,
        as the casting staffers and show format staffers surely are not.

      • Comments (1162)

        dmc –

        Why would I be happy?
        Why would Kiki45 be happy, although you’ll have to ask her for yourself.

        The idea for a charitable donation vs any winnings to the racists and
        bigots on BB15 has been all over the internet and well received by BB fans.
        While, IMO, the suggestion is a noble one, it isn’t practical.

        My comment was snarky sarcasm at CBS/BB.
        Case in point – “CBS CARES!”

      • Comments (610)

        MM I totally got your sarcasm towards CBS/BB! I actually mentioned that in one of my email comments to them and how it doesn’t really fly in light of all the horrible stuff they’ve allowed the HG to say on BB without being disciplined for it.

      • Comments (768)

        I thought it was obvious too.

      • Comments (48)

        I wish I could post a pic on here I found on Twitter of Julie Chen holding the final key and it says NEITHER…….

      • Comments (357)

        Now that would be the biggest BB twist ever!

      • Comments (1162)


      • Comments (10)

        There seems to be lots of disgusing, rude, hateful, racist, hypocritical people posting here and other BB sites. The HGs should get paid for getting attacked buy a bunch of bullies hiding behind their computer screens whose comments are just as rude, bullying, disgusting, and in some cases worse, than the HGs.

      • Comments (1446)

        While I agree that some here are sometimes rude, why should the houseguests be getting paid for it?? To reward their behavior? I don’t get it.
        The HG’s are on TV in front of millions. I think that gives us a right to comment, good or bad. Last time I checked we still had a First Amendment.

      • Comments (10)

        What, the First Amendment doesn’t apply if you are in the BB House? What about paid actors on TV who don’t live up to some viewers standards? How about just changing the channel.

      • Comments (82)

        They are in a house, 24/7 for 54 days now. Who wouldn’t say things here and there that are offensive to SOMEONE. We all would. All of us would slip with some things here and there, whether meant or not. We all have friends of other races that we can joke with and say “racial” things to, and they don’t care cuz they know we aren’t that way. Some, and I repeat some not all of the oomments in the house could possibly be like that. The HGs need to realize however that “America” does not know them, and will judge them on comments made, while possibly friends of other races at home know they are not racist/sexist against gay, lesbian or special needs people. I don’t judge any of them for anything they have said or done under pressure etc, cuz I don’t personally know these people. My only suggestion to those that continue to hate on them, stop watching. Pretty simple. Have a great day everyone.

      • Comments (1446)

        Yeah, jumping around grunting and saying tht your imitating someone with Autism – I’m just SURE we all do that it our lives everyday. No big deal, right???
        Saying that you want a certain HG to be killed in an alley and raped, no big deal. We talk like that all the time – you bet!
        I have a friend who is adopted. Yeah, I tell her all the time that her mother didn’t want her and then we LAUGH AND LAUGH.
        If these are supposedly harmless HG jokes, then I guess I’m just thin skinned and should start laughing right along with the rest of them.

      • Comments (71)

        Truth 2 tell: You hit the nail on the head. Those are my exact feelings. The blogs are full of hateful comments – the people in the big brother house are playing a game — the commenters are showing that they are just as mean and hateful. And all the whining about how this is the worst season ever, and poor me how I wasted my time watching, and bla bla bla. Pathetic.

        There seems to be lots of disgusing, rude, hateful, racist, hypocritical people posting here and other BB sites. The HGs should get paid for getting attacked buy a bunch of bullies hiding behind their computer screens whose comments are just as rude, bullying, disgusting, and in some cases worse, than the HGs.

      • Comments (233)

        Whose mom are you? And why copy/paste a paragraph full of mistakes?

      • Comments (407)

        Kate, I have not read on anyone’s post on this blog that they would like to slit throats, rape, hope someone puts their eye out, or knock someone’s teeth out. Nor have I heard them refer to a person of color’s hair as nappy, or say someone is retarded or autistic. This is just a sampling of the things that have been said by some of these houseguests, but believe me, there is plenty more. We have as much right to vent on this blog as they have to say what they do on national TV. If you don’t like the comments on here, then DON’T come in this site. Plain and simple.

      • Comments (1446)

        C’mon, aren’t you hating on the people who claim are the haters?? Huh?
        Wait for it…..
        Pot, meet kettle.

      • Comments (1446)

        My last comment was for Truth 2 tell and Kate. It got put in the wrong spot…oopsy!!

      • Comments (487)

        I will not and can not condone bad behavior. Personally, my posts are based on the facts. I am not attempting to mean, rude, racis, etc. These young people on BB15 are the same age as my children. I will continue to express my disappointment in their individual and collective behavior as well as their poor game play. I have watched every season of BB and I noticed the first night that there was going to be trouble with GM and Aaryn. I don’t get the live feeds to I come to the boards to find out what happens when the cameras are rolling.

        And I am not hiding behind my computer. I have contacted CBS in writing and have given them my name and telephone. I am woman enough to say to repeat anything I have said on this or any other board to their face. Unlike Helen my truth is always the same, not dependent on the situation.

      • Comments (487)

        **correction — I am woman enough to repeat any I have said on this or any other board to their face.

      • Comments (12)

        Well said Julia!

      • Comments (233)

        Well said. Sometimes I am a little harsh, but usually it’s in the interest of finding some humor amidst the disgusting behavior.

      • Comments (1)

        Well not sure your comments Are true… But your spelling prowess needs work

      • Comments (24)

        Wow, think much about anything besides correcting someones grammar??? We all know that while typing comments, letters get left out, words are misspelled because PEOPLE are so passionate about their THAUGHTS, give people a break and let them vent their frustrations on a site that should automatically correct GRAMMAR! CBS sucks money from people better than VAMPIRES suck BLOOD!!! Oh Wait, Vampires are fake. BYE CBS!!!

      • Comments (24)

        Yeah that’s right I said THAUGTHS on purpose!!1

      • Comments (487)

        Keri — My comments are true. There is nothing about this board that gives me reason to lie.

      • Comments (487)

        Oops — Kerri Sorry about that. LOL

      • Comments (231)

        Uncalled for comment Keri 🙁

      • Comments (357)

        I don’t think that most people on here are hiding behind their computers. We have no choice but express our disgust in these types of forums. I think that if most on here were given the opportunity to be at the finale and given the floor to express our disappointment of the season? I for one would be ALL over it! I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but I have no qualms with running down my opinion of all the HGs on here. On the computer or by face to face….they are still disgusting and they are representing to other countries that, that type of behavior should be awarded.

      • Comments (80)

        I don’t know what other BB websites you go on, but I follow this one/Stevebeans pretty closely and I have not seen much hate on this website. Stevebeans does a good job and monitoring this site and deleting the truly unnecessary comments/behavior. And usually when people say something terrible, others will respond negatively in an adult manner (saying ‘that’s not acceptable.’ ‘Oh my’ etc.). No one is hiding behind a computer, this is a forum/ a discussion board for people to DISCUSS from all over the world. If you don’t like what you read, then stop reading, stop coming to the site if it makes you unhappy. All of us enjoy this website to read Stevebeans’ updates and to have interesting conversations. I enjoy reading everyone’s differing opinion and I enjoy seeing other people put their input in. I have had my thoughts on HG’s changed many times and enjoy those playing devils advocate as well. I’m sorry you don’t like this website or reading what others have to say, but as I stated earlier, you don’t have to come to this website.

      • Comments (407)

        My sentiments exactly, Court. Thanks for your post…very well stated. I too love this blog and there are certain people I have learned to just skip over when I see their name and some I can’t wait to read their comments. Thanks again.

  7. Comments (1162)

    stevebeans – Well Said!!!

  8. Comments (48)

    I think Andy should be kicked out next. I mean, who does he think he is not giving his HOH room to McManda?

  9. Comments (768)

    “I’d take a beach house somewhere in California for a month over sitting in a cramped house eating slop with GM, Aaryn, Amanda, etc. The only way I’d want to remain in the BB house at this point is if I had a legitimate shot at winning, which Jessie doesn’t.”

    No offence Beans but that kind of thinking is why this season is so booooring. Unfortunately the majority of houseguests think the same way. I don’t ever remember hearing so much talk of people who will be satisfied to just make it to the jury. What ever happened to fighting to the end? These people need to realize that they have been given a real opportunity, yet they only want to get as far as they can…not actually win. Hence all the ‘voting with the house’ B.S. Dullsville! For 13 years the prize money has been the same. I say up the winner’s prize to $1 million, $100,000 for second place and the rest get $5000 to $10000 no matter when you get eliminated.

    • Comments (1162)

      I agree with upping the winnings but beforehand ……….

      Fire the employees responsible for this year’s show format, unchanged and so old
      everyone knows what to expect.
      What happened to, “Expect the Unexpected!!!!”
      What do these CBS/BB employees do for 10 months
      of the year to earn their salaries?

      Also, fire the CBS/BB employees responsible for the horrific casting of BB15’s HGs.
      They failed.

      • Comments (610)

        I agree MM, the expect the unexpected has totally lost all meaning, especially this season. Everyone in the house is waiting for Pandora’s Box, Zingbot, etc. What’s unexpected at this point?!

      • Comments (407)

        Well MM, I doubt anyone getting fired since the CBS-CEO Les Moonves (Julie’s husband) confirmed he personally has final say over the contestants.

      • Comments (48)


      • Comments (13)

        Maybe if they bring back coaches for each player, that would shake things up. The coaches can’t win but they have to play as a team???

      • Comments (1162)

        Possibly, however I think BB needs to select HGs who are true
        BB Fans and never again bend to the will of casting agents nor
        allow any BB staffer to include any pick-ups “found”
        at outside locations such as strip clubs and bars.

  10. Comments (610)

    At this point CBS/BB should seriously consider shortening the “season” and put an end to all the misery. Worst season ever & I’ve seen all of them. CBS could easily bring up their ratings by showing reruns of other shows…much better than the boring crap we’ve been seeing the last couple of weeks.

  11. Comments (28)

    This whole process leads me to believe amanda will win due to someone outing the cbs producer. It said it will look like she will leave and things suddenly turn around for her…hmmmmm….if it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck? well……go figure…

  12. Comments (7)

    Is this a clue CBS? Instead of watching the live shows or BBAD I come here to see if anything has happened that would make it worth watching the programs again. So far it has only gotten worse. Would I really want to see a staged McWedding? At least they were out of bed. No one is doing anything. u g h. Jessie & Helen didn’t have any game, they didn’t seal the deal to change this whole season & turn it around. I can’t watch Andy sucking up, flitting in & out of rooms, being a puppy dog for Amanda; one more day I originally thought he was here to play. Spenser? Who is he? What is he doing there? I have the most respect for Elissa – at least she can hold her head up high when the season (finally!) ends. A & GM have a rude awakening but for some reason I think it will fall on deaf ears. Too bad. I really look forward all summer to BB. This year was a colossal failure and waste of time. This blog, however, is great!

  13. Comments (77)

    I think if CBS has any hope of their ratings going up or of BB ever being watched again they had better make something happen fast. In the past seasons they have had some good “expect the unexpected” situations. Surely they can come up with something they could work into the show.

  14. Comments (453)

    NEWSFLASH: Bride’s magazine now offering copycat bridal gown worn by Amanda on BB, must be able to wear stained,well used king size mattress on back to purchase said dress for 5 dollars. Sorry not available in smaller sizes.

  15. Comments (7)

    I have watched all seasons of BB US and the first Canadian one. Being from Canada our first year attempt was boring mostly due to us as Canucks being too nice lol, but it wasn’t as bad as this season on BB US. They had the perfect opportunity to break up Amanda and Macrae but chickened out. Andy is a puppet, wasted his HOH and POV in my view. I would rather now they spend more time showing the jury house especially when GM arrives with Candice to greet her! I was routing for Jessie but it looks like she is going next. I believe someone is going to be allowed back in the game from Jury as in the Canadian One, we got to vote who went back in. He went to the final but ironically didn’t win due to one jury person writing the wrong name on the ballot! That was the best moment of the show! Rachel’s sister is a floater and I with she could be brought back in Pandora’s box so whomever gets it she can tell them strategies and tell them how stupid they are playing. Really don’t care now who wins, unless Judd can get back in I would pull for him. Really disappointing season but I will watch to the end as I still love the show.

    • Comments (768)

      I’m from Canada and I thought the first season of BB Canada was fantastic! Even the houseguests on this show (McCrea, Judd, Andy) all talk about how great it was. It was very entertaining! They had great competitions and a great cast of characters. I even enjoy watching the reruns. Allison Grodner should be taking notes!

      • Comments (610)

        so how do we get to see BB Canada? It surely must be better than this season?!

      • Comments (48)

        it WAS! I was having a hard time getting into it the first couple of episodes because it’s not quite the same as BB USA, but once I got into it, bam, I was hooked!

      • Comments (48)

        try You Tube, you might have to just watch bits of episodes, but it’s still good….still, it had a showmance not too far off from McRanda, just a bit nicer people….unfortunately, due to a wrong placed vote, the female of the showmance won :/

      • Comments (233)

        Spoiler Alert.

      • Comments (768)

        If you are in Canada they run it every night on Slice at 3 a.m.

      • Comments (1288)

        If you are familiar with Usenet newsgroups I know there used to be full episodes of every BB including those from Eastern Europe available in BB newsgroups. If not familiar it is possible to figure them out and you will need to be familiar with assembling multipart message attachments. It is fairly easy to find freeware for it at Cnet.

        I just looked at a list and saw that,,, and are still around. Some content may be NSFW.

        Check with your internet service provider before you buy any other access from a Usenet service provider. Many times they have them available and will be able to help you configure your newsreader. I haven’t used them in years but it was the only thing I used Outlook for since I got with gmail early on.

      • Comments (34)

        I watched a couple episodes on Youtube while I was on vacation in the states so you should be able to get them that way… Otherwise I think only Canadians can watch on the slice website. Not sure 🙂

      • Comments (7)

        I tried to give BB Canada a chance, really did, I just couldn’t get into it. Will give season 2 a chance. Wish Judd could come back in for this US season.

      • Comments (48)

        Allison G should be fired if it is true she and Amanda worked together prior to BB15.

      • Comments (34)

        I agree! I’m from Canada and LOVED the BB Canada 🙂 I thought it was really entertaining – there were twists, secret/fun challenges, hilarious individuals to watch (Talla..Gary..), and lots of drama. 🙂

  16. Comments (7)

    It really is their last hope, Sister. The Double Eviction was too subtle, I guess. They need to have a hammer of a twist this time. PUL-eeze do it this week and spare airing that miserable wedding.

  17. Comments (74)

    I can’t even watch the faux wedding. It’s not even funny, or worth my time. It’s like the season did a huge head dive into pathetic. I’m excited about Survivor tho

    • Comments (407)

      Me too. That is my favorite “reality” show, although this years BB has shown us what a bigoted, racist world we still live in. Really sad.

      • Comments (1162)

        My Favorite – The Amazing Race!!!!

        I can’t imagine the majority of the BB15 HGs would ever be
        approved for The Amazing Race and not because of the
        physical challenges. The stamp, “Ugly American” is noticeable
        in their actions and heard through their words
        Guess we’r stuck with them staying in the USA. ugh!

      • Comments (22)

        Love AR, too! Also Survivor. Hey,CBS/BB — what happened to your show?? 15 years of watching faithfully, and your true blue fans are sick of this poor excuse for a BB season.

      • Comments (195)

        Canada for the first time has the amazing race airing this summer. Thank goodness…at least a show worth watching. Was very nervous when Canada decided to do a BB and Amazing Race. As you know we do not have near the money to produce these shows and sometimes they do not come off too well. But, BB was a great success and I have to admit the Race is awesome. They have really tough road blocks etc. Very impressed so far. It would be nice if they were travelling the world however instead of just Canada but maybe next year if this is a huge hit but it is nice to see parts of Canada I have never been to. I doubt if they are airing it in the US but if any of you get any Canadian channels by digital it is worth a watch.

        Sad that on the BB site we are discussing other shows. Let us pray that Thursday something happens that has us all chit chatting again about game play and not trivial stuff like a silly BB wedding.

      • Comments (1162)

        Thanks for the information. I didn’t know The Amazing Race
        was being done in Canada.

        I would love to watch it.

      • Comments (1162)

        I have Time Warner Cable – not my choice but the only cable
        allowed in my building.
        Anyway, as I expected, I can’t get The Amazing Race Canada.
        So sad…….

        Tried the Internet and found –
        However, this, too, isn’t available to me.
        Hmmm – I have Time Warner Internet service ……worthless!!!!

        Maybe … year

      • Comments (123)

        Great News…u can watch the weekly epi’s of TAR Canada on UTube, they are released every Tuesday…its up to Epi 5….its Real Good… 🙂

      • Comments (1162)

        FANTASTIC NEWS!!!!
        Thank you so much for the information.

      • Comments (610)

        That would be very interesting to watch, Amazing Race Canada. I will try to find it on the internet…I’m sure it’s not on my cable network.

  18. Comments (2)

    Wow, I feel like this season is so predictable I would write the feeds at least 48 hours in advance! At this point I am not even looking forward to next season. They should have a twist where they get rid of all the current players and replace them all with the last winners of the last nine seasons (strategically placing them as HOH and NOM’S). Wonder what that would look like. I’d even rather see them replaced with a whole new cast of randoms. It says a lot that I’d rather see a previous winner or even a stranger win over any of the current houseguests. I pretty much only watch out of habit this season. Which I kind of did for last season two. This season makes last season seem interesting though.

    Oh, how about this. Since we are all bored with the predictability of the show lets just take away all the power from the houseguests and let America decide on all the nominees and evictions. They could still play for HOH to save themselves until the final three. That way we could watch a the houseguests we can’t stand scramble for the rest of the season. Would that be unethical? If they want to make this season interesting they have to do something like this at this point. They are losing Big Brother fans by the episode. Probably by the minute from the sounds of the life feeds. Although I doubt there could be enough people watching the feeds to lose a fan by the minute. Big Brother please give me something to enjoy watching the rest of the summer. The show doesn’t satisfy me, it just isnt enough, i have turned to the blogs about the live feeds to try and get a fix and even those leave me feeling empty. I can go on and on but I will stop.

    One last suggestoin: Choose the cast of next seasons big brothers from the people who post these blogs! You could tell which ones are superfans/psychos/strategic/idiots/etc..

  19. Comments (1)

    Andy needs to go down as worst player to date. This show is about big moves and PLAY to WIN. Not play to settle for what you can get. oh well, there is always next year.

    • Comments (1288)

      Yep, making a F2 with the competition beast [who is hated by a fair number of HGs as well as all of America{tho he does not know that part}} and within the F4 of 3AM with the Teflon Power Couple is certainly settling for what he can get. Talk about the life of Reilly.

  20. Comments (80)

    Im disappointed in Jessie for apologizing. She shouldn’t have backed down. It’s not like it would help her anyways. And that wedding is seriously the dumbest thing ever. But of course we all know CBS will air it so lets all sit and prepare to watch stupidity once more tonight.

    • Comments (64)

      I’m more curious about their families’ reactions to this season’s bafoonery.

      Remember surfer boy, the first one to be evicted… You know, the one who spoke like he’d been hit in the head by one too many surf boards? I saw an interview…. I think it was TMZ somewhere online … and he was not consigning on Aaryns remarks. So, I’m extra curious what family members, people who have actually known them all their lives, think of these people.

    • Comments (64)

      I’m more curious about their families’ reactions to this season’s bafoonery.

      Remember surfer boy, the first one to be evicted… You know, the one who spoke like he’d been hit in the head by one too many surf boards? I saw an interview…. I think it was TMZ somewhere online … and he was not consigning on Aaryns remarks. So, I’m extra curious what family members, people who have actually known them all their lives, think of these people.

      To comment about canceling BB: this season is a lesson to vet more thoroughly, and find twists that go against sheep mentality and promote aggressive stimulating gameplay. And take away some of the luxuries. Put them back on PB&J and fight for their food. Hungry people will create tension and maybe less complacency. Maybe America can sabotage certain players or vote to clue certain HGs in on secrets. Or bring back overriding powers to derail humdrum scared players. Production needs to produce a series of tests that force HGSs to think more independently and reward them for cutthroat gameplay not vile misconduct.

      • Comments (80)

        I definitely wasn’t talking about cancelling BB, just talking about them airing the wedding scene in tonight or tomorrows episode.

      • Comments (90)

        Didi, I think your ideas to ” promote aggressive stimulating gameplay” are very interesting and good ideas.

  21. Comments (166)

    It’s like we’re watching a blast from the past called “THE TWILIGHT ZONE”!! Theses HG have lost their flipping minds..what a joke,how humiliating!! I really believe that Meanmanda thinks in her twisted, mean, racist, hateful,disgusting mind that she will go down in BB history as having the best showmance ever, over Jeff/Jordan & Brenchel..Oh she’s definitely going down in BB history for BIGGEST SKANK the show ever had!!!

  22. Comments (166)

    Meanmanda is sitting back day after day thinking of all being on this show is going to do for her, maybe a co-host position on Extra or Entertainment Tonight, maybe a guest appearance on some big sitcom or being in a movie…And McGross heck he’s thinking about how sweet it will be to continue the life he’s already got (broke & being a lazy ass!)

    The other day Meanmanda said “I wonder if I will have to change my phone number after this?” Umm ya think?!!!

    • Comments (610)

      At this point Amanda might be able to get a role in a porn movie? I seriously doubt she would ever be considered for Extra or Entertainment tonight or anything…well maybe Jerry Springer or something like that.

  23. Comments (17)

    Amanda can only get a man that has no choice because he is rapped in the house

  24. Comments (17)

    oops I meant trapped

  25. Comments (64)

    Dang, a wedding? Seriously? How contrived. Poor McC. Amanda seems like she studied a BB guide because she’s gained control over the entire house for almost the entire summer and now is working on her BB legacy with stupid faux weddings and engagement nonsense. As much as I despise what I’m about to type, I can’t deny the fact that Amanda’s spell is analogous (well more like the evil wicked witch version) of Dan’s mist. These people are under a spell. The force is strong with that one. Howard should have done an exorcism up in there.

    • Comments (1288)

      Very well reasoned. Also brings another point to my mind. If when the racial comments were first made, had BB banished Aaryan, GM and Kaitlin Amanda would certainly have modified her behavior. Remember at that time she was the voice of reason warning Aaryan about racist actions and words.

      • Comments (875)

        @DanDaMan…Amanda appeared to be the voice of reason due to DR/Production’s interference. After the bed was flipped by Aaryn, the whole blogosphere was talking about the horrid bigoted remarks that were coming out of the BB House.

        So who did CBS get to call Aaryn on the carpet about the bigoted remarks, Amanda! Which was an Epic failure, when she is also guilty of racist remarks. Which makes me think maybe CBS is rigging the show for Amanda to win. Also last nights Wedding was Okayed by production to Soften Amanda’s image, for her to win the game.

      • Comments (1288)

        Riddle me this then Batman, why oh why would CBS risk a multi-multi-million dollar venture to just give some woman $500k? Being caught in such a conspiracy would damage CBS into possibly billions considering it would call into question the integrity of every CBS reality competition show.

        Yes, the DR does influence HGs by the questions asked and discussions held. But they cannot order choices or unscripted actions, they only give production directions like stand here to give your speech, wear this costume for this competition or sit in that chair when you are nominated. This has all been agreed to in the contestant contracts.

        DR wants to produce the most interesting shows possible. I am convinced they will ask HGs one question to get a specific answer and then change the entire context when edited in the show to make it look like that is the HG’s real thoughts. Very often you hear diametrically opposed statements when comparing DRs to the live feeds and BBAD. Of course you have to judge as to whether the conversation is a truthful or deceitful one but that is all the fun.

        It was most likely before your time, even before mine, but at one time some producers rigged some game shows to improve ratings. When this was found out, it caused a furor to the point congress even got involved.

        So for what possible reason would they want Amanda to win? And is Amanda the type person you would choose as your secret agent is this unprecedented conspiracy? It would be safer and easier to just give her $500k from the millions the producer in question makes off the show every season and wants to continue making.

        I will say though I am convinced Baggage with Jerry Springer is rigged more than Pinocchio to insure the most spectacular train wreck date. But then everybody wins that way.

      • Comments (143)

        Its not all of CBS it is really just Allison Grodner who is her gal pal, for all we know she is getting a kickback, maybe she got tired of seeing idiots get rich and not getting her piece of the pie.

        You think them rigging a show would cost them billions, well they are rigging it and not losing money so how do you explain that. There are already members of production who came out and said the show was rigged on facebook.

        Former hgs have came out and said how production would beg them, literally come into the room and beg them to keep dan in the game last season, how do you explain that . Production has a heavy hand in the game, there is nothing wrong with them trying to keep interesting players around or bringing them back to stir shit and entertain us, it becomes a problem when they try to hide it, lie about it, be decietful about it, pretend there is existing relation when Amanda use to work for mike boogie and was gal pals with Grodner and was already on other cbs shows. Normally being friends or family of objective entities who give away prize money means no family no friends or people with other questionable relationships can compete for obvious reasons.

        Objective fair people do not want to even raise the specter of bias or favoritism. Bias and favouritist and corrupt people look for ways to explain away their actions.

        I have family in media, not everyone is making millions. People can often be corrupt in the most silly ways. You have politicians making 130k+ but will take a 5 grand bribe. You have all kinds of people taking dumb bribes because the money is easy even when they earn good money. I can understand why someone like grodner would want to cast a friend to win so she could get a kickback of easy money. I am not saying she is, it is just a hypothesis.

        As for your link, did you even read it, about 70% of the entire article is about all the scams and scam gameshows cbs, the same show who makes big brother has been running. Rather than prove your point, I think you managed to discredit yourself more in that single line more than anything else. Because all it did was establish a PATTERN of CBS rigging shows.

  26. Comments (166)

    How appropriate that the picture at the top of Meanmanda walking down the aisle is of her & the nasty garbage can!!! Oh how IRONIC!!!!!

    • Comments (610)

      LOl! I didn’t even notice until you pointed it out! Good one! (and did you notice how much garbage there is… there’s the blue recycle container then a regular trash can, plus at least 1, maybe 2, black plastic trash bags on top of it.

  27. Comments (316)

    I’m telling you… if we all keep on complaining there might not even be a Big Brother 16. Personally, I would rather watch a bad season of Big Brother than to have no season at all. Watch what you wish for…..

    • Comments (610)

      Excellent point yearbooks, but unless CBS/BB can really up the ante and totally improve the game as well as the cast, this year they have gone beyond jumping the shark & maybe it should end.

    • Comments (487)

      I don’t want to see the show cancelled. But CBS Entertainment and the BB Producers should use this season as a ‘teachable’ moment. Maybe if they had made an example of GM or Aaryn from the beginning things could have been different. Now CBS has to live with what they allowed to happen. No PSA before the show begins can fix what they broke. And, if they want the MVP mean something and effect the game, the MVP holder must keep it a secret from all the other HGs including the HOH and BB Production can not let anyone know either.

      • Comments (316)

        You all have these grand ideas,so when you get a show of your own you can do whatever it is that you want. Some seasons are better than others it is true. However, they picked the cast not knowing many of them were horrible losers. Get your own show and do better..

      • Comments (22)

        Apparetly, you don’t know that another group was picked and then the producers “decided to go in another direction” at the last minute. So since you are in the dark about how this group got picked (not applied/auditioned) stop these kinds of comments.

      • Comments (316)

        you have no idea how much I know or do not know….

      • Comments (22)

        But I do know, and that is the only important thing.

      • Comments (610)

        Regardless of how this cast was “picked”, IMO it’s an epic fail and it’s the worst, most boring season ever. I keep watching & hoping it will change & get better… (CBS: please take note!)

      • Comments (875)

        @Julia…ITA! I also believe that Julie Chen’s Husband, Les Moonves CBS chief CEO will see to it that another Season Of Racist in BB House will not occur again. His wife Julie Chen was thoroughly PO’ed about the Asian racist remarks.

      • Comments (1092)

        Mello – how is that supposed to happen ? By adding a qustion to the app: are you racist ?

        There is no way to prevent racist players from entering. However, maybe they can simply kick people out for racial remarks. Maybe have some backup replacement players just in case .

      • Comments (1092)


        If they want the MVP to mean something, then maybe for a twist start the game wit 20 players, have an MVP for the first 5weeks, and for each of the 5 weeks two of the three on the block get voted out. The season would last the same amount of time, and the first few weeks which are usually dull, would be crazy. Additionally, I like the idea that whoever wins veto, gets to nominate a replacement player when the veto is used.

    • Comments (231)

      AGREED !

  28. Comments (40)

    My thoughts on the Macranda wedding?….Snore.

  29. Comments (82)

    Go Amanda!! I noticed her funny personality and definitely her looks the first week…nothings changed! People can criticize all they want, but who wouldn’t make an ass out of themselves here and there in this situation. She is running a great social game obviously, or she wouldn’t have so much support and pull in the house. All she has to do is FINALLY win SOMETHING, ANYTHING, and she might just roll to the final 2, where hopefully she will be judged on her social game, and not her occasional outbursts!

  30. Comments (11)

    I don’t usually write comments online but I just feel the need to right now. I just don’t get the Amanda haters out there? It burns me to no end when people dislike a player for personal reasons and therefore right off their gameplay. Amanda is the ONLY player who has talked strategy and game play since day 1. While the other lame floaters were talking about doing their nails or their hair or who was the cutest ad nauseum, Amanda was forming strategy.

    Amanda convinced them from week 1 to keep Ellisa when the entire house wanted to send her home. She saw the value of keeping Elissa because of the MVP power she had while the others all thought emotionally wanting to send her home because she was Rachel’s sister (stupid reason). Then she worked to get David out and she was responsible for every other eviction. She has managed to stay in the house without winning a competition but by having the brains to manipulate these people week after week which is not easy.

    Most house guests (except for Andy & Helen)are acting like they are on a vacation and are so clueless as how this game works. I just wish people would root for the player that has played the best game and NOT whether they like the person or not.

    I hated Dan with a passion in other years but I had to admit he played well and people should ONLY judge them on their play NOT if they are big-mouthed, or dirty or ugly…WHO CARES??? That has nothing to do with the game. So annoying to hear people say they want Amanda out because she has a big mouth…DUH this takes nothing away from the fact she is a good game player.

    Helen has been a “kiss-ass, I love everyone, self righteous” player and I hope it comes back to bite her in the rear.

    Amanda and Andy have player the best game and I hope they make it to the final 2…..COME ON PEOPLE, GIVE CREDIT WHERE CREDIT IS DUE!!!!!

    • Comments (768)

      I’ll give the credit to McCrae, not Amanda. She has been a loose cannon and except for McCrae roping her in and keeping her emotions in check, she would probably have been gone.

    • Comments (220)

      The protection and intimidation she has managed to produce is baffling. As much as I have disliked her comments, the fact that she has casted such a powerful spell, is both frustrating and fascinating. With that said, I’m convinced that its more of an indictment against the sheep as opposed to praise-worthy game play on Amanda’s part.

      I thought it was smart when Amanda suggested that McC approach Helen for a faux alliance. I am hoping McC converts the faux alliance with Helen into a real alliance against Amanda. Wishful thinking…I’m starved for some excitement this season.

      I sort of want to root for Andy because everyone trusts him which is admirable. But he seems to ask for Amanda’s permission every move he makes. Where’s the excitement in that?

      I hope Helen figures out that Andy played her. I want to see Helen and Amanda go head to head.

      At this point in the game, it is hard to root for anyone. If I must, I’m rooting for McC because he’s a threat but Amanda’s spell is all anyone can focus on. My gut still wants Helen to wise up and really go after Amanda with a vengeance.

    • Comments (1288)

      Oh yeah, what you said. Rather proud to be your first thumbs up. This is not a popularity contest. It is a cut-throat competition of lies, deceit and manipulation done within an information deprivation pressure cooker. Everyone lies at some point, everyone eventually turns against those they have worked with.

      This year the unpopular kids are doing well so it is boring. Yes, what has been said is wrong and despicable and there will be consequences when the game is over. But this is America, you have a right to your views no matter how wrong they are. Is it better to whitewash things and pretend like everything is perfect?

      Besides Amanda and Andy, Aaryan is also a surprisingly strong player for someone who is so ugly on the inside. It has been her competition skills, both physically and mentally, that has carried her as well as her willingness to lock onto others and let them have major input in her powers. With Amanda, Andy and McCrae feeding her strategy I think that is the final 4. I really, really want to see Helen’s moment of realization.

      • Comments (64)

        It is infuriating to watch people who have behaved so despicably to go far in the game. But I’ve come to the realization that Amanda has some sort of personality trait that thrives in this competition…from a social perspective. She chose to align with McC right after he won the first HOH. And his easy-going, nonconfrontational vibe has tamed Amanda. Or maybe it’s the balance of her bullish ways and his mild approach that has the HGs terrified or mystified. Plus McC appears to be quite a persuasive liar as we’ve seen with his fake alliance with poor Helen. I do not condone any of the racism, bullying, gay bashing and overall vile mean- spiritedness, but they outplayed the people I was rooting for: Nick, Howard, Candace and now Jessie. And what makes it worse is the lackluster style these HGs have used. There’s no swagger and no confidence other than Amanda. She seems to stomp on their necks even if it stems from her paranoia. Hers is more potent than the others’ desire to win. Sad. Crossing my fingers Helen wises up or maybe McC chops her out. Or maybe tonight a twist shakes it all up.

    • Comments (82)

      Couldn’t agree with you more Grandex. She has played a very good game. From your point about keeping Elissa, to the fact that she has won NOTHING and yet is possibly the most powerful player in the game right now. People can call her a bully and on and on, but wouldn’t she in turn be hated in the house? She is so protected by numerous people in this game. So, she can’t be all that bad. I think she REALLY dropped the ball this week however. She should of ensured Andy backdoored Helen this week. He would solidified their final 4 with Andy and Aaryn. Next out Elissa, then down the line and their final 4 would of been intact. If Helen or Elissa win HOH this next week, they get first chance to strike, and they probably will. I think it was time to make that move, get Helen out and then there is NO other power in the house but McCranda. Go Amanda!! Win it all (then move to Washington State and be my suga momma…..

      • Comments (1288)

        3AM has this covered. If Helen or Elissa wins HoH, then McCrae and Andy (as their part of the fake F3 with Helen) will push for a backdooring of the competition beast Aaryn. Spencer and GM go up, veto is definitely used and Aaryan goes up in a classic backdoor move. Helen just doesn’t know than Amanda, Andy and McCrae will make it a 3-2 vote sending home the pawn. Helen will be gobsmacked and not able to compete in the following HoH. 3AM will have been exposed but they still have an overwhelming numerical advantage and only Elissa and either GM or Spencer to beat in the HoH. Then it will be Helen and Elissa on the block and one definitely going out. Helen might survive but it will take some key wins.

    • Comments (79)

      I didn’t particularly like Dan either but last year I thought his strategy was pure genius. Amanda, on the other hand, just comes off as a bully taking advantage of people that are even weaker and stupider than herself.

  31. Comments (316)

    There were a few Showmances on Big Brother Canada. Does anyone know if those couples are still together today??

  32. Comments (8)

    This thread shows that big brother fans can be just as immature as the players. Quit complaining.

  33. Comments (1162)

    Elissa told Helen that when she wins the next HOH, she will put
    Amanda and McCrae on the block.
    Helen’s response (paraphrasing) ……Oh, no! You have to backdoor Amanda or else we will
    have a week from hell inside the house.
    “BE QUIET, HELEN!!!!!”

    • Comments (768)

      Better still, back door Helen! 🙂

      • Comments (82)

        Should of happened this week Rob! I can’t believe Amanda let that opportunity pass by. She should of ensured Andy would backdoor Helen. Then they would have a somewhat easy ride to the final 4 with Aaryn and Andy. If Elissa or Helen win HOH next week….they may strike first, and probably will.

      • Comments (768)

        Agreed. But Andy knows that Helen has Amanda in her sights and he isn’t in her radar, so he will sit back and let Helen or Elissa do the dirty work of getting Amanda or McCrae out.

  34. Comments (46)


    when she watches the tapes
    She will realize what a bad player she is
    And she thinks shes good
    after this episode i respect mccrae as a player, he deserves to win

  35. Comments (220)

    I missed Spencer’s joke during his veto speech. What did he say?

  36. Comments (357)

    WAIT! A ray of hope has shone through the darkness. Who would ever have thought that Spencer would FINALLY say something intelligent? His POV speech…Congrats on your POV win, I am not going to ask you to use the POV on me because you haven’t done anything intelligent in this game so far (something like that)! Don’t get me wrong, I would never want him to win the 500K, but I can guarantee that if he won HOH. He would shake the house up.

  37. Comments (768)

    So now we know where the notion that McCrae gave Helen the green light to take out Amanda came from…….

  38. Comments (123)

    **** WARNING ***** NSFW *******

    here’s DeManda in her wedding dress, when her BOOB came out, LOL… 🙂

    • Comments (1162)

      She looks and acts like a slut. Period!!!

      • Comments (1288)

        So racially bigoted comments are wrong but misogynistic bigoted ones are OK? This is the 21st century and women are no longer held in check by some arbitrary morality meant to keep them barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen while protecting the patriarchal hegemony. Women are allowed to make the same choices for themselves sexually as men are.

        Amanda is clearly in touch with her sexuality (as well as McCrae’s) and knows what makes her happy. McCrae is not married nor in a committed relationship. He is of age and mentally competent. He is not being forced in to anything and even seems to be enjoying himself. If he wins it all, as a pizza boy, maybe he will consider this summer as one long ride with a helluva tip. More effing power to them.

      • Comments (1162)

        Most sexually-liberated 21st Century women aren’t
        afflicted with Amanda’s exhibitionism and sluttishness. Most of us
        have the good sense to keep our sexual freedom out of
        public view for our own self-respect, livelihoods and
        out of consideration for those we love the most, our family and friends.

        The reality of Amanda’s behavior on BB15 will only work for her if
        she plans entering the Stripping Profession. ( And, there is nothing
        wrong with that, as BB staffers are known to frequent Strip Clubs, so she’ll
        likely be among friends.)

        Why do you assume HoH8 is a misogynist?
        He may very well be a philogynist and be thrilled
        over Amanda’s public displays.

      • Comments (1288)

        Actually my comments were directed to you tossing around the word slut like Elissa, Aaryan or GM does and imposing your male dominated mentality on her actions.

      • Comments (624)

        McCrea is mentally competent? That’s a reach…

      • Comments (79)

        From what I’ve seen here Amanda is in touch with her anus.

      • Comments (407)

        Maybe she’s been eating the Famous Anus “pretzels” GM was talking about!

    • Comments (624)

      fap fap fap….a few moments elapse and come to my senses…..NOOOOOOO! [cue crying game music]

  39. Comments (61)

    ok I need a little help here fellow BBA’s (Big Brother Aficionado’s) Is Elissa a Have Not??? I know She eats the muffins for their nutritional contents, not to mention She found a way to make both the Vanilla & Chocolate ones actually taste pretty good + She is Not drinking alcohol which all actions combined make Me think She is??? I have the Live-Feed but missed Sunday’s Show so I am not sure =/
    More Importantly I Very Much Wish the House would BACK-OFF Elissa!!! She does a Lot for the Have-Not’s even when She is Not one herself =D She makes Muffins, Icing & even Ice Cream without even being asked =D She makes sure everything is “Stocked”. She has freely without complaint did & still does Anyone’s Hair albeit Cutting or Styling, She helped make McCrae’s Proposal really Beautiful, She helped the Bride-to-be Amanda get ready for her Wedding. She Is Not the Horrible person they Joyfully make Her out to be + it is Not Her fault they didn’t get Voted MVP but Shamefully the House even Helen & Andy have treated Her far too Badly =[ Saddest of All the One Woman She thought had Her Back whom She Trusted Most of All whom She HAS been Loyal to has began out & out Lying , Exaggerating & Twisting Elissa’s words getting the House All Mad at her unfairly tactics I guess She learned from Her New Bestie Aaryn the childish Racist who made Disgusting Racist remarks Directly Aimed at Her!!! How Ridiculously Hypocritical is She…uhh Tons!!! Who did I just describe??? I am confident We All know by now who We are talking about the fast becoming Evil & already Horribly Disloyal HELEN!!! What a Dumb move from a Dumb!! The one person Elissa All through the Show who She has been & most likely is still going to be Loyal to Her has been Helen who Definiely No Longer Deserves such Loyalty!!! Helen better hope Elissa doesn’t find out too soon or She may just help send Helen Out the Door Straitht to Jury =D I personally think it would be a Good Move for Elissa needs to hook up with GinaMarie & Spencer so they could Blind-side the House especially since all 3 are treated & talked about as disposal Housemates only good for using. Wouldn’t that Alliance “Stink-Up” the House??? I say Hell yea!!! They say GinaMarie is always farting well it’s time to give the House some real “G.A.S.” !!!
    Blessed Be, Angel L aka Lori =D

  40. Comments (14)

    I enjoy the comments – its a blast to analyze the control of Amanda. Dan had it last season with hilarious misting the minds, his funeral, etc. He told the house who to evict and they followed just like the sheep in this season. I do think the casting was bad but I give props to a few and very few in the house. I think the final 3 will be Andy and McCranda. Hope if its mccrae he will hold on to his winnings and not hand it all over to his fake wife.

  41. Comments (343)

    Helen, again, proves that though she thinks she’s pretty crafty in this game, she has been the biggest dummy of them all. Two weeks America tees up Amanda to be kicked out, but Helen worries about no-power Howard and Candice, and wrongly (self-righteously) kicks out Judd INSTEAD OF GETTING RID OF AMANDA! Horrible strategy, and now she’s done. She could have easily rallied Howard and Candice to her side (as well as others; McCrae was even talking about kicking Amanda to the curb!) and killed the Amanda/McCrae alliance. Instead, Helen no longer has the numbers and support, and is being “played” by Andy, McCrae, and Amanda, and no longer has the backing to make decisions. BB15 Summer of the Stupid.

    • Comments (1288)

      I believe this is where Andy did his yeoman’s work. He kept Helen off balance by feeding her some McCranda info but not all and she never saw the danger. He also kept McCranda from going after Helissa prematurely by completely exposing Helissa’s game and even influencing it to McCranda’s benefit. It was a lot like herding cats.

      You can see their endgame, but can they pull it off? And what twists are left? Tonight’s HoH cannot come soon enough, it had better not be something that drags on past the end of the “live” show.

      • Comments (1162)

        Andy had better come in as BB15’s Winner or in 2nd Place because
        he’s not going to be voted as America’s Favorite.
        : )
        My bet – tonight’s comp will be a long one – endurance.

  42. Comments (143)

    I do not think there can be any doubt that not only does Amanda know production, but that production has slated the entire game for her. Besides the near absence of physical competitions, how is it that she can perfectly predict the type of competition the veto is going to be days before it occurs. Sure you’ve had fold or stay vetos in the past, but not every season had them for her to just magically guess and devote time to come up with an elaborate strategy just days before the “guessed” competition seems like an awful pill to swallow as just chance. Besides rigging the twist, game, having d.r. talks etc, now they are telling her the competitions before they even happen. And if she just magically guessed it, how did she magically guess it to be THIS week and not next week, how would they know there would even be one, when not every season has one. In addition it just so happens both her and Mccrae get “randomly selected” for it. There is no logical explanation for why she would just guess it to be the this week when it was more likely to be a physical. Clear and blatant rigging.

    On another note I agree Jessie did try her best. She was playing with a group of people who were in real tight so she couldn’t flip the house because of their tightness. Everyone since Nick and Jeremy has been trying to flip the house to get out Amanda and Helen out. Its not Jessie’s fault that Helen only wakes up after she is one foot out the door, like it wasn’t candice’s fault or Howard’s fault that no one else saw Amanda was a huge threat or trusted her to the point of not backstabbing her. That has been the story of the season, people in power being blind to Amanda’s power. Sooner or later Andy will be scrmabling to get Aaryan, Gm and Spencer and Elissa to get out Amanda but they too will all be blind and spencer will be fearful of not enough people coming on board.

    • Comments (407)

      Hernanday, google Amanda Zuckerman 2008 and that will show you how long she has been associated with CBS. There are a lot of articles and pictures that prove to be very interesting. I don’t think CBS can deny knowing her before Big Brother 15.

    • Comments (1288)

      And look how right they were about Howard having the coup d’etat and Judd being MVP. Yeesh, it was a lucky guess, they threw out enough possibilities. They know game types rarely get repeated in a season, and since this type had not yet appeared it was more likely to come up – there are fewer options available. That is basic probability and statistics. In any event, the sun shines on a dog’s ass every now and then.

      • Comments (143)

        Its one thign to speculate Judd as MVP (which by the way made absolutely no sense). If Amanda was logical CANDICE would be the obvious MVP, she hated her for 3 weeks and went up twice during those 2 weeks. No one can credibly believe she thought Howard had the coup d’etat.

        If Howard had the coup d’etat and she truly believed it, the obvious move would have been to make nice with him and get out someone like Jessie who she wanted to cut anyways. This actually suggest she knew he was not in possession of coup d’etat, but perhaps was instructed to throw that theory out there to throw people like you off her trial.

        If she did truly believe Howard did have coup d’etat and went around lying on him, picking fights with him and candice and making racist remarks to him just shows how IRRATIONAL she is and shows why it is even MORE UNLIKELY that someone so irrational as to provoke someone with a secret power like coup d’etat would not be rational enough to perfectly figure out a veto competition right before it occured.

        Yes game types rarely get repeated but we had about how many quiz type games now? And since the buzzer games where you pick 2 people to go head to head happen near every season why didn’t she have a strategy for that too? I mean she is so smart why can’t she figure that one out?

        You want to talk probability. I have a minor in stats. You have 8 evictions and 16 competitions so far. You have how many different types of games… hmmm. physical, endurance and quizzes. But in each category you have well over a dozen different types and many are unique and never appear again but lets stick with a dozen.

        Odds of correctly guessing the right game at any time: 1 in 36. Ie. For none math people this means, assume you have 1 competition in the entire game, there are 36 different possible games that can occur, there is just a 1 in 36 chance of correctly guessing it. Sure many competitions have passed by the time Amanda “guessed” it right and many comps never reappear but there are also far more than 36 different types of competitions.

        Competitions so far: 16
        Odds of correctly guessing the right game in the right competition:
        1/36 x 1/16 = 1/576
        Or .1736%
        And one could in theory divide that by 9 (9 contestants) and then again by the chance of her playing in the comp (1 in 6 or at best 1 in 3 if she was chosen last). Then you have .0032% which is about 3% of 1%. It could be blind luck and the sun shining on a dog’s ass but it just smells like a dog ass to me.

  43. Comments (26)

    Tell me why MANda has the nerve to expose that manly body. She is not attractive at all. McC, surely you r with her soley for the game. She is using you. sex with her has to be a challenge. GROSS
    Helen – you will get what you deserve – back doored
    Andy – you too will get what you deserve. You single handly gave the game to Mccrae n Amanda. Hope you r a have not, then maybe you will be quiet like aaryn n GM
    GM – go on over to the jury so you can get your beat down. Actually ignoring you would probably be the best thing. We would not have to hear your annoying voice.
    Elissa – lord help you and those lips. You did not learn your game play from Rachel.

  44. Comments (135)

    This “wedding” is ridiculous. I want to vomit.
    I wish I hadn’t started watching BB this season, but now I’m hooked, unless I decide to extract myself. I’d viewed the conspiracy theories about Amanda with a grain of salt, but have to say that the evidence FOR a conspiracy is certainly mounting and hard to ignore. I agree with jojo; CBS certainly cannot deny knowledge of Amanda, prior to BB15. Plus, I read that BB executive producer is a gal pal of Amanda’s. One thing, it could be a coincidence. Two things, maybe still. Three things, four things… If it quacks like a duck, walks like a duck, smells like a duck. IT’S A DAMN DUCK!

  45. Comments (5)

    seriously i stop watching BB and start reading the feeds, more interesting. anyway, even though i don’t like Amanda game play i must applaud her for being consistent in getting out her target each week. also she knows how to scheme and get pple to listen to her strategies “lies”. i’m not really a BB fan i’m just a viewer that gets caught up in a reality show that promotes racism and bans singing. as soon as Hellen is booted through the door ill be satisfied with kicking this addiction of watching adults behaving like school girl and ass flaunting. Hellen reminds me of that toy monkey that’s always clapping, i think she was the cheer leader and not Candice!!!

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