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Big Brother 15 – Tension Is Peaking

July 10, 2013 | 24 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans



Another night, more racismgate in the Big Brother house.  As I mentioned last night, Amanda finally sat down and spoke with Aaryn about her comments recently, but she was shocked and in denial about it all.  Aaryn feels she hasn’t said anything bad, and Candice is just blowing things up to cause problems.  She (Aaryn) is absolutely convinced nothing is wrong, and she doesn’t have a racist bone in her body.


The sad part is, I think Aaryn truly believes what she’s saying, especially when she used the condescending line to Howard “If I were racist, would I have you in my alliance?” (flashback to 9:19pm to see this conversationI don’t want to get too into it, as I’m a blogger and not a preacher, but I don’t think she understands the difference between old school racism and new aged racism/prejudice.  It’s still possible to work with, go to school with, or be aligned with someone of opposite color while holding prejudices against groups of people.

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Anyway, aside from the ugly parts, the tension in the house is getting really thick with the alliance overlaps starting to create issues.  MC is still together, but McCrae is at a point where he either has to choose between his alliance and Amanda.  They (the alliance) are sick of Amanda stirring the pot and being involved in everything, and worried McCrae is going to start thinking with his little head.

Meanwhile, Jeremy still has his side alliance I call Team Ignorance, and it appears he’s more loyal to them than MC.   The Moving Company will remain in tact, but I don’t think for very long.  The wrong person winning HoH this week could easily shatter that alliance and set some clear boundaries in the house.  It’s very hard for a house to have so many little alliances without it eventually blowing up.

9:19pm – (as mentioned earlier) Howard approaches Aaryn in the cockpit room to discuss the rumors swirling around the house.  Well, I say rumors because they’re treating them as rumors, but we all know they’re fact.  Aaryn has said some lousy things and now they’re coming back to bite her.

The conversation turned into Aaryn denying it and putting a lot of the blame on Candice.

9:39pm – Jessie is outside talking with a few people in the house about her typical conversation piece – flirting with guys.  She said she can’t wait to get out of the house to flirt with the guys and everyone jumped on her about how insecure she is, she needs to let it go, etc.  It would be rude if this was a one time thing, but to Amanda’s credit (who was the most blunt with Jessie), it does get frustrating when someone talks about something over and over.


That said, a lot of people in the house talk about the same stuff over and over.  That’s the nature of the house, you kind of run out of stuff to talk about, so you find yourself repeating things.  Jessie just happens to really love attention from guys. Is it a bad thing?  Hard to say.  I will note, Judd appears to be a good guy, but isn’t even really getting a look by Jessie, likely because he’s ‘too nice’.   (side note:  I feel like I’m blogging about ‘the bachelor’ right now)

Jessie did have a nice comeback to it, but she decided to wait until she was in the room with Judd to say it.  She basically mentioned how Amanda is giving her all this relationship advice, when she’s the one with the bf at home while she’s banging the pizza boy on tv.  Oh well, maybe next time.  Hopefully she doesn’t reply with ‘The jerk store called, they’re running out of you!

10:40pm – Helen and Elissa are chatting while packing.  Elissa has pretty much been packing all week. I didn’t know she took her entire house inside that one suitcase.   Anyway, Elissa is still talking about the hat incident with Jeremy, and mentioned how she hasn’t told the diary room.  Helen feels America should know how much of a jerk he is so he doesn’t win MVP in the future.  Don’t worry, Helen… I don’t think he will be winning any time soon.

10:50pm – Spencer and Jeremy in the pantry talking about yet another alliance forming.  This one will be Aaryn, Howard, Spencer, Kaitlin and Jeremy.   So this will be Jeremy’s 3rd alliance, or is there more?

11:40pm – Jeremy and Kaitlin have been in the HoH room for awhile now making out like teenagers. Do the feeds really have to show this all the time, and for so long?  There has to be something more interesting going on in the house, like Nick sleeping for instance.



12:00am – The have-nots are ‘haves’ once again, and you can tell by the activity in the kitchen

12:22am – Jessie is recapping her traumatic experience from earlier in the night to Kaitlin.  I’m sure we’ll hear about this story for the next 2 weeks.  Candice joins them and apologizes for her earlier comments.

3:29am – Skipped ahead a bit since I need to start working on the afternoon post, but it was funny to see Elissa and Jessie talking and BB called them both out on microphone issues.  The rest of the house realized they were together and talking, and of course being ‘shady’ (the new favorite word of the house this season)

I am going to close this out and see if anything happens this afternoon.  This should be a heavy day of campaigning from Elissa to try and stay in the house.  Only a few people want her there, so it’s going to be a tough sell.

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